Dis yah gal yah bad....she good eeh !


But that girl deh good eeh? How you can married to one deejay and oonu don’t even divorce yet and yet you gone breed fi a next deejay? And when you husband did want baby, you flip up and sey how him nuh stable so you nah bring no pickney inna dat deh relationship. But how much better is this one? That is what people are asking. From di looks of it, the deejay who you choose busy like hell a get him groove on and a try skip round paternity tests and all these tings. We know seh times hard and you big vehicle get repossess and ting, but you a girl who know how fi play you cards right, cause a long time you a do dis ting. Goodness girl, you coulda did wait till the divorce come through before you go skettel out the ting so. We hope say when baby born we don’t hear say a paternity test is required. Maybe you should compare notes with ‘S’.