Uptown Mondays raided helicopter style

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It was about 2:30 this morning when police swooped down on popular weekly dancehall session, Uptown Mondays, blocking off all access to Constant Spring Road and, with a helicopter hovering in the air, searched all patrons and carted away some in waiting trucks.

This makes the second time this year that Uptown Mondays has been raided by the cops, but this morning’s action was more intense than previous raids.

According to Yardflex sources, the police were searching for wanted men and guns, none of which were found.

“A gun and wanted man dem looking for, but we don’t have nothing like that round here,” the source said.

Reports are that approximately 70 persons were placed in the vehicles and taken away to be processed. Among those who were initially placed in the truck, but were released on the spot are selectors Boom Boom, who was at the turntable and Foota Hype, who was in the crowd. The promoter allegedly tried to secure on-the-spot release for rising artiste, Rikki Tikki, who was the man of the night.

“Bwoy, Rikki Tikki got the most pull up during a special segment at Uptown Mondays where new artistes are premiered. Him song bad, it buss the place and di people gwaan fi it. And then fi know say him get put inna truck,” one patron commented.

The raid was carried out by Caribbean Search, JDF and the police and reports are that all the men who were rounded up have subsequently been released. None of the females present at the dance were carried away.

According to the organizers of Uptown Mondays, “The promoter regrets the inconvenience and took it up on himself to go to the processing venue and assist patrons in whatever way he could. We always weather the storm and we will be back next week,”, they promise.