Bolt to di world!

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Indirectly Ambassador the Hon USain Bolt, OJ will be aiding his home parish Trelawny with the auctioning of a replica of the record-breaking shoes he wore when he posted the terrific times on the board.

The shoes will be auctioned by the Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS) to fund its new LifeSEED's Youth Vision project in Bolt's district of Sherwood Content in Trelawny.

The shoes, now on display at the Renaissance Marriott Hotel in Washington, DC, USA will be auctioned within another two weeks.

President of ICS, Dr. Claire Nelson said that the shoes were designed and donated by Puma and autographed by Bolt.

Dr. Nelson explained that the LifeSEED (Life Skills Empowerment and Entrepreneurial Development) programme seeks to provide young people of the Caribbean with the crucial skills and resources needed to be self-directed, gainfully employed, and equipped to secure their livelihoods and reach their goals.

"We firmly believe that the youth have the strong ability to be productive, thriving, and contributing members of society, if we emphasise the importance of hard work and determination and provide them with vital resources," said Dr. Nelson