TEMPO TURNS FOUR… possibly no more.


The kick off of the TEMPO anniversary was held in St. Croix but the fourth edition did not come in that tough. Yardflex was bombarded with calls regarding the TT4 show. Inside sources told Yardflex that the Govenor of Virgin Islands put in USD $300,000 to help get the Tempo show off the ground. Despite those high figures how ever, staff members and those helping with the show were not paid. In fact, workers from channel 12 were hired to the do the event and no craft service were provided until they later complained. Spectators who came out stood in the rain well into the early hours in the morning for Shabba Ranks but the show which was already lacking in vibes, was killed by long speeches by Mr. Tempo (The same speech given at every Tempo event so far). Shabba’s performance was far from his usual that we have grown to know and love. First off, Shabba was on tracks – no band. Shabba did not hit the stage until just after 5am to a minimal crowd and actually ended his set early by throwing down the mic. As usual TEMPO had a rather similar line up for their anniversary including the main talent Frederick Morton Jr. and his protégé Ziggy Rankin. Tarrus Riley did his best given nature of the show.

Many insiders say since losing their original frontline (Jah Bami, Lydia Patel Empress Jeanille, Anuscha, Jabba and Dahved Levy) that the life of the channel has simply gone. Rumors are going around St. Croix and throughout the Caribbean that this Tempo Turns 4 may be their last edition. What remains positive is their Badness Outta Style campaigns which aims to unify the region and eradicate violence would not have been possible without the vision of Mr. King. We’ll see what happens in Grenada.