Bounty ‘addi Teacha’ at Hennessey Artistry


If addiction to Hennessey separates the real man dem from the boys, then it was a case of “nuff man deh yah” at the Cable & Wireless Golf Academy on Saturday night. The beloved ‘Henny’, as it is called with reverence by dancehall addicts and others, was naturally the drink of choice and, bwoy, did it ever flow!

Some say it was the Henny that loosened Bounty’s tongue and had the deejay in a mood almost as black as his clothes and spitting fire at all and sundry. The Killer was ‘di Teacha’ and there was no stopping him.

“The other day I read a headline that said ‘Bleaching Crisis’. Oonu know what the word ‘crisis’ mean?” asked Teacher Pryce, after which he went on to provide the definition. Of course, his anti-bleaching campaign was directed at his nemesis Vybz Kartel, the Gaza president who is accused of bleaching out his skin.

The Killer performed his song, Can’t Believe Mi Eyes and changed up one line to comment, “Mi cyan believe say Kartel really a bleach.” Rodney ‘Bounty Killer” Pryce, was in a no-nonsense mood and made it known. “Parents have a responsibility to bring up their children proper but artistes have a responsibility to sing good songs,” said the Alliance head honcho. He was critical of those who were wearing their pants “under dem batty” and, believe it or not, he also cried shame on the males who wear tight pants.

In between his lessons to his eager ‘students’, Bounty delivered a slew of songs from his extensive repertoire . He dismissed Kartel ‘s intended diss, through a release sent to the press on the weekend in which he called the Killer a ‘dinosaur’.

In addition to Bounty, Lady Saw and Queen Ifirica represented well. Beenie was not his usual high energy self, and Ele, in a surprise move, brought on stage Gully girl, Ishawna, the inspiration for one of Vybz Kartel’s popular songs. Both she and Ele got very cosy on stage as they performed a steamy song they recently recorded.

At the end of their performance, Ele declared that First Lady Ishawna buss. We look forward to seeing them on Sting.