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crime-scene-gun.jpgAs the shocking story of gay love, untamed passion and cold-blooded murder unfolds, the community of Galina is St Mary is in mourning over the callous murder of Dawnette Mitchell, a 62-year-old grandmother.

Many sources report that the killer, District Constable Ormsby was gay and that he wanted a relationship with Mitchell's grandson, who he had given a laptop and a phone. Other reports are that the grandson was in a relationship with Ormsby, but the mother says that's a lie. So, why then did this fellow take Ormsby's gifts? Is he licky-licky as some are suggesting? Didn't he know that the constable was looking for an intimate relationship?

Did he do something to piss off Ormsby?

Whatever the case, the real tragedy is that an innocent stalwart in Galina has been shot dead all because of the gay lifestyle which she had absolutely nothing to do with.

There are many lessons to learn here.

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