Yawn, yawn…enough Bounty, Kartel


We thought that Bounty went on stage and indicated that there comes a time when you must move from being a boy to a man. He said he was finished with the foolishness and many embraced his new attitude. In fact that was what earned him the huge forwards when he stormed the stage in Sumfest. He totally redeemed himself with a new attitude, one that many dancehall fans love.

We can’t but think this is another stunt orchestrated to build up a vibes for the upcoming Sting. With the economy in shambles and people will now have to make hard choices about the entertainment event they support, it’s a good drawing card to appeal to the blood thirsty dancehall fans who enjoys a good clash to save towards.

However, we long for the day when all this foolishness is eliminated from the dancehall and people can once again listen to “feel good” songs. Now I don’t know what to call these things blaring from the boom boxes…a tracing match or mob scene.