Muta de pon TV


Bwoy wi teck in Muta di odda night a talk bout water and wi get di feeling if a sey all di obsess wi a get bout dis spring water ting, it not as clean as we surmise. Still wi find it interesting, him talk to all kind a expert and tings. But dat woan be di ongle ting him a talk bout. Him a guh even deeper inna di water issues cause him a explore why people fraid fi drink pipe water, and why dem tink sey dem caan boil it and drink. Di programme deh pon CVM and it name Simply Muta, it a come every Monday 9:30. According to him him gwine be talking up a lot of tings suh wi kinda intrigued by di fuss one, so wi a guh meck sure gi it a nex’ press Monday night again.