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capleton.jpgReggae artiste Capleton has used social media to thank his fans and colleagues for their support, as he faces a charge of rape. In the post he reminded that he has never been accused of putting his hand on any woman in an abusive way and stated that he has nothing but respect for women.

The entertainer declared his innocence, even as his lawyer has been fuming about the botched investigations by the police, which led to the rape charge.

The lawyer has stated publicly that he told the police that he has evidence - voice notes and whats app messages - that would prove his client's innocent, but the police reportedly told hiim to present the evidence in court.

Interestingly, the very same day that the woman had reported to the police that she had been raped by Capleton, the entertainer had also made a formal report to the police that the same woman was trying to extort money from him.

The philanthropist, who stages and annual charity show, 'A St Mary Mi Come From', is known for his enormous kindness and his willingness to help the less fortunate.

Capleton has an undying passion for his birth parish, St Mary, and while most of the proceeds from the annual event go towards projects in the parish, adjoining parishes have been known to benefit from the staging of 'A St. Mary Mi Come From'.

capleton.jpgAs the entertainer who's affectionately known as King Shango is even now fighting a charge of rape, Yardflex spoke to an associate of Capleton, who had some rather revealing information.

According to the source, Capleton would never wash his locks at a hotel, and furthermore, the source added that the only woman allowed to touch the Rastafarian's locks is his cousin.

"Is Capleton cousin alone wash him locks. When she wash it, we haffi sprad leaves inder the tree because the Fireman locks way down pass him back almst a touch ground. So after she finish wash it him haffi stay under the tree and let it out so that it can dry. Which hotel? Dem man deh nah go a no hotel go wah locks...and Capleton nuh groom him locks either," the associate explained.

The woman who has accused the artiste of rape is said to be a hairdresser, but that claim was also refuted.

"She is no hairdresser. Is somebody that all of we know; she have a wholesale and we buy goods from her all the while," the source revealed to Yardflex.

It was also stated that the woman did in fact visit Capleton at the New Kingston hotel where he stays quite frequently and further that woman knew that she was going there for a sexual tryst.

"She all get her taxi fare when she leave...but afterwards she begin fi try use her head fi get more money. She say she did sick and inna hospital and we find out say a lie. Then she start fi call call up King Shango fi money and bare things. So after the Fireman block her and decide fi report the matter to the police, a so she start spin her story," the source confided to Yardflex.