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shane-alexis.jpgThe People's National Party says it has taken note of a press release issued by Young Jamaica, the youth arm of the Jamaica Labour Party, contents of which have been published in the media.

The Party issued a statement stating that contrary to the assertions made in the press release, Dr. Shane Alexis was not granted a scholarship through the Jamaica/Cuban programme which over many years has afforded Jamaicans the opportunity to study in the neighbouring country free of cost.

TherRelease said Dr. Alexis studied at his family's expense and to his credit has spent all of his professional years serving the Jamaican people in the public health system.

Dr Alexis has instructed his attorneys to pursue legal redress in this matter, as he and his family have been hurt by the false and defamatory charges contained in the press release.


tremayne-brown.jpgTremayne Brown, the rescuer of a drowning boy in Trench Town, Kingston, received the Badge of Honour for Gallantry at King's House in St Andrew today.

Twenty-four-year-old Brown was hailed as a hero by residents of Trench Town and Arnett Gardens following his valiant rescue of 12-year-old Renaldo Reynolds who was swept away in a gully on Collie Smith Drive on September 8.


Last month, Culture Minister Olivia Grange disclosed that Prime Minister Andrew Holness suggested that Brown be given a national award for risking his own life to save 12-year-old Renaldo Reynolds, a student of Jones Town Primary.

In a JIS interview Brown, who a few months before his valiant effort was deported from England, said his life had changed a lot since the day of the rescue and opted to thank Jamaicans for being so welcoming of him.

A passenger on a public bus is being hailed as a Heroes Day hero when he used his licensed firearm to kill one of two thieves trying to rob a passenger bus on Monday, National Heroes Day.

The police say a .38 Smith and Wesson revolver with five rounds of ammunition was taken from the dead thief.

Reports are that the bus was travelling along Spanish Town Road around 5:45 Monday morning when the two men attempted to rob passengers.

The driver and another man were shot during the robbery.

The license firearm holder reportedly intervened and shot one of the men.

The injured persons were taken to hospital where the gunman was pronounced dead.

patrick-powell-mais-killer-free.jpgBusinessman Patrick Powell has been ordered to pay the family of slain Kingston College student Khajeel Mais just over 2 million dollars.

The order was made in the Supreme Court yesterday by Justice Stephanie Jackson Haisley in a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the businessman by the parents of the 17-year-old.

Jackson Haisley ordered that Powell pay the estate of Khajeel Mais special damages of 1.7 million dollars with interest of three per cent from July 1, 2011, the same day he was killed.

Powell has also been ordered to pay 206,788 dollars in special damages with three per cent interest from February last year.

The award comes 20 months after the case ended with a default judgement.

Powell did not contest the suit.

He is serving a nine-month sentence for failing to turn over his licensed firearm and ammunition to police investigators probing Mais death.

Khajeel Mais was shot and killed while traveling in a taxi in Havendale, St Andrew.

In the lawsuit, Noel and Allana Mais contended that their son was lawfully travelling in a taxi when Powell pulled alongside the vehicle.

They claimed that the businessman negligently and without cause discharged his firearm and shot their son who later succumbed to his injuries.

According to Noel and Allana Mais, the businessman failed to carry out any or sufficient enquiries before resorting to the use of lethal force in firing on their son, who was unarmed and posed no threat to him.

guns-found-at-newport-west.jpgThe Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC) is searching for a St. Andrew woman for questioning in connection with Sunday's arms and ammunition find at a warehouse at Newport West in Kingston.

The shipment of guns and ammunition, which was concealed as food items, was addressed to the individual.

Six guns and more than 500 rounds of ammunition were seized by the Customs Enforcement Team.

Shortly after midday, four hand guns, two M-16 rifles and 507 assorted rounds of ammunition were found in a barrel.

It was shipped from the United States and destined for an address in Kingston 11.

PNP says candidate Shane Alexis is legal

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shane-alexis.jpgThe People's National Party has accused the ruling Jamaica Labour Party of using scare-mongering tactics, following the JLP's revelation that PNP candidate for South East St Mary in the upcoming by-election, Dr Shane Alexis, is a Canadian citizen.

In a news release, the PNP noted that the Jamaican Constitution is clear that persons born in Commonwealth countries are eligible to sit in the Houses of Parliament, and slammed JLP Member of Parliament and Minister of Finance, Audley Shaw, over what it said was Shaw's suggestion that Alexis was not properly nominated.

"Shaw's scare mongering is despicable and can only be viewed as a desperate attempt to distract the voters of South East St Mary," the PNP said.

"Mr Shaw knows very well that there are members of his own Party currently seated in the Houses of Parliament, who also hold Commonwealth citizenship. He should also be aware that former JLP leader and former Prime Minister, the Most Hon Edward Seaga was not born in Jamaica," the party said.

The PNP explained that Alexis was born in Canada, but came home to Jamaica as a young child, and attended Sts. Peter and Paul Preparatory School and Campion College in Jamaica.

He completed his undergraduate education in Jamaica and thereafter received a scholarship to study medicine in Cuba, the party said, noting that after completing his medical training, Dr Alexis returned to Jamaica and worked in several public medical institutions, including doing training and working at the Kingston Public Hospital, Bustamante Hospital for Children and the Annotto Bay Hospital.

In addition, Alexis has served as president of the Jamaica Medical Doctors' Association, and was appointed to the board of the National Health Fund (NHF) by the present JLP administration, noted the PNP.

"Having lived the majority of his life in Jamaica, Dr Alexis is committed to service and the country's development," the party said.

Top gangster killed by cops; Glock seized

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gunman-killed.jpgThe police say a gunman linked to a gang in Old Harbour was killed during a confrontation with them last night.

The dead man has been identified as Paul J. Lewis.

Police reports are that Lewis fired shots at them, they responded with gunfire hitting Lewis who later died.

They say a Glock 40 pistol with 12 rounds was seized.

The police say Lewis was a member of the G-City gang that was circulating voice notes with death threats against the police after their leader was fatally shot.

Big bad USA eliminated from World Cup!

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The United States have been eliminated from World Cup contention, a shocking loss to Trinidad and Tobago ending the Americans' streak of seven straight appearances at football's showcase.

Twenty-eight years after a stunning victory at Trinidad put the Americans back in the World Cup after a four-decade absence, their chances for next year's tournament in Russia ended on this island nation off the coast of Venezuela.

Trinidad and Tobago scored a pair of first-half goals, and the United States were eliminated with a 2-1 defeat Tuesday night -- the first time missing the World Cup since 1986.

The U.S. entered their final qualifier with a berth uncertain for the first time since 1989. Home losses to Mexico last November and Costa Rica left the Americans little margin for error.

The 28th-ranked Americans needed merely a tie against 99th-ranked Trinidad, who their sixth straight qualifier last week. But the defeat -- coupled with Honduras' come-from-behind 3-2 win over Mexico and Panama's 2-1 victory over Costa Rica on Ramon Torres' 88th-minute goal -- dropped the Americans from third place into fifth in the six-nation final round of the North and Central American and Caribbean region.

bail.jpgThe police say that six inmates escaped from the Linstead Police Lock-up on Wednesday morning.

Reports are that about 9:30 am, police at the facility went to make checks and discovered that several of the inmates were missing.

The escapees on the run are:

- Shane Wellington, 25-year-old of Cassava Pond, Ewarton, St Catherine, charged with murder and frequents Ewarton and Breadnut Hill in St Ann.

- Ezroy Cohen, 28-year-old of Banbury, Linstead. He was charged for burglary and rape.

- Damion Daley, 24-year-old of Banbury, Linstead. He was charged for arson.

- Daniel James, 22-year-old of Troja, St Catherine. He was charged for rape.

- Anthony Jarrett, 29-year-old of Mountain Pass, Linstead and Church Pen, Old Harbour both in St Catherine. He was charged for murder.

The sixth inmate who escaped custody, Alwayne Shakespear, was recaptured in the Linstead Market later in the day.

The Police are asking these men to turn themselves in or anyone with information as to their whereabouts to call the Linstead Police 985-2285, Police 119 Emergency Number or the nearest Police Station.

The Jamaica Evangelical Alliance (JEA) is seeking to distance itself from an upcoming conference examining the church and anti-sodomy laws across the Commonwealth.

The conference, dubbed Intimate Convictions, is to be held tomorrow and Friday at the University of the West Indies Regional headquarters.

A flyer advertising the conference says distinguished speakers from the Anglican, Adventist, Baptist, Roman Catholic Evangelical and United Churches would be making presentations.

However, in a release the JEA says it deems this conference as another attempt by the homosexual community to advance the homosexual agenda and to undermine the stance of the church against the normalisation of homosexuality.

The JEA says it categorically denies that any of its member denominations, organisations or individuals are presenters at or supporters of the upcoming conference.

The group says the Jamaican church stands united on the matters of buggery and homosexuality.

It has declared that it can, without fear of contradiction, say all denominations and umbrella groups affirm the biblical stance that the practice of homosexuality and buggery are sinful and inappropriate behaviours.

The JEA says it's time to make clear that the declarations of personal opinions by certain persons from the church be differentiated from the stance of the Jamaican Church as a whole.

Meanwhile, the church group is advising the homosexual community to repent and be baptised and seek trained professional counselling to address their sexual and relationship addictions.

$24 million worth of cocaine found at Port

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jamaica-cocaine-seized.jpgCocaine valuing more than $24 million was seized at the Port of Kingston on Friday, but no arrest has been made in conjunction with the find.

The drug was seized by members of the Jamaica Customs Contraband Enforcement Team (CET) and officers from the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Narcotics Division

According to Jamaica Customs, the team, while conducting routine operations, was alerted to a container that arose their suspicion. A further examination of the container led to the discovery of 15 rectangular packages with white powdery substance, which is believed to be cocaine.

The matter is currently being investigated by the Border Protection Division of the Jamaica Customs Agency and the Narcotics Division.

The police are warning motorists to desist from driving through the cane field along the Mandela Highway.

The Police, speaking via Twitter this morning, said motorists have been using the cane field to avoid traffic along the major thoroughfare.

They say drivers oftentimes get stuck while using the area and then turn to the police for assistance.

But, the police say they are not in a position to help.

They argued that given limited resources the police are unable to assist motorists who use the route illegally.

The police are urging motorists to use the main thoroughfare at all times.

Three men, including a Haitian, are now in police custody following the seizure of over 1,600 pounds of ganja, valued at $6.5 million in Hellshire, St Catherine, on Sunday.

According to law enforcement sources, the ganja was found by detectives from the Police Narcotics Division in 35 knitted bags and two plastic buckets.

The find was made along a section of the Hellshire coastline.

Investigators are now conducting secondary operations at addresses linked to the three men.

The Immigration status of the Haitian national is also being investigated.

Police are investigating a possible case of arson in Bobo Hill in St Andrew on fire Friday morning after several buildings were set ablaze, allegedly by a man who accused the Rastafarians on the Hill of killing his animal.

According to residents were meeting at a property when a man armed with a gun entered and accused them of killing his goat.Firefighters had to carry out cooling down operations in Bobo Hill, Bull Bay, St. Andrew after a man set several buildings .

"He then came into the camp, set our guard house on fire (and) our government buildings which includes office and conference centre doubling up as tabernacle while our tabernacle is being built," she said.

The man also set the houses of two priests on fire.

The police are investigating the incident.

The Grade 10 male student, who fatally stabbed another at the Edith Dalton James High school in Duhaney Park, St Andrew on Thursday has been charged with murder.

Police report that the student, who is from a St Andrew address was slapped with the charge on Saturday. The name of the student has been withheld because he is a minor.

Reports are that at about 11:30 am, the two grade 10 boys had a physical altercation. During the melee, one student pulled a sharp instrument and stabbed the other grade 10 student identified as Clive Matherson.

"One student was walking past and bounce off the other student watch; the (owner of the watch) told the other student to pick up the watch and an argument developed," one alleged eyewitness said.

The watch owner, Matherson was reportedly stabbed by the other student. The injured teenager was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The incident has left students and teachers in shock.

lisa-hanna-photo-4.jpgOpposition Spokesman on Foreign Affairs Lisa Hanna has apologised for the blunder which resulted in her wrongly expressing condolences for the death of St Lucia's Ambassador to the Organisation of American States, Anton Edmunds.

Hanna had issued a release yesterday expressing regret at the unfortunate demise of the St Lucian diplomat, whom she claimed, was a victim of the Las Vegas mass shooting on Sunday.

However, it was later revealed that the information was false.

This prompted Minister of Foreign Affairs, Senator Kamina Johnson Smith, to issue a release urging Hanna to exercise restraint and sensitivity when dealing with diplomatic issues.

Hanna, who was recently appointed the spokesman on foreign affairs, said the release with unverified information was inadvertently sent from her office.

A Grade 10 male student was fatally stabbed by another at the Edith Dalton James High School in Duhaney Park, St Andrew on Thursday morning.

Reports are that at about 11:30 am, the two grade 10 boys had a physical altercation. During the altercation, one student allegedly pulled a sharp instrument and stabbed the other student.

"One student was walking past and bounce off the other student watch; the (owner of the watch) told the other student to pick up the watch and an argument developed," one alleged eyewitness said.

The watch owner was then reportedly stabbed by the other student. He was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The incident has left students and teachers in shock.

andrew-holness-photo-5.jpgA video showing 10 St Catherine students participating in a sex challenge sweeping social media surfaced earlier this week and has been widely circulated, triggering outrage among many Jamaicans appalled at the lewdness of the minors. They were caught on video in their school uniform participating in a rather disturbing social media game.

The students were given a five-day suspension after school officials saw the video on Monday.

St Catherine High, a school which was attended by both Prime Minister Andrew Holness and his wife, Member of Parliament Juliet Holness, has faced flak since the emergence of the vulgar video.

lisa-hanna-photo-5.jpgOpposition spokesperson on foreign affairs, Lisa Hanna was left with egg on her face after a release she issued mourning the death of a St Lucian diplomat in the Las Vegas massacre turned out to be erroneous.

The statement attributed to Hanna was issued yesterday afternoon by the Opposition People's National Party (PNP) hours after St Lucia's Ambassador to the Organisation of American States Anton Edmunds rubbished the fake news in a post on his Facebook page.

Edmunds made the post at 10:52 pm Tuesday in response to news on social media that he was among the fatalities in Sunday's massacre in Las Vegas when a gunman fired on patrons at a concert, killing 58 people and himself in what is now acknowledged as the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

"So, before anyone continues to believe the false narrative that I was part of the death toll in Vegas, I was not there. I am fine, and the victims of this and other tragedies need our thoughts, prayers and support," Ambassador Edmunds wrote.

"The writers of the false narrative need to be flogged for screwing around with my family and friends," he added.

In her release, Hanna said she was "saddened by the tragic death" of Edmunds "and the other victims of the horrific shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada".

"It is with regret that I learnt that the ambassador had succumbed to the injuries sustained in the incident on Sunday night which claimed 58 other victims. Ambassador Edmunds succumbed to his injuries yesterday following the shooting incident," Hanna said.

The Health Ministry is rejecting the claim made by Education Minister, Ruel Reid, that the government is postponing its Human Papilloma Virus, HPV, vaccination programme.

The Health Ministry says it's proceeding with the programme, despite a claim to the contrary yesterday by Minister Reid.

It's also emphasizing that portfolio Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton, has not made any assertion that the programme is being postponed or pulled back.

Once again, Minister Reid - who's also the Information Minister - is at the centre of an episode of public miscommunication. He's caused confusion over the state of the HPV vaccination programme, saying the government was 'pulling back' to allow further sensitization.

At a press conference yesterday at his Heroes Circle Office, in downtown, Kingston, Nationwide News asked Minister Reid if by 'pulling back' he meant the programme was being postponed. He said, 'yes', adding that the government is 'caring' and 'responsive'. But the Director of Family Health Services in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Melody Ennis, is contradicting him. She says the Health Ministry is proceeding with the programme.

The rollout of the programme has raised concerns. Many parents and other stakeholders aren't sure of the side effects of the vaccine which is to help prevent cervical cancer in girls.

The vaccination programme is targeting over 22,000 grade 7 girls in schools islandwide. The government has been criticized for not ensuring there was adequate public education ahead of the rollout of the programme on Monday.

The vaccine is not mandatory.

Dr. Ennis says parents will be required to fill out a form stating whether they want their daughters to get the vaccine. She says the Health Ministry will have further dialogue with parents who decide not to allow their daughters to take it.

A police sergeant died in a motor vehicle accident in Riversdale, St Catherine late Monday night.

He has been identified as Sergeant Mervin Ellington, who was assigned to the St Catherine North Division.

Reports are that at about 10 pm, Ellington was driving his private motor car from Riversdale towards Bog Walk when, upon reaching the Berwick Main Road, he came upon a breakaway at a section of the road that forced his car to run off the road and into a river.

The vehicle reportedly became submerged in water, before residents of the area went to Ellington's rescue and pulled the unresponsive police officer from the car.

He was rushed to the Linstead Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

After news broke of Ellington's death, the Jamaica Police Federation expressed their condolences to his family and friends, and colleagues from the St Catherine North police division.

It's the latest tragedy to hit the JCF in recent weeks following the killing of a police officer in Portmore two weeks ago, and a gun attack on a policewoman and her daughter last week that left both hospitalised.

machete-beaten.jpgThe National Parenting Support Commission (NPSC) has joined the probe into the incident in which a 44 year old woman in St. Thomas used a machete to beat her 12 year old daughter.

The woman was detained last weekend, after the incident, which was recorded, went viral on social media.

Kaysia Kerr, Chief Executive Officer of the National Parenting Support Commission, said the agency will be speaking with other entities investigating the matter. This is aimed at streamlining and coordinating the intervention to ensure that the child gets the type of support needed.

In an interview with RJR News on Monday, Ms Kerr said her office will also speak with the woman in an effort to "start changing (the) mindset about how we go about punishing."

"The fact that your parents might have punished you by hitting does not make it right. There are other non-violent ways of ensuring that children comply to what's expected of them." she asserted.

Ms Kerr said she is deeply distressed by the video, especially in relation to what the child has been subjected to.

"A young girl is now thrust in the limelight in a way that she perhaps would not have bargained for. It's almost as if she's now going to be the poster child for abuse because her face was shown in the video," she argued.

Police have interviewed the mother involved in the incident. She is expected to be charged with cruelty to a child.

Her daughter has been released into the custody of a relative.

machete-beaten.jpgThe police say that they have picked up the 12-year-old complainant in a video circulating on social media of a woman beating a child with what appears to be a machete.

According to a release from the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, the incident took place sometime last year but the video recently surfaced on social media. Police say they have since collected statements from the child as well as the person who recorded the video.

The police say the child's mother remains in custody and the matter is being investigated by the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse as well as the Child Development Agency.

machete-beaten.jpgThe Office of the Children's Advocate has strongly condemned the actions of a mother who was seen in a video circulated on social media beating her daughter mercilessly with a machete.

"We condemn the behaviour of the mother, for even if the mother feels that she is justified in approaching the child to deal with a particular issue, there are ways to impact and impose discipline on children without resorting to violence," Children's Advocate Diahann Gordon Harrison told Loop reporter Claude Mills on Monday morning.

She praised the quick action of the police force, who only hours after the video began circulating on social media, took the mother and daughter into custody. It is unclear whether the child in question will be taken into state care and what will happen to any other children in the woman's care.

"We don't have all the information at this time. However, now that woman has been arrested, the relevant agencies can now come in and attempt to repair the relationship between the mother and daughter. Members of the office of the Children's Advocate are now in St Thomas and once they have been debriefed, we can make a better assessment of the situation," she said. Chief Executive Office of the Child Development Agency (CDA) Rosalee Gage-Grey says the agency is now conducting an assessment into the case of the 12-year-old girl being beaten with a machete by her mother in St Thomas.

Speaking on Independent Talk on Power 106, Gage-Grey said the CDA stepped in for the protection of the child.

She said the agency is doing an intervention with the family as well as with the community.

A video of the beating has been circulating heavily on social media and has received strong outcry.

The viral video shows the partially nude mother beating her daughter violently with a machete while cursing expletives.

The 44-year-old woman was arrested on the weekend and remains in police custody.

Meanwhile, head of the St Thomas police, Senior Superintendent, Beau Rigabe, says investigations into the video of a woman in the parish beating her teenage daughter with a machete has revealed that the incident happened last year.

He said the woman is being interviewed by investigators with the of view of laying charges against her.

The police had previously indicated that she's likely to be charged with cruelty to a child.

KINGSTON, Jamaica -- A 71-year-old Canadian man is in police custody after he was arrested and charged with breaches of the Dangerous Drugs Act at the Norman Manley International Airport on Friday.

Reports from the police are that the man, Derrick Harmon of a Canadian address, checked in to the airport to board a flight destined for Toronto, Canada about 1:30 am, when his luggage was searched and a powdery substance in a package labelled 'Soy Beverage' found.

On further examination, the substance was found to be cocaine with an estimated street value of $768, 000.

Harmon is charged with possession of cocaine, dealing in cocaine, and taking steps preparatory to the export of cocaine and is to appear in the Corporate Area Criminal Court on Tuesday.

"Adult seen in video beating a child now in Police custody in St Thomas" the Jamaica Constabulary Force disclosed on Twitter this afternoon.

The woman who is seen wearing only panties, is currently in police custody over a video making the rounds on social media, showing her beating a child with a machete.

In the video, the woman, can be heard saying "mi tired a oonu", while gripping the back of a young girl's garment and hitting her several times with the object.

The child is wailing and at one point is on the ground when the woman finally releases her hold.

The girl then flees from the yard and the woman can be heard uttering expletives. A dog that came between the obviously enraged woman and the girl, as she inflicted blows to the child, was also slapped with the machete.

An onlooker could also be heard towards the end of the film encouraging the angry woman, as the girl manages to break free from the woman's hold and escape.

In a message on Twitter this afternoon, the police posted that they were aware of the "disturbing video" being circulated on social media and that the woman had been arrested in St Thomas.

The JCF said it would provide more information on the incident later.

St Mary shop owner shot dead at businessplace

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crime-scene-gun.jpgA shopkeeper was shot dead in Islington, St. Mary on Wednesday afternoon.

He has been identified as 40 year old Horace Ellis, a resident of the community.

About 5:45, Mr. Ellis was at his businessplace when a gunman entered.

He shot Mr. Ellis, killing him on the spot.

The police are investigating.

Social media mourn death of Moneague cabbie

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Many persons have taken to social media to express their shock at the brutal murder of Damion Gordon, a taxi driver of Moneague in St Ann. Gordon was stabbed to death by men posing as passengers, who then dumped his body in bushes and deposited his 4-year-old son on the roadside.

One person said: "The youth just stop a school gate, collect him son and buy a bag juice. Jesus Wept these dirty bad-minded people that live in this surrounding yah only God can put some fire on them oh God man, humble youth. Jovial and everything. Father God set a fire on the killers, torment them to the grave.....a feel it so till... His son is so traumatise."

Another person commented: "Still can't believe, was such a humble and jovial young man, jah know star, great lost to the community."

The police are appealing to anyone with information on Gordon's killing to contact them.

Jamaican man kidnapped and killed in Antigua

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crime-scene-7.jpgA Jamaican with an alleged drug background has been killed after being robbed and kidnapped in Antigua, where he was living.

The body of Kenroy Simpson, 26, was found in a field on Wednesday morning with bullet wounds.

The Antiguan police reported that Simpson's Cedar Grove home was invaded by armed men wearing masks and dressed in camouflage, who robbed him and his girlfriend of an undetermined sum of money before driving away with Simpson.

Media reports pointed to him as having been arrested and charged with drug-related offences earlier this year.

He was also reportedly questioned about alleged connections with money laundering activities.

shocked.jpgReports have surfaced that data have revealed that 85% of young women in Mount Salem, St. James, which was declared the first Zone of Special Operations (ZOSO) nearly a month ago, are engaged in some form of prostitution.

The information was revealed on Thursday by Omar Sweeney, Managing Director of the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF). He lamented that this is evidence of a lack of guidance for young persons in inner-city communities.

Mr. Sweeney said the issue is one of many to be tackled by the Social Intervention Committee within zones of special operations.

Taximan stabbed to death in front of his 4-y-o son

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A 36-year-old taxi operator was stabbed to death in front of his four-year-old son by men posing as passengers in the Amity Hall area of Moneague in St Ann on Monday.

His four-year-old son was also a passenger in the vehicle.

The dead man has been identified as Damion Gordon of Moneague in the parish.

Reports are that on Monday afternoon, Gordon picked up the men to take them on a charter in the Amity Hall area of Moneague.

While headed on the charter with the men, Gordon was attacked and stabbed multiple times.The men threw his body from the vehicle in bushes and took his motor vehicle in the process.

Gordon's four-year-old son was deposited by the roadside in another section of the community.

A resident found the boy and alerted other community members.

A search later resulted in Gordon's lifeless body being found in bushes.

The St Ann police say that the four-year old boy is receiving counselling at this time.

A search has been launched for Gordon's vehicle and his attackers.

crime-scene-gun.jpgThe St. Catherine South police have confirmed a double shooting in Hellshire.

Reports are that pastor is among the victims.

The pastor and his church member were allegedly shot and injured during a robbery at a house Thursday morning about 11 o'clock.

It is reported that gunmen entered the house and began robbing them.

During the incident, the pastor was shot in the face and hand while the other person was shot in the neck and hand.

Robbery is said to be the motive.

Bolt for Commonwealth Games?

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usain-bolt.jpgTrack and Field sensation, Usain Bolt is possibly considering making an appearance at the Commonwealth Games next year in Australia.

Reports are that negotiations started with the eight time Olympic champion to be in attendance at the event following his retirement from the track at the end of the IAAF World Championships recently in London. His presence in the Gold Coast during the April 4 to 15 event would be a coup for the organisers.

The track and field legends presence will possibly be in an ambassadorial role.

The games organisers say Bolt draws a massive audience wherever he goes and will ensure the eyes of the world are on the coast during the games next year.

Organising Committee Chairman Peter Beattie could not confirm Bolt's visit but said organisers would be delighted if he was present.

Following Tuesday night's incident in which a female police inspector was attacked at her home in Morris Meadows, Portmore, St. Catherine, the police are on extremely high alert.

The police inspector and her two children - one of whom is a district constable and the other a student - were shot and injured. Their injuries are not considered life threatening.

The cop managed to shoot at her attackers, however - one of whom later succumbed to his injuries.

The dead gunman, who is said to be from Little Lane in Central Village, St. Catherine, has been identified by Kayon Edwards, otherwise called Saltfish. He was a person of interest in connection with two murders in the Central Village Police area.

The police captured one of the other suspects in the attack on Wednesday morning when he turned up at hospital with bullet wounds.However, the cops are seeking the public's help in locating another suspect who goes by the alias Bulbie.

Investigators are urging Bulbie, a resident of Twickhenham Gardens in Central Village, St. Catherine to surrender to them immediately.

Threat level against police elevated to 'extreme'

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The threat level against the Police has been elevated to extreme in the aftermath of attacks against at least three police officers at their home in recent weeks and several other incidents in which police officers on patrol were fired on.

Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, head of the Jamaica Constabulary Force Corporate Communications Unit, said police officers in four parishes have been placed on high alert especially since Tuesday night's incident in which a female police inspector was attacked at her home in Morris Meadows, Portmore, St. Catherine.

Superintendent Lindsay said the latest attack against the police inspector has forced the Police High Command to raise the threat level against officers.

"We now have the intelligence community advising that these four parishes - St. Thomas, Westmoreland, Clarendon and St. James - have received threats against police officers arising from fatal shootings in these parishes," she highlighted.

In a later statement Wednesday afternoon, The Police High Command added St. Catherine as one of the parishes in which the threat level against officers was high.

The High Command is urging police personnel to take the threat assessment seriously and raise their level of awareness especially off duty. Officers have also been advised to take the necessary measures to keep themselves and their families safe. In the meantime, a manhunt has been launched for the brother of Raheem Chantiloupe. The police say he has issued death threats against the Portmore police.Extreme means that attacks against police officers, on or off duty, are imminent.

One of the gunmen who attacked a female police inspector and her daughters in a home invasion on Tuesday night died as a result of gunfire that was returned by the cop in the incident.

The oficer and her two daughters were shot and injured in the attack at her home in Morris Meadows, Portmore, St Catherine.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Derrick Knight, in charge of Area Five, disclosed that the attack is suspected to have been spurred by the death of a man identified as 23-year-old Raheem Chantiloupe, who was fatally shot during a confrontation with a police team in Naggo Head in the parish about 3:00 pm.

Chantiloupe had been on a murder charge.

Reports are that about 8:20 pm, three men invaded the family's home and opened gunfire, injuring the female police inspector and her two daughters --one of whom is a police officer.

The policewoman is reported to have returned gunfire and one man, suspected to be one of the gunmen who invaded her home, was found dead in the aftermath of the incident. He remains unidentified. Initial reports were that the man was found injured and taken to hospital.

The other suspects reportedly escaped nearby. The Inspectorate of the Constabulary and the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) are now probing his death.

Wanted man 'Shitta' surrenders to police

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A man who was listed as wanted by the Clarendon police is now in custody.

Christopher Lynch, otherwise called 'Shitta', one of the men on the Clarendon most wanted list turned himself in to the May Pen Criminal Investigation Branch earlier on Tuesday.

Police said Lynch, wanted for questioning in relation to the murder of his father, Winston Lynch in Gayle district Clarendon last Friday.

Lynch, who is from Hayles in the parish, was one of two men listed as wanted by the police on Monday.

The second man, Nyko Walters, remains on the run.

The police say Walters, otherwise called Speckles of Farm/Effortville in Clarendon, is wanted for murder, shooting and robbery.

He is known to frequent Chapelton, Canaan Heights and Summerfield in the parish.

Political ombudsman held up and robbed in Kingston

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Political Ombudsman Donna Parchment Brown was held up and robbed shortly after midday on Saturday.

According to reports, the outspoken ombudsman was standing along Cunningham Avenue with two other women chatting when two men drove up on a motorcycle.

The men asked the women for directions and soon after demanded that Mrs Parchment Brown hand over a ring on her finger. She complied and the men then drove off.

The St Andrew Central Police are probing the incident.

crime-scene-gun.jpgThe police say two persons were detained this morning following the fatal shooting of Jamaica's most wanted criminal, Marlon 'Duppy Film' Perry, in Port Morant, St Thomas.

According to Superintendent Beau Rigabe, head of the St Thomas Police, it's not clear at this time whether the two persons detained are connected to Perry.

But Rigabe said they were at the guest house where Perry engaged a police team in a shoot-out in which he was killed.

The identities of those detained are being withheld pending further investigations.

Perry was killed after he reportedly engaged the police in a shoot-out about 10:40 a.m.

He was pronounced dead at the Princess Margaret Hospital in the parish.

An AK-47 rifle and two 9mm pistols were reportedly recovered from the scene.

Perry is accused of carrying out several killings, including those of Corporal Kenneth Davis and Constable Craig Palmer on December 22, 2015, and also for a string of shootings, rapes and other crimes.

Vybz Kartel hospitalized

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vybz-kartel-photo-29.jpgIncarcerated Dancehall superstar Vybz Kartel has been admitted to hospital with a kidney infection.

According to reports, the deejay fell ill yesterday afternoon and told prison officials that he was suffering from severe back pains.

Vybz Kartel was treated by medical staff at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Center, however following treatment, he complained about the same condition.

The deejay was then taken to hospital early this morning after his condition did not improve. It's reported that Kartel has been ill since last week Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Gaza nation is expressing concern for their boss and have flooded social media with expressions of sympathey.

School teacher and her 7-y-o son killed in car crash

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Three people, including a woman and her seven-year-old son, were killed last night following a head-on collision between a truck and a car in Bog Walk, St Catherine.

Dead are 34-year-old Sheryl Francis-Parkes, a teacher of the Mickleton Housing Scheme and her seven-year-old son, Ajani Parkes.

A woman identified as Jean Grant, of an unknown address, also died in the crash.

Reports are that about 7:45 Francis-Parkes was driving a Toyota Corolla motor car towards Bog Walk.

Upon reaching Kent Village the car collided with a Leyland truck driven by Marcus Robinson of Greater Portmore, St Catherine.

All three occupants of the Corolla were pronounced dead at hospital.

Deputy Superintendent in charge of operations at the Police Traffic Division, Courtney Cubrie, says the investigation is under way to determine who is at fault.

Dominica's Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, says at least 15 people are dead and 20 others are missing after Hurricane Maria.

In an interview today on ABS News in Antigua, Prime Minister Skerrit said it was a miracle that the death toll was not in the hundreds.

Hurricane Maria ripped through Dominica as a category four storm late on Monday, damaging hundreds of homes.

Skerrit said he has spent the last 24 hours surveying by air the destruction caused by the powerful storm.

He said the destruction is widespread.

The Dominican Prime Minister, who broke down into tears, says the needs are great as thousands of citizens are displaced.

The University of Technology's (UTech) Students' Union and the Papine police are urging students to take designated vehicles or the Jamaica Urban Transit (JUTC) buses when commuting to and from classes.

This comes after UTech students were allegedly kidnapped and robbed by a taxi man and two men posing as passengers in a red-plated motor car travelling from the University to downtown Kingston last night.

"I'm encouraging students to take the shuttle buses provided by the Students' Union, which travels to Half Way Tree, Downtown, Spanish Town, Old Harbour and Portmore," President of the Students' Union Granville Knight instructed.

Meanwhile, personnel at the Papine Police Station said that they are working on having a meeting with taxi operators in Papine to discuss the safety of students.

Hurricane Maria making its way through the Caribbean

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hurricane-maria-storm.jpgHurricane Maria, the second maximum-strength Atlantic storm of the season, is bearing down on the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

The category five tempest has already inflicted "widespread damage" on the Caribbean island of Dominica.

It briefly weakened to a four but is now again packing top sustained winds of 280km/h (175mph).

The storm is moving roughly along the same track as Irma, this season's other category five hurricane.

The governor of Puerto Rico, a US territory, has told the island's 3.5 million people to seek shelter with the hurricane poised to make landfall around 8am local time (1300 GMT).

Officials there fear the debris left by Irma earlier this month could now prove extremely dangerous in the winds of Maria.

There are also concerns that heavy rain could cause landslides in some places, and that a predicted storm surge of up to 9 feet (2.7m) could swamp low-lying areas.

Puerto Rico has been a haven for people fleeing other storm-ravaged Caribbean islands in recent weeks.

Hundreds of shelters have been set up by the authorities, but correspondents say the human impact of the storm could depend on how seriously the warnings are taken.

140 killed as another powerful quake rocks Mexico

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Nearly 140 people were killed when a powerful, 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck Mexico on Tuesday, toppling buildings in the capital and sowing panic on the anniversary of a devastating 1985 quake.

The toll could rise further. Rescue crews and volunteers in Mexico City -- home to 20 million people -- were clawing through the rubble of at least 49 collapsed buildings looking for survivors and bodies.

Mexico City recorded 36 of the deaths, while Morelos state directly south of it saw 64 killed. The others were registered in Puebla (29), a town southeast of the capital, and in Mexico state (nine), which lies just to the west of the capital.

National Coordinator for Civil Protection Luis Felipe Puente said a total of at least 138 people died.

"I'm so worried. I can't stop crying. It's the same nightmare as in 1985," Georgina Sanchez, 52, sobbed to AFP in a plaza in the capital.

Amamia Sanchez, a 45-year-old secretary cried out: "It's just not possible that this happened also on September 19."

In the quake exactly 32 years earlier, 10,000 people perished in Mexico City. Memories of that event spurred panic on Tuesday and prompted many to quickly run for safety outdoors when walls around them swayed and cracked.

Hurricane Maria devastates Dominica

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hurricane-maria.jpgCategory Five Hurricane Maria pounded Dominica on Monday night, leaving the world fearing widespread devastation on the eastern Caribbean island, but there is still no clear word on the true level of destruction, as communication services were knocked out by the storm.

The hurricane, with winds of 160 miles per hour, badly damaged the Dominica Prime Minister's house overnight and left much of the island in ruins.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit posted on Facebook that initial reports are of widespread devastation.

He said the country had lost all that money can buy.

Maria is the strongest hurricane on record to make landfall in Dominica - a country with a population of 73,000.

Government of Trinidad and Tobago has said it is mobilising a team to assist the country.

The Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard is also preparing to send a supply vessel and take Defence Force personnel to Dominica.

Several other Caribbean islands, including St. Kitts, Nevis, and Montserrat, have also reported damage to their telecommunications infrastructure. Telephone calls to those regions have failed to connect.

Hurricane Maria is now taking aim on islands already crippled by Hurricane Irma, as it barrells toward St. Croix and threatens severe damage to Puerto Rico.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade is seeking the public's assistance in locating the family of 69-year-old Keith Ranstan Porter, who they said is hospitalised in New York.

Porter whose birthdate is May 4th, 1948 was born in Clarendon, was never married and has five children.

Four of the five children are: Keith Porter, Nicole Porter, Shauna Porter and Peter Porter.

The ministry, in a release this afternoon, said Porter also has two uncles in Jamaica with the names Ashton Porter and Leslie Porter.

A family address given is in the Kingston 3 area. He has been in the United States for four years.

The ministry is asking Porter's family to contact its offices at 21 Dominica Drive, Kingston 5 (New Kingston) or telephone number, 426-4220 extension 3352.

andrew-holness-photo-5.jpgPrime Minister Andrew Holness says he expects the High Command of the Jamaica Constabulary Force to take certain action in the coming weeks to show that it is serious about issues of sexual harassment in the organisation and the wider society.

There has been widespread concern following allegations that cops are being denied promotions because they reject the sexual advances of their superiors.

In an interview on Nationwide radio this morning, Holness said he believes it is important that the force takes a proactive approach to ensure that a certain standard is maintained and that members of the force are equipped to deal with domestic issues when they arise.

"I'm expecting that in the weeks to come we will see some action to show that the police is taking this matter very seriously," he said.

Holness also said that, already, he has met with Police Commissioner George Quallo following reports that cops were being denied promotions because they refuse to have sex with their superiors.

The National Security Minister has said there are almost 400 vacant posts to be filled in the constabulary and has publicly called for Quallo to explain why they are not being filled.

According to Montague, the government has the money to pay the promoted cops.

sonya-kay-forbes.jpgPolice investigators are trying to figure out if medical doctor Sonya-Kay Forbes was killed by an intruder at her St. Andrew residence or she was killed under other circumstances.

Dr. Forbes was found dead at her Cunningham Avenue home on Wednesday, with a stab wound to the abdomen.

Investigators have not come to a conclusion on what led to Dr. Forbes death.

He said the police have not declared that she was murdered. He explained that investigators are awaiting an autopsy report and forensic tests.

Investigators have so far collected a statement from Dr. Forbes' mother who was in the house at the time of her death.

She reportedly found her daughter dead in her bedroom.

A knife was also found in the room.

There was no sign of forced entry to the residence.

Investigators have also collected statements from persons at the gated complex.

The cops are reviewing evidence that someone attempted to clean up blood found in Dr. Forbes bedroom.

The 40 year-old medical doctor, was assigned as an eye specialist at the Kingston Public Hospital.

3 Jamaicans in custody in Cayman after drugs find

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custody.jpg(CMC) -- Three Jamaicans are now in police custody in the Cayman Islands following the seizure of a large quanta of drugs last week.

The police report that officers from the Joint Marine Unit were patrolling the eastern side of Grand Cayman late Thursday when they came upon a canoe from Jamaica.

It's reported that during a brief pursuit, the occupants of the vessel started to throw packages overboard.

The canoe was eventually intercepted and several packages were recovered.

The police also seized caged roosters.

The men were held on suspicion of importation.

Contractor shot dead; his daughter shot in the head

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crime-scene-gun.jpgJimmy Riley, a sub-contractor of Green Bottom, Nineteen Miles in Clarendon was shot dead Saturday night, while his daughter, a 17-year-old student of Vere Technical High School, was shot in the head in the incident.

According to reports, Riley was at home when he was attacked and shot.

Upon the arrival of the police he was found lying on his back in a pool of blood on the verandah.

His daughter was taken to the May Pen Hospital where she was later transferred and underwent surgery.

No motive has been established for the killing. The police continues to investigate.

5 shot, one fatally, on West Bay Farm Road

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crime-scene-gun.jpgPolice say they have stepped up their search for a group of men who on Friday shot dead a 53-year-old man and injured four other persons, including two women, in West Bay Farm Road, Kingston.

Dead has been identified as Owen Bowen, otherwise called 'Mattis' or 'Carter' of Lenwood Path, Kingston 11.

Reports from the Hunts Bay police are that about 6:45 pm the five were on the roadway when a group of men with guns approached the group of persons and opened fire.

The men then escaped from the area.

Police were called and the victims found suffering from gunshot wounds.

They were rushed to hospital where Bowen succumbed to his injuries.

The other four has since been admitted in hospital. One of the women is said to be in serious condition, while the others are reportedly stable.

Hunts Bay police are investigating.

student-killed.jpgThe New York Police Department (NYPD), is set to release the body camera footage of a fatal shooting which claimed the life of a Jamaican male student during a standoff with cops in his Bronx apartment.

Cops are reportedly set to release footage of the standoff with the 31-year-old Jamaican student, Miguel Richards, on Thursday, after he was allegedly was shot and killed by cops during a wellness check requested by his landlord.

Richards was shot 16 times during the confrontation after cops claim that he brandished a small knife and a toy gun with a laser scope while they repeatedly told him to surrender.

Sources say Richards was a university exchange student from Jamaica, who was studying information technology in the United States.

Family members say they are shocked as Richards he has no prior arrest record, nor did he show any sign of mental illness.

trench-town-hero-gully-rescue.jpgA Trench Town man is today quite upset as he says he's a hero too and wants recognition for saving drowning boy 12-year-old Renaldo Reynolds and his rescuer, Tremayne Brown

Alphonso 'Vivian' Coombs, a 26-year-old resident of Trench Town says he played a vital role in the rescue effort of a little boy from raging flood waters last Friday in the community - an event which has turned another resident, Tremayn Brown, into a celebrated hero.

Reports are that Renaldo Reynolds, a student of Jones Town Primary, was playing with friends on his way home from school when he found himself being swept away by flood waters in the gully on Collie Smith Drive.

After seeing Renaldo in the gully desperately clutching and gasping for air in the muddy flood water, Brown took off his shoes, jumped into the gully, and held on to the little boy.

Coombs said he subsequently played an instrumental role in rescuing the pair - after Brown was found in the ferocious water clinging on to a tree root with one hand while firmly holding the child with the other - but expressed disappointment that he has not received any of the praise.

"Right now I am here with mixed emotions, I am the person who pulled Brown from the gully and held on to him for several minutes before help came," Coombs said.

"But a one man alone ah get everything," he told Loop News and also repeated the same story to news out, The Star.

"So me woulda love to know if I'm not somebody too. How comes no one is highlighting me?"

Social media has mixed feelings on the matter as some say Brown is the real hero while others agree that Coombs should get recognition.

National honour for man who saved drowning boy

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Tremayne Brown the man who last week risked his own life to save a drowning boy, 12-year-old Renaldo Reynolds, a student of Jones Town Primary has received job offers, gifts and praises for his selfless, heroic act is to be given a national award.

Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport Olivia 'Babsy' Grange reportedly told The Gleaner newspaper that Prime Minister Andrew Holness was moved by the actions of Brown, .

According to Grange, the prime minister suggested that Brown be given a national award for his brave feat.

It is anticipated that Brown could be awarded the Badge of Honour for Gallantry in October, this year, when 171 other Jamaicans will be conferred with national honours.

Renaldo was on his way home from school when he and friends decided to play in the gully's rushing waters. He, however, got into difficulties and was swept away by the currents from Seventh Street on Collie Smith Drive.

Residents attempted to save the boy but failed, However, Brown ran from the Boys' Town Vocational Training Centre, where he works part-time as a labourer, and jumped into the water clutching the boy.

Cops kill 2 gunmen in Hellshire

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police-tape-feb-3-2016-kaf.jpgTwo men were on Tuesday killed and their firearms seized after they allegedly opened gunfire at lawmen in Hellshire, St Catherine.

According to the Hellshire police, officers responded to reports about 5:30 pm yesterday that gunmen were at the Hellshire Beach Club in St Catherine.

The lawmen said they were greeted by gunfire upon entering the premises and in turn, shot at their attackers.

The two men were hit. A .45 pistol with 5 rounds and Intratec sub-machine gun with three rounds were reportedly taken from them.

The police are yet to identify the two bodies, which they described as both 5 feet 8 inches long, slim built and of dark complexion.

The matter has been reported to the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM).

Government to get rid of 'red money'

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red-money.jpgThe government announced that the one, ten and 25-cent coins -- which many Jamaicans refer to as "red money" -- are to be put out of circulation by the Bank of Jamaica, due to the downward trend in their use since 2005.

Information Minister, Senator Ruel Reid explained at a post-Cabinet press briefing this morning that Cabinet had approved the proposal to demonetise these coins because an efficiency assessment had determined that the cost of making these denominations consistently exceeded their face value.

The one, five and 20 dollar coins will remain in circulation.

A Jamaican athlete reportedly perished and another one hospitalised after the car they were travelling in crashed and burst into flames along Hope Road in St Andrew early this morning.

Dead is Jordan Scott who attended the University of Technology (UTECH). He previously attended the Petersfield High School in Westmoreland.

Michael Campbell, who was a member of the 4x100m relay team in London, has been hospitalised in serious condition.

Head of the Police Traffic Division, Senior Superintendent of Police Calvin Allen, said the they were travelling in a Honda Civic towards Papine on Hope Road about 4:45 a.m. when on reaching near the intersection with Lady Musgrave Road, the driver reportedly lost control of the motor car.

SSP Allen said the Honda Civic crashed into the concrete median and then burst into flames after hitting a wooden utility pole.

Both persons in the ill-fated car were rescued from the inferno where one was pronounced dead at hospital and the other one admitted in serious condition.

Investigations continue.

The driver of a Honda Civic was burnt to death after his car crashed into a utility pole on Hope Road, St Andrew Sunday morning.

Reports are that at male passenger was assisted to the hospital in serious condition, but the driver, who was trapped inside the vehicle, was unable to receive much needed assistance.

Eyewitnesses say that the Honda Civic was travelling along Hope Road towards Papine at approximately 4:45 am, when the driver overtook an ambulance at the intersection of Hope and Lady Musgrave Roads.

The driver allegedly lost control of the vehicle, crashed into a median and then a utility pole, after which the car burst into flames.

A team from the York Park fire station responded and extinguished the fire, however the driver did not survive.

crime-scene-gun.jpgThe St Thomas police are now searching for gunmen who carried out a double killing at a service station in the parish last night.

Dead are 21 year-old Katherina Brown, also called Trina, a cashier at the Morant Bay Petcom Service Station, and 57 year-old Christopher Higgins, of North Street in Morant Bay.

It is reported that about minutes after 11 p.m., a Suzuki Swift motor car drove onto the compound and about three men alighted from the vehicle firing several shots, killing Higgins on the spot.

The men then allegedly went inside the convenience store at the gas station and opened fire, hitting Brown several times.

The police say the men escaped in the same car.

The police say they later spotted the vehicle in Bull Bay in St Thomas and Kingston East police gave chase.

The men allegedly jumped out of the car and fired at the police before escaping into bushes.

dex-pot.jpgThe man charged with the murder of popular fashion designer, Dexter Pottinger, is also before the court for the murder of a woman last year.

Twenty-one year-old Romario Brown was charged last night by the Constant Spring Police with Pottinger's murder.

The police say he's a tattoo and makeup artist from Stony Hill, in St. Andrew. Brown is also called 'Travis'.

In April last year, he allegedly strangled a woman, Alexia Bepatt.

It's a story of two murders, of eerily similar circumstances, allegedly committed by the same man.

According to a Jamaica Observer newspaper report published May 13 last year, Brown was allegedly having an affair with the woman.

On the day of April 8, 2016, Brown reportedly went to Bepatt's home in Mona, in St. Andrew.

During an intimate moment, an argument developed. He's accused of strangling the woman. He then reportedly stole her boyfriend's laptop from the home.

The report says Miss Bepatt was later found partially naked and unconscious. It says she was rushed to hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The prosecution says Brown fled the scene but was picked up on a security camera. He was implicated in the murder following further investigation by the police.

The Police say phone records revealed that he was the last person to speak to Miss Bepatt on the day she was killed. Her phone and the missing laptop were also found at Brown's home.

Brown was denied bail several times last year. On the first occasion, the police objected to bail arguing he'd flee the country. It's uncertain when he was granted bail and the progress of that 2016 murder case. He's now accused of Pottinger's murder.

Last week Thursday at about 5:20 in the afternoon, the police say Pottinger's decomposing body was found at his home in Yarico Place, St. Andrew.

The police say a relative discovered the body.

The relative visited Pottinger's home after becoming concerned about not being able to make contact with him for several days. The police say Pottinger reportedly had multiple stab wounds to the back. Pottinger's car and TV were also missing. A day later, the designer's car was found in Rocky Valley Stony Hill, St. Andrew.

Brown resides in the same area. He's scheduled to appear before the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish court later this month in relation to Pottinger's murder.

Thriller U's father found dead

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Thadious Jamieson, the father of reggae singer Thriller U, who has been missing since last week,has been found dead.

The singer last week pleaded for information on the whereabouts of his 73-year-old father, offering a $500,000 reward.

The body of Jamieson, who was last seen alive a week ago in Spanish Town St Catherine, was found in bushes near the Simon main road in Tredegar Park, St Catherine this morning after an anonymous caller to the police reported a foul odour.

The police are carrying out investigations.

The deceased Jamieson was affectionately called 'Mr Teddy' and was in good health according to his son, having beaten prostate cancer a few years ago. He went missing on Saturday, September 2.

In 2009, Thriller U's daughter was killed in a brutal murder in Florida, where she was visiting with her mother. The killer has since been found and jailed.

dexter-pottinger-photo-by-marvin-bartley.jpgThe suspect arrested in connection with the murder of popular Jamaican fashion designer Dexter Pottinger, has been charged.

He is 21 year old Romario Brown, a resident of Rocky Valley in Stony Hill, St. Andrew. Brown was reportedly out on bail on a charge of murder.

He was charged Monday night by detectives attached to the St. Andrew North Police Division.


Brown was arrested on Friday during an operation in St. Ann's Bay, a day after Mr. Pottinger was found murdered at his St. Andrew residence.

His decomposed body had stab wounds.

Investigators say the knife used in the attack and a television stolen from Mr. Pottinger's house were found at Brown's Stony Hill residence.

The National Security Council has admitted that it gave the wrong figure for murders committed in Mount Salem, St. James, when it named the community as the first zone of special operations.

But it says it stands by its decision to declare the community a zone.

In a release this afternoon, the council said the decision to declare Mount Salem as the first zone was justified based on the relevant legal criteria, intelligence, and the strategic and operational considerations of the Joint Command.

When the zone was announced on Friday, the police claimed that there were 54 murders in Mount Salem, since the start of the year

But local political representatives and residents rejected those claims saying about 12 people had been killed in Mount Salem.

The council has now admitted the error but says the murder figure was only a single element of the data provided, and the error would not have changed the recommendation made by the Joint Command.

The council is also holding off on providing the revised murder figure for Mount Salem, saying it first wants the Jamaica Constabulary Force to review its systems of data collection and collation.

It says it's anticipating that the correct information will be provided within the next 48 hours.

The security council says while it is sensitive to the concerns of the residents regarding stigmatisation, it does not believe it is acceptable that persons in the community live in fear.

And it's calling for all law-abiding members of the community to stand with the security forces against criminal elements.

hurricane-irma-photo-2.jpgA Jamaican family of 10 in the Turks and Caicos Islands is this evening making a plea to the Government to make provisions for them and other Jamaicans to return home as Hurricane Irma approaches.

Sandra Walker, who lives on Providenciales, the most developed island in the chain, says she wants to get off the island; however they are unable to get a flight out of the country

Walker, who says she has a four-month-old baby and is with eight other family members, is appealing to the Andrew Holness led administration to arrange for an airplane to evacuate Jamaicans living on the island as soon as possible.

She says her family is on standby on a flight but every time they call to check they are told to keep on checking.

"I think they are trying to trick us. Irma is supposed to make landfall on Thursday but the airport sent out an advisory that they will be closed on Thursday," she said.

"Where we live is really close to the sea and there is no way we can survive a category 5 hurricane. We can barely manage a category 3."

Irma, a potentially catastrophic category 5 hurricane, is nearing the northern Leeward Islands an advisory from the Meteorological Service of Jamaica said this evening.

hurricane-irma-photo-1.jpgThe Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management says by Friday into Saturday, Jamaica should begin feeling the effects of the very powerful Hurricane Irma which is forecast to pass north of the island.

The minister with responsibility for disaster risk management, Desmond McKenzie, was this morning briefed by the director of the Meteorological Service of Jamaica, Evan Thompson and the Director General of the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management, Major Clive Davis.

Here are five things you should do as you prepare for the storm:

1. Check to ensure that the galvanised or zinc sheeting on the roof of your house is properly fastened, check hurricane shutters, hooks, latches and repair where necessary.

2. Keep in stock extra plastic bags and sheets of plastic to prevent important documents, paintings, equipment and furniture from getting wet.

3. Trim trees that touch power lines or hang over the house and other buildings.

4. Make sure that emergency cooking facilities such as coal stoves are in good working condition, and that you have emergency supplies including water boots, raincoats, flashlights, batteries,

portable radio, kerosene lamps, matches and the necessary medical supplies.

5. Store extra food, especially those which can be eaten without cooking or which need very little preparation.

Entertainer Thriller U of the group LUST is seeking the public's assistance for the safe return of his father who has been missing since September 2.

The singer has posted a $500,000JA reward for the safe return of his 72-year-old father, Thaddeus Jameson who was last seen in Spanish Town.

The Spanish Town police are investigating.

Thaddeus Jameson who lives in Sligoville was last seen in Greendale, Spanish Town at around 2:30 pm last Saturday.

Thriller U is imploring anyone with information to come forward.

11-year-old shot and killed in Trench Town

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crime-scene-gun.jpgAn 11-year-old boy was fatally shot on Sunday night in Trench Town, St. Andrew.

He has been identified as Michael Keating of Fifth Street. About 9:35, the child was at home when a man entered the yard. Shortly after, explosions were heard.

The child was later found with a bullet wound to the head.

No motive has been established.

Residents in Granville, St. James are facing difficulty leaving or entering the community as thugs blocked several roads Monday morning and reportedly fired shots.

Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, head of the police Corporate Communications Unit, said the incident stemmed from an operation in the community on Saturday in which a man was killed by the police.

Superintendent Lindsay said his cronies are wreaking havoc in the community as residents are reluctant to support their protest.

The deceased is Curtis Coke of a Gordon Crescent address. At the time of the incident, a 9 milimetre pistol was sezied from him. The killing is being investigated by INDECOM and the Inspectorate of the Constabulary.

Meanwhile, Superintendent Lindsay said the police are trying to restore order in the Granville.

robbery.jpgCouncillor for the Sydenham Division in South Central St. Catherine, Hawthorne Thompson, is recuperating in hospital after being shot outside his business place on Brunswick Avenue in Spanish Town early Monday morning.

The incident occurred about 1 o'clock.

Mr. Thompson, who is a licensed firearm holder, was able to return fire, injuring both of his attackers, who have also been hospitalised. One of the men is said to be in critical condition.

Dr. Andrew Wheatley, Member of Parliament for St. Catherine South Central, gave an update on Mr. Thompson's condition.

"The councillor is in relatively good health. The shot went straight through, it did not damage any of his organs and as such we are more than elated to know that," he told RJR News.

The councillor was reportedly in the process of closing his business establishment when the incident happened.

Robbery is suspected to be the motive for the attack. However, the police are still carrying out investigations.

crime-scene-gun.jpgThe police are reporting that the cause of death of the 13-year-old boy on Milk River Road in Clarendon on Thursday, August 31 was not as previously reported in the media.

A spokesman for the police has indicated that young Kemaro Myles, who lives in Kitson Town, St Catherine, and his friends -- two adults and another juvenile -- were playing with a gun, passing it around, and the weapon accidentally went off, killing Myles.

It was previously reported that Myles was travelling in a motor truck along the Milk River main road about 10:30 pm when the driver stopped to urinate. At that time, gunmen reportedly pounced upon them and opened fire, hitting Myles in the head, killing him. The police were alerted and the boy was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The police source further stated that the two adults who were with Myles were taken into custody and questioned when the new situation of how the young man died came to the fore. The two adults will be charged shortly while the fate of the juvenile is being assessed in conjunction with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Gunmen shoot up police vehicle in Tanglewood, St Ann

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crime-scene-gun.jpgA police vehicle was reportedly shot-up along the Tanglewood Main Road in St Ann, early Friday morning.

The incident occurred about 1:35 am.

Police reports are that two officers were on board the vehicle, when they saw men in bushes.

One of the men reportedly approached the vehicle and opened gunfire.

The officers returned the fire, however the men escaped.

None of the police officers was wounded in the incident.

The windscreen and gas tank of the police vehicle were damaged.

Cops probe shooting death of mother and son

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police-hat.jpgThe Manchester police are investigating the shooting death of two residents in the parish early yesterday morning.

Dead are Doreen Hamilton, 57, and her son Orane Hamilton, 38, both of a Cedar Garden Road address in Mandeville.

According to the police, explosions were heard around 1:00 am at the house where the two were living. Residents in the area raised alarm and the police summoned

The police found the mother and son with several gun shot wounds.

No motive has been established for the killing.

Suspect held in murder of Dexter Pottinger

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chains-and-hands.jpgPolice have apprehended a suspect for the murder of popular fashion designer, Dexter Pottinger.

Police sources say that the suspect a male in his 20's was held late Friday during an operation in the corporate area.

"The suspect is in custody at this time and is to be questioned," police source said.

Police have declined to comment further on the development.


News of arrest comes hours after police also found the car of fashion designer in the Stony Hill area of St Andrew on Friday.

Police report that the body of Pottinger was found in a state of decomposition at his house on Washington Boulevard on Thursday.

Sources report that the body was found with stabs wounds reportedly to the back.

The gruesome discovery of the 34-year-old's body was made by a relative who went to the house after making several failed attempts to contact Pottinger.

The discovery produced high emotions among many in the society, including musicians and members of the fashion industry with whom Pottinger work closely for a number of years.


crime-scene-gun.jpgThe St James police are probing the murder of a 19-year-old woman who was shot and killed shortly after returning from work Thursday night.

She has been identified as Trudy-Ann Lennon of Mount Carey, St James.

Reports are that about 9:00pm Lennon alighted from a taxi in Mount Carey when she was pounced upon by a gunman who opened fire hitting her.

She was rushed to hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The shooter reportedly fled the scene in a waiting motorcar.

No motive has been established for the attack.

U-15 footballer stabbed in prank gone wrong

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The Annotto Bay Police in St Mary are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of 15-year-old Rushawn Duncan of Crooked River District in the parish who was fatally stabbed in his community last week Thursday.

Police reports are that about 9:15 pm Rushawn was one of two friends allegedly attempting to play a prank on another teenager, when the plan went awry and Rushawn was stabbed in the chest.

He was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Rushawn was a member of the Jamaica Under-15 national football squad.

At this time the police do not suspect foul play.

The police said that they will be asking the Director of Public Prosecutions for a ruling on the case once the investigation is complete.

Two held in murder of 12-y-o boy

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hands-behind-bars.jpgTwo suspects have been held in connection with Wednesday's murder of a 12 year old boy in Clarendon.

They were among five men held during an operation in Gimme-mi-bit in the parish yesterday.

The other men were questioned and released.

During the operation the police seized two illegal firearms, one of them suspected to be the murder weapon.

Kemarie Miles of Kitson Town, St. Catherine, was fatally shot in Milk River on Wednesday night.

It was reported that the boy was on a truck with several men when the driver stopped to allow him to urinate.

He was shot in the head and died on the spot.

The men on the truck were questioned on Thursday.

crime-scene-gun.jpgSeventy-year-old George Hall of Sun Valley Road, Montego Bay, St James was one of two men shot and killed during an attack along a Montego Bay roadway on Thursday morning.

Reports are that about 8:40 am, Hall was driving his Toyota Hiace panel van along Leader Avenue, Montego Bay when he was pounced upon and shot multiple times by unknown attackers.

He died on the spot.

Reports are that a man, who was a passenger in a motorcar driving by at the time of the attack, was shot in the back of the head by a stray bullet. He died on his way to hospital.

Justin Silvera, the one-year-old he son of former People's National Party (PNP) Member of Parliament for St Mary West, Jolyan Silvera, was on Tuesday found dead in a swimming pool at his Kingston home.

According to police reports, Justin was at home with his father and caregiver, who were reportedly having a conversation in the kitchen, when it was realised that the toddler went missing.Subsequent checks were made and Justin was found floating in the pool. He was rushed to the University Hospital of the West Indies, where he was pronounced dead.

The PNP last evening tweeted its condolences to Silvera.

"Our heartfelt condolences to Jolyan Silvera and family at this difficult time. Love from your PNP family," the party said on Twitter. And Prime Minister Andrew Holness also offered his condolences.

Four persons shot dead in Clarendon in 24 hours

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crime-scene-demo.jpgThe police in Clarendon have their hands full as they investigate another four murders in twenty-four hours.

Among those killed are 12-year-old student Kemarie Miles, a student of Kitson Town in St Catherine. He was killed along the Gimmi-mi-bit main road as he urinated last night.

Miles had just got off a truck heading to Knockpatrick, Manchester when a gunman walked up and shot him in the head. He was taken to the May Pen Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Earlier, 57-year-old gardener, Phillip 'Roderick' Thomas of James Hill was shot and killed by unknown assailants. Thomas was sitting with a female on a platform when six men - three of them armed - showed up.

The men robbed his companion of her two cell phones and a ring valued at about $61,000 before opening fire hitting Thomas in the head.

The police had just gone to a murder scene on Young Street, Lionel Town, where 26-year-old tailor, Ricardo James popularly called 'Ricky Trooper' was shot and killed by a gunman. James was sitting on a verandah sewing when the gunman approached him from the rear of the house and shot him in the head and neck before escaping. He was pronounced dead at the Lionel Town hospital.

In the fourth incident, Sharpe Avenue residents stumbled on a body lying face down, with what appears to be gunshot wounds and its hands tied.

13-year-old shot dead in Clarendon

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crime-scene-gun.jpgThe police are reporting that a 13-year-old boy was shot dead in Clarendon Wednesday night.

According to reports from the Milk River police, Kemaro Myles, who resides in Kitson Town, St Catherine, was travelling in a motor truck along the Milk River main road about 10:30 pm, when the driver stopped to urinate.

At that time, gunmen reportedly pounced upon them and opened fire, hitting Myles in the head.

The police were alerted and the boy was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. The lawmen did not say what happened to the driver of the truck. Other reports state that it was the boy who had made a urine stop and that he was shot while in the act.

Investigations are ongoing.

dexter-pottinger-photo-by-marvin-bartley.jpgPolice investigators on Thursday evening turned up at the St Andrew home of designer Dexter '3 D' Pottinger whose body has been found. The body had started to decompose.

One woman who said she went to see the body said she observed blood stains inside the home. Police sources said the body was found with what appeared to be several stab wounds. Neighbour told the police they heard him screaming for help around 4:30 Wednesday morning.

Police say Mr. Pottinger's car and television were stolen.

As news of the murder spread, several people gathered at near the Yarico Place residence, including one man who the police had to restrain because he rushed on the scene attempting to see the body.‎

‎Pottinger started out in the fashion industry as a model with Saint International and was signed to an agency in London before transitioning to a respected stylist and designer.

He was also a make-up artiste and has had long association with members of the entertainment fraternity, including Ce'cile.

In 2015, he was announced as the face of the Dream Frame

Neighbours say at least one television set appeared missing.

jamaica-cocaine-seized.jpgThe Narcotics Police are reporting the seizure of nearly 200 pounds of what's suspected to be cocaine with an estimated street value of more than a $100 million. The seizure was made yesterday at the Kingston Container Terminal.

The police say about 2:45 Narcotics Police along with members of the Customs Contraband Enforcement Team conducted a snap operation. They examined a 40-foot container and found five leather bags hidden inside. The bags had 78 parcels each containing white powdery substance resembling cocaine.

The weight of the drugs was roughly 187 lbs with an estimated street value of $101 million. The Police say the container also contained a shipment of rice destined for a local distributor who they're now trying to find. The shipment transited Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic from Guyana and then Jamaica.

crime-scene-gun.jpgThe Police say the leader of the Unruly Gang in Annotto Bay and two other suspected criminals have been killed. The 37-year-old gang leader, Lincoln Crosdale was killed yesterday morning in the parish.The other two are 24-year-old security guard Ricardo Griffiths and 24-year-old Sherwayne Campbell. A fourth man reportedly escaped injuries.

The men were killed at about 9:30 yesterday morning, after being ambushed by seven other gunmen.

The shootings are suspected to be reprisal killings.

However new reports are that the three were farmers in the parish.

Head of the St. Mary Police, Superintendent Fabian Farquharson says yesterday, the men went to Long Road in Annotto Bay to a property owned by Crosdale's father.

He says the men had reportedly planned to use the area for farming.

While the men were heading to the property, seven men came out of the bushes and opened fire at them.

Crosdale, Griffiths and Campbell were shot, however, the fourth man escaped injuries.

Superintendent Farquharson says the police are following early leads that could help them find the killers.

He says the fourth person who escaped says he is able to identify all seven attackers.

Meanwhile, he says the dead men can be described as 'career criminals.'

He says Crosdale, in particular, purported to be farmer, but was before the courts for shooting with intent and illegal possession of firearm.

He was expected in court this Thursday.

The charges stem from a shooting in June, when Crosdale, Griffiths and Campbell allegedly opened fired at the police after robbing a Chinese businessman.

Triple murder in St Mary

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crime-scene-7.jpgThe community of Long Road, close to Annotto Bay in St Mary, was the scene of a horrific triple murder on Monday morning.

Those killed are: 33-year-old Lincoln Crossdale, otherwise called Blacks, Ricardo Griffiths, 25, alias Ricky and 24-year-old Sherwayne Campbell, all of Annotto Bay, St Mary.

Initial reports are that at about 9:30 am, Crossdale, Griffiths, Campbell and a fourth man went to a farm in the Long Road area.

When they arrived at the farm, masked gunmen reportedly opened fire at all four.

Griffiths, Crossdale and Campbell were hit, while the fourth man managed to escape unharmed.

The police were alerted and the bodies of Griffiths and Crossdale were found with multiple gunshot wounds.

The gunshot-riddled body of Campbell, was found hours later in bushes.

All three men were pronounced dead at hospital.

No motive has yet been determined for the killing.

Earlier this year, the Annotto Bay community was rocked by a double murder, while almost a year ago, a triple murder occurred in the area.

A security guard who reportedly shot and killed a businessman in Clarendon yesterday is now being questioned by detectives.

The police say the businessman was shot during an altercation with the security guard who is a licensed firearm holder.

The incident reportedly took place at the home of the former lover of the businessman.

According to reports, the altercation developed when the businessman visited the home of his former lover with whom he has a child and saw the security guard.

The two reportedly got involved in a tussle when the security guard pulled his licensed firearm and discharged two shots hitting the businessman in the neck.

Over 1000 persons killed in Jamaica since January

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The Jamaica Constabulary Force is reporting that the murder tally has now passes the 1,000 mark.

According to the police, as at Saturday, there were 1,005 homicides.

Citing the statistics at a press conference this afternoon, opposition spokesman on National Security, Peter Bunting, said this is 197 more murders or a 24.4 percent increase when compared with the similar period last year.

Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Peter Bunting

Bunting said that the statistics also show that other major crimes have gone up.

Shootings and motor vehicle theft are among the crimes that have increased.

FLA finds file linked to X5 case

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The Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) is reporting that it has now found a file linked to the X6 murder case.

However, the authority said the file did not belong to businessman Patrick Powell.

Powell who was on trial for the murder of schoolboy Khajeel Mais was freed of the charges after the prosecution's case collapsed.

The revelation was contained in a statement released today detailing the series of controversy at the FLA.

Speaking Monday afternoon on Nationwide Radio, FLA executive director Shane Dalling said the file was found hidden in a bag in an office that was occupied by one person.

Dalling declined to provide details but said the file belonged to an individual who became involved as a result of a "mix up".

Dalling said since that matter is in court, he could not say more.

However, he said the person in whose office the file was found is no longer with the FLA.

6-y-o shot dead as he slept with mother, sisters

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daughter-killed-shaniel.jpgAs sleuths in Clarendon tried to uncover the motive behind a triple shooting in Race Course on Thursday night, others were busy probing an early-morning gun attack which left another child dead and his mother nursing gunshot wounds.

Residents of Farm, an impoverished and war-torn community in the parish, said six-year-old Timothy Bassaragh was shot and killed as he, his two sisters, and his mother slept inside their home about 6:45 a.m.

The boy was reportedly hit in the throat and head by the gunmen's bullets, which pierced holes through their front door. The mother was also shot in the hand.

Resident and relatives of the young boy cried openly as they mourned his death. He had just won a scholarship towards resources for the upcoming school year, they said.

daughter-killed-shaniel.jpgThe mother of 14-year-old Shaniel Bartley, who was among six persons shot, three fatally, in Race Course, Clarendon, reportedly took the child to her business place hoping to protect her from rapists who are said to be on the prowl in sections of the community. Early this month, a teenage girl narrowly escaped when she was attacked, not far from yesterday's shooting scene, by a man who was later found by residents and chopped. That man managed to escape his beating, but not before leaving some residents skeptical of other predators in the area.

"That is why the woman carry har pickney beside her here," said a man who was among several gathered at the ill-fated bar following the incident in which Bartley was killed. It reportedly occurred about 9:30 p.m. on Thursday. "Is not like she stay in the bar. Is right here at the front of the restaurant she always sit down, and any little bad word or so, you see she walk out," he said.

"I don't know why them do it, but I feel it for the little girl more than anybody else. Trust me, she was a very good little girl. She never use to stay in the bar. Is just her mother she wait on in the evenings," frowned the man as the onlookers again peered into the Newclear Jerk and Pub, where Bartley's body and that of Amoy Ricketts, 24, were, the night before, sprawled dead amid crates of overturned juices near the rear exit.

Half of the premises served as a bar, while the other half was a food shop. Three gunmen reportedly entered both outlets and opened fire after calling out the bartender, who was peppered with bullets as she tried to flee.

Thirty-three-year-old Randy Ranger, who was also shot, made his way into a taxi and reportedly died en route to hospital, while the other three persons - identified as the teenager's mother, a man called 'Chef', and another man known to the group as 'Kirk' - were hospitalised.

"He was a very good youth. Him was like my hand and my foot. Him do everything for me, and is just one year since him come back from The Bahamas and them kill him," cried Vinnette McFarlane, Ranger's mother. His sisters and grandmother were inconsolable inside their yard yesterday.

Ranger was said to have gone to the premises to purchase chicken and chips when he got caught in the gunfire.

The police have now released the identities of the three people who were last night murdered in the violence-plagued community of Race Course, Clarendon.

They are: 13-year-old Central High School student, Shaniel Bartley; 24-year-old Amoy Ricketts otherwise known as 'Dolly' a bartender of New Longville; and Randal Ranger of the Water Well Housing Scheme.

It is reported that about 9:30 p.m, the three were among people at a bar in Race Course when two men got out of a motor vehicle, entered the bar and opened fire killing them and injuring three others.

The police suspect that Ricketts could have been the intended target as, before alighting from the vehicle, the gunmen called her by name.

It is reported that she did not respond to them.

Following more complaints this year of some schools denying students access to their CSEC and CAPE results because of non-payment of fees the Education Ministry has taken steps to end the practice.

Education Minister Senator Ruel Reid says after the complaints surfaced last weekend he contacted the Caribbean Examinations Council, CXC.

He told reporters that action by CXC has been taken which will make it impossible for schools to block students from accessing their CSEC and CAPE results in the future.

st-marys-college.jpgA decision has been made by the administration of St. Mary's College in Above Rocks, St Catherine to release CSEC and CAPE results to students.

The school's CXC online portal is now open to all students.

Reports had surface over the weekend from parents whose children attend the institution that the administration had decided to withhold CSEC and CAPE results from those who have outstanding fees.

Students were instructed by the principal that they would be allowed to view their results after they received clearance from the school's office.

jamaican-woman-police-officer.jpgThere is a probe into a viral video of a highly frustrated female police officer telling her superior that she "cyaan tek it no more" and accusing her boss of harassment and trying to blacklist her from moving up the ranks of the constabulary.

Social media users have reacted in shock to some of the allegations made in the video, with many persons calling for an immediate probe.

"Look like C Spring Station. Is whe di bitch dat tekkin set name? Is Brimm she said? I feel it for the poor lady till tears come to my eyes. I felt her pain as she come back from sick leave is dis Force Cacki Cooler a harass di ooman when shi waan go lunch.

"Big up whoever is di officer that videoed it, he/she know whe a gwaan why dem do it. Onoo nuh see Inspector a di door di whole time n dont do or sey nuttin.

JUSTICE FI DIS POOR HARRASSED TILL SHE AT HAR BREAKING POINT OFFICER. Commish beg u a speedy transfer fi har preferably a desk job mek she get back herself in order. JUSTICEEEEE

"I believe the officer. Jamaican female police officers are some of the worst people in the country. They are quicker to assault citizens than the male officers. Most of them bring their problems to work. Plus police learn to intimidate people so if a police officer say they're being intimidated, I believe. It seems as if the harasser wants the woman to resign, so she is making life difficult for her. Imagine she want to demote the woman and lessen her pay? Anyone would lose it right there."

"Is Constant Spring Police Station, is "Miss Green" she in charge. Think she was at Half Way Tree station once. Poor woman fed up; instead she a do her job she a harass the poor woman."

"Indeed ! Maybe she went to her superiors and she was ignored. Maybe the other cop knows that she have so much power over her and knows how to press her buttons. But anyone looking on will know the cop venting cant be mad. it must be coming from somewhere. And those recording should not have placed it on social media. Should have been dealt with internally. It does not look good for the force overall."

Meanwhile, police sources said the incident highlights the pressure that lower ranked officers come under from their superiors - a development that places rank and file officers under severe stress.

crime-scene-gun.jpgA 13-year-old girl who is allegedly the daughter of a policeman was killed Thursday night when gunmen struck a restaurant and bar in Race Course, Clarendon shooting six persons, three fatally.

About 9:30 persons were at the premises when gunmen entered.They opened fire hitting the six persons.

The teenager and the bartender died at the scene.

The other four persons were taken to hospital where one of them, a man, died while undergoing treatment.

The 15-year-old son of a popular Dancehall/Reggae artist could be facing jail time after he was recently arrested and charged with three counts of sexual offences.

According to reports, the boy whose name is being withheld due to his age was charged by the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse with one count of having sex with a person under 16, one count of abduction and one count of indecent assault.

The offences were reportedly committed earlier this year while he was at school.

Meanwhile, he was granted station bail and is set to appear in the Corporate Area Juvenile Court on September 22 to answer to the charges.

Headless body found in San San in Portland

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crime-scene-demo.jpgThe headless body of a man was discovered in Portland on Tuesday.

The police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of the so far unidentified man after his partially decomposed body was discovered.

The body was found in the Fern Hill area of San San in the parish.

Reports were that about 6:30 pm, residents stumbled upon the body and alerted the police.

The body was clad in underwear only.

Police investigations continue into the matter.

Pastor on sexual charges wants to do DNA

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Pastor Kenneth Blake of the Harvest Temple Apostolic Church, who is accused of sexually assaulting and impregnating a 14 year old girl, has been offered bail in the sum $1.5 million. Blake, 56, of Harbour View in St Andrew, appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Wednesday on several charges on Wednesday, and signed an order authorising a DNA test after his attorney indicated to the court that Blake was prepared to take the step in a bid to establish innocence on his part.

Blake was charged last week by CISOCA following allegations that he had been molesting the child since 2015 when she was 12 years old.

He has been charged with rape, sexual touching, having sexual intercourse with a minor, grievous sexual assault of a minor under the age of 16 and forcible abduction. Further allegations are that he used cash and other forms of gifts to keep her quiet about their alleged sexual contacts. Notably also, the child is a daughter of a former officer of the church with whom the pastor has acknowledged having had an intimate relationship with in the past

In court, Blake's lawyer, Able-Don Foote, suggested that the allegations against his client emanated from malice and ill-will from the complainant's mother, whom he alleged had stolen $300,000 from the church

The attorney confirmed that Blake was previously in a relationship with the child's mother, who was an officer of the church up to July of this year. Foote said the relationship between the two adults ended early in 2015.

It was suggested that the sexual abuse allegations emerged after Blake stopped supporting the child's mother and she fell into financial difficulties, which culminated with the alleged theft from the church.

The attorney said evidence will be presented at trial to show that a dispute between the mother and the pastor is the root cause of his court case.

Blake is to return on October 5.

Among the two senior members of the Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA)those reportedly dismissed is a director of the agency who was named in a damning letter by an alleged whistle blower inside the FLA and another staff member who is reportedly close to the director.

In the letter, the whistle blower claimed that the director and his crony use their offices to abuse, intimidate and bully staff into executing corrupt demands. have been dismissed amid a major corruption probe.

A third person could be dismissed Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Gleaner is reporting that their sources say that the number of suspicious FLA files submitted to the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Task Force (MOCA) has increased from the 100 initially reported to 257.

belafonte.jpgIn honor of its 25th Anniversary, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (BCRI) has announced three recipients of the 2017 Fred L. Shuttlesworth Human Rights Award, the institute's highest award that honors outstanding individuals for their significant contributions to civil and human rights. This year's honorees include the artist and activist Harry Belafonte, Birmingham's first African American Mayor Dr. Richard Arrington, Jr. and activist Viola Luizzo (posthumously). The awards will be presented at BCRI's gala on Saturday, Nov. 18.

"We are both proud and humbled to have the opportunity to honor these icons that helped shape our country and opened so many doors that were previously closed," stated Andrea L. Taylor, BCRI President, and CEO.

Harry Belafonte, Jamaican-American musician, actor and human rights activist, joined the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s. He became one of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s closest confidants. Over the years he organized demonstrations, raised money and contributed his personal funds to keep movement activities going. Belafonte has advocated for a range of other humanitarian causes.

In 1987, he received an appointment to UNICEF as a goodwill ambassador. Belafonte has been involved in prostate cancer advocacy since 2006 when he was diagnosed and successfully treated for the disease.

He became the first African American to win an Emmy for his 1959 TV special Tonight with Belafonte. In 2000, Belafonte won a Grammy Award for his lifetime achievement in music.

Richard Arrington, Jr. was the first African American mayor of the city of Birmingham, serving 20 years, from 1979 to 1999. Under his tenure as Mayor, Birmingham went from a racially divided city dependent on the steel industry to an economically and culturally diverse hub of the southeastern United States.

Throughout the '70's and early '80's, Arrington led the drive for the establishment of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. A Civil Rights Institute Task Force and Board of Directors were appointed, a site was acquired, and, after much debate, funds to build the Civil Rights Institute were attained. Mayor Arrington also authorized plans for a Civil Rights Cultural District, including a renovated Kelly Ingram Park, a Jazz Hall of Fame in the historic Carver Theatre, and landscaping of public space around the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church.

Viola Liuzzo was killed by Ku Klux Klan members following a voting rights march in Alabama in 1965. Liuzzo was the only white female protester to die in the civil rights movement. Liuzzo traveled to Alabama from Detroit in March 1965 to help the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) with its efforts to register African-American voters in Selma. Her decision to go to Alabama was driven in part by the events of March 7, 1965, in Selma--also known as "Bloody Sunday." Liuzzo had watched the brutal assault on the protesters in a news broadcast and felt compelled to find a way to join the fight for civil rights.

The Harvest Temple Apostolic Group has expressed regret after sexual charges were laid against one of its pastors last week. The pastor and St. Andrew businessman has been charged with several offences after being accused of having sexual relations with a child.

He is to appear in the St. Andrew Parish Court on Tuesday to answer to allegations of rape, forcible abduction, sexual touching of a child, sexual intercourse with a child under sixteen and grievous sexual assault. In a notice in Tuesday's Gleaner newspaper, Kingsley Carter, Presiding Bishop of Harvest Temple Apostolic Group, expressed concern and regret about the allegations. Bishop Carter also expressed concern about the minor involved, her family and the accused pastor's immediate church family. The Bishop stated that the church group is committed to the law of the land and if a person is found guilty of an offence, the law should take its course.

The pastor was charged following investigations into allegations that he had sexual relations with the child between 2015 and this year.

October 27 sentence date for Dr Ford

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dr-ford.jpgPopular medical doctor, Jephthah Ford, is scheduled to be sentenced on October 27 following his conviction on corruption charges.

The sentencing date was set in the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court this morning.

Ford's attorney Patrick Bailey requested a social enquiry report.


Ford was convicted last week on two counts of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

The court heard that he offered a police sergeant millions of dollars to release two Surinamese men and the just over US$500,000 with which they were held during a police operation near Half-Way Tree in St Andrew in 2015.

The conversation between Ford and the cop was recorded on tape.

9 in custody over ammo find

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hands-behind-bars.jpgNine persons were taken into custody after 19 rounds of ammunition were found by police in Williamsfield, Manchester on Sunday.

The Williamsfield police report that a bag was found with 19 rounds of 9-mm bullets during a search of a unit in an apartment complex in the community.

The identities of those in custody have not been released by the police.

Car crash victim identified

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wrecked-car.jpgThe police have released the identity of the man who was killed in Friday morning's crash on the Spanish Town Bypass in St. Catherine.

He is 47 year-old Joseph Edwards of Sunflower Avenue in Hellshire Park, St. Catherine.

Mr. Edwards was a passenger in a Toyota Wish motorcar which collided with a JUTC bus.

The Toyota Wish was travelling in an easterly direction along the Spanish Town Bypass, when it drifted into the path of the JUTC bus that was travelling in the opposite direction.

Mr. Edwards died on the scene while the drivers of both vehicles were hospitalised.

usain-bolt-wins-gold-200m-beijing-2015.jpgbolt-hamstring-injury-image.jpgWorld 100m & 200m record holder Usain Bolt silenced the haters on Thursday. After his apparent injury in the relay at the World Championships, there were those who questioned whether he really suffered an injury in his farewell race.

Bolt, who pulled up in closing stages of the anchor leg of the relay, fell to the ground before getting back up and walking across the finish line.

On Thursday, Bolt took to Twitter to share a photo of his injury and addressed those who did not believe that he was injured. The tweets were deleted shortly after being posted.

"Sadly I have a tear of the proximal myotendinous junction of biceps femoris in my left hamstring with partial retraction. 3 months rehab. I don't usually release my medical report to the public but sadly I have sat and listened to people questioning if I was really injured.

He added: "I have never been one to cheat my fans in anyway & my entire desire at the championship was run one last time for my fans. Thanks for the continued support my fans and I rest, heal and move onto the next chapter of my life #Love&LoveAlone"

It had been planned for the 30-year-old sprinting great, a lifelong Manchester United fan, to play against Barcelona Legends in a charity match to raise money for the Manchester United Foundation.

guns-in-marverley.jpgA man believed to be a former policeman was shot dead by the police along Mobberly Avenue in Maverly, Kingston 20, on Wednesday night.

Police are still in the process of confirming the identity of the deceased, but strongly believe he's a former cop.

Reports are that the police, acting on information they received, went to a premises along Mobberly Avenue at about 8pm when they were confronted by the man who pointed a firearm at the cops.

The law enforcement, in response, reportedly took evasive action and opened fire at the man, hitting him several times in the upper body.

He was pronounced dead at hospital. No police was hurt in the incident.

The police said they recovered a M16 rifle and a hand gun along with 13 9mm and 17 .5.56 rounds from the scene.

Dr. Ford guilty!

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dr-ford.jpgPopular family physician, Dr Jephthah Ford, has been found guilty of corruption charges.

The verdict was handed down in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday by Parish Judge Simone Wolfe Reece.

He is to return to court on August 22 when a date will be set for sentencing.

Ford was convicted on two counts of attempting to pervert the course of justice following an incident in 2014 in which two Surinamese men were held with US$533,886 or J$55 million, during a police operation along Half-Way Tree Road, in St Andrew.


The trial, which began in 2016, featuring testimony from Police Sergeant Franklyn McLaren that he secretly made a recording of Ford offering him millions of dollars to end the investigation against the two men and release the cash.

In April 2014, Dr. Ford was offered bail in the sum of J$1 million when he appeared in court to answer to a charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice. He was allegedly caught on camera trying to bribe a policeman, offering him 40 per cent of approximately J$60 million that was seized from two Surinamese nationals. Ford had contacted the policeman a day before the foreigners were taken before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court and promised to give him the funds if he decided against taking the men to court and returned the money to them.

Allegations were that Dr Ford first offered the policeman 25 per cent of the money, but after he gave the policeman a chance to determine how much he wanted, settled at 40 per cent, when the cop reportedly suggested 50 per cent.

shaneke-williams-instagram.jpgSpartan Health Club's position on the issue of Shaneke Williams' entry in the 2017 Miss Jamaica World Pageant.

Our "Criteria for Entry" is set out on the Miss Jamaica World website and the relevant criteria as relate to Miss Williams are as follows:

Section (d) of Article 1(The Entrant) "Shall be a person whose background is not likely to bring into disrepute the Miss Jamaica World Beauty Pageant or MJW title or the Promoter or any other person associated with them".

Section (g) "The Promoter has the right, without giving any reason whatsoever, to bar any applicant from entering the Miss Jamaica World Contest whom he feels may bring the Contest into disrepute".

Anyone accused of the actions that Miss Williams was accused of and was before the nation's court for a criminal offence in the same year as the staging of the pageant would obviously face exclusion from the pageant. There is no investigative arm to the Miss Jamaica World Pageant and traditionally, prospective contestants are allowed to hand in Entry Forms on the day that the "Finalists" are to be selected. My understanding is that Miss Williams Entry Form was handed in on that last day. I was totally unaware that the Shaneke Williams who was in the line-up of contestants was involved in any criminal trial or any type of scandal whatsoever. To the best of my knowledge neither did any of the other judges.

In a Jamaica Observer Online article Miss Williams is quoted as saying: "Before entering the competition, I knew what the situation was and I made it clear to them that I am at a state right now where I'm recovering mentally and emotionally from this ordeal and I would not want to enter knowing that it would implicate them or affect my chances of winning the crown," she said.

"It was made known to me that it should not be an issue because there was no criminal record and I'm not convicted of any crime," Williams added.

Again, no communication between Miss Williams and any Miss Jamaica World 2017 team member was made known to me and if any team member had approached and encouraged her to enter knowing of this incident in her recent past, I would find it very disturbing.

I had a very long meeting with Shaneke yesterday, Tuesday August 15 I found her to be a bright young lady albeit maybe with some "issues" which should not be surprising considering her recent past. I made the point that while she may see the Miss Jamaica World Pageant as a platform to make a statement and redeem her reputation that would be selfish if it was going to be at the expense of her fellow contestants, sponsors, past winners and contestants and the Pageant itself.

I told her that she should have come in to see me and identify herself and her situation before entering. She did not mention then that she had been in dialogue with anyone on the team. I handed her a letter explaining our reasons for refusing her entry and she seemed in full agreement and requested the opportunity to withdraw voluntarily. I agreed and gave her a timeline in which to submit the letter. The timeline has not been met but the letter will still be accepted if and when it comes.

We have offered to maintain Miss Williams gym membership awarded when she was initially selected as a "Finalist" as we do not see her as a criminal or even as an unsavoury person but just someone who does not meet the criteria for entry into the Miss Jamaica World Pageant at this time.

2-year-old shot and injured near Jarrett Lane

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The Peace Management Initiative (PMI) will be providing counselling to the family of the two year old boy who was shot in the Mountain View Avenue area on Tuesday evening.

The boy was injured near Jarrett Lane as gunmen traded bullets, however, that the injuries sustained by the child are not life threatening.

A source close to the case said doctors believe that the child has suffered a broken bone as a result of the incident. They have ordered an x-ray.

Tuesday's incident was the latest flare up of gang violence in the area.

Berthlyne Plummer, a senior Social Worker at the PMI, said several teams from the organisation have been dispatched to the community and will be working with the police to restore calm to the area.

Among their mandate will be to provide counselling and mediation sessions for community members. Miss Plummer said the intervention also involves community meetings and interactions with persons involved in violence in the affected areas.

Tropical wave to bring rain this weekend

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The Meteorological Service says a Tropical Wave currently across the eastern Caribbean is expected to move in the vicinity of Jamaica on Friday.

As a result, the island is expected to experience periods of moderate to heavy showers and isolated thunderstorms across sections of most parishes during the afternoon on Friday into Saturday.

The Meteorological Service says it will continue to monitor the situation.

lisa-hanna-photo-4.jpgMiss Jamaica World 1993 and MP for South East St Ann, Lisa Hanna, has called on the organisers of Miss Jamaica World 2017 to remove controversial Shaneke Williams from the line-up of finalists selected to vie for the crown at the grand coronation slated for September 23.

The former Miss World took to social media early this week where she posted: "Caesar's wife should be above suspicion... Ought not Miss Jamaica World to be held to a similar standard?"

"Suspicion alone is enough to disqualify anyone from being "married" ... it should be enough to disqualify anyone from competing to represent our country as Miss Jamaica World. The Coordinators of Miss Jamaica World 2017 would be wise to recall the "Caesar Wife principle." #LisaHannaMJW1993," she continued in her post on Instagram.

Williams, whose entry in this year's beauty pageant has been met with strong criticism because she was earlier this year freed of rape charges, yesterday pleaded with Jamaicans to give her a chance.

"I think it's unfair to label an accused person as a criminal when there is no criminal record or fact to support the claims that were made against me."

Williams, who insisted she was innocent, was freed of a charge of aiding and abetting rape and sexual touching in the case of a 15-year-old girl, which was alleged to have occurred in November 2013.

The case was dismissed after the complainant indicated that she did not wish to proceed with the matter.

Since Williams was named among this year's MJW contestants, many social media users have since questioned the move by Spartan Health Club, which is the franchise staging the pageant, to allow her to compete.

According to one person who identifies as Chasechs: "I keep asking people, how can she ethically and morally perform her duties as MJW if she wins or places in the top 3? The target market of MJW is not just to represent jamaica but it is largely to uplift women and young ladies in our society. How can she posibly do this? Some will say that she was not found guilty but she was not found to be innocent either! The complainant drop the case, what wouls have happened if they had continued?

How can she address a gathering of women and girls and speak about sexual abuse, voilence againts women/children and women in the professional world? International representation is one thing but how can she carry out her duties is she wins? Some will say she is just a finalist she may not win, well I say without a ticket yuh cyah win. She has a ticket right now as a finalist. She is too tainted to be considered in this pageant.

While we don't want to condemn her to darkness, the MJW is not a platform for her to seek redemption and forgiveness. You don't reward a recovering drug addict with a pharmaceutical company, Nor an alleged alcoholic with a beer brewery. Its just not logical nor ethical."

crime-scene-gun.jpgA man, who was jointly charged with murder, was shot dead at the supermarket where he works by an unknown assailant in the full view of shoppers and staff members Wednesday morning.

The deceased has been identified as 21-year-old Ochille Hall of a Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland address.

Reports are that about 10:57 am, Hall was on the job when he was approached by the gunman who opened fire hitting him several times.

He was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The incident caused customers and workers to scamper for cover.

According to a highly placed source, investigators suspect that Hall's murder was a reprisal killing.

Hall's co-accused, Aaron Wedderburn, was shot dead at the entrance of the Savanna-la-Mar Public General Hospital on Thursday, July 27.

The Savanna-la-Mar police are investigating.

Supermarket worker shot dead at Price Rite

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crime-scene-gun.jpgA supermarket worker was shot dead as he was leaving his job at a supermarket located in what is called the Price Rite section of Chancery Street, off Red Hills Road in St Andrew on Tuesday night.

Reports are that the male worker at Shopper's Delite supermarket was ambushed by a lone gunman a few yards from his workplace at minutes to 10. The police reports that the man was shot in the back of the head, after which several more shots were fired al over his body.

He was pronounced dead at hospital.

The police team spent several hours at the supermarket on Wednesday gathering information.

Investigations continue.

A tweet quoting Nelson Mandella posted by Barack Obama in response to the situation in Charlottesville has become the most popular Twitter message of all time.

Obama's tweet has been liked 2.9 million times while 1.2 million people have retweeted it.

He wrote: 'No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion.'


He continued: 'People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love.'


Finishing his message, he said: 'For love comes more naturally to the human heart that it's opposite - Nelson Mandela.'


In comparison, Donald Trump insisted both sides were at fault during the demonstration that claimed the life of anti-fascist protester Heather Heyer.


Trump's response to the crisis has been attacked by both Republicans and Democrats, although is approach has been praised by the former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke.

It took Trump more than 48 hours to condemn the racist organization before attempting to blame anti-fascist protesters for the violence.

shaneke-williams-instagram.jpgMiss Jamaica World pageant finalist Shaneke Williams, says she is pressing ahead in the competition and says she is being bullied on cyberspace.

Williams, who is among the 16 finalists announced for this year's pageant, says she has been on the receiving end of cyber-bulling and hatred, due to the fact that she was arrested for a serious crime in 2015.

Williams was charged with aiding and abetting rape and sexual touching, in the alleged incident involving a 15-year-old in November 2013. The case involved former Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) candidate Don Creary, who was charged with rape. However, the matter was dismissed by the court after the complainant indicated she did not wish to proceed with the case.

"I believe that at the end of the day, I have a story to be told and this is why I decided to enter the pageant. I believe it is a platform for me to share my side of the story, to inspire others who may be experiencing a similar experience," Williams said.

Williams also said she decided to enter the competition because she wanted to help to empower persons, especially those who have faced similar tribulations.

She said she anticipated a high level of scrutiny from her inclusion in the pageant, but was unprepared for the "bullying and hate" that has followed.

donald-quarrie.jpgTechnical leader for Jamaica's team to the recent IAAF World Athletics Championships Donald Quarrie who revealed the verbal confrontation between quarter milers Shericka Jackson and Stephenie-Ann McPherson at the Word Championships in London, says he told the nation because he had to do it before social media picked it up and ran with it.

The two MVP athletes had an argument over the selection of uniforms for the final of the women's 4X400m relay on Sunday after which McPherson was withdrawn from the line-up citing an injury which Quarrie had questioned. Jamaica eventually failed to finish.

Olympian, Quarrie, who was speaking on Hitz 92 FM's Girls Sports club on Tuesday, says he wanted the public to know what had happened.

"Social media is a means of information being passed around; I figured that this was going to go out and we didn't want the public to think we are hiding something from them," said Quarrie.

Quarrie has maintained that McPherson had no intention to run with team-mate Shericka Jackson after the verbal altercation, despite relay coach Paul Francis' advice that the athlete had a leg injury.

court.jpgKenneth Blake, the 52-year-old pastor of the Harvest Temple Apostolic Church, located on Slipe Pen Road, was on Tuesday arrested and charged with rape, forcible abduction, grievous sexual assault, sexual touching and sexual intercourse with a person under 16 years old. Blake was being sought by the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) for allegedly repeatedly having sex with a 12-year-old girl before impregnating her, is now in jail. He was charged after he surrendered to investigators at CISOCA.

According to reports, Pastor Blake was accompanied by his attorney and members of his congregation, law enforcement sources revealed. He is scheduled to appear before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on August 22.

It was last week that Jamaican newspaper, the Gleaner, broke the story that the pregnant 14-year-old gave investigators a detailed statement in which she alleged that Blake initially forced himself on to her before he began to reward her after their sexual encounters.

"He would give her money and other gifts so that she would not tell anyone," one source revealed.

However, according to the source, the alleged sexual relationship came to light in June this year when the 14-year-old discovered that she was pregnant and confessed everything to her mother. According to law-enforcement sources, the pastor is engaged to the mother of the pregnant 14-year-old girl.

One source said the child reported that she would often visit the clergyman's St Andrew home to look for her older sister, who was sent to live with the pastor "due to the lack of convenience at her mother's home".

She reported that during one of those visits in 2015, the pastor sent her older sister to downtown Kingston before having sexual intercourse with her against her will.

According to her account, the clergyman also supplied her with money and other gifts before their sexual encounters ended in April this year.

shaneke-williams-woman-charged-with-don-creary.jpgshaneke-williams-instagram.jpgSocial media is not having it and they are making Miss Jamaica World (MJW) contestant know that they are not in favour of her being a finalist in the contest. Shaneke Williams, the woman who was freed of a charge of aiding and abetting rape and sexual touching in the case of a 15-year-old girl has been selected as a finalist in the Miss Jamaica World beauty pageant and many are voicing their opinion that this is wrong.

"Suppose she wins and this gets out to the international media?" seems to be the main concern.

"Shaneke Williams was arrested for aiding and abetting RAPE & sexual touching of a minor yet she's a contender in MJW? RUBBISH", said one user, "But girl, imagine if she win and that come across international media? It will be a scandal," said another in response.

However, since Williams was named among this year's MJW contestants, many Twitter users have questioned the move by Spartan Health Club, which is the franchise staging the pageant, to allow her to compete.

One user noted that the charges were dropped.

"Cannot believe she made it through," another said.

The aiding and abetting rape and sexual touching case was dismissed after the complainant, who is now 19 years old, indicated that she did not wish to proceed with the matter.The incident was alleged to have occurred in November 2013.

The Facebook page for the pageant officially announced that Williams is among the 16 beauties selected on Saturday to embark on the journey to Miss Jamaica World 2017.

The 16 finalists selected on Saturday are: Shaneke Williams, Kadejah Anderson, Brianne St.Juste, Jaavonne Taylor, Latoya Tingle, Solange Sinclair, Amaya Lewis, Megan McNaughton, Rochelle Duncan, Sukanya Wilmot, Alana Pennant, Alyssa Booth, Sasha Henry, Leah Hollingsworth, Jeneque Pinnock and Melissa Douglas.

Blanche Blackwell (nee Lindo), mother of music mogul and businessman Chris Blackwell died on August 8 in London. She was 104.

Olivia "Babsy" Grange, minister of culture, gender affairs, entertainment and sport, said Blanche Blackwell was "an exceptional host who welcomed and introduced several leading figures including, actors, authors, and singers to Jamaica at her home at Bolt House in St Mary, and encouraged some of her famous guests to set up homes on the island".

Among those who established homes near Bolt House were the playwright, actor and composer Noël Coward; and the James Bond author Ian Fleming.

Grange said "Mrs Blackwell was muse" to both men and had "inspired some of the great works that Fleming and Coward produced while in Jamaica".

Sally Henzell, widow of film director Perry Henzell, remembers Blackwell as a woman of substance.

"She had verve and character. She was interested in everything and managed to keep her life together -- physically and mentally -- right to the very end," said Henzell.

Blanche Blackwell was a society beauty who beguiled the guests who came to her home, Bolt House, in St Mary, Jamaica. Errol Flynn referred to her laugh as "like the sounds of water tinkling over a waterfall" and was madly in love with her. He even considered proposing to her (even though he was still married). At first she had not wanted to meet him, telling him she was suffering from boils on her bottom.

"He was the most handsome man I had ever seen," she says swooning still at the thought. "We became great friends."

She would later become the lover of the married Fleming, who is thought to have based the character of Pussy Galore from Goldfinger on her (although Blanche shakes her head, unaware of this, and laughs at the mention that men found her intoxicatingly beautiful).

Born in 1912 in Costa Rica, she was descended from Sephardic Jews who had fled Portugal during the Inquisition. The family set up home in Jamaica in the 1700s and became wealthy merchants. Their business included rum and sugar, and they owned vast tracts of land. (Her brother Roy sold Coward the land for his Jamaican houses).

Blanche married Middleton Joseph Blackwell and they had a son Chris Blackwell (the founder of Island Records who, as a young man, was appointed to work on the set of the film Dr No by Fleming).They divorced when Chris was 12.

Firmly ensconced in society circles it was not long before Blanche would meet the philandering, but very much married, Fleming.

Indeed, she was 44 and he was 48 when they encountered each other.

"I remember I sat next to him at dinner and he said: 'Why haven't I seen you before?'" she says sitting elegantly in her Knightsbridge apartment, beautifully dressed and wearing a slash of vibrant coral lipstick. "I told him I was just over from England and he said: 'Oh good God, you're not a lesbian, are you?' And I laughed."

Blanche, Fleming and Coward made a trio everyone wanted to be seen with.

The free-spirited Blanche became Fleming's muse and her presence seriously worried the author's wife Ann, who was often in the UK. She was aware of her husband's philandering (Ann, too, was unfaithful) but she realised his relationship with Blanche was different. On one occasion when Ann returned to their Jamaica home Goldeneye she ripped up the garden Blanche had lovingly planted.

"She disliked me but I can't blame her," Blanche says. "When I got to know Ian better I found a man in serious depression. I was able to give him a certain amount of happiness. I felt terribly sorry for him." Their relationship would last until shortly before his death.

pnp-winston-green-larger.jpgDr Winston Green, the Member of Parliament for St Mary south east has died.

Dr Green, who was a dentist, died shortly after 5 o'clock this morning (Monday) at Andrew's Memorial Hospital after he reportedly fell and hit his head at home.

Dr Green had a history of seizures; however, it is not known if the seizure contributed to his death.

He became the Member of Parliament for St. Mary South Eastern after he defeated the Jamaica Labour Party's Dr Norman Dunn in the February 2016 general election.

Dr Dunn challenged the election result and this led to a magisterial recount, in which Dr Green was officially declared the winner by five votes.

Green fell and hit his head while at home. Dr Green of the People's National Party defeated the Jamaica Labour Party's Norman Dunn by five votes after a magisterial recount at the Sutton Street Court in the last general election.

policeman-son-shot.jpgThe police constable whose two year old son was fatally shot in Braeton, St. Catherine on Thursday, is to be questioned by INDECOM investigators on Monday. The investigators were preparing to question him on Friday, however, this had to be postponed as the policeman is said to be too traumatised to give a statement. His firearm has been seized by INDECOM for testing.

It is reported that about 6 p.m. on Thursday, the policeman, who is attached to Mobile Reserve, went home after feeling ill. He fell asleep with his firearm but he awoke shortly after and saw his son with the pistol.

It's reported that the policeman was attempting to retrieve the firearm from the toddler when it went off. The child was shot in the head.

The policeman and his wife were rushing the injured boy to the hospital when the vehicle crashed into a taxi along the Braeton main road.

The child later succumbed to his injury.

policeman-son-shot.jpgThe two-year-old son of the policeman's is dead in a bizarre accident Thursday night.

The baby has been identified as Almando McLean Jr, whose father is assigned to the Mobile Reserve.

Reports are that the policeman had fallen asleep next to his son at his Portmore, St Catherine home. When he woke up, the lawman reportedly saw Almando Jr with his licensed firearm.

While the cop was in the process of retrieving the gun from his son, the firearm reportedly went off hitting the child in the neck.

The tragic situation escalated when the cop reportedly crashed his private motor car into the rear of another vehicle, at a section of the Old Braeton main road, while transporting his injured son to the Spanish Town Hospital.

The boy reportedly sustained head injuries and he and his father were assisted to the hospital, where the child was pronounced dead.

The police are investigating.

12-month sentence for ganja cop

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hands-behind-bars.jpgA senior policeman, who was held along Mandela Highway in St Andrew with more than 100 pounds of ganja some three years ago, was fined over $500,000 and slapped with a 12-month prison sentence in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Thursday.

Inspector Dale Isaacs from the Mobile Reserve of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) was fined $15,000 or 30 days for possession of ganja, and $500,000 or six months, plus a direct 12-month sentence, for dealing in ganja.

Isaacs was held by members of the JCF Anti-Corruption Branch on Mandela Highway in St Andrew with the ganja in his private motorcar in 2014.

He was arrested and charged with breaches of the Dangerous Drugs Act.

6 shot including 10-year-old girl; four dead

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crime-scene-gun.jpgA 10-year-old girl is among six persons who were shot Saturday morning in the Whitfield Town area, in St Andrew South West, as tensions in the community remain very high.

Four of the six who were shot have since succumbed to their injuries.

Senior Superintendent Arthur Brown, head of the St Andrew South Police Division, confirmed the gruesome incident and stated that the incident happened between 1:30 -3:30 am on Saturday.

He said while there might be evidence of gang violence he is still yet to confirm a motive of the killing.

"Some doors were kicked off and six persons were shot in total, four succumbed. A 10-year-old was shot and injured also, she's at Children's Hospital [Bustamante Hospital for Children], the other person is at the Kingston Public Hospital".

"I wouldn't want to put it down to that [gang violence] because unfortunately some persons who weren't involved, got caught in it." He said.

He said the community remains very tense, but sought to reassure citizens that there will be increased police presence in the community and everything will be done to bring criminals to justice.

court.jpgThree members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, accused of kidnapping a 15-year-old boy in Westmoreland, have been charged.

Constables Romaine Wellington; Lushana Bryan and Adrian Jackson, who are attached to the Westmoreland Police Division, were charged on Thursday with kidnapping, extortion, as well as attempting to pervert the course of justice.

The cops reportedly demanded a two million dollar ransom to release the teenager. They are booked to appear in court on August 17.

And details have emerged on how the teenager was kidnapped by the cops.

A source close to the case told RJR News that the 15-year-old was taken off a bus last week after he was reportedly held in possession of an illegal gun by the police officers.

They then kidnapped him and demanded that the money be paid or he would be killed.

The cops were held in a sting operation in St Elizabeth on Sunday when they went to collect the money. They reportedly threw away the weapon which the teenager had.

meadowbrook-high-student.jpgAdministrators at Meadowbrook High will on Monday stage a candlelight vigil on the school grounds in celebration of the life of 17-year-old Mickolle Moulton, who was gunned down in Arnett Gardens on Sunday.

Retired Major Paul Brown, president of the Meadowbrook High Parent -- Teachers' Association (PTA), said the vigil -- which is a collaboration between the PTA, the past students' association, classmates and Mickolle's teachers, the school board, friends and other members of the school family -- is expected to be a mark of solidarity against violence, especially when it concerns the youth of Jamaica.

Brown said the event, expected to begin at 6:00 pm, will feature a prayer for Jamaica's youth, remembrance and reflections on Mickolle's life, and a candle-lighting ceremony

Donovan Thomas, president of the school's past students' association, said the event will provide an avenue for stakeholders to assist Mickolle's classmates, friends and those close to her to get over the tragic incident.

Thomas also added that one of the aims is to stand united and highlight that such incidents cannot continue.

"We are doing whatever we can in our space to show that we grieve with the family and friends of Mickolle and are taking a stand against violence towards youth," he said.

In the meantime, Thomas said the past students' association believes that providing proper guidance for youth is one of the starting points to curb the crime monster.

usain-bolt-the-big-man.jpgLONDON, England -- Jamaican based franchise company FRANJAM has signed a major contract with the UK based Casual Dining Restaurants Group (CDRG) to open 15 Tracks & Records restaurants across the United Kingdom over the next five years, making it the first Jamaican owned restaurant franchise concept to open on an international scale.

"For us this is a significant milestone in the company's development. When we created the Tracks & Records concept it was done with these major markets in mind. The UK has been a key target market for us since the conceptualisation stage over seven years ago and there is no greater satisfaction than to see it unfold in this way," said FRANJAM's Managing Director Gary Matalon.

He added that he believes this signifies the first time a local, homegrown concept has evolved into becoming an international franchise and it confirms brand Jamaica's potential and gives widespread hope that many other Jamaican brands through this business model can be exported.

Tracks & Records, a Jamaican themed restaurant, which boasts eight-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Usain Bolt as a key partner, started operations in Kingston, Jamaica in April 2011 and is the first restaurant of its type in the island.

"I'm happy to be able to share a taste of the Jamaica that I know and love with the rest of the world through the opening of these restaurants across the UK - London has always been a special place for me and I thank Aly and CDRG for giving us the opportunity to share our vision and our culture with you all," Bolt said.

FRANJAM is a franchise company founded to own, develop and license Jamaican themed restaurants.

crime-scene-gun.jpgA two-year-old has died after reportedly shooting him/ herself with the father's firearm in Portmore, St Catherine yesterday.

According to reports, the father, who is a police officer, was sleeping when the child got hold of his service pistol.

It is further understood, that the policeman tried to take the gun away from the toddler when it went off.

The policeman reportedly crashed while on his way to the hospital and the toddler succumbed to the bullet wound.

Five prisoners are now on the run after escaping the Ocho Rios lock up in St Ann early this morning.

The details surrounding the jail break are at this time sketchy; however the communications arm of the Jamaica Constabulary Force listed the following men as escapees:

• Gary Ferguson, 48, charged with illegal possession of firearm and rape

• David Anderson, 28, charged with rape

• Leroy Laud, 61, illegal possession of firearm

• Nicholas Massop, 22, charged with murder

• Reynardo Williams, charged with illegal possession of firearm

A search is continuing for three fishermen who have been missing since their vessel capsized near the Pedro Cays.

A fourth fisherman was rescued by the Jamaica Defence Force Coast Guard. The Coast Guard received a distress call on Wednesday morning.

Major Sheldon Bryan, acting Civil Military Cooperation and Media Affairs Officer at the Jamaica Defence Force, said that the vessel was north of the Pedro Cays.

Major Bryan said the Coast Guard and fishermen went to the area. They were able to recover the boat but not the men. The search continues.

Defending 100m hurdles champion Danielle Williams of Jamaica is second on the list of first round qualifiers with 12.66 seconds behind the world record holder from the United States, Kendra Harrison, who clocked 12.60s at the IAAF World Championships in London this morning.

Australia's Sally Pearson, Olympic champion here five years ago, underlined her status as a medal contender after two miserable years of injury problems, progressing to this afternoon's semi finals as the third swiftest runner with a time of 12.72s, just 0.02s ahead of Germany's Pamela Dutkiewicz.

Jamaica's other three athletes -- Meagan Simmonds, Yanique Thompson and Rushelle Burton -- are also through to the next round, having clocked 12.78s, 12.88s and 12.94s, respectively.

Jamaica's Ristananna Tracey clocked a personal best of 53.74 seconds to cop the bronze medal in the women's 400 metres hurdles behind Kori Carter in first and Olympic champion Dalilah Muhammad, both of the USA.

Carter won in 53.07seconds with Muhammad in 53.50.

Tracey held off the defending champion Zuzana Hejnova, with the Czech athlete recording 54.20.

crime-scene-gun.jpgReports are that the 12 year old student of Immaculate Conception High School who was shot along with her 17 year old sister at their home in Arnett Gardens, Kingston on Sunday morning is recovering.

The child, whose name is being withheld, is still hospitalised.

Children's Advocate Diahann Gordon Harrison, says preliminary reports indicate that the 12 year old was injured by the same bullet that killed her sister.

Although Mrs Gordon Harrison could not say where on the body the girl was hit, she indicated the child had been in critical condition but is not now "making good progress".

Meanwhile, the Children's Advocate said the investigation into the shooting of the two sisters is progressing despite some time being lost due to false claims that the girls were attacked because they rejected sexual advances.

meadowbrook-high-student.jpgThe mother of 17 year old schoolgirl Mickolle Moultan, who was killed in Arnett Gardens on Sunday has been relocated.

Head of Area 4, ACP Ronald Anderson says the mother was relocated today (Mon) for her safety.

He says the mother was relocated due to unfavourable comments made regarding the reason for the killing of the 17 year old.

Meanwhile, Police Commissioner George Quallo tweeted today that the "police do not have any facts to support sexual assault or threat in the unfortunate murder of young Micholle Moulton".

The tweet from the commissioner followed media reports that the girls were attacked because they resisted the sexual advances of men in the community.

The tweet added "let's accord her respect".

andrew-holness-photo-5.jpgPrime Minister Andrew Holness has vowed that the killing of 17-year-old schoolgirl Mickolle Moultan, which he said represents one of the vilest attacks on our young women, will not be in vain. The Meadowbrook High School student was shot dead and her 12- year-old sister shot and injured in their Arnett Gardens community on Sunday. According to a release from the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), Holness made the vow when he visited Moltan's mother this afternoon.

"I thought I would come here and say your daughter's death cannot be in vain. We have to put a stop to it to prevent other innocent girls and boys from being killed. This could be anybody's child. This is a great distress but we are resolved to deal with it and to support you in this time," the prime minister said.

However, with over 900 murders since the start of the year, someof them vile to the extreme, many are not consoled by the PM's vows. Here are some of the thoughts expressed on social media:

PhilT McNasty Mark Trought The life of a brilliant girl with her head on her shoulder taken away by one with only pubic hair on his head. Life nuh fair at all!.

G.W.G This just a "very weak" statement PM. See, this has happened too many times, and nothing has been done. So the results will be the same.

You all dont want to offend the gunman them.

Leon Cooke BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. We all heard similar speech when the Muschette High student was killed, when there were quadruple killings in Westmoreland, triple killings in Hanover, kidnapping, rape and murder of the young girls across the island. Come on man, lets stop the promises and sweet talks. Tell the island the people the truth. Crime is a business and those in the hierarchy only want it to be at a TOLERABLE LEVEL. When we kill and maim each other, these are the persons that benefits the most; Criminal Lawyers (some of which are politicians), Private Doctors, Morgue Operators and Security Firms. They are all getting rich because of the foolish criminal decisions of the poor.

If crime is to be stopped; women/men need to start working on making themselves quality individuals. In making yourself a quality individual, you are able to choose a quality partner and have quality life. Am not saying everything will always be perfect but there would be a change in the right direction.

Too many children being born to uneducated/unskilled persons with low self-esteem who does not love or respect themselves, others or anything in society. Children grown in unstable and loveless homes tend to become unstable individuals who become menace to society. Time for women to lock-up and men to cover-up until they know they have achieved a quality life and is able to chose a quality partner. As a result, they will be able to have quality children and help to create a quality society. Most of the world's problems have its roots in humans failing to empower themselves and poor reproductive management.

NejeeperKNG Mr. Andrew Holness--on a scale of 1 to 10...this is a 100. It doesn't get any more barbaric than this. The message now should be immediate surrounding of the area. This should be a Special Zone where the JDF/JCF must live. Helicopters should be wailing at nights, the searchlight should be bright. The more the people refuse to give up the killer/s is the more JDF/JCF they must see. Lock the area down and they will eventually tell who the killer/s are (dem might run weh already but at least they are known and can be hunted like the animals they are). Bring the criminals to their knees. This area should be quarantined no later than Wednesday (tomorrow). It should have been done much sooner.

Andrew--is this what we came to--if so, what is it that we are really celebrating?

instaboss.jpgThe police are trying to locate one of their own who has been implicated in the shooting death of a St Mary entertainer over two months ago. The development comes following a protest staged on Wednesday morning in Prospect, St Mary by friends and family members of the entertainer, who was fatally shot allegedly at a party in May.

The entertainer, 31-year-old Kriston Pearson, also known as Instaboss or Maffie of Charles Town, St Mary and Exchange in Ocho Rios, St Ann, was shot dead on May 7.

The friends and family members, who gathered and staged a peaceful protest, said that the alleged killer cop is on the run and there are no attempts being made to apprehend him.

They contend that the cop has left the force and is now overseas. They have also complained that there has been no progress in the case.

However, Superintendent in charge of Area Two operations, Michael Smith told members of the media last week that investigations are ongoing to locate the cop.

While admitting to having heard that the cop might have left the island, SSP Smith indicated that the police are making the relevant checks to ascertain the cop's whereabouts.

It is alleged that sometime after 4 am, at a party in Trinity, near Port Maria in St Mary, Pearson and the cop had an altercation over a woman. Eyewitnessesalleged that Pearson used a bottle to hit the cop and it was at that moment the cop pulled his firearm and shot Pearson in the chest. Pearson was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead. The cop was reportedly also taken to the hospital, and received treatment for his injuries. The policeman was then interviewed by officers attached to the INDECOM and was later released.

Licensed firearm holder kills robber

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One of two men who robbed patrons at a business place on Dunrobin Avenue in St Andrew last week night, was fatally shot by a licensed firearm holder. The other man escaped.

Reports from the police were that about 10:30, the two men, who were armed with guns, robbed patrons of the business place of cell phones and cash.

As the men were leaving, they reportedly attempted to take one of the patrons with them.

The patron resisted the attempt to take him away, and the men were said to have opened fire at him.

A licensed firearm holder engaged the men in a gunfight, and one of the men was hit

He later died at hospital.

The Board of Management of the St Andrew High School for Girls said it is appalled at the "inaccuracies" in a press release issued by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information in which it refuted claims that the Government owes the institution nearly $13.4 million.

Yesterday, the ministry described the institution as misleading in a number of area and said that it did not receive the income and expenditure reports as requested by them prior to the start of the 2016/2017 school year. In response, the school issued a release a short while ago saying it stands by the veracity of its prior statement, which was sent to the media on Thursday.

The school explained that since it was never their intention to air their concerns in the public domain, it has written to portfolio minister, Ruel Reid, and will submit to him a detailed response to the issues raised by the ministry in a press release yesterday.

The board said it now awaits Reid's invitation to the meeting of which it was advised in the memorandum from the Regional Director dated August 2.

The police are reporting that Anthony Johnson, otherwise called Screw, the Leader of the Barnes Road gang , is in police custody following an early morning operation.

The gang has been linked to several murders in East Kingston.

Meanwhile, the police have also made an appeal for a man, known only as Nooksie, to turn himself in.

Nooksie is said to be a key figure behind the upsurge of violence in East Kingston.

He's considered the leader of one of the gangs fighting for control of territory.

Nooksie is wanted by police for several murders and shootings in the Kingston Eastern Police Division.

In the meantime, the four men who were detained on Monday in connection with the gang violence involving individuals from Oliver Road and Jarrett Lane in East Kingston have been released.

Deputy Superintendent Rory Martin, Acting Commander of the Kingston Eastern Police Division, told RJR News that the men were processed and it was determined that they were not linked to the ongoing violence.

peter-phillips-photo-2.jpgLeader of the Opposition, Dr Peter Phillips is urging the Arnett Gardens community to work along with the police to identify the killers of Meadowbrook High School student, Mickolle Moulton.

"This brutal killing of the 17-year-old and the shooting of her younger sister, signal a new low to which our society has plunged in relation to crime and violence," Phillips said in a release today.

"I offer condolences to the family, community, schoolmates and teachers, and pray for a speedy recovery for her sister who suffered injury in the attack," he added.

Mickolle was shot through her bedroom window Sunday morning, while on a bed with her 12-year-old sister at her Arnett Gardens home.

They were taken to hospital where Mickolle was pronounced dead and her sister reportedly remains in stable condition. It is alleged that Mickolle was killed because she refused the sexual advances of men in the community.

Jamaicans at home and abroad are asking the same question: What are the plans to curb crime and violence in Jamaica land we love? The latest statistics show that almost 900 people have been murdered in Jamaica since the start of the year.

Over the past several months the Police High Command has been grappling with a flare-up of gang violence in St. James, St. Catherine, Clarendon and the Corporate Area.

Scores of persons have been killed over the period, including women and children.

Crime data reportedly obtained by radio station RJR, allegedly shows that between January 1 and the end of last month 872 persons were murdered across the island.

This is 157 more or a 22 per cent increase over last year's figure for the corresponding period.

There were 140 murders in July.

This followed the month of June which recorded 157 murders and May which registered 138.

The data showed that the last three months have been the bloodiest with nearly half of the murders occurring during the period.

St James had the most murders - 176 murders recorded at the end of July.

Another troubled parish is Westmoreland which has recorded 82 murders, followed by Clarendon with 80, St. Catherine North 75; St. Catherine South 72 and St. Andrew South 72.

Hanover has registered 40 murders and East Kingston, which is now the scene of a bloody gang violence, 28 murders at the end of last month.

Another trouble spot, West Kingston, has recorded 60 murders since January.

London 2017 organisers have released a statement confirming that a number of teams had reported cases of gastroenteritis at their official hotel.

Several Jamaicans competing at the London World Championships are said to be presenting diarrhoea-like symptoms.

It was not immediately clear who are the athletes and how many have shown the symptoms, but according to Television Jamaica's Spencer Darlington, Jamaica's team doctor Kevin Jones confirmed the development.

Jones also reported that 400m runner, Chrisann Gordon, had stomach issues yesterday and had to be treated.

In the meantime, the Guardian has reported that 30 athletes from several countries have been infected in a suspected outbreak of the norovirus resulting in vomiting.

Six members of the Canadian team have reportedly turned up with the symptoms.

London 2017 organisers have released a statement confirming that a number of teams had reported cases of gastroenteritis at their official hotel.

"Those affected have been supported by both team and LOC medical staff, in addition we have been working with Public Health England to ensure the situation is managed and contained," the organising committee said.

Public Heath England today said that laboratory tests had confirmed that two infections were caused by the norovirus.

meadowbrook-high-student.jpgLeader of the Opposition, Peter Phillips has condemned the savage murder of Meadowbrook High School student, Mickolle Moulton and is urging the Arnett Gardens community to work along with the police to identify and bring those responsible to justice.

"This brutal killing of the 17-year-old and the shooting of her younger sister, signal a new low to which our society has plunged in relation to crime and violence," Phillips notes.

"Here is a girl who has committed herself to her academic studies so she could make her contribution to her family, community and country. She has been brutally cut down before she could fulfill her potential." Phillips said.

The promising student was slain while asleep in her home on Tenth Street, Arnett Gardens, over the weekend.

"The community, must work hand in hand with the police and spare no effort in bringing the perpetrators to justice. I offer condolences to the family, community, schoolmates and teachers; and pray for a speedy recovery for her sister who suffered injury in the attack."

Weekend rain an independence blessing

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Jamaicans are hailing the showers which bathed the island last weekend as an inependence blessing.

The island, which was celebrating 55 years of being an independent nation, felt the effects of a strong Tropical Wave currently across the central Caribbean.

The system, which produced a large area of showers, thunderstorms, and strong winds moved across Jamaica Saturday morning into Sunday.

Despite the rains, however, the biggest national celebration, Grand Gala, was still held at the stadium.

However, charity show, 'A St Mary Mi Come From' was not so lucky, as the projected crowd of thousands did not show up to St Mary, which was pelted with rain. The event was held with a crowd that was estimated to be under three hundred.

crime-scene-7.jpgThe police are probing a suspected case of murder-suicide in August Town, St. Andrew.

The bodies of Kyron Beckles and his wife Althea, both 40 years old, were discovered Friday morning after a neighbour reported to the police that calls to the couple went unanswered.

Inspector Stephen Taylor, in charge of the August Town police division says that the bodies were discovered in a room at the couple's house.

The woman, who appeared to be strangled, was seen lying on a bed with her hands across her chest. Beckles' body was found with electrical cord around the neck and tied to a closet.

Inspector Taylor said it is believed the man strangled his wife then hanged himself.

Mrs Beckles, who resided overseas, had only this week returned to Jamaica for a surprise visit to her husband.

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC) -- The Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (AATT) says as many as 30 passengers on board an American Airlines flight were injured during turbulence as the aircraft approached the Piarco International Airport late yesterday.

Initial reports had indicated that 22 people were injured.

The Airport Authority said three had to seek medical attention at hospital.

"On Wednesday 2nd August, 2017 at 9pm, American Airlines Flight 2713 contacted the ATC Tower to advise that they experienced severe turbulence while en route from Miami to Port of Spain and would require medical assistance upon arrival at the Piarco International Airport, as there were injuries on board," the AATT said in a release on Thursday.

The authority said the aircraft landed safely at 9:33 pm and emergency response agencies arrived on site immediately to lend support.

AATT said it remains committed to the safety and security of customers.

st-andrew-high-school-for-girls.jpgSt. Andrew High School for Girls, The Queen's School, Holy Childhood, St Thomas Technical and Mona High have all been named by Education Minster, Senator Ruel Reid, as institutions that are in breach of the administration's voluntary contribution policy and which need to get in line.

Reid is describing the decision of some school administrators to demand auxiliary fees from parents as 'An attempt to extort parents.'

Minister Reid charged Wednesday morning at a Post Cabinet media briefing that some school administrators, including principals, may be extorting parents in demanding certain fees and he says he'll be taking 'very strong action' in response.

Minister Reid says the actions of the schools are a 'corrupt act' against the policy of the government and may be interpreted as extortion.

Meanwhile, the JTA said the "unfortunate" comments will serve no useful purpose than to create animosity and confrontation and could also destroy the integrity of schools' boards and administrators.

The association further recommended that the minister withdraws his "unfortunate statements and encourage continued dialogue and consultations with the schools in order to arrive at an amicable resolution to the issues at hand".

JTA said it "cannot, and will not condone any action that deprive students of their education and would therefore urge school administrators to do all in their powers to ensure that the relationship with the parents and community as well as the MoE, Youth and Information and other stakeholders remain cordial."

court-image-1.jpgFormer police constable Mark Russell was sentenced to life in prison for killing an unarmed teen from the inner city community of Whitfield Town in St Andrew.

Russell and High Court judge, Justice David Fraser has stipulated that he will have to serve at least 24 years in prison before he's eligible for parole.

Some of his former colleagues wept in court after the sentence was announced.

During a two-week trial, prosecutor Jeremy Taylor led evidence, that Russell placed a police-issued M16 rifle in the hands of 18-year-old Ravin Thompson as he lay wounded along Darling Street in downtown Kingston.

According to the evidence, Russell took back the weapon before Thompson was shot several times by another constable, identified as Morris Lee.

Fraser, in passing sentence, said he could not ignore the fact that the nature of the allegations are horrific.


court-image-1.jpgThe court has ruled that the termination of the contract for University of the West Indies, (UWI) Mona consultant, Professor Brendan Bain, was a breach of his right to freedom of expression as guaranteed in the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms and that the university must pay Bain $4.72 million in lieu of notice of the termination of his contract and any other sum that may have been withheld should be paid.

The ruling comes a year and a half after Bain sued the university for $40 million in damages for defamation, arising from the May 2014 termination of his two-year contract by the UWI.

Bain, who was the director of Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training Network when he was fired, in addition to the defamation award, Bain was seeking nine months' salary for breach of contract, which he said was the time left in the contract. He said he earned US$12,380 per month.

He was also asking the court to award him US$37,000 for the three months' notice of the termination of his contract as the university had only given him three weeks notice instead of the three months notice stipulated in the contract.

Bain, who asked Justice Lennox Campbell, Justice Paulette Williams and Justice Frank Williams to make substantial awards for constitutional and vindicatory damages.

Bain was fired by the university on the grounds that his constituents had lost confidence in him after he gave an expert report in a court in Belize. A church group opposed to a court case brought by a gay man who was seeking to challenge the country's Buggery Law had asked him to give the report.

crime-scene-tape-gloves.jpgThe police say they are trying to their colleague who has been implicated in the shooting death of a St Mary entertainer, 31-year-old Kriston Pearson, also known as Instaboss or Maffie of Charles Town. Instaboss was fatally shot allegedly at a party on May 7

Family members and friends of the entertainer staged a protest on Wednesday morning in Prospect, St Mary.

They that the alleged killer cop is on the run and there are no attempts being made to apprehend him.

They contend that the cop has left the force and is now overseas. They have also complained that there has been no progress in the case.

However, Superintendent in charge of Area Two operations, Michael Smith told members of the media Wednesday that investigations are ongoing to locate the cop.

While admitting to having heard that the cop might have left the island, SSP Smith indicated that the police are making the relevant checks to ascertain the cop's whereabouts.

He also said that contact has been made with Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) and they have given the assurance that the case file has been completed and the police officer is to be arrested.

It is alleged that sometime after 4 am, at a party in Trinity, near Port Maria in St Mary, Pearson and the cop had an altercation over a woman.

Some eyewitnesses at the time had alleged that Pearson used a bottle to hit the cop and it was at that moment the cop pulled his firearm and shot Pearson in the chest.

Pearson was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead. The cop was reportedly also taken to the hospital, and received treatment for his injuries.

Robber shot dead by licensed firearm holder

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crime-scene-tape-gloves.jpgOne of two men who robbed patrons at a business place on Dunrobin Avenue in St Andrew on Monday night, was fatally shot by a licensed firearm holder.

The other man escaped.

Reports from the police were that about 10:30, the two men, who were armed with guns, robbed patrons of the business place of cell phones and cash.

As the men were leaving, they reportedly attempted to take one of the patrons with them.

The patron resisted the attempt to take him away, and the men were said to have opened fire at him.

A licensed firearm holder engaged the men in a gunfight, and one of the men was hit

He later died at hospital.

court-image-1.jpgA Jamaican woman has been awarded more than TT$200,000 in damages by the courts for unlawful detention by immigration authorities in Trinidad and Tobago.

It has been reported that Sasha Watson, was among scores of detainees kept at the Immigration Detention Centre in Aripo, Trinidad, where she faced "squalid and oppressive conditions and was denied human rights".
Her lawyers, according to the Trinidad Express, said it was unlawful for police and immigration authorities to round up foreigners and detain them at the
detention centre in Aripo, where they were denied fundamental human rights.

On July 3, Trinidadian High Court Judge, Frank Seepersad, ruled in favour of Watson and ordered that the State pay her TT$209,641.20, inclusive of damages, interest and costs.

Brown-Burke wins

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mayor-angela-brown-burke.jpgAngela Brown Burke has been elected Chairman of the People's National Party's constituency organization in St. Andrew South Western.

Brown Burke, a vice-president of the PNP, secured 595 votes, while the other candidate, Audrey Smith Facey received 502.

All told, 1105 delegates voted, but eight ballots were spoilt.

Brown Burke, having secured the chairmanship of the constituency, is likely to be the PNP's candidate to contest the upcoming by-election to succeed Portia Simpson Miller as Member of Parliament for the constituency.

peter-phillips-photo-3.jpgOpposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips says it is unfortunate that more than 100 years after Emancipation, approximately seven hundred thousand Jamaicans have no legal ownership of land.

Dr. Phillips says it is for this reason, the opposition recently established a land commission, to prepare a policy framework that will establish a legal pathway to land titles for those Jamaicans who are still squatters in the land of their birth.

He says while Jamaica has achieved legal freedom, there still persists a slavery of the mind and it was this condition that led National hero Marcus Garvey, to recognize the need for emancipation from mental slavery.

He says the celebration of Emancipation Day, should be recognized as the firm foundation on which ordinary Jamaicans with extraordinary bravery and vision, force the re-fashioning of the nation's culture, social economic and political arrangement.

Church hits rock bottom over buggery law

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The 13-member Jamaica Council of Churches (JCC) will be holding a special sitting in the coming weeks to hopefully arrive at a uniformed position on the repeal or retention of the buggery law.

The special sitting was deemed necessary after The Sunday Gleaner brought to public attention a submission by head of the Anglican Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, Bishop Howard Gregory, to the parliamentary committee examining the Sexual Offences Act and related laws.

Gregory, in what he underscored was a personal position, recommended the removal of the offence of buggery from the law books, the widening of the definition of rape, and recognition of marital rape.

But it is Gregory's position that Section 61 of the Offences Against the Person Act of 1864 which criminalises the 'abominable' anal sex - consensual or otherwise - should be struck from the law books which has sparked a firestorm.

The popular Jamaican born barber shot dead outside a Queens bar this week was targeted for his jewelry by an ex-con paroled in January on a drug conviction, US police said Friday.

Zanu Simpson, 32, was sitting in his vehicle when he was shot in the head three times early Tuesday morning outside the Queens bar.

According to US media reports police are hunting 31-year-old accused killer Tyson Boateng.

A witness who drove by the crime scene told police a man in a charcoal gray hoodie leaned into the driver's side window of Simpson's vehicle and repeatedly punched him. Then the witness heard a gunshot and saw Simpson slumped over in his seat.

Simpson's belongings, including a gold ring, glasses and cash, were found near his $60,000 white BMW X5. Police also found a gun believed to be the murder weapon and a live round.

Boateng was conditionally released by parole officials after he was convicted of selling drugs on Long Island and sentenced to up to four years in prison.

Simpson, who worked with his brother at the Strickly Skillz Barbershop in Hollis, died at Jamaica Hospital around 1:00 am Tuesday.

Tourists killed in St Ann crash

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crime-scene-7.jpgTwo foreigners died early Saturday morning in a three-vehicle crash involving two motorcars and a truck in St Ann. Two other people sustained injuries in the incident.

Dead are 33-year-old Traverso Dujon and Dwayne Malcolm of United States addresses.

The two were reportedly passengers in a Toyota Wish motorcar travelling along the Queens Highway about 6:15 am, when the driver allegedly lost control of the vehicle and collided with a truck.

It then slammed into a Honda Fit, which, along with the truck, was headed in the opposite direction.

Dujon, Malcolm and the two passengers of the Honda Fit were taken to hospital where the two foreigners were pronounced dead and the other two passengers admitted in stable condition.

Zum, the popular producer and operator of Good Good Productions was seriously injured in a gun attack along the Salt Marsh main road in Trelawn on Thursday.

The 34-year-old Montego Bay-based music producer, whose real name is Evan Powel, was attacked shortly after seven Thursday evening. Reports are that Zum was driving when men in another vehicle opened fire on him. He was shot several times, however reports are that the shots were in his lower body.

The car in which he was travelling was riddled with bullets all along the right side of the vehicle.

A licensed firearm holder who was a passenger in the vehicle returned fire and the gunmen sped off.

Head of the Trelawny Police, Superintendent Clive Blair Powell confirmed the incident and disclosed that Zum has been hospitalised in serious but stable condition.

US barber born in Jamaica murdered in his BMW

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crime-scene-gun.jpgA popular Jamaican-born barber based in Queens, New York was shot and killed during what police believe was a botched robbery attempt.

Zanu Simpson was reportedly sitting in his white BMW X5 sport utility vehicle early Tuesday morning when he was shot and killed.

A man in a grey sweatshirt reportedly forced his way through the passenger side window of Simpson's car. A tussle ensued between the two and Simpson was shot three times in the head, according to reports.

Simpson, who was born in Jamaica and regularly touted his Jamaican heritage, operated the Strickly Skillz Barbershop with his brother, Samuel, in Queens.

"That was like my other half," the victim's brother, Samuel Simpson, is quoted as saying by the New York Daily News. "Everybody says we looked alike. They always called us twins."

There has been an outpouring of tributes to Simpson on social media since news broke of his death.

Police are still searching for Simpson's killer.

US drops deportation case against Jamaican man

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The deportation case against a Jamaican man who was convicted of a 2013 drug offence in Massachusetts has been dropped by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.

A Hampshire Superior Court judge quashed the conviction.

Shawn Davis had his conviction erased after judge Richard Carey ruled in his favor on Friday that he was not properly counselled by his attorney that his guilty plea in the case would likely lead to deportation.

ICE confirmed on Tuesday that it was no longer pursuing the case.

Davis who immigrated to the United States as a child, was arrested in Cummington, Massachusetts and sentenced to a year in jail on charges of possession of cocaine with intent to distribute and drug conspiracy.

After his release, Davis filed to reverse his conviction.

In an affidavit, he wrote that he would have never agreed to his plea deal if he knew he would later have to leave the United States.

ak-47-recovered-by-police.jpgA set of gangsters from Downtown Kingston reportedly attacked a police team along Tower Street and later fled leaving behind an AK-47 assault rifle and a magazine with 20 live rounds on Monday.

The police reports are that at about 5:30 Monday afternoon officers were on patrol in the area when they were attacked by gunmen. The men reportedly opened fire at the police team, before fleeing on foot.The police emphasise that at no time was there an exchange of gun fire, as is being reported.

According to Christopher Brown, crime officer for the East Kingston Division, a team of police officers went in the area and they came under heavy gunfire from men hiding at a premises. The men who fired at the police later ran from the area when they were approached. A search was carried out at the premises and the AK-47 found.

Several roadways leading in and out of the area, where the incident occurred, were blocked off by the police up to late Monday. The law enforcement officials are still searching the area for the men.

Since the incident, several voice notes have been circulating, among social media users, warning persons to stay away from the area.

Two British women were taken into custody following a ganja and cocaine seizure at Sangster International Airport in St. James.

The incidents took place Saturday July 22 and Sunday July 23.

In the first incident on Saturday, the woman was checking in to board a flight for Europe. When her luggage was searched, nine tins labelled 'Linstead Market Callaloo' and 'Linstead Market Ackee,' were found to contain cocaine.

The second woman, who was also scheduled to board a flight destined for Europe, had her luggage searched and 25 tins, each marked 'Linstead Market Callaloo' containing compressed ganja, were reportedly found.

George Nooks cocaine trial December 6

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george-nooks.jpgEntertainer Nooks goes to court on December 6 to answer to charges of cocaine possession.

In May, the police reported that 56-year-old George Nooks was spotted acting in a suspicious manner by lawmen during an operation in his community. However, there are conflicting reports from the police as to where exactly the incident took place.

Anyway, Mr Nooks was reportedly accosted and a bag he was carrying searched. The bag was found to contain approximately two ounces of cocaine., the police report in a statement

George Nooks who is represented by Tom Tavares-Finson appeared before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court. last Friday.

Reports are that Jamaican prisoners will soon be allowed conjugal visits.

National Security Minister, Robert Montague, made the disclosure Monday afternoon during an address at the Jamaica 55 Disapora Conference in downtown Kingston.

Montague said he believes that allowing inmates to have sexual relations with their partners will be beneficial. On the matter of prison reform, the national security minister indicated that the Government continues to introduce more initiatives to rehabilitate inmates.

He noted that the country has a recidivism rate of 47 per cent.

Montague also said prisoners have been reclassified to separate hardened criminals from low-level offenders. Additionally, Montague said more space is being created to reduce overcrowding and that more prisoners have been put to work.

He noted that two of the meals provided in prisons each day come from food produced by inmates.

The national security minister also informed that cell phone jammers have been restored at correctional facilities to reduce criminal activity.

Cops, brazen gunmen trade shots Downtown

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download the video here.

Reports are that brazen gunmen this afternoon forced the police into retaliatory mode as they challenged the lawmen on the streets of Downtown Kingston in areas including South Camp Road, near to the Ice Factory and Beeston Street.

Eyewitnesses told Yardflex that the gunmen were determined to show the police the strength of their firepower and the cops were equally determined to stop the gangsters in their tracks.

"Don't venture downtown," an eyewitness warned in a voice note, even as he lamented the total lack of law and order.

"I grow up in ghetto, but mi never see anything like this before," he said.

Checks with the police communications unit, CCU, revealed that there were reports of a joint police military operation on Monday and reports of a gunman being killed inside Coronation market, after he had fired upon persons in the market.

wanted-man-saddam.jpgSadain Mullings, alias Saddam, of Elgin Town, Hanover, the man, who was on the police Most Wanted list and linked to more than 20 murders in the western end of the island was shot dead during a gun battle with police on Saturday.

Reports are that the 26-year-old wanted man was shot and killed during a confrontation with members of the Mobile Reserve and the Westmoreland police in the Whitehouse community of Westmoreland on Saturday morning.

A UZI sub machine gun and a Glock pistol were seized during the standoff.

The Independent Commission of Investigation (INDECOM) has commenced their probe into the fatal shooting.

Saddam was wanted for up to 20 murders in western parishes and also for attacking the police with grenades in St Ann earlier this year.

Wheelchair bound man shot and killed

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crime-scene-gun.jpgThe Trelawny police are investigating the murder of a wheelchair bound man, who was shot and killed in Falmouth early Friday morning.

The deceased has been identified as 30-year-old Oberie Forrester of Wellington Street, Falmouth, Trelawny.

Reports are that about 2 am, Forrester was pounced upon and shot multiple times by unknown assailants at the intersection of Pitt and Peel Streets.

He was taken to the Falmouth Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Forrester had survived two previous gun attacks.

The police have not yet established a motive for the killing.

Well-known Mo-Bay businessman executed

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mo-bay-businessman-executed.jpgThe Montego Bay business community was thrown into mourning yesterday afternoon when prominent 52-year-old businessman Winston Chue, of a Westgate Hill address, was murdered gangland-style on Miriam Way in the downtown section of the western city.

According to reports, at approximately 1:50 p.m., Chue alighted from his vehicle in front of his under-construction building, where he sold and repaired truck parts, when he was attacked from behind by an unknown assailant, who fired several shots at his head. The killer then took Chue's licensed firearm and fled.

"We were inside the building when we heard about five or six shots, and when we rushed out, we saw him on the ground with his head covered in blood," said an employee, who asked not to be identified. "Jah know! Dem deal with the boss wicked.

A police patrol, which responded to the gunfire, rushed Chue to the Cornwall Regional Hospital, but by then, he had already died.

Chue's death brings to six the number of persons killed in Montego Bay over the past 72 hours. Some 148 persons have been murdered in St James since the start of the year.

bermuda-premier-david-burt.jpgDavid Burt 38, is now Bermuda's youngest premier after his opposition Progressive Labour Party (PLP) stormed to victory over the ruling One Bermuda Alliance (OBA) in Tuesday's general election, winning two-thirds of the seats. Burt was sworn in yesterday.

The PLP won 24 of the 36 seats in the House of Assembly, the OBA taking the other 12 after losing seven seats on the night in a stunning reversal of a weekend opinion poll which gave the OBA a double-digit lead.

Turnout was 72.98 per cent with the PLP winning 58.89 per cent of the vote to the OBA's 40.61 per cent.

Just before 11:20 pm (Bermuda time), Burt, who has a Bermudian father and Jamaican mother, got word of his own win in Pembroke West Central over the OBA's Nick Kempe and shouted "Hallelujah!"

Burt, who increased his majority almost fourfold from 2012, when the PLP's previous 14-year reign ended in a 19-17 defeat to the OBA, embraced his wife Kristin, before declaring that he felt "fine" about the result.

Burt, a father of two, said of the overall result across the country: "I'm certainly happy for the results ...but, the fact of the matter is, this is about work. We cannot pretend that we can celebrate a victory today when there is still a huge challenge to Bermuda.Father of two Mr Burt said he was not daunted by the prospect of becoming Bermuda's youngest Premier, at the age of 38.

Mr Burt's sister, Winsome Burt-Smith, was less measured in her reaction. "My brother is Premier! Thank you Jesus!" she yelled. His young nephews Trae and Terique Smith said they predicted the result.

Terique, 13, said: "It was expected. He's always been a leader. He's a people person -- he's always out there. He gives to the people; he never holds back."

Trae, 17, added: "I think he's going to be a great Premier. He is always an honest person."

The OBA's biggest casualty was Bob Richards, the former finance minister and deputy premier, who lost by 513 votes to 419 in Devonshire East to union activist Christopher Famous, who is also a newspaper columnist.

Afterwards, Richards -- the son of Sir Edward Richards, a former United Bermuda Party (UBP) premier who was born in British Guiana (now Guyana) -- announced his retirement from politics.

Nandi Outerbridge, the former Minister of Social Development and Sport, was another high-profile OBA casualty during a night of high drama as she was soundly defeated in St George's West by Kim Swan, a former leader of the now defunct UBP, which ran the country for 30 years until losing to the PLP in 1998.

On a disastrous night for the OBA, defeated former premier Michael Dunkley acknowledged that his party had suffered some "crushing defeats" on a "tough day".

15-y-o Jamaican boy killed in Florida crash

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crime-scene-5.jpgA 15-year-old boy from Jamaica died in a traffic mishap in Florida, USA on Sunday night, with seven other persons being hositalised as a result of the incident.

Dead is Travis Bernard of Montego Bay, St James.

Reports were that the mishap took place on Highway 192 near the Osceola-Brevard county line.

Indications were that a 40-year-old woman of Royal Palm Beach, Florida was driving at about 11:50pm, when a tyre blew out on her Toyota SUV.

She lost control of the vehicle, which overturned.

Bernard was reportedly ejected from the vehicle, and pronounced dead where he landed at the scene of the crash.

Three adults suffered serious injuries, while the driver, another adult and two teenagers were treated at hospital for minor injuries.

Weather clears as Bermudans head to the polls

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Early-morning showers gave way to sunny skies as voters headed to the polls on Tuesday in a general election expected to produce another nail-biting finish between the ruling One Bermuda Alliance (OBA), which is seeking a second five-year term, and the opposition Progressive Labour Party (PLP), which previously led the country for 14 years.

The OBA prevailed by two seats - 19 to 17 - at the last election in December 2012 with outright victory only confirmed on the stroke of midnight. But it became a minority government after two of its former cabinet ministers resigned to become independents.

Both parties, each fielding a full slate of 36 candidates, are confident of success after 40 days of campaigning.

The OBA is led by Premier Michael Dunkley, 59, while Opposition Leader David Burt is 38. He has led the PLP since last November when Marc Bean resigned following a stroke earlier in the year.

Five independents - including Paula Cox, a former PLP premier who quit the party after being rejected by party bosses despite being backed by her Devonshire North West branch are also in the mix.

Only two of the PLP's 36 candidates are white while the OBA's line-up includes 13. Bermuda's 65,000 population is 55 per cent black and 35 per white (plus 10 per cent others).

The PLP is fielding eight women candidates, the OBA 12.

Polling stations opened at 8 a.m. (local time) as a weather system which dumped an inch and a quarter of rain on the island on Monday began moving away, and will close at 8 p.m.

There are 46,669 registered voters - an increase of nearly 3,000 from April 2016.

The OBA inherited a national debt of US$1.4 billion after taking office. It has since risen to $2.4 billion with the government having to fork out $500,000 a day to service the crippling debt.

In his party's final news conference before election day, Dunkley noted the OBA's record on tourism and improving the economy.

"We have made progress in restoring jobs, opportunity and hope, but we still have a ways to go," he said.

"Our mission is to extend the recovery and renewal into every household. Now Burt and his colleagues have been trying to convince you that the choice in this election is between them and us, but the real choice is actually much simpler and much more important. Will Bermuda move forward or back?"

The PLP reiterated its pledge that education remains its top priority.

According to Burt, students had been forgotten under the OBA, while frequent changes in Education Ministers had created inconsistencies and a lack of accountability.

"It is a baffling exercise to imagine what the One Bermuda Alliance had been thinking when they had been wilfully ignoring the needs of our children and our teachers," he said.

don-tropical-storm-watch-warning.jpgLIAT has announced the cancellation of several flights to the southern Caribbean as the airline continues to monitor Tropical Storm Don.

The Antigua-based carrier has cancelled flights to and from Barbados, Grenada, Trinidad, Guyana, St Vincent and the Grenadines, St Lucia and Guyana.

However, flight LI 309 from Antigua to St Lucia will operate as scheduled.

LIAT says flights to the northern islands in the Eastern Caribbean chain will not be affected.

The airline says passengers who have been affected will be allowed to rebook within the next two weeks with all change fees waived.

Meanwhile, in it's latest advisory issued at 11 o'clock this morning, the Miami based National Hurricane Centre says maximum sustained winds in the centre of Tropical Storm Don have decreased to near 40 miles per hour.

However, a tropical storm warning remains in effect for Grenada and St Vincent and the Grenadines while a tropical storm watch remains in effect for Barbados and Bonaire.

6 Western Union outlets closed

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western-union.jpgWestern Union's Agent in Jamaica, GraceKennedy Money Services (GKMS), has announced the closure of six of the remittance outlets across Jamaica as it seeks to combat fraud across its network.

The locations involved in the temporary closure include three in Montego Bay, St James; one in Falmouth, Trelawny; one in Brown's Town, St Ann; and one in Spanish Town, St Catherine.

GraceKennedy Money Services says it has decided to close these locations because of an unusually high number of suspected fraudulent transactions being reported at them.

It says these fraudulent transactions have occurred despite enhancement of its antifraud programmes and continued investment in technology.

GraceKennedy Money Services says the affected locations will be reopened if and when it is satisfied that adequate additional anti-fraud measures have been taken.

A Jamaican doctor who was in the Cayman Islands to fill a temporary post has died from injuries she received after being mowed down as she exited the Owen Roberts International Airport yesterday.

A report on the Cayman Compass website said the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has confirmed that 62-year-old Dr Vary Jones-Leslie, died at 8:45 this morning at the Cayman Islands Hospital.

The driver of the taxi van which struck her, a 69-year-old Bodden Town man, was treated at hospital and released. Police did not immediately state whether anyone else was in the van at the time of the crash.

Jones-Leslie, who is an obstetrician-gynecologist, who worked at the Spanish Town Hospital until her retirement last year, was visiting Cayman to work a temporary fill-in post at the public hospital.

She was struck on Owen Roberts Drive across the street from the Andy's Rent-A-Car building around 10 o'clock yesterday morning. She was taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital in critical condition.

The woman was struck on Owen Roberts Drive across the street from the Andy's Rent-A-Car building around 10 a.m., police said. She was taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital in critical condition, medical personnel confirmed. Her family members flew in from Jamaica later on Monday to visit her at the hospital.

Social media photos of the woman lying injured in the road were circulated shortly after the crash. Police confirmed that the person pictured was the accident victim, but asked that the photos not be distributed.

The pictures also showed some bags and luggage strewn about the street and what appeared to be a luggage trolley lying in the street as well.

The police investigation following the crash blocked the main entrance into the busy airport for about four hours yesterday.

Social media photos of the doctor lying injured in the road were circulated shortly after the crash.

The pictures also showed some bags and luggage strewn about the street and what appeared to be a luggage trolley lying in the street.

Police confirmed that the person pictured was the accident victim, but asked that the photos not be distributed.

crime-scene-5.jpgThe Police High Command has launched a top-level investigation to determine why the police personnel who intercepted the suspected killers of Corporate Area businessman Richard Ramdial released them minutes after they were held.

Head of the Criminal Investigation Branch, Assistant Commissioner Ealan Powell says he has ordered the cops implicated in the matter to provide statements detailing the sequence of activities and their actions.

Ramdial, travelling in his dark blue Benz SUV was shot dead by two gunmen on Ruthven Road on Wednesday around 4:30 p.m.

The gunmen then reportedly boarded a white motor vehicle that headed south on Ruthven Road but was soon after intercepted on Balmoral Avenue by cops assigned to the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse.

Powell says the vehicle was stopped after the police control broadcast a radio transmission detailing the getaway car and its licence plate number.

So why then did the cops release the men and the vehicle?

However, he said, at the time, the cops were satisfied that the men were clear, having searched them and checked their hands for gun powder residue.

crime-scene-gun.jpgA St Andrew man accused of chopping and shooting a developer to death is yet to be charged in connection with the incident. The accused, whose name is being withheld, was arrested by the Constant Spring Police on Friday, July 7, in connection with the death of 46-year-old developer Andre Rickards, of Havendale in St Andrew, who was constructing a house next door to the accused in Stony Hill.

Reports are that the two men had a long-running disagreement over the placement of a wall and, on Friday, the dispute led to Rickards' death under unusual circumstances.

The accused reportedly invited Rickards over to his house and offered him fruits. But, it is reported that as soon as Rickards went over to the property, he was stabbed, disarmed of his licensed firearm and shot multiple times.

Rickards was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police subsequently arrested the suspect, who is still being questioned over the incident.

court.jpgThe man who was detained in connection with the seizure of 170 pounds of cocaine at a house in Caribbean Estates, Portmore, St Catherine last week Friday, has been charged.

The police have released his name as Michael Abrahams, 36.

He was on Tuesday charged with breaches of the Dangerous Drugs Act.

Abrahams is to appear in the St Catherine Parish Court on Thursday.

The huge cocaine find has an estimated value of more than $92 million.

The Narcotics police are continuing investigations into the find.

man-chopped-to-death.jpgA 21 year old woman was found stabbed to death at her house in Amity, Westmoreland on Tuesday.

She has been identified as Debby-Ann Morris.Her two month old daughter, who was also at the house, was unharmed.

Ms Morris' mother-in-law, said to be of unsound mind, has been taken into custody in connection with the incident. About 3 o'clock, the mother-in-law went to a woman's house in the community and told her that she had killed someone.The woman raised an alarm and the police were called.

The police went to the house of Miss Morris, where they found her body with stab wounds.

'Grab chain' robber shot by victim

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Just two days after businessman Richard Ramdial was shot on Ruthven Road in busy traffic, a robber was shot a short distance away after allegedly trying to steal a chain.

According to reports, the man, identified as a chain grabber, was shot on Carlton Crescent off Half Way Tree Road on Wednesday afternoon.

It is reported that he was shot by a licensed firearm holder whose chain he had stolen.

The area was cordoned off and there was a pile up of traffic as commuters headed home.

PM Holness, show us your cell phone bill

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andrew-holness-photo-5.jpgThe National Integrity Action (NIA) is urging Prime Minister Andrew Holness to open his cell phone bills to public scrutiny. Professor Trevor Munroe, Executive Director of the agency, said this is to ensure fairness and transparency.

Both the prime minister and national security minister have opted to use their private cell phones for government business.

In reaction to public outrage to the cell phone bill of Finance Minister Audley Shaw, the Mr. Holness on Tuesday directed that there be a cap on cellular phone expenses.

"Most of all, I would suggest that the prime minister, as head of the government, revisit and dust off Ministry Paper No. 19 of 2002, which sets out very clearly the code of conduct for ministers in Jamaica and ensure that the ministers re-familiarise themselves with the code of conduct, as well as (that) he enforces it without fear or favour when that code is being violated," he suggested.

richard-ramdial-photo-2.jpgSince news of the contract style murder of businessman, Richard Ramdial broke, colleagues and friends have taken to social media to issue tributes to the entrepreneur, who was involved in automobile and manufacturing, and had been exploring the production of by-products made from cannabis.

Former president of the Used Car Dealers' Association, Ian Lyn said he attended St George's College with Ramdial and remembered him as "humble and respectful".

"I'm in shock at the murder of Richard Ramdial in Jamaica, he was the coolest youth I knew at St Georges College even though he drove the most Mercedes Benz I have ever seen in high school," Lyn, who is now based overseas, wrote on Facebook.

"He always remained humble and respectful no matter what but nothing in life happens except by Allah (God) active or permissive will so we thank God for his life and pray for his family and friends RIP Ramdial!!!" Lyn added.

Ramdial's Facebook page was flooded by friends expressing sadness at his death.

"Too much violence... it happens every day ..when it happens to someone we know it really puts things into perspective," one friend said.

Another added, "Richard Ramdial, no!! Oh my God no!!"

There was also shock and anger over the brutal slaying.

"Still can not believe it. A hit in the middle of New Kingston," said a man in disbelief.

Another friend of Ramdial pleaded with the authorities to "catch these monsters!!"

richard-ramdial-photo-1.jpgThe driver of a Mercedes Benz sports utility vehicle who was killed Monday when his high-end vehicle was shot up by armed men along the busy Ruthven Road in St Andrew had a licensed firearm, which was not taken. Police suspect that businessman Richard Ramdial was the victim of a contract killing and are following several leads into the brazen murder which has sent shockwaves across the Corporate Area.

Ramdial was gunned down on Tuesday evening while he was in his Mercedes Benz sport utility vehicle in rush hour traffic along Ruthven Road in St Andrew.


Reports are that at around 4:30 pm, a gunman disembarked a motorcycle and pumped more than 12 bullets into the driver's side of Ramdial's left-hand-drive vehicle. Other reports say that two men in a Camry which was parked up on the side of the road pounced on an unsuspecting Ramdial and fired nearly 16 bullets in his luxury vehicle.

Ramdial, who suffered multiple gunshot wounds, was rushed to the University Hospital of the West Indies where he was pronounced dead. The incident caused a traffic gridlock in New Kingston and surrounding areas.

shocked.jpgA senior judge attacked by a woman on the grounds of the Supreme Court in downtown Kingston on Friday during a brief conversation outside of the court room.

Reports are that the well-known male judge was struck in the face by the woman

Details of the conversation that led to the attack are unclear at this time, but immediately after the incident, law enforcement officials rushed to escort the woman from the location.

It is not clear what action, if any, was taken against the female following the incident that drew a large crowd.

"All I know is that I see the judge talking to the woman, and then minutes after I heard a loud slap echoing across the court grounds," said one woman, who claimed she was an eyewitness.

"When I look, is the woman me see a fling box on the judge," the alleged eyewitness said.

Law enforcement officials reportedly then went to the compound and apprehended the woman.

The incident has brought into sharp focus the safety of officials who work in the island's justice system.

Sources claim the woman who carried out the attack is a close relative of the judge.

x6-trial-patrick-powell-oct-24-photo-2.jpgPatrick Powell, who shot to notoriety in the infamous X6 trial, again made quite a few headlines when he begged the Parish Judge Vaughn Smith to "have mercy" in deciding on a gun matter related to the case in which he was found innocent.

However, interesting as that might be, what Yardflex finds intriguing is that RJR News reported last month that checks by them have revealed that that if convicted for the offence under the Firearms Act, Powell faces a maximum fine of J$400 or 12 months in prison!

Well, Powell was found guilty on Tuesday, July 11 and will be sentenced on August 9. We wait with bated breath the outcome of this. Will it be yet another travesty in our justice system which could fine Reputed Clansman leader Tesha Miller only one hundred Jamaican dollars after pleading guilty to one count of false declaration in April.

Miller's sentence was handed down by Parish Judge Sanchia Burrell after pleading guilty to one count of using a fictitious name. The reputed gangster was charged by the Immigration Investigation Unit last Tuesday following his deportation from Bahamas on April 4. He was charged following allegations that he left the island using fictitious names. However, the police have reported that there are other matters pending against Miller.

Attorney-at-law, Linton Gordon is urging citizens not to resist being stopped and searched in areas designated as Zones of Special Operations. The Zones of Special Operation Act is expected to come into effect in short order as a means of addressing the country's crime problems.

Gordon says any attempt to resist being searched, will be in breach of the new law when it comes into effect. Gordon emphasizes that it's important to note that certain constitutional rights which give protection from entry without warrant will be suspended.

He adds that the security forces can use force to enter premises where any effort is being made to resist them in these zones.

Meanwhile Mr. Gordon says the provisions under the new law, open the door for the rights of residents to be abused.

traffic-boss-calvin-allen.jpgChantel Allen, 19, the daughter of Senior Superintendent Calvin Allen, was reportedly shot in the leg when the off duty policeman opened fire at the car she was travelling in, reportedly after the vehicle struck the cop along Bernard Lodge Road in Portmore, St Catherine on Saturday morning.

Since the incident, reports have been circulating on social media that the teen was ironically travelling in one of the many illegal taxis that her father, Superintendent Allen, head of the Police Trafic Division, has been fighting to get off Jamaica's roadways.

However, law enforcement officials says that Chantel Allen, was travelling in a red plate (legal taxi).

The incident took place at about 5:30 am. The driver of the cab claimed that he swerved to avoid a pothole but ended up hitting the policeman, who was walking along the roadway. The taxi operator, in his report, added that, after realizing that he hit someone, he stopped to assist the victim. But the police constable, who sources say was in plain clothes, reportedly pulled a weapon and fired at the vehicle.

Chantel Allen, after being shot and injured, was taken to the Andrews Memorial Hospital, and is now recuperating. The accused policeman was subsequently taken into police custody along with his firearm. The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) has since launched an investigation into the matter.

patrick-powell.jpgAfter being acquitted in the case of murdered Kingston College school-boy Khajeel Mais, businessman Patrick Powelll finally has a guilty charge. But with the pitiful fine on the books for that particular gun charge, he may well have been found innocent.

Powell, who made the headlines last month when he begged the Parish Judge Vaughn Smith to have mercy on him, was on Tuesday morning found guilty of failing to hand over his licensed firearm to the police. The verdict was handed down by Parish Judge Vaughn Smith in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.


Powell was charged with failing to hand over his licensed firearm for inspection to detectives who investigated the shooting death of Kingston College student, Khajeel Mais, in 2011. He will know his fate on August 9, when the sentencing is scheduled to be handed down.

Powell was freed of Mais' murder in October 2016 after the prosecution offered no further evidence in the case before the Home Circuit Court. The acquittal came after the prosecution's main witness denied giving a statement to police that implicated Powell in the killing.

audley-shaw-photo-1.jpgThere are more questions are being raised in the wake of a report that Finance Minister Audley Shaw has racked up cell phone bills amounting to $8.3 million.

RJR News reported on Monday that the bills were generated from March last year to February this year. In December, Mr. Shaw's cell phone bill reached over $838,000 and more than $1.5 million in August. In October the bill was more than $4.2 million.

During those three months the Finance Ministry said Mr. Shaw travelled overseas for official and urgent personal reasons.

A query with the service provider later showed that the charges were due to data usage while roaming.

The Finance Ministry reported that Mr. Shaw has paid roughly $2.6 million for personal roaming data usage.

crime-scene-tape.jpgA man was chased and shot dead at a plaza along Washington Boulevard in St Andrew on Thursday.

Reports are that at about 3:30 pm, a vendor, was standing inside the plaza, located at the intersection of Washington Boulevard and Patrick Drive, when he was attacked by unknown assailants.

The vendor in a bid to escape tried to run but was chased and then gunned down.

The men who carried out the attack then escaped from the area.

Sounds of the explosions sent members of the public doing business in the area scampering for cover.

One person is disputing the story that the man was chased, claimimg that: "The man wasn't chase a same place him sell him dead."

Cop shot dead in Central Village

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crime-scene-gun.jpgThe police's Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) is reporting that 34-year-old Constable Hurburt Hyman, who was assigned to Mobile Reserve, was shot dead about 9:05 pm on Monday.

He was reportedly walking with a woman along Hamilton Drive in the Central Village community when gunmen approached and shot him. The woman, according to CCU, was grazed by a bullet and was treated at hospital.

However, Hyman died on the spot, CCU said.

This is the fourth police officer killed since the start of the year.

Policeman found dead at home

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The body 40-year-old Constable Kevin Thompson of Six East in Greater Portmore, who was stationed in St Thomas, was found at his Portmore home Monday night.

A female companion reports that he was complaining of chest pain when she last saw him alive on Saturday evening.

The woman said that she had gone to the policeman's home to check on him Sunday but did not get an answer when she knocked and she assumed that he had gone to work, so she left the premises.

However, she said when she went back yesterday evening and did not get a response when she knocked on the the front door, she went to the back of the house and saw flies on the window.

The police summoned, she said, who then forced the door open and found Thompson dead inside the house.His wife also rushed the scene. A colleagues who said he knew the deceased for more than 21 years, described Thompson as a "nice, nice person.

An American pilot was arrested and charged Sunday morning for attempting to take ammunition onboard a flight at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston.

Fifty four-year-old Michael Gorham, of Georgia, was charged with illegal possession of ammunition and unlawful attempt to take ammunition onboard an aircraft.

The police's Corporate Communication Unit (CCU) says one 9mm Lugar round of ammunition was found in Gorham's luggage during security checks about 8:45 a.m. at the airport.

He is scheduled to appear before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Friday, July 14.

Amendments coming to Rent Restriction Act

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Reports are that acting director of the Rent Assessment Board, Leyton Baker, says proposed amendments to the Rent Restriction Act, have moved to another stage.

The Rent Restriction Act was last amended in 1983, but since then rental arrangements and legal problems have multiplied significantly. Some of the noted ones include the security deposit, and the ability to recover possession for non payment of rent. In 2011, the government announced that a review would be done to address several controversial issues.

Meanwhile, the Rent Assessment Board is seeking to defend itself against criticism that it is unable to properly handle complaints being made by both landlords and tenants. Baker states that the agency is successful in mediating various types of disputes.

"Anything dealing with harassment , we always try to make contact with the other party. Sometimes the issues are settled on the phone. Also - the tenant and the landlord don't have to go to court to sue, they can come to the board. We sue for arrears of rent, excess rent, recovery of deposits (but for) recovery of possessions - they have to go to court to deal with that," he said.

9-y-o-girl-killed.jpgA 14-year-old boy used a gun belonging to a licensed firearm holder to kill a nine-year-old girl in St James yesterday. Reports are that the child, Kala Bailey, and her brother were playing with the 14-year-old inside the family's home in the community of Hendon-Norwood in Montego Bay.

The police said that shortly after 3:00 pm, on Friday, Kela and two other children, aged six and three, were in a downstairs room along with the 14-year-old when a gunshot was heard. Unaware of what was happening adults rushed downstairs where they said they saw the teen running away with a gun in his hand.

They then discovered the blood-drenched body of the Glendevon Primary and Junior High School student with what happened to be a gunshot wound to the chest.

She was rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where she died while undergoing treatment.

According to other sources say the teen brandished a firearm and asked Kala's brother if he would tell anyone if he shot her. Before the boy could answer, the 14-year-old fired one shot in Kela's chest at close range.

The alleged teenaged killer fled the scene with the gun in his hand. However, he was handed over to the police shortly after the incident and remains in custody.

Commanding officer for the Police Area One, Assistant Commissioner Warren Clarke says preliminary investigations have revealed that the firearm is owned by someone who resides at the house where the killing occurred.

Digicel apologises to customers

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digicel-photo-1.jpgTelecoms giant Digicel was slapped on the wrist by the OUR when they went ahead and charged their customers new fees with out properly informing them. Now, Digicel is offering an apology.

The company is circulating text messages to customers, apologising for their decision to, without notice, charge a prepaid maintenance fee to those whose monthly spend falls below $50.

"We're sorry we didn't tell you before charging a maintenance fee. You've been rebated JMD15. Plus, enjoy JMD16 in FREE talk time on us," a text message from Digicel to a prepaid cell phone said today.

The move comes subsequent to a release from the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR), which stated that they had requested an explanation from Digicel regarding the fee, and were awaiting a response by June 30 (today).

Digicel's new fee took effect on Thursday, June 22.

The OUR requested that Digicel shows evidence that it had provided customers with sufficient advance notice; the exact amount to be charged; and the basis of such a charge.

Have you seen this missing 13-y-o girl?

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missing-girl-afeliah-battiste .jpgAn Ananda Alert has been activated for 13-year-old Afeliah Battiste of Gordon Town Road, Kingston 6 who has been reported missing since Wednesday.

She is said to be of dark complexion, slim build and is about 145 centimetres (4 feet 9 inches) tall.
According to the Papine police, Afeliah was last seen in Papine Square in St Andrew about 9:20 am, wearing a pink blouse, blue jeans and a pair of black-and-white Nike Air sneakers.

All efforts to contact her have proven futile.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Afeliah Battiste is being asked to contact the Papine police at 927-2047, police 119 emergency number or the nearest police station.

super-lotto-winner.jpgA 76-year-old retired parish council worker from Trelawny, on Tuesday took home a cheque for a whopping $117 million which was his total for winning a share of the June 16 Super Lotto.

The pensioner, identified only as W Gordon from Granville near Falmouth, tried his best to disguise himself by putting on a red, green and gold tam with hanging locks covering his face. The locks are fake, however, as Mr Gordon says he is a Christian.

According to that he is a devout Methodist who attends church in Falmouth and believes that God had a hand in his luck.

Interestingly, in an interview with another site, Mr Gordon says almost missed out on his super blessing, $117 million prize, after a friend provided him with the incorrect draw results.

"I bought my ticket days before the draw, around Wednesday, and I didn't check my numbers same time. I asked someone to give me the draw numbers but the ones he gave me were wrong.

But Gordon, a Trelawny resident who has been an avid Lotto and Super Lotto player for over 10 years, had a hunch to check the numbers himself. He was right. And the rest is history.

burrell-viewing.jpgHundreds of persons came out on Wednesday to pay their final respects to the late president of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF), Captain Horace Burrell, at a Thanksgiving Service at the National Arena in Kingston.

Several persons paid tribute to Captain, among them Bruce Gaynor, JFF's vice president; Brazilian Rene Simoes, former Reggae Boyz technical director; Canadian Victor Montagliani, president of CONCACAF and vice president of FIFA; Curacao's Rignaal Francisca, acting president of the Caribbean Football Union, Sports Minister Olivia Grange and Portia Simpson-Miller, former Prime Minister of Jamaica.

Employees of Captain's Bakery Norma Fearon-Moody, Alice Gillespie-Clarke and Sharon Irons Francis, together paid tribute to Captain Burrell.

Musical tributes in songs were came from Ernie Smith, who did "I Believe", the Jamaica Constabulary Force choir, Richie Stephens who sang "My Way" and Ashe Assembly - the group performing "Rise Up", which was done to celebrate Jamaica's qualification to the World Cup in France 1998.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness read the first lesson, with Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips doing the second, Burrell's friend Julie Jones the third and the fourth done by Captain Burrell's brothers, Carlton and Edward.Captain Burrell's close friend, Horace Reid, a former General Secretary of the JFF, did the eulogy.

Reverend Adinhair Jones gave the homily and he preached about the resurrection, with Al Miller, who worked closely with Captain Burrell during his tenure as president of the JFF, prayed for the family.

The National Arena was transformed into the national colours of black, green and gold and Captain Burrell's casket was draped with a flag of Jamaica.

The Combined Military Band was also a vital part of the service and their duties included playing the National Anthem at the beginning of the service.

Captain Burrell led the JFF from 1994, excepting for a four-year period. After ailing for the past year, Captain Burrell passed away on June 6 at the John Hopkins Oncology Centre in Baltimore, USA, where he was undergoing treatment for cancer. He was 67.

The case of the American woman on trial for informing a crew of seven Jamaican-born men, suspected to be drug-dealers, about an investigation being conducted by her former husband, who is a police detective, and his team is rather interesting. The woman pleaded guilty in court in the US and faces a maximum punishment is 20 years in federal prison and a fine of US$250,000.

According to a report from the SunSentinel, the defence for Porsha Session, 31, said she acted naively to retaliate against her then-husband because he was cheating on her. Federal authorities said that her actions compromised the undercover investigation and an insider informant who was secretly working with them was "outed" and the man died of a gunshot wound a short time later under suspicious circumstances but was officially ruled a suicide, US media reported.

SunSentinel also stated that Session's defence attorney Fred Haddad said that there was no evidence to suggest she was aware of the potential consequences and recommended that she be sentenced to house arrest, partly because she has no prior criminal history. However, prosecutors said that because Session was married to a police, she should have known the potential dangers and that she was putting others at risk, adding that she deserves a much harsher punishment than the 15 to 21 months in prison recommended by sentencing guidelines.

Session admitted that she snooped in her now ex-husband's work email and discovered memos that contained sensitive information about the investigation, the suspects and an informant who was working for agents inside the group.She pleaded guilty to federal obstruction of an official proceeding - a grand jury investigation - and admitted she made six phone calls to one of the suspected drug dealers and warned him that an insider was helping law enforcement, SunSentinel outlined.

The undercover investigation, which started in October 2012, was focused on a "crew" of seven Jamaican-born men suspected of operating a significant drug-dealing business in the Lauderhill and Fort Lauderdale areas, prosecutors Jeffrey Kaplan and Paul Schwartz said.

digicel-photo-1.jpgThe Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) says it has written to Digicel requesting an explanation on the company's decision to start charging a prepaid maintenance fee (PMF) to customers whose monthly spend falls below $50.

The OUR, in a release this morning, said it also wants Digicel to provide evidence that it had provided customers with sufficient advance notice; the exact amount to be charged; and the basis of such a charge.

Digicel has been asked to respond to the OUR's queries by Friday.

OUR said it received a letter dated June 23, 2017 from Digicel, advising that the purpose of the PMF is to ensure that all customers adequately contribute to the cost of operating and maintaining their accounts on its systems and networks, in circumstances where they spend less than $50 within a calendar month.

This new measure took effect on Thursday, June 22.

In its response, the OUR noted that while Digicel has updated its terms and conditions on its website with the PMF (clause 10.4), there is no indication of when its customers were notified, if indeed they were notified at all.

The OUR also expressed its disappointment that Digicel had not notified the regulator of this new fee prior to implementation.

Police say Hanover's most wanted man, Thirty-three-year-old Shernardo Leslie otherwise called "Blacks" was fatally shot in an attack on the police on Friday.

Reports from the Lucea Police are that about 8:50 p.m., a police operation was in progress when a motorcar was signalled to stop. Men alighted from the vehicle and opened gunfire at the Police who returned gunfire.

Leslie, who police say is a multiple murderer, was later discovered with gunshot wounds and rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead. The other men made good their escape in the area.

The Inspectorate of the Constabulary and the Independent Commission of Investigations INDECOM are investigating.

However, in an interview with the Gleaner, Superintendent of Police Sharon Beeput, the commanding officer for the Hanover Police Division, is quoted as saying that Leslie was a known enforcer in the parish.

"This man has been giving us a lot of trouble since the start of the year. We believe he has had a hand in the vast majority of the 36 murders we have had in the parish this year," said Beeput. "With him now out of the way, we should have some measure of peace now."

Leslie, known in the criminal underworld as 'Blacks,' was implicated in a recent quadruple murder, two triple murders and two double murders. He was said to be the chief enforcer for the One Voice gang, one of the three criminal gangs operating in the parish.

A senior citizen who pleaded guilty to impregnating an underage girl 10 years ago, was sentenced to three years imprisonment when he appeared in the St Catherine circuit court.

He is 70-year-old Cecil hall of Linstead St Catherine.

Hall's troubles with the court started after he attended family court in February for a maintenance hearing.

During his attendance, he allegedly said that he would not be paying anymore money to the mother of his 10-year-old child.

The child's mother then revealed to the court that he needs to live up to his responsibility and that he impregnated her when she was only 15 years old. An inquiry was made by the presiding parish judge, after which documentary evidence confirmed that hall committed carnal abuse.

Cop shot and injured in West Kingston

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crime-scene-gun.jpgSergeant attached to the Kingston Western Division was shot and injured and three illegal firearms seized in two separate attacks on the Police in West Kingston, last night.
Reports are that about 12:30 a.m, a police team was on duty in the Coronation Market and its environs when a group of men armed with high-powered weapons attempted to enter the market space.

The police were however vigilant and took command of the space and prevented them from doing so, as a result the gunmen fired at the police who countered the attack.

During the shooting, the sergeant was shot and injured as also one of the gunmen.

On the approach of the police to the injured gunman the team came under heavy gunfire from the Lizard Town and Tivoli Gardens communities. Reinforcement was sought and teams from Divisions within Area 4, Mobile Reserve and the Jamaica Defence Force assisted.

Both injured men were taken to hospital where the policeman was treated and the unidentified gunman pronounced dead. Two firearms, a 9mm pistol and a .38 revolver were seized in the incident.

About an hour earlier in the Rose Town community, a police team was on mobile patrol when they too were attacked by gunmen armed with high-powered weapons. The lawmen repelled the challenge and the gunmen fled. The gunmen were however accosted by another police team that was on patrol in the area.

One gunman was shot and injured and a 9mm Luger pistol with two rounds of ammunition seized from him. The other men escaped in the community.

He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

portia-simpson-miller-jis-official-photo.jpgCouncillor for the Payne Land Division in the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Council Audrey Smith Facey looks set to be the next Member of Parliament for St Andrew South Western. Reports are that she is miles ahead of Karl Blake the other candidate interested in replacing outgoing Member of Parliament Portia Simpson Miller.

Blake is the councillor for the Greenwich Town Division, also in the constituency of St Andrew South Western. He is recuperating from a brazen attack by gunmen recently, when he was shot at the divisional office located at Caribbean Palms along Spanish Town Road in the constituency.

His divisional secretary and longstanding member of the PNP, Maxine Simpson was killed during the incident.

A US trial for 10 defendants in a multimillion-dollar Jamaican lottery scam case has been delayed until early next year.

US District Judge Dan Hovland rescheduled the trial that was to begin July 17 in federal court in North Dakota to January 22, 2018, after one of the suspects' attorneys said he had a conflict next month and also needed more time to prepare.

Federal prosecutors didn't object to the change. US Attorney Chris Myers anticipates the trial might last as long as three weeks.

A total of 15 people are charged with conspiracy, wire fraud, mail fraud and money laundering in the scam that authorities said bilked at least 90 mostly elderly Americans out of more than US$5.7 million. The suspects could face decades in prison if convicted.

Nine of the 10 suspects facing trial are Jamaicans who pleaded not guilty earlier this year. They include Lavrick Willocks, who authorities allege was the mastermind. The tenth suspect is a US citizen who pleaded not guilty in August 2015.

Two of the remaining five suspects are in custody in Jamaica awaiting extradition, and three remain fugitives.

Authorities have dubbed the case "Operation Hard Copy," a reference to lists of prospective victims' contact information used by scammers. North Dakota authorities began investigating in 2012, starting with the case of a Harvey woman who lost her life savings of more than US$300,000 to the scam. The probe involves the FBI, the US Postal Inspection Service and the Justice Department's Office of International Affairs.

Source: AP

3 wanted men arrested in major operation

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arrested -photo-1.jpgThe police are reporting that a major operation in the Kingston Western Division on Thursday, led to the arrest of three wanted men and three persons of interest -- one of whom was wanted for questioning in relation to the murder of two people and the injuring of another at the Coronation Market in downtown Kingston -- on Wednesday.

The man, whose identity is being withheld, was nabbed during an operation that began about 4:00 am and spanned several communities to include Tivoli Gardens, Golden Heights, Pink Lane, Charles Street and Hannah Town.

Two other persons of interest were also arrested during the operation.

One of the men is wanted for questioning in relation to the murder/shooting on Metcalfe Street. The other is wanted for questioning in relation to a murder in the Kingston Central Division.

Additionally, three men who were wanted for various offences including robbery and shootings were also arrested, while another three were arrested on warrants.

Ninety-seven males were processed and released.

court-case.jpgA man who is accused of sexually assaulting an underage boy was offered $200,000 bail when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday.

The accused, a 29-year-old computer technician, was recently arrested and charged following allegations that he held a knife at the boy's neck and buggered him after the youngster went to his home.

The accused was offered bail by Parish Judge Simone Wolfe-Reece on conditions that he surrenders his travel documents with a stop order in place and stays away from children.

He is to return to court on July 31.

11 year old girl's murder a reprisal say cops

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crime-scene-7.jpgThursday night, 11-year-old Taysha Hughes, also called Angel,a student of the Holy Family Primary Schoolwas murdered in Central Kingston in a hail of bullets.

Now, the Police are theorizing that her killing was a reprisal for the shooting death of alleged don, Nicholas Malcolm, in the community.

The police were reportedly processing the scene where Malcolm and a 12-year-old boy had been shot on Wildman Street about 10: 00 pm, when they were summoned to a second shooting on the nearby Fleet Street about 10:30pm.

They found Taysha along with four men suffering from gunshot wounds.One of the men, identified as 26-year-old Richard Allen otherwise called 'Finey', was wearing a mask, the police said.

Reports are that the girl was reportedly among three men standing on Fleet Street, when they were attacked by masked gunmen.

The police speculate that Allen was one of the attackers and was shot by his cronies.

portia-simpson-miller-jis-official-photo.jpgThe Court of Appeal on Friday morning dismissed the appeal brought by former People's National Party (PNP) president Portia Simpson Miller and four other party functionaries in the Trafigura case.

The decision was announced by Appeal Court President Dennis Morrison.

This paves the way for Mrs. Simpson Miller, PNP Chairman Robert Pickersgill, Regional Chairman Phillip Paulwell, former General Secretary Colin Campbell and businessman Norton Hinds to answer questions in open court.

The issue surrounds a $31 million donation made to the PNP by the Dutch firm Trafigura Baheer in 2006.

This raised questions regarding possible undue influence being exerted by the company which was seeking to do business with the Government of Jamaica at the time of the donation.

bolt-racers-grand-prix.jpgEight-time Olympic champion Usain Bolt will run the 100 metres at the Diamond League meeting in Monaco on July 21, organisers announced on Wednesday.

The Jamaican sprinting legend is competing in his final season before retirement and will use the Monaco event as a warm-up for the world championships in London that start on August 5.

The world-record holder (9.58sec) won his first race of the year in Kingston earlier this month in 10.03sec, and is also due to run in Ostrava on June 28.

Bolt, who has won three Olympic 100m-200m doubles, will only compete in the 100m for his farewell at the worlds.

The 30-year-old saw his tally of Olympic gold medals reduced from nine to eight earlier this year, when the Jamaican team were stripped of their 2008 4x100m medals after Nesta Carter's disqualification for doping.

The police are reporting that wo females are in custody following the seizure of a M16 assault rifle, two magazines and 31 rounds of ammunition on Commission Road in Rockfort, Kingston yesterday.

And many persons are gleeful that finally women are being held for crimes and criminality. The general consensus is that women (sot these two specifically, but women in general) have long been enablers for gunmen who kill at will.

"They should be shown no mercy by the Courts as a strong message needs to be sent that the desire to eat a food is no justification for being an enabler of criminality which is exactly what these women are doing," one person commented on social media.

"I hope after thorough investigation, they are found guilty and or they give up their men.... and all are locked away. Time for this slackness to stop.. All these so call bad men don't live in silos, their female companion are aware of there dealings. LOCK THEM UP...", another person has commented.

While a third sums it up thus: "Yes!! Lock them up, question them thoroughly, they knew about them. These are the types of mothers, sisters, babymothers, etc..whom are aiding and abetting these notorious criminals. They too, shall get some serious sentences, especially, if there are any 'bodies' on these arms! Time for the justice department to start use these female "hoodlums" as examples. I am telling you, THEY KNEW ABOUT THEM!!! Lock them up!!!!!"

According to reports from the police, during a special operation about 5:30 pm, a premises was searched and the firearm and ammunition found in the ceiling of a room.

The females, whose identities are being withheld pending further investigations, were subsequently arrested.

A grade nine student at the Norman Manley High School in St Andrew was stabbed in the back by a Grade 11 student who should not even have been at school, reports say.

The injured boy was rushed to hospital where he was admitted in a serious but stable condition, while his attacker, an older boy, fled the compound.

"This morning, a Grade 11 student, who should not even have been at school, came here and stabbed a Grade 9 boy in the back," said principal Adaire Powell-Brown.

"It seems to be an attack that was carried over from an altercation between the two some time ago away from the school. So it was rather strange that he would follow the young man here to commit the act," added Powell-Brown.

The principal lamented that despite efforts geared at instilling discipline and respect in the daily lives of her students, some would rather subscribe to uncaring and violent ways to exact revenge.

The Hunts Bay police are investigating.

crime-scene-gun.jpgOn Friday afternoon, heavily armed men shot and killed a man moments after he left court where he was involved in a matter.

The deceased has been identified as Steven Malcolm, a senior member of the Nation Crocs gang that operates in Canterbury here in St James.

According to police Malcolm was shot about 11:30, shortly after he left court and was picked up by men in a motor car.

The police said that after going through the traffic light on Howard Cooke Drive the vehicle stopped on Queens Drive, where Malcolm reportedly got out to talk to men in a parked car, when heavily armed men alighted from another vehicle that was on the scene and peppered him with bullets. He was taken to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Frightened pedestrians ran in different directions for cover, while motorists sped away from the scene but soon created a large build-up of traffic in the congested city.

The shooters, in an attempt to elude the police who were quick on the scene, abandoned their motor car after it hit an embankment.

Bill Cosby's wife reacts to mistrial

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cosby-trial.jpgCamille Cosby, the longtime wife of Bill Cosby, reacted in a lengthy statement about her husband's sexual assault case ending in a mistrial on Saturday morning.

After six days of deliberation, the Pennsylvania jury were unable to render a unanimous verdict on any of the three counts of felony aggravated indecent assault with which Cosby had been charged.

"How do I describe the district attorney? Heinously and exploitively ambitious," her statement began. "How do I describe the judge? Overtly and arrogantly collaborating with the district attorney. How do I describe the counsels for the accusers? Totally unethical."

Cosby continued in her statement: "How do I describe many, but not all, general media? Blatantly vicious entities that continually disseminated intentional omissions of truths for the primary purpose of greedily selling sensationalism at the expense of a human life." The 73-year-old philanthropist, who's been married to "The Cosby Show" creator since 1964, added that "historically, people have challenged injustices."

Cosby then said she was "grateful to any of the jurors who tenaciously fought to review the evidence; which is the rightful way to make a sound decision." She added that his trial ending this way was a "manifestation of justice, based on facts, not lies." She also thanked her husband's attorneys "for their hard work" along with her staff "for their continuous commitment to our family and me."

Cosby ended her statement by thanking her family, friends and supporters "who never gave up on us, despite it all."

cosby-trial.jpgCosby, who turns 80 next month, was subdued and seemed almost dazed when O'Neill declared the mistrial. The Hollywood icon left the courtroom without comment after sitting in his chair at the defense table for several minutes, simply gazing outward. At one point, counselor Angela Agrusa patted him on the shoulder.

He remains free on bail pending the new trial.

It took 52 hours for the predominantly white jury of seven men and five women to decide that it could not decide the case. "We, the jury, are deadlocked on all counts," said the note read by O'Neill on Saturday morning. Defense lawyer Brian McMonagle moved for a mistrial -- as he has done at numerous points during five days of deliberations -- but this time, O'Neill granted the request.

Missing 21-y-o Westmoreland woman found dead

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mising-girl-found-dead.jpgThe slightly decomposed body of a female who went missing over a day ago was discovered in a cane field, a short distance from her Westmoreland home on Friday.

The deceased has been identified as 21-year -old Shantel Wright of the Brown Bush section of Little London, Westmoreland.

Wright, otherwise called 'Shanti', a sales clerk of Bay Road, Llittle London, was reported missing on Wednesday, June 14.

Irate residents staged a major protest along the Little London main road calling for the removal of a police officer implicated in the young woman's death.

They claim items belonging to the cop were found near the body.

The report, received by Indecom, is that a member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force will have information surrounding her death.

Indecom says a team from the Kingston office, to include additional forensic support, has been mobilized to assist the Western office with this investigation.

The agency says it has been in contact with the high command of the JCF regarding this incident.

Investigators will be banking on the results of a post mortem to determine the cause of death.

x6-trial-patrick-powell-oct-24-photo-2.jpgLawyers in the Patrick Powell case in which he is accused of refusing to turn over his weapon to the authorities during the investigation into the fatal shooting of Khajeel Mais in July 2011 are to make final submissions on June 28.

The defence rested its case on Thursday morning in the St. Andrew Parish Court shortly after the businessman gave an unsworn statement. Powell denied allegations that he refused to turnover his gun to the authorities. He made quite a few headlines when he begged the Parish Judge Vaughn Smith to "have mercy" in deciding on matter.

However, interesting as that might be, what Yardflex finds intriguing is that RJR News is reporting that checks by them have revealed that that if convicted for the offence under the Firearms Act, Powell faces a maximum fine of J$400 or 12 months in prison!

moravian-minister-sex-charge-ruperrt-clarke.jpgAllegations are that Minister Rupert Clarke helped himself to three sisters, with the youngest being just 13 years old.

It was disclosed at Monday's opening of the St. Elizabeth Circuit Court that Clarke has been charged with another count of having sex with someone under 16 years old.

The additional count is in relation to a 13 year-old girl who is the sibling of the two sisters with whom the 64 year-old Clergyman is also accused of having sexual intercourse.

Clarke, who was not present, is scheduled to appear in court on June 23 when it is expected that the prosecution will apply for the case to be transferred from St. Elizabeth to the Home Circuit Court in Kingston.

Clarke was taken into custody last December 28 by the St. Elizabeth Police after he was reportedly seen in a comprising position with a 15 year-old girl in a car along the Austin Main Road in the parish.

The 16 year old Porus High School student, accused of killing one of his schoolmates, was refused bail on Thursday when he appeared before the Mandeville Children's Court.

Investigators opposed bail and urged the Judge to keep him in custody for his own safety. The cops say this is based on intelligence they have received.

The teenager is to return to court on June 26 when bail will be considered.

The 16 year old was charged last week with the fatal stabbing of 17 year old Renaldo Dixon. Renaldo was killed during a reported altercation on the school compound last Wednesday.

However, attorney Shauna Kay Mitchell, who is representing the 16 year old student, contends that he was acting in self-defence.

crime-scene-gun.jpgIt is said that the love of money is the root of all evil and this played out in the murder of a Jamaican man by his US wife who had him killed so that she could cash in on a US$900,000 insurance policy.

The American ex-registered nurse in Brooklyn, New York has been convicted of hiring a hitman to murder her Jamaica-born husband in 2013 after two failed attempts at the victim's life. The gunman was also convicted of murder.

It took a jury less than three hours to convict 29-year-old Alishia Noel-Murray, for having her husband, 37-year-old Omar Murray, killed to cash in on nearly US$900,000 in life insurance claims. Jurors found Noel-Murray guilty of murder, attempted murder and weapon possession in the February 23, 2013 assassination of her husband.

Prosecutors said Noel-Murray plotted with her lover, Dameon Lovell, to hire a hitman for US$3,500 to kill Murray, so she could collect on three life insurance policies.

Lovell co-operated with prosecutors in exchange for 15 years to life in prison. It said the assailant, 29-year-old Kirk Portious, murdered Murray in their Lott Avenue, Brownsville, Brooklyn home.

Noel-Murray was convicted of first-degree murder following a jury trial before Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Neil Firetog, and Portious was convicted by a separate jury of first-degree murder and second-degree criminal possession of a weapon.

Each defendant faces a life sentence without the possibility of parole when they're sentenced on June 29.

Cops hunt killers of family of four

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quadruple-murder-photo-5.jpgThe security forces have launched a major manhunt to capture those responsible for the brutal attack by gunmen on four members of one Hanover family in Mount Pleasant, last night.

National Security Minister, Robert Montague made the announcement in Parliament this afternoon (June 13).

The family of two teens and their parents were shot dead, when gunmen kicked in the door to their one bedroom board dwelling some after 11 o'clock Monday night.

Dead are 60-year-old taxi operator Curtis Walters, his 34-year-old common law wife Erica Leslie, otherwise called 'Caleesha,' their son 16-year-old I-yana Walters and daughter 14-year-old Curtina Walters.

Patrick Powell's case will NOT be dismissed

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Parish Judge Vaughn Smith on Wednesday morning rejected an application by defence attorneys for the case against Patrick Powell to be dismissed.

Powell is on trial for failing to hand over his licensed firearm to the authorities during the investigation into the 2011 fatal shooting of 17 year old Khajeel Mais.

During no-case submissions Wednesday morning, lead attorney Debra Martin argued that the prosecution has failed to prove a case against Mr. Powell.

She argued that when the request was made of him to produce the firearm he was in custody. Ms. Martin added that he had the constitutional right to remain silent while in custody.

She insisted that her client did not refuse the request to hand over his firearm, but told the police that he wanted to consult with his attorneys.

But prosecutors argued that he was given sufficient time to produce the weapon, but refused to do so. They urged the Parish Judge to reject the defence' submissions.

Judge Smith ruled that Mr. Powell has a case to answer.

The businessman is expected to testify in the trial on Thursday.

Duppy Film heads a list of 13 men the police have named as Jamaica's most wanted. Duppy Film, whose real name is Marlon Perry,is believed to be involved in numerous crimes in Kingston and St. Thomas,his home parish, consisting of a string of murders which include those of two policemen in December 2015.

Police also listed Akeem Johnson, otherwise called Bubus Parks, from Spanish Town as another wanted for several counts of murders and shootings committed in St. Catherine. He is said to frequent Spanish Town, Portmore, Linstead and other areas in the parish.

Adrian Robinson, otherwise called Rasta of a St. James address is also wanted murders and other crimes in that parish.

The other men on the list are Stephano Johnson alias Sarge; Delano Wilmot, also called Lanno and Preke Boy; Chenado Leslie, alias Blacks; Christopher Pesso; Rohan Smith, alias Dog; Wayne Drysden, otherwise called Shadow Mafia; Roger Broderick, alias Government; Yehark Walker, alias Prince; Oshane Cooper, alias OB; and Anthony Allison, alias Buju.

Assistant Commissioner Ealan Powell said the police have warrants for the arrest of the men and are seeking the assistance of the public to capture them.

captain-burrell-photo-2.jpgThe Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, Olivia Grange, has announced that the government will work with the Burrell family to plan the funeral of the late President of the Jamaica Football Federation, Captain Horace Burrell. Speaking in Parliament on Tuesday, Minister Grange said: "Our country owes Captain Burrell a huge debt of gratitude for his work.

"A committee has been established which includes the JFF, the staff of the Ministry of Sports, and his family to make those arrangements."

Minister Grange announced that the funeral service is to take place at the National Arena on Wednesday, June 28, 2017 beginning at 10am with a Tribute Concert followed by a Service of Thanksgiving, in keeping with the family's wish for a celebratory event.

Interment will be at Up Park Camp.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has issued a bulletin to schools warning them against imposing unreasonable registration fees on students for the upcoming school year.

According to the ministry, registration packages should not be more than five thousand dollars.

At the same time, the ministry has now abandoned the term 'auxiliary fees' and replaced it with 'school support contribution'.

The Ministry insists that students should not be denied entry to schools because of their inability to pay school support contribution.

It says neither should the payment of school support contribution be a requirement for registration, graduation, examination, application to sixth form or access to any service at a public educational institution.

According to the ministry, schools must have discussions with their Parent Teacher Associations to determine reasonable amounts for school support contributions.

But it says before implemented, the ministry must first approve the amount.

At the same time, the ministry said it will partner with the National Parent Teacher Association of Jamaica to encourage all parents to pay school support contribution.

It says sixth form programmes will continue to attract tuition fees that will be set by the School Board and approved by the ministry.

Father charged in death of 2-year-old daughter

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shocked.jpgA father, whose two-year-old daughter was killed after he crashed his vehicle along the AGR Byfield Highway in St Ann, has been charged.

He is 24-year-old Omeal Riley of Roaring River in St Ann.

He has been charged with causing death by dangerous driving.

He has been granted station bail. Riley is to appear in court on July 6.

wife-murders-husband-for-insurance.jpgIt took a jury less than three hours to convict a Brooklyn woman of having her husband knocked off to cash in on $900,000 in life insurance claims.

Jurors on Thursday found Alishia Noel-Murray, 29, guilty of murder, attempted murder and weapon possession in the Feb. 23, 2013 assassination of her husband Omar Murray.

"She's a real monster," Murray's mother, Eunice Ashley Henry, 59, said after the verdict.

Henry clapped her hands in prayer and looked up. "I'm ecstatic. I'm overwhelmed," she said. "But I'm still missing my son."

Noel-Murray plotted with her lover, Dameon Lovell, to hire a hitman for $3,500 to kill Murray so she could collect on three life insurance policies.

Lovell cooperated with prosecutors in exchange for 15 years to life in prison.

The alleged shooter, Kirk Portious, murdered Murray in their Lott Ave. home in Brownsville.

Moments later, Noel-Murray called 911 while holding their 10-month-old son. She "seemed calm", a responding detective testified during the trial in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

Noel-Murray denied involvement in the slaying when she took the stand.

The jury has not yet returned a verdict for Portious.

The victim's mother, a home health aide originally from Jamaica, referred to her daughter-in-law as "the devil."

"She tried so many times to kill my son," Henry said.

mother-and-daughter.jpgThe decomposing body of 24-year-old mother Shantel Dyer was discovered buried in a concrete vault at her home in Pee Wee Lane, Negril, Westmoreland, Wednesday evening.

However, the whereabouts of her three- year-old daughter, Orlandi Miller remains a mystery.

Dyer's body was removed from . Her common law husband, who is said to be in America, is being sought in connection with her murder and the disappearance of the child.

Before he left the island towards the end of April, the three lived together at the Negril home.

It is speculated that Dyer, who was said to have been in an early stage of pregnancy, was killed by her boyfriend who accused her of getting pregnant by another man.

The police confirm that acting on a tip that Dyer was killed, her mother contacted the law enforcers who subsequently destroyed the vault discovered in the house where they discovered the decomposed body, tightly wrapped in over 30 garbage bags and three white sheets.

The body was positively identified as that of Dyer's by family members by a tattoo.

Kartel not affected by fire at GP

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Jailed dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel has apparently been unaffected by this afternoon's fire at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre. Kartel is serving a life sentence there for murder.

According to reports, the fire affected the George Davis Centre, at the institution which was once known as the General Penetentiary, and is today still referred to as GP. The George Davis Centre houses the mentally ill. They were all relocated to a safe section of the prison.

As expected fans of the Gaza general, Vybz Kartel, took to social media expressing their concern for the deejay.

He was recently relocated to GP, after having served a portion of his sentence at the Horizon Adult Remand Centre. There was a national debate that Kartel had been recording songs while incarcerated at Horizon.

GP on fire; inmates relocated

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The Tower Street Adult Correctional facility in downtown Kingston is on fire.

Reports are that the fire which began shortly after noon, in a section that houses the mentally ill, according to a correctional officer.

So far three units have responded to the blaze that is sending a huge plume of smoke into nearby communities.

The inmates are said to be relocated to an unaffected area of the prison.

Wanted Rockfort man surrenders to cops

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The police report that a man only known as 'Little Junior' of Barnes Road, Rockfort, Kingston who was listed as wanted on Sunday, has surrendered to the police.The police said Barrett's attorney escorted him to the police station today.

However, the police say two men are still left to turn themselves in.

Dwayne Barrett, also known as 'Nookie' also of Barnes Road, Rockfort in Kingston and Andrew Facey, otherwise called 'Andrew Phang' also of a Rockfort address in the parish are being advised to turn themselves in immediately.

According to police, Bartlett is said to frequent D'Aguilar Road, Glasspole Avenue and Shanty Town area of Rockfort, while Facey is said to frequent Adastra Road and La' Cruise Road also in Rockfort.

Anyone knowing their whereabouts is being asked to contact the Kingston Eastern Criminal Investigation Branch at 948-4200, police 119 emergency number, Crime Stop at 311 or 811 or the nearest police station. Persons can also share information with the police via the Stay Alert app.

peter-phillips-photo-2.jpgcaptain-burrell-photo-2.jpgLeader of the Opposition Dr Peter Phillips says he is saddened by news of the loss of Captain Horace Burrell.

"Jamaica will always remain grateful to Captain Burrell who, as the head of the Jamaica Football Federation, believed in the potential of our national players and took Jamaica's game to the global playing field," Phillips said in a release.

He noted that Burrell made a significant contribution to national development through football and the exposure of Jamaican players and he will be missed.

Burrell, who was 67 years old, died today. He was known to be battling cancer since last year.

Captain Horace Burrell has died

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captain-burrell-photo-1.jpgCaptain Horace Burrell, the president of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) owner of popular restaurant chain, The Captain's Bakery and Grill and Captain's Aviation Services, has died

Reports are that 67 year-old Burrell died overseas this (Mon) afternoon after a long struggle with illness.

Burrell, a former captain in the Jamaica Defence Force rose to prominence with the military team before being elected to the JFF presidency in 1994.

He was instrumental in Jamaica's qualification to the 1998 FIFA World Cup Finals in France.

He was also a prominent figure in regional football holding several positions in the Caribbean Football Union and CONCACAF

The People's National Party (PNP) has labelled the murder of one of its party workers and shooting of one its councillors as a reprehensible act of violence.

Councillor for the Greenwich Town Division in Southwest St Andrew constituency, 56-year-old Karl Blake, was shot and injured while 52-year-old Maxine Simpson was fatally shot Sunday night. Blake remains hospitalised.

The police say Blake and Simpson were sitting outside the Caribbean Palm Community Centre along Spanish Town Road when armed men entered the premises and opened fire, hitting both of them.

In a statement Monday afternoon, the PNP said it is saddened by the incident.

The party is calling for the police to conduct a thorough investigation and to apprehend those responsible.

It is appealing to anyone with information to cooperate with the police in their probe.

5 dead in Orlando shooting

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Five people are dead following a shooting incident at an Orlando, Florida business headquarters this morning. The dead include the shooter.

The police, however, say there is no connection to terrorism and instead are pointing to a work-related incident, according to a CNN report.

Police reported earlier they were investigating a "multiple fatality" shooting at the facility.

Almost a year ago, Orlando was the site of the America's worst terror attack since 9/11. On June 12, 2016, a gunman killed 49 people at the Pulse nightclub.

pnp-maxine.jpgThe People's National Party is in mourning following the murder of one of their stalwarts, Maxine Simpson, the assistant to Karl Blake, the councillor for the Greenwich Town division in the St Andrew South West constituency of Portia Simpson Miller. Councillor Blake was shot and injured in the attack which left his female assistant dead.

Ms Simpson was killed in the attack around 8 p.m Sunday at their divisional office at Caribbean Palms off Spanish Town Road in Kingston.‎ Blake who received shots to his upper body was rushed to hospital and underwent emergency surgery.

The police have yet to release details about the circumstances of the shooting.‎‎

In the meantime, several of Blake's colleagues in the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation have taken to social media to extend support.

"Please pray for Councillor Karl Blake who was shot not long ago. Our prayers at the KSAMC (Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corpoation) are with him. Condolences go out to the family [of] Mr Blake's personal assistant," Mayor Delroy Williams tweeted.‎

Councillor, Duane Smith tweeted: "My deepest prayers for my colleague Karl Blake who was shot and injured and my sympathies to the family of his secretary who was killed."‎

Lady Cooke passes away at 100

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cookies.jpgLady Ivy Cooke, an educator and the widow of former governor general, Sir Howard Cooke has died.

She was 100 years old.

The first announcement was made on Twitter this afternoon by former Prime Minister of Jamaica, Portia Simpson Miller: "Just heard that Lady Ivy Cooke, widow of Sir Howard Cooke has passed. She is now reunited with the love of her life. Walk good Miss Ivy," Simpson Miller tweeted.

Reports are that Lady Cooke died at the Andrew's Memorial Hospital in St Andrew Monday afternoon.

Sir Howard died in July, 2014 at the age of 98.

The union produced three children - Justice Howard Cooke Jr, Richard and Audrey.

In a statement a short while ago, Prime Minister Andrew Holness hailed Lady Cooke for her contribution to education in Jamaica.

Spanish Town triple murder victims identified

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Police have identified the three persons including a teenager who were murdered last night on Jones Avenue in Spanish Town, St. Catherine. Dead are 14 year old Travis Labbon, 43 year old Evette Bailey and 24 year old Mario Burkette otherwise called 'Rocky", all of Jones Avenue.

According to reports from the Spanish Town criminal investigation branch, CIB, explosions were heard in the community and the Police were summoned.

Upon the arrival of the lawmen, Labbon, Bailey and Burkette were seen with what appeared to be gunshot wounds to their heads in their home. A female who was also wounded was taken to hospital for treatment.

Persons with information are being asked to call the Police at 119, 811,311, 984-2874 or the nearest police station.

us-visa-webform.jpgThe Donald Trump administration has rolled out a new questionnaire for U.S. visa applicants worldwide that asks for social media handles for the last five years and biographical information going back 15 years.

The new questions, part of an effort to tighten vetting of would-be visitors to the United States, was approved on May 23 by the US Office of Management and Budget. According to a Reuters report, critics argue that the new questions will be overly burdensome, lead to long delays in processing and discourage persons from travelling to the United States.

Under the new procedures, consular officials can request all prior passport numbers, five years' worth of social media handles, email addresses and phone numbers as well as 15 years of biographical information including addresses, employment and travel history.

A State Department official said representatives will request the additional information when they determine it is required to confirm identity or conduct more rigorous national security vetting. The State Department said the tighter vetting would apply to visa applicants who have been determined to warrant additional scrutiny in connection with terrorism or what it described as other national security-related visa ineligibilities.

While the new questions are voluntary, the form says failure to provide the information may delay or prevent the processing of an individual visa application.

Meanwhile, Reuters is reporting that immigration lawyers and advocates in the US have raised concerns about the new visa requirements. They stated that the request for 15 years of detailed biographical information, as well as the expectation that applicants provide all their social media handles, will likely catch applicants who make innocent mistakes or do not remember all the information requested.

President of the Iranian American Bar Association, Babak Yousefzadeh, says the new questions grant arbitrary power to consular officials to determine who gets a visa with no effective check on their decisions. He said the need for tightening the application process further is unclear.

flea-dog.jpg"If you lie with dogs, you get up with fleas" is a well known proverb and while the young ladies at a particular institution did not lie with dogs, nonetheless, there has been a proliferation of fleas at the school.

A flea infestation at one of the hostels at all-girls school Hampton in St Elizabeth caused the institution to re-open a little later than usual after the last mid-term break.

According to Wesley Barrett, the chairman of Hampton School, the issue which prevented the institution from re-opening last week has been resolved an classes will resume on Monday. He said that parents were advised over the Labour Day holiday that the school would remain closed due to a flea infestation.

Fleas reportedly infested a section of the compound near the boarding quarters just before the holiday.

Barrett says this was caused by dogs which have been occupying the cellar under one of the dormitories. Question: How many dogs did it take to cause such a severe flea infestation and how long were these dogs residents of the cellar?

According to a report on RJR, the school chairman says the area has since been sprayed and sterilised.

munga.jpgEntertainer Munga Honourable will be charged with murder today, the St Andrew South police have confirmed.

The artiste was taken into police custody again last Friday, after being released the previous day after being questioned about a recent murder in St Andrew; has been re-arrested and charged for the same offence.

The artiste, whose real name is Damian Rhoden, has been charged with the murder of Cleveland Smith, a nephew of fellow artiste, Mr Vegas.

Munga is still undergoing questioning and is expected to be slapped with the capital charge for the death of Smith, a resident of Ackee Walk in St Andrew, who was shot dead two weeks ago at a dance in the community.

There has been much speculation since the incident, as in 2015, Smith and Munga had an encounter in which the entertainer was chopped by Smith.

Mr Vegas, in reflecting on Smith's death, described him as having had mental challenges. He said efforts to get medical treatment for him were unsuccessful, with members of his family failing to get assistance from the police to take him to the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) up the day before he was killed.

Jamaica Sale

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A woman is in police custody in Runaway Bay, St Ann, Jamaica after she allegedly stabbed her client to death while he was being searched by police.

The incident reportedly occurred on Wednesday morning.

The dead man remains unidentified, but the identity of the accused woman, believed to be a sex worker has been withheld by the police.

Indications are that the man and woman got into a fuss after they reportedly engaged in a sex act, for which the man was required to pay a sum of money.

However, at the end of the act, he sought to forcefully renege on the arrangement by taking back his money at knifepoint.

It was reported that in a rage, the woman used a knife to stab the man in his upper back while police personnel were searching him.

The man was taken to the St Ann's Bay Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, while the woman was taken into police custody.

carlos-hill.jpgCash Plus boss Carlos Hill is a free man today as the fraud case against him totally collapsed in court on Wednesday morning.

Hill was charged with fraudulently inducing persons to invest in Cash Plus, which collapsed in 2008 with more than $10 billion for over 40,000 investors.

Prosecutor Addley Duncan a short while ago told Justice Chester Stamp that the prosecution was offering no evidence against Hill.

The judge then ordered the jurors to return a verdict of not guilty.

According to Duncan, after the Cash Plus investments scheme collapsed in 2008, thousands of people were affected and he was expecting them to come forward to give statements.

However, Duncan said only one person who provided a statement showed up.

Duncan also said the prosecution would be hard-pressed to prove fraud against Hill because people from within the organisation would have been needed to testify but none came forward.

"I have looked at the case and decided that based on the evidence that we have, we cannot prove the case against him," Duncan said.

crime-scene-5.jpgThe correctional officer who was charged last week following a knife and gun attack on his wife is to make his first court appearance this week.

A statement on Sunday night from the Corporate Communications Unit of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) said he will appear before the St.
Catherine Parish Court on Friday.

Balfor Barnett, 47, was charged last Wednesday with wounding with intent as well as illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition.

Investigators alleged that Mr. Barnett stabbed and shot his wife, a 35 year old nurse, during a dispute on May 14. It was reported that Mr. Barnett, who is attached to the Horizon Adult Remand Centre, and his wife, had a quarrel at their New Harbour Village residence in St. Catherine after she took out a restraining order against him.

It is alleged that he used a knife to stab her in the chest. He then shot her in the abdomen with his licensed firearm.

munga-honorable.jpgDancehall deejay, Munga Honourable, is allegedly in police custody.

Reports are that Munga was taken into custody by the Hunts Bay Police after he turned himself in last evening.

According to reports in various media outlets, Munga is being questioned in connection with the fatal shooting of a man at Ackee Walk, St Andrew two weeks ago.

The man was killed at a dance in the community.

Munga Honourable has reportedly denied any involvementin the killing.

Munga, whose real name is Damian Rhoden, is knows for songs such as 'Bad From Mi Born' and 'Flippin Rhymes', 'Slap Weh' and others.

Bartender shot and killed

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crime-scene-gun.jpgA bartender was shot and killed in Albion, St. Thomas on Wednesday.

The deceased is 46 year old Roselyn Walker who resided in the community.

About 10:45 a.m., Ms Walker was returning to her bar when gunshots were heard.

She was later found face down with bullet wounds to the back of her head

Woman's body found in tank

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crime-scene-7.jpgThe body of a woman was found in a tank in Alexandria, St. Ann on Wednesday.

She is 62 year old Beverloyn Brown-Edwards of Dumbarton in the parish.

About 5:00 a.m., relatives realised that she was missing.

A search was carried out and the body found.

crime-scene-knife.jpgNo motive has been established for the fatal stabbing of Hyacintha Wright, the wife of Joseph Wright, former Mayor of Falmouth,.

Mrs. Wright, who was 78 years old, was found dead on Thursday afternoon.

The police were called to Mrs. Wright's business place on Trelawny Street about 4.15 in the afternoon, and there they found her body with stab wounds in her neck, Superintendent Clive Blair, head of the Trelawny Police, told .

It's understood that Mrs. Wright was injured several months ago in another attack.

crime-scene-knife.jpgResidents of Runaway Bay, St. Ann have expressed shock and outrage following the fatal stabbing of an 88 year old woman, a resident of the community, on Wednesday.

The body of Nettie Rowe was found at her house shortly before midday.

It's suspected that she was sexually assaulted as well.

The house was ransacked; however, there was no sign of forced entry.

Investigators say Miss Rowe lived alone.

Frankie Paul is dead

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frankie-paul.jpgReports are that veteran reggae singer, Frankie Paul has died.

The sad news was reportedly confirmed confirmed by Paul's sister, Tisha Clarke, who spoke to artiste Wayne Lonesome about her brother's shocking death.

Lonesome went live on Facebook, and streamed the conversation between himself and Clarke, where she shared the news.

The clip has now received over 6.8k views, with many commentators sharing their condolences to the late reggae star.

This week, Clarke told The Gleaner that the latest bill she was issued regarding Paul's hospital treatment was quoted as $1.4 million in outstanding payments. "I don't have no more money because I have to buy prescriptions for him that they don't have at the pharmacy," she said.

According to Clarke, Paul had been a patient at the UHWI since April 2017, and was ill for an extended period of time.

hands-behind-bars.jpgReports are that correctional officer based at the Horizon Adult Remand Centre has been held by the police after allegedly stabbing and shooting his wife at their St Catherine home Saturday afternoon.

According to new reports, 35-year-old nurse Lisa Barnett and her husband Balfor Barnett were in their bedroom at 655 Nautilus Drive, New Harbour Village, Phase One when a dispute developed over unresolved matrimonial issues.

The police say an explosion was heard.

Shortly after, Mrs Barnett was seen running outside with what appeared to be a wound to the abdomen.

It is reported that she collapsed and was assisted to the Spanish Town Hospital by a neighbour.

Her husband fled the scene but has since been taken into custody by the police.

bolt-tribute-mason.jpgbolt-and-mason-at-carnival.jpgbolt-grave-digging.jpgUsain Bolt has been filmed in Portland, Jamaica digging the grave of his recently-deceased friend, Team GB Olympic silver medallist, Germaine Mason.

In the video 100 metre and 200m world record-holder Bolt, 30, can be seen helping to lay Mason to rest, with the British high-jumper set to be buried on May 21.

Mason, who won the silver medal at the Beijing Olympics, died in a motorcycle accident in Jamaica on April 20.

The 34-year-old, who was born in Jamaica, reportedly fell off of his bike on the Norman Manley highway in East Kingston at 4.20am, while trying to swerve to avoid oncoming traffic, and died at the scene.

Bolt and multiple international medallist Michael Frater were present quickly after the accident, with the pair part of the main convoy returning from a soca party.

Mason had been friends with Bolt since 2002, and the duo are pictured in many photographs together

The Jamaican posted a tribute to his friend shortly after the tragic accident.


A 25-year-old fitness trainer from St Catherine, who is accused of attempting to rape a female member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) after breaking into her home in April, is expected to face the courts next week Tuesday, May 16.

The fitness trainer, Chaddane Harris, was slapped with charges on the weekend of burglary and assault with intent to rape. Reports are that on April 24, Harris broke into the home of the female officer in Edgewater in Portmore, St Catherine.

He allegedly attempted to sexually assault her, but she resisted and made an alarm. It is further alleged that Harris, who fled the house, was captured a few hours later in Bridgeport. The police reported that they seized a bag with a pair of gloves and a razor from him.

Following investigations carried out by the police, Harris was charged.

butch-stewart-sandals.jpgAccording to an article written by Carl O' Donnell in Reuters on Wednesday, Butch Stewart's Sandals Resorts International, a privately held Caribbean resort operator that caters to couples, is exploring strategic alternatives including a potential sale of the company, according to people familiar with the matter.

The article states that sale would mark the first change in ownership for the company since it was founded 36 years ago by Gordon "Butch" Stewart, who built it into the largest non-government employer in Jamaica and created resorts across the Caribbean.

"Sandals has hired investment bank Deutsche Bank AG to explore sale options, including a sale of a majority stake in the company, the people said, asking not to be identified because the deliberations are confidential."

O'Donnell states.

The valuation of the company could not be learned, but the sources said it could be worth well over $1 billion (£773.1 million), including debt. There is no certainty the move will result in any deal, the sources added.

The report states that Sandals did not immediately respond to a request for comment, while Deutsche Bank declined to comment.

The company, which became famous for its commercials that feature couples lounging in its tropical resorts, owns 24 vacation properties in seven Caribbean countries, including Jamaica, the Bahamas, Grenada and Barbados.

Although Sandals caters primarily to couples, prohibiting children at most of its properties, it also operates a subsidiary called Beaches Resorts that welcomes singles and families.

Stewart began his career as a sales manager at Curacao Trading Company, before leaving in 1968 to found his first company, Appliance Traders Ltd, which distributed and serviced air conditioners.

When Stewart founded Sandals in 1981, the company began as a single hotel near one of the largest beaches on Jamaica's Montego Bay.He sought to differentiate it from competing resorts by emphasizing "all-inclusive" packages, which feature a single flat fee for lodging, meals and drinks.

In the early 2000s, Sandals attracted controversy because its couples-only resorts prohibited same-sex couples. It retracted the policy in 2004, after the London Underground banned Sandals advertisements in response to complaints from gay-rights activists.The article goes on to speculate that the company founded by Gordon " Butch" Stewart back in 1982 could be worth in excess of US$1 billion including debt.

assistant-police-winchroy-budhoo.jpgThe Jamaica Constabulary Force has again been plunged into mourning following the death of Assistant Commissioner of Police Winchroy Budhoo on Wednesday.

Budhoo reportedly died suddenly after reporting that he felt unwell.

Budhoo was assigned to the Strategic Operations Portfolio and has been credited with helping to bring about positive change to volatile St Andrew community August Town.

Cop shot and injured in Denham Town

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A police constable has been hospitalised after being shot during an operation in the Golden Heights area of Denham Town, West Kingston.

Initial reports are that the policeman was part of a team from the Mobile Reserve on operation in the Denham Town/Hannah Town areas of West Kingston, when they were fired on by gunmen.

The police returned the fire and the men fled.

The police say during the exchange, a bullet hit the ballistic helmet of a cop and fragments struck the constable in the region of his shoulder.

A police operation is now underway in search of the men.

In recent days, there has been an uptick in gang violence in sections of West Kingston.

Canada exports ganja to Cayman

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ganja.jpgThe Canada-based medical cannabis company CanniMed Therapeutics exported its first International shipment of cannabis oil to the Cayman Islands, as a way of testing the territory's potential as an export market.The company exported its first international shipment of cannabis oils this month, including 12,960 milliliters to a pharmacy here.

The shipment makes Canada the second country, after Jamaica, to export cannabis oils to Cayman since the product was legalised here last October.

While the Legislative Assembly legalised the oils for medicinal purposes, it did not approve local production, requiring legally viable product to come from abroad.

The Cayman Compass reports that the Foster's Food Fair-IGA pharmacy received its first shipment of the oils from Jamaica last month but in limited quantity for one patient. According to pharmacist Michael Anderson, they are now hoping to establish stock from Canada and will reserve Jamaica's more potent product for special orders.

He said the shipment was handled the same as other narcotic pharmaceuticals, requiring an import certificate through the Health Services Authority. While he has received several inquiries, he said many interested individuals had not received a proper prescription from their doctor.

"All cannabis oil products will require a prescription from a local physician in order to be filled at any pharmacy in the Cayman Islands," he said. "The company is planning to stock cannabis oil products at our pharmacy, but will also work with our suppliers to produce any specific formula a physician may request.

crime-scene-gun.jpgTwo men were killed and two illegal weapons reportedly seized early this morning following an alleged shoot-out between police and gunmen in a section of Trench Town called Zimbabwe.

The police report that they seized a Taurus 9 millimetre firearm with seven rounds of ammunition and a CSR sporting rifle with 10 rounds of ammunition.

One of the dead men has been identified as Devon Campbell, otherwise called 'Chicken'. The other man has not yet been identified.

The police say they came under sustained gunfire when they responded to explosions heard in Zimbabwe about 3 o'clock Tuesday morning. The gunfire was returned and two men were later found suffering from gunshot wounds. The men were taken to the Kingston Public Hospital where they were pronounced dead.

President of the People's National Party (PNP) Women's Movement, Jennifer Edwards, says Danville Walker must resign or be removed by Prime Minister Andrew Holness from all state board and statutory bodies.

This after Walker was found guilty of breaching the Contractor General Act by not providing, in a timely manner, information requested by the Office of the Contractor General (OCG). He fined the maximum $5,000 or 14 days in prison. The OCG probed allegations that the customs department under Walker's leadership allowed the export of 97 containers of scrap metal despite a ban on the industry at the time and without the requisite licenses.

Edwards says someone who has breached rules and regulations set by the government cannot turn around and enforce those rules.

She argues that Walker's engagement on government boards and statutory bodies raise questions of conflict of interest, ethics and integrity.

The Chapelton Police have launched a manhunt for a man who attempted to rob a woman of $1 million in cash Monday morning.

The police say about 10:15 a.m., a female employee of the Century Wholesale in Chapelton was about to enter the nearby National Commercial Bank with the cash lodgement when a man held on to the bag in which she was carrying the money.

The police say a tussle ensued and the bag broke.

That's when a security guard at the bank intervened. The police say the robber managed to grab $100,000 in cash, before escaping. The Chapelton Police are appealing to persons transacting business involving large sums of cash to seek their help.

germaine-mason-ig-2.pngA thanksgiving service for the life of Olympian Germaine Mason, will be held at 9am, Sunday, May 21 at the Hagley Park Seventh Day Adventist Church, 114a Hagley Park Road, Kingston 10.

Mason, who died in a motorcycle crash last month,will be interred at Long Road Grange Hill in Portland.

The national high jump record holder died when his Honda motorcycle crashed along the Palisadoes main road in Kingston on April 20.

He leaves behind mother Carol, father David, grandfather Eric, son Jelani, four brothers, three sisters, spouse Shari, and other relatives.

vybz-kartel-photo-29.jpgThe Appeal Court is set to hear the appeal of convicted dancehall entertainer Adidja Palmer, more popularly known as Vybz Kartel in February next year.

According to reports, the February 19 date was set on Tuesday morning during a case management hearing involving that lawyers for Vybz Kartel and government prosecutors.

The parties are to return to court in December for another case management hearing to ensure that all the documents are ready for the appeal.

Kartel and three others: Andre St. John; Sean Campbell and Kahira Jones were sentenced to life imprisonment in April 2014 for the murder of Clive "Lizard" Williams.

Mr. Williams was killed at a house in Havendale, St. Andrew, however, his body was never found.

Kartel's attorneys claimed the artiste was wrongly convicted and will be urging the Appeal Court to quash the conviction and sentence.

Peter Sangster, the politician and businessman who is to stand trial on a charge of forging the signature of former Prime Minister, Portia Simpson-Miller is to reappear in court on June 5.

Sangster, the managing director of Jamus Communications Limited, appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court this morning, and had his bail extended

He is charged with uttering forged documents, forgery and obtaining money by false pretences.

Allegations are that between 2011 and 2013, Sangster solicited and obtained over US$600,000 from the chairman of the company.

The businessman reportedly promised to get a waiver for monies owed by the company to the Universal Service Fund.

Sangster is accused of forging a document purported to be the waiver.

A report was made to the police who launched an investigation into the matter.

companies-office-building.jpgHugh Jones, a director at the Companies Office of Jamaica (COJ) collapsed and died on the job this morning.

One employee of the company was overheard saying that Jones who always had a pleasant disposition on the job, had just greeted her heartily before entering his office. Soon after, he collapsed.

Quick responses from emergency medical teams to save Jones' life were in vain as he appeared to have suffered a massive heart attack.

The COJ closed its offices in New Kingston following the sudden death.

They say normal operations will resume tomorrow.

Another employee said Jones.

A Trelawny pastor is now in lock-up behind bars after he was charged for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old member of his church.

Presley Smith, pastor of the Bunker's Hill New Testament Church of God in Trelawny, will face the Falmouth Parish Court later this week, after he was arrested and charged on Friday with five counts of buggery, five counts of gross indecent assault and five counts of grievous sexual assault.

Allegations are that between January 2016 and January of this year, Smith, 27, a native of Kingston but who currently lives in this rural Trelawny community, committed a number of sexual offences against a 15-year-old male student who hails from the district and is now residing in Montego Bay, St James.

Investigators have said that Smith turned himself in at the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) in Kingston on May 3 and was later transferred to Falmouth, where he was subsequently slapped with charges of buggery, gross indecency, and grievous sexual assault.

Reports are that the pastor had recently baptized the teenager.

mising-man-anthony-jackson.jpgThe body of a St Catherine man who has been missing since last Wednesday was found in Clarendon yesterday.

The body is believed to be that of 38-year-old Anthony Jackson of a Central Village address.

The body was discovered in a pit at an abandoned premises near Longsville Park sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning.

However, it was not removed until yesterday.

The police say this is not the first time bodies are being discovered in the area.

An investigation has since been launched to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the man's disappearance, while they await the results of an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

The funeral service for Cecil Prawl, the co-owner of the popular Gloria's restaurant in Port Royal saw a wide cross section of Jamaicans turning out to pay their final respects to a generous man.

Prawl died last month in when his high end utility vehicle crashed along the Port Royal main road.

Custos of Kingston Steadman Fuller and Member of Parliament Phillip Paulwell were among the hundreds who packed the St Peter's Anglican Church to pay their last respects to the late businessman.

Family and friends described Prawl as someone who treated everyone with respect, regardless of their social status.

Police investigators have been interviewing the brother and the aunt of the four- and six-year-old sisters who died Saturday after they were taken to the Bustamante Hospital with blood and mucus coming from their mouth and nose.

The two sisters were found bleeding at their home at Washington Court Apartments in Kingston, and were pronounced dead at hospital. The incident has shocked relatives and neighbours.

Police report that five-year-old Rosrick Deviana King and four-year-old Rosricka Devrickaye King were pronounced dead on arrival at Bustamante Hospital for Children Saturday morning.

According to the police, the children's mother, Rosden Hewitt, left them in the care of her 15-year-old son and went to Ocho Rios on a business trip.

The police said that about 6:45 am yesterday, Hewitt, who was still in Ocho Rios, was awakened by her son who told her that his sisters were motionless bleeding from the nostrils and mouths.

Police sources say the girls were unresponsive and parts of their bodies were blue when they were taken to the hospital's emergency room by a relative.

Doctors later pronounced them dead.

A police spokesperson said that investigators have some idea what happened to the sisters, but say this is based on reports from doctors who examined them.

As a result, the spokesperson says a post mortem exam will be conducted to determine the cause of death.

George Nooks on bail after cocaine charge

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george-nooks.jpgReggae singer George Nooks is now out on bail after he was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine.

Police say the 56-year-old entertainer was arrested in St Andrew on Friday after a plastic bag with a small quantity of white powdery substance, believed to be cocaine, was found in his 2016 Mercedes Benz sport utility vehicle.

The God is Standing By hitmaker was charged with possession of cocaine and offered bail in the sum of $80,000. He is to appear in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on May 17.

According to sources, he was taken to the Duhaney Park Police Station, where the plastic bag containing the white powdery susbstance was reportedly sealed and labelled "in his presence and view."

It's reported that Nooks' luxury vehicle was also taken to the station "for safekeeping" but Yardflex was unable to verify this, as calls to the entertainer have gone unanswered.

Sources say about 9 o'clock Friday evening a team from the Narcotics Division was conducting operations in the Duhaney Park area when they observed Nooks "acting in a suspicious manner with a brown paper bag in his hand as he walked towards a vehicle." Other reports are that Nooks was in the vicinity of Wedcome Drive.

"As the detectives approached him, he opened the vehicle and threw the paper bag inside," sources told The Gleaner.

The vehicle was reportedly searched "in his presence and view" and the paper bag retrieved. Police sources say the bag was found to contain "a small transparent plastic bag with white powdery substance resembling cocaine."

ganja-seized.jpgA police investigation has been launched into the seizure of more than 1,000 pounds of compressed ganja at two beaches in Hellshire, Portmore, St. Catherine yesterday.

The police report that during an early morning operation at Fort Clarence beach, detectives from the Narcotics Division found 483 pounds of compressed ganja in mangroves.

A man was arrested and a car seized.

The team then went to Waves Beach where a car was intercepted and searched, the police then found and seized 13 bags with 620 pounds of compressed ganja.

The driver was taken into custody.

The value of the drug has been placed at J$5.5 million.

Investigators suspect that the seizures are linked to the guns for drugs trade.

Market truck turns over; vendors injured

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Seven market vendors had to be taken to hospital Friday morning after a truck transporting them and their market goods overturned on the Newport main road in Mandeville, Manchester.

The extent of their injuries is not known.

The truck was was on its way to Kingston.

Reports indicate that the truck, which had about 15 persons on board, developed mechanical problems. The driver lost control of the vehicle and it overturned.

Most of the vendors' goods were lost.

Brothers shot dead in Anchovy

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Two brothers were shot dead in Nigger Ground in Anchovy, St. James on Friday morning.

They have been identified as 33 year old Omar Smith and 34 year old Odain Smith from Top Hill in Anchovy.

Reports from the Anchovy police are that the men left home for work about 6:00 a.m. They took a shortcut in Nigger Ground when they where ambushed.

They died at the scene.

mandeville-tax-office-shot-dead.jpgThe Manchester police questioned the boyfriend of an employee of the Mandeville ‎tax office in connection with her early morning murder.

The woman, identified as Keniesha McKenzie-Gayle, was shot dead, allegedly by her boyfriend who is an ex soldier of the Jamaica Defence Force.

The details surrounding the incident are not immediately clear.

However, it happened at the couple's home in New Green, about five kilometres outside of Mandeville.

The incident has shocked staff members at the Mandeville Collectorate.

Director of communications at Tax Administration Jamaica Meris Haughton says the Mandeville Tax Office has been closed for the day as staff members receive grief counselling.

Top cop says policeman's murder 'callous'

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police-commish-george-quallo-swearing-in.jpgNewly sworn in commissioner of police, George Quallo, has described the killing of a policeman on Friday by a suspect he was searching, as cruel and callous.

Commissioner Quallo added that it was unfortunate that the murder happened while the policeman, Constable Hanson, was performing his duties to serve and protect members of the public.

It's reported that the policeman, who was attached to the St Andrew North Division, was attempting to apprehend a suspect along Constant Spring Road when the man disarmed him and shot him in the head.

police-commish-george-quallo-swearing-in.jpgThe Opposition People's National Party has blasted as a "vulgar politicisation" the appointment of former Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) election candidates to the top posts at the Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA).

Shane Dalling, a former JLP councillor, will take over as chief executive officer of the FLA. He will join a leadership team that includes board chairman Dennis Wright, a former JLP candidate for Portland Eastern and Dennis Meadows, the deputy chairman. Meadows unsuccessfully ran for the JLP in Trelawny Northern in the 2016 General Election.

Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Peter Bunting, says the Government is wrong for giving the top posts to the former political representatives.

According to him, the FLA is a sensitive entity that does work previously done by an arm of the Jamaica Constabulary Force and there should be not likelihood of political interference.

Last year, the FLA was heavily criticised over foul-ups involving the gun licence issued to Patrick Powell, the man who was freed of the murder of schoolboy Khajeel Mais.

Powell is still before the court for failing to handover his firearm for inspection.

Police Commissioner George Quallo is this afternoon appealing to members of the public to desist from sharing images and videos on social media from the scene where Constable Leighton Hanson was shot and killed yesterday.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force is on high alert following the shooting and injury of record producer Leighton "Livity" Coke early Sunday morning.

Coke, who is in stable condition, is currently hospitalised after he and a female were shot and injured in Hellshire, St Catherine.

The Corporate Communications Unit, the communications arm of the Jamaica Constabulary force confirmed the incident and is advising citizens to remain calm. Coke is the brother of imprisoned gangster Christopher "Dudus" Coke.

Coke is known on the entertainment circuit for his Live Up Records label, which started in 2005. Artistes he has worked with include Vybz Kartel (Money Pon Mi Mind), Mavado (I'm On The Rock), Flippa Mafia (Unfinished House), and Mr Vegas (I'm Blessed).

His record label also copped the EME's Best Compilation and Rhythm of the year for the Good Life Rhythm in 2010.

Coke is also one of the promoters of the annual West Kingston Jamboree. The stage show -- which had its beginning in1999 -- was restarted in 2014 after it was discontinued by the security forces following the unrest of May 2010.

The police in Montego Bay St James are now in search of a hand-cart man who they say severely chopped a female vendor at the Charles Gordon Market on Thursday morning and then fled the scene after she caught him stealing yam.

The police stated that the wounded woman has since been treated at the Cornwall Regional Hospital and admitted in stable condition.

Reports are that about 11:30 am on Thursday, the female vendor was at her stall outside the Market when she saw the hand cart man stealing yams from a neighboring vendor's stall.

She raised an alarm and the hand cart man told her that she was an informer before using a machete to chop her to her upper body and then fleeing the scene.

donald-trump-photo-1.jpg(CMC) -- A senior Antigua government minister says Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries will along with countries in Latin America speak with one voice opposing plans by the United States to target their nationals residing in the North American country to help President Donald Trump build his much touted multi-billion dollar US-Mexico border wall.US legislators are seeking to impose a two per cent tax on all remittances sent by nationals of Belize, the Cayman Islands, Haiti, the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Jamaica, the British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, St Kitts and Nevis, Montserrat, Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, Grenada, Guyana and Suriname to friends and relatives.

These Caribbean countries are among a number of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean highlighted by the US legislators to help fund the wall, a major campaign promise of Trump and estimated at US$21.6 billion.

Foreign Affairs Minister Charles Fernandez, speaking on the state-owned ABS Television, said the new measures being advocated could result in the remittances system going underground.

"Whatever tax you put on it even though it sounds like a little bit, two per cent it could cause a number of people to want to drive this outside of the regulatory banking system and that could be of concern...because you could get into all kinds of monies moving around in actual hard currencies.

"The other thing about it is that the President had said...Mexico was going to pay for the wall, clearly now it is anybody who is doing transfers will pay for it.

"As regards to the Caribbean, I think Jamaica probably will be the biggest one affected. In 2015, Jamaica had something like US$1.5 billion sent from America alone to Jamaica in remittances," he added.

Suspect in Livity's shooting detained

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policeman-leighton-hanson-shot-dead.jpgThe Greater Portmore Police have detained a suspect in connection with the shooting of Leighton 'Livity' Coke yesterday morning in Hellshire, St Catherine.

Head of Operations at the Greater Portmore Police Division, Superintendent Leighton Gray, reportedly told The Gleaner that the man was detained yesterday when he turned up at the police station to claim a motorbike that was seized by the police in Hellshire following the shooting incident.

Head of Operations at the Greater Portmore Police Division, Superintendent Leighton Gray

Superintendent Gray says it is suspected that the bike was being driven by one of the gunmen who attacked Coke, but was left behind during the confrontation.

He says the suspect, whose identity is being withheld at this time, is from the west Kingston area.

He is still being questioned.

Meanwhile, the security forces remain on guard in west Kingston as investigations intensify into the shooting of Livity, who is the brother of drug kingpin Christopher 'Dudus' Coke.

Livity was ambushed and shot several times early Sunday morning at Hellshire Beach in St Catherine.

Hours after the shooting, police and soldiers took up positions at the hospital where doctors treated 'Livity' for gunshot wounds to the right side of his chest and left hand.

A woman who was travelling with him at the time was also shot multiple times.

Both Livity and the woman are still in hospital.

asafa-powell-and-usain-bolt-beijing-2015.jpgJamaican sprinter and former world 100 metre record holder Asafa Powell is now the holder of a Guinness World Record.

According to a release from the athlete's management, Powell has been named a record holder for most competitive 100 metre races completed in under10 seconds.

Powell has 97 such runs. The athlete, who refers to himself as the 'Sub-10 King', recorded his 97th sub-10 clocking with 9.94 seconds in an IAAF Diamond League race in Zurich last year.

According to the release, Powell will seek his 98th sub-10 run at the IAAF Diamond League opener in Doha, Qatar on Friday.

Leighton 'Livity' Coke, the brother of drug kingpin and formerTivoli Gardens don, Christopher 'Dudus' Coke, was Saturday night shot several times at the Hellshire Beach, in Portmore St Catherine. He is reportedly in serious condition at the Spanish Town Hospital after being shot up in Hellshire night.

According to a report in Jamaica's daily paper, The Gleaner, Deputy Commissioner of Police Clifford Blake is quoted as saying that Livity had just arrived at the popular Hellshire Beach when several men armed with guns approached his car and sprayed it with bullets.

Investigators say a woman travelling with 'Livity', was also shot multiple times.

Reports are that after Coke was shot, the vehicle sped away and but was chased along the highway by the attackers

Coke was, however, saved upon reaching Central Village, along the Mandela Highway, by about 15 heavily armed men who warded off his attackers.

He reportedly passed out and both he and the female were rushed to the Spanish Town Hospital where their condition is listed as serious.

The police say that measures are being put in place in Coke's West Kingston stong-hold, Hellshire and Spanish Town to prevent any outbreak of violence.

The police have also flooded parts of West Kingston in a moved to maintain calm.

Cop murdered in front of Merl Grove High School

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crime-scene-gun.jpgStudents and teachers at Merl Grove High School on Constant Spring Road ran for their lives on Friday afternoon when gunshots erupted and disrupted the normal hum of life.

Distraught students were convinced that this was a school shooting because, as they told YardFlex, the gunshots sounded like they were on the school compound. Those who were standing at the bus shed scampered in all directions, fleeing from the shots.

When the smoke cleared, a policeman lay dead uner the bus shed, his life snuffed out by an alleged robber.

Reports are that the policeman, identified as Constable Leighton Hanson, was responding to reports of suspicious men at certain premises when he was attacked by one of them.


An investigator at the scene said the cop was disarmed by the man and shot once in the head.

His attacker was shot by other policemen.

Both were taken to a medical facility where the cop was pronounced dead.

Motorists were advised to avoid Constant Spring Road in the vicinity of the Merl Grove High School where the shooting took place.

The robber who reportedly disarmed a police constable along Constant Spring Road in St Andrew and murdered him on Friday afternoon is dead. The man reportedly succumbed to his injuries while being treated in hospital.

Head of the Andrew North Police Superintendent Meveral Smith says the attacker was shot and injured after killing the policeman, identified as Constable Leighton Hanson at the bus stop at Merl Grove High School in St Andrew.

policeman-leighton-hanson-shot-dead.jpgAccording to one report, Constable Hanson was investigating reports of a robbery and stabbing incident on a bus in the vicinity of the Merl Grove High School. While the man was being searched by Hanson, he grabbed the policeman and engaged him in a tussle. The attacker grabbed the policeman's gun and shot him on the head, killing him.

After the shooting, the area was cordoned off chaos ensued as traffic piled up in all directions, creating a gridlock on Constant Spring Road, certain sections of Red Hills Road and roads leading off.

12 Trinidadians deported from Turkey

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CMC is reporting that at least 12 Trinidad and Tobago nationals are due to arrive home on Friday after they were deported from Turkey, but the police say they have no indication as to whether or not they are linked to nationals travelling to the Middle East to fight for the terrorist group, ISIS.

"We expect 12 persons who are reportedly deported from Turkey. They will be escorted here by Turkish agents. We do have information regarding some of the 12 persons, some of the information we have to verify. We have had limited information from the Turkish authorities," said Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police, Wayne Dick.

He told a news conference that while the 12 nationals 'at this point" will not be arrested" since they would be considered just "12 persons who are deported from Turkey".

"We have limited information from the Turkish authorities and we are hoping when they get here through continued efforts and investigations, we will learn why they have been deported," he said.

Last August, a Turkish newspaper reported that nine Trinidad and Tobago nationals were detained after the police nabbed a Syrian man suspected of attempting to smuggle them into southern Turkey to join the ISIS terrorist organisation.

The "Daily Sabah" reported that the police had stopped a car with a license plate from southern Mersin province when it entered south-central Adana province with 10 people, including the driver and nine Trinidad and Tobago citizens.

The paper reported that after an initial probe, police found the Syrian man, Asem H, was trying to take the Trinidad and Tobago nationals to the war-torn country, where they would have been recruited by ISIS.

The Syrian suspect was remanded in custody after an appearance at a local court, while the nine Trinidad and Tobago nationals were transferred to Adana Provincial Migration Management for deportation procedures, the report said.

(Source: CMC) -

police-commish-george-quallo-swearing-in.jpgPolice officers have been assured that justifiable use of force will be defended but Commissioner Quallo was keen to point out that he would not tolerate the abuse of ordinary citizens.

"Let's be clear, I will not stand for, or defend any of you my colleagues who wantonly abuse the rights of the citizens we swear to protect and serve," he declared. That's the promise from George Fitzroy Quallo, the 29th Commissioner of Police.

He was officially installed during a ceremony at the Police Officers Club on Hope Road in St. Andrew this afternoon.

The new commissioner argued that in some instances, the use of force would be required, especially in dealing with hardened criminals, and he vowed to protect his fellow officers in that regard.

"Yes, at times the police will, of necessity, respond with deadly force (but) colleagues, I will vigorously defend you when you have no option but to use justifiable force to protect your lives and the lives of our citizens. I make no apologies for taking this principled decision," he said.

butch-stewart-gordon-butch.jpgThe Appeal Court has dismissed the case brought by the Gordon "Butch" Stewart led Gorstew Limited against the State. The ruling was handed down on Friday.

The Court said it did not find favour with the appeal and promised to give its reasoning in writing at a later date.

Gorstew's attorney, Hugh Wildman, said the matter will now be taken to the UK Privy Council.

Gorstew appealed against a 2016 ruling by the Full Court to reject its application to challenge the decision of Resident Magistrate Lorna Shelly Williams to free three former ATL executives of fraud charges. Gorstew had applied to the Full Court for leave to seek judicial review of the 2014 decision of the Magistrate. Gorstew wanted the verdict quashed and the matter heard by another judge. But the Court described the application as vexatious and lacking merit.

Patrick Lynch, Catherine Barber and Dr Jeffrey Pyne were freed in August 2014 after the magistrate upheld no-case submissions by their attorneys. They were accused of distributing nearly $2 billion in interest and surplus to members of ATL's pension scheme without the consent of the company's Chairman, Gordon "Butch" Stewart.

Double murder in Gregory Park

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crime-scene-7.jpgTwo men were Thursday night shot dead by gunmen in Gregory Park, St Catherine.

The deceased have been identified as Alaska 'Lasco' Castillo, 33-year-old labourer, and Adrian Thomas, o/c Bill, 31-year-old bus conductor.

Reports are that, at approximately 7:30 pm, Castillo and Thomas were sitting in a vehicle along Watson Drive in Gregory Park, when a car drove up and occupants of the vehicle opened fire, hitting the two men several times.

The attackers escaped.

Police were summoned and the men taken to hospital where they were pronounced dead.

31 persons listed as wanted by cops in St James

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The St. James Police have listed 31 persons as wanted for serious crimes in and around the parish.

These individuals are asked to turn themselves in to the Montego Bay Criminal Investigation Branch immediately.

Among those listed are 37 year old Adrian Robinson otherwise called Rasta, who is wanted for murder and shooting, and 28 year old Shaneil Lutan, who is wanted for escaping police custody.

The 31 individuals are being asked to report to the Montego Bay Police Station by Thursday, April 27.

The public is also being reminded that it is a criminal offence to harbor these individuals.

Romanian ATM scammer still in jail

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The Romanian national Daniel Seteu and Jamaican Andre Sterling, both of whom are suspected to be part of the million dollar international ATM scamming ring appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court Wednesday.

The men were reportedly arrested between Monday and Tuesday last week at an ATM machine at the Pavilion Mall in Half-Way Tree, St Andrew.

Seteu was reportedly held with more than 20 fraudulent ATM cards and over $150,000 while allegedly making withdrawals from the machine in Sterling's company.

They were busted by members of the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Branch (C-TOC). Queen's Counsel Tom Tavares-Finson is representing Seteu and attorney Donahue Martin represents Sterling.

The police are reportedly hot on the heels of the other two Romanian nationals who are believed to be in the island, and who have also been implicated in the ATM scam that has reportedly so far cost Jamaicans over $50 million.

send-money-western-union.jpgIt could soon cost more for remittances to be sent to Jamaica.

A US Congressman has proposed to amend his country's Electronic Fund Transfer Act to impose a fee for remittance transfers to certain foreign countries, and for other purposes.

The Bill, introduced on March 30, 2017 in the US House of Representatives by Alabama Congressman Mike Rogers, seeks to fund US President Donald Trump's proposed wall on the US-Mexico border through a tax on remittances.

The Bill, which is being cited as the Border Wall Funding Act of 2017, proposes to tax remittances to Jamaica and 41 other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The plan is for a remittance fee equal to two per cent of the dollar amount to be transferred. The Bill has been referred to the US Congressional subcommittee on crime, terrorism, homeland security, and investigations. Congressman Rogers wants a speedy passage so it can take effect by this September.

A recent estimate suggests the wall could take more than US$21 billion to build over a three-and-a-half year period. Jamaicans sent about US$2 billion in remittances from the US last year.

If that level is kept up, they would pay close to US$40 million in the remittance tax.

man-waving-gun.jpgThe St Andrew businessman captured on video pointing his licensed firearm at several motorists along West King's House Road in St Andrew during Carnival festivities has been scheduled to appear in court next week Tuesday, May 2.

The police say 28-year-old restaurant manager Zachary Reid was charged with additional offences yesterday afternoon after being interviewed in the presence of his attorney.

The additional charges are failure to handover a firearm for inspection, assault at common law and illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

Reid was initially charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and assaulting a police officer.

Denny Johns a Jamaican-born American who was indicted by US prosecutors for allegedly attempting to kill his wife and her sister in Queens, New York, was extradited on Tuesday. He was ordered extradited last month when he appeared before the St. Andrew Parish Court.

US prosecutors reported that on May 30, 2012, Johns was involved in a dispute with his wife when he pulled a gun and fired at her. The bullet missed and struck a wall in the couple's bedroom. Her sister who shared the apartment went to her assistance and tried to wrestle the weapon from Mr. Johns. During the tussle, the wife went under the bed to hide. Johns fired a bullet hitting his wife in the chest. He then placed the gun at his head and pulled the trigger, but it did not discharge.

He was captured in Westmoreland late last year. Johns was taken out of the island by US Marshals.

donald-trump-photo-1.jpgUS President Donald Trump was forced to ditch plans to find cash for his border wall in this week's spending bill.

Among the measures Trump was hoping would help to pay for the wall is a two per cent fee on remittances to certain countries including Jamaica. But the BBC says the president's close adviser, Kellyanne Conway, has said funding for the wall would be left out of a budget measure that must be passed by Friday.

Building the wall, paid for by Mexico, was a key campaign promise. Democrats had threatened to block the bill if money was earmarked for the wall, so its omission may now avert a government shutdown. But the president insisted on Twitter that he still supported the wall and that it would be built.

He reportedly told a private meeting with members of the conservative media last night that he might be open to funding the wall later in the year.

Gunshots rock carnival after-party

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The sound of gunfire temporarily slowed down the tempo on Carnival Sunday as the after-party at Heineken Rio was halted for about a half-hour.

Media reports are that the after-party came to a sudden halt about 8 p.m. after gunshots were fired close to the entrance.

Police said the shots were fired at the entrance, presumably by armed revellers. It is unclear whether anyone was hurt.

Following the incident, several persons left the venue but the majority who remained feasted on music and free Heineken at the bar.

However, about 8:30 p.m., the deejays, led by Nuphoric from Trinidad and Tobago rallied the crowd.

minister-babsy-grange.jpgOlivia "Babsy" Grange Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sports is defending Government's position on the staging of Jamaica 55 celebrations amid a slew of questions and concerns raised by her Opposition counterpart Lisa Hanna.

Grange, in a 17-page response e-mailed to the media on Saturday, said that the celebration of Emancipation and Independence is an act to memorialise and pay homage to the struggles, sacrifices and triumphs of "our ancestors".

"For Jamaica 55 we have decided, as we did for Jamaica 21 and Jamaica 25, to include activities outside of the normal course of events to mark our Emancipation and Independence," she explained.

According to Grange, these activities include a series of projects to ensure that celebrations leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Hanna, in her Sectoral Debate contribution to Parliament earlier this month, insisted that Grange had embarked on a "culture of extravagance", noting that the ministry's budgetary allocation for the financial year 2017/2018 had seen a 130 per cent increase from last year's.

The former culture minister raised concerns about the $440-million budgetary allocation for the emancipation and heritage week celebrations this year, which she pointed out was $190 million more than the expenditure for the previous year.

JDF coast guard in police custody

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The Manchester police have taken a member of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) into custody regarding the death of a relative of the soldier.

The 29-year-old member of the JDF Coast Guard was picked up in Mandeville Friday.

The soldier is to be questioned in connection with the death of 51-year-old security guard Noel McDonald.

McDonald, who was attached to Marksman Security Company, was found dead Thursday at his home on Tavern Drive, in St Andrew.

Reports are that the police and several colleagues of McDonald went to his home at 41 Tavern Drive after he failed to report to work.

His body was found in a bathroom with multiple chop wounds.

The detained soldier is to be handed over to the St Andrew Central police who are investigating McDonald's death.

Jamaica copped its first gold at the IAAF World Relays in the Bahamas with a blistering run to win the women's 4x200m in a new championship record of 1:29.04 minutes.

Jamaica made a tactical switch and shifted Thompson from the opening leg to anchor and brought in the promising Sasha Lee Forbes for Anastasia LeRoy on the third leg and it worked wonders.

Jura Levy got things off to a wonderful start and once Shericka Jackson got into her stride the race was as good as over as Jamaica won by a huge margin.

The Germans were second in 1:30.68 and just outbattled the American in third in 1:30.87.

Justin Gatlin and the United States roared to victory in the men's 4x100m relay as rivals Canada and Jamaica dropped batons at the IAAF World Relays in the Bahamas on Saturday.

Run down by Canadian Olympic medalist Andre De Grasse in the earlier heats, Gatlin romped home in the final, leading the U.S. team of Leshon Collins, Mike Rodgers and Ronnie Baker to victory in 38.43 seconds.

Barbados claimed the silver and China surprised by taking the bronze.

Australia finished fourth ahead of France as both joined the medalists in qualifying for the IAAF world championships in August.

Reports are that three masked men -- armed with rifle and handgun -- stormed the Hayes Police Station in Clarendon Sunday morning with what is believed to have been ugly intentions.

The shocking incident occurred around 2:47am as the island has been experiencing inclement weather. The armed men arrived at the Hayes Police station in a car and two of the gang hopped out holding their weapons. However, a fearless cops immediately challenged the thugs an alert police officer challenged the men.

According to online reports, two of the men exited the vehicle wearing masks -- one armed with a rifle and the other with a handgun.

The man brandishing the rifle was about to fire on the station when he and his criminal friend were fired on by the alert cop.

The criminal with the rifle escaped in the motorcar and the man with the handgun escaped on foot.

One person has been killed an three others injured in an explosion at the RIU Montego Bay Hotel in Ironshore, St James.

Public Relations Officer at the Jamaica Fire Brigade, Emeleo Ebanks says the explosion happened in the main boiler room.

However, he said it was too early to determine the cause.

It's not clear who the victims were.

tesha-miller-photo-2.jpgReputed gangster Tesha Miller has finally been released from police custody without charge.

His attorney Bert Samuels said Miller was met by relatives on his release. Earlier Thursday, Kingston and St Andrew Parish Judge Vaughn Smith ruled that Miller must be charged by 6 o'clock or released from police custody.

Miller, who is believed to be the leader of the St Catherine-based Clansman gang, had been in police custody since April 4 when he was deported from The Bahamas.

In court this morning, his attorney Able-Don Foote described as sinister, the continued detention of the reputed gangster. Tuesday, Miller pleaded guilty to making a false declaration to Jamaican immigration officials and was fined the maximum $100.

However, he had remained in the custody of the police, who had indicated that he was the subject of a number of investigations. Last evening, Miller was interviewed by detectives from the Major Investigations Taskforce and the Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime division.


Sprint superstar Usain Bolt was caught up in a fatal motorcycle crash in Jamaica which claimed the life of Jamaican-born Germaine Mason, who was a close friend of Bolt. Reports are that the two were among a group of athletes and entertainers who had attended a soca party at Kingston's Waterfront that evening.

Team Jamaica, a website run by Jamaican athletics supporters, said a number of athletes, including Bolt and Frater, were riding in a convoy with Mason when the crash took place, but other reports say that Bolt was on his way home when he heard of the accident and immediately made his way to the scene.

Mason, 34, who was a Jamaican star athlete and record holder prior to joining Team Great Britain and winning a silver medal in high jumper at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, died Thursday in the early morning crash which occurred near Kingston, police said, when he lost control of his motorcycle.

Bolt, Jamaica's eight-time Olympic sprint champion and 11-time world champion, and fellow sprinter Michael Frater were immediately at the scene.

"Usain Bolt was part of the group that came by and he was very, very emotional, and still is," police senior superintendent Calvin Allen told the BBC. "I understand they are very close friends."

Mason began competing for Britain, his father's homeland, in 2006 after having taken bronze for Jamaica at the 2004 world indoors and claimed silver at the 2000 world juniors in Chile and bronze at the 2002 world juniors in Kingston. Both the prime minister of Jamaica and the leader of the opposition have extended their condolences to Mason's relatives and friends.

Fuzz Caan, a senior high jump coach at British Athletics who worked with Mason during his time as Olympic champion, said "Germaine was an outstanding athlete and a truly lovely man. He had a wry sense of humour and was a pleasure to be around."

"The whole of the British Olympic Aassociation is incredibly sad to hear of the passing of Germaine Mason," said BOA chief executive Bill Sweeney.

"Germaine was a great athlete, an Olympian and a silver medal-winning part of Team GB who made history at Beijing 2008. Our thoughts and condolences are with his family and friends at this difficult time."

Other British athletics stars were stunned and saddened at the news.

"This is just awful. Such sad news," tweeted 2012 London Olympic and three-time world heptathlon champion Jess Ennis-Hill.

"Heart goes out to friends and family of Germaine Mason on this sad day," tweeted 1992 Barcelona Olympic 100m champion Linford Christie. "R I P Germaine. Never forgotten."

Denise Lewis, the 2000 Sydney Olympics heptathlon champion, tweeted, "My condolences and deepest sympathy go out to Germaine Mason's family & friends. A tragic loss of such fun & loving person."

Beijing Olympic 400m hurdles bronze mediallist Tasha Danvers called it "a very sad day for track and field... He will missed."

Olympic silver medal high jumper Germaine Mason died in a motorcycle crash in Kingston, Jamaica, early Thursday morning.

Jamaican-born Mason was heading into Kingston at around 4.20am when he lost control of his motorbike along the Palisadoes main road and crashed, dying instantly.

The 34-year-old was reportedly riding in the front of a convoy with several other athletes. Many reports say that track star Usain Bolt, was among the athletes, but according to Yardfles sources, Bolt was not a part of the convoy. Bolt, who is a close friend of Mason's, reportedly arrived at the scene after the accident.


Mason, who has a five-year-old son, is Jamaica's record holder in the event at 2.34m, or 7.67 feet. He had been trained by the Stephen Francis-coached MVP, prior to 2006 when he left Jamaica to represent Britain. The high jump star, who was born in Kingston, lived in Jamaica, however, Mason, whose father is British, had dual citizenship.

The athlete competed in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and won a silver medal for Great Britain in the high jump event.

Mason continued to compete until he retired from the sport in 2016.

Mason had been with several athletes, including 100m and 200m world record holder Bolt, 2005 world championship 100m silver medallist Michael Frater, and former Bolton defender Ricardo Gardner before Thursday's crash occurred.

After news broke of Mason's death, several athletes poured out tributes on social media, including Johnson Thomson and Jessica Ennis-Hill.

Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness tweeted: 'Our sincere condolences to the entire sporting community.'

tesha-miller-photo-3.jpgReputed Clansman leader Tesha Miller was on Monday fined one hundred Jamaican dollars after pleading guilty to one count of false declaration.

Miller's sentence was handed down by Parish Judge Sanchia Burrell after pleading guilty to one count of using a fictitious name.

The reputed gangster was charged by the Immigration Investigation Unit last Tuesday following his deportation from Bahamas on April 4.

He was charged following allegations that he left the island using fictitious names. However, the police have reported that there are other matters pending against Miller.

A Romanian who is said to be the mastermind behind an automated teller machine (ATM) scam was arrested on Monday along with a Jamaican at the Scotiabank ATM at the Pavilion Mall in Half-Way-Tree.

Police report that the men were found with in excess of J$180, 000 by teams from the Half-Way-Tree and Hunts Bay CIB who were acting on information.

It is alleged that the men used department store cards from overseas to carry out the scamming.

crime-scene-7.jpgIt was a bloody Easter Sunday and Monday in Kingston 2 after two men were killed in separate incidents in the area.

On Sunday, 25-y-o Youlando Vaccianna of Hillside Crescent was gunned down by a lone gunman about 7:00 pm.

Reports from the Rockfort Police are that Vaccianna was allegedly walking along the roadway when he was approached by the man who pulled a firearm and opened fire hitting him several times. The gunman escaped.

Vaccianna was rushed to hospital after the police were alerted, however, he died while undergoing treatment.

Claudiu Precup, a Romanian man who has been charged in connection with the ATM scam uncovered locally, was remanded until Wednesday, when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last week.

Precup faces multiple counts of fraud involving more than J$50 million.

He was charged one week ago by C-TOC investigators who reportedly held him in possession of more than 100 blank ATM cards.

Investigators said Precup and four other members of a fraud network have been targeting ATMs across the island, fleecing millions of dollars from several financial institutions.

The men have been installing devices in the machines, and capturing the personal information of cardholders.

Arrest warrants have been prepared for the other four Romanians who remain at large locally.

Two Romanian nationals who could be part of an international scamming operation were refused entry into Jamaica last week when they were intercepted at the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay .

Head of the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime branch, Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP Clifford Chambers says two men attempted to enter the island but were refused entry by local authorities who have observed a recent trend of a number of foreigners, especially Romanians, setting up scamming operations in Jamaica. Elements from the Romanian criminal network have been fleecing millions of dollars from the bank accounts of individuals at ATMs across Jamaica.

Over $50 million has reportedly been been stolen by the men so far .

Immigration officials had been placed on alert for these individuals entering the island. They were sent back on a flight to Romania.

Regional security dosier indicate that one of the men had been arrested, charged and convicted of fraud-related offences in The Cayman Islands, while there are indications of the ATM scam extending to Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda and Canada.

This is while Claudiu Precup, a Romanian man who has been charged in connection with the ATM scam uncovered locally, was remanded until Wednesday, when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last week.

gloria-s-rendezvous.jpgCecil Prawl, 49, one of the operators of the popular Port Royal seafood restaurant Gloria's, was killed following a motor vehicle accident early this morning.

According to reports from the Port Royal Police, Prawl was driving his black Lexus SUV along a section the Port Royal Main Road towards Port Royal when he lost control of the vehicle and crashed. Eye witnesses say Prawl was flung from the vehicle onto the road suffering severe head injuries.

Prawl, who was the only occupant in the vehicle, was taken to a medical facility but was pronounced dead soon after.

The police theorise that speeding was a major contributing factor in the crash.

Yardflex extends condolences to the family.

law-student-teresa-wilson.jpgA 27-year-old Jamaican law student arrested in the US over lottery scamming , pleaded guilty to the charges in October and has been sentenced to 16 months in federal prison.

Teresa Wilson was sentenced in March after pleading guilty October 19, 2016 for conspiracy to commit mail fraud.

As part of her sentence, the court also entered a money judgment in the amount of $270,000, which are proceeds of the offense. Wilson -- a resident of Montego Bay, St James just completed studies at the Norman Manley Law School.

Wilson is the third defendant to plead guilty during this investigation in the case. Jamaican Yanique Coach and American Dwayne Breary were previously sentenced to 12 months' and a day, and 6 months' imprisonment, respectively, after pleading guilty July 2016.

According to court documents, an 89-year-old victim in Virginia received phone calls from two people in October and November 2014, advising that she had won $3.5 million dollars from the Mega Millions Sweepstakes.

One of the callers identified himself as being associated with the sweepstakes, and the other purported be an attorney. The callers told the victim that her name had been entered into the lottery through a magazine subscription, but that the victim needed to pay fees and taxes before receiving her winnings.

From October 31, 2014 to November 25, 2014, at the direction of the callers, the victim complied and mailed $282,600 in cash to various locations in Florida and Georgia, concealing the money in magazines and cereal boxes.

The family of the victim learned about the large withdrawals of money from the victim's bank account and contacted the FBI. On March 6, 2015, the victim was instructed by the callers to send $150,000 in cash to an apartment in Orlando, Florida. On March 19, 2015, a third co-conspirator signed for and accepted the package upon delivery. Agents then executed a search warrant and recovered the package.

During the fraud scheme, Wilson, who was attending law school in Jamaica, had co-conspirators hold packages for her containing hundreds of thousands of dollars, which they had received from the victim in the United States. Wilson would then travel from Jamaica to retrieve the money or make arrangements for another co-conspirator to travel from Jamaica to do the same.

On Sunday, the death toll on the nation's roads since Thursday night, stood at seven, with a policeman numbered among the fatalities.

And with one day to go before the end of the Easter holiday, the Road Safety Unit is again urging road users to make safety a priority. Director of the Road Safety Unit in the Ministry of Transport Kenute Hare says the seven deaths on the weekend are the result of improper driver behaviour.

The fatal accidents occurred in Westmoreland, Clarendon, St. Elizabeth, St. Catherine, Manchester, and St. Ann.

According to Mr. Hare, the seven road deaths so far this weekend have pushed the overall figure this year, to 98.

3 brothers shot - 2 dead, the other stable

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crime-scene-gun.jpgThree brothers were shot - two fatally - when gunmen invaded their home in Freetown in May Pen, Clarendon, early this morning.

Dead are 19-year-old Richard Blake, and his 16-year-old brother Ricardo Blake.

Their thirteen year-old brother has been admitted in stable condition at hospital.

Police say about 12:30 this morning, the three brothers were at home sleeping when three armed men kicked-open the front door and asked for a particular person.

The armed men then shot the three brothers.

Tesha Miller charged

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tesha-miller-photo-3.jpgAlleged leader of the Clansman Gang, Tesha Miller, is to appear in court on April 18, after being charged on Wednesday with two counts of making a false declaration.

This was revealed in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court Wednesday. Miller's attorney, Able-Don Foote was about to make an application for Miller's release from custody - arguing that Miller was being held without charge from April 4 - when the court was informed.

The court was told that he left the island using assumed names. The court was also told that there are other matters pending against Miller.

The reputed Clansman leader has been in police custody since he was deported from the Bahamas last week.

Miller was named as a person of interest last year by Jamaica's Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch and asked to turn in himself to the authorities. Detectives reportedly believed Miller could assist them in their investigation of several of the murders recorded in Spanish Town and sections of Portmore during the first quarter of 2016.

DCP George Quallo named new police commissioner

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police-commissioner-george-quallo.jpgDeputy Commissioner of Police George Quallo is to be appointed Commissioner of Police effective April 18.

This afternoon, Quallo reportedly told daily paper, The Gleaner that he was advised by the Police Service Commission about the appointment around 3 p.m.

He also vowed that the team he leads will be able to effectively reduce crime.

"We will put this crime monster under control," Quallo said in a brief interview.

A 14-year-old boy in Northern Ireland has been charged with attempting to possess a sub-machine gun and 100 rounds of ammunition, after he was reportedly told by a Jamaican man to collect the items.

A report in the Belfast Telegraph says the teenager was detained during a police operation on Thursday. Police said he had handed over £150 for the ammunition to an operative, believing he could later purchase a machine gun. The accused appeared before a Magistrate's Court on Saturday, flanked by his father and three police officers.

During an interview with police, the boy provided a prepared statement naming a Jamaican man who he said had asked him to collect ammunition and a deactivated gun. He said he had ordered these on the Internet.

The accused was released on £ 500 bail.

The case will again be heard in court later this month.

Fifty-three-year-old businesswoman, Janett Moore, and her 19-year-old daughter, Tajona Rhoden both of a Pheonix Park, Dunbeholden, St. Catherine who were shot dead on Wednesday night, had been victims of a violent attack more than 15 years ago.

Moore's common law husband Wilfred Rhoden stabbed her several times and left her for dead on Old Stony Hill Road.

He then went to the family home in Kencot and inflicted wounds on Tajona and her two sisters seriously injuring them before he killed himself.

The police are investigating the killing of the two women, who were found suffering from gunshot wounds on Wednesday night.

Robbery has been theorised as the motive.

shocked.jpgThe Office of the Children's Registry (OCR) is reporting that it recorded more than 13,000 cases of child abuse for the period January to December 2015. It said it received reports of child abuse for 18 out of every 1,000 children living in Jamaica in 2015. This represents an 18.7 per cent increase over the previous year.

Greig Smith, Registrar at the OCR, made the revelation at Thursday morning's launch of National Child Month at GraceKennedy's headquarters in downtown Kingston. Smith said more than 9,000 of the cases represented children who were reported to the OCR for the first time.

"Persons still fear of the 'informer fi dead' culture but persons are coming. Henceforth, we would have recorded over 13,000, close to 14,000 cases compared to 11,900-plus the previous year. So more persons are really coming out to talk."

He urged, "What we really want to encourage is more chidren also because we are still seeing less than two per cent of the children still making the point"

He said there is still no system in place at the registry to determine how many of these reported cases have led to a prosecution.

Mother, daughter murdered in St Catherine

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crime-scene-7.jpgA mother, 53 year old businesswoman Janet Moore and her 19 year-old daughter Tajona Rhoden were brutally killed in the community of Phoenix Park in Dunbeholden, St Catherine on Wednesday night.

Reports from the Portmore Police are that about 10:10 pm explosions were heard and the lawmen were summoned.

Upon arrival the lawmen,found the two women in their home on the ground in a pool of blood suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

The mother and daughter were taken to the hospital were they were pronounced dead.

There are unconfirmed reports that the women were killed during a robbery attempt.

Investigations are continuing.

babsy-grange-minister.jpgFollowing Lisa Hanna's bombshell revelations in Parliament on Tuesday, in which she called out the Culture Ministry for a myriad of ills, ranging from nepotism to reckless spending, the Minister of Culture, Olivia 'Babsy' Grange has responded with a release slamming Hanna for her "hypocritical and irresponsible .... presentation which had the effect of besmirching professionals, alarming our partners and demotivating our volunteers".

See full text of Grange's letter below:

"I have noted the accusations mentioned in the presentation by the Member of Parliament for South East St Ann, Lisa Hanna, during the Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives today (Tuesday).

I categorically reject the allegations of wrongdoing and will seek to provide a comprehensive response in the House.

The allegations of wrongdoing relate to the use of a consultant by the JCDC and the establishment of a Secretariat in the Ministry to coordinate activities to mark Jamaica 55 -- which is an expanded programme.

That the Member has chosen to allege wrongdoing on that basis is too extraordinary to be believed as during the tenure of the Member as Minister of Youth and Culture (between 2012 and 2016):

the same consultant was engaged by the JCDC; and the Minister maintained a Secretariat to coordinate activities to mark Jamaica 50, including the sale of commemorative pins.

At last count we found tens of thousands of pins hidden at various locations across the island and overseas. The investigation is continuing.

The hiring of consultants at the JCDC pre-dates my leadership as Minister and has been a necessary support resource to the Commission in the execution of its mandate.

The mind boggles at the thought that this Member, who fired the Project Director for Jamaica 50 Secretariat on assuming office and hired another at twice the pay, is now the one coming to the Parliament to tell the nation that she found a culture of extravagance.

The Member was hypocritical and irresponsible in her presentation which had the effect of besmirching professionals, alarming our partners and demotivating our volunteers.

I give the assurance to the nation that we are managing a credible programme in compliance with applicable rules and regulations including those that govern procurement."

lisa-hanna-photo-4.jpgSpokesperson on Information, Youth and Culture Lisa Hanna, had some shocking revelations to share at her sectoral presentation Tuesday as she exposed the reckless and excessive spending in the Olivia 'Babsy' Grange-led ministry.

Hanna ripped apart the culture of extravagance at the Culture Ministry and opened what can only be described as a huge can of worms as she questioned nepotism at the ministry, the function of the JCDC and, quite interestingly, the necessity of a Jamaica 55 Secretariat, among other things.

Sections of Hanna's presentation in Parliament can be read below:

"...I was overjoyed to hear the prime minister of Jamaica punctuate his 2017 budget speech with a firm commitment to fiscal discipline.

He said, "As an independent country, we must be disciplined in managing our own fiscal affairs. The only way... is to better manage the tax revenue we raise; plug the leaking revenues we don't raise [while] growing the economy."

But, Mr Speaker, I'm forced to ask, does he believe his own words? If he does, he seems to be the only cabinet member believing.

Despite my relatively few years in politics, I've noticed a "money-mek-fi-spend" philosophy has overtaken our governance structures. Some don't seem able to distinguish between campaign funds and taxpayers' resources.

What might be just cavalier when spending campaign funds becomes otiose, uncaring, incongruous and just plain old-fashioned dishonest as custodians of taxpayers money.

Take for example the over $440 million allocated to the Ministry of Culture this year by the GOJ for Emancipendence/Heritage Week Celebrations. This is over 100 per cent more than last year's budget of $191 million. Of that $440m, only $60million has been ear-marked for the JCDC whose mandate, as prescribed in The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission Act is to:

•promote cultural programmes and activities in communities throughout the Island;

• encourage and organise each year independence anniversary celebrations and other celebrations marking occasions of national interest etc.

That miniscule $60 million allocation to the JCDC is stated expressly in the budget to be for "promotion of cultural activities", more specifically restricted in a liner note to "promote at the local and national level the unearthed talents in the performing and visual arts".

So, with a sleight-of-hand, fully 85 per cent of the JCDC's statutory mandate has been removed from that agency and it has been limited to conducting music and drama festivals for children island-wide -- all this despite the JCDC Act neither being amended nor repealed.

So, Mr Speaker where has the rest of the $440m gone? The budget has allocated that money to the Ministry of Culture to "assist in the promotion of events commemorating Independence Day including the Grand Gala, Emancipation Day and National Heritage Week".

For those of you who might have missed it, there is an obscure note to the estimates of expenditure reserving $200 million of the $380 million remaining specifically for "Jamaica 55 Project."

But Mr Speaker, only you can help me to understand how, somehow, despite the presence of the JCDC, with its specific statutory remit, despite a fully staffed, budgeted for Ministry, despite the prime minister's commitment to fiscal responsibility, a separate creature called a "Jamaica 55 secretariat" has been established by Minister Grange to do the JCDC's job which is to plan and execute the festivities.

Is this how you plug the leaks in government expenditure or is this how you ensure that it is leaked to the right place?

I regret to report, Mr Speaker, that this is not the first time. A pattern seems to be developing in this ministry whereby established state agencies are bypassed in favour of personal consultants.

Mr Speaker, an external consultant was contracted to, in the words of his proposal letter (a copy of which I have) to "act as artistic director" for the 2016 Grand Gala.

The letter is dated May 27, 2016 and by June 22 the contract was awarded lock stock and barrel. The consultant's asking fee of $15 million dollars was adopted without negotiation. This fee was charged to design costumes, for choreography, team leadership "artistic direction" and to provide production assistants all of which could easily have been done by the JCDC at no cost.

My information is that the Ministry of Culture provided the production assistants promised by this Consultant, but not delivered and then arranged for the JCDC to pay an additional $2 million for these assistants. The end result was that $17 million was paid for expertise and services already available in the JCDC.

I have a copy of his contract. It provided for a contract period of June 16 to August 14, 2016 and for payment of 50 per cent of the fee on signing; another 25 per cent seven days after signing and the balance "within 7 days after implementation and submission of final report."

Yet I have right here a document headed "invoice" dated July 15, 2016. It is a very ragged and unprofessional letter written to the JCDC demanding full payment of the $15 million and the due date on the Invoice is July 15, 2016 the same date as the date of the so-called "invoice".

This invoice fails to specifically describe any of the services or to itemize how the fee is chargeable vis-a-vis each service but simply repeats the vague description of services in the Proposal letter and demands full payment. This payment was made three weeks before the Grand Gala even took place. The final cost of Grand Gala 2016 $65 million.

This "artistic director" is the same consultant whose company, is owned 50/50 with a partner. The said partner had been engaged to head the Jamaica50 Secretariat at the Ministry of Culture in 2011.

When I took over the Ministry in 2012, I found a project proposal from this partner to spend $2.5 billion. I recall the former and current minister's public outrage when the plan to implement that proposal was foiled and discarded.

This culture of extravagance had to change and, by 2015, I was able to put a stop to this "money-mek-fi-spend' culture that I inherited in 2012.

We began as soon as I took office and gradually brought the gala costs down closer to sanity. In 2015, our policies had succeeded in reducing the gala cost to $40million. We did this by using the state agencies that were in place and dispensing with these expensive external consultants.

Now, as soon as the government changes, this same consultant returns to this same ministry in 2016 and is able to burst the budget pipe so big that the leak becomes a flood! In 2016, the gala cost had already increased to $65 million. Is this the "fiscal responsibility" of which the prime minister spoke?

Mr. Speaker, I'm reliably informed that the artistic director's business partner who prepared the Jamaica 50 $2.5billion proposal is now the current minister's paid senior advisor whose responsibilities include the Jamaica 55 project.

As such, perhaps it would cause some discomfort had any part of the 2016 Grand Gala tender come in on his company's letterhead so his business partner, the artistic director, was awarded a $15m contract in his personal capacity in a most non-transparent process.

Now that one of the business partners controls "Jamaica 55" project imagine what kind of contract a bloated budget of over $380 million can be accommodated for the artistic director?

Is this how the prime minister defines "fiscal responsibility"?

Mr Speaker why is Jamaica 55 a milestone year in any event? Didn't the Prime Minister say that we must "be disciplined in managing our own fiscal affairs" and "better manage the tax revenue we raise"? Is this a national or a political priority? If the invitation to the Jamaica 55 launch at Vale Royal tomorrow night (Wednesday, April 5) is anything to go by, this "milestone" year of independence will be a grand affair.

Can I propose to the prime minister, that he begin with Jamaica 55 in exercising his newly found spiritual conversion to fiscal discipline? What's the role of the Jamaica 55 secretariat? From where does its authority to spend taxpayers' funds (or even advise on its spending) arise?

Are the Jamaica 55 funds being spent painstakingly to the adherence of the Government Procurement Rules? What's the purpose of a "consultant" when the JCDC has a Board with a clear statutory remit? When will all this end? Are going to see a "Jamaica 56" secretariat next year? Perhaps the role of the JCDC Board has been usurped. No one with any management knowledge would expect the current board with its 31 members to be effective or efficient.

Furthermore, it's my understanding that this current board suffers from the same "money-mek-fi-spend" virus. They have not only increased board fees to themselves, but done so retroactively.

Blow to prime minister's credibility

Prime Minister, your credibility has already taken a blow, having told people that the $1.5 million give back would be revenue-neutral and having flip-flopped on your opposition to sourcing funds from the NHT.

The Ministry of Culture's questionable actions exacerbate this credibility deficit and make a further mockery of the PM's stated commitment to fiscal discipline.

If the PM is serious about better management of the tax revenue we raise, then he should start in the Ministry of Culture and with a tightening of the exclusions under 1.2.1 in the Procurement Guidelines Handbook which were intended to cover creative and artistic choice only, but have been stretched beyond reasonable limits to allow for the procurement of management and consultancy services without transparency.

Government has cut the budgets for CHASE and the Student Loan Bureau by $222 million yet people are expecting to extract "the last pound of flesh" from the pockets of most, if not all Jamaicans, especially the poorest of the poor.

These people won't be content to exchange their last pound of flesh to attend ad hoc Independence activities intended to make them feel good when they can't pay their child's "free school fee" or money to pay the increased property taxes.

Mr. Speaker, I would've loved to have devoted my limited time today presenting policy directives geared towards cultural development and youth opportunities.

But the truth is, until we get rid of this "money-mek-fi-spend culture", we will never have the resources to help our youth and hone our cultural talents.

Plus all the speeches we make as politicians will be useless rhetoric. Mr Speaker, as elected MPs we have a responsibility for nation building.

On this side, we see nation building as investing in our institutions and in our human capital. It is clear from the intentional actions of this government that wasteful extravagance of our taxpayers money is the order of the day and they are more intent on benefiting a "few special friends".

We saw it in when they appointed only one "special" Jamaican contractor as the subcontractor to the Chinese for all-island infrastructural work under the JDIP, we saw it again when they appointed a few "special" contractors for the $800 million all-island bushing programme, and we see it again here in the Ministry of Culture with this "special artistic director" and the $200 million Jamaica 55 secretariat.

Mr Speaker, our citizens are watching us more closely than ever before and they can see through the smoke and mirrors that are used to intentionally obscure this perpetual "money-mek-fi-spen" culture that this administration seemingly can't do without.

tesha-miller-photo-2.jpgReputed leader of the notorious Klansman gang, Tesha Miller, was deported from The Bahamas yesterday, however reports are that the elusive gangster had carried the cops in The Bahamas around the fairy-tale mulberry bush for a month, in their attempt to find out exactly who he was.

Miller, who had been wanted for questioning by the Jamaican authorities, ended up in the Bahamas, but it was only his Jamaican accent that gave the fugitive away, after a long month during which he gave several aliases to the cops in The Bahamas.

After they recognised his Jamaican accent they contacted the Jamaican authorities and Tesha Miller's cover was blown wide open.

Last week Tuesday, news surfaced that Miller had been caught in The Bahamas and was scheduled for deportation the following day, but it was many days before the fugitive gangster was sent home. Miller was deported from Nassau, the capital, on a 2:40 pm flight.

His expulsion comes almost a year after he was deported from the United States, where he spent two years in prison on a charge of illegal entry.

tesha-miller-photo-1.jpgMembers of the police force are now closely monitoring sections of the St Catherine North Division and surrounding areas following the deportation of reputed Clansman Gang leader Tesha Miller from The Bahamas on Tuesday.

The police division includes volatile communities in the vicinity of Spanish Town - such as Thompson Pen, Tredegar Park, St John's Road, Rivoli and De La Vega City - where the Clansman Gang operates.

Miller was in police custody up to Wednesday morning. Police said he was scheduled to be deported last week Tuesday but the deportation was delayed because of security reasons. He was held by Bahamas authorities last month after entering the Caribbean island illegally.

The alleged gangster was deported from the United States last year. Months after his return, he was named as a person of interest by Jamaica's Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC) and asked to turn in himself to the authorities.

Detectives reportedly believed Miller could assist them in their investigation of several of the murders recorded in Spanish Town and sections of Portmore during the first quarter of 2016. According to one of his relatives, Miller keeps fleeing the island because he believes his life is under threat from both the police and criminals.

cocaine-seized-photo-1.jpgA Jamaican man was arrested on narcotics smuggling charges Monday after he was caught with cocaine while dressed as a pilot at New York's John F Kennedy International Airport, US authorities said.

The man has been identified as Mario Hudson.

US Customs and Border Protection said Hudson claimed he was a "dead-heading crewmember" after stepping off a flight from Kingston.

"Dead-heading" is reportedly an airline industry term for someone flying as a passenger on company business to get to another airport for work.

However, during a search of Hudson's baggage, officers reportedly found five pounds of cocaine with a street value of US$85,000. The officers also found fraudulent Delta Air Lines identification.

Hudson was subsequently and charged.

shocked.jpgA brazen kidnapping attempt of a parent by a disgruntled former employee led to gunshots being fired on the compound of St Andrew Preparatory School on Cecelio Ave in Half-Way Tree Wednesday morning.

Police sources say no one was injured in the shooting.

The drama unfolded at the nearly 100 thousand dollars per term preparatory school after the mother dropped her child off at school and was surprised by the gunman who reportedly forced his way into the woman's car. Police reports are that the woman, whose name is being withheld, drove the car onto the school compound and crashed it into another vehicle before escaping.

Police sources say a licensed firearm holder, who was watching the incident unfold, then challenged the gunman and the shootout ensued.

crime-scene-7.jpgThe names of the those killed during Sunday morning's hacking incident in Norwood, St James have been revealed by the police.

They are 60-year-old Lascelles Bracket, who is said to be the perpetrator of the hacking, and his victim 62-year-old Herman Pryce.

Three other victims remain in hospital in serious condition.

The police say the incident took place about 10:30 a.m. yesterday in a shop when Bracket demanded to be served for a second time after he had been already served. He pulled a machete and chopped three elderly men who were also in the shop.

Police say he ran into a house where he chopped Pryce, a maintenance worker who lived in the dwelling.

Residents who came to Pryce's assistance were also attacked. Bracket was subsequently mobbed and killed by the residents.

Pryce was taken to hospital, along with the other injured men, where he was pronounced dead.

ruel-reid-2016.jpgInformation Minister Senator Ruel Reid says that Monday's Cabinet discussion is unlikely to result in a roll back of the much criticised property tax increase which came into effect on April 1.

He said the government will be implementing a robust public education programme to ensure those who cannot afford to pay their property taxes are aware of their options.

He added that the public will be informed of Cabinet's position on the matter at a media briefing on Wednesday.

With the Government maintaining its position on the property tax, the Parliamentary Opposition has declared that it will take up the issue again in the House of Representatives this week.

Phillip Paulwell, Leader of Opposition Business in the Lower House, says the issue will be raised at the next sitting of the House.

"We believe that the imposition of these new rates is really unconscionable and we are going to be quite vociferous in our presentations in Parliament on Tuesday," he said.

The purpose of that approach, he said, was to convince the Government of the importance of a rollback and a process of consultation regarding the tax.

The Opposition walked out of the House on March 22 after calling for the Andrew Holness administration to roll back its tax package.

Eight months in jail for drunk pilot

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hands-behind-bars.jpgAn airline pilot who was so drunk he appeared to pass out in the cockpit before takeoff was sentenced on Monday to eight months in jail in Canada.

Miroslav Gronych, 37, pleaded guilty last month to having care and control of an aircraft while he had a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit.

The Slovakian pilot was escorted off a Sunwing Airlines plane in Calgary on December 31 before a flight scheduled to end in Cancun, Mexico.

The court heard that when Gronych got on the plane, he struggled to hang up his coat, was slurring his words and was staggering. The court was also told the co-pilot suggested Gronych should leave the plane, but he eventually returned to the cockpit, sat down and appeared to pass out with his face resting on the window.

Judge Anne Brown also banned Gronych from flying for one year after his release. She noted he has been in treatment for alcoholism, has abstained from drinking since the event and has been "thoroughly shamed."

The court heard that Gronych, who is married and has two young children, has lost his job.

The defense had asked for a three- to six-month sentence while the prosecution asked the judge to give Gronych one year in jail.

His defense lawyer told the court last month that Gronych couldn't sleep the night before his flight and felt like he was coming down with a cold. He took a couple of shots of vodka and a Tylenol, and planned to wake up in time to let people know he wouldn't make the flight. He didn't set an alarm and was awakened by a call asking him where he was, his lawyer said. He drank the rest of the bottle of vodka and left for the flight.

When police arrived, they found his pilot's wings were pinned upside down. They smelled alcohol on his breath and he couldn't stand up straight.

Sunwing ,a low-cost Canadian carrier, has said it has a zero tolerance policy on crew members consuming alcohol within 12 hours of going on duty.


At least one investor in failed ponzi scheme OLINT is expressing disappointment at the payout made by the fund set up to compensate victims.

Cheques for investors who lost money in the scheme were issued on March 20, 2017.

The scheme was started by David Smith in Jamaica in 2005 then operations were later moved to the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The Administrator for the US versus David Smith Remission Fund says all victims received a pro-rata share representing 2 .815 per cent of their recognised loss amount.

It says this is because the US$5.2 million of forfeited funds currently available for remission is less than the US$187.4 million in losses incurred by the victims.

However, one investor who shared a copy of the letter sent to him with The Gleaner/Power 106 News Centre said he was disappointed with the payout.

He's receiving approximately US$2,000 after investing close to US$100,000 in OLINT.

The letter said cheques must be cashed or deposited no later than June 19, 2017 or the money would be re-allocated to other victims.

Has Vybz Kartel given his life to God?

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vybz-kartel-photo-30.jpgThe jury is still out on whether or not there is any truth to online reports that jailed run-di-oplace deejay, Vybz Kartel has given his life to God. A popular website claims to have the complete text of a letter allegedly sent to popular Irie FM personality, Mutabaruka. from the pen of Addi the Teacher. Please note, however, that Yardflex sources have confiormed that Muta has received no such letter. Anyway, please see text of alleged letter below:

"I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off me. Like the woman at the well, I was searching for things that could not satisfy, but glory be to the most high God, I am now drinking from a well that can never run dry.

To all my family, friends and fans out there who are missing me and longing to see me, have no fear, if it is God's will, it will be done and you will see me soon. But do not get too caught up in Vybz, seek and find Jesus Christ and you will have all that you need. I wish for you the peace that I have found. Please seek and find Jesus Christ. My baptism is in the work and I am just waiting on the prison's Chaplin to provide me with a baptism date. I love you and I will see you soon. I no longer want to be called "world boss". God is the boss of the world and I am his child. Almighty God mi seh... Adijah Palmer."

hiv-positive-george-flowers.jpgGeorge Flowers, HIV-positive man, who was born in Jamaica, is wanted by the Canadian government on a number of counts of sexual assault.

Reports are that Flowers, who fled to Jamaica, had unprotected sex with more than a dozen women in Canada whom he met at bars, without disclosing his HIV status. Four women, including his wife, have reportedly made complaints against him. Three of the women are now HIV positive and the women said if they knew he was HIV positive, they would not have been intimate with him.

In 2012 the Toronto police issued a Canada-wide arrest warrant for George Flowers, 43 - also known as Mr. Flowas.

It's alleged he has known since 1996 that he carries the HIV virus, which causes AIDS, but did not disclose his status.

Mr. Flowers worked in Toronto in the entertainment business and met the women he befriended in bars and other venues, police said.

The Criminal Code specifies that anyone who is HIV-positive must apprise their sexual partners, and charges can be laid regardless of whether the infection is transmitted.

In 2014 he was ordered to be extradited by a Jamaican court, but a judicial review of the court ruling was sought, and the Judicial Review Court is shortly to hand down a ruling on the motion that he brought before it.

The motion involved asking the Judicial Review Court to quash the decision of the local court to order his extradition.

In the appeal filed on November 25 last year, Flowers argued that he should be released because Jamaica does not have a corresponding law for the offense for which he is being extradited. He also pointed out in the appeal that contracting HIV during consensual sex with a person who did not disclose his or her status does not constitute the offense of inflicting assault occasioning grievous bodily harm.

Flowers had also claimed in his appeal that if he was forced to disclose his HIV status to the women, his Constitutional right to privacy would have been breached.

justice-minister-delroy-chuck.jpgLawyers of George Flowers, a man who is wanted for sex crimes in Canada is suing the Jamaican Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck.

The matter set to be heard in the Supreme Court next week.

Flowers, a Jamaican-born Canadian fugitive who has filed contempt of court proceedings against Minister Chuck.

Don Foote, one of the attorneys representing Flowers, has claimed that Chuck breached the law when he signed an extradition warrant for Flowers last year while there was a challenge in court about the legality of his extradition.

Foote has accused the minister of breaching his client's constitutional rights.

Flowers, who is HIV-positive, is wanted by the Canadian government on a number of counts of sexual assault.

Reports are that he had unprotected sex with more than a dozen women whom he met at bars, without disclosing his HIV status. Four women, including his wife, have reportedly made complaints against him. Three of the women are now HIV positive and the women said if they knew he was HIV positive, they would not have been intimate with him.

Property tax hike 'devastating' says Wayne Chen