Smady finally slap LA Lewis!


Lawks mi caan laugh, mi know yuh nuh supposed to enjoy when smady get lick, but mi haffi tell di truth. A nuff nuff people inna di streets a laugh like hell bout di story sey Dj Mr G formerly Goofy slap him wid a gun.

Dem sey a long time LA a go round and a meck a nuisance a himself, him gi trouble here suh, him gi trouble dere so, him just nuff suh.

Dem sey it was just a matter a time before smady caan teck nuh more and deal wid him case. Look how him owe di tattoo man money, carry him go court and him same one get ordered fi pay di man! Den di drama wid him and Lady Marsha and a nex one whey dem sey him rip dem off.

Not to mention to di whole heap a ediat press release whey him company LA Lewis Entertprise a send out.

Now, we hope, deh lick deh whey meck him cool him tail and kip quiet…but wi have a feeling dat afta it cool off it a guh be him dat again!