Kartel large!


Bwoy di biggest talk on the streets is not the fact that Lisa Hype was caught going down on Vybz Kartel, but it is the fact that he is really blessed! Yeah man a whole heap a woman a sey him never did a lie inna di song whey him do sey him c—ky longer dan him nine. Fi real from di look a tings him really did a talk di truth.

And di nex’ ting whey dem a talk hard bout is that di Gaza man teck it hands down when it come to armed with the right size tool fi di job, dem all a wonder if Mavado caan measure up. Dem Vybz dey a lead yah now, cause him a guh hard wid di music and when it come to having the right size tool fi di job…well …unno done si di image pon whole heap a di site dem. But a how Lisa Hype never choke dough eeh?