Let it be about the music By Root girl

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roots.jpgIt’s really sad as more and more it has stopped being about the pure love of the music. Once in the olden days our veteran artiste used to enjoy friendly rivalry on stage but if they had know that these artistes would have take in to another level, one wonders if they would have started it in the first place.

We need back the fun vibes in the dancehall…there’s just too much passa passa from all sides of the fence which is only splitting the music. Why should music lovers be forced to chose which side of the fence they want to sit. I’m not saying Gaza and I’m certainly not saying Gully Side, I am saying music – straight!

Both Vybz Kartel and Mavado have done some real good songs…and both have done songs that I wouldn’t even let my dog listen.

Let’s stop this foolishness and get back to the love of good quality songs.

The latest battle of words between Bounty Killer and Vybz Kartel is certainly not amusing. Bounty on more than one occasion claimed that he was Vybz father…so because that child has chosen his own path doesn’t mean you should want to bad mouth him.

And as for Vybz Kartel, he used to acknowledge Bounty as his father…where is the respect…one slip up and all the love and respect is gone?

Artistes are supposed to be one community of family…but they are more at each other’s throats than anything else. We have enough feuds going on in the country…do the responsible thing and make the change.

You could learn a thing or two from the athletes competing on the world stage…they go fiercely at it on the track but off the field they think nothing of partying together.

Grow up…you are all acting like spoilt children…if you love the music so much, start protecting it and leave out the fighting and cut throat behavior.