Today's Daily Word - Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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I trust the infinite wisdom of God to guide me.
I may be unsure about what I should do or which path to take in a particular situation. In moments like these, I pray and open my heart to the indwelling spirit of God. I am not alone, and I needn't worry.

In prayer, I relax, let go and trust. I leave the specifics on what comes next--the how or when--to God. I focus on the here and now and affirm: "This or something better, God." My task is to trust Spirit within to guide me. As I do, I feel peace. My heart and mind are strengthened.

I trust in God and know the outcome will be something better than I ever imagined for myself and my loved ones. Deep in my heart, I know that, truly, all is well.

"The God who has girded me with strength has opened wide my path."--2 Samuel 22:33.Inspired by this message? Want to talk to friends about it? Share your thoughts here.Search past Daily Word messages by date, topic or keyword. Visit the archive.

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