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She did it already, and she is at it again. Dancehall author, turned actress, Macka Diamond is in the final stages of fulfilling the wishes of her reading audience, who have all been salivating since reading BUN HIM!!!

Well the wait is over, and those who enjoyed BUN HIM!!! Can get ready for yet another intriguing Jamaican Novel, this time entitled, ‘The Real Gangster’s Wife.’

Fresh off her big screen debut, Macka was quick to point out that she was actually inspired to go at this novel while in Antigua, on the set of her latest effort outside of the dancehall arena; playing the role of leading lady in the Caribbean action flick, Redemption of Paradise.

Macka was tight lipped about the details of the novel, but this is what she was willing to reveal; the novel is in its final stages, it will be another Page Turner Publication, and it is set to be released on her birthday in January.

So what was the real inspiration behind her second effort at writing a novel? “Maybe it was all the action on the set of the movie,” joked Macka, about how this novel went from idea, to now being in the final stages, quickly adding that, “this time it’s going to be more man friendly….nuh bun nah gi roun here dis time.”

She giggles at the delivery of those words, but quickly got serious as she went on further to explain that, “this time a some different levels dah female yah dey pon, some levels wha we as women all need to be about.”

“The fans dem been a ask bout part two fi BUN HIM!!!” states Macka, “but wi a work offa a vibes, and right now, is a different ting mi day pon wid dah book yah.”

Spoken like a true author, and sounding way more mature and confident, Macka’s attitude is one that makes it clear that she is ready to deliver the goods, but only time will tell, as we get ready for the January, (birthday) release of yet another milestone in the dancehall arena.