Bring in the JDF!

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Honestly I was watching the news on TVJ and I had to smile when IO saw The Jamaica Defense Force (JDF), Chief of Defense Staff, Major General Stewart Saunders on the news. It is his view that the soldiers should be called in to handle the hot spots as Police cannot deal with it.

What does the country have to lose by bring them in? Not a thing, if he thinks that they can sort things out, then the government should have been hastily trying to prove him right.

Crime is at an all time high in Jamaica, one have to wonder just what it will take to see peace at last in the country. I smiled at his statement because I wondered if they really know what they would be getting into…but still the thought of peace at last was enough to keep the smile on my face.

I hope Bruce is paying attention and as I write, I hope he is already drafting a proposal for them.l Let’s see how this one plays out nuh. What do you think…is the colonel right?