What’s going on?


By Rootzgirl

Last night while watching the news my attention was drawn to the story about a 52-year-old man who was beaten by resident of Kiloncoly District in St Mary.

Now what was so disturbing about the news is the fact that this man has been known to be fooling around little girls and little boys.

What eventually lead to his being beaten is the fact that he was in a house with a 16-year-old boy. His relative was looking for him and was drawn to strange sounds coming from the house.

The youth eventually came out and was seeing fixing his pants. Minutes later the elder man came out, it was then that an alarm was raised and he was pounced on by residents.

At a time when we are reading about being more sensitive to homosexuals and they are pushing for their rights…I have to ask the question, what rights do they want?

Do they want the right to corrupt your children, introducing them to a lifestyle they haven’t taken the time to think about?

The right to corrupt young girls and mess them up before they have a chance to mature?

The right to use a man or woman to hide the fact that they really gays?

What’s really going on? How come I am not hearing as loud a noise from the straight community as the homos are making?

Honestly, I wish someone would holla at me and tell me what’s really going on.