You ever si mi dying trial!?


By Rootzgirl

Now I’ve seen and heard it all! Yesterday I was reading the Star and I had to read again to make sure I wasn’t reading doubles. It is alleged that two thieves are in hospital after falling from an ackee tree in which they clashed after meeting up on each other.

Now bear with me here, first of all the tree doan belong to neither of them, so considering both were trespassing, why couldn’t they just pick their ackees and go their way…and hope of course that the owner didn’t catch any of them!

No that didn’t happen, according to the paper on Saturday, the two men had a fight while in the fruit tree and eventually fell a number of feet crashing to the ground and ending up in hospital with injuries.

Neither of the men lived at the yard in which the tree is located.

According to Corporal Desmond Samuels of the St Mary police, the men are well known for preying on fruit trees in sections of the parish.

Reports are that about 4 p.m., one of the men made his way on to a premises at Castleton in the parish and began climbing the ackee tree.

The owner of the home was reportedly at work at the time. The thief was surprised by another man who was already in the tree.

The police said residents heard the men arguing over who should stay and who should leave.

With both men adamant on filling their scandal bags, a fight then ensued as the men displayed their agility by swinging from limb to limb and throwing blows at each other.

"A number of persons from the community came out to see the two men in action. The men actually fought each other and were still in the tree," the corporal told the paper.

What seemed a bit of humour at first, got scary after the two men fell from the tree.

After falling both men could only cry out for help and could not move.

The same residents who were laughing at first, had to scramble for transportation to take the men to hospital where they remained up to yesterday.

Honestly, this is getting ridiculous, hanging from tree limbs, fighting, I have to imagine that they thought they were Superman and Spiderman.

Oh boy, holla at us with your views.