Order of Distinction or Order of Duttiness

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Jackass sey di world nuh level and a true. Look much respectable people yuh have out deh fi receive Order of Distinction and sometimes dem select some people whey nah set no example fi di youths dem and wuss when it come to dem people relationship it stink to high heaven.

Yuh have some whey step cross di lawn and receive dem OD (well in a fi dem case a Order of Duttiness) cause dem treat some a dem employees wuss dan dawgs and di poor employees dem nuh have nuh rights most a di times. And when dem open dem mouth fi chat dem tell dem sey dem can always find a next job…cause dem know sey job scarce and dem hold a stick over dem head.

Den yuh have di case in point a dis well know genius whey dem gi OD di odda day. Him have a wife whey live a Miami and dem married from Johnny was a bwoy and it look like him just ketch him age cause him have a son whey him 20-year-old bear him. Wi understand sey him and she mash up and him teck up a nex young ting.

Him wife fly in and discover di birth paper and call him fi ask him whey a gwaan. She ask if di marriage done and him sey “yes star it done!” just like dat brap.

No sah people caan cold suh…a just one ting we waan ask, when yuh get OD shouldn’t there be some kind a emphasis on good levity, morals and a stable family life? Mi nuh know…mi just a sey!