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Chino scores with From Mawnin’
Chino_Cover7.jpg(From mawnin’ we a hustle and put we all in/ When we work we nuh pree nuh stalling/ From mawning, yeah, a so we stay/ We never ever change…)

Lock up Chino and Stephen inside the Big Ship Recording Studio and what you get is pure McGregor magic with musical productions that starts the change and turns things around.

Never Change (From Mawnin’) is an infectious song that once you hear it, you have to play it again and again. Radio loves it, the dancehall pumps it and it’s a real club banger. Already it is moving up the charts and it is definitely one of the best singles to be released so far this year.

The ingredients of this song include a really nice riddim — Stephen proves yet again that he is indeed ‘di Genius’ in this sphere — a positive message and great delivery from Chino, who at times sounds so much like his father Freddie on this single.
It promotes the values of hard work, having a goal and making all the legit moves to reach that goal. Because, as Chino says “we haffi rich, so Stephen go mix this beat ova this vocal”.

There is no get-rich-quick mentality at work here … it’s all about knowing what you want and investing your time and talent to get it.Perfect message to the youth from the youths.