One on one with Shebada


Keith ‘Shebada’ Ramsay introduced himself to the comedy market in a big way when he had viewers cracking up in stitches as a competitor on The Comedy Buss. Although he had taken part in other small productions it was the Comedy Buss that told the entire Jamaica he is a talent worth watching. Then came Bashment Granny and also Keith’s meteoric rise to fame! Yardflex sat down and had a one on one with the super popular actor in a no holds barred interview

How long have you been in the theatre?

Three years now - since 2006

Any Formal training…

No...acting is innate… I started out in church …I did a one man piece on Moses and the Burning Bush -entered regional and national church competitions and came first.

Was acting always a dream for you?

So badly…from I gained knowledge… from the time I could recognize the stars

Why did you choose this career?

It’s a gift so what better way …use your gifts

If you weren’t acting, what other job would you like to do?

I would be doing track and field. While attending Clan Carty High, after school, I started doing track and field for the Church of God which is the church that I now go to….I love track super bad. It helps reduce stress for me. I am excellent at track …if I was still training now I could give Asafa and Bolt a run a for their money!

What plays have you been in?

Bashment Granny 1, Shebada Comes To Town, Like Father Like Son, Di Driver and Bashment Granny 2.

What are your fondest moments?

In Like father Like Son - an actress had diarrhea…I brought it to light onstage and the whole show went in a different direction…changed the situation [laughter]

How has it been working on Bashment Granny?

When I stared out with Bashment 1 I had no idea what I would be up against…Maama Man, Jukie Trevor - he is the master of theatre….when I went on stage for the first time with him it worked beautifully…it’s not a one man show it is a show with a whole body of people with a certain chemistry

Do you get along with all your cast members?

We fight …always fighting…new members just don’t understand the chemistry…it has gotten a lot better…over the past eight months. Call me Michal Jackson call me anything u want but don’t call me broke

Do you ad lib with a lot of your scripts?

Based on what you get you can tell…I don’t want to sound cocky…but I don’t work with scripts

As far as Trevor - he understands me very well…so he is like, ok Shebada I know you got your stuff packed but this is the situation with this actress and actor and so just go ahead and do your thing. I’m reading them – the actresses and actors as well as the audience… and one thing that is not cool is to have an uptight audience every night …like a DJ gotta read the crowd to select his tunes, I also need to read the audience…

Is your character on screen anything like your persona off screen?

I am very shy I like my own stage….the hardest part of entertaining is the end…I need to go into a room an recuperate

How do you feel when you are on stage? Are you nervous or once the lights turn on you’re ready for action?

Never ever nervous…on stage fine, but not in a group of 12 or five persons…then I get inhibited and shy

Are you double jointed?

No - you have a whine called the Chiney wine…remember say me young - me no old and seized up…

You seem to have a lot of fans out there, how do you feel about that?

They’re cool but I need to interact with them more…I am very shy…on a 1 on 1 basis I get nothing done…I need help in that area.

Are you currently in a relationship?

I have somebody …live….but I’m so much afraid of giving a name…I am nervous…[he calls girlfriend…she says go ahead]…her name is Samantha and we call her sex…I call her Sam, Samantha and Sex….we argue so much…we miss each other and that’s why we argue.

I know in this industry you can have negative criticism, does that affect you?

I don’t pay it any mind.

I hear that you’re engaged to a little lady, how is that?

Not engaged yet…

You have any advice for upcoming actors/actresses?

If you have a dream keep your dream alive and don’t let anybody put you in a box or cripple you.