Junior Reid owe again?

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Junior_Reid_PURU.jpgWhat is this we are reading about Junior Reid and owing the fisherman for over $45,000 for what he took when he held his birthday bash. For real when I read it, I had to think back to a about two years ago when this man came forward and said he owed him for equipment he rented for his studio. Up to the time of the article being posted he was still owed a large sum of money.

Now the fisherman taking the One Blood singer to court over his money. Yup according to the report in the Star Reid has been summoned to appear in the Linstead resident magistrate's court on September 7 for 45,000 worth of fish that he allegedly failed to pay for.

The allegation is that on June 6 the entertainer took fish from the complaint, Besta Llyod, with the agreement to settle after his annual show, Junior Reid birthday Bash: held the same day in Portmore. Having made a number of request for his money and receiving no favorable response from the artiste, legal redress was sought.

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