Rest In Peace, Squingy


YardFlex sends out our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the late Bass Odyssey selector, Kevin ‘Squingy’ Bennett.

He had been ailing for some time, passed away Tuesday morning, while a patient at a hospital in Tampa, Florida.

According to a Bass Odyssey release, "Squingy was a legend, a product of natural, raw talent. It is with much grief that we must inform the public that he is no longer among us.

"At 6:40 am on Tuesday November 24, we were informed of his death in a hospital in Tampa, Florida. It is reported that his lungs collapsed which led to the failure of his other organs."

Just last week, news surface that Squingy was critically ill and had been hospitalised. According to the statement from the sound system, "A little over five years ago, he was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Although there is no cure he had been receiving adequate treatment in both Jamaica and the United States. At this time we extend gratitude to those who have helped us to support and maintain Squingy's life until now as that in itself is a miracle from the Almighty."

“Squingy was a proud, loyal and dedicated member of the Bass Odyssey family "who bravely fought this obstacle to the final second and lived his life to the fullest in light of the surrounding circumstances".

"We appeal to the true Squingy friends and family, the loyal Bass Odyssey fans and supporters of the music that effort be made to preserve his important legacy and contribution. Let us bury the man as a legend.

"We maintain that we have always supported Squingy and the entire staff and in extension Alexandria community have stood by his side 100 per cent. Keith Walford and Kirky C are making the necessary arrangements to ship his body to Jamaica where he will receive an honourable burial.”

Date and place will be announced soon.