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Rebel Salute's Herb Curb just got even better

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Rebel Salute has partnered with Epican Jamaica to bring the Herb Curb to life for its 2019 staging. The unique Herb Curb is an enclosed area within the music festival, through which organizers want to highlight the business of cannabis, not just its recreational properties.

The event became the first to be granted an exemption under the amendment to the Dangerous Drugs Act to allow the use and sale of small amounts of cannabis, more popularly known as marijuana. Marijuana is an integral part of Rastafarian culture and that culture is at the heart of Rebel Salute, so both are intricately intertwined.

Tony Rebel, Founder Rebel Salute, disclosed that the event is joining forces with Epican Jamaica to expand the event. "We are looking at a two-day herb conference on the Thursday and Friday before the festival starts and then a Symposium on Saturday. We really want to explore all the ways we can benefit from herb," said Tony Rebel.

The curb will display educational, medicinal, recreational and spiritual products and content that give more insight into the world of cannabis. Artisans, herb practitioners and educators will be on hand to explain the benefits, uses, applications and numerous byproducts on the cutting edge of organic medicinal exploration.

In addition, there will be a designated smoking lounge, complete with seating and video feed from the main stage.

Jermaine Bibbons Head of Marketing at Epican, says the company is excited about being a part of Rebel Salute.

Buju Banton launches foundation

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buju-banton-on-instagram-born-in-abject-poverty-i-know-what-it-is-for.jpgThis is what Buju wrote on social media as he recently launched his foundation:

"Born in abject poverty, I know what it is for a child to go without basic necessities. I also know what it is to be a youth with big dreams and lots of determination. Unfortunately, daunted and unable to achieve your destiny, due to lack of a helping hand. It is not an easy road, my children. However, Jah has blessed me. I have made it my mission through the Buju Banton Foundation, to help, by giving light to youth living in the darkness of poverty...Through provision of food, clothing, healthcare and education. Thus ensuring they too have equal opportunities to succeed.

Buju Banton on Instagram: "Born in abject poverty, I know what it is for a child to go without basic necessities. I also know what it is to be a youth with big dreams..."

For the second year running, the British Council is partnering with the music festival Rebel Salute with its live music skills training programme for young people -- Backstage to the Future: Caribbean.

This year, 12 trainees will be offered the opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge in stage management, lighting and sound, through on-site teaching of technical skills and hands-on shadowing, at Rebel Salute's annual live music event slated for January 18-19, at Grizzly's Plantation Cove in Priory, St Ann.

"We have expanded the scope of the programme this year, increasing the number of Jamaican participants to five. In addition to the Green Moon festival in San Andrés, Colombia, and Rebel Salute here in Jamaica, we've added the Havana World Music Festival in Cuba as a third event at which these young professionals will receive additional training. We also recognise the importance of contributing content and are supporting the participation of top international Reggae act, Dawn Penn, at the festival," shared British Council country director, Olayinka Jacobs-Bonnick.

"This partnership underscores the commitment of the British Council towards creating opportunities for cultural exchange that support social and economic development, through the arts and the creative economy, in Jamaica. Rebel Salute provides an excellent training ground for the future generation of festival professionals. We are very pleased to support the growth and development of youth in Jamaica and the Caribbean by contributing to the continuing professionalisation of the live-event sector, building bridges between Jamaican festival professionals, the UK and international markets, as well as creating jobs through self-employment." Jacobs-Bonnick outlined.

Backstage to the Future: Caribbean is a skills training programme for live music events that was launched in San Andrés, Colombia, in August 2017, during the 30th anniversary of the Green Moon Festival. The programme is designed to develop and nurture future live-event producers and technicians in San Andrés and Providencia (Colombia), Cuba, Jamaica and Venezuela, with a focus on building technical and soft skills. The British Council is the UK's international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities.

vershon-on-and-off-switch-on-instagram-2019-lets-make-it-a-year.jpgThis is Vershon's wish for 2019:


#2019 let's make it a year of peace love and unity

So I'm calling out @spiceofficial @dangelmusic @mslegendary @ms.kingdom @doveymagnum I love you all ❤️ but it's too early for the segregation 😕. January 1 I became 20nuff 🤫 and I realized that I'm not getting any younger if I'm suppose to die this very moment I wanna know I did the right thing! I don't want to have up any one in my heart regardless of who wanna have me up!

So I'm gonna start by saying

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO @mavadogully @thegreatjahmiel @manhimselff @popcaanmusic @aidonia4thgenna @masickamusic @govanagenna and all the others! let's make this a year of unity success and blessings 🙏🏼. #2019 ago be a great year in music mi can feel the energy because look @bujuofficial deh a road and ready fi creat history at the national stadium this march coming 🎹🎸🥁🎺🕺🏾. By now and summer @vybzkartel ago deh a road a free man in Jesus name!!!🙏🏼. Regardless of who have the big song who a run di place none a we nuh bigger than di Marley's!

All a di negativity weh we a gwan wid mi nuh see nuh body a collect nuh award for it 🤔. The only man mi see go di closest to a award a @chronixxmusic and mi nuh see him a war wid nuh body! lets make this year a year of unity!

@grunggaadzilla @kingbeenieman Supacat, Shabba Ranks, Dennis Brown, Garnet Silk, Ninja Man and all di other veterans work too hard to build this fi wi come mash it up 🤦🏼‍♂. So remember year of unity! 👈🏼

And fi all a who still nuh like mi after this memba (MI EARS HAVE AN #On & #Off Switch) and mi a build one fi mi eyes dem right as mi speak!!!!!!! So mi nuh hear unu! and mi definitely nuh see unu!!!! #NuhInaDiFuckryDahYearYah!

🦂Vershon🦂 On And Off Switch on Instagram: "#2019 let's make it a year of peace love and unity So I'm calling out @spiceofficial @dangelmusic @mslegendary @ms.kingdom @doveymagnum I..."

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#2019 let's make it a year of peace love and unity So I'm calling out @spiceofficial @dangelmusic @mslegendary @ms.kingdom @doveymagnum I love you all ❤️ but it's too early for the segregation 😕. January 1 I became 20nuff 🤫 and I realized that I'm not getting any younger if I'm suppose to die this very moment I wanna know I did the right thing! I don't want to have up any one in my heart regardless of who wanna have me up! So I'm gonna start by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR TO @mavadogully @thegreatjahmiel @manhimselff @popcaanmusic @aidonia4thgenna @masickamusic @govanagenna and all the others! let's make this a year of unity success and blessings 🙏🏼. #2019 ago be a great year in music mi can feel the energy because look @bujuofficial deh a road and ready fi creat history at the national stadium this march coming 🎹🎸🥁🎺🕺🏾. By now and summer @vybzkartel ago deh a road a free man in Jesus name!!!🙏🏼. Regardless of who have the big song who a run di place none a we nuh bigger than di Marley's! All a di negativity weh we a gwan wid mi nuh see nuh body a collect nuh award for it 🤔. The only man mi see go di closest to a award a @chronixxmusic and mi nuh see him a war wid nuh body! lets make this year a year of unity! @grunggaadzilla @kingbeenieman Supacat, Shabba Ranks, Dennis Brown, Garnet Silk, Ninja Man and all di other veterans work too hard to build this fi wi come mash it up 🤦🏼‍♂. So remember year of unity! 👈🏼 And fi all a who still nuh like mi after this memba (MI EARS HAVE AN #On & #Off Switch) and mi a build one fi mi eyes dem right as mi speak!!!!!!! So mi nuh hear unu! and mi definitely nuh see unu!!!! #NuhInaDiFuckryDahYearYah!

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danielle-di-on-instagram-if-a-man-want-it-him-affi-pay-dung-pon-it.jpgDanielle DI looking to great things in 2019, after sharing underwear clad pic of her Priceless part in November.

Danielle D.I. on Instagram: "🎶If a man want it him affi pay dung pon it 🎶🤑 #PricelessPumpum 💚hair by @kendradolls"

ishawna-on-instagram-da-pussy-yah-it-aguh-tun-mi-inna-billionaire.jpgAs other female artistes are busy feuding, Ishawna seems to have taken the high road..

"Just leave me alone for crying out loud😩😭 New year, new me bitches!!!" she posted to social media on Thursday.

A few days earlier, Ishawna had stripped down to a revealing swing-suit and made bold statements about her vagina turning her into a billionaire.

"Da p*$$y yah it aguh tun mi inna Billionaire, even if it aguh tek a Million Year..."

ISHAWNA on Instagram: "Da pussy yah it aguh tun mi inna Billionaire, even if it aguh tek a Million Year..."

ISHAWNA on Instagram: "Just leave me alone for crying out loud😩😭 New year, new me bitches!!!"

D'Angel releases new single, 'Nuh Trust Dem'

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michelle-downer-on-instagram-nuh-trust-dem.jpgThe former wife of Dancehall King, Beenie Man is on a roll. She has released two new singles in quick succession, seemingly inspired by the war with self-proclaimed Queen of Dancehall', Spice. The song iis entitled "Nuh Trust Dem.

Michelle Downer on Instagram: "Nuh Trust Dem!"

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Nuh Trust Dem!

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michelle-downer-on-instagram-world-premier-of-mind-yuh-business.jpgThe song is entitled "Min Yuh Business" and is produced by Irie FM disc jock, DJ Sunshine, who blasted a world premiere this week.

Clearly this is D'Angel's ansa to Spice as their feud heats up.

Michelle Downer on Instagram: "World Premier Of "Mind Yuh Business" @djsunshineja_yellowmoonrecords 💣💣💣💣"

vybz-promo-on-instagram-spiceofficial-granma-amari-a-talk-to-you.jpgSo this is really high drama. Amari, the former fiancee of Gully Bop, has weighed in on the feud between D'Angel and Spice. Amari, who is also an artiste, and also a producer, has made a video telling Spice to be careful and remember that Amari is a force to be reckoned with.

Watch carefully as you read these comments :

Vybz Promo on Instagram: "@spiceofficial Granma Amari a talk to you. 🤷🏽‍♂️🚶🏽‍♂️"



When u hear 1mill a gi weh.. all termite surface🤣🤣🤣🤣






Every gal want a piece a spice! Boom!


Amari moving!!! moving like a nuclear!!🔥🤣 but idk where


Stop yuh coming and come....look from when and yuh can't reach


Mi stress out🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Whoiiiiii a cah laugh 😂😂😂😂😂


Straight out the old age home


Come gwoop!


@skkanme thief in the night




Somebody caa box har dung 😒


is that a choker on her neck or its jus how her neck creases ? 🤔


Kmt damn mad woman @spiceofficial don't even look goodz kmt


Spice amari is coming.!!.. Wonder where she going.... Must to get those dentures fixed


@dellano007 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂




Mouth look soft 😂😂 go sit down lady


This woman must sick cuz idk y she always embarrassing herself like this




But who tf is she


A wah really cudda cause this tho??!! 🤣🤣🤣 @ayondaescollections


@skkanme some homeless chick from NY🤦‍♀️


babsy-grange-minister.jpgMinister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, Olivia "Babsy" Grange has expressed shock and sadness at the death of entertainment entrepreneur Walt Crooks who died on Friday at the age of 69.

The minister in a statement this afternoon recalled that: "Walt Crooks was part of a special team that believed that Montego Bay as a tourist destination should benefit from high class entertainment."

She noted that even while there were major annual events that took the spotlight, Crooks offered year-round entertainment at his club, Disco Inferno, and hosted almost all of the big names in Reggae music as well as foreign acts.

"Disco Inferno helped to set the standard for night time club entertainment and also did very well as a live music venue," Grange said.

"Walt was part of the team that started Reggae Sumfest and was very committed to its growth and development.

"I must pay tribute to him for his visionary approach to the music industry and his desire to see music evolve from just an art form into economic commodity that has benefitted so many people in Western Jamaica and beyond. He will be sorely missed," the minister continued.

bob-marley-large.jpgReggae legend Bob Marley and the Wailers are the only Jamaican artistes whose compilation made the cut for Billboard's top 200 albums for 2018. The album, Legend: The Best of Bob Marley and the Wailers, came in at number 78 on the charts.

Although the album dropped five places from the number 73 spot it occupied in 2017 end of year charts, the album remained the sole project from a Jamaican act to be included on the coveted chart. It is also the only compilation by a Jamaican act to be included in several other Billboard year-end charts. Legend: The Best of Bob Marley and the Wailers also makes the cut on the Top Catalogue Albums chart, (coming in at number six, down from its number five spot last year); the Top R&B/Hip Hop chart (placing number 46 out of 100, and moving up one spot from 47 last year) and the top R&B Albums chart (coming in at number nine up from the number 13).

The album was originally released on May 1,1984, and debuted on the Billboard 200 in August of that year at No 54. The album created history back in 2017, when it spent a landmark 500 non- consecutive weeks on the Billboard 200 chart. At that point, it was the album with the second most weeks on the list beaten only by Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon.

Except for three years between 1985 and 1988, the album was a regular feature on the chart

Bartlett praises the late Walt Crooks

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Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett has expressed sadness at the passing of Montego Bay entertainment entrepreneur, Walton "Walt" Crooks who died suddenly last Friday at the age of 69. No official cause of death has been announced.

Bartlett remembered Crooks for his bold undertaking in the establishment of the Disco Inferno club in Montego Bay. In the 1970s and 1980s, it was one of Jamaica's hippest venues, with several high-profile acts performing there.

"Walt Crooks stood out as a giant in the entertainment industry, going beyond the ordinary as he engaged top class international singers to perform at Disco Inferno," said Bartlett.

"Walt was very passionate about his venture and this led him to successfully bring the internationally recognised Hal Jackson's Talented Teens Pageant to Montego Bay, giving many young Jamaicans the opportunity to showcase their talents on stage and earning recognition," the minister continued.

Although Disco Inferno folded, Walt Crooks maintained his devotion to entertainment and tourism as a director of Summerfest Productions, working behind the scenes in the staging of the annual Reggae Sumfest, which launched in Montego Bay in 1993.

In his tribute, Bartlett expressed the view that Walt Crooks was truly ahead of his time and it is regretted that he was not able to fulfil the dream he had in expanding Disco Inferno into a world class entertainment complex.

Rihanna's Reggae album 'R9' on the horizon

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rihanna-photo-2.jpgRihanna's dancehall-inspired album is reportedly close to being released.

The 9th studio album will reportedly be titled R9.

Rihanna's vocal producer Kuk Harrell has teased fans that the album sounds "amazing."

R9 will be RiRi's follow up to her critically acclaimed album, ANTI.

Last month, the Grammy-winning mogul shared a silent video of herself dancing in the studio to her new music.

Grammy voting session to close soon

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grammy.jpgThe final round of voting in the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards will close in a few days time .

In the running for the Grammy for best Reggae Album are Etana, Protoge, Shaggy and Sting, Black Uhuru, and Ziggy Marley.

Etana created history being the fourth female to be nominated since 1997. Etana is nominated for the album Reggae Forever distributed by Tads Records. If she wins she will be the first female ever to cop a Grammy for Best Reggae Album.

Judy Mowatt scored the first nomination in 1986, Rita Marley in 1992 and Sister Carol in 1997. The were all nominated, but didn't win.

Meanwhile Protoje has secured his first Grammy nomination with A Matter Of Time!

Black Uhuru who won the first ever Reggae Grammy in 1985, is nominated for As The World Turns.

Shaggy and Sting who currently sit in the number one position on the Billboard Top Reggae Album Chart, is nominated for their collaborative album, 44/876.

And Ziggy Marley who holds the record for the most Best Reggae Album wins with a total of 7, is nominated for Rebellion Rises.

The 2019 Grammys will be held on February 10 in Los Angeles.

michelle-downer-on-instagram-dangel-clears-the-air-full-video.jpgFans of D'Angel are feeling her recent video in which she cuts and clear the air as it relates to insults hurled at her by Spice, who labelled the First Lady of Dancehall a hypocrite, among other things.

Spice, in a recent Live, told fans that D'Angel had "begged" her to do their collab hit song, "No Worries" and had called her everyday, before she finally decided to do it. "Memba say nutten did a gwaan fi Angel before me do the song with her her. And after me and she do the song, she don't call back mi phone," Spice bawled out.

D'Angel, in her video basically called Spice a liar as she explained how the song really came about.

Michelle Downer on Instagram: "D'Angel Clears The Air Full Video Link In Bio👆👆👆👆 #cutanclear"

buju-banton-on-instagram-do-you-know-what-this-means.jpgNo doubt about ti, Buju Banton ius HOT!!! And when he posts a picture of himself, the reaction is swift.

On Thursday he posted a pic to IG with the caption: bujuofficialDo you know what this means?

His adoring fans were only too willing to tell him:

Check out a few of the comments below

zosa_naturalCleansing and sanctification

mcraepinnockYou a get the mind ,soul and body right fi di road mi general. Dem can't hold the god bless yute. Uptop!!

sexygaljayCleansing the spirit

chillibibbiWashing off that American blight!

guntego_Gargamel in person calm am easy bless 🙏 up mi bruh inna real life wash all crossess, start fresh 🍃💦mi General hill 🗻 n valley.

llinks45Freedom to do whatever you want @bujuofficial more life Mi elder you are the real role model, you held the faith and it shows, much respect ✊🏿 🇯🇲🇯🇲

iammenot_herCleansing the mind body and soul..washing away all the evil.

Buju Banton on Instagram: "Do you know what this means?"

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Do you know what this means?

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Tickets selling fast for Buju's Barbados show

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buju-banton-photo-10.jpgTickets for the April 27, 2019 Buju Banton concert in Barbados, have been selling rapidly.

Show promoter Al Gilkes, Director of Fas7Star, made the revelation on Thursday.

While holding the details of the concert dubbed Long Walk to Freedom close to his chest, Gilkes told members of the media that the upcoming show slated for Kensington Oval has not only attracted local support but worldwide interest.

He said Barbados' tourism sector was in line for a major boost with a large number of fans from the region and beyond expected to attend the show.

Gilkes noted that despite the fact that Banton is expected to perform in Trinidad the week before, he believes Barbados will draw a huge crowd.

ishawna-on-instagram-about-to-go-stuff-my-face-merry-christmas.jpgAfter dissing the bandana costumes worn by Miss Lou as 'tablecloth' and declaring that she "doesn't dress in tablecloth like Miss Lou", Ishawna uploaded a pic of herself in a gingham tablecloth looking material dress that has fans trolling her.

Her is what they had to say:

islandgyal_krishDis look like something Ms. Lou woulda wear 🤣 @mslegendary

mz_independent_momoWait @mslegendary a table cloth setting u go 🤣🤣🤣😁 mi lub it.

"Mi like di miss lou look @mslegendary"

ISHAWNA on Instagram: "About to go stuff my face😝😋 #MerryChristmas"

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About to go stuff my face😝😋 #MerryChristmas

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Kabaka Pyramid live at Barbican Beach Friday

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kabaka-pyramid-photo-2.jpgBuild the right vibes for the new year with conscious vibrations on Friday, December 28! Join rising Ghetto Youths International artiste / Bebble Rock artiste Kabaka Pyramid live at Barbican Beach in Kingston as he performs from his 2018 album, Kontraband.

Produced by the celebrated Jamaican reggae icon, Damian "Junior Gong" Marley, the album also features Gong on the title song "Kontraband."

Kabaka's live performance will feature singers Jesse Royal, Kelissa and a special guest. Get your tickets now for just $1,500 or get them for $2,000 at the gate. Buy your presold tickets at Mega Mart in Kingston or Montego Bay, Loud Fashion, 876 Terrace Bar and Grill in Kingston, Genus Pharmacy in Portmore, Shipinville on Ward Avenue in Mandeville or Sharkies Seafood Restaurant in St. Ann.

Can't bother to brave the holiday traffic? Purchase your tickets online FirstInLineJA//KabakaPyramidLIVE The gates open at 7 pm. Showtime begins at 8 pm. The event is going to be lit!

But the weekend is not over! After soaking up the good vibes on Friday, head out to the Liguanea Club Golf Academy in New Kingston on Saturday, December 29 for Third World and Family's "Committed 45 Years" benefit concert in aid of the Lasco Releaf Environmental Awareness Program (REAP) and the Alligator Head Foundation.

third-world.jpgBusy working on their new album with Damian Marley, Third World has pulled together a medley of first-rate artistes in aid of charity. Gracing the stage will be Toots Hibbert, Luciano, Freddie McGregor, Tessanne Chin, Yellow Man, Queen Ifrica, Big Youth, Jah 9, Wayne Marshall, Sevana, Naomi Cowan, One Third, Billy Mystic, Stephen Newland, Nadine Sutherland, Tennshann Invasion and surprise guests.

The event is also commemorating 45 years in the industry from the group that brought us hits like "96 degrees in the Shade", "Now that We Found Love" and, of course, "Committed."

Tickets are $5,000 presold and $7,000 at the gate. Get yours at Fontana RX in Barbican, Rubis Halfway Tree Road and Liguanea, Lasco Money Papine and RedHills Road, Liguanea Club, Blow by Blow Loshushan, Cellaris Manor Park, Genus Pharmacy in Portmore and Total Dunrobin. Gates open at 6 pm and the show begins at 8 pm. At this event, everyone is a VIP.

"Committed 45" will be hosted by Nikki Z and Rodney Campbell and feature music by DJ Squeeze and Jason Panton.

Tommy Lee to sue government for $20-MILLION

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tommy-lee-sparta-photo-13.jpgTommy Lee Sparta's legal team is gearing up to sue the Government in the region of $20 million in order to recover money they said the entertainer lost as a result of him being arrested and charged with lottery scamming.

"It is our intention to file action against the Attorney General's Department with regard to numerous retainers given to him, which he had to return because when the police got information that he was billed for a particular show, his name had to be scratched," defence attorney Ernest Smith said.

Tommy Lee Sparta, whose given name is Leroy Russell, and his co-accused, O'Brian Smith, were found not guilty of lottery-scamming charges in the Home Circuit Court last Thursday. The men were charged in February 2014 on suspicion of breaches of the Law Reform (Fraudulent Transaction) (Special Provisions) Act. Trial judge Caroyln Tie upheld a no-case submission made by Smith, bringing an end to the four-and-a-half year ordea

"My daughters Nesta Clair and Marsha Smith, attorneys-at-law - are doing the necessary research to file such an action," said Ernest Smith, who last year indicated that the lawsuit would be in the region of $20 million.

"Tommy Lee has been prevented on several occasions by certain police officers from engaging in his profession of entertainment. He has had to be pulled from several shows because police officers have threatened the organisers and the promoters to cancel their licences if Tommy Lee is on the show," said Ernest Smith.

dj-khaled-maxim.jpgDancehall fans are squabbling over DJ Khaled apparently snubbing newcomer Rygin King.

The American DJ, producer uploaded a photo to his Instagram story last week with veteran Dancehall entertainer Bounty Killer, Usain Bolt, Sharon Burke, Richie D and Rygin King at Usain Bolt's Tracks and Records restaurant in Kingston.

Khaled immediately raised a few eyebrows when social media users sighted that everyone was tagged in the post expect the self-proclaimed "Trap King."

"Rygin King Neva get tag 😂😂😂 even di man over the right side get tag so how Rygin King salt suh 😂," one fan wrote. "Rygin King - "them say great man always a guh get a fight...BEG KHALED FI A ONE TAG AND HIM SAY ME HYPE.....1KING 1KING.....😭," another added.

Rygin king come in like di plate wid porridge 😢 nobody Nuh want him #YaadManTing 🤣🤣🤣."

However others came to the "Legacy" deejay's defence claiming Jamaicans failed to see the bigger picture, "Who cares about him not being tagged in a photo, the fact that he is in the photo is enough," one social media user wrote.

"Unu gwan stay deh and laugh at least the man a par wid Khaled that says a lot for a young artiste who just come inna the game."

aidonia4thgenna-on-instagram-out-now.jpgDancehall deejay Aidonia has released two new singles just in time for Christmas.

The songs Caught Up and Dom Perignon address two different topics.

Dom Perignon follows the hip-hop influenced singles released so far this year, where the deejay talks about his financial growth and finessing.

Caught Up is on the softer side and is specifically for the female audience.

Aidonia has been dominating the charts this year with the hit singles Yeah Yeah, VVS and Big Baller.

@aidonia4thgenna on Instagram: "OUT NOW!"

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dj-khaled-on-instagram-for-motivational-inspiration-alert-only.jpgDJ Khaled has a new toy. It is a bling-encrusted, wrist piece called Big Boy Anniversary Patek. And it also tells the time.

He had this to say: "For motivational inspiration alert 🚨 only ! This my b day / Holliday / new year gift 🎁 from my SON AND MY QUEEN AND MY SELF . VERY GRATEFUL!

I Call this "THE CHANDELIER" Big Boy Anniversary Patek @pristine_Jewelers .... Everyone FOLLOW the Best Jewler in the World @pristine_jewelers !!! 2019 shine bright like a diamond 💎

They don't want me to get a gift 🎁!!!!! SO MY FAMILY SAID HERES A GIFT ! You work hard ! 🙏🏽 FATHER OF ASAHD THE ALBUM #2019 !

DJ KHALED on Instagram: "For motivational inspiration alert 🚨 only ! This my b day / Holliday / new year gift 🎁 from my SON AND MY QUEEN AND MY SELF . VERY..."

Popcaan officially a OVO artiste

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876gud-on-instagram-killy-them-outside.jpgPopcaan. The 'Unruly Boss' is slated to officially become the newest member of Drake'e OVO entertainment camp in the new year.

Drake, who was making his performance debut in Jamaica, made the revelation during his set at the inaugural Unruly Fest in the wee hours of Sunday morning. The announcement was met with loud cheers, and thunderous applause from the massive crowd at Lyssons Beach in St Thomas. "This is something we've been working on for a very long time, and I just wanna let everyone know that finally, officially 2019, Popcaan a sign to OVO label," he said before sealing the deal with a hug with the 'Unruly One'.

Drake's label is a Toronto-based record label he founded with Oliver El-Khatib, and long-time producer Noah '40' Shebib in 2012. It operates as a subsidiary of, and is distributed through Warner Music Group's Warner Bros Records. The label has acts including Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Majid Jordan, OB O'Brien, Roy Woods, and dvsn, as well as in-house producers 40, Boi-1da, T-Minus, Mike Zombie, Nineteen85, and Future the Prince.

Drake and Popcaan have been close friends for years, with both often referring to each other as 'brothers'. The pair share numerous collaborations, and have always endorsed each other's work. The two shared the stage as Drake gave his first performance in Jamaica.

There was undoubtedly a camaraderie between both men, as they shared jokes and drinks backstage. The Canadian often copied Popcaan's slangs in his interaction with the crowd. His imitation of phrases like 'dem dead' and 'trouble deh deh,' were met with huge cheers of approval.

The multiple Grammy award-winning artiste heaped praises on Popcaan throughout the night as he urged the audience to continue supporting the deejay, who has helped to thrust the parish back into the spotlight with the staging of Unruly Fest. He explained that artistes who never forget their roots, deserve the love and support of their people.

During his brief set, Drake thrilled the audience with songs such as My Chargie and Controlla, both collaborations with Popcaan. He also gave the audience a taste of tracks such as In My Feelings and Fake Love.

876GUD on Instagram: "Killy them outside"

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Killy them outside

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buju-banton-photo-10.jpgThe Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual (LGBT) community in Barbados is clearly looking a major hype off Jamaican dancehall recording artist Buju Banton and some sections of the media in the island are clearly facilitating their nonsense.

Reports in Barbados Today state that the fame-hungry, attention-seeking homosexuals and queers want Buju Banton to publicly denounce one of his most popular songs ahead of a performance scheduled here next year.

Early Friday morning, music promoters Fas7Star Entertainment uploaded a poster with a picture of the artist, indicating he would headline an April 27 concert called Long Walk to Freedom at the 2019 Barbados Reggae Festiv

The news comes just two weeks after the artist - real name Mark Myrie - was released after serving 10 years in a US prison for a drug conviction.

His release has prompted celebration from many fans across the Caribbean, and mega successful producer DJ Khaled jetted into Jamaica last week specifically to meet with the Reggae legend.

While spokesperson for the local LGBT community, Ro-Ann Mohammed, welcomed the news that Buju would be headlining next year's reggae festival, she admitted that "there is some merit to how some people feel with regard to the rhetoric surrounding some of his early music, particularly the Boom Bye Bye song".

Fortunately, sensible people see this for what it is -- a savage case of bullying from a group of faggots who think that they are the only ones who have rights. How dare them! Fortunately again, this is the age of social media comments, and the responses from well-thinking persons have been swift and highly appropriate.

From as far back as 2006, Buju Banton met with the faggots and declared that he would no longer perform that song on stage. What more does the LGBTQWXYZ (have we missed out any of the letters?) want?

It's unfortunate that they are even being given the space via this medium to bring their idiocy to light. Actually, this call for Buju to denounce the song should have been locked in a closet where these intolerant, same-sex-loving, homosexuals who love to stab and kill each other in acts of passion, belong.

Whether they like it or not, "Boom Bye Bye" IS --- and forever will be-- an iconic Dancehall tune and will be an anthem for generations to come. BOOM BYE BYE.

When you all have the time, take a look at some of these comments:

DENOUNCE UNNUH MUMMA!!!..God created man & woman gayism fi stop! A it a mashup the world yuh see how much disease destruction & curse a come pon us unnuh nuh see the almost endless fire in California fi weeks & how much pple dying all over because pple are so confused these days God is so Upset with the nastiness sodomism..da lifestyle bring crosses pon di world!!!

Denounce mi bombo-pussy-claat... yow dem fish ya really a gwaan too bad now man. Unuh waan too bloodclaat much. It nuh bad enough unuh can suck out man tongue a road... now unuh waan people love unuh unwillingly. Leff di man song alone; a just a song. If it play round yuh den cut off unuh ears.

Unuh move from ya wid unuh dutty life bout unuh waa man fi succumb and big up unuh nastiness unuh set up the man ova the said song and him duh him time, unuh tink we Nuh know say unuh have a hand in him incarceration di amount a petition unuh file against him to unuh judge fren, him Nuh haffi sing da song deh when him a perform but me naw stop sing it, big up Buju caw dem can't keep a good man down a God you seh, weh dem nuh tear out the chapter dem wha denounce battyisim in the Bibles Eternal FYA fi di nastiness dem.

Unu move unu duttu BBC self and low the man ..u know how much violence Inna white people music anybody a call upon Eminem n Dem for stop sing fuxxry unu kiss BUJU raxxxxx ... Unu gay people always want shove. Unu lifestyle down people throat apologize for what.......some. Of them before Dem start have same sex relationship was singing the same damn song cause nobody nuh born gay , it's a lifestyle choice.

Y batty man dem always a gwaan like dem want to force ppl fi accept them? Unu cocky want cut off and burn kmft.

30 years ago a 15 yr old yute writes a song and those people want him to still deal with these people's insecurities? those people have enough money to go buy an island. just go away if you don't want to deal with people that don't believe what you bel...

This is the same fuckry dem people trying to pull on Comedian Kevin Hart inna farrin also. They gwaan like a lynch mob now.

Lovey Donna P you could type until your finger is tired battyman fi 💥💣if your daddy was a battyman you wouldnt be here typing shit .

Nikki Cutelips nope... he shouldn't denounce it. It's a part of his legacy. Why don't Barbados ban the song if it bother unuh so much.

Mike Sharp im gonaa give u a pass cause u looking so cute and all.

The matter has been dealt with already.How many times do they want their pound of flesh.Fall back let the Gargamel prosper.I am sure the strategy will be to ignore these parasites...

Vee Vee U nuh have nothing to denounce!!! Soon straight ppl will walk the streets because we have rights too. Soon hear unu want come in a ppl house come teach dem pickney fi pay gay. It seems like is only gay ppl live in this world.

Kim Slimmas Leave the man alone let him enjoy a bit of freedom him and is family please.

When did it became a crime to voice ones opinion. No LGBT cannot tell society what they should accept so Mr. Myrie keep doing your thing Boom Bye Bye indeed.

What a set of nastiness think them a human being, these clown really need to be purge out.

Wi need straight ppl ready fi protest ina real life not only social media.

Shan Slim Shanique Low the man ... weh yu a talk bout. If him no sing it again that's fair enough what u talking about publicly announce .... that was years ago.... A tell hunu fi tell gay and lesbian say dem fi stop the nastiness.

Dee Jay Creepa They need to let the artist breath before attacking him with bullshit... not even 3weeks good and wanna be demanding orders kmt.. so uneducated & dunce

British Unruly Everybody a try look a hype offa buju since him get release??? Every turn mi turn smaddi ave him name inna dem mouth like bubble gum This is ridiculous it's always something with these people. I don't know why they believe that when they voice how they feel it's ok. But when other people say how they feel it's an issue 🤷🏽‍♀️. Really 🙄. Why do you think you have the right to force ot...

Vee Vee This ppl love to be seen. Weh dem nuh guh weh and leave thr blasted man and him song. Damn demons! Seems there are very much against straight ppl and we nees to start demonstrating too cause we have rights.

The man went to jail for drugs.....not for singing that song leave him alone.

All battymsn fi get boom

Just like how you all have your lifestyle choice buju has his ...kmt why should he apologize ? Leave the man alone y'all act like the untouchables no one can state their mind in fear of being labeled gtfoh.

Go take several seats!!! And I'm trying to be nice!!!! Kmft

Monz Grinij To denounce this song is to denounce slavery and all other pages of the history book that we don't necessarily agree with...denounce why? The song will still be ingrained in our memories...Buju just come home and unnu wah torment the man soul Cha! LGBT kindly hold a space and leave wi man alone.

The message was already sent and received.

It was written in the Bible and him quote it as it was written.....

Go fight the Bible and ask it to apologize .

What is done, is done and can not be erased

No apologies.

Ching Ching Ellington They need to leave it in the past because it already took a total on him already, and they can't stop people from playing are listening to that song, because people still and will always remember that song and sing and play it, so for them to ask him that won't happen. So they need to get over it and move on, It's an new year for him let him live his life and stop bringing back up the past.

This man has a fantastic body of work and the focus is a song he did as a young man. Umh ok 🙄

Bumby fi all a dem an more

Athonykeepingthefaith Di man just fwd and the parasite dem start aready!! Kmft

Bum bye bye inna Batty bowy head straight naah stop seh suh..till we get rid a all uno nastiness..bullit.

Kmt..Unnu go move BBC, why should he denounce his song to please you gays. Start unnu boycott cause it wont happen this song is part of his legacy. Unnu go truck thru a window wid unnu insecuries.

Land FISH guh suck out unuh mumma

Fuck barbados

Unno start to ride him again, let the man breathe in peace man; Denounce what??


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dj-khaled-on-instagram-father-of-asahd-the-album-2019.jpgDJ Khaled's son reps Jamaica in jersey and shorts

DJ KHALED on Instagram: "FATHER OF ASAHD ! THE ALBUM #2019 !"

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DJ KHALED on Instagram: "Swipe for Vibes 👉🏽🇯🇲"

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Swipe for Vibes 👉🏽🇯🇲

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DJ KHALED on Instagram: "Yaad man breakfast 🇯🇲 Real yaad man Ting FATHER OF ASAHD"


DJ KHALED on Instagram: "WATA 💦 💧"

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WATA 💦 💧

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tommy-lee-photo-3.jpg"A di first mi cry from the case start, but it was tears of joy. A di best feeling inna the world right now. Give thanks for the judge and especially my lawyer Ernest Smith the baddest lawyer inna di world. Mr Ernie Smith, respect, and give thanks to the judge same way. From my family to everybody nuff respect," Tommy Lee Sparta is quoted as telling a reporter for Jamiacan tabloid, the Star.

The Dancehall entertainer cried in the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston on Thursday, minutes after Justice Carolyn Tie upheld a no-case submission made on Wednesday by his attorney Ernest Smith.

The deejay, whose given name is Leroy Russell, and three others were initially charged in February 2014 on suspicion of breaches of the Law Reform (Fraudulent Transaction) (Special Provisions) Act, 2013. However, no evidence was offered for two of the accused, who were later released.

Tommy Lee and co-accused O'Brian Smith were then left to prove their innocence.

Today, they are free men.

buju-banton-on-instagram-its-truly-been-a-long-walk-to-freedom.jpgThe organisers of the Buju and Friends concert say the tickets will be affordably priced so that a wide cross-section of fans will be able to enjoy the deejay's first homecoming performance.

On March 16, 2019, Gargamel Music and Boom Energy Drink, in collaboration with Solid Agency and Rockers Island Entertainment, will stage the first leg of the deejay's Long Walk To Freedom tour at the National Stadium in St Andrew.

According to the organisers, when the tickets go on sale on January 16, 2019 on the deejay's official website,, various price ranges will be assigned to the different sections of the stadium.

"What we will have is, for example, a bleachers presold early-bird special that can be bought for $4,000. There will be other tickets for the grandstand, general field, VIP and Ultra VIP sections for sale as well," said Sharon Burke of Solid Agency, one of the organisers of the event.

She added that the event's organisers have sought to provide the various sections and prices so that fans will be able to see Buju perform.

Since returning to the island earlier this month, the deejay has received tremendous support from the public, with hundreds of fans turning up at the airport and his studio to welcome him home.

Within 24 hours of his homecoming, Buju had 10 albums in the top 30 United States Reggae iTunes charts. He also held the number one spot on the Reggae Album iTunes chart in United States, United Kingdom, and various European countries.

The deejay's social media pages also reflect the support with his Instagram page quickly jumping to more than 500,000 followers.

Buju Banton on Instagram: "It's truly been a long walk to freedom...but I give thanks for the outpouring of love and support over the past 9 years ... I look forward..."

Butch Stewart promises to sell DJ Khaled a villa

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Rygin King to headline Christmas Extravaganza

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Dancehall sensation Rygin King will headline 18th GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza, injecting fresh energy into the annual event.

GT Taylor, founder and promoter of the event, revealed that as the demographics of patrons of entertainment events trends towards youth, he is re-jigging his event to create a party atmosphere for the annual show. He said that there will be fewer artistes onstage and more time allocated for patrons to listen to a string of reggae, dancehall, R&B and rap hits.

"The 18th staging of Jamaica's Ultimate Christmas Show GT Taylor's Christmas Extravaganza 2018 will feature Jamaica's top sounds and selectors, Chromatic Live, Bass Odyssey, Digital Chris, are going to make sure the event is lit. We are going to have a great party mix this Christmas, in addition to performances from established reggae acts," he said.

GT Taylor finessed the stage show formula to eliminate the long band changes, poor production values and overblown line ups that have plagued live shows over the years. This year, there will be more sound system play before the main dancehall acts touch the stage.

"We have been focussing on performance over the past few years -- quality not quantity, we are going to have a two hour slot in the morning before the main acts like Rygin King perform to close the show," said Taylor.

"We have cut the number of artistes down so that the patrons will get a longer performance from their favourite artistes. There will be no more than 25 acts on a show, these days are done."

Like most live shows in Jamaica, 'Extravaganza' has been known to roll into early morning with weary patrons leaving the venue before seeing the headline acts.

Taylor first staged Extravaganza in 2000 at Hendrix Wharf in Black River, St Elizabeth's chief town. What started as a dance transformed into a 'stage show' with reggae/dancehall's biggest names.

"Arrangements are in place to accommodate as many vehicles as possible inside the venue so that patrons can sit in their vehicles and watch the show. The hotels love this concept as we have created an area, with special security arrangements, where tourists can sit in a bus and enjoy the show," he said.

dj-khaled-on-instagram-bujuofficial-x-djkhaled-budafuco96-father.jpgIn one of his many, many posts on social media in the last few days, DJ Khaled posted a picture withhimself standing next to world's fastest man, Usain Bolt with the caption: "JAMAICA FATHER OF ASAHD IS HERE?" One social medis user Empress Maurica took exception and has a word of caution, even as Khaled fever is infecting some.

She says: ""@djkhaled who is ASAHD again for us to come and bow and recognize his father with that Baphomet on your chest? Are you telling us something here Khaled? Do you want us to come bow to the father of ASAHD? Why u calling Jamaica to look at this picture with you and one of our great man but ur letting it known with your horns in ur chest that FATHER OF ASAHD is here. 🤔🤔🤔 sounds sketchy to me. My Jamaican family may be sleeping but I'm not so I am going to speak for my people. We worship the Angels of our creator of this Earth hence why we are rooted and so spiritual and know a lie when we see it. Those who are blinded by vanity will see just the vanity, those who are rooted and grounded in Jah will know a lie. @usainbolt this caption sat well with you? Cause it doesn't with me and them horns on his chest telling us the truth but we're blind,and it doesn't sit well either. Khaled we love money but we love God more. @busysignal_turf @agentsasco

buju-banton-at-the-studio.jpgBuju Banton's first major performance will be held on March 16 at National Stadium in Kingston and tickets will go on sale as early as January 16 -- two months before the highly anticipated performance by the artiste who was recently released from a United States prison after serving a near 10-year sentence on drug-related charges.

Buju Banton posted on his social media pages giving notice of the upcoming show.

"It's truly been a long walk to freedom...but I give thanks for the outpouring of love and support over the past 9 years ... I look forward to seeing and thanking you all on the Long Walk to Freedom tour, beginning March 2019," said Buju Banton.

Has Vybz Kartel run out of bleaching products?

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vybz-kartel-photo-11-larger.jpgNew images of Vybz Kartel in prison that made the rounds on social media sent Gaza fans into a frenzy on Monday. A photo with his business partner, producer Linton "TJ" White and newcomer Sikka Rhymes surfaced on Instagram showing Kartel wearing his original black skin!!!!!

At first, some social media users chimed questioning the authenticity of the photos, while several trolls wrote that the "Fever" deejay had run out of his bleaching supplies.

However, Kartel later uploaded a picture of himself -- in all his blackness -- and many have since concluded that Black Kartel has returned.

"Wow wasn't expecting this. Love the blackness," one fan wrote. "The melanin has returned!!!," another added.

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#DarkAgain @tjrecords

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dj-khaled-on-instagram-working-on-father-of-asahd-bujuofficial-said-khaled.jpgSunday was Buju Banton's first day back in studio since his return to Jamaica a little over a week ago. Here is how DJ Khaled recalls the conversation:

@bujuofficial said, "Khaled today is my first day back in studio",


Fans, friends and family are convinced that a big chune is in the making and everybody is waiting patiently.

DJ KHALED on Instagram: "Working on FATHER OF ASAHD @bujuofficial said Khaled today is my first day back in studio , I SAID WHAT A SPECIAL DAY ! JAH WORKS! BLESS UP..."

dj-khaled-on-instagram-bujuofficial-x-djkhaled-budafuco96-father.jpgDJ Khaled took a trip to Jamaica via private jet to talk to the most important man in Dancehall/Reggae music right now, Buju Banton. Khaled kept his followers updated all through Sunday about his secret mission which turned out to be a visit to Buju Banton at his studio off Red Hills Road in St Andrew. By the time Khaled dropped the first pic of him and Buju together very late last night, they went viral, racking up over 100-thousand views and thousands of positive comments in a few hours.

DJ KHALED on Instagram: "@bujuofficial x @djkhaled @budafuco96 FATHER OF ASAHD 🙏🏽holding a firm mediation wit my great friend my brother BUJU 🙏🏽 @budafuco96..."

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@bujuofficial x @djkhaled @budafuco96 FATHER OF ASAHD 🙏🏽holding a firm mediation wit my great friend my brother BUJU 🙏🏽 @budafuco96 -------------------------------------- There was good & evil. we chose good why raise the time of the most high his sons of men The rich man's wealth is in the city. yeah Destruction of the poor is his poverty. Lord Destruction of your soul is vanity. yeah, ay, yeah Do you hear. I and I, I wanna rule my destiny. yeah I and I, I wanna rule my destiny. Destiny, mama look from when you call me Destiny, mama look from when you calling I wanna rule my destiny yeah, yeah oh help I please Jah Jah mek mi rule my destiny. I've been blessed I've been touch I love Jah so much They keep fighting me I'm not giving up May the realms of Zion fill my spiritual cup Wisdom overstanding must never be too much Give I protection Day and night From even the pestilence that war get a daylight Destiny, mama look from when you calling Destiny, mama look from when you calling I wanna rule my destiny yeah, yeah oh help I please Jah Jah mek mi rule my destiny. Cast away their cords from us, Lord. You have them in the region in the valley of decision Restraining the heathen with a rod of iron You know not the destiny of a next man Why hold him set him free for too long I, I wanna rule my destiny Oh yeah, I & I really wanna rule my destiny Hear me call call call Destiny, mama look from when you call me Destiny, mama look from when you calling I wanna rule my destiny oh yeah, help I please really wanna rule my destiny. My destination is homeward bound Though forces try to hold I down Breaking chains has become the norm I know I must get through no matter what a gwaan Destiny, mama look from when you calling Destiny, mama look from when you calling I wanna rule my destiny Lord, & I tell you once more The rich man's wealth is in the city. oh Destruction of the poor is our poverty. yeah Destruction of your soul is vanity. wooooy Do you hear, Do you hear Destiny, Destiny

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DJ KHALED on Instagram: "FATHER OF ASAHD X @bujuofficial 🇯🇲 @djkhaled @budafuco96 -------------------------------------- Only Rasta can liberate the people Over hills and valleys too..."

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FATHER OF ASAHD X @bujuofficial 🇯🇲 @djkhaled @budafuco96 -------------------------------------- Only Rasta can liberate the people Over hills and valleys too Don't let them fool you Don't believe for a minute that they are with you Jah free the people Over hills and valleys too Don't let them fool you Don't believe for a minute, they don't like you Why try to make I unhappy Really I don't know If it was up to them my friend We would never see the sun nor the snow Through that mystical communication within We keep on coming together I love to see brothers and sisters
Looking out for one another
That's the way it should be
Not contrary, stop tearing down each other Hard drugs won't do You're just behaving like they want you to Arrogance is much different from ignorance And I know you feel the same way too Many live this life without having a clue No reason why they are so sad and blue Places to go so much things to do Not a moment to reflect on the cycle of life It hard, it hard, it hard (yeah) Mek them know we waan go home a we yard It hard, it hard, it hard (let them know) Let them know we waan go home a we yard It hard, it hard, it hard (let them know) Let them know we waan go home a we yard It hard, it hard, it hard (oh god) We waan go home

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grace-hamilton-on-instagram-this-is-my-whole-mood-repost-chrissydhk.jpgVybz Kartel, Foota Hype and a slew of Spice's followers are disappointed in her after she re-posted a video of well-known gay dancer Chrissy, gyrating to one her songs. Spice is accused of selling out the culture for "likes". Kartel, who is always defending Spice and has acknowledged her as the official Queen of the Dancehall, simply wrote "Smh" (Shake my head) in the comment section.

Then, in order to drive home his point even further, Kartel's biography on IG was then updated to state clearly: "Nah sell out mi culture fi views or hype." "...everyman grab a gyal," Kartel added, referring his smash hit 2009 collaboration "Romping Shop" with Spice.

Not surprisingly, controversial Dancehall selector Foota Hype, aka Spoonhead, also chastised Spice: "Seriously Spice a disrespect thing this eno member how wi culture set up [it] have some limits," he wrote.

Her followers were also very clear about their intense dislike of the homosexual man's shenanigans and the fact that Spice thought it appropriate to re-post it. Several persons said they wished they could unsee the video because it was so disgusting, while others took time to educate Spice on the culture as it relates to gayness.

Grace Hamilton on Instagram: "THIS IS MY WHOLE MOOD #Repost @chrissydhk • • • • • Cool It 🎅🏻 With Piece Of Ice For Di Winter @spiceofficial X @dancingrebel_official X..."

nikki-chrome-body-chromazz-on-instagram-hey-yuh-affi-tek-bad-thing.jpgDancehall 'It Girl' Nikki Chromaz is asking her followers to pray for her after reportedly receiving death threats following the crash of Birthday Club ponzi scheme, Loom.

The "Chrome White" owner took to Instagram over the weekend claiming that she has been receiving death threats after owing JMD $6.7 million following the crash of loom.

On Sunday, she uploaded a screenshot to her Instagram story sharing one of the threats, asking her over 400,000 followers to keep her in their prayers. But shortly after, she took to social media to share a video clip of a humorous Loom scenario, with the caption "Yuh affi tek bad things mek joke".

Nikki Chrome Body Chromazz😍😋 on Instagram: "Hey yuh affi tek bad things mek joke enu😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂 this kill me🤣😭 a really so me did behave enu 😭😭"

Meanwhile, Nikki is promoting her cake sale and other business enterprises. Hopefully the prayers work and the people who are owed will get their refund because the comments on social media are savage. It's Christmas and people want their money, even if they get back the sum they invested without the interest, they will be fine.

Nikki Chrome Body Chromazz😍😋 on Instagram: "Unu ready??🙌🙌🙌 15% off all chromewhite once u purchase a ticket🙌🙌🙌 cant miss this"

Bermuda gov't fighting same sex marriage

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us-supreme-court-upholds-same-sex-marriage-nationwide.jpgThe Bermuda government has launched a last-ditch legal attempt to restore a ban on same-sex marriage in the country, even though it has already lost three times in court on the issue.

Notice has been given to the Court of Appeal to ask permission to take the case to the London-based Privy Council.

The Progressive Labour Party (PLP) government said that the matter is important to the population and involves complex legal points that should be heard by the highest court of appeal for Bermuda.

Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban said, "Constitutional issues are important issues, and this government wants to get it right."

The decision to try to take the case to the Privy Council came after a ruling by the Court of Appeal made same-sex marriage legal again last month.

The application was made just before a 21-day deadline was reached.

The Court of Appeal last month dismissed the government's claim that former Chief Justice Ian Kawaley was wrong to strike down parts of the Domestic Partnership Act (DPA), which was passed to replace same-sex marriage with a civil-partnership arrangement.

A packed courtroom erupted in cheers as Sir Scott Baker, president of the Court of Appeal, announced the decision.

The Court of Appeal also has the role of deciding if permission is given for a plaintiff to go to the Privy Council.

The Privy Council then considers if an appeal has merit and if it will hear the case or not.

donald-trump-photo-5.jpgGoogle Chief Executive Sundar Pichai has explained why searching the word "idiot" on the global search engine shows images of US President Donald Trump. Pichai appeared before a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday to explain the scenario by California Representative Zoe Lofgren.

"Right now, if you Google the word 'idiot' under images, a picture of Donald Trump comes up. I just did that," she notes. "How would that happen?"

In response, the Google CEO said the company doesn't "manually intervene" in search results and that search results are based on crawling the content of web pages.

"We provide search today for any time you type in a keyword. We, as Google, have gone out and crawled and stored copies of billions of their pages in our index, and we take the keyword and match it against the pages and rank them based on over 200 signals," Pichai said.

"Things like relevance, freshness, popularity, how other people are using it. And based on that, you know, at any given time, we try to find the best results for that query," he adds.

The house team convened the hearing to discuss whether Google's search results are politically biased.

2019 the Year of Festivals in the Caribbean

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The Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) has declared 2019 the Year of Festivals in the Caribbean.

According to the CTO, the region will celebrate the unique rhythm and tempo of each CTO destination throughout 2019.

"The Year of Festivals will focus on the fascinating events that have become an integral part of the Caribbean tourism calendar. Festivals help to energize communities across the region, while giving visitors more reasons to enjoy our destinations," said Hugh Riley, Secretary General of CTO.

"The Year of Festivals will highlight music, art, sailing, lights, food, rum, religious, literary and dance festivals celebrated throughout the region. It's a theme which can easily be embraced by all CTO member destinations," Riley noted.

"In addition to providing an opportune time for vacationers to visit, these celebrations also emphasise the unique characteristics that define the many diverse backgrounds and traditions which comprise the Caribbean's cultural tapestry," added Riley.

The 2019 Caribbean Year of Festivals will be promoted through social media and traditional media channels and will create opportunities for travellers and vacation planners to share their experiences.

"While each destination is unique and inviting in its own right, the common denominator for all Caribbean societies is a yearning to celebrate life, and each Caribbean country provides a beat that can't be replicated elsewhere," said Riley.

"The Year of Festivals will highlight music, art, sailing, lights, food, rum, religious, literary and dance festivals celebrated throughout the region. It's a theme which can easily be embraced by all CTO member destinations," Riley noted.

Throughout 2019, the CTO said it will also assist member countries with an assortment of promotional concepts and opportunities which can be implemented around the theme of festivals to appeal to consumers, travel professionals and creators of unique vacation experiences.

Picture of Buju at studio keeps them talkin'

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buju-banton-at-the-studio.jpgThis picture of Buju Banton at the studio since his return to Jamaica on Friday has many wondering whether the Gargamel is prepping new music.

Whatever it is a good look and feel.

Welcome Home again Mr Myrie.

babsy-grange-minister.jpgKINGSTON, Jamaica -- Minister of Culture, Entertainment and Sport, Olivia Grange, has congratulated Kadijah Robinson, Jamaica's representative to the Miss World pageant, for her stellar showing as she finished in the top five of the competition held in Sanya, China.

Grange in a release from her ministry this afternoon said "It was an amazing feat securing a top five finish and gaining the Miss World Caribbean title, while being a wonderful exponent of our culture".

She noted that Robinson had the entire Asian continent doing Ding Dong popular dances to an authentic dancehall beat, which she said was "simply amazing".

"Robinson's emphatic top five finish and the dance video have ignited widespread praise from Jamaicans across the Diaspora who have commended the daughter of Black River, St Elizabeth on her performance."

Grange added that Robinson has contributed to the brand of Jamaican excellence that has dominated the world. "Kadijah is a true ambassador of our rich cultural heritage on the international stage," the minister added.

Vanessa Ponce de Leon from Mexico was declared the winner, becoming the first Mexican queen to win the coveted title.

A BUJU A DAY... Wanna Be Loved

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No visa woes for Dalton; Daily Mail story WRONG!

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dalton-harris-on-instagram-i-want-to-say-a-big-thank-you-to-all-of-you.jpgX Factor winner Dalton Harris, is not affected by any visa issues at this time, and as a matter of fact, the current visa which allowed him to participate in the competition, is valid until January 2019.

Dalton's manager, Donovan Germain has explained that a story carried by UK Tabloid Daily Mail has misinterpreted the situation. The story, which was published on Wednesday, says Dalton will be forced to leave the UK days after winning the X Factor crown because his visa is about to expire.

Daily Mail had reported that Dalton is being "forced to leave the UK just days after his show triumph as his visa is set to expire." It also revealed that the news has put his single promotion and his place on the X Factor live tour in jeopardy. The article also said that negotiations are now underway to get Dalton to stay in the country.

Germain revealed that Dalton had received documents allowing him to remain in the country for the duration of the competition and explained that now the contest has ended, he has to follow the protocols he agreed to by returning to Jamaica and applying for a different type of visa -- a work permit.

Since Dalton will be working by participating in the X Factor tour and is scheduled to conduct interviews with the media, the 24-year-old Jamaican will now need to apply for a UK work permit.

A work permit is an official document giving a foreigner permission to take up a job in another country.

"Dalton is not having visa issues. If he's going to go on the X Factor tour and so on, he's going to have come back to Jamaica to get the work permit. That's the standard procedure," he said. "I don't know the type of visa he had, but it gave him the opportunity to go and do the show and that visa doesn't expire until in January in any case. He's not being kicked out of nowhere. He's just following protocol. That's all it is."

Reggae Sumfest, Caribbean Airline ink deal

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carribean-airlines-photo-1.jpgChairman of Downsound Entertainment and Reggae Sumfest Joe Bogdanovich has signed a deal with Caribbean Airlines, naming the airline the new presenting sponsor for Reggae Sumfest 2019.

"We are very excited about this partnership," said Bogdanovich.

"Reggae Sumfest, as a leading Jamaican brand, is proud to form this alliance with Caribbean Airlines which is not only the leading regional airline, but also partly Jamaican owned. It is fitting that we combine our strengths and resources to bring more success to the tourism industry and at the same time create first-class entertainment experiences for our shared customers. This deal is the beginning of what will be a substantial and significant relationship," added Bogdanovich.

Garvin Medera, CEO of Caribbean Airlines, made the announcement during his presentation at a reception hosted by the airline at the Spanish Court Worthington last week.

Zachary Harding, Jamaica's representative on the board of Caribbean Airlines, expressed his satisfaction and pleasure regarding the deal which he saw as strengthening the commitment and bond that Caribbean Airlines is forging with Jamaica.

The 2019 relationship between Caribbean Airlines and Reggae Sumfest is expected to be the start of a long-term association with the festival, beginning with at least two years.

"We believe that Downsound Entertainment has what it takes to support Caribbean Airlines in its continued thrust to engage with the Jamaican public and so we look forward to a true partnership even outside of Reggae Sumfest," said Bogdanovich.

Reggae Sumfest 2019, presented by Caribbean Airlines, will take place from July 14 to 20 at Catherine Hall, Montego Bay, St James.

The festival will bring one full week of events including, Inspire Awards, beach party, street dance, white party, The Blitz, Sound Clash, Sumfest Symposium, and climaxing with two festival nights.

dalton-harris-on-instagram-i-want-to-say-a-big-thank-you-to-all-of-you.jpgX Factor winner Dalton Harris has revealed he will be forced to leave the UK just days after his show triumph as his visa is set to expire.

Speaking to The Sun, the 24-year-old The Power of Love singer, who won the competition on Sunday, said his visa only allowed him to stay in the UK for the duration of the show.

He said: 'I need to get a new visa. I will have to leave the UK for a bit as you're not allowed to just stay forever.

Show bosses are now said to be negotiating for him to stay in the country, with the latest news putting single promotion and his place on the X Factor live tour in jeopardy.

Earlier this week Dalton insisted he doesn't just want to be known as 'The X Factor guy' after being crowned the winner of this year's series.

The singer beat out fellow finalists Scarlett Lee, 21, and Anthony Russell, 28, for the crown in a nail-biting final.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Dalton told how he doesn't think winning the show guarantees anyone anything, after some finalists have found greater success than some of the winners.

mr-vegas-photo-12.jpgA music-video director, who had borrowed a drone from Mr Vegas but claimed it was lost at sea, is scheduled to return to the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court in Half-Way-Tree on December 21 to make a partial payment of US$600 to the entertainer.

Wayne South, 44, had his bail of larceny by trick extended by Parish Judge Vaughn Smith last Friday.

According to Mr Vcgas, whose given name is Clifford Smith, he had lent the drone to South to use on a music-video shoot on July 7. After the shoot ended, Mr Vegas said he left the director using the equipment and went to the studio. However, later when he contacted South, he was given the runaround. South later disclosed that the drone had crashed into the sea and was lost. The director said the remote was handed over to one of his friends.

Mr Vegas said South had agreed to repay him for the drone and return the video's final cut, but defaulted on his promises.

South told the judge he needed time to repay the artiste, as he was going through a rough patch but had some jobs lined up. South also accused Mr Vegas for going online and making derogatory statements about him.

Mr Vegas gave the total cost of the drone as US1,650.

dalton-harris-on-instagram-i-have-been-trying-to-find-words-to-describe.jpgIt's nothing but love from Dalton to his fans who helped him to secure enough votes to triumph in the UK tlent contest, The X Factor.

Dalton on Sunday won the coveted prize over the other two other competitors in the final, the UK's Scarlett Lee and Anthony Russell. The winner of The X Factor is awarded a £1 million recording contract with Syco Music, in association with Sony Music.

The deal consists of a £150,000 cash advance with the balance covering the costs of recording and marketing. Dalton Harris is second Jamaican to win an international talent competition after Tessanne Chin. She won the American competition The Voice in 2013.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness was among those who immediately commended the Jamaican singer, doing so via Twitter:

"Congratulations to our Dalton Harris @harrisdalton! Winner of the X-Factor. The entire Jamaica is proud of you. Your phenomenal talent is now unleashed on the world."

Harris, winner of Television Jamaica's Digicel Rising Stars in 2010, was a firm favourite to win the X-Factor competition.

Dalton Harris on Instagram: "I have been trying to find words to describe my emotions and gratitude and thankfulness but none of them are enough. To say THANK YOU..."

dalton-harris-on-instagram-i-will-not-respond-with-anger-or-frustration.jpgThe district of Sanguinetti in Clarrendon is in the spotlight thanks to an ongoing feud of sorts between X Factor finalist Dalton Harris and his mother Sylvia Campbell. Both the Star's Daraine Luton and Loop's Claude Mills travelled down there this week to interview Dalton's mother.

Quite frankly Mills' article was a turn-off with its introduction being patronising at best, or downright peurile, at worst.

"When one meets 52-year-old Sylvia Campbell, the mother of 24-year-old X Factor finalist Dalton Harris, one is immediately struck at how assured and good looking she is for her age. One can readily see that she was a heart-breaker in her more youthful days, and still is potentially today." Seriously? What the hell!!!! He's writing as if the woman is 92, instead of 52.

Anyway, that aside, he managed to write about her sorrow at Dalton's stories of abuse and Sylvia even totally dismissed rumours of her son being gay.

The story in the Star, however, had more substance:

"If nobody did tell me seh Javon (the name she calls Dalton) woulda do me this, me woulda fight dem. Mi think Javon woulda run to me rescue. Me never think Javon woulda disgrace me, but it all right," she moaned.

"It feel bad fi know the same person when yuh a shout fah, him a bash yuh. It hard," added Sylvia.

She told THE WEEKEND STAR that persons have called her names such as 'dutty b**ch' and 'miserable madwoman' as a result of Dalton's claims that he was severely ill-treated as a child.

Chyrell Freeman, Sylvia's friend, said the X Factor singer's mother has been depressed all week. She had read in the media about alleged abuse that her son experienced as a child, and was crestfallen. Sylvia was drinking tea made from turmeric when THE WEEKEND STAR visited the two-room rented house, which she occupies along with her two youngest children.

The tea, Sylvia said, is to help control her blood pressure, which she said has shot through the roof.

Dalton, 24, is tipped to win this year's X Factor UK, but instead of anxiously awaiting his crowning moment, Sylvia is a wreck.

Dalton recently told the UK Mirror newspaper that he was abused as a child.

"There are more on my chest, arm, shoulder, back, thighs, legs and feet. I was punched so hard by a guy dating my mum, I crashed through a window."

"I was told that I should walk into the road and kill myself," said Dalton.

Sylvia insists that her son has been speaking half truths and may have decided to employ them as a means of deflecting attention from the homophobic fury which came after a photo of him sitting in a fellow contestant's lap went viral.

"Him a nuh gay nor nutten," she said, while insisting that the comments are part of a public relations ploy being employed by Dalton.

Still, she loves her son to death, she says.

"My son was my everything and still is. The way me hurt last week, me nuh watch the competition. Me proud a me son because each time me a seh: 'God, look which part me a come from with Dalton and look weh him reach.' But me cut up over the things weh him a talk seh," she said.

With tears streaming down her face and her voice cracking, Sylvia wailed: "Javon, bring disgrace pon me, oh God!"

"After how him daddy treat me and mi siddung wid dem same way. Only time me left dem a when me go work."

Dalton is set to receive one million pounds the equuivalent of one hundred and seventy-two million Jamaican dollars if he wins the X Factor competition this weekend.

Kim Nain - "Deal Wid It" Album

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deal-wid-it-facebook-cover-image.jpgAlbum Release Date: November 23, 2018


Kim Nain is poised to release her debut album "Deal Wid It" on November 23, 2018, which is expected to be received well by listeners. As an artiste that has been in the industry for a number of years, this project is a large milestone as she now has a great amount of support through Shelly-Ann Curran from John John Music Group, who manages her, and Dale Virgo from DZL Records. The music style crosses over to several different feels and moods going from reggae to dancehall to a fusion of hip-hop, R&B and trap. She carries us through various storylines and stimulates feelings of nostalgia, longing and just an overall feel-good vibe. Listeners locally and across the waters will be able to easily relate to the music and will be pleasantly surprised with the delivery of content.


Kim Nain a true hard working musician, singer and songwriter is starting to take strides in the music business with her new sound and style. Born a Taurean, Kim Nain has accomplished much by completing a Diploma in Education and a Bachelor of Laws Degree whilst pursuing her true passion, music.

Ever since her first musical note, Kim Nain is accustomed to being the center of attention on every stage since her high school years at St. Jago High which became her first training ground for both music and the performing arts. It was during this period Kim developed her free-spirited, spontaneous, well-informed and down to earth persona.

Kim began recording professionally shortly after graduating from high school and immediately fell in love with the art of crafting music. Though her difficulties of balancing her studies and jump-starting her music career, Kim Nain was determined to prove her potential and continued to do what she could to pursue and advance her passion by doing local shows and concerts, singing and writing jingles for advertisement as well as releasing a few singles for select local Jamaican record labels. Her new-found music career became her focus and priority.

"To me, music is my way out for almost every situation. When I'm up, when I'm down, I find myself just wanting to write a new song or just sing myself to wonderland. I'm not sure what my sanity would have been like without it. It's how I communicate with the world and myself. I want to bring to the world a piece of me to keep, to have and to hold even when I'm gone and I see no other way to do this but through my music. Life isn't something you just go through, you have to live it and in order to do that we have to break away from the confines of what is expected of us by society and do what it is that we truly love or believe."

- Kim Nain

The young singer/songwriter, is well poised to explode locally and overseas as she continues to impress audiences, label representatives & concert promoters from the United States, Europe and Africa. Kim also performed alongside Omi, the billboard topping artiste with the hit single "Cheerleader" in Europe, on the "Summer 2015" tour. Kim Nain is now becoming one of the most sought after live act after just a few performances and has been in studios working on major projects with a few producers, California-based EDM group Bad Royale from Mad Decent, Alex Antaeus and Jamaican-based producers DizTroy (Dale "Dizzle" Virgo and Troy Baker) .

Kim is currently promoting her single, "Deal Wid It" featuring Destiny Sparta , produced by Dale Virgo and Troy Baker.



01. Hold On Me
02. Marijuana
03. Deal Wid It ft. Destiny Sparta
04. Roll Up ft. Agent Sasco
05. Need Me ft. Naomi Cowan
06. Needed Your Love ft. Versi
07. Baby
08. Driveway
09. Walk Away
10. Love You My Way ft. Bugle
11.Tempted ft. Devin Di Dakta


This album is a compilation of the different sides of Kim Nain. She is every kind of woman who has had various experiences and is capable of expressing it through various moods - various sounds, fusions. DEAL WID IT says to the listener, here I am, this is all me - unraveling this microphone cord before you, so Deal Wid it.

Liner Notes

Description of all songs

Hold On Me

"This song is about looking beyond the surface. Despite judgment and exterior characteristic assumptions made about a lover, this song looks deeper at the man's persona and the lust, drive, temptation and her need for more experienced from just being with him" The sound of this song is trap meets afrobeat and is a real fusioned banger which mixes the genres.


"This song seeks to show the break-out energy of a woman who was always thought to be conservative. All introverted ways have been pushed to the side and now ready for something different and wild. Let's let loose tonight" Kim rides this old school reggae beat with fluidity and style.

Deal Wid It

"Whoever said a woman can't boss it up? Deal Wid It is provocative and fishes out the 'temptress-ness' of a woman's sexuality, be it born from love, lust or just being whipped." This song is on a trap beat with a trippy vibe encapsulating Kim and Destiny's hardcore caribbean style rapping. This song has a fierce vibe and make you want to headbop and dance. The song breaks out into an emotional R&B break which give the song a totally fresh and new sound/vibe.

Roll Up

"Temptation can come in all shapes and forms and can happen in any place at any time. When you have all that she's been looking for, she may just want to roll up on you any place, at any time. This song perfectly describes the feeling." The sound of this song is a mixture of trap and reggae.

Needed Your Love

"Sometimes in relationships we make rash decisions and hurt the people we love the most. After the damage has been done, we might just feel regretful and want to fix things - I needed your love." The sound of this song is a fusion of EDM and Dancehall.


"You're in deep with this man, there's not one second you want to be away from him - even if he's just at work. This song can tell him just how you feel, he better come home fast because you're cooking up a surprise for him - it's your time to boss him up" The sound of this song is reggae meets europop.

Need Me

"Us women sometimes have difficulty getting our men to show a little emotion; it doesn't take away from your masculinity, so why are you acting so tough when your boys are around? We both know who's ready to cuddle up when its just you and I; I know that you need me. The sound of this song is Reggae meets Rock.

Love You My Way

"The freedom to love is one of the greatest gifts we have. Loving someone in all different kinds of ways - by speech, by thought and by action. This song will tell him or her exactly why you want to love him or her your way". This song has a fusion of reggae and afrobeat.


"Gather around let me tell you a story about what just happened. Driveway, is a storytelling song about a little domestic disturbance in the neighborhood - a little he said and she said - he just got kicked out of the house because.." The sound of this song is a fusion of RNB and reggae.


"There's always that one person that you feel about so deeply and so strongly that you can't even see the truth of their ugliness towards you. The world has tried to tell you but you kept latching on, now, he's gone and you're all alone left to pick up the pieces - questions are left unanswered" The sound of this song is trap mixed with soul.


"Why are you always checking me about who I'm talking to and who I'm with all the time when you're coming home at this hour with no explanation? This song is going to get you tempted to do and say things you've never thought you would." This song is a fusion of dancehall, and afrobeat.





DEAL WID IT - Official video (To be released November/December)




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Bad Royale Teams Up With Jamaican Star Kim Nain On Hot New Single - September 6, 2016

Social Development Commission) presents KSA Bizfair & Races on Land and Sea at the Water Front (Downtown Kingston) on Sunday, December 2nd from 10 AM to 8 PM. This is a free event that will showcase cycling, hand cart races, classic car parade and boat races.

There will be live performances from several artists, most notably among them is Richie Spice. Additional music will be provided by High Tension Sound System. The organizers are encouraging everyone to come out as there will be lots of prizes and surprises.

portia-simpson-miller-jis-official-photo.jpgLennie Little-White recently began production of a documentary about the nation's first female prime minister - Portia Simpson Miller.

He said that they are working to have the film ready to premiere in Black History Month (February) 2019.

"The documentary touches on different people whom she has had an impact on. It's about her role and legacy, and her own perspective on what has made her the person she is how she managed to beat the boys," Little-White said.

By his observation, local broadcasters revisit the same documentaries each year and he hopes this addition will add some variety to the line-up. "They always show documentaries of Rex Nettleford or Barry Watson, films about Jamaicans at home. I figure this film will draw attention, not just to the screens but to the lady herself. It's just symbolic," Little-White added.

The director intends for the documentary to serve as a reflection of Simpson Miller's life, in her words and the words of others. Among the featured personalities are former Prime Minister P.J. Patterson, Damion Crawford, Sir Hilary Beckles, and the Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Mottley. "Her (Mottley) part is going to touch people's hearts. She brings the Caribbean perspective," the director prophesied.

For this new project, Little-White is trying out a new technique. "It's going to be little more than just talking heads. One thing we've never done before the film is going to speak through music. We're going to use the lyrics of several songs to help tell her story," he explained.

Among the contributing musicians are Shaggy, Tarrus Riley, Pam Hall, Peter Lloyd, Richie Stephens and Jimmy Cliff. He added, "Some will physically appear, others, you will just hear the music. It's still a documentary, but music will play a major role."

Shooting for the upcoming documentary will continue into mid-December.

Mumzell is now a deejay; releases single and video

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mumzell-good-mi-good-official-video.jpgPopular dancehall personality, Mummzell, now has the spotlight shining on her career as a deejay.

Much to everyone's suprise, Mumzell has released a song and a video, enttitled "Good Mi Good" and she is getting rave reviews.

Check it out below:

Mumzell - Good Mi Good (Official Video)

reggae.jpgReggae music has won a spot on the United Nations' list of global cultural treasures.

UNESCO, the world body's cultural and scientific agency, on Thursday added the genre that originated in Jamaica to its collection of "intangible cultural heritage" deemed worthy of protection and promotion.

Reggae music's "contribution to international discourse on issues of injustice, resistance, love and humanity underscores the dynamics of the element as being at once cerebral, socio-political, sensual and spiritual," UNESCO said."While in its embryonic state Reggae music was the voice of the marginalised, the music is now played and embraced by a wide cross-section of society, including various genders, ethnic and religious groups," the UNESCO statement noted.

The musical style joined a list of cultural traditions that includes the horsemanship of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, a Mongolian camel-coaxing ritual and Czech puppetry, as well as more than 300 other traditional practices spanning from boat-building and pilgrimages to cooking and dance.

Jamaica applied for reggae's inclusion on the list this year at a meeting of the UN agency on the island of Mauritius, where 40 proposals were under consideration.

Reggae was competing for inclusion alongside Bahamian strawcraft, South Korean wrestling, Irish hurling and perfume making in the southern French city of Grasse.

"Reggae is uniquely Jamaican," said Culture Minister Olivia Grange before the vote.

"It is a music that we have created that has penetrated all corners of the world.

Fans upset as Chris Brown 'likes' Rihanna's racy pic

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Many of Rihanna's fans will neither forgive nor forget Chris Brown, as evidenced on Instagram recently.

The 30-year-old singer and fashion and beauty mogul posted on her Instagram page on Saturday night a photo of herself posing topless on a bed in red Savage x Fenty bikini underwear with a black band that reads "Naughty" and black stockings, from her label's holiday collection.

Brown, 29, liked the pic. He also left not one but two identical comments, each comprised of a single "flushed" emoji.

Rihanna has not responded, but her legion of fans have, and it isn't pretty. The main theme of their messages is: "Stay away."

@badgalriri on Instagram: "Hit up now to shop the latest @savagexfenty holiday styles! Treat yourself or your loved ones with something NAUGHTY or NICE..."


@badgalriri on Instagram: "We getting NAUGHTY-not-NICE this season! @savagexfenty just dropped The Ultimate Gift Guide to help you shop gifts for everybody in ya life..."

Vybz Kartel to drop new album

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exiled-pharaoh-manofgod-on-instagram-deso-it-deh-vybz-kartel-exiled-pharaoh-the-album-coming-soon.jpgThe self-proclaimed WOrld Boss, Vybz Kartel, posted on IG a few days ago that fans can expect a new album soon.

Deso it deh-#VybzKartel...#ExiledPharaoh... TheAlbum.

...#ComingSoon, Kaartel posted on Instagram.

Of course, his fans have been tripping over themselves in a bid to be the first to express joy at the news.

#EXILEDPHARAOH MANOFGOD on Instagram: "Deso it deh-#VybzKartel... .#ExiledPharaoh... TheAlbum. . ..#ComingSoon"

anju-blaxx-photo-3.jpgAll charges have been dropped in the Brent Bunting case arising from a physical altercation with music producer Andrew Anju Blax Myrie.

Mr. Bunting, who is the son of Member of Parliament Peter Bunting, was charged earlier this year with wounding Mr. Myrie, who was his neighbour.

Mr. Bunting also sustained injuries during the confrontation, which began due to Mr. Myrie playing music at his house.

As a result, Mr. Myrie was also charged.

On Monday in the Corporate Area Criminal Court, Mr. Bunting's attorney, Peter Champagnie, said Mr. Myrie has compensated his client and they no longer want to continue the case.

The matter had been sent to mediation.

Buju's release from prison draws nearer

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buju-banton-photo-11.jpgIn October, Buju Banton appointed a legal team to ensure that after his release on December 8, he will be sent back to Jamaica with minimal hassle and the least possible time spent in the custody of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The Gargamel is also not fighting his immigration status and has opted for voluntary deportation.

In January 2009, he was arrested at his home in Florida by Drug Enforcement Agents on suspicion of conspiracy to distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine.

His first trial ended in a mistrial and he was found guilty after a second trial and slapped with a 10-year sentence.

He had one month reduced from his sentence after prosecutors dropped a firearm possession charge against him.

At present, Buju is currently being held at the McRae Correctional Institute located in Georgia.

Following his release, Buju Banton's first live appearance is slated to take place in Jamaica with a date and venue to be announce.

IRAWMA launched; heads to Kingston for 2019 staging

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irawma-awards.jpgEphraim Martin, conceptualiser of the International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA), says its 2019 staging will be in Kingston next May. He made the announcement at the launch of the 37th annual IRAWMA, held at JAMPRO headquarters in Kingston recently.

"I believe that it is time that we relocate the event to Jamaica permanently, because this is the home of reggae music. Billions of dollars are being made from reggae, but I don't know if Jamaica is getting its fair share. So we can refocus the world's attention on Jamaica, and its capital Kingston, as the home of reggae and IRAWMA. I believe we can help the local industry to benefit more from the music's success," Martin said.

It is the fourth time that the event will be held in Jamaica, but a first for Kingston.

Martin, who hails from St Thomas, is a former newspaper photographer/photojournalist with The Gleaner. He migrated to Chicago more than three decades ago. According to him, next year's staging is going to be special.

"So next year, in addition to honouring those who did well this year, we will also be celebrating that event and celebrating reggae's foundation artistes and musicians who are still making a difference in the world of reggae music," he said. "I have met with the minister of culture [Olivia Grange] and we are hoping that will fit in with her ministry's plans for that celebration."

Martin spoke of IRAWMA's economic potential for Jamaica.

"This would be great for both the music and the country. If we can get 1,000 or more visitors to Jamaica, not just the music, but for the lovely beaches and the historical sites and to give them a better understanding of the country and what it has to offer, like the people and the culture; that would be a great contribution. It means that they won't be coming here for the awards alone, although the awards is the anchor that brings them, but to enjoy the country," he said.

Established in 1982, IRAWMA acknowledges the accomplishments and contributions of reggae and world music artistes, songwriters, performers, and promoters. It was first held in Jamaica in 1991 in Montego Bay. It returned in 2001 and 2002, also in Montego Bay.

Landlord of Gyan

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4-famous-and-rich-men-asamoah-gyans-girlfriend-nina-atalah-has-dated.jpgInitially, Atalah had only been described as the owner of the building housing Gyan's BJ Sports Bar at Osu in Accra. But later information revealed that the two who had been seen in the company of each other on a number of occasions had more than a tenant and landlady relationship. Interestingly, new rumours emerging have it that Nina Atalah is a socialite who has built reputation for dating the rich and the famous. And the considering the names making rounds on social media, she could be said to have built an enviable portfolio in that regard. Below are some of the names which have come up as Nina Atalah's former partners. 1. Buju Banton: Read more: 4 famous & rich men Asamoah Gyan's 'girlfriend' Nina Atalah has dated.

She was recently introduced as 'wife' of Asamoah Gyan at public appearances by the soccer superstar.

bujus-ex-wife-nina-atala.jpgA report by Ghanaweb states that former Sunderland striker Asamoah Gyan will wed Nina Atala, former wife of incarcerated Jamaican Reggae artiste, Buju Banton, once the Matrimonial Division of the High Court, Accra grants his request. Asamoah Gyan in an earlier report by Ghanaweb is making all effort to end his five year marriage with his wife Gify after the couple fell out some few months ago.

According to the reports the 32-year-old grew cold towards her wife after Nina Atala came into his life. Nina, a businesswoman, is known to have dated quite a number of politicians, A-list footballers and some celebrities in the creative arts industry including recently married John Dumelo.

man-bujus-ex-wife-to-marry-asamoah-gyan.jpgNina owns the property that houses Gyan's pub, 'BJ's Sports Bar' in Osu and is the manageress of Asa Band.

Nina, who officially separated from the incarcerated Buju Banton last year was represented by popular Ghanaian lawyer and Executive Secretary to the President Nana Asante Bediatuo.

Asamoah Gyan left the country for his base in Turkey last week after his Paradise Pac Mineral water sealed a mouthwatering deal with Asante Kotoko.

vybz-kartel-photo-11-larger.jpgFour months after an appeal against their murder convictions and life sentences, Vybz Kartel and Sean Storm along with two others continue to wait as the court deliberates.

Sean Storm's attorney Bert Samuels says the Supreme Court is sorting through some 6,000 pages of evidence. He noted that based on the workload of the court, and the length of the case, it is not usual that a judgement has not been delivered.

Entertainers Vybz Kartel and Shawn Storm, along with two others were convicted of the killing of Clive 'Lizard' Williams at a house in Havendale, St Andrew, in August 2011.

They were all given the mandatory life sentences with Kartel ordered to serve 35 years before he is eligible for parole; while Sean Storm will be eligible for parole in 25 years.

In July, several attorneys appeared before the Court of Appeal, seeking to overturn the convictions and sentenc

g-t-taylor-photo-1.jpgThe 18th staging of GT Taylor's annual show, Extravaganza, takes place on Christmas Day at the Luana Complex in Black River, St Elizabeth. Sizzla, Beenie Man, Rygin King, Govana, Tee Jay, Agent Sasco, Etana, Ken Boothe, Leroy Sibbles, Wayne Marshall, and Tanto Blacks are among the performers slated to perform. Sound systems Chromatic Live and Bass Odyssey, as well as selector Digital Chris, are also rostered.

It's the event's third consecutive staging in the breadbasket parish, affectionately called St Bess.

"We get direct benefits from the event every year from people, both local and overseas, staying at our hotel. It's been quite a while since that show has been around and we actually look forward to it bringing in visitors every year to Black River and the hotel. The entire town benefits from the Extravaganza," said Juliet Mohan, manager of the popular Idler's Rest hotel in St Elizabeth.

A manager at the hotel since 2009, Mohan believes that more entertainment events of this nature and scope are essential to the economy of this area.

"It is major boost, and we actually need more events of the same appeal and calibre to bring more people to the south coast," said Mohan.

With the growing demand for nature-based tourism, the South Coast is poised for growth in attracting niche groups such as bird watchers, wildlife photographers, and those seeking a working holiday or edifying experience based on archaeology or conservation work.

Last year, Taylor experimented with a 'park-and-watch' option, designating an area where both tourists and Jamaicans could watch the show from their buses and motor vehicles from a sloped area that operated like an amphitheatre.

"It was the first time we were doing this and it was very successful," he said.

The Jamaicans' Norris Weir has passed away

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Norris Weir, a member of The Jamaicans rocksteady group that won the 1967 festival song competition with Ba Ba Boom, died in Port St Lucie, Florida on Friday. Fay Weir, his wife of over 50 years, said that he died from a blot clot on his lung. He was recuperating from surgery on his left knee one week earlier when doctors discovered the sizable lump.

In a 2016 interview with the Jamaica Observer, Weir said he formed The Jamaicans in 1966 with Tommy Cowan, Owen Hylton and Martin Williams. He previously attended Kingston College and was a member of that school's choir.

He wrote Ba Ba Boom at the insistence of producer Duke Reid and Cowan.

Weir also sang lead on the song which beat U N I T Y by Desmond Dekker and The Aces, and Jamaica Move Up by Al and The Vibrators.

Weir became an ordained minister of religion in 2010 and recorded several gospel albums.

He is survived by his wife, three sisters and a brother.

miracle-judy-mowatt-feat-chardavid.jpg"Miracle" is the single from Colin Levy aka Iley Dread and it tells the story of a young man who is in trouble and makes a desperate phone call to his mother, who comforts him by telling him to pray to God for a miracle.

Since news broke two weeks ago of the singer's arrest in Canada, fans of Iley Dread have been praying for divine intervention, which they say there is already some indication of. Four persons were arrested and charged in the raid in which Iley was held, however, he has the least charges against him. Additionally, the major charges which the other three are facing have not been laid on Iley.

Toronto police say they dismantled a gun-smuggling ring after a woman was stopped at the U.S. border with 25 handguns hidden in the gas tank of her SUV. On Oct. 31, a 50-year-old Toronto woman was stopped by border officials while attempting to cross into Canada at the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie, Ont. The woman had been flagged by the Toronto Police Service, and her car, a rental Nissan Rogue, was stripped and searched. After the gas tank was cut in two, the handguns - each one wrapped in plastic - were discovered concealed inside the tank.

The driver, Rima Mansour, was charged with importing illegal firearms, possession of a firearm knowing the possession is unauthorized, and possession of prohibited over-capacity magazines.

Police say that on Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2018 and Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018, 13 search warrants were executed in Toronto, Brampton and Ajax.

As part of those searches, officers allegedly yielded:

5 additional handguns from those seized at the Peace Bridge

16 prohibited, over-capacity magazines

136 rounds of various calibers of ammunition

166 grams of powered cocaine

111 grams of crack cocaine

13 kilograms of marijuana

• $45,000 in cash

Colin Levy, 52, of Brampton, was arrested and charged with possession of a prohibited loaded firearm while unauthorized, careless storage firearm, possession of a firearm knowing possession is unauthorized, possession of a firearm obtained by crime, possession of a firearm knowing the serial number has been removed and possession of proceeds of crime.

Rima Mansour, 50, of Toronto, faces 25 charges of importing illegal firearms and charges of possession of a firearm knowing possession is unauthorized and possession of prohibited devices with over capacity magazines.

Alan Cunningham, 52, of Brampton, was charged with four counts each of trafficking firearms and trafficking ammunition, three counts of possession of proceeds of crime, and one of conspiracy to traffic firearms.

William Datta, 41, of Ajax, was arrested and charged with two counts of trafficking in firearms; two counts of possession of a firearm for the purpose of trafficking; two counts of possession of proceeds of crime and one of conspiracy to traffic firearms.

Fans of Iley Dread, who also goes by the stage name Chardavid, have bit out against cruel online trolls who have been making nasty comments and are therefore sending out the following appeal: "If you have nothing good to say, then be silent."

The song, Miracle, is a collaboration with internationally acclaimed gospel singer, Judy Mowatt.

Miracle - Judy Mowatt feat. Chardavid

Bacchanal celebrates 20 years in 2019

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bacchanal-jamaica.jpgIn 2019, Bacchanal Jamaica will celebrate their 20th year on the road in the spirit of the undefeated. Last Saturday night, the veteran band declared themselves unconquerable as they moved from their Mas Camp home base, taking over the lawns of Hope Zoo, St Andrew, under the theme 'Invictus Conquer Life' to introduce numerous brand-new sections, each providing at least three costume choices.

Though Bacchanal turned out with a plethora of Greek-inspired options for revellers, so far, an anomalous section has outshone the rest. Old Latin terminology, stone-and-column decor, hostesses crowned with golden branches, and men dressed like Spartans impressed that socaphiles were in for a war-like, historical treat. However, the inspirations turned out to be much more mythical than that.

Rather than familiar legends like the conquering Alexander the Great, the tragic, war-inducing romance of Helen of Troy, or the fateful battle between Perseus and Medusa, Invictus' designers invoked archaic Grecian gods and goddesses. Even so, the costume that pulled the biggest reaction were actually inspired by an Egyptian conqueror.

At 12:30 am, the stage opened with a fanfare of theatrical, ominous music. Two Spartan soldiers marched on as ominously as their soundtrack, wielding swords and shields emblazoned with the theme. As they retreated, the God and Goddess of War, Mars and Bellona respectively, made their way to the stage. To a soundtrack by hip-hop star Drake, the would-be vicious figures presented happy plumes of pink and green.

The war gods were followed by Electryo, Goddess of the Sun - complete with sun-ray feathers - and Bacchus, God of Wine.

The costume parade continued with displays from Salacia and Neptune, goddess and god of the sea respectively; Aphrodite and Venus, goddesses of love; Felicitas, goddess of joy; Gaea, Goddess of Earth; Diane, goddess of the moon; Apollo, god of the sun; and Amazon, a section that displayed five costume options, including males.

Tommy Lee's lottery scamming trial continues today

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tommy-lee-sparta-photo-13.jpgDancehall deejay Tommy Lee Sparta is to return to court on Monday to answer charges of lottery scamming.

The trial of the Montego Bay deejay began in the Home Circuit Court on Wednesday, and was today (11/16/2018) adjourned for continuation on Monday.

In 2014, Tommy Lee Sparta was jointly charged along with another man with breaches of the Law Reform (Fraudulent Transactions Special Provisions) Act.

Allegations are that, police searched a premises in St Andrew in 2014 and found a number of documents which allegedly relate to an international sweepstake, or the lottery scam as it is known.

VP Showcase Live a boon for South Florida

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vp-collection.jpgWith South Florida fast becoming the hub for dancehall music, several of the genre's leading lights have linked with promotions company JTMC Enterprise and VP Records to showcase their products through VP Showcase Live.

The series started in March last year and has featured over 30 artistes to date. The shows take place at VP Records' offices in Miramar.

Mr Vegas, Hezron, Danglin, Lady Tia, The Melodians and Code Red Band are some of the acts who have performed on VP Showcase Live.

Howard Chin, manager of VP Records' Florida office, said the live expose is a joint effort.

"VP Records and JTMC Enterprise came together and brainstormed how to give both new and established artistes a platform to showcase their brand, for a new single, EP or album. It benefits the artiste because we are giving them massive worldwide exposure through thousands of viewers on social media both via VP Records and JTMC Enterprise social media platforms," he explained.

Chin added that the series also benefits VP, as it brings awareness to its retail base in South Florida. It serves as a medium for potential deals between artistes and the label's different distribution outlets.

Joanna Marie Chin Loy is principal of JTMC Enterprise which is another South Florida-based entity.

Known as Joanna Marie, she has been a singer for over 20 years and released a number of songs and one album.

She told Jamaican newspaper, the Observer in a recent interview that her experience as an artiste has helped in her role as marketing and promotions executive.

"Every week, I have artistes not only from South Florida but from various states submitting their music/bio/profile for review for future showcases (so) we do have many artistes waiting to be featured," she said.

Singers Tamara B and A J Brown, singer/musician Benjy Myaz and keyboardist Maurice Gregory are the featured acts for the final VP Showcase Live this year, scheduled for November 24.

Several of the artistes on 'Showcase', such as Sasha Dias, Hal Anthony, Sons Of Mystro, Lady Tia and the Code Red Band reside in South Florida. For many years, the region lagged behind New York and Los Angeles in terms of dancehall/reggae labels and shows, but that has changed considerably in recent years.

Spice Captures Billboard Reggae Album chart top spot

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spice-photo-5.jpgDancehall artiste Spice has captured the number one spot on the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart.

Her latest compilation, a mixtape titled Captured, debuted in the top position.

Captured features the number one controversial single Black Hypocrisy which addresses the issue of "colourism", as Spice calls it.

The 19-track mix was independently released and distributed via 21st Hapilos Digital.

Captured also features the hits Gum and Under Fire.

The mixtape is available for download on digital platforms including iTunes.

Lawyer sure Tommy Lee will beat scamming charges

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tommy-lee-sparta-photo-13.jpgTommy Lee's attorney Ernest Smith believes the entertainer and his co-accused O'Brian Smith will be exonerated in their lottery scamming trial currently under way in the Supreme Court, downtown Kingston.

After yesterday's second day, the attorney expressed confidence that a no-case submission, if entered, would be upheld.

Tommy Lee, given name Leroy Russell, and three others were initially charged in February 2014 on suspicion of breaches of the Law Reform (Fraudulent Transaction) (Special Provisions) Act, 2013. However, no evidence was offered for two of the accused who were later released.

The men were charged after investigations stemming from a traffic stop led police to a Kingston 5 apartment, where lottery scam paraphernalia was seized.

In court on Thursday, Woman Constable Maxine Thomas, who said she was an integral part of the investigating team, said under cross-examination that Junior 'Heavy D' Fraser "told us that he rented the apartment on behalf of Mr Russell."

Smith asked: "Why wasn't that included in your statement?"

"I didn't put it in my statement because I did not think it was relevant at the time," she said.

Smith further asked: "Didn't Mr Russell deny ownership of everything found at the apartment?" Thomas replied, "No, he did not sir."

The second witness, investigating officer Detective Sergeant Mark Williams, told the court that he observed another sergeant removing a laptop from behind a washing machine.

The court was told that the four suspects were cautioned and asked to whom the laptop belonged.

Williams said: "One of the accused said that 'all of us use the laptop', then Mr Smith went on to say he was the one who hid it behind the washing machine, hiding it from the children."

Under cross-examination, Williams admitted that a former police officer, Lionel Hamilton, had access to all the evidential material he handed over to the cybercrime unit.

Williams also said that he has not seen the evidence since 2014.

yanique-curvy-diva.jpgYanique Curvy Diva says she was shocked over the weekend after she found out that her longtime stylist, Keshon Hawthorne was arrested in the United States. The popular designer/stylist was reportedly arrested in Charlotte, North Carolina last week for allegedly trafficking cocaine. A distraught Curvy Diva says she is keeping Hawthorne in her prayers.

Keshon Hawthorne styled the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall host for many years. He was also the mastermind behind Yanique's various looks in her debut 'Lifestyle' music video and was also the designer for her Reggae Sumfest 2018 outfit.

Hawthorne has also been credited for styling other entertainers including reggae singer Shuga and international figure Amara La Negra from Love and Hip Hop: Miami. Last week Montego Bay-based selector, promoter Christopher 'DJ Crazy Chris' Samuels was also arrested for trafficking cocaine. Samuels was reportedly turned over to Homeland Security Investigations and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and slapped him with three charges; possession with intent to sell and deliver and two counts of trafficking coc.

Elephant Man's mother has died

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elephant-man-photos-4.jpgThe mother of dancehall deejay Elephant Man has died.

Reports are that Yvonne Lindsay was taken to the hospital last Monday (November 5) due to respiratory problems.

She died in the wee hours on Saturday at the Andrews hospital.

The family is currently waiting on an autopsy.

Elephant Man is one of two boys for Miss Lindsay who has also left behind four daughters.

For Immediate Release:
November 12, 2018




The 2018 Sold-Out Voyage Celebrates with a Special Marley Brothers Performance and Its Biggest and Baddest Lineup Thus Far

2019 WTJRC Cabins Available for Sale Now

jamrock-5-th-anniversary-december-1-to-6-2018.jpgHailed as one of the most authentic, intimate and international reggae experiences, Welcome To Jamrock Reggae Cruise will celebrate its fifth year on the high seas from December 1-6, 2018. The sold-out 5-day voyage aboard Royal Caribbean departs Ft. Lauderdale, FL with stops in Ocho Rios and Falmouth, Jamaica.

This monumental year will be packed with unforgettable moments. To celebrate this occasion, five of Bob Marley's kin Ziggy, Stephen, Julian, Ky-Mani and Damian will unite on one stage for a rare performance.

Welcome To Jamrock Reggae Cruise (WTJRC) has become one of the most in-demand reggae gatherings in the world. Since its inception in 2014, every single cruise sells out almost a year in advance. Each year, fans spanning from over 40 countries all converge for their love of reggae music and Jamaican culture.

Founded by Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley, the Grammy-winning musician has made it his mission for the cruise to embody the island's rich culture. The music, entertainment, food, fitness and wellness activities all give cruise-goers a slice of the Jamaica before they dock, from Ital Rastafarian cuisine to the celebrity football (soccer) tournaments to cult-classic films to the annual soundclash (in layman's terms, a Jamaica-originated DJ battle), this is not the average cruise. It is the only place where fans can stay up until dawn to catch their favorite acts performing throughout the ship and join them the same morning on the pool deck for sunrise meditation with Nyabinghi drumming and chanting. After fully immersing into these pure organic experiences, the cruisers appreciate their arrival to Jamaica that much more.

This year's artist lineup boasts a diverse range of Jamaican talent from today's emerging stars to the legends who paved the way. In addition to the Marley Brothers' anticipated performance, Damian "Jr Gong" Marley will carry on the Jamrock tradition to deliver an electrifying solo set. The power bill continues with Mykal Rose with Sly & Robbie, Bounty Killer, Jah Cure, Chronixx, Tarrus Riley, Third World, Konshens, Elephant Man, Aidonia, Queen Ifrica, Agent Sasco, Kabaka Pyramid, Shenseea, Skatalites, Ken Boothe, Leroy Sibbles, Horace Andy, Jo Mersa Marley, Jesse Royal, Dexta Daps, Spragga Benz, General Degree, Red Rat, Buccaneer, Jah9, King Jammy's, Johnny Osbourne, Admiral Bailey, Pinchers, Bunny General and Pad Anthony.

Following the artists' performances, cruisers can catch their favorite sound systems (Stone Love, Renaissance, Mighty Crown, Tony Matterhorn, Kingston 12 Hi-Fi, Bass Odyssey, Heavy Hammer and Black Scorpio) spinning tunes until the wee hours of the night.

Throughout the cruise, there will also be a variety of DJs and hosts (DJ Rory, Mutabaruka, Bambino, Big A, Nikki Z, Colin Hines, ZJ Liquid, DJ Roy, Spex, Robbo Ranx, Rassarella, GT Taylor, Ron Muschette, Seani B, Westafa, Steelie Bashment, Shacia Payne, Foota Hype, Shortkut, DJ Gringo, Yaardcore, Mad Out, Mixmaster J, Supa Hype and Hotta Rice) providing sounds and entertainment along with enlightening discussions from guest speakers Cindy Breakspeare and Neville Garrick.

2018 may be sold out, but fans can reserve a spot on 2019's ship, on sale now.

Watch highlights from 2017's cruise:

No apology for Queen Ifrica from Kartel

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queen-ifrica-photos-3.jpgVybz Kartel will clearly not be apologising to Queen Ifrica over statements he made years ago accusing her of skin bleaching. Over the weekend, he shot down Queen Ifrica's request for an apology in the most demeaning way. Of course, few were surprised.

Vybz Kartel and Queen Ifrica's fight go back to 2011 when she called him out for his skin bleaching and he in turn suggested that she also bleached her skin. Some Kartel fans have since continued to troll Ifrica over said alleged skin bleaching, forcing her to post a video denying the allegations.

She also called out Vybz Kartel while demanding that he apologize to her for leading his fans to attack her over a false claim of skin bleaching. This is Kartel's response:

"Dwbcl ... she needs an apology from me 'she seh' because she said that she's Half Black, and not bleaching dwl," he wrote. "This House Lizard bright nuh bloodcl**t... #IFreaker PS. If ANUH a run dis a You?."

Some of Vybz Kartel's Gazanation fans also chimed in, triggering a fresh round of social media trolling. "Queen Ifrica we know yo a bleacher from longtime bout yo half black dwl, honey go hold a seat somewhere and leave the boss name out your mouth," one fan wrote.

Some fans questioned why Queen Ifrica chooses to address Vybz Kartel in 2018 - seven years after the incident.

buju-banton-on-instagram-bujus-music-no-stagnant-stephenmarley.jpgAs Buju Banton's official release date from prison draws near, the artiste's social media presence is being felt more and more. His handlers recently posted a throwback video clip with Stephen Marley giving his opinion of Buju's music and another with a young Tony Rebel endorsing Buju's upward career.

The theme is, Buju's music is not stagnant.

Buju will be released from prison on December 8.

Buju Banton on Instagram: ""Buju's music no stagnant"- @stephenmarley #bujureturns #reggae #reggaemusic"

Jimmy Cliff nominated for Songwriters Hall of Fame

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jimmy-cliff-photo-2.jpgLegendary entertainer Jimmy Cliff has scored a nomination for the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Songwriters are eligible for induction after writing hit songs for at least 20 years.

Jimmy Cliff who has a career spans which more than four decades, is nominated along with country superstar Vince Gill, rapper Missy Elliott, and singer Mariah Carey among others.

Jimmy Cliff has written songs such as The Harder They Come, Many Rivers To Cross, Sitting In Limbo, Wonderful World, Beautiful People, and You Can Get It If You Really Want among countless others.

Six songwriters, or songwriting groups, will be officially inducted at the Hall's 50th annual Induction & Awards Gala in New York on June 13, 2019.

The Songwriters Hall of Fame celebrates and honours the contributions of our great popular music songwriters while developing new writing talent through workshops, showcases, scholarships, and digital initiatives.

In related news, Jimmy Cliff is currently in rehab recuperating after breaking his hip during falling last in October. The International singer has since postponed all performances.

Curvy Diva now a Konka ambassador

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yanique-curvy-diva.jpgEnergy drink Konka has signed a endorsement deal with media personality and recording artiste Yanique "Curvy Diva" Barrett. The agreement, which was inked on Wednesday, will see her taking on her first role as a brand ambassador, which will involve some exciting initiatives.

The 16-month deal will see Barrett immediately assuming her duties as brand ambassador through a recruitment drive to develop an all-female promotional team to be known as the Konka Army.

"I'm excited to 'konka' the road with the team. We have major plans for parties during the Christmas season and we are going to be a part of Carnival next year, but right now the Konka Army is gearing up to take on the streets. I can't wait to start auditioning the girls. They will have to bring energy, energy and more energy. Plus, we have some on-fire social media promotions," noted Barrett.

"The Konka Energy Drink brand is exciting and fresh, and that really drew me in. I see myself as conquering challenges and barriers, so this really resonates with me. The newness of the product really has me very excited, also; I can really put my stamp on it. The bonus for me, too, is Konka really does taste good," said an animated Barrett.

Andrew Ellis, brand manager for Konka Energy Drink, explained that the deal with Curvy Diva was not only exciting, but fit perfectly with the brand's objectives.

"The similarities between our brand and the Curvy Diva are just perfectly aligned. Visually, we want this brand to be the sexiest drink on the market and the Curvy Diva is the quintessential choice for us. We have already seen her growth in the industry as a new artiste in the industry. As a new energy drink on the Jamaican landscape, we also look to carve a successful path for our brand. We are ready to 'konka'," Ellis stated.

spicy-taste-vegan-cuisine.jpgSpicy Tasty Vegan Cuisine will host the first international Vegan Fest in The Gambia. It will be held at the Kairaba Hotel from Friday to Saturday on November 23-25th from 9am to 9pm for D200 in advance, D250 at the door, and D550 for the three days. Some of the world's most renowned holistic healers and lecturers will be arriving to speak and do workshops to motivate, educate and heal people.

It will be a fun filled weekend with great tasting healthy food, kundalini yogo, music, vendors, and life changing healing information for your whole body and mind. The keynote speakers for Vegan Fest 2018 are Dr. Llaila Afrika from USA Dr. Umar Johnson from U.S.A., Dr. Melanie Stevenson from USA, Khensu I-Em-Hotep from Jamaica and UK, and Salieu Puye from The Gambia.

The Vegan Fest is being organized by Mama Naasira Ageela and Dr. Gregory Joe Bledsoe, co-authors of the #1 Best Selling Nutritional guide on Amazon, "Spicy Tasty Vegan Cuisine Series." They are also repatriates living in The Gambia for over two years. Their aim is to assist communities with weight loss and to help avoid health challenges by teaching people a natural and more sustainable way to nurture the body.

They believe that the food you eat can be the safest or the most powerful of forms of medicine or the slowest form of poison. Currently the lifespan of Gambians have decreased astronomically from generation to generation. Gambians are dying from different diseases that can be prevented with proper eating habits and proper information. Yet, The Gambia has some of the most organic and healing super foods in the world, these include moringa, baobab, neem, bissap, peanuts, sour sop and more.

Dr. Llaila Afrika is one of the world's foremost authorities on health and nutrition. He has a doctorate in Naturopathy from Anglo Saxon Institute in England. He is a Certified Addictionalogist with a degree from The American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders. He is a certified nurse from Georgia Baptist Medical Center. He is also an Acupuncturist, Metaphysician, and was an U.S. Army Social Worker nurse and Psychotherapist.

He is an expert Massage Therapist, Herbalist, Historian, Writer, Lecturer, Teacher and Medical Astrologist. Dr. Afrika has over 45 years' experience and training in ethno medicine, which is the use of disease remedies and diagnosis based upon the biochemistry of a race. Because of these tremendous credentials, he is one of the most sought after lecturers in the country.

Dr. Umar Johnson is an activist and motivational speaker. He is the "Prince of Pan-Africanism," and his ideology and movement is to bring all Africans in unity on the continent and in the diaspora. He has written several books entitled, "Psycho_Academic Holocaust: The Special Education and ADHD Wars Against Black Boys," which is the first book written by African-American targeting black people with the strategies on how to fight back against special education and ADHD. Other books are The Heroic Slave / Walker's Appeal (2 in 1 Title) and Dismantling the Matrix: Serenity for the Surveilled Vol:1. He is also working on building a school in The Gambia.

Dr. Melanie Stevenson has over 12 years' experience as a Holistic Practitioner in Health Sciences, Spirituality, and Arts. She has a wide variety of licenses as an acupuncturist, esthetician, massage therapist, spiritual counselor, marriage counselor, grieving therapist, and medical astrologist. She brings a passionate uplifting energy in her lectures and practice. She is a unique and gifted Spiritual Counselor for individuals, couples, and families. She can help you learn the state of your vitality, emotions, passions, behavior, thought process, and overall persona.

Dr Khensu I-Em-Hotep aka Dr Hotep is a Holistic Nutritional Counselor who specializes in African Holistic Health, he has been involved in the health industry since 2009 at which point he embraced a live (raw) food diet, and has never looked back, going on to pursue certification by the leading authority on Holistic Health in the western hemisphere, Dr Llaila Afrika.

Dr Hotep has since been teaching and carrying out one to one Holistic Health assessments between Jamaica and the UK, participating in numerous radio and TV Programs, he has established the Melanin Clinic based in Mandeville, Jamaica and carries out day clinics and seminars in Montego Bay and Kingston. Dr Hotep lives and works by the ancient principle of "food is medicine and medicine is food" the Melanin Clinics motto is "you were made with nutrients and ONLY nutrients will maintain and repair you."

Salieu Puye is a Gambian traditional herbalist who is member of the Traditional Healers Assembly (TRAHASS) in The Gambia. He is originally from Kololi and was adopted by culturally people who taught him about natural living and cultural ways from an early age in the provinces. He studied science and arts at Gambia College. As a former teacher, he began studying plants and the healing effects of local plants.

Mr. Puye works specifically with natural herbs and by identifying the properties of the herbs, he helps to cure different ailments. He has cured excema. edema (swollen foot), hypertension, hemorrhoids, stomach worms etc. He believes that average Gambians do not eat a balanced diet however with proper hygiene and learning how to develop better cooking methods, more Gambian can live a healthy lifestyle. He has also identified many teas in The Gambia with nutritional and healing values to help Gambians heal themselves.

We invite The Gambia to come out in numbers to learn and participate in The Gambia's First Vegan Fest. For more information or to buy tickets contact 220-347-7437 or For interviews contact international publicists Olimatta Taal 220-250-9257 or

Ishawna no stop glow from she lef Foota

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ishawna-on-instagram-from-mi-lef-bwoy-mi-nuh-stop-glow.jpgControversial Dancehall artiste, Ishawna took to Instagram over the weekend to post a selfie throwing a tad bit of shade at her ex, who all her fans believe must be the legendary Foota Hype, aka Spoonhead.

The former Downsound records singer posted the pic with the caption "From mi lef bwoy, mi nuh stop glow...😂," leading many fans to speculate as to just who she was referring to.

"From she left foota she get whiter" one fan reacted while another commented, "Bwoy all mash up now n tun maama man pon di gram."

The speculation did not stop there as several more fans continued to point to the entertainer's baby daddy, who was recently engaged in a bitter social media feud with Jamaican cricketer Marlon Samuels.

"@mslegendary Nuh know wah u did a duh with spoon head😂😂😂 @footahypemusic," a fan trolled.

The entertainer's glow has been a topic of late as she recently gave fans tips on how to get glowing skin like hers saying "I don't know why my skin is glowing...maybe it's caused from minding my business."

ISHAWNA on Instagram: "From mi lef bwoy, mi nuh stop glow...😂"

Vezi această postare pe Instagram

From mi lef bwoy, mi nuh stop glow...😂

O postare distribuită de ISHAWNA (@mslegendary) pe

marcia-griffiths-photos-5.jpgReggae veterans Freddie McGregor and Marcia Griffiths, young turks Chino McGregor and Ding Dong, as well as soca star Alison Hinds are among the featured acts at this year's Grace Jamaica Jerk Festival.

Festival organisers say they are continuing to place an emphasis on culture at this year's staging. The occasion is scheduled for Markham Park in Sunrise, Florida, on Sunday.

Bridget Edwards, cultural stage coordinator, said organising an extraordinary programme is essential to highlighting and preserving the culture, while educating and entertaining attendees.

"We're always finding innovative ways to present our heritage and incorporating different elements that are in line with our culture," Edwards told the Jamaica Observer . "Under this year's theme 'Let the Drums Speak,' our Caribbean culture will reverberate from the Corporate Area and throughout the entire Markham Park."

Sets include music, dance, comedy, spoken word, fashion, and drama. Comedian Christopher "Johnny" Daley is expected to host this segment.

Fashion designer Cholla Williamson of Covered by Grace is slated to feature stylish, handcrafted African designs. For lovers of Afro-Caribbean drumming and dancing, the Sasa African Dance Theater is billed to perform their uptempo beats and moves; and for the children, Drumming Fingers will offer instructional drumming and dancing, inviting audience participation. Author Ettosi Brooks is expected to present a dramatised reading of her book S tori, Stori, Stori: Adventures in Rhythm; while Transitionsauthor Meleisha Jocelyn will perform spoken word.

"Chris Daley is a part of the Jerk Festival family. He will do more than introduce the acts -- he will perform, get audience members to join in, and may even do a little drumming himself. You never know what exciting things will happen on the Western Union Cultural Stage, that's why we ask everyone to come out early and dance, sing, and drum with us," Edwards added.

So Spice did not bleach her skin after all

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spice-2016.jpg"To put a end to the debate "I DID NOT BLEACH MY SKIN" and I quote "Proud a mi color, love mi pretty black skin, respect due to mi strong melanin" words from my "Black Hypocrisy" song that I wrote from my heart."

Spice's big reveal happened and it seems it was really a sort of publicity stunt....which she prefers to call awareness about colourism

Here's what she wrote on Instagram......using a black Spice picture:

"On October 22nd I posted a picture of myself where i looked like I altered my appearance and metamorphosis to match the "Eurocentric beauty standards". I fearlessly addressed an issue that has been swept under the rug and boldly took the stance in bringing a taboo topic to the fore front. I chose to do this in the manner I did because I believe Colorism is plagiarizing our black community.

While It appeared as if I had "bleached" my skin, causing a world wide debate, and even though the picture was obviously birthed around my single titled"Black hypocrisy" and my mixtape Captured.I want to openly say it was not a "publicity stunt". I wanted to create awareness to "Colorism" and it was more so done intentionally to create shock value so that I could have the worlds undivided attention to deliver the message in my music.

There are dark skin women across the world complaining every day that they are being downplayed and degraded, but the raw truth is it is us "black women" and "black men" that are fighting against each other and tearing down our own race.

It's evident in the social media comments every day, I myself have lived through it all being downgraded by my dark complexion.

Would the message in my song have been received as well as it did world wide if I didn't go to the extreme with the picture? The truth is no it would have probably been just another Spice hit song; so yes I had to go the extra mile to ensure my message be heard.

Most people got a misconception that I was boosting "Skin bleaching" but ironically it was the opposite. I used myself as an example of what people from the black community is causing other women to do because of how society makes them feel.

Yes "Black is beautiful" we say it every day but are we showing love to our black women?

Kurt Riley proud of his work on Beres' album

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beres-hammond-photo-1.jpgDJ/producer Kurt Riley is proud to be associated with the current number one album on the Billboard Reggae album chart - Beres Hammond's Never Ending. Riley produced the track My Kinda Girl which is featured on Beres Hammond's chart-topping album Never Ending.

"To be a part of a number one album by Beres Hammond is a great feeling. Tell the bartender to put all drinks on my tab. Once again, I am a part of history," Riley in a media release.

He explained that the collaboration came about by him taking a chance. "I took a chance and approached Beres with the assistance of a few people, plus he was good friends with my dad - the late Winston Riley. When we spoke, he agreed. I didn't just want to be that person who just wanted a Beres record. I wanted to produce a track that he would feel proud of when he heard and realised what it was that I could do. Like a father, I wanted him to be proud of me," said Riley.

Riley has always admired the musician's work. "I admire his love, passion, simplicity and humility towards his music. He has spoken to me about life through music, and the way he chooses his words to sit well with every melody and frequency that his voice encounters. Conversations, opinions, question and answers are what you will hear in the song - My Kinda Girl."

So far everyone seems to agree that it was a track well done. "I've been getting a lot of messages on social media, emails and phone calls from persons congratulating me on the production of the song. I got an email from someone who asked if I really produced the record because they didn't see me doing that type of production."

Earlier this year, Riley was featured on another Billboard number one album. He produced the track Trouble, which is featured on Romain Virgo's Lovesick album.

buju-banton-photo-10.jpgIn just over a month, on December 8, reggae superstar Buju Banton will have served his 10-year sentence, and the Grammy Award winning artiste is reportedly keen to get back to doing what he does best - producing music and entertaining his throng of fans on stage.

Already, plans are afoot for a lengthy series of live appearances, dubbed the 'Long Walk to Freedom Tour and, according to his publicist, Ronnie Tomlinson, Banton has already put together a competent team to manage his affairs when he re-enters society and is anticipating an explosive return to the entertainment scene.

But Banton has had to ensure that, upon his release from US federal prison, he is sent back to the land of his birth with minimal hassle and the least possible time spent in the custody of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Banton has had his legal status to travel and work in the United States rescinded as a result of his drug conviction and has hired a legal team to ensure that, unlike other convicted felons, he is not held in the custody of immigration authorities for any extended period.

His publicist, Ronnie Tomlinson, said his lawyers had made legal maneuvers to circumvent that process and he is not fighting his immigration status.

"Buju has made sure that his stay with ICE will be as short as possible. He has opted for voluntary deportation. He should be home in very short order after his sentence ends," she said.

Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, is said to be in good spirits and is anxiously awaiting the day he is no longer a guest of the United States penal system.

"Buju is in good spirits and is counting down the days, as we all are," Tomlinson said.

His first live appearance is slated to take place in Jamaica with a date and venue to be announced, she added.

"A concert is being arranged for Jamaica. It will be promoted by his team in cooperation with other entities," she said.

When he burst onto the scene, Buju Banton was guided by veteran artiste manager and producer Donovan Germain, and Tomlinson said the two were still in contact and are looking to resume their business relationship when he leaves prison. At present, Buju is listed as inmate number 86700-004 in the McRae Correctional Institute located in Georgia.

He was arrested at his Tamarac, Florida home in January 2009 by Drug Enforcement Agents on suspicion of conspiracy to distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine. His first trial ended in a mistrial and he was found guilty after a second trial and slapped with a 10-year sentence.

He had one month reduced from his sentence after prosecutors dropped a firearm possession charge against him.

Banton has maintained his innocence and argued that he was the victim of entrapment. He claimed paid US government informant, Alex Johnson used the lure of lucrative music industry contacts to lure him into the drug deal and that he backed out of the deal before it went down.

Johnson has been reported as earning US$3.5 million as a confidential informant.

Federal prosecutors pinned their case on Banton tasting a substance in a government controlled warehouse in Tampa, Florida as evidence that he was involved in the illegal drug trade.

Banton's co-defendants, James Mack and Ian Thomas, were arrested attempting to sell 20 kilograms of cocaine to federal agents in Tampa. Banton was arrested hours after. Both Mack and Thomas copped plea deals and were given lighter sentences.

Morgan Heritage releases video shot in Africa

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morgan-heritage-photo-3.jpgGrammy-award winning reggae group Morgan Heritage have released the visuals for their latest single - Africa Jamaica. The highly anticipated music video and collaboration features Diamond Platinumz and Stonebwoy.

The video, which was released over the weekend, has already amassed more than half a million views on YouTube. According to the group, the video pays homage to African culture, and highlights where Jamaica's own colourful way of life comes from. "The video is an exciting fun display of where our culture comes from in Jamaica - the spirit, the dancing and the culture all come from Africa. It truly captures your attention from start to finish," they said, revealing that this was their first video shot on the continent. "Releasing Africa Jamaica - our first video shot in Africa - is a historic moment in our career, that will forever live in our hearts. It was a joy to work with Diamond Platinumz and Stonebwoy - Africa's best from east to west. We love discovering new sounds and making connections through our music, and I believe we are doing just that. We hope the people in Africa and around the world will love the music video."

This is not the first time Morgan Heritage has collaborated with Stonebwoy or Diamond Platinumz. The group first linked up with Diamond Platinumz for the Hallelujah collaboration that garnered over one million YouTube views in the first 24 hours of its release. Speaking on what it was like working with the reggae group again, Diamond says he believes they have created another 'mega-hit'. "It is always a vibe working with my brothers Morgan Heritage. This is our second song together, and I am excited that we have made yet another mega-hit for our fans. Last time we made a world-class hit so you definitely have to watch out for this new video," he said. Africa Jamaica is the lead single off the group's upcoming album set for release in 2019. Directed by Jordan Hoechlin and Morgan Heritage, the music video was shot in Ghana with scenes from Cape Verde.

Rvssian signs partnership deal with Interscope

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Head Concussion Records, owned by Jamaican dancehall, rap and trap producer Tarik 'Rvssian' Johnston, has signed a partnership deal with music giant Interscope Geffen A&M Records. The producer sees this as a step in making his label one that will stand the test of time.

"It's a joint venture. Head Concussion Records is now on a major platform. I can sign people directly to my label and Interscope."

The partnership is similar to others in the industry, such as Cash Money Record Label's relationship with Universal Records, or Canadian rapper Drake's OVO partnership with Warner Records. These deals take into account royalties, publishing revenues and ownership of masters.

Throughout his career, Rvssian has worked with dancehall artistes like Konshens, Tarrus Riley, Sean Paul, Shaggy, Gyptian and quite famously, Vybz Kartel. The producer rose to popularity after releasing Vybz Kartel's Life Sweet in 2010.

Rvssian's international takeover kicked off around four years ago, when Sean Paul and Puerto Rican singer Farruko collaborated for Passion Whine. Six months later, the Rvssian-produced track was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Last year, Rvssian released Krippy Kush with Farruko and another Puerto Rican artiste, Bad Bunny. The song was markedly successful, with its official music video counting over 600 million views on YouTube. The Krippy Kush remix, featuring the additional talents of Nicki Minaj and Travis Scott, amassed over 70 million views. In July, he released Pablo alongside Sfera Ebbasta. Its official music video has already attracted over 25 million views. Released earlier this month, the Pablo remix features Rich The Kid, Moneybagg Yo, and Lil Baby.

The government will know in November whether it has been successful in its efforts to have reggae music inscribed on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's (UNESCO) Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative List. Culture Minister Olivia Grange said that UNESCO technical experts are in the process of examining Jamaica's reggae submission.

"We are awaiting the results and it will be a major achievement for Jamaica if we are successful in having the designation declared by UNESCO," she said.

Grange was speaking to JIS News at a joint press conference, involving the Ministry of Tourism, to launch the 2019 Carnival in Jamaica initiative held at the Spanish Court Hotel in New Kingston Tuesday. Grange said her ministry has been tasked to establish an inventory of intangible heritage unique to Jamaica, "which is also one of the criteria" required by UNESCO.

Turning to the designation of certain areas across the island as entertainment zones, the culture minister informed that a list of locations will be available soon, which will include Kingston, St Andrew and St Catherine in the initial stages.

Meanwhile, Grange noted that the collaboration between the Ministries for the staging of carnival "is essential if we are to create a more authentic tourism experience."

She expressed satisfaction at the way "this entertainment product" has been evolving and attributed it to the "seamless fusion of dancehall and calypso/soca in parties and the road parades."

In his remarks, Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett said that he wants to "build out Carnival in Jamaica to make it more remarkable for both visitors and locals."

"This is in keeping with strategic steps that we are undertaking at my Ministry to strengthen Jamaica's competitiveness as an entertainment destination as we reposition and diversify our product and generate high growth."

Dalton has the X Factor

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On Saturday, Rising Stars graduate, Dalton Harris put on another impressive performance to wow the judges, the audience, and ultimately the voting public on the first live show of this season of the talent series X Factor UK.

Twenty-four-year-old Harris chose David Bowie Life on Mars and truly put his impressive vocals, heart and emotion into a 90-second performance which left the audience touched, and was enough take him into the top 14 performers. On Sunday two contestants, Trinidadian Olatunje Yearwood and Briton Armstrong Martins were eliminated.

Speaking of his song choice ahead of the performance, Harris noted that the song speaks to possibilities and opportunities.

"I'm singing that song because the line 'Is there life on Mars?' . I thought of Jamaica... Is that the only place that exists... No. Is there any opportunity anywhere else in the world. That song for me is the perfect song. I just need to put my soul into it the way I always do. That's the only way I can sing . That's the only way I know how to," Harris said

Following his rendition of the Bowie tune three of the four judges instantly rose to their feet, giving the youngster an ovation.

Judge Robbie Williams was the first to speak.

"I feel like you are an established act coming on to the X Factor to promote your own album. Your voice is absolutely incredible. I love you. Own it. You are a beautiful person with a beautiful voice. Congrats, I am a fan."


Dalton Harris on Instagram: "My heart is full. I gave it all to you last night, but I am not SAFE. Nobody is SAFE. Please Vote DALTON HARRIS by downloading the..."


Dalton Harris on Instagram: "I want to say A BIG THANK YOU!! To all of you for taking up your phone to vote for me helping me get one step closer to this DREAM of mine...."

beres-hammond.jpgThe sounds of Jamaican music and culture will be high on the list of entertainment during the third annual staging of the Love and Harmony Cruise set to sail away April 13-18 next year. Another strong line-up of acts is set to take to the high seas led by legendary Jamaican crooner Beres Hammond.

"I love it," Hammond said of the annual cruise, and the entertainment package for next year's voyage during a media junket at his Harmony House studios in St Andrew Tuesday.

"This year I find myself mixing with a whole host of Jamaican legends and there is nothing I like better than to share the stage with some of these folks who I think are simply fantastic. And then this year they have the Manhattans featuring Gerald Alston, kinda turn dem inna Jamaican, blend them into the whole thing, which is like icing on the cake. So what else can I say but just come out if you want and just come cruise with us," Hammond added.

R&B legend Gerald Alston, who was also in the house, said it was a no-brainer for the Manhattans to accept the call to be part of the package on Love and Harmony 2019.

"It's really like performing at home. The only difference is we are on a cruise. The truth is that with an audience like this we know the love we are gonna get from the fans. So we jumped at the opportunity to party with our fans and have a good time," Alston said.

grace-hamilton-on-instagram-ok-wendyshow.jpgDancehall deejay Spice has been given the international attention she craves following her white face stunt on Monday, this after deleting all her IG posts two weeks ago. Daily Mail, TMZ and the Wendy Williams talkshow are talking about the artiste. TMZ's headline reads, "Breaking News Love and Hip Hop star Spice goes all white face for album." Meanwhile, Fox Talkshow host Wendy Williams in her hot topic chat-up says, "I think it is a publicity stunt. Spice, you are winning. I don't know who you are, but I'm talking about you."

Daily Mail stated: "She joined the cast of VH1's Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta for this year's season seven. And on Monday, Spice - real name Grace Hamilton - made a provocative statement on social media to promote her new mixtape. The Jamaican rapper posted to Instagram a photo of herself with white skin and blonde hair and the caption: 'Nothing wrong with a fresh start.'

Spice made her debut as a white woman on Instagram Monday after an extremely white version of the entertainer appeared on Instagram Live to perform songs from her new mixtape, Captured. Her antics has landed her in the number one spot in the UK and the US in less than 36 hours.

Meanwhile many are labeling Spice actions a publicity stunt after watching the video for her new song Black Hypocrisy that was released this morning (23/10/18) in which she sings about colourism and loving her black complexion.

Spice is currently promoting her Mix Tape Captured. The new project distributed by Happilos features songs such as Under Fire, Gum, Cool it, Black Hypocrisy, Fake, and the title track Captured which sees the dancehall entertainer taking jabs at VP Records.

The self-proclaimed queen of stage who signed a five-year album deal with the label in 2009, says VP is yet to put out an album. On the track Captured, Spice belted out lyrics about being held hostage.

Grace Hamilton on Instagram: "Ok @wendyshow"

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Ok @wendyshow

A post shared by Grace Hamilton (@spiceofficial) on

grace-hamilton-on-instagram-since-the-photo-was-photoshopped-how-did.jpgSpice's returns to Instagram on Monday after she had deleted all the images and videos she had on the social media platform a couple of weeks ago has been marked with a white-face transformation designed to get people talking and her new single selling.

Sporting long blonde hair complemented by a much lighter, unblemished skin colour, Spice, who is known for being very dark-skinned, captioned the picture on Instagram page, saying: "Nothing wrong with a fresh start." After she uploaded the picture, social media went wild, with several persons speculating whether the Back Bend deejay had bleached her skin or the image was photoshopped. Interestingly, when Spice performed in Canada on the weekend, she had a darker complexion.

Mere minutes after, Spice posted her new look on social media, the #spicechallenge #freshstart challenge was born, with several person who had toned their skin or were in the process of lightening their complexion posting before and after images on Instagram, with the caption: "Nothing wrong with a fresh start." There were also dark-skinned persons who resorted to using photoshop or rubbing white substances like flour on their skin to achieve a 'whiter' look.

However, speaking on her Instagram live, during an interview with Billboard writer, Pat Meschino, she said that the 'new' Spice is a response to 'black hypocrisy' as persons from her own race often criticise her for being 'black.'

"It is not racism because racism is when another race is downplaying another race. I don't think it is so much about that now, I think it is about colourism, where it is your own race that is downplaying their own race. It's always a next black person saying: 'She black eeh. Lawd, she black till she shine. Lawd, she black till she look dirty."

Grace Hamilton on Instagram: "Since the photo was photoshopped. How did i video shop this on snap chat? 🤣🤣🤣😂. Guess what ? I changed my mind when you wake up tmro my..."

Ghetto Splash returns December 18

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The annual Ghetto Splash show returns to the Waterhouse Mini-Stadium on December 18. The free event, which aims to encourage unity in Waterhouse and surrounding communities, has been held at this venue for the last three years, and features top-tier dancehall artistes.

Founder and promoter of the 29-year-old concert, Patrick Roberts of Shocking Vibes Production says the relocation of Ghetto Splash from its original Craig Town base has helped maintain stability in Waterhouse, one of several Kingston neighbourhoods labelled a "garrison" because of its history of gang and political violence.

"Ghetto Splash has helped the community significantly by providing small income for vendors who sell at the event. It also helps to foster peace and unity in the community and it also gives the residents the opportunity of seeing so many top acts performing for free," Roberts told the Jamaica Observer.

First held in 1989, Ghetto Splash was a huge success in Craig Town where it attracted thousands of patrons. After a 17-year absence, it returned in 2013 at the Waterhouse Mini-Stadium.

Roberts says the event continues to be a major crowd-puller, despite the change in venue.

"Yes, it's still a successful event and it also continues to be incident-free. You are getting the cream of the crop of top acts, a free show and top-class production on par with an international event. Each year we continue to meet our objectives," said Roberts, who is a councillor in the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation.

beres-hammond-photo-2.jpgNew York, NY- VP Records is proud to announce that legendary reggae artist Beres Hammond's new album "Never Ending" has debuted at number one on the Billboard Reggae Chart in its first week. The album was also number one on iTunes in the US, UK, and Japan, within the first hour of its release. To launch the album, Beres participated in a whirlwind promotional tour that included media and consumer events in Jamaica, Florida and New York. Highlights included a live radio simulcast/unveiling hosted by the RJRGleaner Group, in-store meet-and-greet events at VP Records retail outlets in Miramar, Florida and Jamaica, New York and a 'Today at Apple' appearance at the SoHo, New York location where Hammond was interviewed by journalist Rob Kenner of Mass Appeal. Music at the Apple event was supplied by Massive B Sounds. All told, hundreds of fans got to meet the singer and receive autographed copies of the "Never Ending" CD and LP. Digital sales were also strong with Hammond making his strongest debut with album downloads earning him #1 rankings on the iTunes platform in the US, UK and Japan.

Another monumental achievement came last week when Apple Music, the music and video streaming service of Apple Inc., expanded its Beres Hammond Essentials playlist to highlight 75 of the lovers rock maestro's greatest songs across three playlists: Essentials, Next Steps, and Deep Cuts. Beres is the only seventh reggae artist to have such an expansive profile of his work on the streaming platform. Hammond's latest single "I'm Alive" from "Never Ending" is also featured on Apple's influential The A-List; Reggae playlist.

"Never Ending" is Hammond's third #1 album on the Billboard reggae chart. It was preceded by "A Moment in Time" released in 2008 and "One Love, One Life" released in 2012. Over the span of his three decade career, the legend has obtained 8 Top 10 hits on the Billboard Reggae Chart, including "In Control", "Love From A Distance", "A Day in the Life", "Music is Life"' and "The Ultimate Collection: Beres Hammond."

A forthcoming video for "Land of Sunshine" will be released in the coming months. The visual for "I'm Alive", directed by RD Studios, premiered on Billboard earlier this month.

"Beres Hammond continues to make music that is timeless and the 'Never Ending' album is no different," said Christopher Chin, CEO of VP Records. "We are delighted that the album has debuted at number one in the U.S. and even more excited to share this great music with the world."

"Hammond, at 63, remains an energetic and charismatic performer, his soulful, gravely vocals delivering timeless hits written about falling in and out of love and the bittersweet exchanges between those sentiments." - Billboard

Get "Never Ending" Here:

Follow Beres Hammond




@bereshammond (@bereshammond2) | Twitter


'Mavado is not in the island', says his lawyer

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mavado-photo-11.jpgTameka Harris, one of the lawyers for the Gully Gad, Mavado, says that the entertainer is not in the island, as is being speculated.

"I don't know about that and I doubt he is in the island because if he was, he would have shared that with me," Harris reportedly told Jamaican tabloid, Teh Star, in an interview.

The artiste left Jamaica in June after being shot at in his Cassava Piece, St Andrew, community.

According to the police, Mavado got into an argument with an individual who left the scene only to return to fire shots at the Big League singer.

Mavado escaped uninjured. Just days later, the entertainer's 16-year-old son was slapped with several charges including conspiracy to commit murder in connection to the gruesome killing of Cassava Piece resident, 23-year-old Lorenza Thomas.

The teenager is currently being held in a juvenile detention centre.

Somebody in the Education Ministry needs to answer this question....and quickly too.

Rojae Kirlew, the principal of the Cassava River Primary and Infant school in St Catherine, has reportedly objected to food with this label being distributed at his school, and there are suggestions that this rice, which will have to be cooked is the food that the ministry is giing this school, which no longer receives the popular bullas.

Kirlew, who is also the councillor for Mount Industry Division, said the school received four boxes of MannaPack Rice from Nutritional Products Limited earlier this month but none have been prepared for his students.

"I have to ask my colleagues in the cluster how this thing is prepared because we didn't know how to. This is not the first time I have seen them because I know Food for the Poor has it. Some years ago, they sent a few here, but I didn't have a problem with that because to send them to the school in general is OK. But to send them to replace the nutritional products is where I have a big problem," he said.

Manna Pack Rice is a formula created to meet the nutritional needs of children around the world who are severely malnourished. It is distributed by a Christian organisation called Feed My Starving Children.

The government has removed bullas from schools as part of a campaign to promote healthier eating among students. But Kirlew, whose school once received the popular bulla, is insisting that the MannaPack Rice will never be accepted in his institution. He said that the product is unhealthy and contains excessive sodium and starch.

"It is very high in sodium and even the chefs here was wondering how to prepare it. The nutritional snack was normally a ready snack so if a meal was going to replace it, I would expect it to be a ready snack as well. Also, something that is so high in sodium and salt cannot be beneficiary to my children," Kirlew said.

mavado-photo-12-large.jpgJennifer Messado, the real estate attorney who was disbarred last week, has paid back some of the $31 million she is alleged to have defrauded from dancehall artiste Mavado.

The entertainer's lawyer, Tamika Harris, said a portion of the money has been paid over in two instalments.

"She decided to pay that amount, she didn't receive orders from the court," said Harris. "We have already received some of the money, so now the amount is less than $20 million that she needs to pay."

Messado is currently before the courts on several fraud charges, among them being the case relating to Mavado's money. Allegations are that Mavado, whose given name is David Brooks, began making arrangements to purchase a property through his attorney, Harris.

Mavado reportedly paid Messado $30.7 million for the property, and signed a sale agreement and a document giving him possession.

However, it was later discovered that the property was not for sale.

PM Holness and Joe Bogdanoich talk entertainment

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downsound-josef-bogdanovich.jpgPrime Minister Andrew Holness is making big plans with Joe Bogdanovich on how to transform Jamaica into the premier entertainment destination in the Caribbean. The Prime Minister took to Instagram earlier this week to post a photo of himself and the Downsound Records CEO at Jamaica house holding a discussion about entertainment tourism.

"I spent some time earlier this week in discussion with one of Jamaica's main investors in the entertainment sector, Mr. Joe Bogdanovich," said Holness, "We spoke about his ideas to expand the industry, making Jamaica the premiere entertainment destination in the Caribbean. I am confident of our prospects in that regard and look forward to working with him."

Many people took to social media commending the move while also offering their own advice. "Musical theater in downtown Kingston. Live concerts. Sounds like a plan," one person posted while another said, "It's a good look for our country."

Bogdanovich, who is also the director for Reggae Sumfest, has long been one of the prime investors in the entertainment industry and has frequently advocated for the government to through their support behind Reggae/Dancehall music.

grammy-awards.jpgThe first round of voting for the 2019 Grammy Awards started Wednesday with a total of 141 albums presented in the Best Reggae Album category.

Voting from this long list will run until October 31 and the results will determine the list of nominations for reggae Grammy, usually between five and seven albums. The nominees will be announced on December 5.

To be eligible, recordings must have been released between October 1, 2017 and September 30 this year. Only voters have access to the complete list that is available on the on line ballot, however, among the main contenders on the ballot are eight-time Grammy Award winner Ziggy Marley, who is up for his seventh full-length solo studio album, Rebellion Rises, which was released on May 18. British rocker Sting and local diamond-selling artiste Shaggy are also on the ballot for their collaborative album 44/876, released in April of this year.

Hardcore deejay Popcaan is also on the reggae Grammy ballot for his album Forever which he dropped a few months ago. The Strong One -- Etana is also in on the running with her latest project Reggae Forever. Lovesick, the lover's rock project from Romain Virgo, has also been put to members of the Academy for their consideration, as is Lily of the Valley -- the début album from Jesse Royal, and Protoje's latest project A Moment in Time.

Black Uhuru, the first winner of the reggae Grammy back in 1986 for Anthem, has also made this year's long list. Should this veteran reggae band make it with a nomination for the just-released As the World Turns, this would mark their eighth nomination in the reggae Grammy category. The other projects for which they have been nominated include Brutal (1987), Now (1991), Iron Storm (1992), and Mystical Truth (1994).

International reggae acts have also contributed to this year's long list. Italian reggae artiste Alborosie and his project Unbreakable: Alborosie Meets the Wailers United is on the ballot. American acts Soja, Rebelution, and Common Kings are also up for contention. Soja is there with Poetry in Motion, Rebelution has Free Rein and Common Kings is in with their EP One Day. The perennial favourites British reggae outfit UB40 has also made it onto the ballot with A Real Labour of Love.

Past winners in the Best Reggae Album category have included Burning Spear, Sean Paul, Stephen Marley, Ziggy Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Steel Pulse, Peter Tosh, Sly and Robbie, Toots and the Maytals, Buju Banton and Damian "Junior Gong" Marley.

The 61st annual Grammy Awards will be held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, United States on Sunday, February 10.

Vanessa Bling hits Billboard

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vanessa-bling-addi.jpgDancehall artiste Vanessa Bling is rejoicing this week as her 'Still Standing' EP has made its Billboard Reggae Chart debut. Released on September 18, the six-track EP features the lead singles '10 Bags' and 'Freedom' which have been making the rounds on various radio stations locally and internationally.

Currently signed to Atlanta-based Outtaspace Entertainment and managed by En-Treeg Records, the Future Guaranteed artiste learned on Tuesday that her third EP debuted at number nine on the famed chart, earning the Hot Shot Debut Award.

"This is an amazing feeling," Bling said. "I always believed that this was where I belonged, and I am thankful for my label, my management and my entire team for believing in me as well.".

This is the first time the artiste has charted on Billboard, but she believes that she is destined for better.

"The work my team and I have been putting in is no joke. Believe me when I tell you, this is just the beginning," Bling said.

Still Standing isn't Vanessa Bling's first attempt at charting with an album. As Gaza Slim, she released Adidjaheim Records Presents: Introducing Vanessa Bling As Gaza Slim in 2011 which featured Vybz Kartel. Her second EP, Girl Boss, came out in 2012.

VANESSA BLING/.PSALM:35 on Instagram: "Lord I thank you 🙏Thanks to my amazing team and my fans for the love and support 🙏let's go #number1 #stillstandingEp @billboard #debut9..."

g-whizz.jpgSince fellow entertainer Popcaan posted a clip of the incident in which G Whizz chucked off into a not-crwded show and fell flat on his face on his Instagram page, the post has taken on life of its own with a multitude of persons commenting and reposting it.

However, G Whizz said that the Unruly Boss went further than just uploading the video.

"Big up Popcaan cause him post it and it go viral. Him actually message me after, and I was invited to his upcoming show in December in St Thomas," he said.

With another performance scheduled for tomorrow in Brown's Town, St Ann, he said he could not promise that he would not try the stunt again.

"I really don't know what to expect because sometime when yuh performing and the vibes a di whole show, things just happen. Same like how mi neva wake up and say mi a go jump off a di stage a Portmore today," he said.

For now G Whizz is looking forward to Unruly Fest scheduled for December 22.

876GUD on Instagram: "Him dead?😂😂"

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Him dead?😂😂

O postare distribuită de 876GUD (@popcaanmusic) pe

g-whizz.jpgEntertainer G Whizz has gone viral after a clip of him diving into fans and falling flat on his face while performing at the Release College Tour at the Portmore Community College last Monday. He sprang into the air to dive into the arms of some females who were enjoying his performance, but instead of them catching him, as he had hoped, the girls all gave him enough space to fall like a ripe breadfruit off a tree.

The "Life Soon Sort Out" singer slammed into the ground, but fortunately he says he only received a few cuts and bruises. Persons are wondering why G Whizz would have chucked off like that because there was really no crowd to catch him. In an interview with Jamaican tabloid, the Star, G Whizz is reported as saying that he was motivated by the response that he was getting from singing his hit song, he explained that he was trying to take his performance to a higher level by springing into the air, soaring like a bird for a few seconds before landing on his hands, which prevented him from suffering more severe injuries.

"The show was just full of vibes, and mi just deh deh a sing, and di crowd a sing wid mi. Di way the show get nice, mi just decide fi dweet," he told The Star.

"Before I jumped, I leaned into the crowd a couple times and the girls dem ketch mi. It was just fun, but people nuh see all a dat (his performance), dem see di drop," G Whizz added.

Now that a clip of the incident has been going viral, he said that rather than feeling embarrassed, he is laughing just as much as everybody else is.

"I was laughing when I fell, and now that it out and it gone viral and people a laugh, I am laughing too," he said.

Pointing out that it is all entertainment, G Whizz said that this is not the first time he has had a mishap while performing.

"One time when I was on stage and I was performing in Canada, my pants buss out and mi underpants a show. I was in the middle of mi show, and mi haffi continue sing. The people there were laughing too, but dem enjoy the show same way too. So a just entertainment, it come wid some spontaneous moments," he told THE STAR.

krystal-tomlinson.jpgDancehall artiste, Beenie Man and girlfriend Krystal Tomlinson have reportedly welcomed their first child together.

According to sources close to the two, Tomlinson gave birth in the last 24 hours.

Unconfirmed reports also indicate that the child, said to be a girl, is on the incubator at a prominent medical facility as the baby was a bit early.

Back in July Tomlinson announced her pregnancy for the veteran entertainer after several years of dating.

This is the first child for Tomlinson and the 12th for Beenie Man, whose real name is Moses Davis.

Sizzla to headline Chase The Cure concert

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sizzla-photo-4.jpgReggae star Sizzla will headline Chase The Cure Cancer Awareness and Benefit show next Sunday, October 14, at Turtle River Park, Ocho Rios, St Ann. The show, presented by Kloude9ine Entertainment, will also feature Tommy Lee Sparta, Macka Diamond, Lybran and Spotlight and will see the Jamaica Cancer Society benefiting with proceeds from the event.

Organiser Melvin Wright said the event came about because of experiences that family members have had with cancer.

"I'm doing this event because in late 2017 my younger sister found out that she had some cancerous abnormalities with her ovaries, and this was confirmed by four independent doctors. My sister had to schedule an emergency appointment for surgery to remove her ovaries," Wright is quoted in The Gleaner.

"Second, I currently have an uncle in Pennsylvania that is waiting to die from cancer, as not so long ago he was given less than one year to live and his health is rapidly declining," he added.

Wright, who hails from Warsop in Trelawny, has been contributing to his community in recent years. This includes donating 15 blood pressure machines, laser thermometers, chainsaws, coffee machines and other items to entities in the parish, such as medical centres and police stations.

sean-paul-photo-8.jpgSean Paul gives financial assistance to relocation of welding plant

Grammy award winning artiste, Sean Paul, having made a call for a welding plant located near the National Stadium pool, to be relocated due to the possible health hazard it presents has offered to to provide the financial assistance to the relevant authorities to complete the move.

"I am passionate about Jamaica's athletes and the energies they put into representing our country. I am also conscious of potential health and safety risks for everyone who chooses to use the facility. Not only swimmers, but netball and basketball athletes, parents, coaches, lifeguards, vendors and all staff of the stadium are equally negatively affected as they are all in close proximity to the plant. In light of this, I am petitioning for permanent removal of the welding site from the pool area to a more conducive place on the stadium grounds with very little hindrance to the workflow that, I understand, is necessary for the welding plant," he said.

Sean Paul further noted that following his recent comments on social media regarding the air pollution resulting from the welding site in close proximity to the National Stadium swimming pool, he very appreciative of the swift response by Major Desmond Brown, the general manager of Independence Park Limited -- the outfit that manages the stadium complex includes the pool.

Sean Paul is a former national waterpolo player.

Jimmy Cliff cancels shows after breaking hip

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jimmy-cliff-photo-1.jpgDr. Jimmy Cliff was forced to cancel his upcoming tour after he injured himself during a fall.

Reports are that Dr. Cliff was hospitalized after breaking his hip last month. Latifa, the wife of the legendary entertainer tells Music News that Jimmy Cliff is recovering well.

Jimmy Cliff has postponed all his shows for the month of October. His Management has apologized for the inconvenience via social media platforms.

It is not clear as to when the legendary entertainer will resume touring.

Comedian Mike Epps to make his Jamaica debut

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American comedian Mike Epps is scheduled to make his Jamaican debut at Outburst Stand-Up Comedy Series on October 27. The event is slated to unfold at the National Arena in Kingston at 8:00 pm.

Khalil Shirley, an executive at Hyperlinks Limited -- event organisers -- said the occasion will mark the first in a series of shows to be staged across the Caribbean.

"We're starting in Jamaica and then basically touring with Mike to other Caribbean countries like Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago before we return here," Shirley told the Jamaica Observer. "Based on each rotation, we should be doing two shows annually in Jamaica. Hopefully, when we return it'll be with a Chris Rock or Katt Williams.

Shirley said it was another American comedic, Cedric the Entertainer, who paved the way for Epps's debut.

"What happened was we initially had Cedric in mind, but he started shooting a show that would conflict the scheduled date so he got us on to Mike and did the negotiations for us."

Epps is known for his roles in movies like Next Friday, Friday After Next, Meet the Blacks and The Fighting Temptations. He has also appeared in the Netflix specials Don't Take It Personal (2015) and Underrated & Never Faded (2009).

New York-based social media comedian Majah Hype, who recently performed in Jamaica, is also on the bill. Four local acts including Dufton Shepherd and Leighton Smith are also set to perform.

beres-hammond-photo-2.jpgBeres Hammond and VP Records are hoping for greater success with Never Ending, his latest album, which is due for release on October 12.

"We're very excited to be releasing the Beres album. I believe it could be one of his best records yet," Christopher Chin, CEO of VP Records, said in a media release.

Never Ending follows a successful tour of the United States by Hammond, who turned 63 in August. So far two singles from the set have been issued: I'm Alive and Land of Sunshine. The album features 14 songs, mainly about love and social issues. Willie Lindo, Kirk Bennett, Handel Tucker, Errol "Flabba Holt" Carter, Leroy and David Heywood aka "Mafia & Fluxy", Winston "Bo Pee" Bowen, Dean Fraser, and Robbie Lyn are some of the producers and musicians who worked on the project.

Never Ending is Hammond's first album since the double-disc One Love, One Life, which was released in November 2012. That set debuted at number one on the Billboard Reggae Album Chart and, according to Nielsen Music, for which tracks sales in the United States sold 10,986 copies.

Hammond, who began his career in the early 1970s, recorded with the Zap Pow Band before going solo and working with guitarist/producer Lindo on ballads like One Step Ahead and I Miss You. In the 1990s he was signed to Elektra Records, which released his major label debut album In Control.

That album featured the hit single No Disturb Sign, which was popular on reggae charts in the US but failed to crack major Billboard charts. In Control, however, peaked at number seven on the Billboard Reggae Album Chart.

New EP from Munga Honorebel

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munga.jpgControversial 'Bad From Me Born' deejay, Munga Honorebel is back with a new EP........or possible a new album......three years after the release of 'Excuse Me'.

The EP is tentatively scheduled for release at year-end.

Among the producers working on the project are Anju Blaxx, JJ Wizzle, Portmore Society, Jr Bloodline, and Hilltop Records. According to him, the EP will represent his talent and showcase his growth as an artiste.

"Expect Munga Honorable with various styles, sounds and presentations," he said.

Born Damion Rhoden, Munga is from Islington, St Mary. He entered the Red Label Wine Superstar Competition in 1997. Four years later, he began touring with dancehall act Capleton.

prince-harry.jpgThe gospel choir which performed at Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding in May has announced a UK tour.

The Kingdom Choir, which performed a rendition of the Ben E. King classic, Stand By Me, will head out across the country in April/May 2019.

The choir, led by Karen Gibson, signed a record deal with Sony Music UK after impressing on the big day.

The group is set to drop its debut album on October 26.

The tour will pass through Manchester, York, Birmingham and Edinburgh, culminating in Cardiff.

Popcaan to stage Unruly Fest in St Thomas

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popcaan-photo-6.jpgUnruly Fest, which is being put on by dancehall artiste Popcaan, is set to take place in his birth parish of St. Thomas.

The event will be staged on December 22, at the Good Year Oval in Morant Bay.

The concert will feature live performances by Popcaan as well as a number of his friends from the music industry.

The deejay has been doing charity work in the parish, the most recent being a back to school treat and fun day for children in Morant Bay in August.

New single from Third World

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third-world-promo-pic-eauou-horizontal-hi-res-2017.jpgReggae Ambassadors, THIRD WORLD, remain one of the most pivotal reggae bands of all time. The band will release their first single Loving You Is Easy, off their upcoming full length album to be released in 2019, this Friday, September 28. Produced by Grammy-award winning business mogul Damian 'Jr Gong' Marley on Ghetto Youths International, Loving You Is Easy gives the listener an insight on their creative ability to maintain their artistry over four decades of music. The single will be available for download and streaming on all digital platforms.

The song embodies a smooth Reggae sound, featuring the band's beautiful signature harmonies and charismatic vibe. Stephen "Cat" Coore, founder and band leader of Third World aptly describes the single as "a cool lovers rock, it is one of those songs that is really catchy and that I think people will like. It's a sing along."

Strong vocals being synonymous with Third World, the single pays ode to a love interest whose qualities are remarkable and makes love so simple and easy. "It is a great song that expresses a nice thought about love, a people's interaction with each other from a loving point of view because it says I could love you on and on and on. It is a glamourous way of thinking about love'' explains Coore.

Current Third World members include: Stephen "Cat" Coore (guitar, cello, vocals) Richard Daley (bass), Tony "Ruption" Williams (drums, djembe), AJ Brown (lead vocals), Maurice "MG" Gregory (keyboards, vocals) & Norris "Noriega" Webb (keyboards, vocals)

Loving You Is Easy will be available for download and stream on all digital platforms worldwide. For more information, visit the band's website at

Singjay Ronnie Thwaites arrested and charged in NY

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ronnie-thwaites.jpgRonnie Thwaites has been arrested and charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon. The artiste, whose given name is Ronald Brown, was detained on Monday after New York City (NYC) police listed him as wanted for assault and stabbing.

According to a report from NYC's 47 Precinct, Brown, 51, "intentionally stabbed and slashed a male victim multiple times about the body, causing life-threatening injuries". The incident reportedly took place in the vicinity of White Plains Road and East Gun Hill Road in New York on September 20.

The victim is said to be in critical condition.

Ronnie Thwaites rose to prominence in 1991 with the release of Mr Luxury (The Wickedest Time), which was released on the Jammy's label and soared to number one in Jamaica the following year. Brown is also known for songs like Love of My Life Time, Respect Due to All Crew, Rasta Man, and Lucky Day.

Nineties singjay Ronnie Thwaites wanted in NY

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ronnie-thwaites.jpgVeteran singjay Ronnie Thwaites is being sought by the New York City (NYC) police for assault and stabbing.

According to a report from NYC's 47 Precinct, the 51-year-old (whose given name is Ronald Brown) artiste "intentionally stabbed and slashed a male victim multiple times about the body, causing life-threatening injuries".

The alleged incident took place in the vicinity of White Plains Road and East Gun Hill Road in New York on September 20. The victim is in stable but critcal condition.

The police listed Ronnie Thwaites' last known address to be in the Bronx, New York.

Thwaites is best known for his 1991 hit single Mr Luxury (The Wickedest Time).

Romain Virgo uses video shoot to get engaged

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romain-virgo-in-this-together-proposal-video.jpgSinger Romain Virgo, whose "Lovesick" album was released earlier this year, took to his official Instagram page on Saturday to announce to his over 250,000 followers that he is officially engaged to his longtime girlfriend, ELizabeth. In a video, which is also available on YouTube, a nervous Virgo revealed that he would be using their first official photo shoot as a couple to ask the life-changing question.

"Hello, world. today I'm the most excited and nervous human being in the world. Today I'm getting, mi nearly say married," he laughs in the video's intro. The video then segues into behind-the-scenes footage of how the couple prepared for the shoot. Virgo's vocals as he sings In This Together then come in.

In the middle of the shoot, in a river scene, the I Am Rich In Love singer gets down on one knee and asks his girlfriend to be his wife. An overwhelmed Elizabeth cannot hold back tears as she says yes. The singer, in the video's caption, said it took him a while before he could officially share the beautiful moment between him and his fiancÈe with the world.

Since the announcement, Romain has been receiving a flood of congratulatory messages from his fans.

Versi ditches fake friends

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He changed his name from Versatile to 'Versi' and purging a few fake friends from his coterie, Dancehall artiste Versi says the recent overhauling exercise appears to have lifted a great burden off his shoulder as he feels a greater sense of freedom annexed to a noticeable boost in both his career and online presence.

The Mountain View based deejay explained that his latter action was also the impetus for the single '3 Card Man' which continues to do well for him across the diaspora. Intent on seeing the song achieving its full potential, the artiste has enlisted the services of noted videographer Damaniac Visualz to shoot the official video which is expected to make its premiere in the days ahead.

Since the song's release, speculations have been rife about who it's aimed at. However, preferring to keep the vibe around the song positive as a form of encouragement to those dealing with 'fake friends', Versi said he will not give any credence to those speculations.

"Some people believe the song is aimed at a specific individual but the truth it's just a real song talking about real issues that we all face in life." - He said.

On the subject of his revised name, Versi added, "Changing my name was one of the best decisions I have ever made, now more people are able to find me and my content online and that is even more evident with the number of subscription and views I've received in recent months. My songs are definitely getting increased streams and radio rotations and for that I am grateful and lastly look out for the '3 Card Man' video premiering very soon."

Known for songs such as 'Wanted' and 'The Voice' the latter featuring Bounty Killer, Versi says he is pleased with the current direction of his career and will be making every effort to amplify his presence as the year draws to a close.

Known for songs such as 'Wanted' and 'The Voice' the latter featuring Bounty Killer, Versi says he is pleased with the current direction of his career and will be making every effort to amplify his presence as the year draws to a close.

Labba Labba is NOT missing

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It has been a few weeks since rumours began circulating that veteran dancer Labba Labba was missing.

Several online news sources said the entertainer went missing from his home in Trench Town, following allegations he made against dancehall artiste Beenie Man early last month regarding the murder of Gerald 'Bogle' Levy.

Other news sources went as far as to say the entertainer was feared dead after a body believed to be his was discovered recently.

However, those news items have been confirmed to be fake and Labba Labba has re-surfaced and is talking. Labba Labba said he was aware of the rumours and wanted to assure his fans that he was "alive and well".

"People, this is Labba Labba, the dancer ... I'm alive and well. I been staying off the road for a couple of days now," he said. 'I'm well and I'm good, I stay in the house mostly. From the other day there have been a lot of things about whatever took place and so I don't too come on the road."

Labba Labba got his two minutes of fame a few weeks ago after he made claims to have knowledge of who was responsible for Bogle's death.

He implicated dancehall king Beenie Man in that video that went viral, and caused quite a stir on the local music scene.

Labba Labba's statement garnered so much attention that Beenie Man had to address the issue in a television interview days after the video caught fire on social media.

Labba Labba also had to do a video apologising to the veteran deejay.

In that video, the entertainer claimed that he was intoxicated when he named the artiste as the man responsible for Bogle's death, and said it was never his intention for things to blow up the way it did.

Jamaica Music Conference November 15 - 18

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Artistes and music industry professionals are set to gather in Kingston from November 15 - 18 for the 2018 Jamaica Music Conference (JMC). The conference, now in its sixth year, is slated to offer a series of enlightening and resourceful panel discussions aimed at ensuring that industry professionals have the tools, education, networking opportunities and resources necessary to maximise their financial opportunities, as well as benefit from the digitalisation of music.

According to the organisers, there will also be discussions on other matters relating to the entertainment industry, including solidifying a stake in the global music market. Entities interested or involved in any aspect of music and culture are invited to attend. Hundreds of participants are anticipated and registration is now open at Open to all creatives and professionals across music genres, the JMC is hoping to set the landscape for building and sustaining a healthy Jamaican music industry.

Participants at the conference will be given a platform to discuss current industry challenges with peers and music industry influencers and identify solutions under the theme "Constructive Conversations: Dialogue, Discussion and Development'.

More than 15 critical panel discussions, workshops, independent music artiste showcases, and a community service day are slated to be held at various venues, including the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts, University of the West Indies (Mona), House of Dancehall, Jamnesia, Kingston Dub Club, and Boardwalk Beach in Portmore.

The JMC was founded by Kwasi Osei Bonsu, Julian Haffner, and Kairee 'S.I.G.H.' Griffin.

Protoje shares stage with Lauryn Hill

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protoje.jpgHaving kicked off the 20th anniversary tour in the United States in June, Lauryn Hill drew for local reggae star Protoje to share stage with her as she celebrated her Grammy album, 'The Mis-Education of Lauryn Hill'..

"I still can't believe it actually happened," Protoje is quoted in an interview with The Gleaner.

Protoje was billed to perform with Hill on September 7 in Las Vegas, Nevada, alongside Nas and Iman Omari, then again on September 9 in San Diego, California, alongside Kelela. "We never actually spoke until after my concert with her. I guess she heard my music and thought it was a good fit," he said.

The Like This singer was introduced to Hill through her work with The Fugees. After listening to the group's album The Score, Protoje said he became obsessed with the lyricist. "I thought she was the illest rapper. Then when she did The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, I saw the whole scope of her artistry. She is truly in a class by herself," he said.

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill was released to critical acclaim in 1998. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 Chart, and earned the singer Grammies for Album of the Year and Best New Artiste. It remains Hill's only solo studio album.

This year continues to be a winning one for the reggae artiste, following his bucket-list performance with Hill. Protoje also launched his first Japan tour, which runs from September 15-24. "When people from a different culture show you so much love, it's such a feeling. Man, I'm in Tokyo now and the love is crazy," he tweeted on Sunday.

Protoje will make his way across the Land of the Rising Sun alongside selector/producer Yaadcore on the A Matter of Time - Dubwise Tour.


In the meantime, Jah Cure has been silent on the matter. To date he has not addressed the matter on social media, his favourite platform for his voice to be heard.

Chozenn chooses controversy

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affluent-jamaica-on-instagram-listen-di-fruit-a-di-spirit-anuh.jpgSome social media users are today blasting gospel act Chozenn for his latest single. They were responding after the gospel entertainer uploaded his rendition of Jada Kingdom's song Banana to Instagram.

According to the controversial gospel entertainer, he made the post after seeing school girls doing a banana challenge on the social media platform.

However, some social media users have bashed the gospel singer with some accusing him of taking it too far, and others suggesting that he should write his own gospel songs instead of remaking secular tracks.

In the IG post, Chozenn said; "the fruit of the spirit is not banana."

Earlier this year, Chozenn received heavy backlash for his remake of Dovey Magnum's popular dancehall track "Bwaal Out" and Rygin King's Tuff. The gospel singer was especially chastised by church goers.

Affluent Jamaica on Instagram: "Listen!! Di fruit a di spirit, anuh banana 🤣🍌 #Chozenn #chozennbelike #bananaremixchallenge #bananaremix"

face-boy-on-instagram-dancehall-parties-be-like-jm-tagyourdj.jpgDovey Magnum has been complaining that selectors are playing too much bad man tune, and ignoring girls anthems, such as her single "Bawl Out".

Many fans agreed with her and now, social media personality Jaifrais has created a video that captures exactly the essence of what Dovey has been saying.

Face Boy on Instagram: "Dancehall Parties Be Like 😂🇯🇲 #TagYourDJ #TagUnnuFriendDem • • • #UTOPIA September 21st @somc_nyc"

New single from Vybz Kartel keps Gazanation happy

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vybz-kartel-photo-32.jpgGazanation fans have been asking for new music for the past few months, and now it's here.

"Teacha come back and a beat them bad wid da one ya, can't stop him he's Michael Jordan of dancehall it's that simple," one fan wrote while another added, "Take time with them Teach a you a run the place for the Christmas every fly get lick weh."

Linton "TJ" White teases the cover art for Vybz Kartel upcoming album this week. It's unclear if this new single "She Say" will be featured on the upcoming project. The dancehall hitmaker, real name Adidja Palmer, is currently awaiting the verdict in his appeal case which wrapped in the Jamaica Court of Appeal in July of this year. A verdict could arrive any given moment after the high court judges revealed that they would place some priority on the case given the vast public interest.

Vybz Kartel is reportedly in good spirit although a tense atmosphere surrounds the case as he and his three co-accused, Shawn Storm, Andre St John, and Kahira Jones, awaits their fate. The four men are hoping for the very least a new trial, but ultimately their lawyers are gunning for a full acquittal. The court may also reduce the conviction if it sees fit.

Is Labba Labba missing?

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Labba Labba has reportedly gone missing following controversial statements made recently about the Doctor Beenie Man and his alleged involvement in Bogle's death in 2005.

Labba Labba has since backtracked claiming that he was drunk and later issuing an apology to both Beenie Man and Tristan Palmer, whose son he claims was paid $100,000 for the hit.

According to reports, the veteran dancer has not been seen in days by friends or family who are now worried that something may have happened to him following his controversial statements.

"Almost a week now nobody sees or hear from him and trust me a lot of people worried right now," a family member reportedly posted to social media. The police have yet to confirm if any missing person report has been filed.

Bogle was shot and killed by unknown assailants in January 2005 while waiting at a Texaco service station in Kingston.

Grammy award winners Damian Marley, Stephen Marley, Mojo Morgan (Morgan Heritage), Sean Paul, Ed Sheeran and Wyclef Jean are among the acts who have all contributed to Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica , the latest project by Jamaican producer Sean "Contractor" Edwards.

Contractor noted that the aim of the 15-track album hosted by The DJ Grid is to bring an all-star cast uniting reggae/dancehall and pop music under the tag 'tropical house' that has been used in recent years to identify pop hits influenced by Jamaican reggae and dancehall music.

"On one of my yearly UK trips I had the chance to meet, develop a friendship and subsequently get into music business with Jethro Sheeran, first cousin of Ed Sheeran. Ed having been influenced with the sounds of my island, [it] just seemed serendipitous for what I was trying to do," Contractor explained.

"Jamaican music has always been an influence to the world and it is more so visible now-a-days -- at anytime on television, commercials and the airwaves. There is no denying or stopping it's prominence. I guess the saying 'If you can't beat them, join them' holds some truth. We are actively working on two more albums. One is Hip Hop cruises to Jamaica which is a straight hip hop album which will feature Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Missy Elliott, Flo-Rida and many more. The other album we are coming out with is called Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica Deluxe Edition and this is another reggae album."

This compilation also includes cuts from VH1 Love and Hip Hop star Safaree featuring Sean Kingston; Swiss reggae artist Cookie The Herbalist and the legendary Lee "Scratch" Perry; Rollie Fresh; Chronixx, Sizzla and Tony D.

Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica was digitally released by the Contractor Music Group and distributed by Atlanta-based Amada Records under the EAE Management Group.

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shelly-ann-fraser-pryce.jpgDouble Olympic champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and former world and Olympic champion Veronica Campbell-Brown are the only women on the

September edition of the Forbes list of the 10 richest Jamaican born sports stars.

The number one position belongs to former New York Knicks center Patrick Ewing who has a total net worth of US$275 million.

Triple world record holder Usain Bolt occupies second spot with a net worth of $60 million.

Raheem Sterling ($53m) who plays for the English national team and Manchester City is third on the list followed by explosive West Indies opening batsman Chris Gayle ($15m).

Sub 10 second king Asafa Powell, the former 100m world record holder rounds out the top five on the list with an estimated worth of $6.5 million.

In sixth place is Nesta Carter ($5.3m) the sixth fastest man in history followed by double Olympic champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce who is seventh at $4.5m.

Completing the top ten are New England Patriots safety Patrick Chung ($4.3m), former world and Olympic champion Veronica Campbell-Brown ($2.6m) and 2011 world 100m champion Yohan Blake ($2.3m).

Mavado's son for court Friday

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mavado-and-son.jpgMavado's teenage son who is currently housed at the Metcalfe Street Secure Juvenile Remand Centre should hopefully know his fate as it relates to bail this week.

The youngster is expected to go before the court on Friday, September 14.

The teen was charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, shooting with intent, and illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition.

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mavado-photo-12-large.jpgThe public is still awaiting an update on whether or not dancehall singjay, Mavado, is still wanted for questioning

In June, tough-talking law enforcement officials urged the dancehall entertainer to turn himself in for questioning in relation to the flare-up of violence in Cassava Piece, St Andrew community

The Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), they suggested we contact the Hunts Bay Police. However, when the Hunts Bay Police was contacted they said they did not have any information.

So did Mavado turn himself into the police? Or will the dancehall singjay contemplate a lawsuit against the government for defamation or slander?

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Trojan Records documentary for London Film Festival

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rudeboy-documentary-trojan-records.jpgRudeboy: The Story of Trojan Records, a documentary about British reggae company, premiers at the London Film Festival on October 12. The 86-minute film is directed by Nicolas Jack Davies.

According to a press release from the London Film Festival, Rudeboy is more than just music. It represents Trojan's legacy as a forerunner in exposing Jamaican music in the United Kingdom during the 1960s and 1970s, when rocksteady and reggae were largely ignored by mainstream radio in that country.

"The seeds for the multicultural society we live in now were formed on the dancefloor back in the day," says British punk/reggae authority Don Letts in the documentary's intro.

The film is part of year-long celebrations marking Trojan's golden anniversary. A book and multitrack album have also been released.

Trojan was actually founded in 1967 by Lee Gopthal, a Jamaican accountant who migrated to the UK in the early 1950s. The label helped introduce songs like Desmond Dekker and The Aces' (007) Shantytown and Israelites to white British fans, and followed up with a series of hits by Jimmy Cliff, Dandy Livingstone and Tony Tribe in the late 1960s.

By the 1970s only Island Records (once Trojan's parent company) was stronger in the UK reggae market than Gopthal's independent venture. Trojan distributed the music of major Jamaican artistes like John Holt whose 1000 Volts of Holt album was a massive seller; the company also helped push Ken Boothe's Everything I Own to number one on the British national chart in 1974.

Though a volume of compilation albums were popular throughout the UK, mismanagement led to Trojan going into liquidation by the mid-1970s. It was bought by different interests over the years including Saga Records and the Sancutary Records Group. It is currently owned by German company, BMG. Gopthal had long left the music business when he died in 1997 at age 58.

Davies is the man behind Rudeboy: The Story of Trojan Records. He is known for his visual work with high-profile British acts acts such as PJ Harvey, Coldplay and Mumford & Sons.

Davies directed The Road To Red Rocks, a documentary that focused on Mumford & Sons' 2013 American tour. That documentary was nominated for Best Music Film at the 2014 Grammy Award.

Rudeboy Documentary - Trojan Records

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Catch the new cha cha dance from Ravers

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capleton.jpgCapleton is set to return to Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court later this month after the trial last week was marred due to a bomb threat.

The entertainer's lawyer, Christopher Townsend explained that Capleton's legal team is awaiting a police investigation into claims that the deejay was extorted.

In April, Capleton was slapped with rape charges after he was accused by a hairdresser. The dancehall deejay has since denied the accusations claiming he was extorted.

Capleton is to reappear in court on September 21.

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GO FREDDIE GO! The Big Ship sails out of the US

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freddie-mcgregor-go-freddie-go-official-music-video.jpgVeteran reggae singer Freddie Mcgregor, CEO of Big Ship Records, has covered 35 states and wrapped up over 40 shows during his recent "Go Freddie Go" tour in the United States.

Freddie recently stated that "Go Freddie Go" which marked his first US tour in almost 30 years; was a fantastic trek which saw him driving across 35 states with his band.

The Big Ship head honcho last toured the United States in 1989 with Dennis Brown and Lt Stitchie.

The legendary reggae singer is currently promoting his latest single "Go Freddie Go" which was released in March on the VP Records label.

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beenie-man-photo-7.jpgDespite a public denial that he had absolutely nothing to do with the death of iconic dancer 'Bogle', the story continues to take twists. The most recent speculation is that Beenie Man revealed in a song of that era that he have revealed that he knows Bogle's killer in a song he previously released.

Beenie Man was thrust back into the spotlight over the killing when retired dancer Labba Labba did an impromptu interview and made some damning accusations that Beenie paid $100,000 to have Bogle killed. The dancehall legend was also accused of being involved in the killing back in January 2005.

Beenie recently did an interview on OnStage where he once again denied having any involvement in Bogle's murder. Labba Labba also released a new video apologizing to the Doc saying that he was drunk when he made the accusations. Still, some fans think that Beenie Man had something to do with the legendary dancer's killing and went and unearthed an old song where he deejays about knowing who killed his friend Bogle.

Urbanislandz on Instagram: "#beenieman old song surfaced about #bogle death"

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#beenieman old song surfaced about #bogle death

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tifa-photo-3.jpgNASTY! That is the word Tifa is using to describe the Dancehall music business. As a matter of fact, it is so nasty that Tifa wants to quit.

During a radio interview last week, the Dancehall diva explained why she has been saying that she is tired of it all.

"The industry has gotten nasty.... I think it is the nattiest i have even seen it," Tifa said.

According to Tifa, Dancehall is now filled with "a lot alliances and buyouts." She alleged that industry insiders are paying disc jocks not to play other artistes songs, sponsoring shows not to add other entertainers on the lineup plus a slew of other corruption.

She also charged that persons are trying to hold her down to try let others rise. Tifa shared that she has been in Dancehall for over 10 years and does not believe she should be fighting for her place.

Bugle rocks the world with collab with Razz

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bugle-feat-razz-world-party-2018-release.jpgReggae singer Bugle is rocking the world with his latest release entitled, World Party. A collaboraion with Razz --- of Razz and Biggy fame --- World party is legit taking over the world.

bugle-photo-4.jpgBy the way, we have to big up the Anointed One for his philantrophy. His back-to-school event was awesome.

Video for Future Fambo Gucci Mane collab out now

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future-fambo-how-we-living-remix-ft-gucci-mane.jpgDancehall artiste Future Fambo is making waves after recently releasing the visuals for "How We Living Remix," featuring rapper Gucci Mane.

The "Rum & Redbull" star returned with a bang following a notable hiatus from the Dancehall scene with the brand new track, which is produced by White Gad Records.

future-fambo.jpgLast Friday the deejay dropped the music video for the single, which features platinum selling Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane, and has managed to rack up over 130,000 views on his VEVO account.

The music video sees the veteran entertainer enjoying a lavish lifestyle, partying in a mansion with dozens of beautiful women and friends.

Gully Bop's ex Shauna Chyn a deadbeat mom?

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gully-bop-and-shauna-chin-kissing.jpgEven as Amari is lamenting Gully Bop's illness, another of the 50-odd year old entertainer's exes, Shauna Chyn is getting flack from her babyfather.

In a video uploaded to social media, Chyn's baby daddy claiming that Shauna neglected her son three months after giving birth. The man revealed that the "Control Button" singer took their child without his consent last month and registered him in a new school.

He added that Shauna Chyn failed to play an active role in the child's upbringing, despite him making several attempts for her to be a mother for their son.

But it was only a few days ago that Shauna Chyn posted a pic of her son on IG, showing him of on his first day back at school.

IAMSHAUNACHYN on Instagram: "I didnt want to share my child but due to how genna genna clean n out. He's the one i work so hard for cause I want him to have what I..."

Amari sad that her 'boo' Gully Bop is very sick

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gully-bop-and-amari.jpgamari.jpgAmari has taken to social media to lament the illness of her ex-fiance, Gully Bop, but Amari is not saying exactly what Bop is suffering from.

'mari says she is scared of losing her ex-fiancé Gully Bop.

A'mari says she is fearful his health could be taking a turn for the worst.

"I've tried so many ways to deal with Boo being sick. I tell myself that he's still the boo i know that i could go toe to toe with on social godfather. Now I'm arguing with you and you don't answer me back. I hope I'm not losing you. Don't know what i would do," she said.

A few months ago Amari declared she was willing to fight for Bop, who she says is the love of her life, following their bitter fallout.

"We were musical partners. [He was] my fiancé and the person who truly discovered me. He was my soulmate, and I need him back in my life. If it doesn't happen in this life, when we die, I hope we will reconcile," she said.

Gully Bop is set to return to court on assault charges after he was arrested and charged with physically assaulting his wife during a dispute in Nuts River in St Thomas several months ago.

The deejay's case was transferred to the drug court following additional accusations that he had been abusing drugs and alcohol, including cocaine and marijuana.

shenseea-ig.jpgSpice has called herself the queen of the Dancehall and now Shenseea is the queen-in-waiting, as she has dubbed herself the princess. Well fans had quite a lot to say about that on social media -- both positive and negative.

It all started when Shenseea posted a picture of herself and Spice with the following caption:

"In the middle of my performance she walked in and some of her #Smurfs saw her and started to create excitement! She literally STOPPED until I finished my song to avoid any disturbances..and for that my Team and I have a different level of respect for you @spiceofficial 👏🏾👏🏾, she said

"Spice a di Queen, so me a wah? Nuh must Princess! Who next? Just face it a so di ting set! 🎶 PS: U cut off your legs for specific reasons me wish me cudda cut out my face cause I just performed so my hair and make up all messy🤣🤣🤣 #nuffLove#SugarANDSpice #HardWorkingFemales#Dancehall 🇯🇲" .

Below are some of the comments that greeted Shenseea's claim to the royal title:

"no sah.. Khalia is on the same level of no talent as Shenocean.. Goodly worse. Better u root for Vanessa Bling 😩," one fan wrote while another lamented "Shensea ain't no prinny.... Spice barely a d queen so how she fi b princess... Shensea deven have 3 hits inna r career."

However, the commentary was not all negative for the deejay as Shenseea did receive some support from several fans.

"@shenseea a definitely the princess after nuh body else nah work as hard or have the numbers like her," one fan wrote in her defense.

The debate rages on. Is Shenseea really the Dancehall Princess?

Oshane Wayne Thompson, 24, a former member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, who fled to the US while being sought in connection with the fatal shooting of an entertainer in St. Mary, has been charged with murder. A day after he was deported by US law enforcement, Thompson. has been charged for the murder of 31 year-old Kriston Pearson, otherwise called Insta Boss, who was an entertainer of Islington, St Mary.

The ex-cop, who is being represented by attorney Peter Champagnie, is booked to appear in the St Mary Parish Court on Monday.

Mr Champagnie says that he will be applying for bail, adding that his client was acting in self-defence when the incident occured.

Thompson, who fled island in May last year was flown to Jamaica on Thursday and was arrested on arrival by the Bureau of Special Investigations. In March this year, he was arrested on immigration charges by deportation officers in New Jersey. The US State Department revoked his visa after the authorities received information that he was in New York.

On August 2, the former cop was ordered removed by an immigration judge in New York City, and waived his right to appeal.

Thompson was implicated in the fatal shooting of Mr Pearson at a dance in Trinity, Port Maria on May 7, 2017.

Bounty hails Beres on his birthday

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Whitney Houston film to premiere in Jamaica

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whitney-houston.jpgAcademy Award-winning filmmaker Kevin McDonald latest documentary, Whitney, is to premiere in Jamaica on September 9.

The screening of the documentary will be held at the Courtleigh auditorium with all proceeds raised in aid of the St.Elizabeth-based foundation Breds.

Following the film, McDonald is set to host what promises to be an insightful question and answer session.

McDonald's film, which was approved by the late singer's estate, chronicles the life of singer Whitney Houston from her childhood in New Jersey to the heights of success and stardom in the music industry through to the singer's unfortunate decline due to drug abuse.

The film boasts never before seen footage, intimate interviews and unheard versions of the late icon's music.

Breds is a foundation which focuses on engages youths on the island's south coast with a focus on creating social change through sport and facilitates.

"We know that the potential for drug abuse by a child is every parent's concern -- especially during the adolescent years when they are most vulnerable," said Jason Henzell, Chairman of Breds.

"Participating in sports alone may not be the solution, but we have seen first hand how being involved in camps and programs such as ours helps keep the youth engaged, builds self-confidence and fosters camaraderie with others, which we believe is definitely a step towards prevention,"added Henzell.

marion-hall-photo-2.jpgAs part of its 50th anniversary celebrations the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) is partnering with Digicel to host the Harbour Fest to be held along the Kingston Waterfront on Friday, August 31.

The event is slated to include a mix of Jamaican food, craft and live entertainment for the entire family.

Patrons will get to enjoy product samplings and service offerings, free medical checks, while children will be accommodated in a designated 'kiddies village'.

According to UDC Director of Corporate Communication, Lorna Clarke, "the staging of Harbour Fest represents the corporation's commitment to its mandate of facilitating the restoration of downtown Kingston and promoting it as a preferred venue for business and social events".


The UDC will also use the opportunity to reward 19 children of members of staff who were successful in the recent GSAT examinations, while Digicel will announce the final winner of its Set Fi Di Summa promotion.

"We are ending summer 2018 on a high note and we couldn't think of a better way to do it than to award one lucky Digicel customer at Harbour Fest with $100,000 as the final winner in our Set Fi Di Summa promotion. With over 4,000 winners in the overall promotion, we are happy to have helped to fulfil the dreams of so many Digicel customers," said Digicel Public Relations and Communications Manager, Elon Parkinson.

Harbour Fest is a renewed recreational activity first organised by the UDC and partners over a decade ago and has expanded its offerings to attendees, thanks to the support of Digicel, Waterfront Medical and The Jamaica Defence Force Coast Guard, UDC said.

The event will see live performances from Minister Marion Hall, Wayne Marshall, Chi Ching Ching, Etana and will last from 11:00 am until 7:00 pm.

Saint model Kimali stars in Balenciaga campaign

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SAINT model Kimali Morgan is starring in the just-released Fall/Winter 2018 global advertising campaign for Balenciaga, one of the biggest designer labels in the fashion world.

Kimali, is a resident of the downtown Kingston inner-city community of Denham Town, and was scouted by Saint CEO and Founder Deiwght Peters a few years at his alma mater Denham Town High School.

Kimali shot his campaign over three days earlier this year in Hollywood, Los Angeles. The campaign is now appearing in major fashion industry publications around the world.

His success marks the 8th Saint Model to be booked exclusively by Balenciaga.

Stephen and Damian Marley combined three years ago to support the efforts of the Bob Marley Foundation in its support for the Reggae Girlz campaign.

'Strike Hard' produced by Stephen Marley has been the theme guiding the preparation and participation of the squad in recent competitions.

The brothers were encouraged to lend their support by Global Ambassador for Jamaica's women's football programme Cedella Marley.

The track includes background vocals by Cedella.

19-y-o crowned Miss Universe Jamaica

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Miss Universe Jamaica 2018 has been crowned.

She is Emily Madison, a past student of Campion College, walked away with the prestigious crown after an intense night of competition at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel on Friday night.

A crowd favourite, it came as little surprise when her name was announced as winner. She had already won four sectional prizes, including Best in Swimwear, Best in Evening Gown, and Miss Photogenic.

She further won the crowd's approval when her question required her to reveal her best quality, and state how that quality would help her achieve her goals as Miss Universe Jamaica. Opting not to answer with a typical response, Madison said that at 19 years old, her inexperience is perhaps her best quality. She explained that her inexperience allows her to take on each situation she's faced with as a challenge, as she never knows what to expect.

Kayla Smith and Khadejah Anderson gave Madison some stiff competition, as both also did well in the interview segment. Smith, who placed third, takes over the reigns as Miss Intercontinental Jamaica, and Anderson who placed second, will wear the crown of Miss Grand Jamaica. Both will represent Jamaica at the respective global competitions.

Madison will, of course represent Jamaica in the global Miss Universe pageant slated for Bangkok, Thailand, in December.

The highlight performance of the night came from Wayne Marshall, whose gospel song had the entire audience singing word for word.

Bishop Everton Thompson, the pastor who performed the ceremony in which Marion Hall became an ordained minister, says once a track is a clean gospel song, Christians should not be quick to judge the artiste who sings it.

The pastor explained to THE STAR newspaper that not much is known about the lifestyle of the persons who wrote some of the ancient gospel hymns that are used during worship.

He believes that artistes who record gospel songs may intend to accept the faith, and it is the duty of the church to help them to build a relationship with God.

Bishop Thompson's comments come after a recent online squabble between Bounty Killer and producer Cordel 'Skatta' Burrell.

Skatta drew the ire of Bounty Killer after he commented: "Biblical gods don't exist, Killa," on a video that the deejay had posted on his Instagram page in which he spoke about the possibility of turning to Christianity.

"Bredda hold your own philosophy and thoughts about God, I'm speaking on my behalf. If that's how you felt or think about the Almighty God, your choice. But God made man and man made Bible. God inna mankind not Bible. When you did much younger and a struggle and suffer, this wasn't your outlook on God, bredda," responded Bounty Killer, who recently recorded Thank You For The Blessing with Wayne Marshall.

In addressing the issue in an Instagram live video afterwards, Skatta said that going into the church was not the right thing for Bounty Killer, who was once the self-proclaimed 'Warlord' of dancehall music.

Skatta also noted that artistes who perform violent lyrics are often judged by Christians, even if they have other songs in which they are praising God.

beenie-man-photo-8.jpgBeenie Man says he is not paying Labba Labba or the haters any mind because they are just trying to tear down his career. Beenie Man is also alleging that someone paid Labba Labba to lie about his involvement in Bogle's murder so that they could sabotage his Summer Sizzle show.

"Labba Labba is a man that don't do anything for his life, them man there move from boss to boss and people to people, that man is my don and that man," Beenie added. "Any man can manipulate Labba Labba, give him some money and say "say this' and show him on camera doing it because them man there is nothing."

Last week, Labba Labba, made some questionable allegations against Beenie Man whom he said is responsible for Bogle's death. Beenie Man is making it clear that he has nothing to do with the dancer's death. This is not the first time that Beenie has come under scrutiny over the 2005 murder. At the time, he had to leave the island for a few months because his life was in danger.

The Doctor made the allegations to Winford Williams on OnStage this weekend.

He stated: "The police did their thorough investigation. They questioned who they should question, and they never questioned me, I was never brought to a police station, there is no evidence pointing to show that I was involved in any way at all."

Vershon to be banned from Clarendon?

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Dancehall artiste Vershon could be set for a lengthy ban from performing within the parish of Clarendon following an altercation with police officers at Beenie Man's Summer Sizzle Festival.

According to the "Inna Real Life" singjay, he has heard rumours that police are plotting a two-year performance ban against him following an altercation which took place at the event which was staged in the parish.

The sinjay took to Instagram earlier this week shedding light on the incident where he says he was disrespected by police officers after he refused to hand over a beer bottle from which he was drinking.

The deejay went on to blast the cops for abusing their power, claiming that he did nothing wrong in the situation.

Reports indicate that a scuffle occurred between the entertainer and a senior policeman after the deejay refused to hand over the bottle. He claims he was draped and ruffed up by the officer who later told several persons that he would be banned from performing within the parish.

Veteran dancer Labba Labba refreshes rumours of Beenie Man's alleged involvement in the murder of iconic dancer Bogle.

The veteran Dancehall artiste is facing fresh scrutiny following allegations by veteran dancer Labba Labba, who claims he allegedly paid a hitmen to kill the legendary dancer back in 2005.

According to Labba Labba, the veteran entertainer paid a man called Chris Royal $100,000 to kill the iconic dancer.

jah-cure.jpgGrammy nominated Jah Cure's video for "Risk it All" featuring Haitian American singer Phyllisia Ross is now available. Released last week, the single is the first from his upcoming album with VP Records and included in this year's 25th Anniversary of Reggae Gold.

The visuals embody express the songs meaning of doing whatever it takes for their love to flourish. Jah Cure and Phyllisia narrate the story of childhood love that was threatened by the girls father and has prevailed through adulthood.

Produced by Jah Cure For Iyah Cure Production, the rhythmic love song showcases the reggae crooners raw, effortless and poetic vocals. Jah Cure and Phyllisia have a history of collaborations with previous hit singles "Call on Me" and "Unconditional Love".

In 2015, Jah Cure was nominated for his first Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album. The album held the #1 spot for 3 consecutive weeks after its debut and steadily remained on the Top 10 U.S. Billboard Reggae Album Chart since its July 2015 release.

"Risk it All, is a perfect re-introduction to Jah Cure and his upcoming release," said Stephen Chin, project manager at VP Records. "The song has all of the elements that his fans love and the added vocals of Phyllisia Ross make it a scorching summer jam."

OUT NOW! 'Can't Bring Me Down' by Red Sage

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DJ's and Press Click Here For a Free Download of Red Sage's Brand New Single "Can't Bring Me Down"

cant-bring-me-down.jpgRoots Musician Records is proud to announce the brand new release from Red Sage, "Can't Bring Me Down". Red Sage is a collective of musicians hailing from Colorado's thriving music scene. The group brings a blend of reggae, latin, blues, and soul influences that is combined to make an interesting type of roots music.

The music is inspired by true life, current events, as well as a will to spread love throughout the darkest corners of the world.

"Can't Bring Me Down" sends a message to the listener to never let anyone bring down their spirit, and keep their heads held high throughout dark times. "Can't Bring Me Down" was mixed and mastered by E.N Young at Imperial Sound Recording Studio in Imperial Beach California.

We hope you enjoy the free download link to the song below and please add it to your playlists and mixes today!

DJ's and Press Click Here For a Free Download of Red Sage's Brand New Single "Can't Bring Me Down"


aretha.jpgAretha Franklin is "gravely ill" and surrounded by her friends and family in Detroit, a person close to the soul singer confirmed. The person, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the singer is seriously ill.

Showbiz411's Roger Friedman, who first reported the news of Franklin is "gravely ill" on Sunday, said the Queen of Soul's family is "asking for prayers and privacy." Franklin's family also confirmed the news to WDIV Local 4. No further details about her health were immediately available, and reps for Franklin did not respond to Fox News' request for comment.


Franklin's friend, journalist Roland Martin, tweeted a photo of her at her birthday party in 2016 along with a message to followers seemingly confirming the singer's condition.

"Many of you are asking me to confirm the health status of @ArethaFranklin. Folks, I've known for several months. The Queen is surrounded by loved ones. That's all I will say for now. Please keep her, the family and her longtime support staff in your prayers."

denique-birth.jpgEntertainer Denyque and her husband Careem Mullings are following the trend set by celebrities and have already set up an Instagram account for their newborn.

The baby, a boy named Conner Dash, was delivered on Wednesday. Connor Dash's Instagram page is private.

Denique's husband, Careem Mullings, posted photos of his pregnant wife, moments before delivery, as well as an image of the newborn in his arms.

Careem has edited his own profile to reflect the fact that he is now a father and Denyque has added 'Mama' to her profile..

Denique, a Miss Universe Jamaica 2016 finalist, had kept her pregnancy private even though persons began speculating during the time of Jamaica Carnival in April that she was expecting a child.

Honorary Doctorate from UWI for Monty Alexander

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monty-alexander.jpgOver five decades of performances and more than 70 CDs later, award-winning Jamaican-born jazz maestro, Monty Alexander, is being bestowed with a honorary doctorate degree from the University of West Indies, (UWI). Alexander, born Montgomery Bernard Alexander on D-Day in Kingston, Jamaica, will be presented with an Honorary Doctor of Letters from the UWI Mona Campus this November.

The degree was approved by the University's Council and will be conferred at the 2018 graduation ceremonies and presented by Chancellor Robert Bermudez.

The man, who singer extraordinaire, Tony Bennett, has declared put on one of the "best jazz shows" he has ever seen, will be one of four stellar Caribbean-born musicians who will be presented with honorary doctorates by UWI.

They include Bajan star Rihanna; fellow Jamaican artist Grace Jones, and Winston A. Bailey, aka the Mighty Shadow, from Trinidad and Tobago.

In commenting on the incredible recognition and prestigious honor, Alexander said humbly: "I have a sense of great privilege and gratitude."

Alexander began his musical career at age four by playing Christmas carols by ear. By age 5, he was entertaining neighbors and relatives and at age 6, he was taking his first piano lessons.

Alexander began playing in local Kingston clubs at 14, when he also made his first recordings, some as leader of a group called Monty and the Cyclones, and others as a sideman for such legendary producers as Ken Khouri (Federal Records), Duke Reid (Treasure Isle), and Clement Coxsone Dodd at Studio One.

These early sessions for Federal, which Alexander describes as "not calypso music, but the beginning of Ska," included such subsequently famous talents as trombonist Don Drummond, tenor saxophonist Roland Alphonso and guitarist Ernest Ranglin.

Alexander is most widely known as an upper echelon master of the swinging piano trio function, as he has demonstrated with several top-shelf groups, including iconic units with bassist John Clayton and drummer Jeff Hamilton, and with the legendary bassist Ray Brown and guitarist Herb Ellis.

He also performs frequently with Harlem-Kingston Express, a double trio in which he coalesces his love for hard-swinging jazz with musical flavors that reflect his Jamaican heritage, shifting between an acoustic trio and master Jamaican practitioners of electric bass and drums. He debuted the project at Jazz at Lincoln Center in 2009 and documented it both on the Grammy-nominated 2011 CD, Harlem-Kingston Express: LIVE, and its 2014 Soultrain Award nominated follow-up, Harlem Kingston Express 2: The River Rolls On (Motéma).

For more on the Monty Alexander and his amazing brand of jazz, visit him on YouTube or at You can also like him on Facebook at or keep up to date on his performance on Twitter at @montyHKE.

rihanna-photo-2.jpgThe University of the West Indies UWI has released new information regarding the award of an honorary doctorate to Barbadian singer, Rihanna.

She was listed as one of three to receive an Honorary Doctor of Letters from the Cave Hill Campus in a ceremony on October 20.

In a statement the UWI disclosed that Rihanna, unfortunately, will not be able to receive the award this year because of scheduling commitments.

The UWI Cave Hill, Barbados campus has chosen to honour the charitable singer with a special dissertation.

The honorary degree should have been presented to her at a special ceremony scheduled for October 20 at the Cave Hill Campus in her homeland Barbados.

Rihanna received The Harvard Foundation award for Humanitarian of the Year in 2017.

Kei Kei drops out of Rising Stars

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Danielle Kei Kei Shelton has decided to make a premature departure from Season 15 of the Digicel Rising Stars Competition.

Her decision to quit the show follows countless online criticisms about her performances.

This is the first time in the show's 14-year history that a contestant has dropped out.

The singer says she does not have the mental "toughness" that is required to remain in the competition and has apologised to her voters for not continuing with the show.

Her decision has been supported by the show's producer, Sharon Schroeter.

jamaican-paper-money.jpgUnconfirmed reports are that Shemara Todd, the wife of artiste manager and businessman, Corey Todd was rrobbed after she was shot and injured last Friday.

According to reports a large sum of cash was taken from the businesswoman car by people that was at the scene of the accident after she was shot multiple times by gunmen on a motorcycle.

This is the second shooting incident involving Todd and his family in the last few years. In 2014, the businessman was shot and injured during a robbery incident in Montego Bay outside of his nightclub Taboo.

Corey became a well-known figure in dancehall by his business affiliation with Vybz Kartel, the two launched the "Street Vybz Rum" which was a hot seller.

Currently, the popular nightclub owner is the manager of Dancehall artiste Masicka.

UWI to confer 17 with honorary degrees

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International music and fashion icon, Jamaican Grace Jones, fellow entertainers, Trinidadian Winston Bailey, more popularly known as Mighty Shadow, former cricketers Shivnarine Chanderpaul from Guyana and Michael Anthony Holding from Jamaica are among 17 persons to be conferred with honorary degrees by The University of the West Indies UWI at its graduation ceremonies in October.

The UWI says the honorary graduands represent a cross-section of eminent people in the arts, sciences and other fields.

The university says their degrees, which were approved by the University Council, will be presented by Chancellor Robert Bermudez.

The schedule of graduation ceremonies begins October 13 at the Open Campus in St Lucia and continues on October 20 at the Cave Hill Campus, October 25 to 27 at the St Augustine Campus and November 2 to 3 at the Mona Campus.

Each ceremony will be streamed live allowing friends, family and well-wishers to view the proceedings.

drake.jpgDrake has finally unleashed the accompanying video to his massive 2018 hit, 'In My Feelings'!

The 'Scorpion' cut, currently sitting pretty at #1 on the Hot 100, blast onto the charts thanks to the inescapable #InMyFeelings challenge and - if its star-studded music video has anything to do with it - won't be loosening its grip from the top any time soon.

Shot in New Orleans and featuring the legendary TV actress Phylicia Rashad and actress/model/TV hostess Lala Anthony among its supporting cast, look inside to see the highly anticipated visual:

Drake - In My Feelings

blac-chyna-photo-3.jpgThe drama between Blac Chyna and her mother, Tokyo Toni has just gotten a whole lot uglier. Toni previously reached out to Amber Rose, urging her to get through to her daughter and let her spend time with her grandchildren. According to her, she hasn't seen either Dream or King Cairo in two years and she's getting insanely frustrated. In a fit of rage, Tokyo Toni absolutely blasted her daughter for keeping the kids away from her, calling her one of the things you never want to hear in your life.

The lengthy social media rant was likely the worst of them all so far. Describing her strained relationship with Chyna and bringing up both Tyga and Rob Kardashian, Toni made some ugly claims about her daughter. Speaking directly to the camera, she said, "Blac Chyna, the name I gave you was Angela Renee. The disrespect that you have been giving me for the past, quite a few years, I've tolerated. Because I'm your momma, you're the only child, but you better keep in your mind I'm a bad b-tch." Proceeding to prove her "bad b-tch" status, she dragged her own daughter with the following statement: "Oh fuck birthing you b-tch... that was a mistake, just happened to come into play. You was a statutory rape baby."

I don't know about you but that's a pretty heartbreaking thing to hear. Social media is clearly not the place to be airing out all this family drama. Hopefully, this gets Chyna to pick up the phone and bring the kids over to see their grandmother. Watch the video below.

New video from Vybz Kartel

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Kartel drops the video for his Dre Skull-produced single "Real Bad Gal."

Some of you may be familiar with this beat from PARTYNEXTDOOR's single "Not Nice" which sampled this track before the original even came out. Earlier this year, Mixpak Records released the original Vybz Kartel version and it became an instant hit. Now we have some visuals to go with the beat and Kartel's impeccable flow. Dre Skull has worked with Kartel for years and even worked on his landmark album Kingston Story.

Skull recently worked with Popcaan on his new album Forever which has been doing well since its release over a week ago. The Ivar Wigan-directed cut kicks off with a commentary from a female who let the world know that she can defend herself.

"Go tell a gal go chat to yo back / She cant touch a button a you she can't knock / You a real bad gal weh no tek back chat / And anything yo say yo can defend that," Vybz Kartel spits.

Vybz Kartel - Real Bad Gal (Official Video)

wayne-marshall.jpgWayne Marshall has collaborated with Bounty Killer for his second gospel single, Thank Yuh Fi the Blessing.

The track, produced by Danny Brownie, is now available for pre-order.

Speaking at the music video shoot for Glory to God at Hope United Church on Old Hope Road this week, Marshall said Bounty Killer made the initial contact.


"Killer heard Glory to God and said it's a powerful song and we need fi come together and give some praise," Marshall told Jamaica Observer's weekly Splash. "Nuff people woulda say 'Killer?', but is a man weh God-fearing and love God and spiritual too. As early as I knew Killer he was singing songs giving praise, so mi know him spirit and mi know him household. His mother was a devout Christian and a very religious person and I'm sure if she was alive this would be one of her favourite Killer songs."

The two have a longstanding friendship and Marshall also formed part of Bounty Killer's Alliance crew in the early 2000s. Their previous collaborations include Smoke Clears, Sufferer, Be on the Alert and Go Hard.

For others now curious about Marshall's musical direction, he noted that God is not inaccessible and he is allowing himself to be used by Him.

"There are people who tell me to do more gospel music now based on the success and feel of Glory to God," he said. "It's not really pressure because I am good at giving praises to God. I know that God gave us the music as an expression of our emotions, so it's always good when we can use the music to honour Him. I could do a hundred albums just giving thanks to God for the many blessings, so I don't feel pressure about doing gospel music."

Ernie Smith will headline the University of Technology (UTech) 60th anniversary concert set for Thursday, August 9 at 5:30 pm at the Amphitheatre, Shared Facilities Building, Papine Campus.

Smith, whose hits of the 1970s yielded Duppy or Gunman, Life Is Just For Living, Ride on Sammy, and Pitta Patta says he will be performing his originals as well as covers at the showcase dubbed "Evening of Musical Excellence Down Memory Lane."

In a release UTech President, Professor Stephen Vasciannie said that patrons can "expect to be delighted with an evening of superb high-energy live entertainment."

The concert is free of charge and is open to the public.

Other acts who will perform at the concert include singer Everton Pessoa, the UTech Choir, UTech Steel Pan band and the Nexus Performing Arts Company of Jamaica.

Smith will be backed by Desi Jones and Friends.

neville-lee-photo-1.jpgFounder of Sonic Sounds, Neville Lee, passed away on Tuesday, July 31, at Medical Associates Hospital. Renowned Roman Cathlic priest, Father Ho Lung paid tribute to Mr Lee in his article on Friday.

According to the priest, the family was all gathered around. They wept and gathered each other in their arms. Steve, the eldest of his sons, said to me, " ....his last audible words were 'Our God is great!'"

Winnie, his wife, was drawn into her husband's deep unconsciousness. He could not speak. I placed my arms around her; she was deeply absorbed looking at the face of her husband.

As she prayed, I said to the family "I do not know if he will live or he will die. That is in God's hands. We must remember St Paul's words, 'If I live, I live in Christ. If I die, I die in Christ so whether I live or die it doesn't matter it is in Christ'. We must remember that for us Christians, death is not the final end, but is only a door that opens to eternal life."

Neville Lee was a beloved friend of mine and the brothers, and of the poor. He was a wonderful family man, businessman, Christian, Roman Catholic, lover of the poor, lover of Jamaica, lover of Christ.

"Why do you and the brothers come and visit me? You are so busy. Why, why, why?"

"Because you are our friend, because you are so kind, because you love the poor," was my reply.

Tears rolled down his eyes.

Neville spoke to me with such humility about his sins.

I told him, "Neville, the Lord forgives you your sins."

He nodded gratefully. "Yes, father, I am a sinner. I have done so much wrong. Forgive me Lord, forgive me!"

"I am sure the Lord forgives you, Neville," I said.

He smiled gratefully.

Neville Lee understands the essences of life - being a family man, being faithful to his friends and his workers; feeding, caring for, loving to his wife and children; loving His Lord and the poor.

The last words he said to me was, "Keep on in your ministry to the poor. Keep serving them."

Neville had the custom of kneeling with his wife Winnie before Christ and the Blessed Sacrament every Sunday after Sunday mass at Sts Peter and Paul. He had learned this habit as a school boy at St George's College.

He turned to me and asked me, "I have taken care of my children materially; I wish for them to come closer to Christ."

I gave him the sacrament of the sick and dying.

We blessed the holy oil, anointed his head, his chest, his hands and feet - anointing of the sick and dying before the entire family. We prayed for him and read the gospel from St Matthew 11:28-30.

Meanwhile, the funeral service for Neville Lee will be held at St. Peter & Paul Church on August 28 at 1:00 pm


Zosia McGregor - Ecstasy

CLICK HERE For Free Promo Download

Song Link:

Release Date: July 27th, 2018

Format: Single

Label: Mega Records (Kenya)

Producer(s): Nixon Fredericks;Josi Coppola

Genre: Reggae/Lovers Rock/Inspirational

Explicit Lyrics: No


1. Zosia McGregor - Ecstasy

Zosia McGregor brings Reggae lovers "Ecstasy" from Jamaica to Kenya


Reggae, like any other genre of music, is endowed with a treasury of storied musical lineages. Few bloodlines have made a greater impact on the history of Jamaican music than that of the McGregor family. While the foundation set by "Di Captain" Freddie McGregor is indeed timeless, the future of the "Big Ship" dynasty is looking brighter than ever with the emergence of Zosia McGregor.

Born in Jamaica, but raised mostly in Grand Cayman, Zosia has been steadily gaining a reputation in the Reggae industry for her pristine vocal tone and her ear for sweet melodies and harmonics. With an intoxicating blend of sensual lyrics and soulful delivery, her latest single "Ecstasy" will have you hooked from the very first line!

A few synonyms for the word ecstasy are rapture, bliss, elation, & euphoria. In her latest single, Zosia describes the sensation of "Ecstasy" driven by the power of love and all of the passion that accompanies a budding romance. The rhythm track, produced all the way in east Africa, is the brainchild of Nixon Kiiru Ndegwa of Mega Records (Nairobi, Kenya) and it was produced in collaboration with Josi "Big Finga" Coppola who is based in Germany and known for his veteran role in the "Evolution" band as well as his heavy Reggae productions over the years including the "Onward" riddim as well as the classic "Honey Pot" riddim compilation.

As sure as summer brings new life, new love, and new memories, "Ecstasy" should be added to your playlist of new age lovers rock classics. As smooth as a glass of fine wine yet as carefree as a stroll on the beach, Zosia's alluring approach to singing and songwriting is sure to have you anticipating each new offering from one of reggae music's most promising young talents. The legacy of the McGregor clan is all but assured as Zosia will surely continue the family tradition of authentic, quality Reggae music for years and years to come.

Social media links for Zosia are as follows:


Instagram: @bigshipempress

Twitter: @bigshipempress

Soundcloud: BigShipEmpress


Yendi Phillipps baptized

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vibz-kartel-promo-on-instagram-the-moment-aunty-yendicles-got-baptized-yesterday.jpgThis is the video which has been making the rounds of popular host, model and beauty queen, Yendi Phillipps getting baptized by two men in a swimming pool.

Vybz Promo on Instagram: "The moment Aunty Yendicles got Baptized yesterday."

D'Angel to perform for gays in Jamaica

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d-angel-photo-5.jpgD'Angel, has been booked to perform at a Pride Ja event next month. Scheduled to be held on August 6 in the Corporate Area, the event is part of a week of activities planned to celebrate the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in Jamaica.

D'Angel, who came out last month to say she respects and loves all her fans irrespective of their sexual orientation, told THE WEEKEND STAR that she was asked to perform at the event and did not say no. She added that she is ready to bring her 'A' game to the event.

"When I'm booked for an event, I treat it like any other event. I'm a professional artiste with a wide fan base. Whether you're rich, poor, black, white or from the LGBT community, my music and I are not prejudiced to anyone. If you book D'Angel, I'll be there to do what I do best perform and entertain," she said.

The I'm So Blessed singer said that over the years, she has learnt that as an entertainer, it is imperative that people separate their professional lives from the personal beliefs.

"I appreciate and love all my fans regardless of the lifestyle they choose. I'm not here to judge. Persons from the LGBT community show me a lot of love. They support my music wholeheartedly, they send me videos singing to my songs, and I post them on my fan page like I would for anybody else," she said.

"My purpose as an entertainer is to spread my music to all corners of the world. Regardless of who you are, you will be treated equally by me. I'm not concerned about anyone's personal life. They are humans too, and they want to be entertained, and I'm not about segregation. They chose me to bring the entertainment package, and I will. I leave all judgement to God."

sasco.jpgComing off the heels of his Reggae Sumfest performance, Agent Sasco now has his eyes set on his new album, Hope River, which drops on August 31.

Winning Right Now is the official first single off the album, which is being released on Sasco's Diamond Studios label.

Hope River crosses genres to include the meditative electronic Energy River, the gospel inflected Mama Prayed featuring Glacia Robinson, and the dancehall/EDM influenced plea for nation healing that closes the set, All Aboard, featuring an all-star Jamaican cast.


The new 14-track compilation is a follow up to his previous album The Theory of Reggaetivity.

Collaborators include Wayne Marshall, Stephen Marley, Dre Island, Sevana, Tosh Alexander, Tessanne Chin, Romain Virgo, Tony Rebel, Kabaka Pyramid, Spragga Benz and rapper Kardinal Official.

half-moon-hotel.jpgMontego Bay ultra luxury all-inclusive resort, Half Moon, was put on blast by Popcaan over the weekend shortly before he gave a stellar performance at Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest.

According to reports, the "Unruly" deejay allegedly showed up with an entourage of 40 and was denied access to the hotel's luxury villa he paid for as it can accommodate up to sixteen persons. Reports are that the hotel suggested that he rent a second villa, but they refused.

In a video rant on his Instagram page, PopCaan claims the hotel charged his US credit card, but refused to offer him their service and blocked him from entering.

"Half Moon unuh collect mi money off mi US card fi book villa. Now, mi book villa and pull up a di villa and unuh a tell people seh nuh let in Popcaan and unuh know Popcaan. Mi nuh haffi fahwud ova unuh villa, unuh stinking villa, because it not even clean. A ole house dem deh unuh have," the deejay said.

The deejay also accused the hotel of classist discrimination.

The hotel said that there are clear guidelines and policies which reservations must adhere to, which the deejay is quite aware of as he has stayed at the resort on numerous occasions.

Popcaan has since deleted the post from his IG page.

gypawnie-on-instagram.jpgSinger Gyptian has outed a woman who he says is stalking him. And he is not a happy camper.

The "I Can Feel Your Pain" singer, via his official Instagram page, edhis over 84,000 followers a video of a Caucasian female snapping to a song about him.

According to Gyptian, he has tried everything, and wants the female to leave him alone. He says that he does not want her, nor does he want her money, nor does he want to see pictures of her private parts.

realgyptian Pls can someone tell this phukin crazy b#%h to stop phukin stalking me she won't leave me alone this is her enough is enough im not interested in u a don't want ur money a don't want nutn fr you I'm tired of u phukin disgusting sex video or u pussy picture pls and Thks go get help n leave the i alone u dig crazy bloodclaaat mad gal pls n Thks

The post has sparked a debate among some social media users with a few who argue that there are two sides to a story, and others urge Gyptian to block the woman.

Gypawnie on Instagram: "Pls can someone tell this phukin crazy b#%h to stop phukin stalking me she won't leave me alone this is her enough is enough im not..."

Organisers of the upcoming Ocho Rios Seafood Festival are confident the event will continue to make "further inroads" into the lucrative global gastro-tourism market.

With this in mind, they have collaborated with an international marketing team from Miami to promote the festival as a bona fide gastronomy event to attract visitors to the island.

The festival will be held on Sunday, August 5 at the Turtle River Park, Ocho Rios, in St Ann.

Speaking at a recent Jamaica Information Service 'Think Tank' on Fisherman's Beach, Ocho Rios, Senior Marketing Officer for the event, Mortimer Martin, argued that with food festivals now becoming a major draw for tourists worldwide, Jamaica is "uniquely poised" to become one of the world's major gastronomy destinations.

"Gastro-tourism has been growing in leaps and bounds to where it is now a US$150 billion business across the world. With this kind of information we have, since last year, decided to broaden our appeal where we have taken our promotions overseas. Jamaica is well known for its culinary delights and we believe the Ocho Rios Seafood Festival is the perfect fit to tap into that amazingly lucrative market," he said.

Martin said the festival, now in its 12th year, has grown into one of the bigger culinary events in Jamaica and continues to attract a wide cross section of both local and international patrons.

He noted that the residents of St. Ann have embraced the event "as their own," adding that it is a family occasion, which comes with its own spectacular appeal.

Martin said the Jamaica Tourist Board is again on board as a major sponsor, and that the long term goal is to use the festival as a template for other culinary events that will "assist in broadening our gastronomy network."

For her part, Senior Events Consultant for the Ocho Rios Seafood Festival, Sidonie McCleod, said the event is on course to become one of the premier family-oriented festivals in the region.

"What we have long recognised is that there is a vast market out there for quality events that cater for the entire family. This also rings true for families overseas who want to come to Jamaica for vacation and having an event of this magnitude to look forward to," she said.

"Since our roll-out in 2007, we have consistently stuck with our family-oriented theme and this is not about to change anytime soon," McCleod added.

Reggae singer Alaine shocks fans with baptism

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alaine-on-instagram-best-saturday-morning-ever-i-love-god-so-much-i-got-baptized-this-morning.jpgSinger Alaine Laughton is now a member of the family of God. The popular Reggae artiste was baptized on Saturday morning at Hellshire neach in Portmore by gospel singer, Minister Ryan Mark founder of Pure In Heart Ministries International.

Alaine said her conversion was inevitable.

"All throughout my career I've been singing about love, whether it be brotherly or that of a man and woman... I've written songs about it, so now it's about loving Jesus."

"I've always loved God... I've always loved Jesus and the sacrifice He made for us... So it makes sense in my life to make a public declaration,"

After her baptism Alaine took to social media to make her announcement.

"Best Saturday morning everrrrrrrr!!!! I LOVE GOD soooo much!!!! I got baptised this morning. and what a JOY!!!!! Behold I do a new thing; now it shall spring forth. Shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, rivers in the desert. (Isaiah 43:19)," she posted.

As for her music?

"It'll be a future of blessings... more music and more things," she said.

ALAINE on Instagram: "Best Saturday morning everrrrrrrrr!!!!! I LOVE GOD sooooo much!!!! I got baptized this morning.. and what a JOY!!!!!! Behold I do a new..."

fantan-mojah.jpgReggae artiste Fanton Mojah, brought the message of unity to the people of Montego Bay while performing on Festival Night 2 of Reggae Sumfest 2018.

The 'Mama Hungry' entertainer expressed his discontent with the rampant crime in the second city and Jamaica by extension, and has urged youngsters to put down the guns.

"I don't like what I see happening in Montego Bay and me a talk to the ghetto youths them to stop the violence," said Fanton Mojah. "People, unno can't stop it?" he asked.

Instead of encouraging crime and violence, he said, people in positions of power should instead lead youngsters in the right direction, especially those who want to get a foot in the entertainment industry.

"Youths fi get bookings nuff time and unno come down come put in some next man. You can't style and abuse the youths them. Me just want unno work with them," he urged.

Fanton Mojah, clad in full black, went on to deliver a stellar performance as he dropped hits from his catalogue such as 'Nuh Build Great Man', 'Corruption' and 'Stronger'.

junior-gong-photo-4.jpgDamian 'Junior Gong' Marley, who recently completed a European tour, turned 40 Saturday and said it was great to be home performing at Reggae Sumfest on his birthday. The audience was also treated to a touching moment when Marley's son Elijah joined him on stage and sang Stevie Wonder's 'I Just Called To Say I Love You', dedicating the song to his father. The Grammy-winning artiste said one of things he has learnt in his 40 years, is to be true.

Marley shared the Reggae Sumfest stage with the likes of Beres Hammond, Maxi Priest, Jesse Royal, Cham, Capleton and Fontan Mojah.

Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett has extended an invitation to the 12 Thai boys and their football coach who were recently trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand for more than two weeks, to spend an all-expense-paid vacation in the island.

"The [Jamaica] Tourist Board and the Ministry of Tourism, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will send a diplomatic note to the people of Thailand, firstly to commiserate on the difficulty of the youngsters, but also to commend the work that has been done to rescue those 12 youngsters and their coach who were trapped in the cave in Thailand," Bartlett said.

"And so we are also asking our honorary consul in Thailand to, on our behalf, extend the invitation to the 12 young men to visit Jamaica," he said.

The 12 boys, aged 11 to 16, and their 25-year-old coach spent 18 days stranded in the Tham Luang cave after monsoon rains flooded the cave's entrance. They were rescued from the flooded cave by a team of international divers over three days, from July 8 to 10.

Forever Popcaan

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popcaan-photo-6.jpgOne day after his launch in New Kingston for his sophomore album, Forever, the 17-track set was released online on Friday and reports are that the album is muscling its way up several influential charts.

"Forever" contains the pre-released songs Body So Good, Firm and Strong and Wine for Me. The set is produced by American Dre Skull of Mixpak Records, who also produced Popcaan's 2014 debut album Where We Come From. That project peaked at number two on the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart.

The only collaboration on Forever is with African act Davido on the single Dun Rich.

Chakademus and Pliers's European tour -- dubbed One Night Stand, off the name of their latest single -- has been postponed.

Booking agent and producer Cabel Stephenson, says Chakademus is just not well enough to perform on the 13-gig tour, which was slated to have kicked off on July 22 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and end on August 7 in the UK.

According to the booking agent, hey went to a show in Martinique last week and came through Santo Domingo, and when Chaka returned to Jamaica, he started to have headaches and a high fever. He didn't want to take any chances, so he went to the doctor who treated him and he was placed on observational rest.

Both Chaka and Pliers were reportedly looking forward to this tour as it included a major festival in Holland, and it would have given them the opportunity to promote their latest single, One Night Stand in the UK market. They had interviews lined up for BBC Radio One, Capital Radio, BBC 1xTRA, the Mirror newspaper, and several magazines.

Stephenson, added: "They just want to apologise to their fans and they are grateful for their understanding, but this was unavoidable."

One Night Stand, was released on the Free People Entertainment label on July 13 via iTunes and is being distributed via VPAL.

Chaka Demus and Pliers (Everton Bonner) enjoyed relatively successful solo careers before collaborating in the early 1990s. The duo's hits include Tease Me, She Don't Let Nobody and Murder She Wrote.

No re-trial for Shawn Storm, urges attorney

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shawn-storm-photo-2.jpgThe attorney for imprisoned dancehall artiste Shawn Storm has urged the Court of Appeal not to order a retrial arguing that the case is rife with multiple deficiencies.

"These defects are incurable, I submit," said Bert Samuels as he concluded his legal arguments before the court this morning.

"And any attempt to cure them for retrial purposes would be to give the prosecution a second bite at an infected cherry," Samuels continued.

Added Samuels: "A second chance to make good on the evidence deficiency in the case."

Tropical Bliss, formerly Tropical Beach in Montego Bay, St James played host on Sunday to Sumfest "Colour-Fest" Beach party, the big event which mark the started of the 26th staging of Reggae Sumfest.

Hundreds of fun-loving party-goers descended on the venue for what was dubbed the . The high-energy event was hosted by the "Curvy Diva" Yanique Barrett and Noah Power and featured DJs Team Shella, Jigga and Crazy Neil.

The new spacious venue provided the room for patrons to have what was a true beach party, with title sponsors Red Stripe providing the necessary "liquid spirits" to complement the high energy music and vibes which was provided by the DJs and the hosts.

The music took patrons from ska to reggae, hip-hop, dancehall into lover's rock and even alternative as the DJs kept the vibes going and ensured that all patrons got their money's worth.

The throng of patrons at the party also included Downsound Entertainment (DSE) Chairman and CEO, Joe Bogdanovich and DSE's Deputy Chair, Robert Russell. Both expressed delight at the vibes and energy which the event brought.

According to Bogdanovich, "this is real entertainment and we are very happy that we were able to provide this level of clean entertainment to our patrons. This is a great start to the 26th staging of Reggae Sumfest - 'Our Music, Our Festival'."

Bogdanovich is expecting that the supporting events leading into the two major nights of the festival will also be well supported.

He said, "we have crafted a wonderful slate of activities for Sumfest 2018 and starting with this Beach party, we are confident that we will receive support from our valued patrons. This year we are catering to everyone - those who have paved the way for this event over the last 25 years as well as those who see music and the entertainment industry as a business. We are looking forward to the two major nights and with the cream of the crop set to perform, this will be a wonderful Sumfest."

popcaan-bursts-rifle-and-pistol-at-shooting-range.jpgPopcaan's management has responded to the controversy surrounding a video showing the Dancehall star animatedly shooting two guns at a range.

The video has gone viral.

In a statement, Popcaan's management team said they wanted to assure fans that the "gun-shooting exercise took place in a supervised and safe setting, an official shooting range, a specialized facility designed for firearms qualifications, training, or practice".

According to the deejay's handlers, he was at the Lower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club, in Ontario, Canada where the enertainer had been on tour at the time.

Also in the release was a letter, signed by Nicholas Carino, a licensed firearm holder in Ontario, attesting to the fact that it was a supervised exercise.

The video, which emerged Wednesday and has been rapidly circulating online, caught the attention of law enforcement officers and has set off intense debates on entertainment message boards over Popcaan's responsibility as a role model.

While some argue that the artiste should be allowed to "have fun" without scrutiny, others berated the entertainer for appearing to glamourise firearms in a society plagued by gun violence.

Popcaan will be releasing his latest album, 'Forever' later this month.

gregory-isaacs.jpgThe 68th anniversary of the birth of one of Jamaica's most beloved entertainers - Gregory Isaacs, the Cool Ruler is Sunday, July 15, 2018.

As a singer of love songs, it is widely accepted that nobody in reggae music sings a love song quite like him. His unique style - cool, hypnotic, while portraying glimpses of the rude boy, has earned him the title 'The Cool Ruler'. He really emerged in the mid-1970s and developed a style, which at times had his audiences, especially the ladies, almost eating out of his hands.

In both his songs and his personal life, Gregory often seemed to wear his heart on his sleeve: In the tenderly caressed verses of My Number One, his romantic vulnerability is palpably felt.

The song ends with an almost-whispered plea of a man who has known many travails of the heart, when he utters:

"If you want to be my number one,

Let me know your future plan, Please don't hurt this man."

Like many others before him, Gregory started his entertainment career by entering various talent competitions and appearing on stage shows before getting into studio to do his first recording - his self-penned Another Heartache in the late 1960s for West Indies Recording Limited (WIRL), founded by former Jamaican Prime Minister Edward Seaga. His second composition My Only Lover, done for Rupie Edwards' Success Label in the early 1970s, became his first hit and was the template of all the lovers rock-reggae tunes that followed. Considered the chief architect of lovers rock, he reinforced that claim with other early pieces like All I Have Is Love, Let's Dance, Salary Is Thin, and on his own African Museum label, Front Door and Night Nurse which was a desperate appeal for help.

"Tell her, try her best to make it quick,

Woman tend to the sick,

For there must be something she can do,

This heart is broken in two,

Tell her its a case of emergency,

There's a patient by the name of Gregory,

Night nurse, only you alone can quench this thirst."

marion-hall-photo-1.jpgMinister Marion Hall has added some dancehall flavour to her sophomore gospel album, His Grace, which is available for pre-order

"After listening to it, I realised I needed something like dancehall on it. I looked to God for help and came up with a song called Tun Back Christian. A lot of people are in the church but don't know how to be content, and end up walking away from God. A lot of church folks, instead of encouraging them [they] chastise them, which doesn't help the situation. The verses on it can sing along to, and I include a sinner's prayer in there so you can ask God fi wash yuh off in His righteousness. There's also Mighty God... I think the wait will be worth it," Hall told Jamaica Observer. "Those two are for the Lady Saw fans."

The 17-track His Grace is self-produced on the Minister Marion Hall label and distributed by VPAL. The official release date is set for July 20.

In addition to the title track, the set boasts I'm Gonna Fast, Overflow, Gave It All Up For Jesus, Walk On Water, All That's Left, Dead Man Walking, Love Like This, The World Can See, My God Is Alive, That Cross, You Are, Pay You Back, Lord We Need You, and Can't Stop My Praise.


"Out of the 17 tracks, I'm predicting 15 hits. It's a praise and worship album with dancehall, mento -- God gives mi country gospel too. I'm just excited to have another album out soon. I'm not even going to get ahead of myself but I know this album has the potential to get a Grammy -- it's something else. Whatever God decides to do with it, He will. When I put out When God Speaks, God was talking to me; it's the same with this album. It's all about giving God the glory. It's a powerful, mighty album, so if it's His will, it will be done," she said.

Hall, formerly known as Lady Saw, is the first female deejay to win a Grammy Award and to be certified as a triple-platinum artiste. She, however, got baptised in December 2015.

Her debut gospel album, When God Speaks, peaked at number four on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart last year.

Minister Hall is planning to embark on a three-year 'Soul Seekers Kingdom' tour across the United States starting in early August. Through her relationships with other ministries, she has landed gigs in Canad, UK and Bermuda.

She was also booked for Jamaica Fun in the Son at National Heroes' Park in Kingston on July 14.

Capleton's bail extended until September 4

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capleton.jpgDancehall deejay Capleton had his bail extended Friday morning and is to return to the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on September 4 .

The new mention date was scheduled, after the court was told that the case file was incomplete.

Bail for the artiste, who is charged with rape, was subsequently extended.

Capleton is accused of forcibly having sexual intercourse with a female hairdresser he hired to groom his hair at a New Kingston hotel on April 28.

Mr Vegas buss the 'MEH-MEH' song

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mr-vegas-photo-13.jpgMr. Vegas isn't one to miss an opportunity to turn controversy into a song. He did it with the now infamous "Usher him out" phrase during the drama that unfolded between him and controversial pastor Gino Jennings...and he is doing it again.

He has now released a humorous new single, 'Mehmeh' following his recent mispronunciation of the word which went viral on social media..

The single, released on the MV Music label, hit the Internet Thursday night with a email blast and also on the artiste's youtube channel.

Reports are that he has already shot a video for the project which was scheduled to have been released over the weekend.

It will be interesting to see if MEHMEH will prove to be the hit that Mr Vegas is searching for.

popcaan-bursts-rifle-and-pistol-at-shooting-range.jpgPopcaan, who is preparing to release his sophomore album "Forever" on July 20, recently took to a shooting range for target practicing.

Last week, the Dancehall artiste was filmed joking around as he bursts several rounds from an assault rifle before pulling out and emptying a sidearm at an undisclosed location in Canada.

"Them dead? them dead!" he uttered before firing wild shots while clowning around.

"The worst handling of a fire arm I've ever seen😂 plus him wouldn't even hit a target to save him life😂😂," one fan expressed on social media.

"Can know when man no used to gun enuh 😂😂" another user wrote.

"Mind u shoot u self poppi lol," a user added.

"U too grown to be playing wit gun like that bro always practice safty when useing guns.. Human error can always happen n u or a member of ur squad could get hurt," another person commented.

However, some fans found Popcaan's action rather comical and entertaining.

"Man buss Machine stylish. Dem get Dash wey like a losing Cash Pot ticket. Ya nw," one fan expressed.

"Reel out and squeeze out" a user wrote.

"Dem man ya sey have fun anyway.. mi rate hoe the man always happy and always a make sure him team laugh," another fan wrote.

"Dem dead 😂😂😂," another person commented.

buju-banton-photo-10.jpgSunday, July 15, 2018,marked the 45th birthday. of Mark Myries, aka Buju Banton and Yardflex sends out Happy Earthstrong to the incarcerated Reggae singer.

AMong the tributes being paid to the Gargamel, is one by singer Nadine Sutherland who was scheduled to perform a short tribute to Banton at the Blue & Bougie - 'Forever Blue' - summer party series at the Tennis Club of Hasting, 40 North Restaurant, Hastings on the Hudson, NY where music master mixer, producer and radio host Kurt 'Party Animal' Riley and music executive and Grammy nominated producer Cristy Barber will be honored.

"It's gonna be a short but very impactful show" the singer disclosed during a recent rehearsal session with former Sagittarius band bass player Derrick Barnett.

Banton rose from the slums of Salt Lane in Kingston in the early 1990's to become one of the most celebrated dancehall/reggae icons today. Sutherland and Banton it turns out have a history on wax together. The two recorded 'No Second Class;' 'Wicked Dickie;' 'Anything For You' featuring Snow, Beenie Man, Terror Fabulous, Kulcha Knox, and Louie Culture and 'What I Am Gonna Do' from Banton's iconic 1995 Til Shiloh album.

The former teen Queen has her own celebrated history in reggae. Her single 'Action' which was recorded with Terror Fabulous over 25 years ago is a hot pick at reggae/dancehall parties globally and it is still popular on ethnic and urban radio stations in the USA, Canada and England.

Nadine scored other hits including 'Babyface,' 'Since You have been Gone,' 'All Dem A Talk,' 'Never Knew' and "I'm In Love.' Last year she was appointed director of performing arts at Challenge Charter Schools Organization in New York.

Popcaan's team defends his shooting video

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popcaan-bursts-rifle-and-pistol-at-shooting-range.jpgThe team behind dancehall heavyweight Popcaan has been forced to defend his actions after persons reacted angrily to a viral video that shows him shooting two guns in what some consider a reckless manner.

The Unruly boss, through his publicist, yesterday said: "The gun-shooting exercise took place in a supervised and safe setting, an official shooting range, a specialised facility designed for firearms qualifications, training, or practice."

The publicist said that Popcaan was under the supervision of two licensed firearm holders, one of whom is a member of the gun range, which is located in the Lower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club, in Frankford, Ontario, Canada.

When contacted via telephone, Carino said they were merely having fun.

"It was just target shooting. We just wanted to have fun by taking our guest to shoot at targets," Carino said. "I don't know how the footage got out there like that; most firearm clubs or ranges allow for video, although I am not sure if this one is against any type of video."

Popcaan was on tour in Ontario at the time of the exercise.

With the video making the rounds on social media, many persons have expressed concern about the nonchalant manner in which Bullet Proof deejay handled and fired the guns.

Some fans also said Popcaan should be mindful that his actions could influence youth.

Popcaan's management team, meanwhile, said the artiste is not paying attention to the negative comments.

They said that he is putting all his energy into his latest album, Forever, which will be released later this month.

"We do not understand the cause for all the speculations when it is just Popcaan enjoying himself in the confines of the gun range. Quite a few artistes have had videos posted to their social media pages doing the same," said his management team.

'Babsy Grange' says she'll miss Suzanne Couch

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babsy-grange-minister.jpgMinister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport Olivia 'Babsy' Grange has expressed sorrow at the passing of well-known Jamaican singer, pianist, composer and producer Suzanne Couch, who was equally known locally as an experienced caterer.

In a release, Grange said: "Suzanne became a featured singer on several Jamaican record releases, including Steely & Clevie's version of the Carly Simon song Why, Monty Alexander's album Many Rivers to Cross, and singles with Maxi Priest, Toots Hibbert, Mutabaruka, among others. I was happy when Suzanne's debut album - Lifeline - appeared in 2001. Its excellence was praised in Jamaica and across the world, with some reviews recommending it for the Reggae Grammy award. She continued singing, composing and playing the piano, with special solo performances at RedBones CafÈ and, most recently, at a special benefit concert featuring Joss Stone at Strawberry Hill Hotel just a few weeks before her death."

That concert was where Couch made public the fact that she was suffering from breast cancer.

"Suzanne Couch was more than a great Jamaican musician, songwriter and singer. She was a great Jamaican woman," Grange went on in the statement. "I shall miss her, but Jamaica will be forever enriched by the music she left for us to enjoy. I send my condolences to Peter and their daughter Sarah. Rest well, Suzanne Couch."

Capleton's bail extended until September

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bail.jpgEntertainer Capleton had his bail extended fRIDAY morning and is to return to the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on September 4 .

The new mention date was scheduled after the court was told that the case file was incomplete.

Bail for the artiste, who is charged with rape, was subsequently extended.

Capleton is accused of forcibly having sexual intercourse with a female hairdresser he hired to groom his hair at a New Kingston hotel on April 28.

merritone-makes-his-move.jpgThe late Winston "Merritone" Blake never hid his love for Cuba, its long-time President Fidel Castro, or the country's diverse culture and the affable sound system owner/operator visited there regularly.

Come February 2019, three years after his death, there will be the inaugural Dream Cruise: Merritone Memories, a five-day cruise aboard the Majesty of The Seas liner. It is scheduled to make stops in the Cuban capital Havana, Fort Lauderdale and Key West in Florida.

The cruise is the brainchild of Paul Johnson, a Fort Lauderdale-based events promoter who knew Blake and his family for many years. It is endorsed by Blake's younger brother, Monte, who will be involved.

Johnson, who hosts the weekly Merritone Memories on WAVS 1107 AM in South Florida, said the cruise is a salute to the Blakes who have operated the Merritone sound system for 68 years. Winston's wife, singer Cynthia Schloss, will also be honoured; she died in 1999."

The Dream Cruise sails from Fort Lauderdale to Key West on the evening of February 26, after a party celebrating the lives of Winston Blake and Cynthia Schloss. Its next stop is Key West the following day, then Havana.

While in the Cuban capital there will be tours of the city as well as a jam session involving Jamaican and Cuban musicians, followed by a Turntable/Waterfalls dance aboard the ship.

On March 1 the cruise leaves Havana. Soul Friday, a retro party, takes place aboard the ship that evening before its return to Fort Lauderdale the next day.

Monte Blake commented on his family's ties to Cuba, the country's historical impact on Jamaica and Jamaican music.

Winston Blake was still a student at Kingston College when he and his older brother Trevor assumed control of the Merritone sound system in 1956, the year their father, its founder, died. Younger brothers Tyrone and Monte eventually joined the fold, and the 'sound' thrived during the 1960s and 1970s with jam-packed parties at the Turntable Club, located in the Red Hills Road area of Kingston.

When the Turntable closed, they moved to Waterfalls in the Liguanea area of the Jamaica capital.

Blake died in February 2016 of complications from a stroke. He was 75.

drake.jpgDrizzy's latest album Scorpion went platinum as soon as it was released, and now the album is the first to reach 1 billion streams across all platforms globally within a week. Drake's 25-track double album blew past Post Malone's Beerbongs & Bentleys global record, which was just under 700 million streams.

It's likely these numbers will propel Scorpion to the top of Billboard's 200 albums chart when the official numbers are released Sunday. Drake celebrated his historic achievement with an Instagram post thanking his fans "a billion times over."

In other Drake-related news, the Toronto rapper just dropped a new freestyle spitting subliminal bars at Kanye West.

Drizzy's latest album Scorpion went platinum as soon as it was released, and now the album is the first to reach 1 billion streams across all platforms globally within a week. Drake's 25-track double album blew past Post Malone's Beerbongs & Bentleys global record, which was just under 700 million streams.

It's likely these numbers will propel Scorpion to the top of Billboard's 200 albums chart when the official numbers are released Sunday. Drake celebrated his historic achievement with an Instagram post thanking his fans "a billion times over."

In other Drake-related news, the Toronto rapper just dropped a new freestyle spitting subliminal bars at Kanye West.

govana.jpgGovana dropped the visuals for his summer banger "One And Move" and Saturday into Sunday saw it trending at number one on Youtube.."

The highly entertaining music video, which is directed by RD Studios, is one of the most entertaining music videos out currently, boasting a solid concept and humour which is sure to earn the approval of fans.

The video features the deejay as a promiscuous husband whose cheating ways seems to have finally caught up to him when a bitter side girl turns up for a job as his wife's babysitter while they go out on a date.

Govana pulls off the theme of the track effortlessly, highlighting his creativity as an artist which has been brought to the forefront in the last few months following the release of several chart-topping hits.

Singer Paul Elliott is offering a ten thousand dollar reward for the return of his important documents.

The reggae singer explains that he went into a store in Montego Bay on Thursday where he made a purchase, and then accidentally walked out leaving his bag containing valuables.

Paul Elliott is today making an appeal to the public for the return of the documents.

Paul Elliott recently returned to the island following a promotional tour in the United States.

mr-vegas-photo-13.jpgMr Vegas went viral twice last week, and now there are bets as to what he will do next.

On Thursday, the veteran recording artiste who can't seem to decide whether he is gospel or secular, sent Dancehall fans into overdrive when he uploaded a video addressing his viral memes which started circulating after he filmed a controversial shooting drama which took place on Braemar Avenue in St Andrew..

Vegas, in typical Mr Vegas fashion, said that he was not upset about being trolled and commended the creativity of those who were trolling him. He said further that Jamaicans should use the creative images to help fight crime as they are very effective on social media.(What the HELL??!!!!! Use memes ti fight crime?!!)

Anyway, during the message Vegas put both feet in his mouth when he made a gigantic gaffe that resulted in guessed it. EVEN MORE MEMES.

Vegas decided to pronounce the word "memes" as "meh-meh" and what a pre-keh it caused. Social media dragged the always-on-social-media deejay. . "Yo a one thing eno, black people talent eno," he said in the one-minute video. "Yo mi see some real creative meh-meh, addi baddest meh-meh dem."

Vegas was instantly turned into a laughing stock with several entertainers and comedians taking jabs at his meme pronunciation. The deejay later hit back with a telephone conversation with his alleged University graduate sister as they tried to convince Dancehall fans that memes should be pronounced as meh-meh.

Well, Vegas you had better put out the MEH-MEH song quick and fast before some other deejay beat you to it and turn you into a wussa laughingstock.

BRT Weekend comes to Pandora Internet Radio

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New York, NY- The largest Caribbean-party tour festival, Beach Road Trip (BRT) Weekend, has landed a station on music streaming powerhouse Pandora Internet Radio. The BRT Weekend station, will comprise of a playlist with the hottest reggae and soca artists, many of whom have or will be performing at a past or upcoming BRT weekend or who are signed to music label and BRT sponsor, VP Records.

BRT Weekend attracts thousands of party goers in various destinations with its4-day excursion that encompasses themed events and exciting Caribbean entertainment with all-inclusive food and drinks. Since its inception 7 years ago, thousands have flocked to BRT Weekend and it has evolved from an annual event in the Florida Keys to multiple locations within the US and islands in the Caribbean--making it the first Caribbean-party as a tour. To date, the tour has showcased entertainers such as Bunji Garlin, Popcaan, Charly Black, Ding Dong Ravers, Ultimate Rejects MX Prime, Konshens and Machel Montano. Locations includ the Florida Keys, West Palm, Dominican Republic, Atlantic City, Los Angles, Palm Springs, and just added, Turk and Caicos.

With 250 million listeners, Pandora uniquely strategizes on innovative ways to target specific audiences. The partnership between Pandora and BRT Weekend anticipates to have positive outcomes in Caribbean music streaming and the event production industries.

"BRT Weekend is the first Caribbean event station for Pandora and I am excited to witness the outcome from our new relationship with BRT Weekend..." shares Diego Herrera, Head of the Reggae/Caribbean Programming & Curation for Pandora.

The remaining 2018 BRT Weekends will take place July 13-15 in Atlantic City, September 14-16 in Los Angeles and November 3-5 in the Florida Keys.

fiction-night-club-photo-1.jpgThe promoters of the popular Sandz party series Supreme Team Limited will be taking their knowledge of successful event promotion and execution to their new spot, Fiction Night Club at the Marketplace in Kingston Jamaica. The team confirmed that it was always their goal to have their own space to leverage the passion they have for developing experiences into a restaurant or bar space and they thought that taking over management of Fiction was a great opportunity.

"When the opportunity presented itself we really could not hesitate. This will allow us to maintain constant interaction with our customers. Since David "Squeeze" Annakie already did a phenomenal job with the decor of the venue, there will be a heavy focus on the customer experience, service from all levels along with a new business model for the location," Andrew Ellis, Director of Supreme Team Limited explained.

fiction-annakie.jpgCEO of the Fiction Nightclub, David Annakie, is very pleased to be handing over the management of the space to the Supreme Team. He believes the young men are visionaries, driven and have the passion to take the club and lounge arena to the next level not only in Jamaica.

This new management will mean major changes to how the space functions. There will be a transition from the traditional nightclub concept to a more modern lounge operation.

The location is now preparing for the new unveiling of THE LIVING ROOM this month, transforming a part of the space into a restaurant floor plan with adequate seating arrangements for both small and large groups. The Living Room will be suitable for events, launches, birthdays and other occasions.

The Supreme Team Limited over the last few years, with successful stagings of Sandz and their other affiliated events including; Triple Thursdays, The Estate, Ova Suh, Backyaad BBQ and Funch, have really developed an understanding of what the customers want to see in an entertainment space. They believe that putting these elements into a fixed space will make The Living Room the ultimate spot.

Patrons can expect to see a lot of surprises with the official launch of The Living Room this Summer.

mavado-and-son.jpgThe 16-year-old son of dancehall star, Mavado, who is charged with murder, conspiracy to murder and arson, will be spending the rest of this month at the Metcalfe Street Juvenile Remand Centre. even as his legal team seeks to secure bail for him.

Bert Samuels is quoted as saying that the bail application will continue on July 31. He stated that no ruling has yet been made by the judge.

Samuels started the bail application last month, and argued that his client was a fit candidate for bail, urging the court to release him on bond.

He said he remains confident that bail will eventually be granted.

"The young man is not being housed with adult prisoners, he is being held at Metcalfe (Street), so he is safe," said Samuels.

Mavado's son and 23-year-old Andre Hines were charged over a month ago with the murder of Lorenzo Thomas in Cassava Piece, St Andrew.

Prosecutors have alleged that on June 5, men armed with guns, machetes and gasoline invaded Thomas' home in the community, where he was shot and virtually beheaded before his body was set ablaze.

The police said the teen and Hines were part of the group of invaders.

mavado-son-yardflex.jpgPerhaps in an effort to silence the trolls who have been criticising Mavado for abandoning his 16-year-old son who is in police custody charged with murder, even as Mavado refuses to return to Jamaica and hand himself in to the police, the deejay is sending out a message to his boy.

On Tuesday night he uploaded a photo with his son. to Instagram with the caption: "Love you son."

Last month, Mavado's son was charged with the murder of 23-year-old Lorenzo Thomas.

Thomas was reportedly killed on June 5 after a group of men reportedly kicked in his door and shot, chopped and light his body on fire. Police say Thomas was partially beheaded during the attack, an act which they theorize was a direct order from Mavado's son.

Meanwhile, the 'Gully Gad', who is currently in the United States where he is a permanent resident, has yet to return to the island despite several warnings from law enforcement officials to turn himself in for questioning.

mr-vegas-photo-13.jpgWas Mr Vegas in the right place at the right time?

Well, the artiste filmed and has since posted online a f shooting incident at his complex this morning.

The video has since gone viral and sparked widespread outcry across Jamaica as citizens appeal for an end to gun violence. The clip below shows a portion of the video where two men got into a fight, and one of them pulled his license firearm and shot the other. Mr. Vegas could be heard in the background telling two of the men involved in the fight to cool it down.

There were also a number of armed security guards on the scene, and clearly they could've done more to de-escalate the situation before someone got shot. It's unclear if the man that got shot died, however, you can see him walking around holding his neck just moments after he got shot.

Mr. Vegas Films Man Getting Shot At His Place

Did Mavado's son order beheading of victim?

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mavado-son-yardflex.jpgThe murder case involving Mavado's 16-year-old son has seemingly taken another twist.

According to reports, police have indicated that they have a key eyewitness willing to testify that Mavado's 16-year-old son was the one who ordered the killing of 23-year-old Lorenza Thomas.

The entertainer's son and another man, 23-year-old Andre Hinds have been charged in relation to Thomas' death.

Thomas was killed on June 5 after a group of men reportedly kicked in his door and shot, chopped and light his body on fire. Police say Thomas was partially beheaded during the attack, an act which they theorize was a direct order from Mavado's son.

According to reports, detectives have obtained a text message from the Dancehall entertainer son's phone instructing his co-accused to behead Thomas "Memba di boss want him head."

Cops are also probing if there is any connections to a second murder which took place outside of the Constant Spring market just hours after Mavado was shot at.

Mavado is currently in the United States where he is a resident and has indicated through his attorney, Tamika Harris, that he will return to Jamaica to meet with police following his contractual agreements.

marcia-griffiths-photos-5.jpgMarcia Griffiths is livid that her 'pure,happy song', Electric Slide said to be about a sex toy

An article online suggests that the song, Electric Slide is about a vibrator, not a dance craze. Reports are that the 71 year old original songwriter, Neville Livingston, aka Bunny Wailer told the source in an interview, "I'm surprised it took people this long to figure out!"

The story says that Bunny Wailer was inspired to write the tune after his then-girlfriend informed him that she "didn't need him" because she had a personal device nicknamed the "electric slide."

Of course, the Internet ran with the story and soon it got back to Sister Marcia, who was livid and put out a statement in which she declared that she was angry that people would cheapen her "pure and happy" song in that manner.

The singer/writer states the song she wrote in less than 24 hours to the beat of a small music box is about "positive vibrations, not vibrators." .

The 1982 jam formally called "Electric Boogie" eventually climbed to the No. 51 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1990.

It's electric!" singer Marcia Griffith shouts. "You can't see it. You gotta feel it. Oh, it's shakin.'"

"Are you comin' with me?" another verse asks. "Come let me take you on a party ride. And I'll teach you, teach you, teach you, I'll teach you the electric slide."

Meanwhile, Bunny Wailer himself allegedly shot down the report in a statement made directly to music publication EDM.

"At no time have I ever lent credence to a rumor that the song was inspired by anything other than Eddie Grant's 'Electric Avenue,'" he said. "To state otherwise is a falsehood and offends my legacy, the legacy of the singer Marcia Griffiths, and tarnishes the reputation of a song beloved by millions of fans the world over."

Marcia Griffiths - Electric Boogie (The Electric Slide) (Promo) (HQ)

Wayne Marshall cuts off his locks

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wayne-marshall-photo-1.jpgWayne Marshall seems to be going through a transformation - both physical and otherwise. The singer surprised his fans last week Friday when he shaved his dreadlocks and is now sporting a low cut hairstyle.

The former Alliance member who is the husband of Tami Chynn debuted his brand new look on social media with an Insta post which said: "Transform... verb 1. make a marked change in the form, nature, or appearance of,"

Soon after he uploaded photos showing his new look with the word:"Unlocked!!!,"

Meanwhile, Marshall is currently promoting his gospel single 'Glory To God' which has racked up over 500,000 hits during the last two months.

beenie-and-d-angel-happier-times.jpgThe ex wife of Beenie Man is at it again and while some still insist that they like her style others say it is just cringeworthy.

So D'Angel, who is still a deejay, has once again gone viral on social media....for the wrong reason.

On Saturday, the self-proclaimed 'First Lady of Dancehall' uploaded a steamy photo of herself dressed in underwear to her Instagram account with the caption: "This Is How The First Lady Takes Selfie While Waiting For Your Baby Father 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂".

The 'Stronger' singer, who was romantically involved with Bounty Killer before she wed Beenie, his arch rival, instantly got the attention of several Dancehall/Reggae fans on social media who chimed in on her post.

"D'Angel you really need fi move one and leave Beenie Man alone the man and him woman well happy and yuh miserable," one user wrote. "Lol him na come back suh yuh stay deh," another wrote.

"Childish, petty and f**king bitter... these grown ass bitter bettys," another user added.

In previous interviews, D'Angel has said that she is focused on her brand -- herself. So is this her branding tactics to get noticed?

JCapri Foundation launched

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jcapri.jpgThe long-promised foundation for late singer JCapri has finally been launched.

The family of late dancehall singer J Capri launched a foundation in her name and memory on Thursday night.

The J Capri Foundation, which was launched at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, is geared towards supporting young Jamaicans who are interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

The foundation targets aspiring artistes between the ages of 16 and 25, and provides the resources needed to advance their careers. This includes financial assistance, training and education, mentorship and guidance.

J Capri, born Jordan Phillips, passed away in 2015, days after a being involved in a car crash.

tanya-stephens-photo-1.jpgking-yellowman.jpgNew York: Dancehall icon Yellowman, Tanya Stephens, singer Mikey Spice and Agent Sasco, are the headliners announced for the second annual Oracabessa Festival BLISS, the signature event of Irie Jam's 25th anniversary celebration slated for Sunday, July 8, at the Pennysaver Amphitheatre in Brookhaven, Long Island, NY.

It has been a few years that Yellowman last performed at an outdoor event in New York and Bobby Clarke, founder and CEO of Irie Jam radio is elated he is confirmed for his anniversary event.

"Yellowman is an icon of our time. He is a trailblazer, a ground breaker and an ambassador for reggae and dancehall music globally" he said.

Yellowman first garnered attention in Jamaica in the late 1970s when he won the popular Tastee Talent contest event in Kingston, Jamaica. His ability to ride the rhythm and excite a crowd made him an instant hit in Jamaica. He quickly made an impact globally on the charts with hits songs "I'm Getting Married in the Morning," "Nobody Move," "Nobody Get Hurt," "Zungu Zungu Zeng" and "Mad Over Me." Yellowman was the first dancehall artist to collaborate with hip-hop stars and the first to be signed to a major American label - CBS Records.


Clarke noted that Yellowman has used his international stardom positively and has raised the Jamaican flag high as the original King of dancehall music.

"Winston 'YellowMan' Foster has paved the way for us with his music, so it is only fitting that as we celebrates our 25th anniversary, we pay tribute to him. We are simply ecstatic to have this pioneer touch the Oracabessa Bliss festival stage. Long live the King!" he reiterated.

At last year's inaugural Oracabessa BLISS, Dexta Daps delivered an impressive performance, scoring with dancehall anthem '7eleven' Morning Love' "Shabba Madda Pot" and songs from his 'Intro' EP which he delivered with gusto.

The all white summer outdoor party kicks off at noon and goes until 8pm. It will include a tantalizing food village with Gourmet cuisine by 5 star celebrity chefs. Their will also be on site masseuses, VIP cabanas and a fashion show with celebrity guests.

Spice draws Foxy Brown into her pettiness

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foxy-braun-photo-2.jpgDancehall artiste, Spice, somehow managed to draw Foxy Brown into her pettiness during Nicki Minaj's BET Awards performance.

On Sunday night, Nicki Minaj nailed a performance of "Chun-Li" and "Rich Sex" after performing "Big Bank" with YG, 2 Chainz, and Big Sean. Spice, who is a huge fan of Nicki, posted a video clip of a piece of her performance on her Instagram. In the clip, the dancehall diva pointed her cell phone camera towards Remy Ma and Papoose who were in the audience looking on while Nicki nailed her BET Awards performance.

"First time watching my idol live performance [Nicki Minaj] KILLED the BET Awards #B*tchibeenon," Spice wrote. Not surprisingly, Nicki commented on the post saying, "I'm obsessed with you." The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star then responded saying, "I'm obsessed with you too. You killed It blooodclaat clean sweep #barbforlife."

Foxy Brown also chimed in on the trolling of Remy Ma in the comment section. "Crying laughing you a f***ing fool [Nicki Minaj] foot pon dem bloodclaaat face!" Foxy wrote. Of course, Spice agrees with every word saying, "Foot pon dem bloodclaaat face yes sis. BET Get slap weh."

Spice fans have also been trolling Remy Ma relentlessly since she uploaded the video to social media. "Remy you tried it last year and it didn't work now look who had the last laugh. You had a whole year to put out an album or some new music and all we hear is crickets and now Nicki killing the game once again," one fan wrote.

"Remy Ma and her man looking like two miserable haters in the crowd sh*t look depressing if you ask me, c'mon she was only relevant when they were beefing, Nicki shouldn't give this b**ch any attention," another fan added. "The Queen came back to rule so sit your bum azz down."

jay-flow.jpgWorking assiduously on becoming a household name in Jamaica, while carving out his own niche internationally. Dancehall recording artiste Omar Forsythe more popularly known by his moniker 'Jay-5Flow', has been creating waves on the international scene in recent years.

So impacting has been his presence in North America that it landed him a nomination in the Reggae Category, at the 2014 instalment of the prestigious Grammy Awards for the hit single 'Tick Tack', featured on his debut album 'Dancehall Macarena'. Produced on the Hot Boxxx Entertainment imprint, the album also featured 'Shake It Señorita', another noteworthy offering orchestrated by three times billboard producer, Minto Pierre.

No stranger to the dancehall scene, the Jamaican born California based Jay-5Flow set to release his official visuals for 'Me Doh Play' in the days ahead, has worked with a myriad of international acts including; Foxy Brown, Ky-Mani Marley, Beenie Man, Gyptian, Warrior King, Konshens and Kranium. The burgeoning star credits Spragga Benz as one of his mentors under whose tutelage he toured extensively honing his craft in the process.

Despite his international achievements, Jay-5Flow says he also wants to make an indelible mark regionally hence the reason for broadening his focus to incorporate the Caribbean market.

"They say a king is never crown in his own country, so that's why we have to go out there as ambassadors and do it internationally and let the people see our capabilities. As a Jamaican it is very important to remain grounded to my roots hence, going forward I will be placing a lot of emphasis on the local and regional markets." - Jay-5Flow intimated.

Steadily broadening his network of local industry players the deejay his gearing up to unleash an aggressive promotional campaign around his latest effort 'Me Noh Play' produced by Big Zim Records.

Cicely Tyson into into Wall of Fame

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WASHINGTON, United States (CMC) -- Caribbean American actress Cicely L Tyson has been inducted into the Wall of Fame of the Washington, DC-based Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS), as Caribbean Americans celebrate National Caribbean American Heritage Month.

Tyson, a former fashion model and daughter of immigrants from Nevis, is renowned for playing strong African-American women on screen and stage throughout her career.

She is also the recipient of three Primetime Emmy Awards, four Black Reel Awards, one Screen Actor Guild Award and one Tony Award. Tyson was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honour in the United States in November 2016.

ICS said Tyson is the daughter of Frederica Tyson, a domestic worker, and William Augustine Tyson, who worked as a carpenter, painter, "and at any other jobs he could find."

Her father arrived in New York City at 21 and was processed at Ellis Island on August 4, 1919, ICS said.

"Having appeared in minor film and television roles early in her career, Tyson garnered widespread attention and critical acclaim for her performance as Rebecca Morgan in Sounder (1972); she was nominated for the Academy and Golden Globe Award for Best Actress, and won the NSFC Best Actress and NBR Best Actress Awards for the role."

"Her portrayal of a young slave at the end of the American Civil War in the 1974 television film, 'The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman won her further praise,'" she added. "The role won her two Emmy Awards and a nomination for a BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role among other accolades."

miss-kitty-photo-4.jpgMiss Kitty will be hearing her voice on the airwaves this summer in a different capacity. She has teamed with rising singer Tosh Alexander for a collaborative single.

The media personality, whose given name is Khadine Hylton, teamed up with Alexander on a new banger titled Bubble. The track will be released on June 29 by United Kingdom-based BrukOut label, an affiliate of Universal Music.

After weeks of teasing Dancehall fans, Tosh Alexander uploaded a snippet and the behind the scenes footage for the single on Friday.

"Helllerrrrr! Good gyal Tosh a yuh Fluffy Diva Miss Kitty diss eno," the radio host can be heard saying in the intro over the hardcore Dancehall beat. "A wah do some gyal weh sad like the wull a Adele album?... a we seh clean like Jesus police record, a who vex? yuh betta stay vex!"


The Brooklyn, New York-born Tosh Alexander is of Jamaican parentage. She was raised in Jamaica and attended Immaculate Conception High School before relocating to Florida. She was a member of girl group Xclusive which was managed by Makael Manley, former guitarist with The Commodores.

After going solo, she returned to Jamaica last year to reconnect with her roots. Her EP, WorththeWait, contained the single Ready Fi Dem which was produced by Andre "Suku" Gray of Ward 21.

Tosh Alexander holds a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations and Communications from Florida International University.

mavado-photo-12-large.jpgDancehall artiste David Brooks, aka Mavado is getting ready to turn himself into the Constant Spring Police Station for questioning however he has one request.

The Dancehall entertainer reportedly wants a silent surrender. According to Mavado whose real name is, David Brooks' attorney, Tamika Harris, he will be returning to Jamaica soon however he does not want the media to know when.

Mavado is also claiming that his son is innocent after the 16-year-old was charged with murder, conspiracy to murder, arson, shooting with intent, illegal possession of firearm & ammunition for the death of 23-year-old Lorenzo Thomas, otherwise called 'Israel' or 'Trulups' in Cassava Piece, St Andrew.

"He (Mavado) is distraught and a little perturbed," Harris reportedly told the Jamaica Observer. "He is maintaining that the allegation against his son is not true, and he is willing to go at lengths to defend his son," she continued.

Joe Jackson in hospital; cancer is incurable

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joe-jackson.jpgJoe Jackson is in a hospital with terminal cancer, TMZ has learned, and his family has been flocking to his bedside.

Family sources tell us, Joe has been battling the illness for some time, but it is at the end stages. We're told his wife, Katherine, has been at his bedside recently. We're also told some of Joe's children and grandchildren have also made the trip to the hospital.

It's not clear how much time Joe has left -- doctors have talked to the family -- but sources say the cancer cannot be treated.

Another international collb for Sean Paul

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sean-paul-photo-7.jpgExcitement for football hit fever pitch with the kick off of the 2018 World Cup which coincides with the release of Sean Paul's most recent collaboration Feels Like Home, the beat of which captures the passions of the football fans worldwide.

English Producer/DJ Sigala has scored big time with his latest release Feels Like Home which features the Grammy Award winning artiste who spices up the track with his Dancehall verse. American hip hop singer Kent Jones whose vocal stylings also adds great texture to Fuse ODG's Afrocentric and catchy hook.

The single was released on Thursday, June 14 only hours before the first World Cup match.

Sean Paul is set to release his first ever Extended Play (EP) dubbed Mad Love The Prequel in a matter of weeks. With fans anxious for the release of the EP, the artiste has released Tip Pon It with another beats specialist Major Lazer.

After a hit-studded performance at the Capital Summertime Ball with a 30,000 strong audience at Wembley Stadium in the UK, fans can next see Sean Paul in Miami on Thursday, June 28 at the Give From the Heart InspIrie Dinner Gala. The youth-empowerment charity event takes place at the Fountainebleu Miami Beach in Florida, USA. He will then embark on his Canada tour in July and his Europe tour in August 2018.

flippa-mafia-before-and-after.jpgDoes anybody remember the skinny, wiry Flippa Mafia, the Flossing King? Well Flippa is now a Fattie King. Seems like prison life gree wid him.

The Dancehall artiste sent fans into shock fans on Monday when he uploaded his first photo since being incarcerated.

The recording artist who visibly gained a few pounds can be seen smiling with his family.

"Wow prison really change people. Had to look twice [but] that smile can never change tho. Keep your head up," one fan wrote. "Ra$$ [the] boss put on nuff weight man issa good look can't wait until you drop a road," another user wrote.

Flippa Mafia was sentenced to 25 years in 2016 after he was found guilty of first-degree distribution of cocaine, second-degree money laundering, and second-degree conspiracy.

The Flossing King, whose given name is Andrew Davis will have to serve 12 years before being eligible for parole. He was also ordered to pay a US$250,000 anti-money laundering profiteering penalty.

vybz-kartel-and-shorty-larger.jpgSikka Rhymes, who seems to be the officilal spokesperson for imprisoned Dancehall artiste, Vybz Kartel, has reportedly stated that Shorty is barred from visiting Kartel in jail or conducting business of his behalf. Shorty is Kartel's babymother and the person who has been conducting all the artiste's business during his time in jail.

Over the weekend, Kartel took to Instagram to warn the public against doing any form of business deals with his baby mother explaining that they are no longer together, "me and har [Shorty] nuh de!," he wrote.

According to Rhymes, Kartel wants to keep everything strictly professional, "He [Vybz Kartel] just wants to make it clear because people are going to her about business transactions and him no de pon dat," the 'Run Guh Fi Strap' deejay said. "Vybz Kartel likes to keep his business professional because he is a real businessman and bad blood is simply bad for business ... anybody knows this."

Vybz Kartel and Shorty were together for over a decade. The two share three sons together.

Pictures surfaced recently of Kartel being visited by the boys, minus their mom, Shorty.

Video drop from Mighty Crown

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gatffest-opening-gala-2018.jpgLast weekend saw the unfolding of GATTFEST film festival's premiere gala event - the screening of Hear Me Move, the first-ever South African 'Sbujwa' street dance film.

Professor Ian Boxill, dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, and chair of the GATFFEST planning committee, reiterated the importance of film as an art-form, and as a potential catalyst for community development. He explained that the festival usually reserves the gala premiere night for a community-based film, but this time around, the festival utilised its international prowess, choosing to premiere Hear Me Move as a demonstration of social parallels between underserved communities in South Africa and in the Caribbean.

The film's scenes were cinematographically pristine, backdropped by vibrant graffiti, and the story was universally communicable.

"Dance and music is not integral only to South Africa, but also to Jamaica," said Gabrielle Blackwood, film-maker and president of the Jamaica Film and Television. She continued, "Hear Me Move highlighted how members of a low-income and marginalised community could come together to express themselves by representing their culture. It was not just about who had the best dance moves, but also about heart and spirit."

Over the past week, GATFFEST Film Festival has been hosting community film screenings planned and executed in Trench Town, Nannyville and Port Royal. The festival continues this week with Japanese Film Night, two International Film Nights, Colombian Film Night and a Jamaican Film Night.

hookie-weekend-2018-06-24.jpgWashington, DC (Sonique Solutions) - J'ouvert and Mas are 2 essential elements which have become synonymous with the Caribbean festival experience.

The upcoming Hookie Weekend will showcase the unbridled freedom of 'dutty mas' along with the excitement and glamour of pretty mas in the forms of the events 'Lion's Pride J'ouvert' and 'Riddim & Road' 2018.

This June, US-based promotional outfit Hookie Life Entertainment is dedicated to ensuring these beloved Carnival components remain a constant for the Caribbean culture lovers in the Washington DC metro area during its epic weekend of memorable events.

On Saturday June 23rd, Lion's Pride J'ouvert, the best and only J'ouvert experience in the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) takes place at 7am at the Rosecroft Raceway.

Commonly known as 'LPJ' and considered by many Carnival connoisseurs as the perfect mix, this event offers a combination of paint, powder & revelry as well as an array of top music selections from a big truck.

Registration for LPJ includes an official LPJ T-shirt, specialty paint along with other Hookie Life goodies and a front row seat to the organized chaos of this unique J'ouvert experience. Several past Hookie Weekend attendees have referred to this day opening event as the ultimate continuation to the energy created at the previous day's Hookie DC pool party.

Following the Lion's Pride J'ouvert vibes is the fan favourite, Riddim & Road on June 24th.Hookie Weekend culminates with this event that puts a twist on the traditional Mas model and allows the masquerader to be the costume designer.

This alternative mas concept also gives patrons another opportunity to utilize and jump up with their old costumes from previous international carnivals, their 'Monday Wear' options or even their own inspired costume creations.

Riddim & Road not only fills a gap in DC by bringing back an authentic Carnival road experience to the US nation's capital, but also provides a platform for true mas enthusiasts to show off their unique style and represent Caribbean culture to the fullest while jamming to the music of top DJs and finishing the Hookie Weekend in fine fashion.

Lion's Pride J'ouvert and Riddim & Road are part of the highly anticipated Hookie DC Weekend 2018(June 21st-24th) which also includes the events "Release Therapy", "Hookie DC Pool Party" and the return of "Shine" to Washington DC.

For tickets to Hookie Weekend 2018, please visit:

Tropicalfete, Inc. will host its annual Caribbean Cultural Showcase on Sunday, June 24 in Brooklyn to unveil its 2018 costumes under the theme: The Carnival Jungle - Sweet Fuh Days. This event will further highlight the West Indian culture with masquerade, stilt dancing, steel pan, theater, spoken word, live music, singing, visual arts and more.

The multi-faceted theme 'The Carnival Jungle - Sweet Fuh Days" represents the jungle as an arena of color and beauty, where as Sweet Fuh Days by Patrice Roberts is the song that Tropicalfete's Steel Band Ensemble will perform for Junior Panorama.

Tropicalfete prides itself in re-introducing traditions that have recently been absent from the Caribbean culture. This year, its street theater production will bring back some old carnival characters, incorporate steel pan, stilts (moko jumbie) and masquerade for the Labor Day Parade, which is held the first Monday of September in Brooklyn.

The Caribbean Cultural Showcase will be held on Sunday, June 24 at 3PM at Von King Park -Almira Kennedy Coursey Amphitheatre, 670 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216. This event is free and open to all members of the public.

Tropicalfete would like to thank the following organizations that made this program possible: New York City Council, New York State of Opportunity - Council on the Arts, Department of Cultural Affairs, NYC Parks, Materials for the Arts and New York City Police Department.

Washington, DC (Sonique Solutions) - With all the excitement and anticipation for the upcoming 2018 edition of the annual Hookie DC weekend, festival fanatics are anxiously awaiting the return of the famous fete 'Shine' which will this year join the lineup of cherished events on Saturday 23rd June.

Shine DC will make its much awaiting return to Washington D.C. after a 7 year hiatus.


Shine returns to Washington D.C. after a 7 year hiatus as part of Hookie Weekend 2018.

The popular fete franchise which boasts editions in Toronto, Miami and New York will be the collaborative effort of Hookie Life Entertainment and Back to Basics Entertainment and will take place at the deluxe nightspot, Karma DC.

back-to-basics-will-headline-shine-dcss-unstoppable-dj-cast.jpgBack to Basics will headline Shine DC's unstoppable DJ cast.

Riding on the momentum of a truly successful and memorable edition in NYC this past May for Memorial Weekend, Shine DC is primed to be a major highlight of Hookie Weekend 2018.

The party is set to bring its usual combination of dynamic music mixologists, unstoppable vibrations and signature Caribbean essence to Washington D.C.

beauty-and-fashion-forwardness-will-shine-on-june-23rd.jpgBeauty and fashion-forwardness will Shine on June 23rd.

The members of Hookie Life Entertainment always maintain the mission to provide a weekend of great events, experiences and memories in the D.C. area.

This led to their decision to add another event to enhance their already impressive event roster and to collaborate with one of the biggest names in Soca entertainment, Back to Basics of Back to Basic Entertainment.

attendees-had-a-blast-at-the-recent-memorial-weekend-shine-edition-in-nyc.jpgAttendees had a blast at the recent Memorial Weekend Shine edition in NYC.

This return of Shine, which has been missing from D.C. since 2011 promises unforgettable fete moments and will feature some of the best DJs in Soca from NYC, D.C., Miami, Toronto and the Caribbean.

Back to Basics will headline a DJ cast which also consists of turntable heavyweights such as Tony X, Riggo Suave, Barrie Hype, Dr. Jay, DJ Nunu, Mystic Vibes 6.0, DJ Hazzard, Fyah Oats, DJ Quixx & Freeze International.

top-female-selector-dj-nunu-will-bring-her-unique-vibe-to-shine-dc.jpgTop female selector DJ Nunu will bring her unique vibe to Shine DC.

Shine DC is a welcomed addition to the Hookie Weekend schedule which also includes the events Release Therapy (Jun 21st), Hookie DC Pool Party (Jun 22nd), Lion's Pride J'ouvert (Jun 23rd) and Riddim & Road (June 24th).

Enjoy the unique vibe of Shine DC on Saturday, June 23rd at Karma DC, 2221 Adams Pl NE, Washington, D.C. 20018 from 5PM - 10PM for only $25 USD.

barrie-hype-will-rock-the-mic-at-shine-dc-2018.jpgBarrie Hype will rock the mic at Shine DC 2018.

For tickets to Shine DC 2018, please visit:

For additional information on Shine DC and other Hookie Weekend 2018 events, please visit: OR OR

Mavado's son Donte questioned in murder probe

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mavado-and-son.jpgDonte Brooks, the 17-year-old son of Dancehall entertainer Mavado has been questioned for murder.

Brooks is currently in police custody after he was detained last week with three other relatives including, recording artiste Chase Cross.

According to reports, the teenager was questioned about the recent murder of a 23-year-old man in Cassava Piece, St Andrew. The deceased, Lorenza Thomas, otherwise called 'Israel' or 'Trulups' was reportedly at home when armed men kicked in the door to the house that he occupied and shot and then chopped him to death. His body was then set ablaze by his attackers.

Cassava Piece has been ablaze with violent crimes in the last two weeks ago after Mavado was shot at following a dispute. Mavado who is wanted for questioning in relation to the flare-up in violence is still in the United States.

Earlier this week law enforcement officers have issued a final warning for him to turn himself in.

According to investigators, they were informed by Mavado's attorney, Tamika Harris, that he is overseas fulfilling a contractual obligation however they were not given a specific time he would return to Jamaica.

Soundman put Jah pon 'delete'

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jah-cure.jpgDancehall selectr and pressing just one button on any Jah Cure song these days - DELETE.

The singer has refused to apologize for his social media rant styling sound system selectors.

Reports are that a member of Jah Cure's team tried to out the fire after the former convict lashed out wicked against soundbwoy in a social media rant that made even some of his own fans chastise him.

His team released an apology on Jah Cure's behalf, however, the filthy rich artiste has since said that he did not approve the apology.

Well, on Monday, Selector Tony Matterhorn gave Jah Cure a six hour ultimatum to make a public apology. More than six hours later and no apology, Matterhorn has decided to refrain from playing the singer's music.

Tony Matterhorn during a Music News interview also adds that a few selectors have already started to delete Jah Cure's music from their playlist.

Drake's new album to drop June 29

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drake.jpgDrake told his fans he would return with a new album this June. At first, it was suspected the collection would land on the 22nd.

However, Drizzy posted Scorpion will actually drop a week later. Listeners will get to check out the OVO head's latest LP on June 29.

Scorpion is expected to host the Number One singles "God's Plan" and "Nice for What." Wednesday night also saw the release of a music video for the track "I'm Upset."

Drake's previous full-length project was 2017's More Life. That set collected 505,000 equivalent album units in its first week of release.

mavado-son-yardflex.jpgThe teenage son of dancehall singjay Mavado was questioned by police on Tuesday, meanwhile, his famous father is yet to execute the request of the Constant Spring Police who urged the entertainer to turn himself in.

Mavado's son, Donte Brooks was arrested last week along with four others in connection with the violence in Cassava Piece, St. Andrew.

In the meantime, reports are that, Head of the St. Andrew North Police, Superintendent Glenford Miller, has warned that investigators will not wait indefinitely for Mavado to surrender to them. Last week, the police sent out an advisory urging Mavado to report for questioning in connection with the violence in Cassava Piece. However, the dancehall singjay is currently in the United States fulfilling his contractual obligations.

Meanwhile, Mavado's cousin Chase Cross who was detained last week along with four others, was re-arrested on Monday after he was charged and released on bail on Friday.

Chase Cross was charged with assaulting the man who police say fired shots at Vado on June 2.

The police have since imposed a curfew in Cassava Piece.

Shenseea says leaked sex tape is not her

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shenseea-ig.jpgShenseea and her manager, Romeich Major have broken their silence on the leaked photos that are currently making rounds online.

The explicit images which surfaced on social media Tuesday shows a woman resembling the 'Love I Got For You' singer performing oral sex.

Shorty after the posts went viral, Shenseea took to her Instagram story to thank her fans for their support while making it clear she was not the person in the photo despite the rumours.

Shenseea later uploaded a video sharing why woman in the photo could never be her. "People saying its photoshopped but i don't think it looks real, its just not me..," she wrote.

jah-cure.jpgBelow is the text of Jah Cure's apology:

"I would like to apologize to my fans, friends and family. I am human and like many others, I've been dealing with so many various issues in this thing we call life and I let it get the best of me. I used social media and I lashed out, I generalized using the term sound boy when it wasn't meant generally. I understand that, as a public figure, I am held to a higher standard of conduct and I do want to set the right example for my daughter.

"To the Djs and fans that have supported me over the years I apologize for the language, unwarranted accusations and the things said. I realise it was over the top and unnecessary.... I took the actions and words of a few and shifted it to many. I'm passionate and while that transfers great in my music at times it doesn't do so well for social media. See wid the Rasta!

"We all have our challenges but I have a duty, Jah said create good music and that is what I shall do.

jah-cure-bahamas.jpgIt has been a drama filled couple of days for dreadlocked singer, Jah Cure.

He lashed out mercilessly at selector who want dubplates, telling them that he is rich and doesn't need their money. But that was just the tip of the iceberg, as the singer, in an emotionally charged social media post, replete with Jamaican bad words, in essence, made it clear that that all of these persons were of no more value than the dirt under his feet.

Of course, fans pushed back at the Cure, while selectors were quick to call out Jah Cure for his blatant disrespect.

There was talk of banning his songs and then the artiste took down the post, after which he apologised.

tifa-photo-3.jpgDancehall diva Tifa shared some good news with her followers on the gram on Wednesday. She is getting married to Mr. S. Tifa announced her engagement with the caption: "I said yes!!!☺❤💍#futuremrsS," as the proud bride-to-be showed off her ring.

Tifa's post clocked over 12,000 likes and 1000 comments. Several Dancehall artistes including Dovey Magnum, Khalia 100 and Samantha J left congratulatory messages.

The entertainer also shared roses in her Instagram story.

Tifa is gearing up to release her debut album after over a decade amidst retirement rumours. The project titled 'Curry Goat & Champagne' will be available on July 13.

According to Tifa, 'Curry Goat & Champagne' will a two disc album. "Suh the 'Curry Goat' side addi Jamaica side and the 'Champagne' side addi international side," she explained.

Hood Celebrity for Tease

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Newly signed Epic Records act Hood Celebrityy will be making her first appearance as a performer in Jamaica at a show dubbed 'Tease' on June 24.

The event is set for Sugarman's Beach in Portmore.

Event promoter and artiste manager Michael Wilson said that Hood Celebrityy is one of the hottest dancehall artistes in the US.

"Hood Celebrityy is one of the few overseas-based deejays to dominate the music scene locally, so this is history in the making, and Tease will be the first to bring her to Jamaica...she is hot like fire, she deh everywhere, people obsessed with the Walking Trophy, she deh a UK, Miami, California," Wilson said.

Born in Jamaica and raised in St Catherine, the artiste born Tina Pinnock moved to the United States as a pre-teen and embraced the culture and sounds of hip hop while keeping close to her Jamaican roots.

Things began jumping off for Hood Celebrityy in 2015 with the release of her single and video Wine Pon It, which went viral after her friend and fellow Bronx resident Cardi B posted the visuals.

She followed up with her breakout song Walking Trophy, which has become a dancehall anthem and popped up on the Billboard R & B/Hip Hop airplay chart, peaking at 34.