Papa Biggy was a hit in Massachusetts


Dancehall DJ is making his return to the frontline in every sense of the word. Since he released his album Return to the Frontline he has been delivering one good performance after another.

The Connecticut-based DJ was again in action at Sister D’s Birthday Bash at the Western Front in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Watching him as he took control of the mic, one had to wonder how he managed to work the stage with such agility, the DJ who delivered hits such as How You Plant Corn and, Stop Dem, Under The Plane Wing and Times of Trouble.

Before that though sound system One Sound International entertained the jam packed venue with some cultural roots music, setting the pace for what was to follow – a night of pure cultural vibes.

Kicking off the first performance of the night was Doctors of Flight, Boston’s own urban rock/rap band. After working a real entertaining set it was time for Dis and Dat Band featuring Sister D on keyboards, their set had the crowd rocking away.

Mr Yanks and Bandoo made way for the headline act for the night Papa Biggy who rocked the crowd with songs from his album Return to the Frontline before inviting King I to join him on stage.

When the incident free event came to a close at 2:00 am it was to a totally satisfied crowd.