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digicel-photo-1.jpgThis is an all too familiar issue with Digicel prepaid customers - The Case of the Missing Credit. And when you call, the same old, boring LIAD tales - 'Your Data Was On and it reserved some of the credit."

"No mam/Sir, my Data is OFF!'

Here, one customers lays out his case in an online comment and we can all relate,. Please read

"TS • 5 hours ago

They (Digicel) should also be questioned about the missing credit from customers accounts they claimed was used by data service and worse sending one sms and been charged for four. Finally experienced the missing credit phenomenon and when called them was told i used data. This is despite for the entire time period i didn't use any form of mobile data and was only on wifi.

What made it worse was that same day in the early morning i tried to make a call and couldn't get through to the person, then sent them a text which right after got multiple notifications about free text, with last one saying to send one more to get free text. Checked credit and saw they charged me for four text despite only sending one. Less than an hour later made a call for nearly a minute, however never checked my credit afterwards, until in the afternoon tried to make a call only after about 10 seconds to hear that i need to top up to continue making calls.

When finally got through to a csr later on, i was told it was because i used data for over five minutes during the time period of early morning when i sent the text they overcharged for. Which is extremely weird since I'm well versed in technology especially the aspect of hardware and software for mobile devices and even computers. During that entire period mobile data wad never turned on and only wifi was used, which was verified when check phones data usage, which showed for that time period no form of mobile data was used for the entire day and the last time mobile data was used was over three days before the incident.

Even for the text overcharged they tried to claim i might have sent multiple text, despite the person i text more than once verified they only received one short text from me. The data usage was also further proven to be a lie, by the fact how i could use data for over five minutes, yet no trace of it shows up in monitor software on device, along with data was never turn on, the amount they claimed i used for data is nearly the same amount i had left after they charged for multiple text instead of one, yet was able to make a call for nearly an entire minute and still had credit left to make an further call for over 10 seconds in the after after they had taken credit from my account.

Incidents like these need to be investigated, because not all incidents where they claim data was used is true and it isn't hard have the software governing account info to randomly remove credit from accounts and record it had data, despite the owner of the account having never used data."