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Meet 11 year-old actor Miles Brown of Black-ish

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miles-brown-blackish-star.jpgMiles Brown is 11 years old, a young actor who landed his first big break on the ABC sitcom Black-ish as the character of Jack Johnson. He is also a hip-hop dancer, having been a semi-finalist on America's Got Talent.

Q: How did you get started in entertainment?
A: Well I was dancing before I was acting. Then a friend asked if I wanted to do an episode of this TV show, Yo Gabba Gabba!. So I did the show. I was on there dancing, and I technically didn't realize it but I was also acting on there as well. After that, slowly but surely over time it just converted to acting from dance and I love it. I do still love to dance, but I really love acting.

Q: Who did you watch growing up that made you want to dance and perform?
A: Definitely Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson made me want to be a dancer and even James Brown. As far as acting, Robert Downey Jr. has easily been my biggest acting inspiration.

Q: How did Blackish end up happening for you?
A: My first audition was the normal one where one of the producers interviews you in front of a camera. They must have liked me because they gave me a call back. The call back was the craziest audition that I ever did because all the cast was there. Everyone was there including the execuitive producer and creator, Kenya Barris. It was fun, but also nerve-wrecking, but they liked me. What's crazy is another show, one for Kevin Hart, wanted me at the same time as "that Anthony Anderson project", which is the non-title it had when I auditioned. So the shows had a small fight over me and how it was decided I'd do Blackish was both shows gave my mom and dad a script of the pilot to see which they liked better. My parents thought both were funny, but that Blackish was more family-orientated.

Q: Who is the biggest practical joker on the set of the show?
A: Me and Anthony, easily. We both like to pull pranks on everyone. I like to scare people. I'm always sneaking up behind people to catch them off-guard. Anthony likes to improv a lot. He's like the Improv King. He's really good at it and I don't know how he does it.

Q: Who is the most serious cast member that always brings you guys back to center to work?
A: It's usually Jennifer Lewis. She's like the set diva. Whenever she wants the set to be quiet she'll give the word and then *snap* it's quiet and we're ready to go. She will shhh you fast *laughs*

Q: How does your on-set tutoring work?
A: I still go to public school so my school teach usually sends my Blackish teacher all the work that I'm supposed to be doing then when I do it my Blackish teacher checks it and goes over with me so that when I'm not working and in regular school I don't fall behind.

Q: How is it being on a big television show and then going to school? Is it crazy for you at all?
A: Not really. Everyone at school treats me like I was never on TV so that's really cool. What is crazy is I go to a charter school, but there is also a middle school connected to it. So the middle school kids do go crazy over me sometimes when they see me because I don't go there. But everyone at MY school treats me the same.

Q: Can you tell me a little about your work with Sleep Number and the #CommitToSleep campaign?
A: Well it's a really great campaign all about helping kids to know how to get better sleep. I used to not get a lot of good sleep and it made things harder for me in the daytime. But now I get better sleep and it helps me so much. Like I have lots of energy in the daytime and everyone on set calls me "Party Time".

Q: What's something that you'd like to try or do outside of acting when you get older?
A: I wanna play in the NBA when I grow up. I started playing basketball even before I was dancing. For me in order it's basketball, then dancing, then acting. I've been playing ever since I can remember. I've always wanted to be in the NBA like my favorite player, LeBron.