Unicorn ‘mash up’ Boasy Tuesdays

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When the dust was settled at Boasy Tuesdays it was Unicorn who was reportedly carted away to the police station, perhaps to face charges.According to unconfirmed reports, the weekly session on Lyndhurst Road in Kingston was running smoothly when the artiste and a selector got into an argument.

“Unicorn did want dem to play him tune dat him a promote and dem never want to play it and so him mek a move pon dem,” one patron reported.

Unicorn is alleged to have ‘bottled’ the selectors at the session.
Another version is that the artiste, who has been having an altercation with Money Goddess Macka Diamond over a song on which they collaborated, confronted Macka’s people at Boasy Tuesdays and a fight started.

“Mi just see like a stampede and people start run up and down,” a source who was at the dance reported.
Other reports are that shots were fired in the air, allegedly by the police, in an attempt to restore order.

Efforts to get in contact with Unicorn proved futile as he was reportedly still at the police station.