Stop Gaza/Gully feud from growing in the schools


School administrators have joined those expressing dismay at the growing feud among the student population over support for rival dance hall artistes Mavado and Vybz Kartel.

The rivalry has pitted Mavado's Gully supporters against Vybz Kartel's fans who describe themselves as Gaza.

According to Ruel Reid, Principal of Jamaica College, this has created a serious problem in schools and the matter must be urgently addressed before it gets out of hand.

"We don't have to bring it to this level ... we have this thing out there about sound and artistes clashing, always some confrontation. As a society, we've got to move away from that and if the artistes are projecting positive images, it must not lead to division.

Meanwhile, Guidance Counsellor Lameta Lugg said major players in the music industry should take some responsibility for what is happening in the schools.

"I think the music fraternity has to step up, acknowledge that that there is a problem, there is an issue with the music that the children are listening to. In my opinion, it is demoralising ... it is the same music that will be pulling us down and the music fraternity needs to step up and do something."