Bounty trial stalled


The trial of dancehall entertainer Rodney Pryce, more popularly known as 'Bounty Killa,' was stalled on Wednesday in the Gun Court.

The trial was delayed because one of the main witnesses failed to show.

The witness in question reportedly witnessed the artiste assaulting a cop during an altercation in New Kingston in 2007.

The trial is now set for March 24.

Bounty Killa is charged jointly with Calis Bowen, an ex-cop, arising from an incident in which a Police Constable was allegedly assaulted by the artiste and members of his entourage in New Kingston.

Investigators reported that on September 27, 2007, the constable was driving his vehicle in the New Kingston area when he drove up to a group of men who had used their vehicles to block sections of St Lucia Avenue.

The policeman signalled the men to move, however one of them threw alcohol in his face.

This led to a confrontation.

It is reported that during the confrontation 'Bounty Killa' pulled a firearm and pointed it at the policeman.

Mr. Bowen who was in the entourage is accused of hitting the Constable, although he had identified himself as a policeman.

Mr. Bowen has since been dismissed from the police force.