No obeah round here

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The Jamaican drama continues with a story we saw in the Star. According to the paper an obeah woman was on Friday chased from her Portland community after being accused of casting spells on residents and preventing them from getting visas.

The Portland police yesterday confirmed the incident but noted that the woman is to speak with them later this week.

After telling everyone he was denied the document, the disappointed man was told by family members that he was the third resident recently, to come up empty-handed after visiting the embassy.

As word of the man's failure spread through the community, the other two residents, another man and a woman, came to visit the latest 'victim'.

As they spoke with each other they concluded that they were cursed.

"..For some stupid reason they came up with the idea that they were under obeah," the corporal said.

According to the corporal, information received from other residents also suggests that the three previously had verbal altercations with the woman.

THE STAR was further told that some time around 6 p.m. a group of about a dozen residents went to the obeah woman's house and ordered her to leave the community.

When the woman disobeyed the orders, her house was stoned and a section where she conducted her practice was set on fire.

The mob is also said to have threatened to light the whole house if she chose to remain inside.

It is reported that at that point she agreed to leave and was escorted to a bus stop just outside the community. She has not returned since leaving the area.

After the incident, other residents reportedly made contact with the police and told them of the situation.

The corporal said the police were yesterday contacted by a relative of the woman who requested help. The relative was told to urge the woman to come in and speak with the police in person.

Oh boy, honestly, in this day and age we didn’t think people were still buying into this obeah argument.