Where’s the love


By rootzgirl

What could possess a woman to attack a little baby just because her baby father has moved on and married someone else?

Yes, my granny used to say “it hot but hush”, as a solution to dealing with the way life can sometimes throw you a curve ball. I read with disgust the story in the Star about a woman who attacked her child’s father wife about a week ago.

She snatched the child from the wife’s arms, flung it to the ground and kicked…have you ever.

Some of these women need to learn the art of moving on. If it does not work out, then don’t make a spectacle of yourself to prove a point. So what if the man was with you before and you had his child? He has moved on married someone else, get over it, the only thing you need to do is ensure he takes care of his child.

Think of the embarrassment you are putting your own children through when they have to read in the paper of your sketellish behaviour.

Of course the story about this woman is not the sole case happening in Jamaica, unfortunately there are too many more out there.

It’s time to stop this vicious cycle and start having pride in yourselves. Don’t give the man more respect that you would yourself.