What a bam bam!

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http://www.jamaica-star.com/images/2009/spacer.gifBut a wha dat a reading in the Star sah? Fi real only in Jamaica you hear bout di wuss tings dem. Imagine a ting like funeral, whey yuh should be a a somber mood a lay di dead to rest, big fight bruck out between wife and matey.

According to whey di story guh, The burial of a St Elizabeth man was on Saturday interrupted after the mother of his child and another woman alleged to be his secret lover knocked fists in full view of the already distressed family members and friends who were there.

According to people at the burial, things were going as planned until Kingsley's babymother arrived.

It is said that upon her arrival about 4 p.m., she immediately and loudly expressed her disgust at the presence of another woman Betty, said to be her 'matie'.

"Yu si from she reach and si di girl, she not even wait she jus' start cuss and a class up di girl," a police source and friend of Kingsley told THE STAR.

Despite attempts to calm her down, the babymother is said to have gone further and allegedly approached Betty, ordering her to leave.

"Di way dem get wild nobody not even did too waa run een fi part dem, dem gwaan wicked star ... . Yu tink a now dem a war, a long time eno. See it deh now di man all dead and dem still a fight," he added.

It was also said that Betty managed to take a pair of scissors from her handbag and stabbed at her 'rival'.

At the end of the bout, the women had to be rushed from the scene as their dresses were ripped, exposing parts of their bodies. In addition, both reportedly suffered bruises, swellings and busted lips.

Bwoy oh bwoy, di ongle ting we can say is a wha dis fada.