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The body of the late Violet Moss Brown, who was the world's oldest person is to be made available for research, following a memorial service in October.

Moss Brown died on died on Friday, September 15. She was 117.

Viewing of Moss Brown, who was affectionately called Aunt V, will be held at the Tritonville Baptist Church in her Duanvale, Trelawny community, which will be followed by the service on Saturday, October 7.

After that, the body will be removed to the University of the West Indies for research.

Moss Brown died at the Fairfield Medical Centre in Montego Bay.

Moss Brown, of Duanvale in Trelawny, was born on March 10, 1900. She became the world's oldest person earlier this year after the death of Emma Morano of Italy.

Her eldest child, Harold Fairweather, who was believed to be the world's oldest living child with a parent alive, died a few months ago.

Is there tension between Mr. G and Cham?

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Veteran dancehall artiste Chad Simpson, more popularly known as Mr G, has called out Baby Cham on comments he made towards him and their former stable mate Red Rat.

During an interview on "Onstage" recently, Cham stated that in the late 1990's, he had bigger hits than his stable mates Mr G and Red Rat but that he did not rise to prominence because of lack of promotion. 

Additionally, when the interviewer asked Cham how Bounty Killer helped with his career, Cham responded  that Bounty Killer assisted. Mr G also took issue with this statement . According to Mr G "Bounty never just assist, him buss Cham to the world, him introduce him to the world and bawl out him name mek people know him, Cham need fi know say him and Dave Kelly ride pon Bounty Killer bandwagon, and him probably woulda never buss without Bounty Killer." 

Mr G stated that Cham was "red-eye' and that he needs to understand himself. Mr. G became renowned in 90s for singles like ''Fudgy' and ''Buff Bay'.

Sizzla Kalonji is alive

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Contrary to the rumours that have been making their rounds on social networks, Reggae artiste Miguel Collins aka Sizzla Kalonji is still alive.  

Rumours began circulating that the artiste had met in a fatal accident in the United States. However, Sizzla's Publicist Olimata Taal, stated that there was absolutely no truth to the rumours and that the artiste is alive and well. 

Kalonji was injured in August last year after he was hit off his motorbike by bus.  Since recovering from the accident, Sizzla has focused on building the 'Sizzla Youth Foundation' which is an initiative aimed at providing youth programs, activities as well support in Jamaican communities that contribute to its growth, development, and unity.

Konshens plans to launch clothing line soon

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Fans of Reggae artiste Konshens, have been anticipating his debut album "Mental Maintenance" which is scheduled for a February 28 release. but now they can also look forward to something new as Konshens has partnered with CY clothing to launch his own clothing line called OH'K. 

Konshens says he will personally be spearheading the initiative which will focus mainly on women's clothing. Among the items in the new range of OH'K are high quality women's printed T-shirts and tank tops, some featuring graphic renditions of popular songs by Konshens. The clothing line will first be launched in Kingston Jamaica, and will then move on to Guyana, Barbados, Trinidad, Belize, Grenada, New York and Miami. There are also plans to expand into Europe, where a full range of long sleeves, sweaters and zip ups will be available.

Konshens says the OH'K clothing line will be youthful, chic and will speak directly to females with an urban edge.

Fake Gay Aidonia Twitter Page

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Now I recently went on twitter to post some lyrics when I saw a strange page up in my mentions. Now people, mi get the shock of mi life when I saw a twitter page with the name @AidoniaOfficial.

It appears as though somebody has created a false Aidonia page and a write up a bag a tings bout the DJ. Dem photoshop the artiste wid some gay porno magazine inna him hand and also tweeted to persons about what he likes to be done to his rear.

Aidonia you need to address this urgently because some people thought that it was really your page and that you just start talk di tings.  The Social Media websites dem gone a lead. Yes papa, you see dat!!!!!!


A Jamaican man who was found with a sex toy filled with cocaine in his underwear was arrested last Friday in Trinidad. According to a report in the Trinidad Express, about 2:30 p.m., officers of the Organised Crime, Narcotics and Firearms Bureau went to a hotel in Port-of-Spain and searched the room of the Jamaican. Following that, his underwear was searched and a sex toy filled with 342 grams (12.06oz) of cocaine was allegedly found. The police believe the man was awaiting the arrival of a female drug mule who would have taken the drug out of the country.
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Another man charged for Lizard's murder

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The police have charged a fifth man in connection with the murder of Clive Williams otherwise called "Lizard". The accused Shane Williams was charged on Wednesday night. He is now charged along with dancehall entertainers, Vybz Kartel and Shawn Storm, fashion designer Calvin Haye, also known as Moonie, and Cayro Jones.
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Gaza Slim still not yet questioned

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The police have not yet questioned Portmore Empire artiste, Gaza Slim, who is spending her third day in custody. The police had sent out a call last week for the entertainer, who is a protege of incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel, to report to them by Sunday. Reports are that Gaza Slim, was scheduled to face a question-and-answer session on Tuesday however her attorney said it has been rescheduled to Wednesday. The entertainer turned herself in to the Constant Spring Police on Monday, four days after she was named as a person of interest. Gaza Slim, whose real name is Vanessa Sadler, accused of making a false report to the police. It is alleged that she went to the police on October 29, to report that she had been robbed by Clive Williams, one of the men whose murder fellow entertainer Vybz Kartel has been charged with. The police believe this was in an attempt to prove that Williams, more popularly known as Lizard, was not dead. Investigators claim they have a cellular phone with a text message proving she made up the story.
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Blak Ryno's passport stolen

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Dancehall artiste Blak Ryno was robbed over the weekend after the motor vehicle he was driving was broken into and several items stolen. The incident occurred on Friday night near the office of Supreme Promotions on Burlington Avenue while Ryno was at a meeting. After the meeting the entertainer discovered that thieves had broken into his car and removed several pieces of clothing along with his passport and other travel documents. Ryno issued a statement saying they can keep the suit and the other items, however, he needs back his passport as he has several overseas engagements in the coming days. The deejay, whose real name is Romane Anderson, is appealing to the perpetrator(s) to leave the passport at a police, radio or television station.
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Mr Dread, pay up you young girl rent

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What kind a ting dat the honourable dread a galang wid. If him have the lickle 21-year-old girl a put up in apartment him must pay the rent. Nearly six months now the rent owe and the landlord out fi throw her out. But we hear say is a real mad girl to, so the dread, who is the last of his line, need to watch out. We don't want stay a we yard and hear the wails.
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Kartel need him head examined

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People, if oonu in jail for over a month and get five minutes of sexual pleasure, what oonu woulda do? Five minutes might sound short, but if you break it down into seconds, that three hundred seconds (300). Well, me woulda do everyting. But not Addie. Imagine, the warder dem send all of the prisoners dem go bathe and let in a whore fi the Teacha. And guess what the World Boss order. Head. Straight. Nutten else. Somehow that equation don't add up. Cause if Addie is supposed to be a freak and all these tings, and him tek five minutes of bare head, what him really deh pon. Him need him head checked.
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Stacious sends apology to fans

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After the big fight between Stacious and Bridgez at Hype TV car park on Saturday, Stacious says sorry to fans and the management of Hype TV. But she doesn't say much more. Meanwhile, Bridgez is boasting that she doesn't have a scratch or a scar. Is she trying to imply that she was the winner of the fight? The two of oonu say Alliance, so oonu must behave better than that.
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Ele's car broken into; passport stolen

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elephant man passport

With a tour scheduled to start this weekend, dancehall artiste Elephant Man is appealing for the return of documents that were stolen from his vehicle on Monday night. The artiste said he was at an event in New Kingston on Monday night and his vehicle was in a parking lot nearby. Upon returning to the Toyota Corolla and when he was about to drive off, he realised that one of the rear windows was broken and his two bags missing. "Mi passport, mi documents, mi just get a copy of the brand new video for Survivor and a today it did fi come pon RE TV. The studio stuff, mi hard drive, laptop, mi need the whole a dem back. It's a Gucci bag and a black travel pack," he told the Star yesterday. "Mi nah diss nobody, mi nah do nobody nutten, mi just need back mi bag dem. Dem fi stop walk and bruck people car. Mi just want back mi bag and mi documents. " However, Elephant Man also had another question. "How security deh deh and my things gone?" he asked. Although upset, Elephant Man said incidents of this nature are not new. He said friend DJ Niceness was recently a victim as his car was stolen after an event, and that same night another friend also lost his car to thieves. "This thing ya gone too far now, dem fi stop walk and disrespect people. These guys weh a walk and a bruck people car a get outta hand. Nobody nuh waan drive go out, dem a tek taxi," he said. Most important, Elephant Man said he needs the documents returned as he has already collected money for the upcoming shows in Europe, Africa and Haiti. "Mi fi go pon tour weekend and mi need back mi stuff dem. I am going Europe and Africa for three weeks and then I am going to Haiti. I already take the promoters' money so I need back mi stuff. If dem can just drop it off at any Alliance corner, throw it over the fence, whatever. Nobody inna Jamaica nuh fava mi, so you can't travel on my stuff," Elephant Man reportedly told THE STAR.
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Gaza girls and Addie sex tapes Anyhow the Kartel sex tapes ever buss, some girl haffi turn rat and mek puss nyam dem. Cause all who did a wonder if Teacha have dem pon tape ... wonder no more. Oonu deh dere ... raw ... live and in living colour, a perform oonu antics like oonu a compete fi see who can be the Teacha's Pet. All Addie do, a set up the laptop and tun on di web cam and mek it gwaan film while oonu a flick and a carry on like say oonu a go-go and oonu mek fi tek hot rod. What a ting! All the poor police dem cyaan believe dem eyes. Oonu can imagine di pop dung and di bawling when dem yah tape yah start mek di rounds. Young girls, tek sleep and mark death! Stop cheapen oonuself and turn entertainer mattress. Oonu hafi respeck up oonu body more than that. Gaza to du flippin' werl!!!
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Kartel remanded until November 3

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Deejay Vybz Kartel, has been remanded until November 3. Kartel, whose real name is Adidjah Palmer appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court this morning to answer to the murder of a man in Havendale, St. Andrew. The DJ is charged jointly with Kiro Jones, alias 'Ray Jones', and Calvin Haye with the August 16 murder of Clive Williams. Haye was also remanded and has been ordered to give his fingerprints to the police. It is alleged that on that on August 16, Williams was led to a house where he was beaten and stabbed to death. Investigators are yet to find his body. The attack reportedly stemmed from the loss of an illegal gun. Meanwhile, the drug case against Kartel was also set to be called up in court today. Kartel is charged with illegal possession of ganja. A magistrate is to rule Wednesday on a bail application made by Kartel's lawyers in relation to another murder case against the controversial DJ. Kartel is accused of the shooting death of St. Catherine businessman and promoter, Barrington Burton. Burton was murdered while standing with friends in Gregory Park, St. Catherine, in July. Two other men are also charged with the murder of the businessman.
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Another murder charge against Kartel

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Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel has been slapped with another murder charge.
Detectives from the Constant Spring Criminal Investigation Branch have charged Kartel, whose given name is Adidjah Palmer, and Kiro Jones otherwise called 'Ray Jones' for the murder of Clive Williams otherwise called 'Lizard'.
Mr. Williams was murdered in Havendale, St. Andrew on August 16.
Vybz Kartel and Mr. Jones were charged Monday evening, October 24.
Arrangements are being made to have them brought before the courts.
Kartel is already facing murder charges.
He and Nigel Thompson and Linberg McDonald are charged with the July murder of Barrington Burton in Gregory Park, St Catherine.
Kartel is scheduled to return to the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court on Wednesday, October 26 to answer to those murder charges.
The deejay was remanded at his previous court hearing after his lawyers deferred his bail application due to the absence of a witness statement.
Kartel was arrested on September 30 in New Kingston and charged with the possession of 4.3 ounces of marijuana.
He along with three other persons were taken into custody.
The deejay was slapped with more serious charges of murder, conspiracy to murder, and illegal possession of a firearm just days later.
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JPS Head Quits

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Damian Obiglio has resigned as president and CEO of the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS).
A release from the company yesterday said Obiglio, who has been at the helm of JPS for more than five years, indicated that he had opted not to renew his contract, which came to an end earlier this year. He will demit office as of November 11.
The JPS said Obiglio was departing for personal reasons.
Efforts to contact Energy Minister Clive Mullings proved futile.
Phillip Paulwell, opposition spokesman on energy, said Obiglio's replacement should be prepared to discuss the breaking of the JPS's monopoly on the distribution of electricity, as well as the contentious back-billing policy.
"I believe that the JPS will have to reflect, especially in light of recent occurrence, and look at how it is going to improve customer relations and customer service," he said.
Paulwell wished Obiglio well.
"I have found him to be always forthright and frank in his views, even when we differ and I appreciated that in him."
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Popcaan leaves the Gaza

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Confirmed reports are that Portmore Empire artiste, Popcaan is now being booked exclusively by Patrick Roberts of Shocking Vibes.
It is being said that it's a booking deal only, but we all know that that is just a part of the story.
If Patrick has a booking deal now, it will only be a matter of time before he and the artiste sign a management deal.
Pappie, we wish you all the very best.

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LIME, oonu sour bad

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Just when it look like LIME have something to give them a lickle ratings, it blow up right inna dem face. The star of them show, Vybz Kartel, who dem spend millions on making the reality show, Teacha's Pet, is now on a murder charge.
But, tell me something now, LIME neva know say at any time tings coulda explode, because is Kartel dem dealing wid?
 And LIME doan even learn. Cause dem did sign up Mavado and then the Gully Gad go get himself inna whole heap a trouble and dem did haffi shelf him.
And now Teacha's Pet put pon pause... indefinitely.
But a long time LIME a tek dem money dash way gi Kartel. Cause last year December dem pay Kartel nearly a million dollars fi perform at one free show.
All we can say is LIME, oonu sour bad.
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JLP Officers To Meet Golding

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Labourites plead with party leader, Prime Minister Bruce Golding, as he leaves the Jamaica Labour Party headquarters at Belmont Road, New Kingston, yesterday. - Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer
The resignation of Bruce Golding as leader of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), and Prime Minister is expected to feature highly at today's meeting of the party's officer corp.
Minister with responsibility for information, Daryl Vaz, said the officer core has requested to meet with Golding to discuss the development.
In a statement yesterday, Golding said the challenges of the last four years have taken a toll on him and it is now appropriate to make way for new leadership.
Hours later, the JLP's Central Executive unanimously rejected the resignation for the second time in just over a year.
However, Daryl Vaz said while Golding is open to dialogue, he is maintaining that his decision to step down is final.
According to him, Golding's decision to step down is one that has been under consideration for sometime now.
Vaz described Golding as a good leader who will be sadly missed.
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LA Lewis wanted by the police

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A warrant is now out for the arrest of deejay L.A Lewis after he failed to appear before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's court yesterday to answer to charges of littering.
The dancehall graffiti artist, whose real name is Horace Lewis, was fined for breaches of the National Solid Waste Act. The National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) had slapped the deejay with a $70,000 fine after they alleged that he defaced public spaces.
In a previous interview with THE STAR, the deejay had said that he will not be paying for the wrongdoing of others and that he intends to consult his attorney.
"All I know is that when I heard the rumour, I went by the NSWMA office, and an officer told me that they are charging me for my name being around the Corporate Area," he said.
The deejay had further claimed: "They showed me seven signs, the signs read '2012, Vote L.A Lewis for PNP Member of Parliament'. I was frightened when I found out that they were going to charge me because I don't know anything about these signs, the only thing I can do is to appeal to my fans to stop doing it."
The deejay in further pleading his case had said, "There is no constitutional law to back what they are doing because they can't charge me for the actions of other people. My name is graffiti in Negril and overseas. I don't have no time for these things because I am focusing on my recording and marketing company."
A prior release from the NSWMA had stated that Lewis had defaced seven locations. It further stated that these acts of public defacement by Lewis and his cronies show a blatant disregard for the law.
The NSWMA said Lewis, who refused to accept the tickets, had 21 days to pay the fines, or appear before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court.
Lewis was also issued with removal notices for the seven areas that were recently defaced. The agency said failure to comply with the removal notices within 14 days would see Lewis facing fines of up to $700,000.
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Elephant Man

Dancehall deejay, Elephant Man, who has been charged with stealing electricity, is to return to court on November 30.
He appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court,  on Monday to answer to the charge.
Elephant Man, whose given name is O'Neil Bryan, was charged in June.   
The police said they went to his apartment on Hillcrest Avenue in St Andrew, in early June, and found irregularities.
A team from the Jamaica Public Service , along with the police, were conducting an inspection of electricity meters at the property, where several apartments are located.
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Two For One a hit! Beenie was not missed

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Stages Production's Two For One held over the weekend in Kingston and Montego Bay was a resounding success. Although advertised act, Beenie Man did not show up, it is fair to say that he was not missed, as the entertainment value was at its optimum and the over 3,000 people at Pier One were more than satisfied.
Pretty Boy Floyd was on hand to keep the crowd well entertained during intermission! And Beenie's wife, D'Angel also performed. Magna was a sponsor and they gave away gifts to patrons. Stages gave away seven book grants in Kingston and five in Montego Bay, all of them to GSAT awardees.
Knowing their creativity, it was expected that they would take a punch at Beenie Man. One line in the play they asked Shebada if him "think a Beenie man this him a play wid!"
From start to finish the night was hilarious. Shebado came out on stage during intermission while they played his new song 'Dash pon dem without warning'. During the song he ran on stage dancing and drove the crowd crazy.
Respect to Tango and the Stages production crew!
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Shebada talk up di tings bout Beenie

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So Shebada a talk, and di talk nuh pretty at all. Beenie why the hell you did haffi style up Shebada as "di other one". You neva know say him woulda did tek it personal and vex?
No Moses, we really tink say you did have better sense than dat. Now Shbada a call you out and a talk up a bag a tings and all a mek tune bout oonu. So what we want fi know a what a go really tek place this weekend a di show dem. Cause Beenie Man deh pon di poster big big side a Shebada and look quite comfortable. So wha dis fa?
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Why people a say Kartel sick?

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Vybz Kartel has been so quiet recently that all kinda people a try stir up all kinda rumour bout him. We hear how Kartel sick and suppose to release a tell-all youtube video bout it. But we know say Kartel a no eediat, everything him do is calculate, so this is probably just another novel PR stunt to get some attention. Kartel, you sick fi true?

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Nuff puss selling at the royal court

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It's just another night of puss selling at the apartment with the royal name right opposite Oaklands. It look like the word a spread fast, cause the taxi man dem have it as dem favourite spot for quickies, threesomes, backas... you name it.

Bwoy, the brown girl who run the shop no easy - a straight business she a deal with. Price list on point; spell out what you pay for and what you get, right down to the minute. $800 can get you all of 15 minutes, but you need $3,300 for a threesome.

But dem say it sound like wither the puss price drop or is sale she having, cause dem price deh is very cheap. But maybe true she recruit the girl dem from country she just give dem anything. And plus, every crevice and corner of the apartment get use up. If business slow, the owner will leave the two slimmas and the mampy fi gwaan do dem ting, but if business brisk, she will join in the selling to.

But we hear that dem haffi get some bigger condoms, cause the ones them have giving out too small for the clients. One man complain that it could only fit halfway and that the bed wasn't so clean at all, so it was straight backas.

But dem people yah don't easy eeh? Look pon di kinda activity dem have inna di people dem queenly apartment.

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Beenie Man performing on August 10, 2008.

Approximately one month after he had a very public 'falling out' with his former business partner Vybz Kartel, businessman Corey Todd is reportedly looking to recreate the success of at least one of the businesses (Street Vybz Rum) that he and Kartel once held. Reports indicate that Todd is partnering with ace dancehall deejay Beenie Man on a new rum called Yard Swag. The rum will be launched early next month; more details soon.
Corey mi like it. Link we.
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So much man and the bills cyaan pay?

sickara fernader.jpgHow girl who sleep with over 390 man can't pay her bills? Come on now, my girl, if you running you body so hot, you shoulda have house and car and land and no in need of nutten.amoy_3_edit.jpg

Look how you going mek the people haffi call police pon you because you tief the US$5000 Persian rug outta the house at Pines of Karachi, you owe rent and pack up and leave gone a foreign. 

Don't ask if the neighbor dem neva give the woman bill and receipt bout you and you whoring lifestyle. How you tek the woman house turn inna whore house with one string a man a line up fi get blowjob, threesome and all these tings from you and you so-called cousin, the lesbian one name Debbie, from Golden Grove, St Thomas.

And we just a realize that this yah Debbie is not you cousin, but is you gal. 

And because of she, other goodaz Debbie a get branded as lesbian, so that's why we haffi call oonu out and clear up the ting. So Miss Amoy and you lesbian cousin/gal Debbie, please carry back the woman rug and all the other tings that oonu move out of her house, or else it will be a police matter.

Don't mek we haffi start name out the entertainer dem and the producer dem who oonu have a sell oonu body to. Cause some a dem don't know oonu lifestyle and really believe say a some good girl dem a deal with. And dem don't know bout the lawyer who you did a sleep with cause you a try get a clean police record. Although we know say is a man you did tek di rap for why you police record mess up. But you must not bite the hand that feed you, cause if you never do that we wouldn't haffi a expose you business dem kinda way ya.

On second thoughts, we just a go bawl out everything nice and good-up, good-up. Memba the lawyer, Charles and then there was Jeremy who was helping to pay the rent, but we guess it became too hard. And don't forget that Blunt  introduced her to the Gong and guess what? The two hit it off so well that the neighbours could report that them see the Gong leaving the house two different mornings. Poor Gong clueless that she is a whore! She a use the p*&&y tightener well. And how we coulda forget poor Fred, the old man with herpes that is sugar daddy in The B ahamas.

Dis yah girl ya Sick!

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A nuh one babymama fi di singer; a two!

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Just when we did think say di baby drama was over, only to realize that a just now tings a come up to bump - we are talking about Baby Bumps - in the plural.

We lickle linky dem whisper and tell we say di resignation from the morning show di other day was because of a BELLY. And the BELLY belongs to the singer. Yep. The same singer who mek headline di odda day and a deny say a next girl pregnant fi him.

Well, fi her ex-man did clear up any doubt bout that, cause him tell the Star say a long time him did suspect say the singer and the radio personality did deh.

But what a way him love di media personality dem, eeh? Him have radio and him have television. Anybody in print? A wonder is a true dem can help push him career. 

Well whateva di reason, it sticky pon him ya now. Two girl pregnant one time, plus baby madda live a yaad wid him. A wha bout him so? Bwoy dis come in like Wikileaks.

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Just a quick recap: DJ Amber says she's pregnant for reggae singer, I-Octane;
I-Octane says it's not so, Amber just wants to discredit him, but Amber insists
it is so. Now, we have a third party entering the mix, he's none other than Bobo Zarro, an
artiste from back in the day who says he is Amber's ex. Zarro says he suspected
that DJ Amber and I-Octane were involved from 2010, and even his neighbor
pointed out to him that the two were more than just good friends. (Neighbours
must mind their own business.)
Anyway, Zarro also told the popular afternoon paper that he and  I-Octane were
such good friends that the singer said he Zarro was like his father. Therefore,
Zarro is now pissed that his 'son' Octane has gotten his ex, Amber pregnant.
What a mix up!
All we can ask is: Who next is going to crawl out of the woodwork. Perhaps we'll
hear something from I-Octane's other girlfriend, the pastor's daughter who quit
her job on television just last week.

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Radio Disc jockey guilty of theft

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A radio disc jockey who was accused of stealing millions of dollars from the
wife of the late music icon, Clement "Coxsone" Dodd, has been found guilty.
Lou Gooden was convicted for defrauding Norma Dodd and her husband's company,
Jamaica Recording and Publishing Studio Limited, formerly "Studio One", of more
than three million dollars.
 Gooden was scheduled to be sentenced Friday, in the Corporate Area Criminal
Court, but the hearing was aborted, due to the absence of his attorney. He's now
to be sentenced on June 7.
Gooden was charged in 2008, following investigations into allegations of fraud
at the Studio One recording company. Investigators reported that between 2006
and 2008, Gooden, who was employed as a bearer to Mrs Dodd, forged her
 He then submitted documents to the bank with her signature, ordering the
institution to release company funds to him.
The fraud was uncovered by the company in July 2008, and the Fraud Squad was
called in.
Investigations led to the arrest of Gooden, who is now in custody awaiting
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A Blackberry express tief

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How the front office worker dem over the express bus place a New Kingston so
cold? Imagine, a passenger go over there and a talk to somebody inna di office.
She put her Blackberry on the desk and look the other way a talk to a next
passenger. By the time the woman turn back round, her phone disappear. By the
time she coulda say Knutsford Express, the phone gone ... like Sammy mouth! And
all she a mek alarm and a beg a call fi call the number, nobody nah pay her no
mind. She had to go to New Kingston police post and mek a report and the police
dem go over the bus park. This haffi mek you wonder a who tief di phone.
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American businessman Corey Todd has chosen to immediately dissolve his business partnership with Adidja Palmer a.k.a Vybz Kartel in the wake of alleged threats made against Todd's life.

"I cannot be associated with or do business with someone I don't trust. Kartel and I haven't seen eye to eye in a while, and late last week, after a disagreement, he threatened me on the phone because I "refused to tek chat". I don't take kindly to threats against me and my family, and I have contacted my lawyers and the relevant authorities to deal with this issue immediately," Todd said.

"I am my own man, I have never worked for Vybz Kartel, I helped to build his career, but I was never about the division in music, or his need to pigeonhole everything as Gaza or not Gaza. I don't understand

the creative direction he's moving in with regards to his image or his music. I don't know this new Vybz Kartel, I haven't known him for quite a while. Enough is enough. I wish him the best with his career," Todd said.

Todd and Palmer started the Unlimited Daggering company three years ago to manufacture, market and distribute Street Vybz Rum. The company also employs several people at a St. Andrew-based factory. The two also operate the Building nightclub in New Kingston.

Todd sought to reassure his workers that he would find employment for them in his other business ventures if they are displaced.

'I am not keeping any events at the Building nightclub for the foreseeable future, I am not doing anymore business with Vybz Kartel. However, I will be doing another product soon, so I am moving forward and I hope to work with other artistes to help build their careers as well," he said.

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Music director says he's no conman

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Music video director Wayne South is dismissing claims made by TOK that he took
off with money paid to him to create a video for their Friend For Life song.
TOK's Craigy T told the Star newspaper that  South was a con artist for
disappearing with money for a video that hasn't been produced.
"Yuh have some youth out deh weh a some con artist who only a pose as video
directors. Wi give him (South) some money fi deliver a video an' all now di
video cyaan deliver. If yuh a do yuh ting yuh do yuh ting professionally," said
Craigy T
"All now him nuh deliver, him owe wi a video or wi money. We get whole heap of
stories 'bout hard drive crash an' dis an' dat," he said.
According to South, he is not a con man and shortly after the video shoot he was
going through a very rough period. He had heart problems and was to be admitted
to the Medical Associates Hospital but resisted because of his determination not
to pass up opportunities to make a name for himself.
He is to do an operation to help with his condition in two months.
South said he has had the problem for quite a while and things took a turn for
the worse about a week after TOK's videoshoot so he was unable to finish the
He said tending to his heart condition created backlogs in his work.
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Obeah and bare tings at Manchester court

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If you want drama, excitement and nuff obeah, the place to be is the courthouse
in the cool cool hills of Manchester. We always hear bout country court and the
drama with bare from wid padlock pon dem mouth, but fi real, the obeah oil and
rub up and mix up dung a Manchester no ordinary. At one point we did haffi go
outside cause when di smell a di obeah oil rub up lick we, we did feel like we
did a go faint. We neva know say sinting could a really go so. Anyway, a we
friend we did go help out and as soon as tings sort out we put di vehicle inna
drive and neva look back. All we know is dat Manchester obeah man a wuk hard and
mus a get nuff money. Dem cyan bawl bout no recession.
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Mr. Lexx loses his US visa

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The list of Jamaican entertainers being denied United States visas seems to be
expanding as its now being reported that Dancehall star, Mr. Lexx has had his visa revoked.
It has been reported that Mr. Lexx was at the Norman Manley International airport expecting to leave for a show in the U.S. when he was turned back by
officials who told him that his visa was revoked.
When contacted regarding the matter, Mr. Lexx had no comment.
Mr. Lexx joins the likes of Bounty Killer, Mavado, Beenie Man, Ricky Trooper and
Aidonia who also had their visas revoked last year.
Despite the setback, Mr. Lexx is scheduled to leave the island to perform at a
show in Toronto on May 11.
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Deejay inna rent cass cass

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How dem say dem have money and dem ting set right and dem still nah live right?
Ah bout one year now a certain deejay have him girl inna the people dem
apartment and stop pay rent. Mi hear say ah almost $500,000 dem owe now and it
ah get sticky, mi hear say police and courts about to get involved. Wah dat Mr.
Hammer Man?
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Baby mauled by pitbull recovering

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Eight-month-old Oshawn Obermann Jnr is recovering at the Bustamante Hospital for Children where he underwent major surgery for severe head injuries he sustained at his home here on March 23 when he was brutally attacked and mauled by a pitbull, owned by his parents.

According to Oshawn Obermann Snr, the toddler's distraught father who was in the US at the time of the attack, the ruthless animal rushed inside the house where the baby was on the floor about three feet from his mother and two other persons who were watching television.

The dog is said to have gripped the left leg of the infant in its powerful jaws as the toddler crept towards the settee where his mother was sitting.

The dog dragged the baby along the rough concrete steps leading from the house, causing a portion of his scalp to be ripped off.

The traumatised infant is being treated for major lacerations to the scalp, his right eye and face, his left leg, a compound fracture of the skull, among other injuries.

This attack came a day after a three-year-old child was mauled to death by a pack of stray dogs in Kingston

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Vybz Kartel Devil Tattoo Vybz Kartel New Devil Tattoo, You Be The Judge [Photo]

Just when you thought you'd seen it all, Gaza Kingpin Vybz Kartel adds two more to his ever-growing list of tattoos. 

He now has the word 'Devil' written on his hand, while on his arm is a picture of the oh-so-evil Chucky.

What the hell will Kartel think of next? 

If this is for shock value, the it has surely gone wrong. If this is Kartel's outing as a devil-worshipper, then it has hit the target.

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What a bangarang at EMEs

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Bwoy Richie B really get a nuff licks wid him EME Awards this year. After di ting did a gwaan good at Pegasus him get excited and move go up a Devon House, change up di date and mek di show flop.

Nobody doan give it no good review.

 So we don't know wha' kind a foolishness him a chat bout sey di show gwaan good cause nuff international media did deh deh. The whole organizing committee and sponsor dem shoulda feel bad sey so much press was dere and it was the worst show eva.

The sound did awful, a bare no-show artiste and the people dem did a read out bare foolishness. 

And den him a go sey dat di artiste dem who neva turn up and send a representative fi collect di trophy pon stage nah get dem award. A eediat ting dat. Cause a big big Satday night and it did right inna di miggle a springbreak. Di artiste dem haffi earn di money when it come f idem way. We sure sey Richie B nah emcee nobody show fi free and him nah go give up a emcee wuk fi go a no awards show, so him need fi know wah him a sey.

Bounty Talks about Follow Di Arrow OnStage

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Man held for bomb threat hoax

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The police have made a breakthrough in their probe into Sunday's bomb threat that led to a ban on air cargo from Jamaica to the United States.

Detectives from the Organised Crime Investigation Division (OCID) have arrested a man in connection with the incident at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston.

A statement issued by the Jamaica Constabulary Force says he was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon and is to be interviewed by investigators on Thursday.

Wednesday's arrest came a day after the United States lifted its suspension on air cargo from Jamaica.

The ban was imposed after a report was received that an explosive could be in cargo leaving Jamaica to the US.

However, it later discovered to have been a hoax.

In a statement to Parliament on Tuesday, Mike Henry, Transport and Works Minister said preliminary investigations suggested that the report was contrived to defame an employee of an airport concessionaire.  

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Desmond McKenzie's daughter in visa scam

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The daughter of Kingston Mayor Desmond McKenzie was taken into custody by the Duhaney Park police Wednesday after a woman accused her of being involved in a visa scam.

The woman is reported to have claimed that she paid $297,000 in order to obtain visas to access three first-world countries of her choice. She said, however, that after this did not come through, she requested that her money be returned.

It is alleged that after her money wasn't returned in a reasonable time, she reported the matter to the police. The report was said to have been made on February 25 despite assurances that the situation was not a case of fraud.

It was reported that McKenzie's daughter told the woman, in an attempt to reassure her, that her reputable father had created access for visas on numerous occasions and could take care of everything.

There has been an outbreak of Chicken Pox at the Constant Spring Police lock up in St. Andrew.

Officials of the Public Health Department ordered a quarantine of the lock up, after five prisoners were diagnosed with the virus on Wednesday.

The lock up has been placed under quarantine for the next two weeks.

The Police High Command has ordered that no new prisoners should be taken to the lock up and those currently there should remain until the quarantine is lifted.

The High Command has ordered that the prisoners with the virus be isolated and that protective gear be provided for police personnel who work in the cells.

Among the 80 prisoners being housed in the lock-up is Garnett Reid, Jamaica Labour Party caretaker.

Chicken Pox is a highly contagious illness caused by primary infection with the varicella zoster virus.

It usually starts as a vesicular skin rash mainly on the body and head, which becomes itchy with raw pock marks that normally heal without scarring for some persons.


Rev Al Miller's firearm missing

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Reverend Al Miller of the Fellowship Tabernacle Church, the Reverend Al Miller, has been charged in connection with the disappearance of his licensed firearm, the police have confirmed, according to a report in the Sunday Gleaner.
"He is scheduled to appear before the court this week," the member of the St Andrew North Police Division reportedly told The Sunday Gleaner yesterday.
Allegations are that about two weeks ago, in the Shortwood Road area of St Andrew, the well-known pastor parked his vehicle, and on his return, discovered that a pouch with his firearm was missing.
"I was standing just metres away from the vehicle when it happened," Miller told The Sunday Gleaner. He subsequently reported the theft to the police.
He has been a licensed firearm holder from the early 1990s, he said.

Samantha Ballentyne, the daughter of incarcerated dancehall deejay Desmond ‘Ninjaman’ Ballentyne, is distraught over reports that her father has been beaten in prison.
“I can’t believe that this is happening to him. I saw him two weeks ago and it was bad. But now for me to hear that he has been beaten … this just hurts,” the 18 year-old said from her home in Switzerland.
According to Samantha’s mother Joy, the deejay is having a rough time.
“I should be elsewhere but I am here because of Samantha. She loves her dad a lot and she is worried about him, so I am here just trying to do whatever I can to help Desmond. Ninja is a kind guy and he has given away a lot to people, but when he needs help where are these people?” Joy asked.
She explained that the whole situation erupted, ironically, after Samantha paid her father a visit just before leaving for Switzerland and gave him some money.
“The reports are that the money was taken from him and that caused the problem that led to him getting a fist in his face,” Joy explained.
“I am just waiting for a call to hear that he is out on bail,” a tearful Samantha, who deejays under the moniker Ninja Princess declared.
Ninjaman, who has been refused bail on numerous occasions, has been behind bars for nearly two years. He is now an inmate at the Horizon Remand Centre in Kingston.
Ninjaman, along with his 20 year old son and two others have been charged with murder, conspiracy to murder, shooting with intent and illegal possession of a firearm in connection with the death of a 20 year-old man in March 2009.
He returns to court on February 11.

Toddler, Ele and Bounty are friends again

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Harry Toddler is happy that he is in the company of good friends once more, as he says he is glad that he, Bounty Killer and Elephant Man have put their differences aside.
"Bounty seh right now him and Toddler nuh have nothing, wi a bredda. Ele even call mi wah day an wi a reason and him a seh mi cyaan a roll suh by miself and him a seh mi fi start 'trampooze' wid dem again. A unity wi a deal wid," said Toddler.
He is also looking forward to an upcoming tour in Africa, which he was invited to be a part of by Elephant Man.
"Me and Joseph (Bogdanovich) a talk bout it (African tour) and so far it sound like a really good idea. If it happens it would probably be the best tour mi eva guh pon. Some of my songs popular in that region of the world, suh I think it going to guh good," said Toddler.
"Right now mi just a focus on doing good, quality music. Nuh more low-grade music from the blonde don," he said.
Whether you want to call him Harry Toddler, Blonde Ras or Blonde Don, he's still the same person.

Bring back Ity valuables!

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We know that Ity love joke but come on unno a teck comedy too far now when unno bruck inna di man car and tief out him valuables. How unno expect him fi laugh bout dat.
The police are seeking the assistance of members of the public to recover items stolen from comedian Ian Ellis, popularly known as ‘Ity’, Saturday evening.

Reports are that about 5:45 pm, Ity's vehicle, which was parked in a plaza along Constant Spring Road, was broken into and a laptop bag and a suitcase containing a laptop and several important documents were stolen.
Anyone with information is being asked to contact the Half-Way-Tree police at 926-8184 or the nearest police station.

No Rum for Christmas?

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The Government's plan to realize projected revenues from the recent increase in alcohol taxes could be stymied by the withholding of products by major players in the market.

According to a report on RJR News since the increased tax took effect on Wednesday, the biggest player in the wines market, Wray and Nephew, has been refusing to sell their products to retailers and wholesalers.

Other players are said to have curtailed product sales as well.

It is believed that Wray and Nephew is furious that they were not consulted before the implementation of the tax which their rivals, Red Stripe, lobbied for.

The company has been in discussions with the Finance Ministry since Wednesday, but is yet to reach an agreement on the matter.

The tax on alcohol was projected to earn the Government $618 million from now until the end of the fiscal year, to help plug an impending hole in the budget.

However, with Wray and Nephew withholding sales until the company concludes consultations with the Finance Minister, it is not yet known how much of that money has been lost.

On average, the increased tax should earn about $5 million per day for the Government's coffers.

Buju fi Sting


A wha dis whi a hear dat Buju maybe meck it to Sting? Ray!! If Laing can manage fi pull this one off then Sting nah guh good again!. Yuh know how much people well waan si di gargamel afta all wha guh dung.

Yeah man.
Still wi nah get too carried away wid di story cause nobady a Supreme Promotions nuh confirm nutten...but den again, wi still a kip one ear open, cause yuh neva can tell. Look how tings a guh good fi di artiste. First him get fi perform a one show in January and him album get nominated for a fifth time inna di Grammys...well wi a look.

We know there will be thousands of disappointed fans who had planned to attend, Mavado shares your disappointment.

We received a police permit on October 20 for the original venue, Coruba Beach Club, but were shocked to receive another letter from the same branch of the JCF revoking that permit just last week.

Mavado has taken a huge financial loss in this endeavour as the promotion team did not spend a dollar until the police permit was in place. Alas, it seems not even that can be relied upon.

Since we received the letter of refusal at least 3 events have been held at that same venue, so while we are not surprised that Mavado's event has been targeted, its still a bitter pill. Alternative venues were sought out but the logistics were just too much to take on at the last minute so the decision was taken to pull the plug on the event for 2010.

If you can recall, this is something that seems to blight Mavado's birthday bash year after year, we leave it to the public to make up their own minds as to why that is.

We would like to thank our title sponsor LIME, a fantastic company who believes in Mavado and the positive image and music he outputs and continues to stand by him.

Likewise Jagra, who played a big part in last year's staging of the event, alongside Appleton who came on board for the first time this year.

See you next year!

Powerman's assult case for January

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Dancehall artiste Michael Davey, better known as Powerman, and his landlord 47-year-old musician Nicholas Henry, are to return to the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court on January 25.

The landlord is accused of assaulting the artiste with a piece of iron.

When the matter came up yesterday in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court, it was rescheduled by Resident Magistrate Lorna Shelly Williams for a mention date in January, in order for Henry's lawyer to be present in court.

Allegations are that on September 2, about 9:30 pm, the artiste, who had just returned from overseas, was confronted by Henry who told him that the rent was not enough to cover the water bills.

A dispute reportedly ensued in which Henry told Davey, "Yuh deh a foreign a call man crackhead, me no tell you say when you come a Jamaica me ago crack yuh head."

It is alleged that Henry used a piece of iron pipe to hit the entertainer on the forehead causing a cut. Powerman was also allegedly hit on the hand. It is further reported that the artiste was prevented from retaliating.

Davey reported the matter to the police and Henry was arrested and charged with unlawful wounding.

According to Powerman, while he was away his landlord had contacted him about rent, behaving boisterously and threatening to assault him.

Henry's station bail was extended for him to return to court next year January.

What a poppy show


Bwoy wi caan hold de one yah in. We get a letter from LA Lewis people dem a advertise Christmas special pon him performance. Now wi haffi wonda ia monopoly money him a talk or if a real dollaz, cause wi nuh know if him tink nobay waan si him dat bad dat dem woulda fork out dem deh money fi him.

Check out him promotion:
As of November 25 to February 25,2011 , Rothschild 7 Records, Pyramid 3 Productions and L.A. Lewis Enterprize Limited Incorporation is having a special discounted price for you on the 7Star General L.A. Lewis for bookings of concerts and events worldwide.

For U.K. and European territories, outside show U$55,000. For Africa and the United States of America outside show U$57,000. For British and U.S. Virgin Islands outside show 50,000 pounds sterlings or U$50,000 and Alaska U$50,000 for outside show.

Canada and the Victorian Islands C$65,000 for outside show. For Sub- Mediterranean Islands, Pacific and Atlantic Islands U$55,000 for outside show.
Please Note; All promoters will of to meet the company criteria’s and safety policies before we sign off or commit the 7Star General L.A. Lewis for your event.

Please Note; this special offer only last from now until February 25, 2011. All promoters must submit your application at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance to book the 7 Star General L.A. Lewis.
Yuh a laugh yet!!

Lock up Zebra and dash whey di key


It's obvious that this dangerous animal belongs in a cage. Cause one man caan charge suh much time fi di same crime star.

From di fuss time him rape dem shoulda neva let him out cause look much woman dem coulda spare di same fate.

Jah know star, di 30 years nuh sound enough, dem fi meck him star till dat dey sitting dry up and widder up.

Busy denies feud with Twin of Twins

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Dancehall artiste Reanno Gordon Busy Signal has denied having recently recorded a dub plate as a counteraction to a lyrical attack by Twin of Twins.

Reports are that the Deejay said that it was actually a dub plate; he recorded for sound system Cash Money in 2006. In addition, it did not involve the name of an artiste, and the dub was not done as a counteraction for any songs done by the dancehall duo.

The whole thing started over a recent mix tape that was released by the sound system which has a Busy song throwing a few choice words at the Twins. However, Busy claims that the Twins' name was spliced into the old dub, and a clip from Bling Dawg's Summer Jam earlier this year was added, in an effort to create excitement about a possible confrontation.

The Twins has a song called: Mix-Up, which made reference to a track done by Busy. So apparently, Cash Money is trying to start something, because before this, no response was ever heard from Busy regarding what the Twins said in their song.

The deejay, who says he is not interested in an confrontation with anyone, as if he was, he would have probably done that a long time ago, recently returned from a one-month European tour that covered countries such as Russia, France and Germany.

January 20, 2011 court date for Ryno

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Deejay Blak Ryno, who is accused of assaulting Vybz Kartel business partner Cory Todd, is scheduled to return to Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court on January 20, 2011. The artiste, whose real name is Romaine Anderson is charged with assault occasioning bodily harm and possession of an offensive weapon following an alleged fight with the businessman on September 30 at MegaMart Wholesale Club on Waterloo Road in Kingston.

Todd's wife Shemara, is also to return to court on the said day for reportedly assaulting the entertainer's girlfriend, Aneka McDonald during a second fight at the wholesale.

The matters were set for mention yesterday, but were rescheduled after Blak Ryno and his female companion did not appear. The artiste's attorney, Patrick Peterkin, told the court that his client who was recently involved in a motorcycle accident had a medical appointment.

The accused persons had their bail extended by Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey.

According to the police statement, the entertainer and Todd reportedly got involved in a fight after Anderson reportedly issued death threats to Todd.

During the fight Anderson reportedly pulled a knife at Todd. However, Todd only suffered a bruise to the top section of his back.
The female companions of both men who were present during the altercation reportedly got involved in fight of their own when McDonald reportedly went back inside the supermarket to search for her boyfriend's jewellery after his fight.

It is alleged that Todd's wife attacked her and used her fingers to inflict bruises to McDonald's face and neck.

According to Todd's statement, the entertainer attacked and accused him of not playing his songs in the club — The Building — where Todd is a manager.

Beenie Man, LA Lewis trial to begin January 5


The trial involving dancehall deejay Beenie Man who is charged for assaulting LA Lewis, yesterday was delayed when the artiste failed to show up at the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court.

Beenie Man, whose real name is Moses Davis, is charged along with Jeremy Wade, a sound system selector who is popularly known as Rolexx, following an alleged confrontation with the graffiti artiste on June 5.

Both are scheduled to return to court for trial on January 5.
According to police reports LA Lewis was driving along Perkins Boulevard in Kingston when his vehicle scratched the back of Beenie Man's car, an Audi Q7, damaging the vehicle.

It is alleged that Beenie Man became angry and refused to settle the matter with LA Lewis who claimed to have offered to pay the artiste $50,000 for the damage.

An altercation reportedly developed between Beenie Man and LA Lewis in which the graffiti artiste claims he was hit in the face, while Rolexx is said to have gotten involved in the scuffle.

But both men have denied the allegations with Beenie Man pleading not guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm and Rolexx pleading not guilty to assault at common law.

However, yesterday when the case was called up for the start of the trial, Beenie man was absent as a result Resident Magistrate Georgianna Fraser rescheduled the matter.

The Blak Ryno saga continues

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January 20 will see former Portmore Empire member Blak Ryno back in court.
Ryno is accused of assaulting Vybz Kartel business partner Cory Todd.

Todd's wife Shemara, is also to return to court on the said day for reportedly assaulting the entertainer's girlfriend, Aneka McDonald during a second fight at the wholesale.

The matters were set for mention yesterday, but were rescheduled after Blak Ryno and his female companion did not appear.

The artiste's attorney, Patrick Peterkin, told the court that his client who was recently involved in a motorcycle accident had a medical appointment.

The accused persons had their bail extended by Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey.

DPP and senior magistrate to face off in the Supreme Court.

Wha meck Beenie and LA nuh stop waste court time?


Jah know star, LA Lewis fi stop look him minute a glory inna di spotlight and fling out di court case.Chu, every time a read bout dem trial mi jus haffi hiss mi teeth. You woulda tink sey a dem big big case deh just a waste juror, judge and lawyer time.

Meck di two a dem guh settle out a court and work out whey dem a work out. Wi nuh need nuh big big trial fi dat.

Di latest from di case is dat Beenie Man neva show up
at the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court.
Di poppy show case will continue January 5, 2011.

The political leaders of Caribbean nations, especially, Bruce Golding and others in Jamaica (both JLP and PNP) must begin to change their levels of thinking as they relate to governing.

The leadership styles continue to kindle the flames of lawlessness and civil disobedience in the island. Bruce Golding must stop the perception that criminals are cuddled by lawmakers. Bruce Golding and others, including Portia Simpson, must begin to teach some citizens who are ill-informed that it is the inalienable right of every citizen to vote for any political party that individual chooses.

For too long violence and disrespect of the country's laws have been perpetrated because our political leaders by their words and/or their deeds have encouraged such actions.

The many law-abiding citizens of Jamaica who want to live in peace and enjoy their prosperity cannot do so without great fear of losing their lives, their children's lives, and their friends' lives or encounter other acts of crimes against them.

It is time for our leaders (JLP and PNP) to demonstrate that aiding and abetting criminals is not a law of the country.

It is time for our leaders (JLP and PNP) to focus on the ills which afflict the country and fix them. The poverty and inadequacies which exist in Jamaica are life issues which should be comprehensively addressed by the leaders of both major political parties (JLP and PNP).

These leaders must turn away from the governing styles of the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's. The situations that existed during the leaderships of Bustamante, Manley, Sangster, Shearer, Manley, Seaga, Patterson, and Simpson must not continue.

Times have changed globally, we are in the internet age, so why is it that our current leaders in Jamaica are still stuck in the era of counter productiveness. As a nation we have made tremendous strides in many sectors. We have improved our educational institutions and also increased them in reasonable numbers.

We have improved our basic infrastructure (roads, utilities, and communications), our commerce, and our relationships with other nations. However, there is a lot more work that needs to be done.

The work that needs to be done will take the efforts of all Jamaicans at home and abroad. These efforts need the spirit of unity and trust of our fellow Jamaican brothers and sisters in order for them to be effective. The effectiveness of unity and trust cannot be achieved by continuing partisan politics as it exists in Jamaica. Unity and trust cannot be attained if we disrespect the civil rights of another person. Unity and trust will not be garnered if we rob, rape, murder, extort, and malign the lives of other citizens.

I am using this forum to express some of my concerns about my beloved Jamaica. I hope that others will express their concerns also. I believe that it is by demonstrating our will to incite change that change happens.

One Love, Let's Come Together and be Allright.

Karl Haughton

Bad Bwoy Trevor to settle down


Bad Bwoy Trevor will soon be respectable married man as he proposed to his girlfriend and business partner Carline Brown at the weekly Gal Farm Sundayz, held at Club Lucky 38, Old Hope Road.

According to a story in the Star the two, who had been dating for quite a while, are very excited about the new development in their relationship.

"She did plan a surprise birthday party for me at Scotchies (Chelsea Avenue) last Friday. A di first mi ever get a birthday like that. During the birthday mi tell some of her friends and some of my friends seh mi ago propose the Sunday," said Trevor.

He continued, "Di Sunday now, she thought I was going to dance for her at the club to mek up for the party, but when she realise seh mi a propose, she couldn't contain herself!"

The two are going forward as a couple as they have plans to open Club Impulse in New Kingston on December 15 and are also to start their own radio talkshow programme.

"I approached a radio station to start a programme with them. It will be called Night Shift - Battle Of The Sexes. We'll be starting from about 1 a.m., discussing sex and relationships and stuff like that. Most of the things we approach from now on will be as a couple," said Trevor.

Vybz Kartel and Mavado wanted by the police


Jamaican dancehall stars Adijah Palmer otherwise called Vybz Kartel and David Brooks otherwise called Movado have been listed as persons of interest by the St. Andrew North Police.


According to a release from the police investigators want to interview Palmer and Brooks on a number of recent incidents in the Division.


Palmer and Brooks are to report to the Constant Spring Police Station by 3:00 pm today

Blak Ryno apologises

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Following his recent brush with death on Waltham Park Road in Kingston over the Heroes Weekend, where he and a friend was knocked off their motorbike by a motorist that swerved in an effort to avoid hitting a man said to be of unsound mind; Dancehall artiste Blak Ryno said he would like apologise to his European fans for the postponement of his upcoming European tour slated to begin on November 23 in the United Kingdom.

However following a series of medical examinations to determine the extent of his head injury the ‘See You Again’ singer is expected to make a full recovery and fans across the European continent will get their chance to see the artiste up close in February 2011 when the tour officially commences making stops in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Netherland, France, Germany and Italy over a three weeks timeline.

It’s Gun court for Bounty 2011

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Bounty Killer's legal troubles continue.

Controversial deejay appeared before the High Court Division of the gun court Monday morning to answer charges of assault, unlawful wounding and illegal possession of a firearm.

A new court date has been set for January 27, 2011 after claims that bounty’s co defendant was stranded in st Lucia due to the inclement weather.

All this is stemming from an altercation with an off-duty policeman in New Kingston in September 2007.

It is alleged that on the day in question, a motor vehicle was blocking the road, when the policeman asked Bounty Killer and his followers to clear the road.

Allegations are that the policeman was assaulted and Killer allegedly threatened him with a gun.

Meanwhile, this month, Bounty Killer is to face the court on two separate charges. On November 8, Killer is to face charges for ganja possession while on November 9 his most recent domestic abuse case alleging that he used a hammer to beat his girlfriend is set for mention.

Miss World beauty contest turns ugly

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The Miss World contest was mired in controversy today amid claims that the hot favourite was frozen out because of a diplomatic feud.

American teenager Alexandria Mills was crowned the winner of the 60th anniversary beauty contest on Saturday.

But the 18-year-old Miss USA’s celebrations were tainted by claims that her biggest rival, Miss Norway, was cheated out of the title by the competition’s Chinese hosts.

The stunning 23-year-old Norwegian university graduate Mariann Birkedal - the odds on favourite - didn’t even make the top five.

According to reports, observers speculated the judges bowed to pressure from Beijing, which is involved in a bitter international spat with Norway.

China is said to be furious after the Oslo-based Nobel Peace Prize committee awarded the coveted prize to the jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo earlier this month.

Before the results were announced, Miss Norway was the shortest-priced favourite in Miss World history at 6/5, while Miss USA lagged behind at 7/1. Kathrine Sorland, a Norwegian TV personality who came fourth in Miss World 2002, said she believed China’s fury at the Nobel Peace Prize committee had influenced the outcome.

‘I was sure she would win,’ she said. ‘They must have mixed politics and business. Without jumping to conclusions I would stress that Miss World competitions have always been political. And the relations between China and Norway are very strained at the moment.’

Miss Birkedal herself was more cautious on whether she had been cheated of the crown.

Mix up and Blenda


Bwoy mi sey a pure mix up when it comes to artistes and dem woman, di latest mecking the rounds now is that Kartel love unprotected sex. Yeah it look like him get a child wid browning name Amanda.

Sources a sey she was seen at a doctor office recently with a nice baby boy.
Nuff people a sey how come dem woman can go to dem without some form a protection?

And dat a nuh di ongle rumour a float bout Kartel, dem also a talk sey him a date Busy baby madda Shantel Smith. Yup dem spot in several popular spots around town restaurants and clubs.

But den again some other rumour a float sey a hype dem a look affa dat so wi nah guh nuh further wid it yah.

SuperPlus sells one more branch

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The SuperPlus chain has further rationalised its operations with the sale of another supermarket.

The branch in Portmore Pines, St. Catherine has been sold to Empire Supermarket.

The deal was inked a week ago.

Chief Executive Officer of SuperPlus, Richard Chen reported on Radio Jamaica that “An opportunity came up, there were persons that were interested and we thought it was an opportune time. From time to time as businesses look at their strategies, they divest themselves of operations and locations and from time to time take on new ones,” Mr. Chen said.

The number of SuperPlus supermarkets still in operation has now been reduced from just over 20 to nine.

Stop spread rumour pon Beres


Why people don't stop stop spread rumour pon Beres? Yesterday one website have it up big big how it CONFIRMED that him have throat cancer. But we love how Mervys just come right out immediately and blast them to hell.

Reggae must be the only music form where the media love kill off the artiste dem so. Beres, we glad fi hear seh you alright, caus wid Gregory and Sugar Minott mek him exit inna June and O'Neil from Voicemail dead at the start of the year, we really cyaan tek no more right ya now.

Careful how you mix those energy drinks

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Yardflex has been checking out some rumours regarding the energy drink and alcohol. Unofficially we have heard about at least six deaths where rum and energy drinks have been mixed.

The latest we are now seeing is a report in the yesterday’s Star where two men died under suspicious circumstances in Lawrence Tavern after attending a drink up event.

According to the story the men were among a group at the event when they became ill after drinking the mixture. Two of the men are said to have died later while another was hospitalised. Another man is said to have been ill after the event.
Mixing energy drink with rum is living dangerously.

Jookie jam in the clear

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Popular comedian Jookie Jam has reasons to be thanking his lucky stars are he was freed in the Magistrate's Court yesterday.

The comedian, whose real name is Stead Flash, was told by Resident Magistrate Simone Maddix that the Crown failed in its bid to have a prima facie case against him

Flash's lawyer, Christopher Townsend, agreed and told the court that from the onset his client was innocent.

The comedian's appearance in court stems from an incident where persons claimed to have paid over US$60,000 ($5,160,000) to a company in which he was a director. He was charged along with Dericia Smith and Sophia Wilson who are to return to court on December 7.

The court learnt that in September 2009, money was paid to Nu Kru Recruitment Company in Portmore, St Catherine, by persons seeking jobs. It is alleged that they did not get any jobs and the money was not returned.

Still it is hard when people spend their money in that way and there is nothing to show.

A who tief Chino’s identity?

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Entertainer Chino is the latest victim to experience identity theft.

This caused widespread concern, after an email making rounds suggested that the BIGSHIP Singjay is stuck in the UK after losing his credit cards and passport and is desperately in need of funds.

Chino who reveals that he’s not such predicament, is warning fans, friends and the media that the claims are fraudulent. The Sinjay says that his email account was hacked and it is all a scam.

Dancehall recording artiste Blak Ryno has becoming the latest entertainer to fall victim to a spate of motorbike accident, following similar encounters weeks earlier by fellow dancehall and reggae acts, Gyptian, Mavado and Nitty Kutchie.

The incident unfolded over the Heroes Weekend when Ryno (the pillion) and a friend were riding in the vicinity of Waltham Park Road and was hit off the motorbike by a car travelling in the opposite direction after the driver was forced to swerve when a man said to be of unsound mind suddenly walk out into the driver’s path.

Blak Ryno was flung from the bike hitting his head against the asphalt while the rider suffered some minor bruises.

The entertainer was rushed to the Medical Associates Hospital but was minutes later taken to another facility to be X-Rayed. Miraculously the deejay escaped with only a gash to the side of his head but was ordered by the doctor to stay at home and recuperate.

“Mi haffi gives thanks to Father GOD, because it coulda worse. Mi alright and nobody never dead but me just a beg the authorities to do something about the mad people them on the streets.”

Another girl claims romance with Usain

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If we had any doubts that our Usain Bolt is a superstar it’s all gone now. Wow, one woman after another keep coming out of the works about her romance with him.

The latest, Rebeckah Passley, made quite a big thing in the Sun tabloid in the United Kingdom on Tuesday that Usain was involved in a relationship before bolting away and leaving her behind.

"I feel heartbroken. He's the best lover I've ever had. Usain might be quick on the track but he takes his time in bed. He knows how to treat a woman," she is reported as saying in the article.

Passley said that they were dating for about a year before their relationship hit the rocks after rumours started circulating that he was dating other women.

"Girls were popping up in the press claiming they were dating him. He told me it was all nonsense. But it did have a bad effect on our relationship and we have had no contact for a month," she said.

Passley is said to have gone to a track meet at Crystal Palace, near her home, when Bolt got his manager to invite her to a team party in West Ham. She is said to have shared the back seat of Bolt's chauffeured car.

The heartbroken Passley said he loves dominoes, hugs and kisses. She also reasoned, "Friends tell me we'll get back together but I'm not sure we will."

We wonder, who’s next on the love train?


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US army recruit and dancehall DJ Zumjay is excited after he successfully completed his second tour of duty.

The deejay who was deployed to the Middle East is currently home in the United States. In an extensive interview, Zumjay reveals that he will spend time with his fam before he returns to Jamaica at the end of this month to resume work on his musical career.

Despite the length of his deployment in the Middle East, Zumjay adds that he kept up with the happenings in dancehall by surfing the Internet.

The deejay who is known for songs such as Zumjay News, Courtney and I'm High, was last in the island during the Summer to shoot the music video for Move It Around with video director Jay Will.

for that," he argued.

So what if Spice is pregnant


Honestly the things that make our front page.

Spice pregnant! So what? Isn’t she a woman, isn’t she with her fiancé? For gossip sake it could be n the inside pages but news nah!

If you were paying close attention anyway you would have noticed that something wsas not right in her Jim Screechie video.

She did her best to hide her tummy and she really looked blown up in it. Watching the video that’s the thought that came to our mind that she is pregnant./Now that the news isout, go back and take a look at the video.

With the announcement out, Yardflex wants to wish the deejay all the best on a safe delivery process when the time comes.

How Jay will trick Star suh?


This week gone we reading a story in the Star saying that popular video director Jay Will denied allegations that he was married.

He even stated that if a man caan relax on him vacation and all that. Just when we believe and a sey how people love spread rumour suh, we buy di Observer and check out Page 2.

Guess what we si, some photos a Jay Will at him wedding!!

Di only ting wi coulda sey is a wha meck him duh di paper suh man? Fi real, we couldn’t be nuh more embarrass f idem if we try.

But you know big and serious if a did we hear something bout marriage, a photo we woulda a try hunt dung, or get some other inside source fi talk up di tings, smady mus buss.

A wha teck Bounty?


Bounty did deejay sey him caan believehim eye, and we totally understand dat cause right now wi caan believe we a read sey him a bat fi abused women.

Is this the same Bounty Killer who in and out of court with one abuse charge after another?

Well, Reports are that the troubled dancehall DJ is set to join forces with the UNiTE campaign to end violence against women.

From what we understands under this campaign, the UN collaborates with influential individuals which include entertainers who will assist with their mission to put an end to violence against women in all its forms.

Bounty Killer who has been dragged in the news about numerous accusations of domestic abuse involving a few women was unable to confirm his participation with UNiTE’s campaign.

Bounty Killer is to return to court on November 9 to answer charges regarding his most recent domestic abuse case. While on November 8 the deejay is to face charges for ganja possession.

Di Killa's New Look


After a decade or two of carrying hair from flat top kid and plays to cain-row and braid. One would thnk bounty would conclude as a rasta. Despite his ways in handling women, killa has a another long journey to re-trod. It is unfortunate that this had to happen to my Artiste...Bullit.

Roger Clarke gets bail

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Bail was set at $250,000 this morning for former Minister of Agriculture Roger Clarke, when he appeared in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate's Court

Clarke, who is the Opposition People's National Party Spokesman on Agriculture, was charged with causing death by dangerous driving following a collision with a motor cyclist. A ruling handed down by the Director of Public Prosecutions on Wednesday that Clarke should be charged.

The motor cyclist Derron Nicholson died when a vehicle driven by Clarke collided with his bike along the Nightingale Grove Road in St. Catherine on August 23.

The politician was driving his Toyota Prado Land Cruiser towards Spanish Town, when he reportedly swerved and collided with the motor bike.Mr. Nicholson suffered severe injuries and was rushed to hospital, where he later died. Clarke is to return to court on December 16.

Wasn’t me says comedian Pretty Boy Floyd

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Well known comedian Pretty Boy Floyd is coming out against the report that he beathis baby mother.

Wasn’t me is the song he is singing as the false assumption was made that he was the one in court. In a comment to the Star the comedian joked that the only way that could have happened is if he was two places at one time –in Jamaica and los Angeles.

Pretty Boy Floyd, born Ludlow Peynado, found himself in a not-so-funny spot after a man who reportedly uses the same alias appeared in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate's Court in St Catherine, Jamaica and pleaded guilty to assaulting the mother of his child.

"Well, I was in LA (Los Angeles) today so unless I was in court there," he said before interjecting, "But no mi neva deh a no court, a nuh me," he declared to the paper.

"Of course it can affect me because I'm somebody that's in the spotlight. If I was a normal person then it wouldn't be so bad," he added.

He admitted he was aware of the matter and had even been contacted by a number of corporate entities with whom he works, and which were trying to see if there was any truth to reports about him assaulting his baby's mother and ending up in court yesterday.

Checks with the police in Spanish Town found that the man at the centre of the mix-up, Corney Henry, is to be sentenced on December 7.
Both men are of St Catherine addresses in Jamaica.

Well if Tony Rebel’s baby mother was counting on topping up her allotted allowance for the five children aged 10 – 15 for the month to $128,000 then she was in for a big disappointment as the deejay will only pay $88,000 for the month.

Rebel was taken to court by Alicia Lawson the mother of his children.

The case came before the Supreme Court in March and it was reported then that Tony Rebel was paying approximately $88,000 monthly for the five children he has with Lawson. However, it was said that Lawson wanted the amount increased to $128,000 monthly.

The matter was adjourned to other dates and finally came for hearing before Supreme Court judge Lennox Campbell in chambers last week Monday. The judge ordered Tony Rebel to pay $4,400 weekly for each of the five children.

The parents are to pay equal shares for all medical, dental and optical expenses. Tony Rebel is to pay all educational expenses in respect of the children. The maintenance order is to remain in force until each child attains the age of 18. In the event they are attending a tertiary institution, the order will remain in force until they are 23.

Tanto Blacks stabbed three times


The Spanish Town Police station is investigating the stabbing incident of upcoming DJ Tanto Blacks.

According to reports, the quirky DJ was recently stabbed three times in the back by his tenant.

According to reports on Friday, Tanto, went to evict the man from a place he rented where the tenant showed no signs of leaving the premises. An altercation ensued between the two men and it is alleged that the tenant proceeded to stab the DJ in the back.

The alleged assaulter was later arrested and charged and Tanto Blacks was treated and released from hospital.

Artistes need to step up to the plate


It’s a sad day in Reggae and Dancehall music when a comment like “no creativity” can be made about it.

In an Observer article Jon Baker, band manager for Jolly’s Boys the mento band that topped the Reggae/Dancehall charts attributed this comment to the business.

In the story he was quoted as saying "We going through a stagnation of creativity in Reggae for the last five years. Dancehall artistes sing about the same old stuff. It has not had anything dynamic to crossover into the mainstream”.

"I don't want you to take this in a non-patriotic way but to look at it fairly. When I got requests to do Reggae festivals and to do Reggae press, I vehemently declined the request," he stated.

"I have watched the genre of Reggae stagnate certainly in the last few years and I have seen the perception of the international market look at reggae and say 'that's cool but that niche or specialist'. If we started to position Jolly Boys as Reggae that's would have immediately put the perception of what they are at a disadvantage."

Wow, honestly though, the beats are mostly the same, the business need some new energies and stop cramming so many songs on one beat!

Dancehall deejay Blak Ryno and his baby mother on Wednesday afternoon was attacked by a close business associate of Vybz Kartel and his female companion while shopping at the Kingston Mega-Mart on Upper Waterloo Road.

The incident unfolded when Blak Ryno was exiting the facility and was confronted by the man who immediately assumed an aggressive posture towards the artiste with the statement “Go S*ck Yuh Mada” and proceeded to shove him, further stating “Weh yuh ago do p*ssy, you know how we thing set pon the Gaza”. Ryno, forced to defend himself got into a physical altercation with the man but it was quickly brought under control by the store’s security detailing.

However the melee did not end there as the irate man and his female companion who were still inside the store then turned on Ryno’s baby mother inflicting several blows to her in the process. Thankfully the quick action of other shoppers and the security team quelled the hostile situation but not without her suffering some minor cut and bruises.

“Dem pull out mi hair, punch me, I got a cut in my face and several scratches” – Ryno’s baby mother exclaimed.

Blak Ryno and his female companion are now at the police station reporting the incident.

The artiste whose given name is Romane Anderson says he doesn’t know why the man and his companion attacked him and his baby mother.

Spiteful police

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Seet dey now, you know that you have some real spiteful police dough.

Yeah man, especially when dem si sey yuh work inna di media, it is dem greatest delight fi “yuh meck di news” inna yuh own a medium.

Yes a dat one did a try do to FiWI Choice Jody-Ann Gray when him gi har ticket fi reckless driving pon Port Henderson road.

It sweet wi how she guh court and di judge fling out di case and sey enough evidence nuh deh deh fi support dat dey claim,
Fi real a suh nuff motorist fi teck di fool fool spiteful charge whey some a dem write and guh challenge it inna court. But den again puss and dawg nuh have di same luck.

What is wrong with Bounty's women?


We have to say that Bounty women all have one thing in common. When it comes on to suffering a beating at his hands and end up feeling sorry for him - they have that locked.

Yes, the latest victim Racquel Smith requested of the court through her lawyer that the matter be sent to mediation as she is interesting in resuming her relationship with the DJ.

What can we say, the next time she might not get the opportunity to request anything.

Bounty was granted $500,000 bail and was ordered to return to court on November 9.

This morning Smith indicated through her lawyer Terrence Ballentine, to the court that she wanted the matter to be sent to mediation.

Ballentine said his client and Pryce had been together for three years and he had never hit her until the incident earlier this month. He said Smith wanted to continue her relationship with the Deejay.

However, Resident Magistrate Lorna Shelly Williams would have none of it and dismissed the request.

Oh boy, wonder who or what next

Politician's stolen gun among 3 recovered

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Three illegal firearms, including the one which was stolen from the home of Karl Samuda, General Secretary of the governing Jamaica Labour Party, were seized by the police near Linstead in St. Catherine.

The drama which led to the seizure of the firearms started about 10 o'clock Saturday morning, when four gunmen reportedly went to a house in Ewarton where a 13 year old girl was at home.

While there, the men reportedly cooked food.

The girl's parents, who were away, returned and encountered the gunmen who robbed them.

After the robbery, the gunmen went to another house in Rosemount, Linstead about 11:30 Saturday night.

Police who were in the area saw men walking on the train line and they reportedly opened fired at the police.

They police returned the fire and the gunmen ran, leaving behind a bag, which when searched contained the three firearms.

They include the shotgun, belonging to Samuda and two homemade pistols.

Household items were also found in the bag.

Bounty girlfriend may drop charges


Oh well the foolishness continues again. What’s wrong with these women, do they enjoy being beaten?

Bounty Killa is expected to go before the Half-Way-Tree court today to answer to charges of assault.

The trouble dancehall deejay is facing charges of assault after he allegedly used a hammer to beat his girlfriend.

According to a report on Music News the woman who has received 19 stitches and has bruises following the assault may drop the charges. It is still not clear which lawyer will represent Bounty Killa.

Yesterday, Music News reported that his lawyer Linda Wright will only represent the deejay in his cases involving tax and traffic violations.

This is not the first assault charge for Bounty Killa who has been behind bars since Saturday.

Last April, the trouble deejay spent several weeks in police lock-up after he was charged with beating his ex-girlfriend and threatening her while he was at the police station.

The Beenie, LA Lewis foolishness continues


Yes, LA a continue to enjoy the spotlight, thanks to the case he has against Beenie Man. The more it put off, the more him name will call up in the paper.

Their case was called up for mention yesterday in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court. Beenie along with selector Rolexx, are both accused of assaulting LA Lewis.

However, yesterday when the case was mentioned in court before Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey, both accused pleaded not guilty to the charges and the matter was set for trial.

Both Beenie Man and Rolexx had their bail extended for them to return for trial in November.

The king of the Dancehall is being represented by Roderick Gordon, while attorney-at-law Charles Ganga-Singh is representing Rolexx.

Well let us see what will happen next.

Rumour dem spreading on Gregory


Yesterday the Internet was abuzz with news that the ‘cool ruler’ Gregory Isaacs had passed on. Yup so much so that Brigadier Jerry had to take to his Facebook and wrote on the wall:


The Observer also carried a story with a quote from Copeland Forbes addressing the issue:

I've received e-mails from quite a lot of promoters and well-wishers from all over the world who are very concerned," he added.

"The facts are, he is in the UK doing some medical tests. As you all know, he had some problems with his legs from last year which resulted in cancellation of tours, and in the last 12 months he had a very hectic year travelling all over the globe doing performances," Forbes explained.

"We were suppose to go to Guadeloupe, French West Indies for a festival performance, but while we were in London the pain in his legs started again and it was swollen, and it caused him severe pains whenever he tried to walk on it.

The pains were so severe that we had to cancel him off the Guadeloupe festival and Marcia Griffiths was brought in to fill in for his absence," said Forbes.

"So since he was in London where he had started his medical tests from last year when the problems with his legs started, he decided that he would stay in London and get all his medical tests done... and contrary to what has been going around, he's not in a hospital, he's staying with Linda Smith, our UK representative," he added.

Weddy Weddy

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Mad Cobra gives the Other Side of the Coin

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Dancehall deejay Mad Cobra, who is known for his graphic gun lyrics, is giving us the Other Side of the Coin.

The new album he says will feature his soulful side as it describes the pain he feels and will address social issues. During an interview on air, the deejay also used the opportunity to address his graphic delivery of gun lyrics.

Cobra was shot in the chest in his hometown of Portmore on May 1. The deejay who says he’s grateful for life, reflects on what took place the day of the shooting.

Mad Cobra is one of the many entertainers to experience gun violence since the start of the year. His perpetrators are scheduled to return to court on September 29.

Teck sleep mark death

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Ole time people always say that you must take sleep and mark death and apparently other dancehall artistes are taking no chances where their taxes are concerned.

News has surfaced that the tax departments lines are burning up with call from interested parties wanting to know where they stand.

Yes man, they don’t want to their vehicles to be seized by the tax department or to face that kind of embarrassment.

Well, we hope the Govt put the tax dollars to good use and do something for the entertainment industry.

Tanto Blacks and Simon


Seems as if Television Jamaica host Simon Croskill has incurred the wrath of Tanto Blacks manager.

Yup while a guest on his programme Blacks manager felt Simon did not treat him with any professional respect. He told the Star that Simon Crosskill was trying to belittle the artiste.

“Everybody deserves some level of respect but I didn't see the artiste getting any from him. I did not get that level of respect or appreciation that you would show to another person. I was very disgusted.”

"He was comparing him to L.A. Lewis and Shebada. There is a certain level that you don't cross.

So I would like an apology on behalf of the artiste or for him (Crosskill) to acknowledge that he overstepped his boundaries in terms of how he conducted the interview,” ranted Blacks manager.

Well, honestly we have seen some interviews done by Simon and to tell the truth he doesn’t hide his opinion when he is not impressed with the subject. He should remember that he is fishing out info for the public not imparting his opinion.

Can someone tell us what’s the real deal where Fresh Fridays is concerned at the Building.

We have been hearing conflicting reports on why the event was ousted from that location. But to tell the truth it just doesn’t make any sense.

Arif Cooper will now have to find another venue to host the popular event and according to the Building Manager Cory Todd in a story in yesterday’s Star said “All that is happening is that Arif is trying to save himself from embarrassment.

He used my affiliation with my business partner Vybz Kartel to stir up trouble in the business. I'm disappointed with Arif, his acts were despicable and only served to stir up bad vibes."

But then in response Arif said he was informed of Matterhorn's inability to play at the club via a BlackBerry message sent by Todd while he was on air on Friday.

His response to the message, he said was a mere, 'OK, wow.' Minutes later, he said, he received another message stating that he was no longer welcome at the club-based on a decision by Todd and his partner.

What’s our take? Why can’t we all get along!

Bryans photo studio owner son arrested

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A wonder why the police yesterday swoop down on Bryan’s Photo Studio in Kingston and arrested a number of people, including the owner son.

Since the incident everybody a wonder what really a gwaan.

Listening to the news yesterday it is reported that the police said “it was a matter of national importance”.

Hmm, stay tuned to Yardflex as we will be keeping you up to date with the latest on this one.

Bobby Fray a protest

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You can imagine how surprised wi be when wi listening news pon the radio yesterday and hear sey veteran broadcaster Bobby Fray deh a one school wid placard him an one nex man a protest over di principal whey di school appoint.

According to the other man, the one that should have been chosen was more than qualified.

No star him coulda use a better means fi get him point across than fit un up a di school with placard.

Why dem shut down Mavado treat?


It is still unclear as to why Mavado’s annual back-to-school treat and memorial concert for his dad ended prematurely on Saturday.

The daytime activities for the children was to facilitate the giving away of school bags, books and other school supplies while the nighttime proceedings was dedicated to the memory of Mavado's Father, Stanford Brooks.

From what we can glean the whole shebang was shut down during the children’s treat that the lawmen intervened, putting a damper on the annual event.

Police is mum on why they did it and in the meantime the only ones who really got their bubbles burst are the kids…oh boy!

One Blood; One Killa fight


We don't know exactly what started the fight between Junior Reid, a member of the peace-loving Rastafarian order and church-going artiste Bounty Killa.

But all we know is that all hell bruk loose at Hot Mondayz when One Blood rolled into the Alliance.

Word is that Junior Reid doubled his fist and unleashed a killa tump in Bounty's stomach. Killa reportedly fired back by crawbing up JR and that is when Alliance henchman, Sawfie got involved -- naturaly.

Yardflex tried in vain to reach the battle-scarred defender of the Warlord for a comment.

Kidnapped businessman rescued

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A 52-year-old businessman of a Kingston 5 address has been rescued and his alleged kidnappers arrested following intense police work from the Organised Crime Investigation Division (OCID) and the Anti-Gang Special Team.
Police report that the man was kidnapped early Wednesday morning in the Corporate Area and his abductors had demanded a multi million dollar ransom. Following reports to the police, the man was rescued unharmed two days later.
He was found at a house on Little Kew Road in St Andrew.
Two members of the notorious Rat Bat gang were arrested. A third person escaped and is being sought.

LA LEWIS Sick...


ZJ Liquid back on air?

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Seems that ZJ Liquid’s ban from the air will soon be over.

According to a source, Liquid returns to ZIP FM this week after he was suspended in July for playing an expletive on air.

ZJ Liquid was suspended after he played an unedited version of Andrew and Wada Blood's Beggy Beggy on his 'Fresh 2 Death' segment. The ZJ immediately covered up the blunder by switching to another song, but not before it was noticed by a number of listeners.

Playing an expletive on air is in direct violation of the Broadcasting Commission's rules and regulations.

This was the ZJ's second offence since the start of the year. In February, Liquid was suspended indefinitely for playing an unedited version of Aidonia's Love It. The ZJ returned to air a month later.

A Facebook group, 'Put Zj Liquid back on air' was formed shortly after.

The page currently has over 8,000 fans.

On the page, a number of persons were awaiting confirmation as to when and if the Zip Jock would be back on air.

One person commented, "Jah know me radio all a ketch dust, it nuh tun on back from Liquid stop play pon Zip!"

Another person said, "Zip nuh good again without Liquid ... what happen to 'Fresh to Death Wednesday'... how we ago hear di fresh tunes, bossy, bus di youth! We need fi hear Liquid."

Is Yendi engaged


Yardflex just watched an interview with Yendi on Morning Time with Simon and Neville and we have to say that something looks suspicious.

Yes, she had on a ring on her engagement finger and she was doing her best to hide that hand.

Yup, we are not saying she is, would be the smart thing of Asafa Powell to do after all ... other eyes must be on her right now!

Blak Ryno Issues Statement Regarding Alleged Assault


Amidst reports of an alleged altercation between popular sound system selector Boom Boom and dancehall deejay Blak Ryno.

The artiste has issued a statement distancing himself from the incident and allegations and it read.

“ It has been brought to my attention that Boom Boom was attacked by a group of men said to be aligned to me at the popular street dance Uptown Mondays, this is rather unfortunate.

Though I was at the event with a few friends on the day in question, it was only for a short period of time and I left the venue long before the melee unfolded and went straight home.

Contrary to rumours, there was absolutely no physical or verbal exchanges between me and Boom Boom. As for the men who allegedly attacked him, neither do I know them nor are they affiliated to me or my camp in any way.

Presently I am focused on rebuilding my career and making good music for the masses. Being involved in verbal or physical confrontation is not the direction I am looking to take my career.”

In closing Blak Ryno whose given name is Romaine Anderson said fans can look out for a video soon and his new single ‘Feel Like Sey’ on the Swaggy Swaggy Rhythm produced by G-Jay Production among other upcoming projects.

Selecter Boom Boom says Ryno’s followers beat him

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Dancehall selector Boom Boom, in a radio interview yesterday, accused members of deejay Blak Ryno’s entourage of beating him badly at Uptown Mondays this week.

According to Boom Boom, who said his injuries sent him to the hospital and has forced the cancellation of some of his shows scheduled for the rest of this week, he was attacked because he did not play a song Ryno had given him while at the popular dance.

“Ryno send me a CD with a song, but I didn’t get to play it and by the time the dance over and I was packing up some bwoy come over to me and start talk.

Then one of them jump me and everything just get nasty,” Boom Bom said.

Taking the high road, he sent a message to Ryno, a former member of Vybz Kartel’s Portmore Empire, that everything was all right, he just wanted back his money that he had paid at the hospital.

The deejay lamented the loss of income as he was forced to cancel a number of engagements during this back-to-school season.

“And a prep school me daughter go…” he added.

Meanwhile, Blak Ryno says he wasn’t at the venue at the time of the incident and he heard about it via a telephone call.

He has apologized for the excesses of his fans and has said he will give back Boom Boom his hospital fe.

“Me and Boob Boom a friend,” Ryno stated.

Boom Boom Thrashed

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How dem fi do BOOM BOOM DAT...?

All me can seh is selector work nuh easy yaah man.

What people ned fi understand is that when you see a selctor a play him already have an idea of what he will be playing, give him the chune b4 the night.

Imagine after dem ask boom boom fi play a one chune and him dont play it dem duss him.

We tiad a di ganja fines

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Big and serious why police nuh stop arrest people – whether entertainer or regular folks for a one spliff.

It look real fool fool when them go court and we a hear bout di eediat fine. It show dat it was not a biggie n the first place.

Dem sey the court have a big backlog a cases and then dem a waste di court time wid dem fool fool case.

Check out fi artiste Ghost case the other day when he appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court on Thursday to answer charges of possession of ganja.

He was fined $100 or 10 days imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to the offence.

The accountant and attorneys for dancehall deejay, Bounty Killa, will be seeking a meeting with the Tax Administration Services Department this week to clarify his tax debt.

Enforcement officials of the Tax Department swooped down on the entertainer's residence at the Oaklands Apartments on Friday and seized two high end motor vehicles, a Range Rover and a Land Cruiser Prado, owned by him.

The Tax Department reported that it seized the vehicles in its bid to recover $12 million in taxes owed by Bounti Killa, whose real name is Rodney Pryce.

However, the entertainer's attorney Linda Wright told RJR News that there is some dispute over the figure.

“They just say he owes $12 million ... we know we had filed (taxes) for the year 2000 but then he taken objection for the year 2001, 2003.

However, the document (that they) left when they seized the vehicle only indicated that he was owing $12 million … we don’t know if this is in penalty, fees and principal, we don’t know for what year,” she said.

“That has to be clarified and his accountant will be meeting with Tax Department tomorrow for some clarification as to what period they’re saying the taxes are owed for because he had paid but had objected to some of them,” Mrs. Wright added.

Bounty's Range, Prado seized


Reports are that two vehicles belonging to deejay Bounty Killer were this morning seized by the persons affiliated with the Tax Administration Department.

The deejay, whose real name is Rodney Price, was reportedly not at his Oaklands townhouse this morning when police personnel, two wreckers and the tax officers paid a visit sometime after 7:00am.

Residents report that the vehicles -- a black range rover and Lincoln Prado -- were placed on the wreckers and driven out of the complex.

Last month, deejay Elephant Man had his red convertible Benz seized by the same department.

Bounty Killer could not be reached fro comment.

Please wi tiad a di stupid people dem

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You would think that life is hard nuh hell, without taking up your money and giving it away just like that.

The latest is a story that was carried in the Star warning people to be careful of con men posing as furniture worker and relating a story where one woman fell victim to them.

Come on now, you meet someone at a bus stop claiming that he works at a furniture store and he can give you a great backdoor deal and you take your money and give him. We don’t care what kind of ID he is showing, the odds of him being legit is like 99 to 1.

Cheapness can cost you in the long run. How about shopping around for the best deal? And in any case, he would be stealing to get you that cheap furniture, so you are one of those fostering theft.

We are tired of hearing of the stupid cons that sensible adults are falling for.
Three Miles area of all the places where you find pick pockets, con artists and you only know what, hanging out there.

Please people, hold on tight pon unno money and stop give it away like that.

Careful who you dagger

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The daggering thing doan good, cause sometimes it might just cost you your life. According to a report in the paper an eighteen year old lost his life as a result of the wrong alliance.

Seems that he ‘daggered’ his enemy’s woman and ended up being stabbed to death.

Allegations are that he was stabbed and killed while at a river party on Sunday, supposedly over an argument about a girl with whom one of the men was dancing.

The teenager was reportedly stabbed then pronounced dead at the Port Antonio hospital following an altercation with another man while they were patrons at a dance at Rivers View, Rio Grande Valley, in the parish early Sunday morning.

Police sources from the division reported that they have heard the two men were at odds for a while and have had previous run-ins with each other.

Their paths crossed again while at the party and are said to have become involved in a heated argument, after one of the men was seen 'daggering' a female said to be a close friend of the other.

"Investigations are ongoing but nothing is confirmed just yet.

But based on what we have heard so far the two men had been at odds for a while now and things boiled over while they were at the party," a detective corporal from the parish said when contacted yesterday.

"We heard that one saw the other dancing with a woman said to be close to the other and that started the argument. This is one of the arguments we will be looking into."

A 20-year-old who was taken into custody was not charged up to press time last night.

What the hell! Man buggers cousin

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What di hell that we reading in the Star. See it there now, things getting outa control just through we have these rights people breathing dung unno necks. Check out this story and tell us where the cousin rights were in all of this.

According to the Star story the Manchester police are investigating the circumstances surrounding an incident involving a man who was allegedly buggered by his cousin.
Information gathered through the Constabulary Communication Network and police sources from the parish suggest that the incident occurred on August 8, in the Somerset community of the parish.
Investigators were reluctant in giving out the details of the incident, but say the complainant who is in his early 20s reported that he was taken into bushes against his will and buggered by his cousin.
A report was made to the Mandeville CIB.
"We can confirm that such a report was made but it is a very sensitive issue and we are investigating," a corporal from the Mandeville CIB told the paper.
Meanwhile, word of the incident has reached the other sections of the parish and is being hotly discussed.

Ninja waan come out

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Seet deh now, dem have di poor DJ lock up till him a bawl now fi get bail.

How wi know it bad is dat one time we did si him inna one interview a sey when him deh a jail him just tell himself sey him lock up inna di house and him last him key.

It nuh look like dat deh attitude a work nuh more cause one story inna di Star whey him a sey him waan bail now.

But den again anybody woulda start complain now, from 2009 and nuh case nuh start yet?

What happen to Zebra?

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Zebra lick him head or something? We doan know cause if what we reading in the Star even remotely guh suh, him is one ediot artiste or him must be braver dan anybody else inna Jamaica.

According to the story he was relocated from the Spanish Town lock-up recently after it is alleged that he threw urine on a policeman.

Vassell, who is facing a rape charge in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate's Court, was reported to have done the act early last week.

Allegations are that the incident occurred after Zebra started to defy the rules of officers on duty at the jail. He is reported to have confronted an officer and then the liquid was thrown on him. The police is reported to have then subdued the accused.

In the meanwhile, the preliminary inquiry in the deejay's rape case starts today in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate's Court and will continue tomorrow.

Yesterday, Vassell told the court that he was on doctor's treatment as a result of being beaten when the incident took place at the lock- up.

All we can say is dat him lucky dem neva beat him out a di rest a him senses.

A wha wrong wid Risto Benji


Bwoy it bad when artistes whey did a gwaan good pop dung yuh know.

Dats why wi a warn dem one yah whey love profile fi just settle dung and save dem money, cause dis is an ungrateful profession.

Look deh, a two time now Rista Benji get involve inna mix up bout tiefing.

Now di latest news is dat him dey a New Kingston a try tief bike and dem hol him and gi him a sound thrashing, den hand him ova to di police.

Meck dis be a lesson to one and all.

A whey flippa deh?

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Yesterday when wi a read di Star wi couldn’t help but agree sey da question deh did deh pon wi mind big and serious. Yeah man, wi did a wonder if him still deh a jail inna a Miami or what.

But it seems like sey not even Star can find out fi sure whey fi him case concerned. Still a couldn’t true sey him inna witness protection programme? And if a suh it guh, a who him a gi evidence gainst?

Bwoy wi just wish wi know what’s really going on in this case.

Check out some a whey Star sey…According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons website, 31-year-old Davis has been released since April 9, 2010.

However, when contacted, Temple Black from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said, "I can confirm there is an ICE detainer but I cannot provide any further details based on our privacy policy."

An ICE detainer, according to the Immigration Policy Center website, is a "tool used by ICE and other Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials to identify potentially deportable individuals who are housed in jails or prisons nationwide.

An immigration detainer is an official request from ICE to another law enforcement agency (LEA) - such as a state or local jail - that the LEA notify ICE prior to releasing an individual from local custody so that ICE can arrange to take over custody."

Meanwhile, sources close to Davis said they have not spoken to him but they have heard that the artiste is currently in prison in Philadelphia, United States. There are also speculations that he is in witness protection. There were also other theories that he was in a Philadelphia prison on a different charge.

More bad behavior from artistes


Now you know why our fellow Caribbean people doan want wi deejays inna dem country.

Lawks wi can tell unno how wi feel shame every time we make the headlines wid wi bad behavior. Why we can restrain ourselves and just stay out of the headlines.

The worst thing about it is that we a di first ones dem fi start cuss when the security people dem say that dem doan want wi deejays dem fi perform in dem country. We start to talk bout how dem a fight gainst, dem bad mind and all dese tings.

Now what will be our argument now? Dem allow dem in di country and now look deh, Popcaan arrested in a big brawl a di airport inna Bahamas.

Now what dem did inna di bathroom a do wid di two girl dem? And why dem go guh take on di pilot fi Spirit airline?

No Bwoy, nutten nuh change.

Poor dancehall

THREE members of the Adijah 'Vybz Kartel' Palmer entourage are expected to appear in court today to face charges of assault and damage after an alleged airport brawl on Monday afternoon.

Palmer, a popular dancehall musician, was in town to perform at the weekend birthday event of Sebas Bastian, a local events promoter.

Jamaican-born Palmer and his entourage were scheduled to leave Nassau for Kingston at 2.10pm on Monday when police were called to break up a fight in the men's bathroom of the international departure lounge.

Police reports state that several of the offenders "damaged property" and "assaulted a passenger" who was also scheduled to travel on the Air Jamaica flight.

The flight was delayed for several hours because of the altercation."It was a group of them that ganged the guy, but he could only identify three of them.

They were punching him all over. We allowed the ones he could not identify to go," said Assistant Superintendent Dennis Dames, officer-in-charge of the airport police station.The names of the three men in custody were not released up to press time.

ASP Dames said the police were still considering more charges, and would release the names after completing the process.

"The brawl started where you had these Jamaican men, five of them, in the men's bathroom with three Jamaican girls. The complainant wanted to use the bathroom.

Upon entering the bathroom he said 'excuse me' he needs to use the bathroom, 'why are the women in there?' The Jamaican guys attacked him," he said.He had no comment as to why the men and women were in the male bathroom in the first place.The complainant was a Bahamian employee of Spirit Airlines based in the United States.

He opted not to travel on the Air Jamaica flight after the incident. Police reports indicate his injuries were "minor.

"ASP Dames said the airline was responsible for allowing the men who were released from custody to board the flight, even though there were claims that other passengers were "concerned." No Air Jamaica spokesperson could be reached for comment.

"A lot of passengers were agitated that this Jamaican gang were (allowed on the plane). They were kind of afraid of them coming back on the airplane. That was not our call. That was the airline's call," said ASP Dames.

Source: Tribun

D’Angel forgives Beenie


Wi just waan ask one question, Star can find any good cover story f idem paper? It seems that everyting Beenie Man and D’Angel do dem just all over a di two a dem and have dem pon dem cover. If yuh ask me, dem find a good way fi stay inna di spotlight. Cause whey really a gwaan fi di two a dem right now? Dem a feed offa demselves fi enjoy a vibe inna di music biz.

Besides dat, dem neva haffi write nuh story sey she forgive him cause di mere fact sey him deh pon Onstage a sey a him wife dat and all dese tings dun tell yuh sey dem back together again. Dem did dung a Sunfest a kiss up so what’s new bout she forgive him, fling dat pon di social page or sinting.

Government paying the dead

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The Public Sector Transformation team has reported that among the current undertakings in Government which have been unnecessarily costing the taxpayers billions of dollars is the fact that dead persons are on the Government’s payroll.

The Public Sector Transformation Unit has reviewed all government agencies and has made suggestions on where there should be staff cuts and mergers.

A key aim of the process, which is being undertaken over an 18-month to two-year period, is to achieve a lowering of the public sector wage bill, in relation to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to below 10 per cent.

The GDP is the total value of goods and services of a country.

Nuffy not a part of Lisa Hyper’s Management team


Bwoy, all we can remember is how Nuffy come pon Ragashanti programme and teck on Spice fi Lisa Hyper.

Afta him mash up him friendship with har, cause from whey wi listen on di programme dem did a come from far, sharing what likkle dem have wid each other and all dat.

Him feed Lisa information fi DJ bout Spice and now look deh, him not a part of har management team nuh more.

Yeah, we read inna di Star and check out deh comment whey Nuffy meck:

"Lisa is not di problem, har sista is the problem.

Har sista a seh Nuffy a get too much money but when Vybz Kartel was doing his thing she couldn't seh nutten, she couldn't even call, but as soon as mi tek up Lisa career, bring har guh Sting an mek she tek di show, is a problem.

She jus badmind dat Lisa career a tek off an fi har nah guh nuh weh. She all guh check Beenie Man bredda name Blue fi ask him bout how much money manager get an wah manager fi do."

Mi jus waan Jamaica know seh mi an Lisa nuh have nutten. Mi an har talk good good same way," he added.

Well sah, win nuh have nutten fi sey…except time will tell.

Barbee booted from Sean Kingston's video


Reggae singer Barbee was booted from Sean Kingston’s Letting Go video featuring rapper Nikki Minaj after playing his leading lady.

It is understood that Barbee may have been cut from the video after Nikki Minaj intervened. So, could this be a battle of the Barbie’s?

From what Yardrlex understands Barbie seemed liked the leading lady in the video and Nikki just could not deal with that.

A video was posted on youtube showing Barbie before the final cut and all we have to say was ‘maad!” The video also generated a lot of comments but it was soon quickly pulled off the site.

What can we say…she must have been reigning on someone’s parade.

Pamputtae a di new Sunday School teacha


Everybody know seh Pamputtae proud a har tickness and har agility, but people, there's more to Pamputtae than that.

Under all that fluffiness and cartwheels and talking up di tings dem, lies a heart that just loves children. Di goodie goodie girl had a ball wid di pickney dem inna Sunny Hill innna St Thomas wha day yah.

She gi a performance dat when she done everybdoy did haffi ask if a she a di new Sunday school teacher -- no slackness -- har lyrics did clean as a whistle. She was di host and di pickney dem just love har.

All when dem a ask Pamputtae fi sing Goodie Goodie, she tell dem no and just go inna one song whey seh Jusus a fi mi obeah man.

We haffi big up di artiste dem when dem show di caring side and memba seh dem have influence pon di pickney dem. Pamputtae, yuh really know what it mean to be a goodas. Fluffy to di flippin' werlll!

Beenie and Bounty di wholesome twosome


Wha really a gwaan?

All of a sudden the Docta and the Killa turn best friend? After dem spen so much years a war wid each odder over the music, den a in between dat a whole new war did bruk out ova D'Angel, and now the two a dem a look a new type a hype offa each dder.

Wha day yah inna Negril Bounty gi Beenie a call up pon stage and dem puddong a tune-fitune medley dat did bad like wow.

And di odda night a di two a dem again pon stage together ova Fully Loaded and a gwaan like dem waan tek ova di show. And last night (Sunday) it was di two a dem again ova Little Miss Bus Ride a James Bond Beach. Dem draw bare ole tune and mash up di place.

Bwoy dis yah twosome yah nuh at all. It look like dem haffi go bring D'Angel inna di mix and just mek it a threesome and dun.

Hulk Hogan's daughter sued by King Jammy’s son

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Check out this story in the Jamaica Observer. Hmm all we can say is that others should be just as vigilant about their intellectual property.

Brooke Hogan, singer, star of a reality show and daughter of wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan has been sued by local recording/production company Jam 2 Productions, run by the son of veteran producer Hugh 'King Jammy's' James, a release from the company states.

"A lawsuit has been filed in Manhattan, USA against the Sobe Entertainment artiste for failing to compensate or credit Jam 2 Productions, members Jammy James (Jam 2) and Camar Doyles (Flavaunit) who were approached in 2006/2007 for production work on her sophomore album, The Redemption which was released in 2009," the release said

According to Jam 2 business contact, Brian Hugh, Jam 2's brother, Trevor James was affiliated to Hogan's label, Sobe Entertainment and it was he who brought the two entities together.

"Sometime in 2006 Brooke Hogan and her reps from SoBe visited King Jammy's studio in Waterhouse where a verbal agreement was made that Jam 2 would work on a project with Hogan for which they would be paid and would also get credit on the album, but none of that was done," Hughes explained to the Observer via telephone.

According to the release, the production also included a 2001 song performed and written by Camar Doyles aka Flavaunit entitled Come On, Come, On.

"Brooke and Sobe used the song, but changed it up, adding her own lyrics, and changing the name of the song to Trust Me. Again, Brooke and Sobe said they'd pay and credit Jam 2 Productions, which to this day has not been forthcoming.

"Jam 2 Productions became alerted when the song Trust Me was deleted from their MySpace account claiming a Copyright Infringement.

Jam 2 Productions immediately contacted their lawyer Jon Jekielek in New York who immediately issued two letters to SoBe Entertainment both of which returned unanswered. Mr Jekeilek was then instructed to take full action and on Monday August 2, 2010, a formal lawsuit was issued in court," the Jam 2 release stated.

Hughes told the Observer that Jam 2 has all the relevant material to support their claim that the song is theirs, including the Pro Tools file.

"The Pro Tools file is an important pice of evidence and it tells the history of the recording project," he explained. "The project was recorded overseas, but we have kept our files in order," Hughes added.

Jam 2 is claiming US$200,000, including punitive damages for failure to pay and credit Jam 2 Productions on the musical composition, melody and lyrics of the song Trust Me which is performed by Brooke Hogan on the album The Redemption.

Hughes admitted that while it was not the norm for producers to work on project without an advance, there are cases when "agreements are worked out".

Usher and Chris Brown are rumored to have hit the studio together while they were in Jamaica this weekend.
The rumors were confirmed by a source close to Usher but no details were given about the collaboration with Chris Brown.
Usher brought out Chris Brown as his guest and both performed at Sumfest in Jamaica.
People are STILL talking about the dance competition that ensued after they took the stage.
Native Jamaican Dancehall artist Elephant man even joined in the dance-off but nobody has officially declared a clear winner yet.
You can view the dance-off in the related video section below.

Adidas pirates Bunny Wailer

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Company uses singer's image and likeness on T-shirt without permission

There are many enterprises that profit tremendously from merchandizing in various areas of sports, among these giants is Adidas.

There are no barriers or boundaries that hasn’t been penetrated territorially or otherwise by Adidas’s dominance in the world’s sporting market-place globally.

Even The Blackheart Man, Bunny Wailer surviving member of the Bob Marley And The Wailers fame, supports Adidas by purchasing and wearing Adidas sportsware during all the years of his sporting experience and up until this present time, especially in the sport of soccer.

However, there has been a violation of the privacy of Bunny Wailer. A photograph of Bunny Wailer playing soccer in the privacy of his home in the mountains, was used by Solomonic Productions on an album cover titled “Bunny Wailer Sings The Wailers” (see album) in 1980.

In later years, the full image of said photograph was first seen on an unauthorized reproduction on T-shirt with the logo, trademark and trade name Adidas incorporated. This action by Adidas is illegal and a violation of Bunny Wailers rights and privileges incorporated in said photograph and which does not use the name of the singer.

For over 15 years Adidas has sold and withheld to themselves all the profits derived from the returns from the exploitation of the illegal Bunny Wailer product globally, beginning from in the late 80’s up until 2008.

On two separate occasions, it was brought to the attention of Bunny Wailer, but he could not have addressed the matter based on certain circumstances. An approach was made in writing to Adidas by Solomonic Productions’ on behalf of Bunny Wailer in accordance with the discovery of piracy.

Adidas’s negative and disappointing response to Solomonic Productions letter, was passed on to Bunny Wailers legal representative.

The lawyer in response to Adidas’s letter to Solomonic Productions’ pointed out the violations and damages done to Bunny Wailer in accordance with the illegal exploitation of his image and likeness.

The lawyer therefore, introduced a method and means of correcting the abuse in an appropriate and civilized manner, which was ignored and dismissed by Adidas, continuing the demonstration of their selfishness, disrespect and disregard for justice and fair play.

Bunny Wailer is therefore faithfully depending and relying upon the unified power of support from the ever loving Reggae and Bunny Wailer fans, friends, family and populace globally, to rally along with Reggae’s Living Legend in this legal claim and battle for justice from the world sporting giant Adidas.


Wha dis fada


Imagine we come cross a story in di Observer business section and we shock so till.

You know that even though Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) has reduced the reserve requirements for commercial banks, a new kind of banking fee is making customers pay for having too little money in their accounts.

According to the story the two largest commercial banks in Jamaica by branch network charge depositors a fee for balances below a certain amount.

Scotiabank charges $150 per month for balances below $5,000, while the National Commercial Bank (NCB) charges $50 per month for balances below $2,000.

Estimates are that up to 60 per cent of the deposits in commercial banks are below $5,000.

Now, the only thing we have to say to savers is this, if you find that you nuh have no money to bank and you have below those two figures quoted.

Instead of losing $50 and $150 monthly until there’s nothing left in the book. Close the account and open one with the credit union instead and forget bout di bank dem star.

From now on more of my money will be going into the credit union, cause at the end of the day, we looking for the banks to come up with more fees to dig into your savings.

• Portland mada woman pulls nail out of Sugar’s ‘balls’

There is absolutely no doubt that Lincoln ‘Sugar’ Minott was an icon in Reggae/Dancehall music.

The singer passed away on Saturday, July 10, at the University Hospital of the West Indies and even as family await the autopsy report there have been ‘other reports’ regarding the cause of death of the great man, who also had a heart condition.

Yardflex sources close to Sugar have revealed that in the week leading up to his death, Sugar had reported feeling unwell and had been carried to a highly respect “mada woman” in Portland for healing.

Reports are that the obeah woman freed up Sugar by pulling a nail, a half a CD and ring from various parts of his body. Immediately after this “surgery” was performed, Sugar declared that he was feeling much better, only to take ill on his way back to Kingston and died two days later.

“Bwoy, you waan see, Miss Roberts pull a nail outta Sugar balls and a half a CD outta him head,” the source stated.

He continued, “Even a ring wha' dem couldn't find fi years, Mis Roberts pull it ouuta Sugar side.”

Reports are that Miss Roberts also told Sugar Minott that one of his six baby mothers was trying to 'tie' him and that was one of the reasons for him feeling so sick.

“Afterwards, she give him something to drink and give him a bath and when him leave him seh him feel betta,” the YardFlex source reported.

However, Sugar Minott reportedly fell ill subsequently and had to be hospitalized.

The cause of death is still unknown, but there are reports that his belly became swollen and in some quarters there are speculations that the singer had been poisoned.

Among Sugar Minott’s hits is the song with the line, “More than one woman in my life/And all a dem a fight to be my wife/But I have enough love for everyone…”

Funeral arrangements have not yet been finalized.

No Sumfest for Vybez Kartel


Now we know why deejay Vybz Kartel didn’t want to turn himself in to the police. See there now him going to miss Reggae Sumfest and all the other shows he has been booked for.

Yup, Yardflex has it on good authority that he has been detained for another 30 days.

The DJ will have to spend another 30 days behind bars after the authorities extended his five-day detention order.

However, his lawyer Tavares-Finson said that the legal team would be seeking the entertainer's release at the Emergency Powers Review Tribunal set up in the wake of the calling on May 23 of a State of Public Emergency to combat criminals loyal to accused drug lord and former Tivoli Gardens strongman Christopher 'Dudus' Coke.

Vybz Kartel's five-day detention order was scheduled to end today, his lawyer said.

Due to the extension of his detention, the artiste will now miss several bookings, both local and overseas, including the annual summer show Reggae Sumfest in a few weeks time

Mysterious Man Claims to Be LeBron’s Daddy


Just as he’s getting ready to announce where he’ll play the coming years, basketball superstar, LeBron James, and his mother, Gloria James, are being sued for a whole-lot-of money by some guy who claims to be the b-ball super star’s biological father.

According to TMZ, the man says he attempted to prove that he is LeBron’s biological father, but LeBron and his mother tampered with the evidence to cover it all up … bizarre.

Leicester Bryce Stovell, who is 55-years-old, claims in the lawsuit that he met Gloria in a D.C. bar in 1984 and had unprotected sex the night they met. He later found out she was only 15 at the time and he was 29. Wowzers!

Get this, he isn’t some crazy old man trying to make a buck, at least he doesn’t appear that way. He’s a Princeton graduate who earned a law degree from the University of Chicago! He became the senior legal advisor for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

The details of the lawsuit are tremendous. He says his memory is recalls him apologizing for a mediocre performance to Gloria that evening!

He also claims that Gloria took her pregnant self back to Ohio but showed back up several months later to inform him she was carrying a boy she named LeBron, but never specified whom the father was.

Stovell says he recalls telling the 15 year-old that if it is his to make sure he plays basketball. That was the last the two were in contact.

In 2007, the educated man contacted Gloria, telling her how he thinks LeBron may be his son, as he was intrigued with how similar he and the basketball player look. After threatening Leicester to stay away from LeBron’s money, a few days later, he claims LeBron agreed to take a DNA test.

Allegedly, the test came back negative, but Leicester became

suspicious of the claim and suspected the Jameses tampered with the test. He says LeBron tampered with it due to pent up anger.

So now he’s suing them for $4 million for fraud, defamation, and misrepresentation. Hmm, his guy just might know what he’s doing.

Men and their mixed signals


By BUffilous

Peeps, fi a while mi did give up dis writing ting cause mi tink mi did find di love a mi life. It happen one day while mi a teck a trip outa di country.

Yeah man dis BlackBerry connection ting start it up. Mi meet dis guy and to tell di truth it come een like di two a wi did a pree each other. Him send mi a request and mi add him to mi ping list.

Needless to say by di time wi reach wi destination we did well acquainted. Fi real wi did have some real magnetic connection…we all over each odda and ting.

Mi did really tink mi find mi mate…suh much so mi couldn’t tink bout nutten else. For a while mi tink sey di two a wi get suh much hurt and now wi a guh bi di balm fi each other.

No sah, him neva have dat dey plan dey at all.

Mi perfect love tun inna one big problem as mi find out sey mi dream man constantly de pon Facebook a look more woman, him a entertain foreign women when dem come a him country, and plus him have an entertainer friend whey him crazy bout. So whenever she come round a pure hott flex.

All of a sudden him nuh available nuh more and to meck matters worse him claim people a tell him tings bout me, sey mi sleep round and all dat.

Mi nah guh sey mi a nuh virgin, but di way him meck it look is like no penis nuh pass mi.

On di man birthday, mi fly in and cook mi ass off, tried my best to make him a happy man. Yuh know sey di man neva even eat, even di food that a put up was gone.

Hm maid prips me and tell mi that they see me as a money tree around there. Mi peeps how unno woulda feel if unno did hear dat?

Mi nah lie yuh mi teck whey myself and come back a mi yard and as usual unno know mi haffi share mi experience dem wid unno.

And fit ink sey mi did all go pon a trip and shop fi di man and him daughter. Yuh eva hear sey yuh nuffi kick a man when him down? Kacka, afta a bad experience wid mi brodda and mi need a friend di man bail pon mi, stop answer him BB and all dese ting.

Imagine while I was there and begged him to travel with me, he tell mi how him meet some chick from there he has money to go there with his daughter.

Had the nerve to ask me if I had any hotel hook up there. We have not officially seen each other to close that chapter, we should. Even so he wants me to pay for my ticket, the hotel, car. I feel he used me while came out a winner.

Bwoy it look like dis serious connection ting nah guh work, so hear wha, from now on mi just a easy myself and gwaan chill.

Ongle question mi haffi ask, wha meck man suh wicked eeh?

A wha Vybz Kartel fraida

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Wi can believe a di DJ whey everybody rate as di don fi Gaza a if and but bout turning himself in at the police station.

No sah, about three times him promise sey him a guh report to do station and him nuh tun up.

Him lawyer Valrie Neita Robertson, wait a di station till 9 pm and eventually leave cause she realize she get post.

Di question whey everybody inna di street a ask is what a gwaan dawdie? A wha Kartel fraida suh, if him nuh do anything, why him nuh just go report and clear up everyting? No star, wi start fi a wonda now.

A which artiste dem con?


Bwoy, Yarflex get it from good source sey one certain conscious artiste a meet hell inna Europe right now.

From what wi source tell wi, di team leave sey dem a guh do how much tour and yuh believe sey dem duh ova 10 show and doan get a dime?

But from what we hear dat always happen when unno nuh have good people a teck charge a unno affairs.

Yuh must have a proper manager and people whey mean business round unno.

Cause how unno fi leave Jamaica and nuh have nuh form a financial commitment?

And di wus ting is, how dem duh more dan one show and neva collect a cent. It shouldn’t even reach suh much show at all.

Still wi hear sey promoter abandon dem inna hotel without di bills paid and all dese tings. No sah, a real almshouse affair dat still.

6 women To Keep Away From Your Man

We can never control the actions of our men. We can never be with them 100 percent of the day and yes there must be elements of trust in every relationship. However! That does not mean that we must be so trusting that we are foolish. Some men are weak. So weak that they sometimes needs assistance in preventing themselves from getting in trouble. This is why there are certain women that you, as his wife/girlfriend/ fiancé, keep him as far away from as possible. There are certain circumstances where you may have no choice but to allow him near her due to the fact that they may work together, or dated once. However, my advice to you is that if you cannot find a way, then you make a way. Having said that, the following are a short list of chicks to keep your man away from.

1. The Low Self Esteem Chick

You know this girl. The girl with self esteem so low that she will do almost anything for attention from a male. It does not matter how minuscule the attention is, she will take it. She is the one that is lacking self love and wants someone to confirm it for her. She needs men to tell her how beautiful and wonderful she is constantly. Sometimes chicks like this are unfortunate enough to rarely receive any male acknowledgment which is why they have to seek it out so desperately. Her antics sometimes appear to be over the top because in essence they are a cry for attention from anyone with a penis.

2. The Sluttish Friend

She is the one chick in your crew of friends who is a sweet heart and would give you her whole paycheck and food stamps if you needed it BUT (there always is a but with people who are too nice) she is a whore. She might also be a border line nymphomaniac. She will sleep with anyone and I do mean anyone. It does not matter to her if he is in a relationship, married, single, your daddy. She could care less about his relationship status and who he fathered. Her only goal is to get hers. She is the chick that will side line hate on you when you guys are at the club and she notices that guys are giving you more attention than her. This enrages her inside but she does not show her annoyance. Instead this is her cue to do some hoe s**t. Like motion for everyone in the group to look at her and then stick an entire popsicle down her throat without gagging then innocently giggle the words “wow, that was cold” . Please ladies, I call upon all of you to pop this chick in the back of her damn head when she commits such debaucherous acts.

3. The Model Chick

I have some leniency with this chick because truth be told, she cannot help that she is gorgeous, or modelesque. Blame God for that one. This chick might be a good person at heart and have no ill intentions towards you or your relationship. The only problem with her is that she is every man’s dream girl and secretly every man fantasizes of boning a model chick. This has nothing to do with her necessarily being prettier than you but more so to do with egoism. It feels good to a man for him to utter the words “I nailed a model”. Why uttering those words is enough to make any strong, young vital man release some man ooze right in his pants legs. Despite her innocence in this, just to prevent temptation on your man’s part, keep these two as far apart as possible…..

4. The Needy/Annoying Ex-Girlfriend

This is your current boo’s ex lady friend. She is the one who had a “special bond” with. So much so that they still keep in contact and remain friends. Which would not be a problem if she did not still depend on him emotionally for comfort. She is the one who will call him crying after she gets laid off from her job or realizes she is in love with a loser who treats her like crap. Yet, she still sees your man as her place of solace and peace. He is the one man in her mind who truly “gets her”. Which is why she will never completely let him go. Secretly she is waiting on him to dump you so she can pounce on him like Beyonce does her leotards. Which is why she needs to get the boot. Or at least have some restrictions put on this chick. For instance, no she cannot call him after a certain time of night. It does not matter how horrible her date was. She better suck it up till the morning.

5. The Golddigger

This wallet muncher is the one who can smell a man with an IRA account from 10 miles away. She has a greyhound nose for mutual funds, and off shoe accounts. She may be someone your man works with but has a lower level position. Perhaps a secretary, or the cute receptionist he passes every day while coming into the office or his new young and bouncy personal assistant that the staffing agency sent over. Her subservient position matters not to her. She is not there to pursue her own career achievements and success. She has an agenda of the romantic nature. She is there to find a husband. If you are fortunate enough to have a man with some green backs then keep this heffa far away! I guarantee you she will do whatever it takes to try to get him to sleep with her. She has a plan. Part of that plan is to seduce your man, get him to leave you, and ultimately either have him impregnate her or have a pre-nup free marriage. She does not care about this man at all. She cares about his wallet and all roads leading to it. I guarantee you that she would not stay with him longer than the time required to receive the biggest divorce settlement. She is in it to win it and her financial security is the prize. Muff her hard in the face and tell her to keep it moving.

6. The Sex Kitten

She is similar to the sluttish friend and the low self esteem chick but different in the way that she is much more self aware. Her actions do not come from a place of inferiority, self consciousness, or pure nymphomania. See, she realizes that she has nothing to offer a man but her body. She has little to no personality, she isn’t the brightest bulb in the room. She might have been told these things all her life which is why now she focuses all her energies into increasing/maintaining her looks. She has nothing else to offer. Nothing . Not only does she realize this, she accepts it! She embraces her honey pot and treats it like a golden muffin. She also knows all men’s weakness. Sex. So, she purposely and boldly, uses sex to seduce men. She is the one who might be working anywhere! Anywhere! Even a Starbucks and will be the only barista with her blouse unbuttoned so far down that you can just make out the her sexy pink Victoria Secret bra. Pretty isn’t it? Yeah it is and your man will think so too as he is unsnapping it with his mouth. Bottom line. He needs to find a new Starbucks to go to.


LA Lewis do song bout Beenie beat up


But really and truly, wi can believe sey di Star really gi LA Lewis front page story pon him fool fool song. Wi woan even waste fi wi and talk bout it, all wi a do is gi yuh some a di comment dem pon Youtube under him video.

riddle me many failed songs can an artiste make before he realizes that he's a waste of sperm?


Why Dem Neva Throw La Lewis ina Di Grave This Song Need a Funeral Home Real Fast Cause It Dead
cah belive mi jus waste mi r##@s time listen to thim..hear mi nuh u need fi find a 9-5 cuz music a nuh fi u
my youth why you no try fishing or do some charity work and stop waste time ........ the DJ thing is not for you my friend ................... Bless 

Dancehall fashionista Michelle Downer, aka D’Angel has once again hit the television screen, this time as the new spokeswoman for Access Financial Limited.

The television commercial released this week features her endorsing the company’s wide array of products and services while giving her own testimony and encouraging other to become a part of the growing financial institution.

Access Financial Services Limited is a provider of small and micro business and personal loans. Established in 2000, Access now operates from seven locations in Kingston, Morant Bay, Portmore, Spanish Town, Mandeville, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios.

According to the company’s Management, “Our vision is to provide financial solutions for every Jamaican with a mission to provide our customers with innovative financial solutions and unparalleled customer service, through a tailored range of products.”

And it was with this mindset that D’Angel was chosen to represent the company in an official capacity. She also endorses other brands locally including Digicel Jamaica, Coke Zero and G-Force.

A how did big time, hype selector outta Miami a flex so? The man have people a send out email a state all kinda sitten sitten bout him. We a hear bout flossing inna Port Antonio, rented vehicle and who owe who money and don’t want to pay back and dem a call him all kinda name. When oonu do tings oonu must remember the power of the Internet. Nutten cyan hide now. Just like how a certain artiste manager did a try a ting wid a producer outta Europe and last week the producer just send out a email to everybody pon di manager mailing list a ask bout him money. Dem tings really don’t look good. People must just know she honesty is the best policy. And if oonu don’t have money fi tek vacation, tan a you yaad. And, to the producer, we haffi seh: a long time you deh bout and people always have all kinda sitten fi seh bout you. Is about time you leggo dem lickle crooked ways, cause in the long run a did artiste a go suffer. Just free up did man outta Europe, cause him can do nuff tings fi help did artiste career.

Those sperm donors


Today, Father’s Day many sperm donors will be bigging up their chests and taking credit for a job they have no business celebrating.

It is disgusting the amount of children out there that are not being supported by these bums who are claiming the right to fatherhood.

The list could go on and on of the many single mothers out there who are juggling to make two ends meet, just so they can give their children a good education.

Then there are those who are trying their luck through the court system, to see if they can even get a stipend from the no good men who fathered their children.

It is our hope that today, will make some of these donors look into themselves and realize that they are badly lacking, and start to do something about it.

Anyone can father a child, but it takes something special to be a good dad.

It is a shame to hear men bragging about the many kids they have, but you don’t see them making an effort to spend quality time, or effectively take care of them.

Thumbs down to these dead beat dads.

Di Empress and her schoolas

1 Comment

Bwoy when Junie Platinum did a sing bout 40 And Over, we never know seh certain empress woulda did tek it so serious and go deh wid schoolas.

Everybody know seh big woman and young bwoy ting a galang long time, but we feel she there should be a age limit.

How can a big big Empress tek herself mek poppyshow bout she a date (yes, date) a lickle 21-year-old yute who a go school? And di empress bout 50 and have son who a brush 30. People, dat doan right.

And den, what mek it worse is dat di Empress ex-man and the lickle schoolas ketch up inna di club uppa New Kingston wha’ night. Bwoy, di poor man couldn’t tek it no longer — everywhere him go, did empress and did schoolas inna him face.

So him did haffi comment. And doan ask if the schoolas never mek him know what and what him a do to di Empress and how it sweet har.

Bwoy, we a call fi a bridge fi walk ova dis yah troubled waters, cause it stir up and messy bad.

Beenie Man detained by Hunts Bay police


See it dey now. Beenie Man teck him hype self and go beat up LA Lewis.

Him did all deh pon Ragashanti show a talk bout how him haffi shut LA Lewis mouth and all dese tings. A brag bout how him Audi and how much it cost.

Well Yardflex understands that he is now in custody at the Hunts Bay Police Station.

Fi real and di wuss ting bout it is dat him supposed to leave the island today go a Europe. Meck wi si how dis ya one tun out.

Yuh mean to sey after Beenie Man lick up LA Lewis him tun round a threaten him tuh.

Yardflex waan know if a really true sey him threaten him? Big and serious a almshouse Beenie Man a kip up still, cause whey happen, shouldn’t did teck place.

Mi and unno know sey if did same ting did happen and a Bounty, Kartel or Mavado did a drive did vehicle whey lick him, him woulda come out and all a grin wid dem.

Duppy really know who fi frighten.

A time LA stop meck everybody come lick, bax and kick him up like him a clown.

(This article has been sent to select persons for their education and feedback. YardFlex readers are asked to read and have their say.)

As the Dudus saga plays itself out in Kingston, two of the questions that remain unanswered are 'why is the United States pushing so hard?' and 'why now?'.

The world is full of dons and drug lords, not to mention the fact that the American plate is full with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a billion Muslims who are being encouraged to attack anywhere at anytime. You would think that they had more immediate things to concentrate on.

Yet they continued to poke and push, treating every Jamaican that went through U.S. customs like a criminal, openly questioned the personal honesty of the Prime Minister Bruce Golding and even suggested that the Jamaican Labour Party were in violation of their mandate to govern Jamaica.

In fact, the Americans haven't even got an Ambassador to Jamaica anymore. Obama has left the position open, a serious diplomatic slap in the face. All of this tension is for the Don of Tivoli Gardens? Something isn't right. Dudus just isn't that big of a problem.

The idea that outside interests have manipulated the situation for a long time begins to form when you question the truth of what we are being told.

For two years now Dudus has had an excellent run, controlling the docks in Kingston (on Tivoli Gardens turf, and the true value of the constituency) with his buddies running the government.

He has grown more powerful than ever before, with so much money that he doesn't have to rely on politicians for anything.

In the old days back in the 1970's, when the street gangs were first created by the political parties, they had to get their weapons and cash from the JLP or the PNP, but since the cocaine business showed up, that relationship has slowly turned full circle. Now the politicians need the gangs to control the vote, but the gangs don't need the politicians for support. They have become an independent power.

The outside control in this is that the international cocaine business is not run by Jamaicans. Nobody manufactures coke on the island, it all comes in from South America, mostly Colombia.

Somebody else determines how much of their product is moved through Jamaica, which in turn determines how much money ends up in the hands of the gangs.

Dudus is more powerful than ever before because whoever is controlling The Business decided that he would make him powerful. In fact, it looks like they wanted him to become a 'threat to national security', and be such a handful that outside military assistance might be necessary.

Since the Iran-Contra hearings in the United States in the early 1980's, the world has known that the biggest player in the illegal drug business is the U.S. military.

The enormous wealth involved is enough to weaponize entire armies of 'insurgents', which are then used to destabilize any country they choose. They have the best killers, the best weapons and the best intelligence, and it's all in cash.

No records. There are American military troops on the ground in Colombia and Afghanistan, by far the largest producers of cocaine and heroine respectively. This is no accident.

So it isn't a stretch to consider the idea that growing Dudus into a serious problem was a manipulation that was within the control of U.S. interests.

By why flare it up now, and why so hard? Why would the United States want Jamaica to descend into chaos now?

One idea that comes to mind is oil.

Try this one on for size - although Jamaica has never produced a single drop of oil, has no wells, no rigs, no infrastructure, the Minister of Mining and Energy, James Robertson, spent March, 2010 in England, and April, 2010 in the United States, presenting 'Jamaica's Second Formal Licensing Round 2010', billed as 'New Prospects, New Opportunities', to the Geological Society of England and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. The agendas for these meetings are on the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica's website.

He reviewed the new seismic data just before the first coffee break at 10:00 am, and the bid procedures info around 11:30, just before the lunch break, and in between talked about the investment climate in Jamaica. He was in New Orleans during the second week of April, and was in Texas at the end of the month.

By May 22nd, just three weeks after showing all of this data to the oil executives in the States, Jamaica found itself suddenly on the verge of crisis, and American military personnel were seen landing at Manley International in Kingston. The next day, May 23rd, the Prime Minister of Jamaica, Bruce Golding, went on national television to declare a state of emergency.

Add to this the fact that the Government of Jamaica signed a new $1.27 billion US '27 Month Standby Agreement' with the International Monetary Fund for balance of payment support in February, 2010, and a different set of motivators enter the picture.

Less than a month later the Jamaican Minister of Mining and Energy is out pimping a non-existent oil industry to England (controls the IMF) and the United States (controls the World Bank).

The per capita debt burden of Jamaica is the 4th highest in the world. Over 50% of the Capital Expense Budget goes to servicing the debt.

PM Golding has an impossible situation on his hands - he has to somehow find a way to impose financial discipline enough to keep up with the payments, but he has no way to build economy with what he has now. A Jamaican oil industry would help him out big time.

However, the real trick is going to be the fine print of that IMF restructuring agreement.

This same ploy was used on Argentina to force them to sell off State owned assets to raise the cash to pay the debt, which ended up with a Spanish oil company, Resopl YPF (odd in the fact that Spain has no oil, but is really a front for BP), owning all of the rights to Argentina's oil.

Later it was discovered that there are reserves of around 500 billion barrels just off the coast of the Falkland Islands. Argentina does not own it's oil because of IMF debt restructuring rules.

So in February Jamaica signs a new IMF debt restructuring package, and in March the Mining and Energy Minister is in England presenting new seismic data and bidding instructions on an industry that doesn't exist, and in April he's doing the same thing in the United States, which is about the time the Deep Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded.

Three weeks into May, Kingston has been transformed into a war zone by unrelenting and unexplained American pressure, which includes American military on the ground.

Hmmm. Three weeks after showing the data to the Americans, there are armed U.S. troops on the ground in the capital city.

The Deep Horizon might have something to do with that.

One of the facts that CNN doesn't talk about much is that BP was drilling way, way deeper than anybody knew. The deepest working oil well on earth is around 20,000 feet, but six months ago the Deep Horizon drilling tapped 35,000 feet when they had some sort of 'catastrophic event', which ended when they sealed it up and left things alone.

They were drilling again at 30,000 feet when the explosion happened. Outside of the rule breaking, they proved that the technology exists to go almost twice as deep as any working well, which means that they can now access oil that was once thought to be unattainable, in places that have never produced oil before.

At the end of 2008, Cuba announced to the world that it was sitting on 20 billion barrels of oil, the 12th largest deposits among countries, and that it was involved in developing it with Venezuela, Russia, Spain, Norway and India. Cuba is about 70 miles from Jamaica.

If you stand on the top of the Blue Mountains and look north, you can see the lights in Cuba.

If they have oil that deep, you can bet that Jamaica has oil that deep, and Haiti, and the Domincan Republic.

That earthquake in Haiti last January was suspicious from the start, but the 'over the top' response from the United States might now make sense.

The American military controls Haiti. The foreign assistance was an army of occupation. This week they landed in Jamaica.

The bidding process for the contracts to develop these new Jamaican oil fields are in play right now.

An armed foreign military in the middle of your capital city is a very powerful negotiating tool, and that brand new $1.27 billion IMF loan restructuring came with some nasty conditions, and that runaway well is pumping out an enormous amount of oil, which is going to raise a few questions about just how much oil is down that deep and when can the rest of the world start drilling for it?

Jamaica needs an oil industry before it can sell it to the Americans to pay off the debt.

That's why the IMF and the World bank were created to begin with, to manipulate poor countries into such an enormous debt load that they would have to sell off their natural resources and utilities to pay it. This is the plan in action.

The cat jumped out of the bag before the deal was done when that well exploded, but now it's living proof of the size of the discovery, which is apparently big enough to destroy all life on the planet if BP can't figure a way to shut it down. That's a lot of oil. America wants to wrap this one up fast.

For 600 years they've taken all of the wealth from sugarcane and fruit. For the past 70 years they've taken all of the wealth from bauxite and alumina. For the past 40 years they've taken all of the wealth from tourism.

Now more money is in play than all of that combined. Black Gold. Texas Tea. The Devil's Blood.

One of the largest oil deposits ever discovered.

This whole Dudus soap opera is really just a manipulation to create a situation where America can get their hands on Jamaican oil, which most Jamaicans don't even know about.

If America is involved, you know it's about money.

The only solution is probably impossible. Every single Jamaican has to ask themselves if they love Jamaica enough to make peace with each other. This attack is on Jamaica, not Jamaicans.

They are just the victims, but the oil the Americans want is as much a part of the island as the snow white sand, the swaying palm trees, the spectacular ganja or the incredible reggae.

This trick works only if Jamaicans battle with each other.

If America can somehow manage this flare up to get a military presence on the island, they will control the oil.

The only path out is for each person to raise his spiritual consciousness to the point where they are prepared to forgive and make peace with their brothers and sisters.

Only Jamaicans can do what is necessary.

They are the living, breathing soul of Jamaica, and it is up to them to stand as one and shout out 'No More!'. If they don't then Babylon will crush them down like never before.

This isn't about JLP, and PNP, and Posse's, and Matthew's Lane, or Rema, or Tivoli Gardens, or Dudus, or running the docks, or selling cocaine. It's about manipulating all of that so Jamaicans see each other as the enemy, and keep warring. It's about Babylon stealing the Big Money while Jamaicans fight like dogs over the Little Money. There are at least 50 Garrisons in Jamaica, with 16 in Spanish Town alone.

There are around 20 Posse's affiliated with the JLP, maybe 30 affiliated with the PNP, and at least 30 Posse's that are 'unaligned' and can be hired when needed. It's an unstable combination that is designed to break down and destroy.

Dudus and the others like him have been played like a piano. They are the perfect excuse for American military intervention, 'one of the world's most powerful drug lords', according to CNN ...over and over and over again. The reality is that the DEA estimates the total cocaine volume through Jamaica each year at 100 metric tonnes, which is worth $25,000 per kilo if it's sold in North America. About $2.5 billion US. The estimated world total consumption of illegal drugs is $400 billion a year. The cocaine going through Jamaica is worth about half of one percent of the market. Nobody in Jamaica is in the top 200, let alone one of the most powerful.

The oil deal can alleviate all of the debt, all of the poverty, all of the illiteracy, all of the hunger, for every Jamaican on the island ...forever.

The palace that Jamaica was intended to be can be built, but Bablyon knows it, and has no interest in seeing the island become strong and independent.

The only way out of this trap is peace. How's that for a Babylon trick?

This could also be the work of Jah, forcing the right kind of threat into action so that the spiritual consciousness of every Jamaican shakes itself awake and realizes that they are blessed to be born at this time, that they are warriors who have been forced to endure the humiliations of poverty and oppression so that when the time came they had a voice and were aware, and would raise their game to the level required to finally free themselves.

Right now might be the most pivotal time in the entire history of Jamaica. Not 1834 and the end of slavery, not 1962 and Independence, not 1981 with the death of the Prophet Robert Marley, but 2010 and the discovery of oil, the point in time the future generations of Jamaican children will always remember as either the greatest of achievements or the worst of failures, when their parents and grandparents faced the demon straight on and decided what the future of Jamaica would be.

Simply put, are Jamaicans strong enough to forgive each other the past, in return for a better future? If they can, they win BIG. More wealth than anyone ever thought possible.

If they can't, then their children, and their children, and their children, will be doomed to the same vicious cycle of poverty, violence and oppression.

Are Jamaicans strong enough to fix this? Do they love their children enough to accept the responsibility to give up their claim to vengeance, so that their children can live free of the burden?

It's all on the line right now. That's why America is pushing so hard.

On May 25th, a Jamaican born Congresswoman in the United States, Yvetee Clark, was on the front pages in both countries, saying that she was going to seek the help of the U.S. State Department to restore peace and stability in Jamaica.

A State of Emergency had been declared for less than 48 hours and already 'Jamaica's best friend in the U.S. Congress' was calling for the release of American soldiers on Jamaican soil to kill Jamaicans. Nice.

We are looking at the beginning of an American military occupation of Jamaica.

Once they get control of the oil and begin to invest billions to develop it, the term 'Strategic Resource' will apply, which also means 'vital to U.S. national security interests', which will require U.S. military bases to protect it. Think Iraq.

This is part of the militarization of the Caribbean. It started in Haiti after the earthquake in January and it has reached Jamaica by May.

With WWIII looming in the Middle East, America is going to need new sources of oil, and with the Russians, Spanish, Venezuelans, Norwegians and India already active off of the coast of Cuba, they are playing catch up in Jamaica.

What is at stake is enormous - a change in the balance of power among the nations of the world. Done right, Jamaica will rise up. Done wrong, Jamaica will drop to it's knees and beg forever.

With that much money in play the corruption of politicians will be child's play. This gambit is for the sovereignty of the country.

It has little or nothing to do with gangs, cocaine, ganja, guns, violence or even Dudus. It is all about oil, soldiers and America taking it all ...again.

In just over a year from Cuba announcing to the world that there are huge oil reserves deep under the Caribbean, events unfold that result in an American military build up on Haiti, the island closest to Cuba.

In less than 30 days since signing the IMF debt restructuring agreement, Jamaica has to present their 'non-existent yet' oil industry to the people who control the IMF and World Bank, and offer a bid process.

In less than 30 days after presenting this data in the United States, the Dudus extradition conflict is escalated and Jamaica is destabilized.

You do the math. What do you think?

Is Dudus just a pawn, nurtured to become the perfect excuse to provide the necessary conditions for the presence of heavily armed American soldiers, on the ground in the capital city at the same time as the most important contracts in the history of Jamaica are open for bidding, immediately after the government restructures a $1.27 billion US debt package with the IMF, who has always used that situation to strip away a country's control of it's own natural resources and utilities, just as the United States is mobilizing to engage in a war with the Middle East and will need to guarantee themselves some new supplies of oil?

Does that sound possible?

Every Jamaican involved in this conflict has to stop fighting if they are going to save their oil wealth. The gangs, the leaders, the constables, the military, the politicians, the people.

America is good at this. They've done it before.

Stop the fighting. Save your oil. Change your world.


Why is America pushing so hard? Look at the timeline.

1) October 2008 - Cuba announces reserves are now double previous estimates.

2) January 2010 - Haiti earthquake. American military build up in Caribbean.

3) February 2010 - Jamaica signs $1.27 billion debt restructuring agreement with IMF.

4) March 2010 - Jamaican Minister of Mining and Energy presents 'Second Formal Licensing Round 2010' seminars in London, England, new seismic data and bid procedures to Geological Society of England.

5) April 2010 - Jamaican Minister of Mining and Energy presents 'Second Formal Licensing Round 2010' seminars in New Orleans and Houston, new seismic data and bid procedures to the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

6) April 20, 2010 - Gulf of Mexico oil rig explosion.

7) April 2010 - American pressure on Jamaican government over extradition of Dudus escalates to red zone.

8) May 22, 2010 - American military personnel seen landing at Manley International in Kingston.

9) May 23, 2010 - State of Emergency declared by Prime Minister of Jamaica.

10) May 25, 2010 - American Congresswoman born in Jamaica calls for U.S. State Department intervention to stop the violence in Kingston.

Beenie 'disciplines' LA Lewis


But how come LA Lewis always manage fi find himself ina some mix up.

Imagine, ah Oniel Edwards funeral him go tek him car brush Beenie Man own.

Mi seh di docta couldnt find nuh more remidy dan fi gi LA four solid punch and couple good bax.

Beenie seh if him did run inna di back it woulda bad and nuh suh bad, but LA scrap off him car side.

All the same it neva look good, cah imagine we lose Oniel to violence so him shouldnt keep up dat deh armshouse deh.

By Rootzgirl

Mayor Mckenzie was in a tizzy over the fact that his house was raided by the police and added to that searched from top to bottom.

He is even requesting a meeting with the Commissioner of Police. Come on now, even the Prime Minister’s residence should be subjected to a thorough search by the police.

No one is above the law and no one is perfect – no matter what position they hold – whether Bishop, PM, MP they are all infallible.
Had it been the ordinary Jamaican house that was subjected to a search by the police that would have been that and nothing else. So why this big furor over the search.
He came on television stating that he didn’t know why they would think that criminals would be seeking refuge at his place – wow remember that Adams said that the best place to start searching for Dudus was at politician homes!.

An obviously upset Mayor McKenzie told RJR News that his son called him in a panic about 10 o'clock Wednesday morning to report that several police personnel were searching the house.

The Mayor, who hastily left a tour of Tivoli Gardens with Prime Minister Bruce Golding, to see about his house, said the incident left all his family members shaken up.

According to Mr. McKenzie, his family told him that the police personnel informed them that the search was being conducted based on intelligence that guns and gunmen were being harboured at the premises.

“I can't understand why because my place is the last place that anybody would come to seek refuge. I spoke to the Commissioner of Police and he told me one thing and what my family is telling me is something totally different.

“The Commissioner told me that the (police) saw a car which they deemed to be suspicious and because of the concerns, they came to search the car but they searched my entire house, so you can’t be protecting me and then be searching and looking for guns,” Mayor McKenzie said.

He added that the approach of the police personnel who went to his house was less than professional and questioned whether some police officers are abusing powers granted them under the current state of emergency.

“I can't prevent them from coming and searching and I don’t want to give the impression that because I (am a) victim. What I’m saying is that the powers must not be abused to cause embarrassment and I’m convinced that a lot of that is happening.

Well, the search has been done, nothing was found amiss so move on…next to another politician’s house.

Dry season

1 Comment

A when Kingston a guh come alive again man.

What a piece a dry season. if people caan go out go enjoy demself a di weekly sessions and odda events den wi can just imagine wey dem a guh use as a form of entertainment.

Wi hear smady sey unno can expect nuff more pickney fi a born couple months from now, cause wid no activity man a guh stay home and unno kno wha dat mean? Yup, nuff nice time wid dem woman.

Questions we a ask


A how Keith Clarke dead?

Bwoy wi check out di news and it sey during di operation whey di cop dem a search fi Dudus, former PNP government minister Claude Clarke’s brother – Keith Clarke was killed.

Now whey we waan know is how him meet him death?

You just kick dung door and go in dey and start shoot first den ask question later? And how dem come fi pick dat particular house?

And how come dem a sey dem seize firearm when a di man license gun? Wi waan fi know?

Questions we a ask..?

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Who responsible fi di people dem a Tivoli death

Di death number a move up inna Tivoli Garden but whey dem nah sey is how di people dem get dem dead – especially di women and children.

Is it dat dem dead inna crossfire, or police and soldier shoot dem? Win uh know and dat a wha a di real problem.

Questions we a ask


A wha happen to di artistes dem?

From all dis ting start, wit ink di artistes dem woulda a flood di market wid nuff nuff social commentary?

A wha happen to dem, now a di time f idem join wid dem fans in solidarity and show sey dem understand and a feel f idem.

A wha a gwaan…if mi coulda sing or DJ, Jah know mi woulda have one out deh.

Questions we a ask

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A when entertainment a guh resume?

A when di entertainment activities a guh pick up back?

Bwoy it really dread, from all this start the people dem can even get an avenue to let off some stress.

Every weekly event put on hold, and to top it off the Mountain Dew Stunt Festival that a lot of people were looking forward to postpone, win uh know dat a guh keep.

Good Times not so good, cause dat put on hold too and wi just wonder if any ‘settlement’ a guh gwaan.

We have to say dat wi can wait fi tings return to normal, cause it really dread.

Question wi a ask

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A how dem get dat deh unity

Dem sey unity is strength, but whey wi waan ask is what is greater – unity or money?

Cause mi never know sey PNP gunman and JLP gunman could unite suh.

But when mi read likkle more mi si sey dem can get as much as $100,000 fi join di Tivoli defence squad. Lord watch over us cause it look like Jamaica world a guh mad.

Question wi a ask

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Why dem doan stop dis ganja foolishness

Why dem have Jah Cure a guh court every minute over dis ganja foolishness.

Please it was just an ounce of ganja.

You would think it was a whole shipment they found on him. Everybody know sey Rasta entertainer and some bald head to love to build a vibes wid dem SPliff so nuh meck a big deal outa it.

Now Jayh Cure affi guh back a court inna June pon di possession charge.
Lawks man.

Fluffy Diva Miss Kitty told to chill?


Will the self-proclaimed Fluffy Diva, Miss Kitty be the host of the Digicel Rising Stars Chill room, or has Kitty already been put on ice, even before the new season begins?

Kitty herself had confirmed in April that the job was hers and she was all ecstatic about it; now reports have surfaced that the Fluffy Diva will not be seen on the popular talent show aired on TVJ.

But, as the Diva was reported by one paper as saying, “This is all news to me, I have heard nothing of the sort. The producers asked me to do a job and therefore it is up to them if they feel I am no longer what they require...but nobody has said that to me.”

Miss Kitty had been confirmed as the replacement for petite dynamo, Kerie ‘Kiki’ Lewis, who had been doing a fantastic job in the Pepsi Chill Room.

However, there is the feeling that Kiki’s decision to do a tell-all documentary about spending time in a US prison because of drug trafficking charges, led to her dismissal from Digicel Rising Stars.

Kitty is the host the afternoon show on RJR 94Fm, a member of the RJR group under which TVJ falls. She is also a judge on another popular television talent show, Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall.

“Right now, mi sorry seh mi apologise,” is the the passinate feeling from Reggae Queen, the runner-up in Saturday’s finals of the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall.

The crowd favourite in the competition, Reggae Queen was accused of using expletives inher set and was asked by the organisers of the televised talent competition to apologise. But Black Queen now says she did not use any offensive language and tha the organsiers know exactly what she was going to say, as they had signed off on her set.

“They’re too disgusting … they had already disqualified me in their mind but they still allowed me to vote like I had a chance when they already made up their mind ,” she said angrily.

“But mi understand now why they did it because they want to make it look like I did something wrong.

I did nothing wrong, all they are saying is that my set sounded too vulgar but I never used any expletives, I never cursed, after mi no stupid.

I was leading, mi know say mi win so why would I do that?” said the crowd favourite in the recently concluded Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall.

She explained that the producers of the show were well aware of the content of the lyrics she would use in the clash, and had even suggested that she make changes to particular verses they found too provocative. “They messed up and they are trying to blame me for it,” she said, bluntly.

“We were instructed to do three eight bar verses for the clash, and the people who work behind the scenes had heard my verses and told me to change a line that said ‘face wear out like toilet seat’ to ‘face wear out like car seat’, but now on the night, when I deejayed the part about ‘she swallow Gibraltar like hot tea’ dem beep it out like dem a come try style me and they had heard it before,” she said.

And in a magnanimous display, she offered her congrats to Bumper.
“Bumper gave a good performance, and mi have to congratulate her, she win, but mi feel say dem never give me a fair chance but that is life. Right now, mi ready to move on.”

Reggae Queen is already booked to perform at The Settlement on June 12 at the Kingston Polo Club.

Bruce is too brazen!


By Rootzgirl

On Sunday night everyone was expecting to hear that Prime Minister Bruce Golding had done the honourable thing and stepped down. Imagine the utter shock and surprise when Samuda faced the press with the words "No apology, no resignation".

I am now of the opinion that this government doesn't have any regard for the people and they take them for puppets where they can do anything and get away with it.

My suggestion is for the country to rise up and demand that the right thing be done. It's time that the people hold the government responsible for the affairs of the country. Until we realise that we are the ones with the power then they will always continue to do a they please.

It's time to let our voices be heard and stop allowing them to browbeat us.

Crime continue to soar with no real solutions, we we have an army that is considered among the best in the world, the police are out of their depths bring out the army and let them take over the troubled spots.

Guess the only time this government will think about doing something about the high crime rate is when the gun start to touch members of their own families - when they start to lose sons and daughters like the ordinary Jamaican.

Hope it never reaches that stage before they find a solution.

Peace out

A Whey Bruce a guh do?


A wonder a whey Bruce a guh do now that everybody a call fi him stept down.

It nuh look good at all, cause him is di Prime Minister so him can separate di PM job from di party leader role. JLP inna power and him a di leader fi it.

So him can sanction deal and den sey it neva have nutten fi do with the government. Why dis sound so familiar, whey yuh sey, somebody sey cock mouth kill cock.

A time fi di people dem a Jamaica demand more from dem leaders and stop gwaan like dme nuh got nuh sense.

A who shoot Cobra?


Look how quick dem find suspects inna Oneil Edwards shooting, a wonda when dem a guh identify suspect inna Cobra shooting?

Wi really waan know a wha did guh dung meck dem duh di DJ dat.

Wi a listen out…well pon di good news side him get discharged from the di hospital and gone a him yard.

Wi just hope dem lef him alone now meck him recover in peace.

Bwoy wi affi ask da question yah, wha meck people nuh stop kill off di entertainer dem wid rumours?

Fi real every minute yuh hear bout one more entertainer sey him crash and dead or him get shot smady stab him up.

Di latest a I-Maroon sey dem find him body inna bush a country and him head chop off. Di odda day afta di shooting yuh know how much time dem sey Oneil dead. Di singer a fight on and him a guh meck it, wi sey suh!

A who tief Charly Blacks car

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A who really tief Charly Blacks care man. Bwoy dem people yah a gwaan x you know.

Yardflex understand sey dem tief di youth car a St Mary.

Wi understand sey him discover it missing bout 5:00 am when him ask a friend fi check pon it fi him.

Suh if unno si di Toyota Carollo whey Blacks driv anyway pon di road, meck sure unno link di police seen.

Seet deh now


People mi always tell yuh sey showoff bring disgrace and seet deh now, Ricky Trooper tail under fire. Cause him go hype up himself pon Youtube and a show gun …

well him sey a lighter gun, but di US people dem nuh believe dat deh story, suh nuh him under US probe.

Fi fi him sake, wi hope a never real gun. Ah bwoy, wi wish dem woulda just clean up dancehall image. Wi tiad a it.

Joe grind caught and killed


Check out this story in the Star. You have to careful bout who yuh cheat wid!

Joe grind caught and killed

A man is on the run and a correctional officer dead following a fatal stabbing at Phase One, Seaview Gardens, St Andrew, after the deceased was reportedly caught by the other at the home of his child's mother.

The incident occurred at an area of the community known as 'Vietnam' on Monday.

Dead is Michael Andy, 36, of the community.

Police reports are that Andy visited Eagle Pathway, another section of Phase One, to see his girlfriend around 12:45 a.m. when another man, said to be the woman's ex-boyfriend, turned up.

Police said an argument developed between the two men and a knife was used to stab Andy several times. He later died at the Kingston Public Hospital.

Residents, however, gave a different version of the incident, saying the deceased man was 'Joe Grind'.

They said the alleged attacker, who is being sought by the police, revealed the ordeal before fleeing the community. He reportedly told the residents that he suspected his child's mother and Andy were in a relationship and so he conducted his own investigations.

A source from the Seaview Gardens Police Station admitted to hearing the explanation.

Residents said the man spoke about hiding in the closet on the day of the incident and then met up with Andy when he visited the house.

The incident has since become the hot topic on the lips of residents, some of whom blame the deceased for his own death by claiming he was wrong to go to the house.

"Him should a neva gone there. Di baby daddy nuh live deh eno, but him always deh bout. Di yute should a smarter than that," another resident said.

Face ready for face-off with Lisa Hyper

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DJ Face is ready to 'face off' with Lisa Hyper at this year's The Settlement scheduled for June 12, at the Kingston Polo Club.

"Mi talk to Tommy (Thompson) and him prepared to pay me what I want, so mi have to be a part of this show.

Mi nuh fraid a Lisa Hyper, the last stage show mi work wid her inna Negril, mi crush her corn dem wicked and the dancehall world know say mi have it," Face said.

DJ Face said that even though she has not been focusing on clash songs, she is willing to sit down and pen new lyrics to challenge Lisa Hyper.

"Mi ready fi this, mi born ready fi this, G Life to the world," the former Rising Stars finalist declared.

In the meantime, DJ Face said her combination song, Drive It In, featuring Gyptian, was doing well in the overseas markets, especially Japan.

"I am getting a lot of calls from Japan and from Trinidad about the song with Gyppy. It is very popular, we really need to do the video and promote it hard," she said.

DJ Face will be heading to Philadelphia this week to begin the promotion of the stage show called Jeans Out on May 22nd in Philadelphia. After that show, she will be flying to Canada to perform in Toronto and Montreal.

What a poppy show?


But a wha dat we a read inn a di Star sah, sey LA Lewis a gi up sex fi a year fi focus more seriously pon him career?

Now di fuss ting, we wouldn’t even badda fi write dat story, cause it a di heights a comedy.

Now meck wi examine tings more closely…how unno know sey a nuh sex him can get meck him a sey suh.

Number two, if him have smady fi have sex wid, a who a guh deh deh fi talk sey him buss di vow.

Di next ting, him sey him friend dem a guh help him and stand by him through di rough period, a how dem a plan fi ‘help’ wi curious bout dat bad.

Well at least fi one no hit artiste him find a way fi get di cover a di Star wi haffi gi him credit fid at.

Maybe him shoulda share him secret with some more establish artistes cause dem have talent and still nutten nah gwaan fi dem.



If the deejay ting no work out, Kartel have another career in the
making as a porn star because mi ah hear say him have a full-length 60
minute movie wid a bag of woman, uptown, downtown girls, skets, go-gos
and bad man babymothers, you name it, the man have it pon film and ah
him ah the director.

Him film dem a tek sex inna dem mouth, a swallow and ah mek it spray all over dem face, the man have dem weak ah sort him out.

The man ah live a real celebrity life but him caan keep it to himself, and soon, the whole world ah go know, just gwaan check, it soon pop up.

Questions wi a ask

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Wha govt a plan fi duh wid criminal

Chuck Fenda sey gash dem and light dem, but wi sey hang dem and nuh wait pon nuh long appeal either.

When you can a shoot five year old, and a slash dem throat, den dem pass all humanity stage. Govt need fi send a strong message now man, wi tiad a it.

Questions wi a ask


What meck US Embassy a go hard suh?

Bwoy it come een like US embassy to partial when it come to denying visa.

Look pon di likka pickney dem from Spanish Town whey did waan go a track meet a Miami, dem just tun dem dung suh.

No iya dem a guh real hard fi true.

Questions wi a ask

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Who tief Mr Lexx gold chain?

But trouble nuh set like rain eeh.

Look how Mr Lexx beat di rape charge whey did a hang ova him head and now him inna barber shop a foreign and gunman rob him a him US$4500 chain.

But a dem deh expensive jewelery him a walk round wid pon him neck.

Obviously him nah watch TV and si di whole heap a cash for gold ad dem whey a teck ova di place.

Still a almshouse ting dat, but people, unno teck sleep mark death, nobadda profile wid tuh much a unno gold cause next ting dem ole tief get ideas inna dem head.

Questions wi a ask

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Wicked, wicked wicked

A how come di gunman dem shoot di two schoolers dem suh and di church deacon.

Dem kill di five year old pickney, and now di father and teenaged daughter a battle fi life dung a MoBay. A how dem wicked suh?

Poor Flippa


Bwoy di only flossing Flippa Mafia a do these days is in whey ever dem have him inna lock up..

Poor soul, a wonda a who a live inna di big house whey him did a sing bout inna him song? If only him did remain patient and nuh badda try fi enter di US illegally. Everyting would happen in its time, cause him wife did done a file fi him.

But come to think about it a how come so much a wi dancehall DJ dem a get lock away, Buju, Flippa, Ninja…a hope no more cause before you know it, we won’t have any big name pon di stage show dem.

Deejay Mr Lexx is jubilant that his sexual assault case in a New York court has been dismissed, however he will still be required to do three days of community service.

In October last year, the deejay was picked up at a hotel in Queens, NY, after a woman reported that he had forced himself on her.

He was arrested and his travel documents seized, forcing him to remain in the United States while on bail.

At the time of his arrest, his manager, Earlton Clarke had boldly declared that his artiste was innocent and it would be proven.

The arrest came at a point in his career when Mr Lexx was resurfacing and poised to make another breakthrough with two hot singles.

After nearly six months off the dancehall scene, Mr Lexx will have to work double time to get his career on a level.

Nuffy a a go wed

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Suh Nuffy a leave di single life behind and a tie di knot?

Yes star, wi a read it inna one a dem paper sey him done wid dat dey kinda life. Him a guh tie di knot wid him girlfriend of 11 years.

Di ongle ting wi a wonder is why a man haffi live wid a woman so long before him realize sey him can married to har?

From what we read no date no set yet, but him a plan big engagement party fi har on Saturday, May 29.

In a comment to the paper Nuffy said about his girlfriend "Melecia is real to me, she keeps me clean, she does all the things a man wants a woman to do. She massage my body; she cook my food; she burst bump inna mi face; yow, she bathe me!"

Well wi hope him doing all dese tings to har too and more – best wishes to them from Yardflex.

Fowl free as a bird; Lena spreading her wings

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Who could ever have believed that Fowl would be back in the place and he and Lena British are not together.

While Fowl was away, Lena was waiting ... and waiting ... and waiting. As a matter of fact, we are sure that Ce’cile sang the I’m Waiting song just for Lena.

Then when Fowl made his appearance, Lena took a vacation away from the island. Can’t really say whay that was so, but all we know is that the man himself has been seen at almost every session, always with a buxom browning.

And, we know that Lena friends must have told her, because when Lena returned the other day and step inna di session, she have everybody weak.

That little lace black dress was the ultimate statement and it showed off her gym body to perfection. Well, Lena British was always the fashionista and now she’s opening her own boutique, right upstairs her salon in Central Plaza. We know Lena’s going to get a lot of customers and we wish her all the best.

Maybe she and Spice and D’Angel can have a special link-up, as they are all boutique owners involved in entertainment.

Trini police failed to keep out Ryno


The Express newspaper in Trinidad says that the police in that soca-loving island have attempted to block Jamaican deejay Blak Ryno, -- also known as Ryno Di Stinga – from entering the country, but their plan failed.

Ryno performed at a concert there on Saturday, and reports are that the event was well attended and went very well.

Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Gilbert Reyes said he had written a letter to National Security Minister Martin Joseph, requesting that Ryno, whose real name is Romaine Anderson, be debarred from entering the country.

The artiste “managed to slip into the country even though the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service had been put on alert to prevent his entry,” Reyes said.

“Apparently by the time the letter reached the Minister, it was too late because he (Anderson) had already arrived in the country and was given clearance (by Immigration officials) to enter,” Reyes is quoted by the newspaper assaying.

Reyes says he is moving to block from entering the island, any regional or international artiste whose music contributes and appears to influence gang-related activity and behaviour.

“We are already trying to deal with that (gang-related activities) and we cannot afford any longer for these artistes to come here with their music, which influences and ignites gang behaviour, which leads to serious crimes being committed.”

And, while he did not name any of Blak Ryno’s songs, the Trinidad cop declared that Ryno’s “music has gang lyrical content and we do not want that here.

Anyone who has that type of lyrical content in their music, we are going to write to the government and ask that they be blocked from entering the country,” Reyes added.

Stop call down gun shot pon Ryno


Why people so idle? The whole day Saturday we phone nuh stop ring off with news say Blak Ryno get shot inna Trinidad.

We hear how him and some Trini youth go inna a certain area and nex man try rob dem and end up shoot Ryno.

Fom what we hear, the promoter did haffi deh pon radio a tell people say nutten don’t go so and that Ryno would be performing at the show Saturday night.

Well, the show gwaan good and Ryno should be back in the island by now, safe and sound.

Ryno, just try build some good tune and focus pon you career, cause that is the only thing that can help you to move forward in life right now.

D’Angel gets straight up with Versatile


Question: What is going on between D’Angel and Versatile?

We hear people a say how the two a dem sound good together pon did song and dem a say how the song too straight up wid man and woman business.

But it’s music still and dem really have a nice chemistry on stage, but with a song that name Me Need You, what you expect? We all see dem inna picture and it look like the real ting.

And Versatile a talk up di tings dem bout how Angel a di best person fi do the song. But people a wonder a how Versatile sound like Beenie Man so? And him slim just like Beenie.

A wonder if him can perform just like Beenie?

Mr Vegas, di Star story, poison and bare ray ray


What can we say? Dis ya one yah too much.

A bare ray ray inna di music business as Mr Vegas and him former manager start a war of words.

(Oh, by the way, when we say former manager, is not Chin we talking bout, is the one who tek over after Chin.) And we all know say once we call certain name is bare mix up and blenda.

Dat deh one have the mix up title inna real world and Mr Vegas have the mix up title inna the virtual world.

As we get it, last week, Star run a story how Vegas a go start website fi man who get rape. Now, if you really examine it, that don’t sound too right. But as it turn out a neva so Vegas say.

Of course, Vegas go pon Twitter and blast Star out of the heavens straight to hell.

Star did haffi run big apology bout it, but Mr V neva satisfied. Him go dung a Star and meet wid di editor and say di Star reporter fi get fired.

And then, Mr Vegas go pon radio and say how him former manager is the poison inna di biz. What can we say to that? Raaaayyyyyyy!!!! Anyway, di ray ray and the drama don’t stop there. Cause we know say di former manager must haffi respond inna some way some how.

And as to Mr Vegas, look for him on Twitter every morning as him rise says his prayer of thanksgiving to the Father, spends the day cursing out the haters the poison in the biz and then says his prayers at teh end of the day, after which he signs out and goes to bed.


Jah Cure for court Monday


Jah Cure found himself on the wrong side of the law again as he was arrested by cops in St Andrew North Police Division for smoking a ganja spliff.

The singer was granted $5,000 station bail and is scheduled to appear in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court on Monday.

But seriously, what is one little ganja spliff, from our side it’s a total waste of time.

How Poor and Boasy a do

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Yeah man, Poor and Boasy teck di Magnum King crown and get a million dollar, but people a wonder if some big tings a gwaan fi him.

Cause between him trial whey pop up shortly after and spending $180,000 pon di wedding ring dem fi him 19-year-old university student wife, him must really a gwaan well.

Well wi nuh really si him pon nuh whole heap a show, but di yute have talent so wi a look out.

Questions wi a ask

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Whey dem plan fi duh wid Buju

Yuh know sey by the time Buju new trial date come bout on June 21, him woulda already spend six months inna lock up?

A wha really a gwaan doan star, it look like dem have a big plan fi di gargamel.

It come een like dem waan frustrate di hell outa him and all dese things. Well him did done sing sey is not an easy road and now we a si fi real.

A wha a gwaan wid Ray Alexander and di artiste?


Bwoy wi listen one recording pon IRIE FM whey Vegas give it to Ray Alexander big time wid some dangerous allegations.

But whey wi a wonder is how di reporter coulda put herself and har station at risk by allowing the sentiments dem fi air.

A straight defamation wi a look pon dey suh.

What Claro doesn't say


By Rootzgirl

Digicel, Claro, LIME have all been bragging about their various benefits and for the most part there is nothing wrong with that. Customers should have the chance to to hear all the wonderful things as they enjoy the fierce phone servers competitiveness.

Being the owner of a LIME and a Digicel the thought of walkign around with three phones had little appeal in spite of all the adverts going around about the new phone company Claro...but they held my attention with the 'free call to two numbers - one local and one in foreign."

Now there I was thinking that I had a good alternative in international call with at least adding the number I call the most on the list.

I have since purchased a Claro phone with my husband being the only free number on it but must say I feel like I got 'stick up'.

Do you know that Claro's only gives you 21 days to use up the credit you bought? Unlike Digicel which has never given me a reminder on when to use up my credit or I would be unable to make calls (even if credit is still on my phone) Of course LIME does that too but they at least extend it to the month. Kudos to Digi, on this one.

Re the overseas free number, you have to maintain at least $200 on your Claro phone to make that free intl call.

Hmm, see why I bypass the free foreign number.

So all my phone peeps, just want to tell you that the next time you are making a choice, make sure you try to remember to "ask every little thing!"

More porn from Vybz Kartel?


Kartel’s youtube channel is all about him and a lot of it is about sex. Kartel uses the site to get back at people who made negative comments about his recently released pictures of a youthful browning performing oral sex on him.

“Some people see mi pon de Internet and nuh like the picture dem...some bwoy weh from dem born nuh gyal neva su-k dem d--k yet. But the gal weh dem a f—k a my d--k she a su-k, and mi friend dem also. So all the haters dem weh nuh like it star, you know wah fi do,” he states.

This is filmed in a bedroom, which seems to be the same one in which the sexually explicit photos of Kartel himself were shot and the scene where former Gaza Princess, Lisa Hype shot her infamous picture where she was engaged in oral sex.

“Look at this room, oonu recognize it,” Kartel, with braces on his teeth asks as the video camera roves around the room.
Also taking place in the same room is the music video for the track, Turn ‘N’ Whine, featuring Kartel and a scantily-dressed, constantly-gyrating video vixen.

Reports are that Kartel sent the following message via BlackBerry messenger last night: “Vybz Kartel has a porn movie coming out called Beg you a f--k. Go to (name of website) for a ‘R’ rated trailer.”
Recipients are directed to Kartel’s very own YouTube channel where one can see a teaser of the upcoming release.

Reports are that one scene in the porn movie clearly shows the Teacha having sex with two girls.

Opposition Senator released from hospital

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Opposition Senator K.D. Knight has been released from hospital after being involved in a motor vehicle accident in St. Elizabeth Sunday.

Mr. Knight was taken to the Black River Hospital for observation.

It is reported that Mr. Knight was returning to Kingston after attending a funeral when his car crashed into another vehicle.

"The vehicle was slightly damaged and he was taken to the hospital just to do some preliminary checks. I spoke to K.D. and he said that everything was ok it was just a minor accident," Mr. Pickersgill said.

Dancehall’s bad boy, and CEO of the Alliance, Bounty Killer, stepped out of jail last Friday and onto hallowed ground Sunday, as he worshipped in church beside mom, Miss Ivy.

Exchanging his legendary “cross, angry miserable” demeanor for “charming, angelic, mannersable”, Rodney Price held his Bible in his hand and participated enthusiastically in praise and worship.

While many of the worshippers at the Agape Christian Tabernacle Church stared at him in awe, Rodney maintained his composure during the service and listened attentively to the evangelists as they encouraged the congregation in committing to the ways of the Lord.

Towards the end of the service, the church leaders held a special prayer and consecration for Rodney right at the altar.

At the end of the service, church-goers and residents of the Gregory Park community crowded the dancehall deejay, some hugging him, others asking for autographs and some young boys just wanting to get their pictures taken with the Warlord.

Controversial deejay Bounty Killer, who has had more than his fair share of court-related woes, in addition to having his US visas revoked recently, was this morning granted bail in the sum of $200,000.00.

The deejay who had been arrested on assault charges, spent close to two weeks in police lock-up as he awaited hearing on the mater.

Bounty had twice been denied bail, even though the complainant, his girlfriend of three years, Kadeem Baker, had told the court that she wanted to drop the charges against her lover.

Meanwhile, in a somewhat ironic twist of event, Baker was charged with creating public mischief and could very well spend the weekend behind bars, perhaps even in the same cell just made vacant by her lover.

What is a perfect relationship?


By Buffilous

Trust me, bwoy the way how tings a run right now, mi have to say that I have started doing some real deep thinking. Yeah man, these days mi stay inna mi space and a hold a meds as a ponder certain things about life and one a dem is “what really is a perfect relationship?”

Thinking about it, a wondering if such a thing exist on earth, are we as women setting ourselves – and men up for what can never happen?

Even the Bible tells you that there is only one perfect person and that is Jesus Christ, so how can we expect mere mortals to live up to this kind of strain?

Don’t ask me what has gotten me on this trend of thought, but if I dig deep enough I suppose I would have to take into consideration some of the failed relationships and the fact that they have been used as a marker for future ones.

We expect our men to treat us like real queens, but be honest do we treat them like kings? Do we just want to lap up their tender treatment as our due but don’t think it is just as important to shower them with the same kind of favour?

Oftentimes we say they disrespect us…and maybe they do. But we need to consider just what ‘disrespect’ is in the first place, it could be because we want to have our own way and he doesn’t oblige then we feel dissed.

No, I am not picking up for the men, I am just seeking something as close to perfection as possible.

With that quest, I have come to the conclusion that the only thing we can do is try for a good compromise, where we meet each other half way and try to achieve that “near perfection” if it is possible.

Is there such a thing as a ‘perfect relationship’?

No, don’t think so, but there is such as a thing as working hard to keep the love, respect and caring going in it.

Check this out.

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...if you are used to throwing away your receipts stop! You never know what evidence you are getting rid of. If you thought you had a bad deal in a purchased item, read this story and start making tabs now.

CAC secures millions for disgruntled consumers

The Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) has secured $22.6 million in refunds and compensation for aggrieved persons between April 2009 and last month.

The CAC handled 2,138 complaints during the period.

They concerned the purchase of various goods and services.

Eighty-six percent or 1,834 of the cases were resolved.

During the 12 months just under 50,000 persons were impacted by the Commission's consumer education programme, and the agency conducted surveys to provide updated information on market prices.

The 79 surveys involved grocery, petrol, hardware, textbook and bank charges.

40 pairs of Clarks, Dawdie?


We haffi ask Kartel — a how you a move so Pardie?

Forty pairs of Clarks … all when him wear one a day fi a month, him still have some leave over that him don’t wear.

But still, we like what him say bout opening a store and all these things.

Nuff Clarks shoes a go sell inna Kartel store and the Clarks tune a go beat inna the customer them head. Just mek the best use of the Clarks season and gwan eat a food.


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Sunday April 11; Kingston, Jamaica: After seeing hundreds of hopefuls during two open auditions in Montego Bay and Kingston over a week ago, Digicel Rising Stars’ producers have chosen the top six candidates in the race to become the new host of the popular television show.

The chosen six are: Kemesha Bolton, Cameka McRae, Deidre James, Julie Malcolm, Terri-Karelle Reid and Lady Rennae.

Kemesha Bolton
The first Digicel Rising Stars’ host hopeful to face an audience will be Kemesha Bolton as she’ll be holding things down at the Clarendon audition in May Pen on Saturday April 11. Kemesha who is from Kingston is a student at Mico University College where she is completing a bachelor’s degree in Primary Education.

Kemesha says she’s excited about facing the Clarendon audience and she’s looking forward to having a great time in May Pen: “I’m definitely looking forward to it, I love television, I love hosting and performing.”

Kemesha says she’s nervous about facing the crowd on Saturday but she has been practicing: “I’m very nervous about the audition but I plan to do my best. I’ve been in front of the mirror everyday practicing, trying to think about the things I love about the show and how I can make them better.”

Cameka McRae
The next day the Digicel Rising Stars auditions will be in the sunshine city where Cameka McRae will get her chance to shine. Cameka says she’s happy to have been selected: “I’m excited, I just can’t wait to show Jamaica my bubbly personality and that I’m capable of being the next host”.

Cameka who is from Portmore says she doesn’t think that hosting a show in her home town will give her an edge: “I don’t think it will, I don’t think it’s easier either and I would be comfortable hosting in any of the five locations.”

Cameka who is a television producer by profession has a communications degree from Northern Caribbean University.

She is quick to point out that she’s a church girl with spunk who is not afraid to speak her mind: “What you see is what you get. I’m very real. I don't think I'm better than a soul. I like to think I speak my mind most of the time. I’m very creative and I have a wild imagination and I'm not afraid of new things.”

Deidra James
The Digicel Rising Stars team is on the north coast with week two of auditions in Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. The Montego Bay auditions is on Saturday April 17 at the Wexford Hotel and Deidra James will be performing hosting duties. Despite growing up in Kingston, Deidre is no stranger to the north coast as she was born in St.Ann.

Deidre is probably best known for working as a presenter on Fame FM. She says she hopes that experience will help her in the drive to be the next Digicel Rising Stars host: “I've always had an affinity for entertainment, hence my natural drive for the industry… I do have some experience in TV & broadcasting, so that may work to my advantage, hopefully.”

Deidre says she plans to bring lots of fun and excitement to the audition: “I really just want to be myself. I truly enjoy making people happy and making them laugh, even at my own expense, in fact, MOSTLY at my own expense.”

Julie Malcolm
On Sunday April 18 at the Hibiscus Lodge in Ocho Rios, Julie Malcolm will be putting her best hosting skills on the line trying to win over Jamaicans.

Julie who is from Clarendon says she went crazy with excitement when she was told she made it to the top six: “I felt like screaming and rolling on the floor and I actually did. Seriously though, I felt humbled that out of so many qualified applicants; even television presenters that I admire, the judges chose!...I still have goose pimples.”

Julie says she hopes the experience she’s garnered from teaching for over a decade and entering several competitions helps her shine on the Digicel Rising Stars stage. She’s also banking heavily on her personality to help win over voters: “My warm and bubbly personality enables me to connect with people from varying cultures.”

Terri-Karelle Reid
The final host hopefuls Terri-Karelle Reid and Lady Rennae will take the mic when the Digicel Rising Stars auditions come to Kingston for back to back shows at the Girl Guides Headquarters on April 24 and 25.

Former Miss Jamaica World Terri-Karelle Reid will take control of the Saturday audition and she says she’s looking forward to a big day: “Day one of the Kingston Auditions usually has one of the highest volumes of hopefuls. I plan on being myself: spunky, bubbly, down-to earth.

I think it is very important to have fun with it but also relate to the participants and create a relaxing vibe and a comfortable environment for them so that they can put their best foot forward when facing the judges (which can be very intimidating).”
Terri-Karelle says her reign as Miss Jamaica World in 2005 has given her a platform to showcase her personality and be a public servant which has prepared her for several challenges including this one.

Lady Rennae
Digicel Rising Stars wraps up Season 7 audition shows with day 2 of the Kingston auditions hosted by Lady Rennae and she can’t wait to see what Kingston has to offer.

Lady Rennae says she thinks she has a good chance of being the next Digicel Rising Stars’ host: “I'm a person who loves music and am a great supporter of Jamaican talent...with all the chaos and excitement that will be taking place in the competition, the auditioners really need someone they can feel comfortable around and the voters want someone real and relatable.”

Lady Rennae points out that she’s been in the media industry since her early teens and now, as a stable presenter on Fame FM and RETV, she says she’s quite comfortable behind the microphone.

Despite coming pretty close the last time Digicel Rising Stars was looking for a new host, she points out that this time things will be different: “Bwoy last time I was so in awe of it all, but this time I'm going to show the Digicel Rising Stars audience and the producers of the show more of Lady Rennae, more of my charisma, versatility, charm, raw talent - and most importantly the professionalism required for a show of this calibre.”

Jamaica will get a chance to see Kemesha Bolton, Cameka McRae, Deidre James, Julie Malcolm, Terri-Karelle Reid and Lady Rennae host Digicel Rising Stars’ auditions when they air on TVJ starting on Sunday June 13. Rising Stars’ fans will then be able to vote and choose who they want to be the new series host.

Will Buju’s June 21 drug trial be delayed again?


It’s been four months since reggae singer Buju Banton has been behind bars in Florida awaiting trial on drugs related charges and, for the second time, the trial date has been postponed.

The trial had been scheduled to start April 19, after Banton requested that date. Without explanation, and much to the distress of lawyer David Oscar Markus, who represents Banton, U.S. District Judge James Moody changed it to June 21.

"We really want to go to trial and were ready to go on April 19," Marcus is reported as saying.

Markus filed a motion asking the judge to reconsider the change.

"We have been working very hard to be ready for this date," he wrote. "We have potential witnesses flying in from Jamaica who have made their plans. We have made our flight and hotel plans. We have lawyers on the team flying in from Houston and Washington, DC, who have also made their flight and hotel plan.

"Perhaps most importantly, Mr. Myrie is in custody and wants to go to trial as
soon as possible."

Buju's legions of fans are disappointed with this new date and hope that come June 20, the judge will not issue a new date yet again.

KINGSTON (JIS) — The Ministry of Justice has sought to clarify the the suspension of Senator KD Knight on March 26, 2010 for two sittings of the Senate.

According to a statement from the ministry, the discussion which has taken place has focused primarily on Senator Knight's offensive references to Senator Dorothy Lightbourne, Minister of Justice and Attorney General and discussion as to whether he should be given an opportunity to be heard in regard to his use of offensive language to Senator Lightbourne.

The fact of the matter as recorded in Hansard, is that Senator Knight was directed by the President of the Senate to withdraw the offensive statement, which he refused to do, and instead picked up his papers and walked out of the Senate.

This was the more compelling reason for the disciplinary action taken against Senator Knight.

No amount of opportunity given to Senator Knight to respond could avail him in justifying his gross disrespect to the President of the Senate.

Kadeem want tek Killer fi gal clown or what?


After Bounty Killer girl Kadeem .. yeah, the same tall browning who dem call Hennessey and who related to a next entertainer ... yeah, after she mek police lock up Killer, she now a say she sorry cause she never mean it.

But how the story so conflicting?

One minute Killer a beat her up cause she tell him say the relationship done, then now that Killer inna jail and cyan get bail, Kadeem a talk up a next set a tings how she and Bounty want to get on wid them life – TOGETHER. A what really a gwaan. She saya di first time that Killer ever lick her (wink, wink) and everybody know how fi Bounty hand nimble and don’t join church.

So a really love him love her so? But everybody know say him did love and still love Angel and that neva stop him from kill har wid lick.

But, back to this model girl name Kadeem. It come in like say she waan tek Killer fi gal clown. But like Killer say, Kadeem know what you a do.

Jah Cure sings the visa blues


The recent cancellation of the US visas of several prominent Jamaican performers, has inspired international reggae star and SoBe/Danger Zone recording artiste Jah Cure to pen the visa blues and record the track Save Yourself.

It was 12:05 am on April 1, 2010, so Jah Cure naturally assumed the Internet news he was reading about the United States cancelling the visas of several top Jamaican dancehall artistes was an April Fools' Day joke.

He said: "I couldn't believe that the Jamaican government or the US government would violate the privacy rights of citizens and publish their legal names, their birth dates, their actual Jamaican passport numbers and their US Visa Control numbers, I did not believe it."

Sadly, by mid-day on April 1st, the news was official -- the US Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica had cancelled the visas.

While sitting in his living room, Jah Cure said he began to hear the words of his idol Bob Marley singing: "Get Up, Stand Up, Stand Up for Your rights." Cure immediately felt inspired and compelled to go on record, so he headed straight to the studio and recorded Save Yourself as his message to Jamaica and all Caribbean nations.

In the opening lines of the song, Cure exclaims: "You can't change my pride, you can't take my power.

" Jah Cure urges his Jamaican and Caribbean brethren to save themselves, to save their countries, to save their economies, to save their families, and to save their children.

A line of the song is telling: "We must 'Save Ourselves' ... we must save ourselves from Babylon."

Cure believes that Save Yourself is an appropriate song for the circumstance as he says: "We cannot depend on Big Brother to help us, we must depend on each other and ourselves.

Jah Cure said he is releasing the record via the Internet hoping it will challenge his Jamaican brethren to stand up for their rights as he chants at the end of the song: "We have come too far to turn back now, we cannot let them take our freedom or our pride. They can never hold us down."

Save Yourself will be released online today

With the recent cancellation of the visas of top deejays Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Mavado and Aidonia – and remember that Sizzla, Kartel, Busy, and Jah Cure do not have US visas – it has been felt that those artistes who are still eligible to fly will be eating a lot of food.

Artistes like Lady Saw, Elephant Man, Assassin, Chino and Voice Mail would naturally be high on any promoter’s list as main acts on dancehall shows/festivals. But according to booking agencies, this is not so.

Bookings agents are reported as saying that the cancellation of visas of the top artistes has affected the entire music industry, making promoters a bit wary of booking even those acts who still have visas.

“The entire music industry has been tainted,” is the message from the booking agents.

Promoters are nervous, and this is justified as there is a strong possibility that they can book an act for a show next month, only to hear a few days before the show that the artiste’s visa has been revoked by the US embassy.

The fact that the embassy is giving no explanation as to why the artistes’ visas were revoked has set the entire industry on edge.

People are afraid to travel because they might turn up at the airport only to hear that their names are on ‘The List’.

“This is mashing up the industry, and we can’t allow that to happen. We just have to find other markets to explore.

Artistes like Busy Signal and Kartel have been eating good food despite their ban from entering the great America, so artistes haffi just rise and know that them can’t allow Merry Macka to keep them down,” one artiste manager said.

The female deejay still has her US visa

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The rumour mill has been spinning out of control with reports that a certain female deejay has been added to the list of artistes whose US visas have been revoked.

But, according to sources close to her – nutten don’t go so. The artiste recently went to Florida and returned without any problems.

“She fly out and come back good good and nobody neva harass her,” the source stated. Well, that’s a relief.

Bwoy, it come in like we cyan keep up with the artiste dem and how dem a dominate the headlines.

Imagine a man like Louie Culture inna wrangling and then him also pick up a gun shot; then it was the All Fool Day revelation say the US revoke some a dem visa and it look like that just set things in motion.

The next ting was that Mavado crash, then police lock up Bounty fi beat up him woman and a bag a tings. A Wednesday before Killer go back a court, and maybe the judge still don’t give him bail. Ninjaman inna jail fi one year now and him go a court this week and still don’t get bail. And then the Ras Junior Reid plead guilty to selling liquor without a licence.

We still don’t understand how the Ras ting and the liquor ting mix up and blend up, but all we can say is that it is the new world order.

It come in like say one week cyan pass without the artiste dem involved inna some court ting.

We a mek a appeal to all the artiste dem fi mek we start hear some positive tings inna di news. We a get tired a di mix up mix up.

That not putting reggae and dancehall music on top.

Jail time a waste time


What a way Bounty Killer gwaan have to spend another week in jail?

Even when the girl whey him lick sey she not interested in pressing charges gainst him, dem still remand him till di next court date.

Dats why wi always sey temper a nuh good someting, cause anyting yuh duh have consequences. Di ongle advice wi have fi Bounty is fi tell him sey, jail time a waste time, so him fi just pree di dollar sign and stop getting cross, miserable and angry.

Poor Ninjaman

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Boy it seems that Ninja Man will not be seeing the light of day any time soon. He was again remanded when he appeared in the Supreme Court yesterday. The DJ is set to return to court on April 23.

Ninjaman, whose real name is Desmond Ballentine, his son Janeil, Dennis Clayton and Seymour Samuels, have been jointly charged with the murder of Robert Johnson, who was shot and killed in Tower Hill, St Andrew last year.

Police alleged that the four were in a grey motorcar, which drove up to Johnson’s home at Marl Road and fired several shots hitting Johnson.

Ninjaman, who is being represented by attorney Norma Linton, appeared in court with his face bushy and his hair unkempt.
No application was made for bail by his attorney and the case is set to continue on April 23.

Junior Reid and him spirit license

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Bwoy Junior we glad yuh never stretch out di whole courtroom drama and just plead guilty and done sey yuh never authorize fi a sell nuh liquor.

nuh you a di first and yuh certainly nah go be di last whey caan wait pon di official ting fi sell the goodly liquor. $2000 a nuh nuten fi yuh pay, so wi know di serving time wouldn’t come into the deal.

Well di ongle question wi haffi ask is, why it teck so long fi get a license fi sell liquor? And if you do it illegally till permission come, a $2000 fine worth it, cause by dat dey time yuh done sell whole heap more dan data ready!

Daryl Vaz son enters not guilty plea

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The son od Daryl Vaz, Information Minister, who is on a drug possession charge appeared in the Corporate Area Criminal Court on Tuesday.

Adam Vaz, 18, pleaded not guilty to the charge as the court was told that the forensic report was still outstanding.

The young Mr. Vaz was arrested on March 26 in possession of ganja at the Tinson Pen Aerodrome in St. Catherine.

He was preparing to board a flight to Montego Bay, St. James when his luggage was searched and a small quantity of ganja found.

He was charged and later released on $10,000 station bail.

He is to return to court on May 19.

Bounty cross real bad


Bounty Killer who has been described as cross, miserable and angry most times is living up to that reputation it seems as he is now behind bars for beating his girlfriend.

The DJ will be going to court this Wednesday, April 7 to answer to charges of assault occasioning bodily harm. Bounty will then know his fate.

The DJ was recently in the news when his name appeared on the list of artistes whose visas will be revoked.

Where is Flippa Mafia?


The rumour mill has been churning since two weeks ago, spitting out various things about the Flossing King, Flippa Mafia.

First we heard that Flippa was in Jamaica lying low, waiting for his papers to come through. Then it was said that he had gone back up to the US safe and sound.And now, there is word that the deejay has been detained at the Miami Federal Detention Centre in Florida.

The rumour mill has it that Flippa was trying to get into the US through another route when he was held.

Right now, information is sketchy, but what we do know is that Flippa has not been answering his phone for nearly two weeks and has not been responding to emails and text messages.

Ricky Martin admits to being gay


Ricky Martin is no longer denying the rumours: He’s gay.

In a statement posted via Twitter in both Spanish and English, and later confirmed with his representative, Martin said: “I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am.”

For many, Monday’s announcement will come as no surprise; the Livin’ La Vida Loca singer’s sexuality has been speculated about for years. But the Puerto Rican star, who got his start as a child in the teen group Menudo, never directly addressed it and was usually seen at events with beautiful women on his arm.

Martin, 38, said he decided to reveal the truth after working on his memoirs helped him realise that he had to be free with himself, and not keep any more secrets.

“From the moment I wrote the first phrase I was sure the book was the tool that was going to help me free myself from things I was carrying within me for a long time.Things that were too heavy for me to keep inside,” he said. “Writing this account of my life, I got very close to my truth. And this is something worth celebrating.”

Martin said one of the reasons why he kept his homosexuality hidden was because he was told by some that it would hurt his career. While his US career peaked after the release of his 1999 self-titled English album, a multiplatinum success that included the hits Livin’ La Vida Loca and Shake Your Bon-Bon, he is still a hugely successful Latin artiste.

“Because all this advice came from people who I love dearly, I decided to move on with my life not sharing with the world my entire truth,” he said in his statement.“Allowing myself to be seduced by fear and insecurity became a self-fulfilling prophecy of sabotage. Today I take full responsibility for my decisions and my actions.”
Martin, who is the father of two boys born via surrogate in 2008, said he couldn’t continue to hide his sexuality now that he is a father: “Enough is enough. This has to change.”

Martin’s book is still a work in progress.

Questions wi a ask ?

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Kiki new job

Rising Star former Chill Room host Kiki said she had a better offer that’s why she left the show.

Now we wish her good luck on her new ventures but still people a ask if she a suh it guh or she just saving face? Don’t hate us we are just di voice of di people.

A who thief Flexx from TOK jewellery?


Dats di million dollar question but the artiste sey him want dem back and he will leave no stones unturned to reclaim them. According to Flexx this act took place while he was on his way to US Virgin Island to perform. After leaving his luggae to be tagged and put on the plane, he discovered when he reached his destination that the jewellery was missing. Well people him a chaw fire, so whoever teck it, bring it back.

Kartel: Deejay, gangsta, or porn star?


Check out this article that appeared in today’s Observer. It maad!! Just had to bring it to your attention. After reading it tell us which of the titles you would give Kartel, DJ, porn star, or gangsta!

Kartel: Deejay, gangsta, or porn star?

Deejay Vybz Kartel surely knows how to grab head lines (no pun intended.) He has positioned himself as the top deejay locally and last year released a slew of songs which ensured that he claimed the coveted DJ of the Year title for 2009.

Kartel, as the self-proclaimed President of the Gaza and the leader of the now crumbling Portmore Empire, has had his fair share of criticism as being a 'gangsta', just like many deejays of this era have been labelled. However, the name Gaza speaks for itself, as the Gaza Strip which borders Egypt and Israel is known for some of the fiercest gun battles between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

Kartel has been accused of (and has denied) beating wayward members of the Portmore Empire into submission and the recent shooting up and fire-bombing of deejay Blak Ryno's house sent tongues wagging. Blak Ryno subsequently released a song in which he said the he was not "him pickney" and therefore had no right to beat him.

In September 2008, Kartel was picked up by police and questioned in the death of Christopher 'Nunu Puss' Miller, whose bullet-riddled body was found in Bernard Lodge, St Catherine. Kartel's Norbrook house was also raided by the cops. However, he was released without charge and subsequently declared his innocence. He was reported as saying then, "A jus some people a try mek it look like Kartel a di evilest man inna di world."

Kartel, in true deejay style proclaimed that he would write a song about that particular tribulation. He has however done so many songs since then, that it's hard to recall whether or not he kept his promise. But the theme of his songs, however, have been constant -- guns and sex. Included in his repertoire is a popular song dedicated to the "girl dem inna di go-go club', in which he vividly describes oral sex, an act which is considered taboo within the dancehall.

Late last year, Lisa Hype, while still a Gaza Princess and the aspiring First Lady of the Gaza, was booted from the territory when pictures surfaced of her performing this illicit activity on a man whose face was hidden. A release said that "The members of the Empire have unanimously agreed to end our professional relationship especially in light of certain 'developments' that have come to our attention regarding her overall conduct, conduct that is not consistent with the decorum expected of a member of the Portmore Empire."

After that mouthful from Kartel, who wouldn't be shocked when pictures surfaced late last week of him being the recipient of the very act for which Lisa Hype was kicked out.

Kartel, to put it mildly, had the Internet -- Facebook, Twitter and even -- blowing up last week when two photos of himself and two female companions indulging in oral sex in separate incidents. Many asked the question online if Kartel had quit deejaying and had turned into a porn star.

And here's what Kartel had to say about the picture on his Twitter page: "Why should these photos cause such chaos when everyone an dem mumma kno that Vybz Kartel is the 2 Live Luke of dancehall. Haven't they been listening to my lyrics all these years?"

Interestingly, rapper 2 Live Luke's latest album, (2006) was a triple disc featuring glorious titles such as My Life & Freaky Times, The Best of Uncle Luke's Freak Shows, Foreplay aka the Introduction, Luke and Mike Tyson: Saved by P----, Beauty and the Bestiality and Golden Shower Weekend.

The Henny will flow on Fridayz at Burlington

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The already popular Hennessy Fridayz, which joined the exciting mix of weekly and bi-monthly events on February 19, will have another edition this Friday night at its 36 Burlington Avenue home.

This event, which initially was intended to be staged weekly, will now take place every other week. “One week on, the other week off,” is how the promoters described the event.

The organisers are emphasising, however, that patrons need to come out early to party and enjoy their drink of choice — Henny.

“Ladies will be free before 12 midnight, and our cut off time is promptly at 2:00 am,” the promoter explained. “The first few weeks, the vibe has been great, but the only problem is that by the time the crowd gets into the venue, its lock off time. So we have to stick by the letter of the law … come out early and we will all have a grand Henny time.”

This eagerly anticipated event, which is held at a location right across from Stone Love HQ where Weddy Weddy is held each Wednesday night, has gained momentum in a relatively short time and has been given support from a the dancehall fraternity.

Keeping the juggling intense on Friday will be Supa Hype, Foota Hype and ZJ Liquid as special’s guest.
And, as a special give-away, the promoters say “buy a Hennessy and get a Canei free for the ladies”.

Wet Sundaze Reaches for Greatness!

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It’s been one year since Wet Sundaze debuted on the social calendar, creating quite a stir among partygoers as one of the most hyped and popular weekly events.

The brainchild of promoter Darren Virtue, Wet Sundaze will, this Sunday, March 28, 2010, be a celebration of the one-year anniversary and will see patrons partying with a new bottle in their hands: Guinness.

The launch of Guinness as the premium sponsor of Wet Sundaze is not to be missed as patrons will embody the Guinness lifestyle: ladies making bold choices, and the men on top of the world, and not afraid to show it.

As a dynamic and diverse brand, Guinness is armed and ready to bring Wet Sundaze to the next level, by introducing some new elements, like live music once per month.

Gary Dixon, Brand Manager for Guinness, is confident that with this changing of the guard, Wet Sundaze and Guinness are on a journey to GREATNESS.

“As one of the biggest and most-hyped weekly parties, we couldn’t have asked for a better collaboration. Guinness is a strong brand, and we needed a party that could handle that and match it,” said Dixon. “Guinness is, of course perfect for any occasion with greatness in every drop.”

Guinness Sundaze is set to drive the energy, passion and grass roots sensibilities that embody the Guinness brand. It keeps its usual venue, at AutoVision on 8 Hillview Ave, and this Sunday, March 28, gates will open at 10pm. cates, Stakeholders, friends.

Vybz Kartel nuh easy


Bwoy wi nah tell nuh lie how come photos wid girls a gi Vybz Kartel blow job nuh stop circulate pon di internet?

Di last time Lisa Hyper picture show she a go dung pon him now here comes a next one wid another girl a gi him a job. But how come him look suh bored like nutten nah reach him?

And di nex ting a suh every time dem a alone a gi him job, him nuh do it back to dem?

Wha happen nuh photo nuh out deh wid him a dweet? Jah know star a time fi woman meck him use him han and jerk off an nuh gi him nutten cause him a high risk fi pleasure, cause even di simple act a sex might just end up pon di internet tuh.

To all odda entertainers

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Dem sey you must teck sleep mark death and a dat wi want to tell unno dat who nuh clear up dem tax ting betta duh suh now.

Wi understand sey whey dem a guh duh from now on is leave names of not just entertainers,but business people and anybody else who owe tax a di airports and at the embassies sey dem barred from leaving the country. Caan sey mi nuh warn dem.

Di Ras dem must stop beat woman


So di fada so di son, him fada was a ooman beater/A same so him come.

Is this woman beating thing genetic or what? All we know is that it don’t look good. And to think that both the father and the son a big big Ras.

But we love how the lickle sistren fight back and neva gwaan like she a no weakling. A strength we say, straight. But how him fi beat her ... beat her?

Sometimes you must just kibba yuh mouth...


Whoever says honesty is the best policy should see the results for those who practice it. Yeah man Kiki thought she was doing a good thing when she came out and confessed that she was a drug mule and did all documentary on it.She said she wanted to be an example to young people that that is not the way to go. But seet deh now, she will not be in the chill room when the next season of Rising Star returns.

And nuh tell wi sey a true she a guh have baby. Woman flexible nowadays, dem bounce back and look good afta dem give birth.l No sah a just true she go let go dat dem drama whey did guh dung inna har life.

But come to think of it, a pure new faces a go deh pon Rising Stars, Yendi nah come back either so is a new host too. Meck wi si how it pan out nuh.


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A which artiste gun butt him bredda?

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Unno done know sey Yardflex deh pon top a di game when it come to hearing di latest scoop out deh.But sometimes we just haffi ask question cause wi caan too talk up di tings dem suh, who know, know and if when unno read and waa check out di ansa den a suh it guh.

Di big question wi a ask is which artiste gun butt him bredda and put on some decent lick pon top a it tuh. Jah know star yuh must can find di cure f idem type a behavior deh.

Selector Ricky Trooper had a bad case of ‘Vybz Rum Moment’ in Atlanta over the weekend and it seemed as if all the seven devils of hell were unleashed.

Trooper stood up, rum glass and gun in hand — yes, a Glock if you please — and gave a drunken, expletive filled recitation that was shocking, disturbing and totally uncalled for. And what made it even more pathetic was his continuous demand for the video director to “Mek sure say oonu put this up pon youtube.”

First of all, Ricky Trooper is no youngster in the business; he’s been there and done that, and for Trooper to behave in this manner is pathetic. He is clearly angry at Chin (from Irish and Chin) for not putting him on the World Clash and figures that the best way to get back at Chin is to call him battyman.

(Trooper, that is so gutter. You were beaten good and proper at the Guinness Sounds of Greatness Clash, so just take you beating and try build back your sound. The fact is that you do not qualify to be a part of the World Clash. That is strictly big man thing, and your behavior shows that you are anything but. Chin would be out of his mind to even think of putting you on the World Clash.)

At his age, Ricky Trooper should be trying to set an example for younger selectors and for his children “who a no jacket cause a him f--- and get dem”.

Why is he calling up Bounty’s name? If Trooper wants to pledge allegiance to Kartel’s crumbling empire, nobody is stopping him.
Ricky Trooper, sober up and accept the fact that you are no the number one selector. Not now … not ever.

If you taking the blame

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By Buffilous

Unno si how long mi a cool and nah chat nobady business? Well fi tell di truth mi kinda did a kip myself to myself cause whether yuh believe it or not after a while people problem just meck yuh get depressed. No matter how yuh did deh inna yuh good mood some a yuh friend come to yuh wid dem story and by di time dem done talk yuh depress nuh backside.

Dats why mi try fi kip outa di mix up more time, but nuh matta how mi try sometime mix up find mi! Like dis sistren a mine whey mi got she and fi har man a have major troubles. She deh wid him from wappy kill Phil and mi tink sey dem have dem tink sort out proper by dis, ongle fi mi find out sey har man nuh have no regard fi har madda and she nuh teck tea wid dat deh kinda behaviour at all.

Imagine har madda a get married and him a lick out gainst har going to the wedding.

Yuh nuh get nuh lower dan dat at all. But mi sey she fi go cause a one madda she got. Den pon top a all dat him nuh stop accuse har sey she a guh a har madda country fi go have sex all over di place.

Him nah sleep wid har again cause him claim sey she start aready and all dese things.

Now mi friend hopping mad cause she sey since as she a get di blame dis as cheap she play di game and gi him a whole heap a bun fi di Easter season.

Still mi tell har sey she fi just hol it in and nuh badda go sleep wid nobaddy just fi spite him.

Police lock off Weddy


Di people dem a wonda how di police dem so bias and unfair. Dem just go in and lock off Weddy Weddy di odda night. A di wus ting bout it a did Wee Pow birthday and all dat, dem couldn’t even sey alright, happy birthday, we a ease yuh up tonight. Di nex ting dem waa fi know is how come a certain place dance can kip til mawning, not to mention stage show can go on until sun a pelt people skin and dem nuh touch it.

Donkey sey di world nuh level and it look like a true.

A whey a Peter Phillips sin

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Bwoy from Desmond McKenzie meck di statement a one function whey him did a speak sey Peter Philips fi easy himself cause he is not without sin, everybody a wonder a which sin him have a hide. Yeah man wi all know dat politicians a nuh saint, but wi caan wait f idem buss out dem one anodda secret. Talki up di tings man di country waan fi know.


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March 19, 2009 Kingston Jamaica:-The recent discovery of a fake Jah Cure Facebook page has forced Jah Cure’s management to take a zero tolerance in protecting Jah Cure’s intellectual property. The page which was connected to the email ‘’, since been taken down by Facebook,sought to lure unsuspecting fans and promoters with promises of dubs and information on the artiste. The page also offered booking services for the artiste.

This fraud was brought to the attention of Danger Zone Music Group (DZMG) by an unsuspecting promoter from Belize who paid for dubs through this page and when the dubs weren’t furnished approached DZMG querying the transaction.It was at this moment that the promoter realized that he had been scammed.

CEO of the Danger Zone Music Group Delmar ‘Della Danger’ Drummond while upset about the situation believes promoters need to be extra care

ful when dealing with international transactions with artistes, he stated:“Only DZMG, SoBe Entertainment and Caribbean Entertainment are authorized to handle Jah Cure's bookings.I would like to extend my sincerest apologies to whoever has fallen victim to this scam but we have to be ever vigilant as with the advances in modern technology many nefarious characters are using the web to rob innocent unsuspecting persons”.

DZMG has acted with urgency in seeking to curtail the proliferation of fake Jah Cure pages on social networking sites like Facebook. The company will also cooperate with legal authorities in anyway possible to ensure that the intellectual property of Jah Cure is not violated.

DZMG wishes to advise those interested in legally procuring Jah Cure material to contact them at

True Confession


The road not travelled…

We all have to do what we have to do to survive and I am no different. I figured a long time ago that I wasn’t cut out for the books and I was damned if I was going to be left behind. From high school days I had a problem dealing with maths and those things. I knew I wasn’t gonna make the cut to graduate and all those wonderful things so in fourth form I befriended my form teacher who luckily was a man and in all honesty he tried to coach me in my books, but it became clear to him also that I was a hopeless case. I sensed he was about to throw in the towel and that’s when the brilliant idea came to seduce him…and that I needed no special lessons for!

From then he was putty in my hands. He marked up my grades, somehow managed to make me look good in school. But questions were asked when I left high school without one single subject against the fact that he always had glowing reports about me. But that wasn’t my problem, he had served his purpose.

After high school I made sure I socialized with the right kind of men and soon I was placed into a very good job…yes with no subject and not too bright upstairs either. But I had the wickedest slam and it was serving its own purpose.

Sleeping with the boss ensured I kept moving up…but then his wife got suspicious and started making a nuisance of herself.

I realized I could use that scenario to my advantage and so I told him to allow me to run one of the branches in the country and that way he could tell her there was nothing between us so he was transferring me, that she could feel more secure. I made a show of course of protesting and acting as if he was being paranoid and I didn’t want to leave!

She bought it hook line and sinker and from then on we set up our own little love nest when time allowed. It’s been almost 10 years now and I am still not married and that branch shut down due to the economy.

I now have to be living off him because I have no qualification to apply for anything with substance. Now I would give anything to have done things differently. I only share this story to let you know that your body can only take you so far in life…so don’t make my mistakes.

Vybz Kartel studio closed


Yeah man afta all a did passa passa whey gwaan a did studio di people dem inna did area nuh stop complain till di KSAC people dem come lock it down.

Wi dun know sey from yuh have yuh money yuh can go to any studio go record, but tink bout di convenience and dem ting deh whey dem did have a di facility.

A hope wherever dem go dis time dem memba fi have good behaviour and nuh carry di bad vibes wid dem again.

Ky-Mani Marley, one of the sons of reggae legend, Bob Marley, has written a new book claiming he was deprived of his father's fortune for years unlike his half-brothers and half-sisters, sparking a row that could trigger legal action, a report carried by AFP says.

Ky-Mani Marley's Dear Dad hit booksellers' stands February 6, when the late reggae icon would have turned 65.

It has quickly become a major headache for this 34-year-old son of Marley.

Ky-Mani, aware of the family squabbling it could unleash, tried to delay its release, and to tweak the content. but he failed.

Now, there is a dispute between Ky-Mani Marley and his editor Farrah Gray, a young businessman of 24, over the truth of content of the book. Their clash could end up in court, both told media in the United States and Jamaica in recent days.

"The book was not an attack on my family. I love my brothers and sisters more than anyone can know," Ky-Mani Marley, a Jamaican actor and musician who is the son of Bob Marley and table tennis champ Anita Belnavis, said in a statement on his MySpace page.

The book says on its cover that it contains the "story the Marley family apparently didn't want you to know".

Among other themes, the book claims its author was kept from accessing his fathers' fortune by Marley's widow Rita. It also claims Rita Marley tried to keep the money for her children with Marley while denying financial support to his children with six other women.

"I did not expect that Dr Gray would have unprofessionally and maliciously twisted my words or use things that were discussed in confidence to create controversy in an attempt to sell a book," Ky-Mani Marley added.

"During the final edit of the book, I spoke with my sister, Cedella, and I advised Dr Farrah Gray that some changes had to be made and until the changes were made, I was not willing to do any promotion for the book," the author added.

But the editor was unmoved by what he said was the younger Marley's backtracking.

"His denials have thrown me and the publishing company under the bus. I didn't write his book, I published it. This is his story; these are his words and now I have to prove it," Gray argued.

Popcaan alive and poppin’


Portmore Empire deejay Popcaan wants the world to know that he is alive and poppin. This following rumours over the weekend that he had been shot and killed.

"From Saturday, it ah get stink say mi get shot and mi ah wonder who is trying to perpetrate this rumour but I just want the fans to know that I am alive and kicking. I am not dead," he is reported as saying.

Popcaan is widely regarded as the artiste most likely to carry the banner for the next generation of young artistes emerging out of the Vybz Kartel-led Gaza camp.

Boisterous and fun-loving, Papi, as he is called by friends, has found a commercially viable hit, Nuh Ordinary Girl, which has been blowing up all over FM radio over the last couple of weeks.

The song, which appears on the popular England Town riddim, is a big fave among females. He also has a controversial single called Sell We Out which labels departing ex-Empire member Blak Ryno a traitor. One of his most popular song is a Clarks song alongside Vybz Kartel himself.

"The fans dem can look out for great things from Popcaan this year, the Empire goes on and on and on."

He was detained last week Thursday in a raid on Father Romie's Exodus studio in Havendale, but was released later that night.

Black Ryno wha a gwaan


Wi friend dem from foreign link wi and tell wi sey Ryno did fi perform a two show inna di States over di weekend and him neva turn up. Dem a ask wi question whey wi couldn’t ansa. Dem a ask wi sey if a true sey Kartel seize him documents through him walk whey from di camp. Wi nuh know, but wi hope not cause it bad if yuh waan stop a nex man food.

Whey Q duh Ele

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A wha Q45 do Elephant Man meck him stop go ova di studio. Fi real a coulda wha cause it. Dem two deh a come from far and fi him just huff and puff suh and stop go ova deh…no sah. Dis a one mystery Yardflex waan fi solve. A wonder if it have anyting fi duh wid di ultimatum whey Ele did gi him one time bout a certain artiste?

Poor Lisa Hype


Why Lisa nuh stop defend sey she put di c..k inna har mouth. Everybody know sey she dweet aready dem seet inna paper and pon di internet. Suh it it neva surprising dat when she a defend it dung a Negril dem boo out har backside. Still she a try suh unno just gi har a break seen. She young dem fi just advise har fi cool it.

Di man dem say Kitty fi go a gym


How some man so billias? After Miss Kitty have up herself as the Fluffy Diva and she a dress sexy and a try change round the ting and mek fat look good, and all these tings, some man a talk bout Kitty go a gym. Dem say bout how a lazy Kitty lazy and she fi stop hide behind the ‘fluffy’ act and start shape up. Dem say like how Kitty face cute and ting she fi mek her body start match up. But we say a bad mind dem bad mind. Fluffy to did flippin werl!!!!!



Last night, the show inna Negril wid Mavado and Kartel sell right off, the place cork, ram till people ah spill outside and they were treated to a great performance by the Gully Gaad, the man just a get forward after forward after forward, the ting did madddd. But people, mi no know wah happen to Kartel? Mi nuh know if ah the hype ah get to him, or the whole heap of controversy wid everybody ah leave, but the man pap down, no energy at all. In fact, ah just one real forward him get and ah when him walk out. Wah a gwaan wid the Gaza? People, mi still ah say Gaza, but something no right, dem need fi go consult the Grandmaster and sort out the ting.

Mad Dog still a bark

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Bwoy, it well sticky pon Tori Shaes artiste, Mad Dog; everybody a call di youth fi find out if him dead. Just true police kill a man who name Mad Dog, the artiste phone nuh stop ring off. Luckily, Mad Dog is alive and well ans still a bark. Ruff … ruff!

Cut out di dutty clash song dem


Wi just a send out a warning dat di female artiste dem nuh pick up whey Mavado and Kartel drop off. It nuh look good dem at each other’s throat like dat. Wi tiad a di on stage cas cas and di whole heap a song whey dem a sing a throw diss words at each other.

Fi tell di truth dat’s why wi rate artiste like Lady G and Macka Diamond, no matter who a throw dem word, dem just a do dem ting and go through. Dats not the way to go, dis crab in a barrel attitude wid di female artistes dem a get a real ugly star.

Want to stay in the US, say you gay


A Jamaican man who was on the brink of deportation got that decision reversed when he told them that he was a homosexual and is afraid to go back home as he was scared they would kill him!

Bap bap! That was the key word to have them showing him mercy. Blow wow it really serious star.

Artistes and their expensive ‘mantourage’


Check out this story in today’s Jamaica Observer, it mad! I find it really funny. For people who are so straight, how come they have so many men hanging around? And why do promoters give them so many arm bands? If they want their ‘mantourage’ to come to the show then let them pay for them and not for backstage passes either!

THANKS to comedienne Elva for introducing the word 'mantourage' to the dancehall lexicon. What a wonderful word to describe an entire 'district of men' who walk aimlessly

behind homophobic artistes swearing loyalty and devotion and who have to be clothed and fed.

It's a regular thing to see artistes roll into a stage-show with a bus load of people and when we say a bus load, we mean a bus load. Just watching them bail out is an experience in itself. It's just people on top of people -- in some cases it looks like at least four persons share a seat made for two. And this is the norm for deejays like Vybz Kartel and the Alliance.

At the recent Follow Di Arrow stage show in St Mary, the horse and pony show with the 'mantourages' -- fortunately there were a few women to balance off things a bit -- was something else. As soon as Alliance/Gully artistes worked and made their exit with their district in tow, in came the Gaza mantourage with what looked like a never-ending stream of people.

The backstage area could hardly breathe.

While enterting the venue, we observed young act, Deejay Face -- remember her from Digicel Rising Stars? She arrived with her mantourage in tow, a whole coaster bus 'full a people' all duly accredited.

At events like these, the mantourage's presence is clearly the promoter's expense, as they usually have special armbands that sometimes give them even more access than working press. Repeatedly, artistes and promoters are at loggerheads because the artistes make what promoters consider unreasonable de-mands for up to 50 backstage passes. And, what is even more distressing is when all 50 persons think it's their right to follow the artiste on stage. We have witnessed some royal battles between mantourages and stage managers.

That aside, however, there is one fascinating thing about mantourages -- they have to be maintained. How on earth do these artistes manage to feed so many hungry mouths? Day in day out? There are stories of artistes who, on their way from stage shows with their mantourage spend up to $35,000 just buying food at the popular food stops.

Our survey has shown however, that 'Dada' gets it right.

"Every day Dada mek them put on one big pot and full it up with dumplin, yam, banana and is that them eat with some veggie stew. And him buy things in bulk -- like the 100 lb bag of rice, flour sugar," one source close to Judgement Yard explained.

And then, there is their obligations when they go to "foreign" to buy clothes for the mantourage and their families and to give them hard cash as well. And we won't even mention the unmentionable.

Considering all these expenses, perhaps the artistes could make a case for themselves when the tax collectors come a-calling. The money they spend supporting these men and their familes should qualify artistes for some kind of tax break.

People a fret


Nuff people fraid fi go a US embassy now. Because a whey a gwaan wid di Jamaican and di US government dem a wonda if dem fi pay dem big big money and go embassy go look a visa. But wi nah tell nuh lie, it woulda hard f idem fork out almost $11,000 fi apply fi a visa and it just guh dung di drain suh. Still wi can tell dem sey dem fi still try cause wi know sey no matter what it is still a business. Yuh tink sey dem want it to come down to a case whey nobady nuh apply? Den how dem meck money fi pay dem staff?

Steep rent


Star dem did wicked to Rhyno no backside yuh nuh. A after dem blaze him apartment wi realize sey him did a pay nuf nuff money more dan di rest a tenants dem inna di same complex. On average dem pay $35,000 but Black Rhyno bill did a $60,000 whew, yuh si sey dem did really tink is a high risk.

Alaine leave di Ship?

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A buh faas wi faas, but from di odda day people a pree wi a ask if Chino and Alaine a still one item, dem hear sey di two a dem nuh so chummy. So straight, a true or a just rumours?

Lisa Hyper’s friend kicked at Follow Di Arrow


Female deejay Lisa Hyper, is cross, miserable and angry that a member of Bounty Killer’s entourage kicked her female friend on Saturday night after the stage show, Follow Di Arrow.

A former member of the Vybz-Kartel-led Portmore Empire, which has maintained a at-daggers-drawn relationship with Bounty’s Alliance, Lisa Hyper issued out the ultimate diss to Killer during her set.

“Bounty a junky and him go St Thomas go ride monkey,” the petite dynamo said, in obvious reference to obeah practices, and the crowd roared. This, however, was swiftly followed by stout rounds of boos, which Lisa took in her stride.

“When mi get boo me just laugh, cause a music,” Lisa said.
Things, however, got ugly as following Lisa’s exit from stage the Alliance hangers-on decided to take matters in their own hands.

Prior to she and her friend leaving the venue, the young girl was held and kicked by one of the clownies.

“But mi friend see him face and me see him to. And I don’t want anybody to think say because mi leave Gaza anything change. I could come to Follow Did Arrow with a hundred man, but I never choose to,” Lisa declared.

Leave wi alone


Dem ketch two women a New Habour housing scheme a dance love song together inna dem living room and when di neaighbour a flip up bout it, di women dem sey, "leave wi alone, a wi a pay wi mortgage."

Dat a true still a dem a pay dem mortgage, but dem coulda exercise likkle discretion and do dem ting in privatte. Father help us cause wi nuh know what a guh happen to dis yah likkle island with all a di brazenness whey a gwaan.

Bam Bam a Follow Di Arrow

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What a bam bam a Follow di Arrow Saturday night a James Bond Beach. Ikay guh pon stage and pick pon Macka Diamond and bring up Unicorn fi gi har some strength tuh. Den Stacious go on next and she talk up a bag a tings. Suh when Lisa Hyper teck har on, Stacious was more dan ready fi di war and she empty everyting inna Lisa Hyper and fling har sexual practices inna har face.

Whooi it did too much, wi caan wait fi di DVD come out dat unno can si fi unnoself.

50 Cent's Big Sex Tape Mess

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Everybody who's anybody in Hollywood has a sex tape. So no wonder 50 Cent felt the need to join da club.

But now the MC is in a heaping pile of trouble for allegedly splicing himself (in his bewigged guise of "Big Pimpin' Curly") into X-rated footage of a Florida woman doing the nasty and then posting the clip online.

Sure, it might result in a lawsuit, but there's no doubting Fiddy has some mad comedic skillz.

As for the legal matter, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, the offended party, Lastonia Leviston, claims the rapper used her name and likeness without permission by publshing the video on his website, thus causing her severe emotional distress after it, um, spread virally online.

Leviston alleges that she and her beau, whose face is blurred out in the Fiddy version, "videotaped themselves engaging in sexually explicit activities" in June 2008, per the New York Daily News.

Although the dude purportedly promised to destroy the tape, he instead "transferred or sold" it to 50 Cent, according to the complaint. Fiddy then turned it into a comedy routine that also mocked rival rapper Rick Ross (for example, Fiddy's commentary notes the initials "R.R." tattooed on Leviston's chest, and indicates they refer to Ross).

In a later radio interview, Leviston also accused the hip-hopster, real name Curtis Jackson, of labeling her a "call girl," causing her further embarrassment.

Her complaint seeks unspecified damages. Neither Leviston's lawyer nor the rapper's manager were available for comment.

Which DJ get ketch a gi oral


Whoo! if wi laugh wi pop up, a which DJ dem sey him woman walk inna him apartment anmd ketch him a nyam out one next girl. It nuh easy at all cause dis yah DJ gwaan like him a bad bad smady and him lick out gainst dat deh type a sex it nuh funny, So yuh can imagine how she did shock. All di same wi nuh surprise cause a few a him girlfriend dem always a sey how him do it, now wi know sey a nuh lie dem a tell.

A who a di parents

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We sey whey di promoter fi di Settlement a sey him neva allow nuh pickney inna him dance and a lie di police a sey dem round dem up from di dance. Di question wey wi waan ask is whey di pickney parents dem deh. Dem just lef di house and come out go a dance and nuh ansa to nobady? A nuh police job fi monitor pickney, a parents.

War f words at Follow Di arrow

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A which woman a guh mash up di place a Follow Di Arrow Saturday, bwoy Macka Diamond look like she deh pon di warpath with Unicorn and Ikay and she sey she a guh kill everyting. Plus wi hear some odda sounds from more DJ...wi caan wait fi si

A whey drop dung pants man dem a guh suh


Bwoy, wi love di new issue whey a come up caan done. Di man dem whey a wear pants drop dung under dem batty soon find demself inna trouble. A how dem a guh manage now? Cause di new law sey if dem pants nuh ‘draw up’ proper and dem underpants and brief left outa door, den a straight jail fi dem.

Shebada Party


A how di hell suh many cross dressers come out a Shebada party sah. A whole heap a tongue a talk and sey if it was a big homo party. Mi sey yuh fi si di picture dem, you couldn’t tell a who a woman from a who a man. Backside unno realize sey sooner or lata woman nah guh find nuh good clothes fi buy cause di man dem snap it up.

How come?

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A which New Kingston nightclub police swoop dung pon because dem have illegal connection? Jah know star, di economy have everybody a way dat a big respectable club like dat coulda a teck dem kinda risk deh fi end up face embarrassment. But a how come suh much people haffi a tief light suh sah?

Question wi a ask

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Milk a DJ?

But a wha dis fada, Milk a do di DJ ting now, a ongle one question wi waan ask, Milk yuh sure yuh ready fid at dey life deh. It a come dung to some cut throat ting ya now. Dancehall nuh really nice again cause as far as wi can si is pure feuding, left, right and centre. Well, meck wi hear why yuh a sey nuh and si if you can kip up wit di pace.

Nuff man a get beat up


By Joan Wilson

Whoie! Mi just read one story in the Jamaica Observer and it have to do wid di fact dat a whole heap a man a Jamaica a get beat up by dem woman. Yes man, nuff man whey yuh si wid all kinda a bruises whey a tell yuh how dem haffi dust out a bwoy and tings, a lie Nutten nuh guh suh, a dem woman deal wid dem wicked a way.

"It is very difficult to get statistical evidence on the issue," deputy head of Fathers Inc Solomon McCalla told editors and reporters at the Observer's weekly Monday Exchange meeting yesterday. "The men will not come forward and say that they are being physically abused."

Senior policy analyst and male desk representative at the Bureau of Women's Affairs Dave Noel Williams, said the abuse of men by women is far more widespread than thought. He said he had counselled about 10 men, ranging from age 23 to their 40s over a nine-month period last year, who had been abused by women.

"What they will tell you is that the women beat up on them, but then they come back now to justify and say, 'a me do it first', or 'a me say something that she never like', or 'a me tell her that she couldn't go somewhere'," said Williams, while pointing out that most men do this because they want to give the impression that they are still in control.

He pointed out that most men prefer that their story remains a secret, because for the most part being abused by a woman is considered a "shame" or a "sin" in Jamaica.

"It is taboo, so men will not go forward and say that they are being abused," he stressed. "If it should be written any at all in the paper or even be on the news that a man has been abused and he comes forward for help, then he is going to be seen as a wimp, to put it nicely, and that's very, very nicely."

But big and serious if man woman a buss dem ass, dem fi guh police and meck dem lock up dem backside. Dem fi memba sey if a did di man a duh it, dem woulda lock dem up, so whey good fi di goose, good fi di gander also. A suh mi sey.

Artiste nuh buss got yet and have attitude


But a which "good up good up" artiste a gwaan like sey she meck har name aready inna di business. Bwoy dats why some business man fi watch how dem invest dem money. Cause life can be rough outaroad deh mi a tell yuh. She guh a Follow Di Arrow launch and gi diva behaviour, gwaan like she betta dan others. One piece a sinting, Queen Pauls grab di mic and teck di launch. A good fi har. Mi a tell yuh but neva si come si, it nuh pretty at all. Girl if you know whey wi know yuh just humble yuhself, come offa di high horse whey yuh deh pon and tank God fi di manager whey yuh got, before him drop yuh and people sey A who!

A why Merciless did dung a St Thomas a gwaan like say him a big prima donna? Bout him a send out War Waiter fi defend him gainst Gabriel because him think say the lickle artiste no inna did same league with him. Well, St. Thomas people neva do do a betta thing than boo Leonard good and propa. If Merciless neva want did clash him should a neva turn up a did event and have Nuffy dem a call up him name inna clash tings. We see it say Merciless frighten when the lickle youth start reel off lyrics because it all look like Leonard neva prepare fi did onslaught. And did mix up people dem just love it. Gabriel, you buss way like a beigie kite!

Question wi a ask

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Wi a wonda if di wonda whey cause di ruckus a Uptown Mondays and all cause di promoter son fi get stab if she gawn back to har man yet. And if him really have di heart fi teck har back. Big and serious both woman and man fi stop dem games still ynuh.

Cash Plus crasses

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Di Cash Plus people nah gi back di investors dem money, no sah, dem just have it stash some whey and lef people fi suffer. Yuh si if dis ya government did a gi people hard time like whey Madoff inna US get, dem woulda a play cat and mouse game with people livlihood.'

Paula nah romp; Lisa Hyper ready


What really a go gwaan a did Settlement ova St Thomas on Saturday? Nuff people did a say Queen Paula dun out and she no have no lyrics lef, but it look like a lie dem a tell. Paula a gwaan abd and a sharpen up her tongue fi everybody. Right yah now, Queen Paula no have no friend, every female deejay and singer is her enemy, so people, oonu haffi watch out fid a one yah. But, oonu nuh write off Lisa Hyper either, cause we know say she very swift pon her tongue. It’s gonna be hell and powder house inna St Thomas.

True Confession


How I stole my sister’s man

I have always been a family person. I spend my whole life, trying to be there for everyone, but sometimes I think they just take advantage of me. I would try to get ahead with my plans and find that they have to be placed on the back burner because of some need or other in the family circles. The thing is that I am not the one who is considered ‘hot’ when it comes on to my sisters.

There are four sisters of us and the other three are light complexioned and real beautiful, me I am the dark one and on the fat side. Sometimes I feel a bit insecure, cause they often make comments like, “bwoy sis, yuh haffi fi guh settle, cause you short bad inna di shapes department .”

It would make me upset, cause truth be told, I am the only one who went on to college and actually have a good job, The other three well…their jobs don’t make one. One is a cashier, the other works at a fast food restaurant and the smallest, one minute she is working the next she is not.

But somehow they always seem to find some man who they can con.

Well their lifestyle never bothered me before, I was too busy trying to get ahead. I finally managed to pay down on my house and moved out.

Two wanted to come live by me but I told them no, they need to put down roots themselves. She made a spiteful comment like, “gwaan that’s why you nah guh have nuh man”. I laughed and said something like, “Please I could have yours if I want him.”

You should have seen the scornful look she gave me before bursting into laughter, “you…in my shoes, man you must think a lot more of yourself than I gave you credit for.”

That hurt. Maybe it was then that the seed was planted into my head that I wanted her to eat her words.

I started go places where I knew her man would be, ‘accidentally’ bumping into him, cracking a few jokes and then saying bye.

Her man was going to UWI and when he found out that I had already done the same course he was pursuing , he started seeking out my company. While helping him, we had a lot of fun times. One night he looked at me and said, “You know that you are a really cool person?”

I didn’t say anything, just smiled and told him to hit back the books. From my other sisters, I heard how she was complaining that her man was paying her much attention. She felt he had someone else in his life. She said how he kept asking her if she isn’t going to upgrade herself.

I smiled to myself. Good it’s time she knew there were some men out there who won’t always be satisfied with just a pretty face. He wanted substance, which I had.

One night things went beyond the books and before we knew it, we were making mad passionate love, rolling around on the floor, sweating, pumping away.

Man it was the best sex experience I had ever had.

When it was over, he told me he was going to leave my sister…cause even before he started hanging with me, he was turned off by her lack of ambition and way she constantly put down people.

Suffice it to say, when she found out I was the one her man had moved on with, she cussed and ranted, calling me a traitor and a slut. But I do not regret it. I may have started out to spite out, but truth be told I really fell in love with the guy. We are now engaged and in another three months we will be tying the knot.

If anyone judges me, that’s their business, while they are wasting their time cussing…me I am going to be happy.

Viagra fi life!


Bwoy we a read a story in the Chat! and we really doan know what's worse. Fi get lifteime supply a Viagra or miss out on natural arousal. One Courts truck lick down this man when he was 19 years old and him lose part of him leg, plus him caan function properly inna di sex department.

Now him a 26 year old now and still caan function properly without the help of Viagra. Him teck di case a court and di furniture giant a go foot di bill to di tune of $1.53 million in a court ruling last month.

Him have couple more millions fi claim from dem but all we have to say is that somethings money caan meck up fa. Every time you want one erection yuh haffi fork out di viagra.

Drivers wi a beg yuh please be careful and stop mash up di likkle straight man dem wey left inna di country.

Beyonce's Dad Has A Love Child!?

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Mathew Knowles has been confirmed as the soon-to-be baby daddy of Alexsandra Wright's child, the woman who filed a paternity lawsuit against Bey's dad back in October.

Beyonce's mom, Tina Knowles reportedly knew about the pending beh-beh for "a couple of months" and doesn't even want DNA proof because Mathew already confessed to the affair.

Sources say Tina "particularly bitter" about it because the whole debacle is "so humiliating for her."

Poor Tina!

Lisa Hyper talk up di tings


Bwoy people still a talk bout did wicked interview whey Lisa Hyper do pon Irie FM on did programme name Entertainment Buzz. Mi sey she was so real, she just talk whatever come to har mind and when one caller phone in and ask har sey if a did first time she a go dung pon a man, wi did swear sey she nah go ansa, but nah sah, she admit sey a nuh did first! Fi real, yuh caan get nuh realer dan dat. Wi nah lie a nuff nuff people call in pon did programme and big up har status. Yeah man from how it sound Lisa Hyper gone clear.

What's the real deal ?


Vybz Kartel sent out a statement to say that he did not order Gaza Kim to be beaten, he also made it clear he does not condone this type of behaviour. Now all we want to ask is: What happened to the men who beat Kim and her brother. Are they still on the Gaza strip.

If Lisa Hype was kicked out because she was not sharing the same vision of the crew, what will happen to the thugs who beat Kim at the studio - going against their boss principles in not beating women?

We sincerely hope that Kartel lives up to his standards and if as he says he does not sanction Kim's beating discipline those who dared to 'violate' his orders.

If they are still there...then we have to wonder about the sincerity of his stance that he didn't have anything to do with it.

A who fah pickney?


Bwoy a di biggest debate inna di streets right now and dat is a who fah pickney whey Jah Cure did tink a fi him. Mi sey di amount a name whey a call up inna dat deh raffle deh nuh pretty at all. Big name artiste all none artiste.
A whey really a gwaan star. But di number one questions whey Yardflex waan fi ask, dem neva listen to Buju Banton song whey sey cover yuh willy and doan be silly. What if some a dem girl deh whey a sleep wid more dan one entertainer did have AIDS a how it woulda guh...a suh much entertainer woulda have it tuh. No sah, dem must teck sleep mark death. Dem too careliss wid dem health if you ask we.

Hard time a lick artiste


Bwoy it come een like sey hard times a lick a certain big name artiste. Cause nuff promoter always sey him a one a di reasonable ones dem when it comes on to pricing and working with di programme. But wi talk to bout three promoters recently whey sey dem couldn't believe him coulda do dem dat. Di man sig off pon di contract with a certain price and money pay up and ting and him nuh do nutten but wait till di day of di show dem dan call up di promoter and meck dem know sey him nah go pon di stage unless dem gi him some more money.
Now straight up a ediot ting dat. If yuh set a price, stick to it.


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People, it STICKY pon dem. Rosie and Gordene were best friends and then mateys, but here comes the kicker, dem coulda be 'honorary babymammas' as well because two ah dem did a sex Chino at the same time. But anno fi him name alone ah call. Nuff man nah answer dem cellphone today and suddenly dem Blackberry BB nah work, dem fraid say dem get the teary-eyed call say 'I think that you're the father of my child'....WHOI, MI BODY! Dem a raffle up and ah pick. Mi hear say ah the Warlord himself used to pay her rent over Oaklands at exactly the time when she breed, that's why de people dem use white-out and write up a bagga tings pon her wall. Promotions money caan pay the 35g a month rent, who dem a ramp wid? Dem caan trick mi. Killa can pick up same batter ears sometime yu see? Beenie Man sleep inna the bed weh him buy Angel, and see it happen again, how Bounty so salt? Mi body!

Dem Artist salt eeh !!


Boy what’s with these artistes and women who can’t seem to tell the truth where their pregnancies are concerned. First it was Rosie passing her baby on to the wrong artiste and now conscious singer Jah Cure has to swallow the bitter pill that the woman he was caring for and supporting during her pregnancy, the child is really not his. Hmnn we have to wonder how the daddy will turn out to be. Check out the official statement from Jah Cure’s camp.


:-There have been recent media reports about a DNA test result that involved Jah Cure. While not wishing to join the media circus that has ensued because of these revelations, Jah Cure wishes to outline a few facts and settle the matter once and for all.

Jah Cure has supported the mother throughout her pregnancy and had his father and manager be with her at the time of delivery in the US. His support for her throughout this period was unwavering.

Before the birth of the child Jah Cure requested a DNA test, a request which the mother refused. Despite this, Jah Cure continued to support the child and the mother.

Now that the DNA test has been done and it has been shown that he is not the father, Jah Cure wishes to move on.

The fact is that the most important individual in this whole affair is the child and the longer that this continues the more damage is being done to the child. Jah cure will not now abandon the child but wishes that the media respect the privacy of the parties as the child is indeed innocent and did not contribute to the mistakes of the adults involved.

Piracy hurt


Bwoy the tiefing ting a gwaan a way star. Imagine Ity and Fancy Cat DVD out and di people dem pump in a lot a money inna di venture and before it even have time fi soak di market and dem can even meck back whey dem put in di CD deh a Canada a sell fi $5 when it supposed to legally a sell fi $15! No star, a whey dis piracy ting a guh end. It hard fi yuh put suh much inna one ting and den have people a rip yuh off, left, right and centre.

Gas dem and light dem


By Rootzgirl

Just when you think the news could not get any more disgusting come along something else that absolutely turns your stomach. In Tuesday’s issue of the Star there is a story about a 10 year old girl who gave birth and the child died three days later.

Now the weird thing about it all is that the story claimed no one knew she was pregnant until she was in the seventh month. They only discovered this when she fainted in class and was rushed to the hospital, it was then the discovery was made.

Now what I want to ask is this, how is it possible that she could be pregnant for all of seven months without so visible signs.

How closely was she being monitored by her mother that morning sickness, missed periods and all that passed her by.

When exactly did she get involved with a 30-odd year old man that the mother missed out on all the dialogues and stuff like that.

Of course children can keep secrets but a child that young should have been under tighter control.

The whole Mountainside community in St Elizabeth should bear the shame of this deed as someone must have noticed some inappropriate behavior. Check out some of the story:

The child's father said he is distraught about the incident because he was not given custody of his daughter when he attempted to take her into his care.

"I filed for custody for my daughter but I did not get her and she was given to her mother," said the man.

He also said he does not get to see his daughter because he is a man who does not tolerate foolishness.

A senior cop attached to the Black River Police Station told THE STAR that the matter was being investigated; however, the officer was tight-lipped about the case.

The child's father told THE STAR that the child delivered the baby in December and the baby died three weeks later. The angry father said that he was not even told about the baby's death until two weeks after.

According to the father, his daughter fainted at school and was rushed to the hospital when it was revealed that the child was seven months pregnant.

"How could she be seven months pregnant and no one knew, that makes no sense," said the confused father.

The child's father is begging that the culprit be brought to justice as no one in his right mind would have sex with a 10-year-old girl.

From one brother to another


By Buffilous

Now mi know unno tink sey mi faas and mi love people business, but mi caan help it, if it always a come mi way. Is not like mi guh outa mi way fi get it. Then again maybe di ongle solution a fi change mi friend dem, cause dem eva have some mix up tings either a gwaan inna dem life or inna dem friend life.

Well di latest passa passa come from dis girl whey inna wi crew. Di ongle ting a can sey is dat she really a gwaan out and bad. To birdcage, mi neva know sey woman coulda bad and disgusting suh.

This girl a deal wid two brothers and fi mek it wus one a dem inna di freaky ting like anal sex.

She a play round wid di two bredda dem and from wha mi get is like one a dem nearly lose him mind ova har and yuh tink sey she woulda care. No sah, dat nuh stop har from a go from one a dem bed to di nex.

Di wus ting is dat from one a di brother a deal wid har a pure saltness a follow him. Him all talk outa him mouth sey it look like she jinx him, and you woulda tink sey him woulda si di light and step.

Di odda day she dey a Rebel Salute a gi out him photo and him CD.

Mercy, if a laugh a pop up, no sah, dem two brodda yah need fi open dem eyes and smell the roses, cause it nuh pretty at all.

What’s this world coming to?


By Rootzgirl

If I ever had any doubts that we are in end times then they have been dispelled by the kind of news I have been seeing lately. There are wars and rumours of wars, mothers against daughters, earthquakes in divers places and fathers against children.

The latest comes in the case of a 45-year-old dad who is now in court for allegedly killing his 16-year-old son. Allegations are that the teen went to visit his father who is a chef for lunch money to go to school. An argument developed and the father used a blunt instrument to hit his son in the head. He fell on the ground and started throwing up, the dad called his daughter to come and take her brother to the hospital, the youth died the following day.

Now the father’s lawyer is claiming that he didn’t hit his son and yes the child came to check him for lunch money and he left and went to get it and when he returned he found his son on the ground.

The father is remanded in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court.

I don’t want to play judge and jury here, but the story is filled with more holes than a strainer! It’s sad though that some fathers can’t willing fork out money to take care of their kids. If they are no longer in a relationship with the mothers then they should make it their duty to ensure the children’s needs are taken care of.

I’m tired of reading about kids being ill-treated or not properly taken care of. We are losing too many of our kids, it’s time that adults bat for them.

Beenie flop DeMarco a Coke Zero


Right now, we don’t know who fi blame — Beenie, Ele or the organizers of the Coke Zero concert. While we agree wid Ele say Beenie shouldn’t go up pon stage Saturday night and flop DeMarco and tek the rest of the show fi himself, a di Coke Zero organizers we haffi blame deso. Cause a must dem did give Beenie the mic fi go pon stage. And some people a say a DeMarco call him up. But we don’t tink say DeMarco coulda so fool-fool cause him did have him set done plan out and after Beenie reel off him bag a tune no time neva left fi DeMarco fi bring on him peeps and do him ting like how him plan. But, tell mi something, if dem did want Beenie pon did show why dem neva book him. Beenie was there from early out and mek sure say Sean Kingston give him a call up and then him go trample for Marco ting. When Beenie done wid the stage no forward neva left fi Ele, who was closing the show.

Ele get the first boo fi 2010


Bwoy we did really sorry fi Elephant Man when the crowd boo him at the Coke Zero concert. But Ele, you shoulda did know say if you a go cuss Beenie the crowd a go turn round pon you. Is so dem stay. Remember how dem did boo Bounti a Sumfest cause him did a call Beenie fish and all dese tings. Ele, all you shoulda did do, is dance and sing you song dem and collect you money. But instead you want play hero and a defend a next man cause. We hope you learn.

Some woman fool sah


By Buffilous

Lawks a just di odda day mi write bout women whey sleep round and now mi haffi share one now wid dis girl whey mi help out. She come to mi and tell mi sey she in danger fi lose har job a one a dem big airline company.

Now being as she have bout five pickney, mi really did sorry fi har and mi have a friend…well him more like a brotha to mi know him deh pon di shy side and being as him tell mi sey him a look a nice girl fi par wid. Mi teck my faas self and go hook him up wid mi friend.

Well mi know she did have a young bwoy a par wid, but she tell mi sey di relationship nah head nuh whey and she a bruck it off. Mi teck har word fi it and hook har up wid mi friend.

Bwoy she nice from dat, cause dollars start fi run, him treat har like a queen and when him a buy tings fi har, him nuh ongle just treat har, him alla member di kids dem tuh. Straight a suh moi friend flex still, so mi know she woulda be inna good hands.

But mi get fi regret sey mi do di hook up cause mi neva know sey she would start to dis di man. Him treat har like a princess and yuh woulda believe she start talk back to the young bwoy so till mi friend get suspicious and start fi get smady watch har.

Now him a gi out sounds sey him a move on. Di wuss part a di whole deal is dat di pickney dem fada nahy gi har zilch fi dem and now mi friend a guh step.

Why some women so fool fool? Why mess up a good ting? Tell mi please.

Mr Vegas, a mek you a hype and galang so? Why you trace off Richie B pon Twitter just true you tink him neva nominate you fi him EME award. All a talk bout how you nah pay fi mek you tune go pon did man chart and all these tings. And then, it look like you decide fi look again and you realize say you name deh pon did nomination list. You no feel foolish? All when you wipe it off a Twitter, we still have it, and we have the tracing from last year with you and Irie Jam people to. Mek you a gwaan so? A true you and the deejay baby madda deh big and serious now mek yu a show up you colours so? We spot did two a oonu ova Raga Christmus show and it look like a dat did get did deejay angry when him see him baby madda a pose up side a you. All when him deh a Sting him did still look angry; is a good ting him neva get fi perform. But Vegas, is a new year now, a time you stop curse like a girl and find fault cause remember: you is not Mr Perfect at all. And, tell did baby madda she she fi try pay lickle attention to the child, it don’t look good how she a ignore him.

Big up Beenie


Bwoy fi tell di truth, wi neva know sey Beenie Man is a father to four kids who suffer from sickle cell. We a read one story inna TeenAge Observer whey him sey he could not say no to such as just cause as Shaggy's especially knowing the state of his own children who will be beneficiaries of the aid being given to the Bustamante Hospital for Children. Yeah man nuff people wouldn't come up front bout dem tings deh. Beenie all wi can sey is that you continue to be a good father and gi dem four pickney an abundant supply of love and attentiion. Seen.

The singjay and the pastor daughter


So it look like the singjay and the daughter of the high profile pastor really have a ting a gwaan. People a wonder a how Rev like him new son-in-law and how di locks ting and church ting a go harmonise. But, memba say Tommy Cowan a big big church man and still have him whole heap a dreadlocks, so a no nutten. Rev, people a wonder if you did stay fi him performance a Sting?

LA Lewis and Goofy to clash


I thought we would be resting the stupid clash idea with LA Lewis and Goofy, but if the report in the Star is anything to go by then it could very well be happening. More’s the pity.

According to the report Brite Lite Funeral Services' owner Tommy Thompson is planning an event later this month where the two artistes will face off lyrically.

At Sting 2009 at Jamworld in Portmore, St Catherine, the $200,000 casket was on stage waiting and Mr G, fully clad in black, was in attendance but LA Lewis was missing in action.

Now Thompson is making arrangement for the two artistes to meet on a new yet-to-be named stage for a clash of comical proportions.

Yeah yeah, we all know LA Lewis is no DJ and we can’t foresee him coming with any killer lyrics. Just look at what happened at Ragashanti’s Mix Up and Blenda show at the Arena, the boos are still resounding in our ears.

Rihanna is more than a handful for her new man


Rihanna has found a well-endowed, sexually proficient man worthy of that fling in LA Dodger Matt Kemp. The two were rumored to be dating after being snapped together over New Years and now they've taken their sex train (not like that) to Mexico.

Now, these grabby/kissy snaps are tame compared to a couple of hot tub pics that'd leave the cast of "Real World: Las Vegas" slackjawed.

You go girl

Spice talk up di tings, Nuffy answer back


Bwoy it was real drama on Ragashanti live yesterday when Spice called in to the programme. Yeah man di topic was Ungrateful Friend mix up and Spice did have a lot to say on dat one. She sey Nuffy fit dat topic as him is one ungrateful friend. She go inna di days when dem used to share on dumpling inna har board house a Portmore. To when she used to meck him drive up har car till people tink sey a she a borrow it from him when she drive it..

She all go inna di fact sey she used to teck di money whey har man gi har and share it wid Nuffy…and after all dat him still tun round and dis har!

Spice sey Nuffy sabotage har and never call har up pon di stage and den him have di gall fit un round and a sey she coward.
Spice alla a meck Nuffy sister Marie call in and sey how har bredda ungrateful fi true.

Mi dear it was pure drama when Raga hook up wid Nuffy him sey him nah back dung from whey him sey, Spice coward fi true…and she know it. Him talk how much time him haffi coax har fi teck di stage.

Spice sey him illiterate and a she teach him fi read and write and cuss him how him tell har business to Lisa Hype. Nuffy just lick back and sey wha bout when him used to tell Macka and D’Angel business to har fi DJ bout! Whooii mi cyan teck it.

Lisa Hyper never talk up di tings


Well remember we told you Liser Hyper (yes she change har name is no more Hype, she Hyper now!) she never really said anything juicy, more than say she is doing her own thing and that she still cool wid Vybz Kartel. So we no more clear why him sey him nuh want har inna Gaza than before she go pon di programme. Wi get the feeling that she holding something back. But a suh life guh, maybe one of dese days di real ting will come out. She sey she a programme har music ya now and tings. Still wi wish har all di luck.

LA Lewis really sobolious fi true


So the graffiti king finally break him silence bout him so-show at Sting. And him come with him mouth full of one bag a sobolious lie. How di hearse neva pay for and him suit neva pay for and him neva get enough ticket fi him entourage. Why LA Lewis tink say people a fool. Everybody know say a true him get a full 10 minute boo over Raga show him did fraid fi go a Sting.

Assassin, stop gripe and just do good music


Why is Assassin griping like a big gal how him perform good at Sting and media overlook him. And him a gwaan on and on bout how him is dis good boy who only want to elevate di music. But a when Assassin really see di light? Look how people did a beg him no fi use di name Assassin because it just too violent and negative, and him neva tek telling. And now that him decide fi change it him a galang like him deh pon some kinda crusade and him is so perfect. Yute, you have a far way to go and if you a go lef the business just because media don’t give you enough big up after one show, den maybe you inna di wrong business.

Flippa up and about after di crash


Flippa really have a speedy recovery after him crash him Porsche Cayenne pon Hagley Park Road Tuesday morning. We nah tell no lie, di vehicle maaaad. Everybody did a pass it and a slow down and wonder a who fa truck. But we hear say Flippa did crash one next vehile di odder day inna di States. Flippa, it look like you need a bath inna di 2010 or you need fi get some driving lessons. Anyway, we hope you boat ride whe you a plan gwaan good Tuesday.

How Lisa Hype a go get rid a di tattoo dem?


What Lisa Hyper a go do with all the tattoo dem pon her body that talk bout gaza? This is a lesson to all a oonu who just buy out this tattoo ting. Onnu must stop scrawl up man name all over oonu body cause when oonu and di man lef and oonu get a new man is a big problem. Cause tattoo can’t rub out or wash off, so tink twice and thrice before oonu plaster oonu body with all kind a tings.

Spice answer to Lisa Hyper nuh normal


How di woman dem inna di biz so bitter? Sting neva done good and Lisa Hyper go build lyrics and call up all a di woman dem name wicked wicked. And although nuff a dem say dem nah answer her, Spice build some lyrics weh nuh normal. Di tune name Lisa Swiper and Spice come out wid all guns blazin’. ‘Sting stand up pon you stiffer than the d—k inna you mouth … you put di c---y inna you mouth cause you hole no have no glue’. Spice go hard. A wonder if Lisa Hyper a go answer.

Look out fi Onstage

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Bwoy wi get a heads up fi Onstage pon wi Facebook and fi tell di truth wi haffi watch it Saturday. And if by chance unno miss it, wi a meck sure wi teck notes dat wi can fill unno in.

Yeah man, Lisa Hype a guh deh pon deh a talk up di tings dem. Di alert sey is a no hold barred interview whey she a guh talk bout what really happened between her and the empire, Sting, the picture and her career. Fi real it should be interesting, cause everybody want to know whey really did guh dung. On a different note Nuffy a guh deh pond eh tuh and inna it him sey Spice a coward. Fi real a nuff mix up a guh gwaan Saturday.

LA Lewis, we have the tape!


So all now LA Lewis still in hiding.? A wha really a gwaan with the graffiti deejay. We did tink seh LA have more guts than that. After all, him a big big seven star general and all these things, so him better come face di music, cause him cyan she a lie bout the boo dem whe him get a Raga show. Because, LA, we gots the tape … live and direct. So LA, you betta come talk up di tings dem.

Now it’s Cobra and Merciless


What the hell is happening, do we always have to be having a feud? Can’t the music survive without some artiste or the other being involved in some kind of bickering? Is it that these artistes have lost their creativity and the only way they can stay current is to build clash lyrics that their names can keep making the headlines and ringing on people’s lips?

It’s a sad day in dancehall music when we have so many clash lyrics and artistes throwing words at each other. The next on the list now is Merciless and Cobra who are engaged in a lyrics dissing game. Won’t even go there with the things they are saying, all we can say is that it’s time to rise above the foolishness and get back to the real business of making music. Nothing else interest us…seen.

Killer beating for Mumzell at Oaklands


It was high drama on the grounds of the Oaklands complex on Constant Spring Road early this morning as popular deejay Rodney Pryce and dancehall debutante and promoter, Mumzell had a strong, physical altercation.

Allegations are that the deejay, better known as Bounty Killer and Mumzell have been involved in a relationship and it is speculated that “things have gone sour”.

According to one eyewitness report, “Mumzell come a di apartment fi mash up Bounty vehicle. And when she look a Killer dat to rhatid a come in like King Alarm.”

It is reported that a frightened Mumzell, with nowhere to run, had no choice but to brace for a Killer beating.

“Killer gi har some box and kick, she never know wha’ reach har,” the YardFlex source said, adding that Mumzell is “no walk over as she a girl who get off a murder charge couple years ago when a nex’ gal rush her and she stab her.”

Sources say that Mumzell, whose name had been linked to Junior ‘One Blood’ Reid, had dissed Bounty recently, but with two court cases already hanging over his head, the deejay had chosen to ignore it.

Mumzell is also the promoter of a weekly Thursday night dance in Southside, which Bounty is reuted to “buss out”.



How Beenie just get up and go crash Alicia Keys party so? Who him tink him is? The man turn up uninvited wid about 20 guests but the people dem almost never let him in. Ah somebody did haffi come beg fi him come in and ting and the man dem entourage wolf down the people dem food and gwaan wid a bagga tings inna the place. Wah Beenie feel like? And why him never carry Barbee? Dem nah deal again?



So who is the greedy one now? Memba when Buju call Junior Reid, Junior Greed? Well, if yu live inna glass house, don't throw no rock stone. People, tell me how much money Buju really mek fi a stage show mek him haffi go resort to something like this? Yo, yu know how much people woulda love have a talent so dem can mek real money without having to do nothing illegal, or work a boring 9 to 5 weh yu can barely pay yu bills month time. And him ah talent weh him can sing Not An Easy Road and Driver and Deportee fi 90 minutes and mek US$30,000 fi one night and gone get mix up inna something like this. Come on, man! If him guilty, dog nyam him supper because ah him ah the greedy one, look how much black people look up to him and admire him and now the white system have him weh dem can deal wid him like a commonas. Buju, yu go LUUUUUUU. Yu better watch yu headback and wear an iron brief inna the Yankee system because the gays dem after yu


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Mi girlfriend call me and ah say she see the whole ah the Empire yute dem pack up inna the airport inna Trinidad and ah wonder if dem nah badda come fi do the show wid Teacha on Wednesday night. Mi affi tell her say anno refuse dem a refuse dem entry, dem just on dem way from Guyana en route to Jamaica. But what a calamity though eh? Dem haffi a sing out dem throat ah do dubplate fi work off dem debt and den when dem a go back home, the Teacha ah fly in to the same country like nothing never happened. When dem a fly out, him a fly in fi a next show, whoi, mi body! Mi sorry, but if mi is a student inna fi him classroom, ah one ting mi a learn, mi nah go pon no plane widout him, mi haffi right beside him p p cluck cluck, nothing like this caan happen again. Not dis ya dutty gal ya, mi learn mi lesson one time, that's all mi waan, after mi head no tough. Mi just hope say dem tek notes and know wha clock a strike now.

Gary give me one more night


What a way the debate is raging regarding Busy Signala’s adapatation of Phil Collin’s One More Night. It was total drama on Thursday when Ragasdhanti played the song about five times and asked listeners to give their opinions on what they heard.

Just like us they heard “Gary give me just one more night!” Whooi it is totally madness as everywhere we go it is the hot conversation topic these days.

Some are cursing the engineer though saying that he should have corrected the error when he had the chance.

“How him fi meck a ting like dat escape when the DJ sey “baby” and meck it sound like “Gary”.

“Yuh done know busy a galis, look how him have three woman did pregnant one time fi him at one point,” Signal’s supporter pointed out.

Sometime ago Beenie Man came under the same fire for his song Who Am I with the troublesome line being “How can I make love to a fellow, in a rush,” Beenie later explained that it was all a matter of a comma.

What happen to Ninjaman?


Big and serious, dem really nah let out Ninjaman outa di jail star? When you check it out him inside a di cell for a long time now. Yuh member one time Ninja did sey if dem lock him up him just a guh pretend sey him lock up inna him house and him last him key.

Well mi nuh tink sey no amount a pretending cause erase dis ya situation, cause him woulda haffi have a great imagination fi look past di amount a days whey him under lockup.

But di ting bout it is dat with Sting lineup suh lame, dem really need one big surprise fi rescue dem like di fact sey Ninja a go meck it a Sting.

Still wi nah too hold wi breath fi dah one yah.

But speaking a Sting, like how Vybz and Mavado sign peace treaty…a who a guh clash….and wi nah talk di comic strip ting wid Goofy and LA Lewis neither?

That Gaza/Gully peace treaty and Sting


So people, like how the Gaza and the Gully no longer at war what a go happen a Sting??? Of course we haffi big up Kartel and Mavado fi really shake hand and turn friend again, but everybody know say dem did a come under nuff pressure from police and government so dem never really have no choice.

Anyway, we still a ask how di clash a go go at Sting! Did somebody say no Gaza/Gully war; No Sting?

Well, there’s always LA Lewis and Goofy and we hear some lickle rumble a gwaan with Ele and Flippa like sumptin’ coulda happen.

Missa Laing, you need more than a rabbit foot fi give you di luck fi pull of this one. You need a whole hutch full a rabbit.

She do it again … she beat him!


What really a gwaan with poor Tiger Woods? After days of silence, the golfer finally come out with apology to him wife and everybody else pon di planet and so the speculation really start now if a really beat the wife did beat him. Cause it did look so strange bout she haffi break out back glass of SUV to help him come out of the vehicle. And him still don’t say where him was going at 2:30 in the morning, two days after story buss inna gossip magazine bout him affair with a next girl. And now one next girl again a say how she a go sell story to media bout some text that Tiger did send her. Bwoy, Tiger, you cawna look dark. Ou better come a JA come cool out fi a while.

Muta de pon TV


Bwoy wi teck in Muta di odda night a talk bout water and wi get di feeling if a sey all di obsess wi a get bout dis spring water ting, it not as clean as we surmise. Still wi find it interesting, him talk to all kind a expert and tings. But dat woan be di ongle ting him a talk bout. Him a guh even deeper inna di water issues cause him a explore why people fraid fi drink pipe water, and why dem tink sey dem caan boil it and drink. Di programme deh pon CVM and it name Simply Muta, it a come every Monday 9:30. According to him him gwine be talking up a lot of tings suh wi kinda intrigued by di fuss one, so wi a guh meck sure gi it a nex’ press Monday night again.

But a whey Laing a offer inna di Sky Box


Everybody waa know a wha Laing a offer people inna di Sky Box why di ticket price set a US $5000. No sah dat sound like him waan use dat dey money pay di artistes dem and den kip di gate receipts. Tink bout it US$5000 per person a over $400,000 Jamaican fi one night…a whey dem a guy eat and drink suh? Mi head a hurt mi.



Mr G really a guh clash wid dancehall clown LA Lewis? Lawks a mercy, mi nearly drop dung when mi si di section inna di Sting lineup name Dancehall Face Off and LA Lewis and Mr G face pop up. But a wha kina careless date eh. A pure laughing di people dem did a duh a di launch.

What a bag a confusion

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Sting 2009 have dem big launch a di Pegasus Bar lounge last night and mi a tell yuh mi nearly faint. Cause di place pack nuh hell and everyting did come een like a one big bag a confusion. People cram up, yuh caan walk free, di likkle area just chuck up suh. Fi real after twenty odd years a dis ting you woulda tink sey every year di launch woulda get hotter and hotter.

Ele high unda Ishawna?


What really a gwaan wid Ele and and Ishawna. A how di two a dem so lovey dovey pon stage and a wine up wine up and all these tings ova di Henny party Saturday night? Bout di two a dem go inna studio and record two new song together. To rhatid, everybody is a singer or a deejay. And Ele all a call up Foota name. We all hear Ele a style up Ishawna as di first lady and a say how she buss now. But a coulda what this? Look out fi di two a dem pon Sting.

Lisa Hype party still a go keep Thursday?


So like how the Gaza president nuh inna nutten wid Lisa Hype, what a go happen to her birthday party. People a say it look like it nah go can keep cause a pere bawling she still deh pon and plus she and her boss no inna nutten right now. But a wha she coulda did do so fi mek her boss a treat har so? At least him coulda did wait till after di girl have her birthday bashment fi expose dem dirty deeds.

A nuh gangsta behaviour dat


A dat a di message Mavado send to Kartel pon stage ova Hennessey on Saturday. And everybody know what him was talking about. We nuh know how Gaza a go live dung di ya one. It’s not pretty at all. Di other three Gaza princess dem better tek sleep and mark death cause you know how these tings go. These sex pictures like company -- remember Milk and Candace? And it come in like seh one mix-up monkey let loose ya now, so all di gangster and gangstress dem who know dem hide and lick better be prepared fi di judgement when dem picture release.

What’s going on?


By Rootzgirl

Last night while watching the news my attention was drawn to the story about a 52-year-old man who was beaten by resident of Kiloncoly District in St Mary.

Now what was so disturbing about the news is the fact that this man has been known to be fooling around little girls and little boys.

What eventually lead to his being beaten is the fact that he was in a house with a 16-year-old boy. His relative was looking for him and was drawn to strange sounds coming from the house.

The youth eventually came out and was seeing fixing his pants. Minutes later the elder man came out, it was then that an alarm was raised and he was pounced on by residents.

At a time when we are reading about being more sensitive to homosexuals and they are pushing for their rights…I have to ask the question, what rights do they want?

Do they want the right to corrupt your children, introducing them to a lifestyle they haven’t taken the time to think about?

The right to corrupt young girls and mess them up before they have a chance to mature?

The right to use a man or woman to hide the fact that they really gays?

What’s really going on? How come I am not hearing as loud a noise from the straight community as the homos are making?

Honestly, I wish someone would holla at me and tell me what’s really going on.

Order of Distinction or Order of Duttiness

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Jackass sey di world nuh level and a true. Look much respectable people yuh have out deh fi receive Order of Distinction and sometimes dem select some people whey nah set no example fi di youths dem and wuss when it come to dem people relationship it stink to high heaven.

Yuh have some whey step cross di lawn and receive dem OD (well in a fi dem case a Order of Duttiness) cause dem treat some a dem employees wuss dan dawgs and di poor employees dem nuh have nuh rights most a di times. And when dem open dem mouth fi chat dem tell dem sey dem can always find a next job…cause dem know sey job scarce and dem hold a stick over dem head.

Den yuh have di case in point a dis well know genius whey dem gi OD di odda day. Him have a wife whey live a Miami and dem married from Johnny was a bwoy and it look like him just ketch him age cause him have a son whey him 20-year-old bear him. Wi understand sey him and she mash up and him teck up a nex young ting.

Him wife fly in and discover di birth paper and call him fi ask him whey a gwaan. She ask if di marriage done and him sey “yes star it done!” just like dat brap.

No sah people caan cold suh…a just one ting we waan ask, when yuh get OD shouldn’t there be some kind a emphasis on good levity, morals and a stable family life? Mi nuh know…mi just a sey!

L A Lewis talk up di tings


Bwoy what a piece a almshouse Winford Williams carry out Onstage man. Big and serious him really common out him programme when him gi LA Lewis suh much time fi talk bout him conflict with Mr G. But the thing that really crack mi up is when him sey him dere to address Mr G Brochure…now mi nuh know how dat word fit in, but mi assume it have something to do with the allegations whey Mr G did meck di week before. Plus him a talk bout di ongle way Mr G can get whey off di charges is if him agree to clash him at Sting on Boxing Day. Now Laing coulda suh careless fi set up dat…well unless him waan provide comic relief fi di Sting massive dem. Lawks, a week. If a laugh a pop up.



People, dem did say Kartel park Lisa Hype and she start get mawger-er and lose all ten pounds offa weh she no have already. But my girl smart, she never despair, she just do her chemical research and find a new bleaching cream and got her hairstylists and say 'gimme sumpen mad!' and her stylist go so baps, and flip inna a new ting, and shave off one side of her head and throw some colour inna it. And people, guess what? It connect. From she go studio the day, him all up inna her coolaid, and ah dance wid her and then ah she and him again. Yu nuh see how her career step up inna the last month, her song dem a shot, she gone a Bahamas gone perform and look fi her family, she tek the front page of the paper the other day and now she ah plan big birthday bash. Lisa Hype, tek yu forward, yu look good, yu bleaching reach and yu have the General heart inna yu hip pocket. A bayyy!!!!1

Stone Love rule

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Bwoy caan tell unno how people tiad a di Gully, Gaza foolishness. Si deh wi hear sey Super Claude guh play di two a dem a one big posh dance a Texas and di whole a di people dem come offa di dance floor cause dem nuh war inna nuh dancehall mix up and ediot song when dem waan dance. A good ting Wee Pow was in di house and him put on some Ben E King and dem kinda classics and di Black and White Affair session nice again.

A lesson to selectors whey nuh know dis...when yuh have classic, big people sinting di ongle ting dem waan hear is good music...when yuh dancehall session den yuh can play dem cause dem dem audience deh nuh really care.

What’s poppin

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Bwoy wi hear sinting, but win uh too wah broadcast it too tough, but to tell di truth, we haffi extend sympathy to di DJ ex wife whey get pregnant fi one next DJ. We hear sey she lose di baby. Well a just suh life go sometimes.

A who have AIDS?


A true…nah sah, mi nah believe dey one dey. Dem have it a talk sey di top entertainer have AIDS but him a hold it dung. No, mi nah talk di tiad rumour wid Elephant Man either, is one dat woulda shock unno fi find out. And di ting bout it is that it woulda real serious if a true cause di amount a woman whey him one sleep wid woulda mean sey a nuff nuff people a Jamaica and foreign get it through him alone. Dats why mi always sey ynuh, if unna a guh bat, go wid unno shield, cause just because artistes big and got money nuh mean sey unno can trust up unnoself to dem.

Entertainment world mix up bad

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No bwoy, mi head a hot mi, in fact it still a spin from all a di mix up whey inna entertainment. Big big female dancer whey look sexy and ting, she just a go round and a sleep wid di entertainment personalities dem suh…from DJ to top man inna di biz. Yuh name it she nuh care, she just it fling it pon dem suh. My girl it nuh sound good, people a chat yuh nuff behind yuh back. Yuh look too good fi a guh around a gi whey tings careless suh. Lawks man, have some pride and focus pony uh career nuh!

What’s di difference?


Is how come certain DJ love lick out gainst homos and gwaan di most ways and mi buck up a few browning whey a chat how him get him groove on when him have sex wid har inna har bottom, lawks, mi caan tink bout it at all. It hot mi ynuh, cause mi did really rate deh DJ deh, but afta dis, mi just a wonda what’s di difference if you do a woman behind and a man own…nuh di same batty?

Cheating is a Game

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Bwoy mi a tell yuh when entertainer go fi live it up dem nuh easy at all. But come one man if you know you a sort out a certain waitress a yuh place nuh badda bring nuh warlord ex women and a gi har all a yuh attention. And it neva meck matters worse dat she keep referring to the barmaid as “kuh pon she tuh”.

An a nex ting, she know yuh get yuh groove on wid di bartender and she a duh di same ting wid yuh….suh why she a throw wud pon di odda woman.

Still wi haffi big yuh up fi skillfully keeping the peace and meck sure sey di situation nuh get outa hand.

A Nuh Straight People Kill di British Consul Man!!

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What a way dem a try mek it look like say a straight people kill di British Consul man "John Terry",Yeh! di british who dem find dead di other day. Di foreign press fi stop these tings. Dem fi stop smear,Jamaican's wid di nastiness. Everybody know di man did gay and a one a im luva kill im. A nuh hate crime;it was a crime of passion,and di police know it to. A just true dem nuh really want to come out and say it.


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aidonia 1.jpgAmidst a bevy of allegations that has the streets buzzing, dancehall artiste Sheldon Lawrence better known as Aidonia is now attempting to clear his name and add some clarity to the malicious accusations by unscrupulous personnel to taint his character.

It’s understood that following utterances made by the deejay at this Summer's Fullyloaded, where he said "Big up Bounty Killer", many have now taken it as a foregone conclusion that Aidonia has rejoined the ranks of the Alliance and is now the new ghostwriter responsible for the Bounty Killer diss tracks aimed at Vybz Kartel.

However Aidonia said he wants to make it clear to the public that though he respects the warlord for his contribution to the industry, he is not a part of the Alliance movement nor is he a Ghostwriter for the cross, angry deejay. "mi nuh know weh people get it fi say mi write song fi Killer fi diss Kartel ... mi even see it pon a site seh mi attack Kartel, I have nothing against Bounty nor Kartel, if the two ah dem feuding that is not my concern, a mi co-workers dem and I wish dem nothing but the best, right now a just music mi seh and J.O.P a that a my focus". - He added.

mr vegas.jpg 1. bye the damn cow sorry for all the bad words twitters but i am fed up with being looked at like a punkabout 12 hours ago from mobile web
2. while i am here following old f---king mith about humble calf suck the most milk bullshit I been getting kicked over too long nowabout 12 hours ago from mobile web
3. i am too f--king humble in this business thats why killa and kartel and mavado them guh through they just dont give a fuck.contabout 12 hours ago from mobile web
4. no wonder dancehall music is dying how the fuck all these lame ass mother fucker get to perform on jamborie and i dont get to are you .contabout 12 hours ago from mobile web

Ele send back Flossing King money

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flippa mafia.jpgFlippa a say a just lyrics and him and Ele no have no war, but it look like Ele a pree di ting different. Cause him send back the deposit money wha him did tek fi do Flippa show a Philly. So it look like all the talk bout a just lyrics and nutten no behind it was just bare talk. But, we nah tell no lie, the song dem go hard and Ele talk up some wicked tingz bout di Flossing King and how him get him money. We haffi keep dis a one yah locked, cause we hear say a nuff tingz a go buss out and we haffi gi onu di news first.

A who Killa a vist?

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killa 1.jpgA how Killa find back a groove so? From him dun di place a Sumfest, is like him tek way di hype from him son, Mavado. Right now, all di talk is on Bounty, and him just a put out some big bad tune like him a show everybody say him still have it. Then Killa go over Gaza City Portmore and tek Champions In Action from di Gaza President Kartel. And we hear say him deh a foreign a mash up di place. Foreign no good no more after Bounty dun wid it. Whoeva him a go to fi advice, it betta stick wid dem cause it no normal, is like some odda force involved. Killa to di flippin worl’!

A bare sintin sintin wid di Doctor and him wife

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picture needed.jpgPeople a ask what really a gwaan between the Doctor and him estrange wife? It look like him find the right prescription cause don’t ask if she neva just fling it up pon him a Sizzle di other night. And di two a dem did dress inna black and red like it was a plan ting. A long time we a hear say nuff candle a light and bare sintin sintin but we cyan confirm nutten, so we nah point no finga. A just nuff mouth talk, but you know whey dem say: If it no go so, it go nearly so. Anyway, Beenie and D’Angel, gwaan sort out.

A which artiste deh pon maternity leave?

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Bwoy wi used to tink sey a female artiste alone when dem pregnant go pon maternity leave…but it come eeb like sey when certain artiste woman pon di side a carry him pickney, den him haffi teck maternity leave. Yeah man nuff promoter a complain sey him nah teck nuh show too far from yard as him caan afford fi leave him odda woman side…next ting anyting guh wrong and him nuh deh near. Still wi big up da move deh, but a wonda how him up front woman a deal with all a dat?

Beenie fi call a spade a spade
How Beenie Man a come meck it look like sey him a dis peaceful artiste whey ongle waan peace and unity inna di business and a come throw stones at the Alliance and a meck it look like sey a dem meck him get boo a Portmore. Him fi memba sey him go jump and record song sey A Gaza Mi Sey and stop buy out people argument cause when it backfire pon yuh, yuh nuh have nobady fi blame but yuhself.

A wha dis fada?

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uh.jpgBut a ha dat wi a hear sah. Wi teck up di Chat! And si whey cops beat Kentucky Kid and him pregnant wife. Now if dat a true, wi s sey a straight almshouse and ediot ting dat. Unno memba Kentucky Kid why did have di run in wid di police cause dem drive inna him car and a meck it look like sey a him wrong? Yeah a di same one, nutten but dem bex and a try intimidate di likkle youth.

What a piece a boo

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boo_puru.gifNo bwoy di boo whey Beenie Man and Kartel get mi hear sey people all inna Clarendon coulda hear it. Mi did tink sey it loud inna Jamworld, but wi get fi understand si it go beyond di Jamworld walls.

Jah know star Beenie Man shoulda did know betta dan dat. Fi smady whey sey him inna di business fi 30 years, him should have antennae fi know when people want war and teck himself outa di mix. Look dey now, him did done get one solid one a Mandela concert a Half-Way-Tree and him come put himself inna di place fi pick up one nedda one.

And a nex’ ting wha meck him nuh have nuh shame gone ask Alliance fi come pon him show…noh sah. Beenie straight…a time fi yuh have sense.

Vybz Kartel-Toilet Paper( Bounty Killer Diss)


Bounty Killer-Chatta Box(Vybz Kartel diss)

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It wasn’t me, says Lutan Fyah

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Lutan Fyah_wasnt_me_puru.jpgConscious reggae artiste, Lutan Fyah, has reacted to reports that he had a physical altercation with a fan in Sweden last weekend.

The entertainer, who is in Europe on tour, allegedly boxed down a female fan at a venue recently. Lutan, however, has denied all knowledge of this incident.

“All that talk about me box dung woman in Sweden is foolishness,” the singer told YardFlex in an interview this week.
“First, I know nothing about that. There was no altercation with me and any woman in Sweden,” the dreadlocked entertainer emphasized.
He continued, “How could I have done something like this? Can a man hit a woman in Europe and not go to jail?” he queried.

Lutanwas emphatic in his pronouncement that “it is all lies. I know nothing about this,” he declared.

The artistes is continuing his our of Europe.

Why now?

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By Rootsgirl
Rasta-Girl-Posters.jpgReading the paper the other day I couldn't help but think to myself that this government is excelling when it comes to pressuring the poor. For donkey years the people of Portmore have been operating their bars, shops, hair salons, and doing their juggling to make a at a time when the recession is battering everybody, they decide they are cracking down on them.

They claim they will have to stop operating businesses in their homes...although the homeowners have agreed that they will even pay a fee if it comes to the test.
Considering that a lot of folks are losing their homes, jobs and fighting hard to keep their heads above the waters it really sucks.
With their borrowing relationship back on with the IMF it is anticipated that things are gonna get leave the people them let them try and make a living the best way they know how.

St_James_independence_Christopher Martin_edit_puru.jpgYardflex understands that past Rising Star winner Christopher Martin has parted ways with his girlfriend of over three years.

According to our sources, even though the two are still on friendly terms the relationship is definitely over.

“Trust me, he couldn’t have found a nicer, more down to earth woman to deal with. She is real cool, not the type to be confrontational or in your face. It just goes to show that men don’t know what they want. I don’t think she saw this one coming at all,” our source revealed.

The source went on to add that Sasha (his ex girlfriend) resided in the States, but she would commute as often as she could to be with him.

Then she started hearing some rumours about his being involved with someone else. She kept asking him about it and he kept denying it that she was the only one.

A source close to the ex couple said they were not surprised when the relationship fell apart.

“She is such as decent girl that even after all that he has done, she has nothing but good things to say about him. I really don’t get it,” the source commented.

Yardflex understands that part of the problem could be because she was based in the States.

Junior Reid owe again?

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Junior_Reid_PURU.jpgWhat is this we are reading about Junior Reid and owing the fisherman for over $45,000 for what he took when he held his birthday bash. For real when I read it, I had to think back to a about two years ago when this man came forward and said he owed him for equipment he rented for his studio. Up to the time of the article being posted he was still owed a large sum of money.

Now the fisherman taking the One Blood singer to court over his money. Yup according to the report in the Star Reid has been summoned to appear in the Linstead resident magistrate's court on September 7 for 45,000 worth of fish that he allegedly failed to pay for.

The allegation is that on June 6 the entertainer took fish from the complaint, Besta Llyod, with the agreement to settle after his annual show, Junior Reid birthday Bash: held the same day in Portmore. Having made a number of request for his money and receiving no favorable response from the artiste, legal redress was sought.

Yardflex came across this little gem and w just had to share it!!!

Did Rasta entertainer box down Swedish fan?

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PURU_LUTAN_FYAH.tif.jpgUnconfirmed reports out of Sweden are that one of reggae’s upcoming, conscious artistes boxed down a female fan at a venue in that country over the weekend.

It is alleged that the Rastafarian artiste, who is on an European tour, was “wifing up” the Swedish fan the entire time, but things took a turn for the worse when, at the end of the evening, she decided to leave with a member of the band.
“Him get mad and box her dung … straight a dutty,” an insider told YardFlex.

The artiste, who is of a “fiery” persona and has been hauled before the court in Jamaica for such charges — a case which was dismissed — reportedly felt that he was “dissed”.
“A people haffi beg har not to call police,” the source continued.
Efforts to get to the artiste’s management team proved futile.

No conscience artistes

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NO_c_Puru.jpgOn a serious note…wi can’t even write this in patois cause we want everyone to be able to read it and for you to holla us what you think.

Do you think it fair that some artistes who nothing much is going on for them to charge as much as $25,000 and we are not talking Jamaican, we are talking US…yes Uncle Sam. When one mediocre artiste charges that and he still has other acts to deal with…how does the promoter makes back their money. I think that it’s time promoters come together and keep dances instead of taking the loss for these unconscionable acts who not only wants to “dig out promoters eyes, but demands per diem, plus up to 10 hotel rooms, and top of the line first class tickets.

These conscious kings and queens and others come off like they care for the poor and they love their fans to the max…but when they charge these top of the line fees then promoters have no choice but to pass it on to the fans in ticket costs which sometimes prove too high…the promoter ends up losing their shirts, artistes get paid to perform to an empty house and fans do what they do best download songs and or buy the bootlegged copies.

Promoters should just keep dances and invest in selectors who will play their music and fans can enjoy themselves still.
It’s time for good sense to prevail. Everyone is feeling the recession, have some mercy…but then again…promoters should have more sense and invest their monies in a surer bet…leave the greedy artistes for now and let’s see how they like it when shows stop coming in.


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ROSIE.jpgEverybody a ask a how di rosie one so brazen. After har name call up and mek front page inna paper and people nuh stop chat bout har baby madda, Billie Jean kinda drama and how test come back and prove say a no dat deh entertainer deh a di baby puppa, the girl really hold har chin up high and come back a town a pose up side-a promoter. My girl, we know say you dun cute already but you muss have lickle shame and pride. No man, we couldn’t believe it when we see har a di celebrity football match wha day yah, well pose up and a gi laugh fi peas soup. Dat doan right. All Ele did deh deh. Mi hear some people did a ask if Ele did a go deejay di song when him call har name. But, fi real, mi tink sey she woulda tek it fi a big up.

Alliance obeah strong

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Ob_puru.jpgYardflex interviewed a young girl out of Montego Bay by the name of Shelly and honestly she had the strangest story to tell.

According to her, her life is a living hell right now as she feels she has been heavily scienced by one main member of the Alliance – Mavado.

She said that being a fan of the DJs in the group she couldn’t wait to go to a stage in Montego Bay where she first came in contact with Mavado.

“Him fi mi and like mi and start fi look mi and mi tell him sey mi have mi baby father and mi nuh interested inna no relationship,” she explained to Yardflex.

Shelly claimed that the Gully God did not take lightly to his advances being turned down and he told her that “mi a guh frig yuh up.”

According to her since then things have started to go downhill for her.

“If mi pickney fi get a money from foreign it nuh work out. A pure torment mi inna. Mi and people round mi caan gree. Mi nuh know everyting just mess up.”

Responding to Yardflex question on how the DJ would know where she lived to cause her to be in problems with her neighbours she quipped, “Mi nuh know it come een like sey a di ring whey him have one, it have certain powers…di first time mi si him mi sense something evil,” was the response.

Shelly says she just wants the haunting to stop and that she can go back to living in peace with her neighbours and her child can propser.

Anybody si di video man teeth?

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teeth_puru.jpgNo man dis is outright almshouse and disrespect when a man lose him teeth and have to be appealing for its return. Yardflex a beg unno please, anybody find demself with more teeth dan dem shoulda have fi return the extra one to di rightful owna.

On a real serious note, di popular video man from Dutty Fridehz International Invasion is appealing to the public to return his teeth.

Peter aka Bump lose it on July 31 and unno caan miss it cause it have gold pon it and him have a feeling a one a di dancers dem teck it.

Wi nah cast nuh stone but a nuff dancer did inna di house such as Shelly belly, Muma dagga, Raqoon. Ila, Marvin and Terry. Unno help out di video man, cause maybe unno did si a likkle play go dung. But it come een like a not even him alone did have sinting happen to him wi alla hear sey Muma Dagga fell and broke her foot.

Wi hope di nex' post wi meck is fi sey di video man get back him teet

Bar-Bee and The Game dating?

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barbee fix pic.jpgWhat’s the deal with Bar-Bee and gangsta rapper The Game. People are beginning to talk regarding her liaison with him.

The sexy dancehall diva has been spending a lot of time in Los Angeles, California these days, hanging out with Billboard riding rapper and actor, The Game. In fact, people are beginning to wonder what’s the deal with the two. Is the reggae princess hooking up with the gangsta rapper? The question was posed to her and she only laughed and said she has learnt her lesson the last time.

She wasn’t about to live her personal life in public again. “No comment,” was her response. What is confirmed, however, is that Barbee recently made a cameo appearance in The Game’s latest Hollywood movie, ‘House Arrest’. The movie – which also stars everyone’s favorite ‘Clueless’ girl Stacey Dash from the films ‘Chrome Angels’, ‘Phantom Punch’, Getting Played’ and the ‘CSI’ series – is described as a “dramedy” by director Billy Washington, and centers around a “high maintenance girl who meets a quick money scheming man.” Written by Andrea Weathersby, who also serves as an executive producer, ‘House Arrest’ is being executive produced by Cassius Vernon Weathersby. Weathersby has worked on such films as ‘You Got Served’ and ‘The Great White Hope’. The Game, who continues to develop his acting career, was last in the crime thriller ‘Street Kings’ alongside Keanu Reeves and Forest Whitaker. He has also starred in the movies ‘Waist Deep’, ‘Belly 2’, ‘Doctor’s Advocate’, among others, and featured in top ranking video games like ‘Grand Theft Auto’ and ‘Def Jam’. The Game’s top selling singles include ‘My Life’, ‘Games Pain’, ‘Hate It or Love It’, ‘How We Do’, ‘Dreams, ‘Lets Ride’, ‘Higher’, ‘One Blood’, among several others. According to sources, Barbee met The Game on her June 12 trip to California for the Junior Reid event.

Lord deliver us!

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That’s it…just when I think we have sunk as low as we can go along comes a story that forces me to reconsider that thought!
Reading the Star about the story where a mother and her son forced a 15-year-old girl to have an abortion because she became pregnant for him.
Now you tell me this big old bark who should know better and yet he had unprotected sex with the girl. First of all, the teen is underage so there shouldn’t have been any sexual relationship of the kind. The mother instead of telling her son to stand up to his responsibilities…cause heaven knows we don’t expect her to turn him in to the authorities, compound the error by forcing the child to have an abortions.
Looking at the ramifications…she could be emotionally scarred for the rest of her life, not to mention that the abortion could prevent her from having another child later in life.
What that mother should do is encourage her son not to get involved in relationships with underage girls…where are the mothers to be standing up for their little girls?