Beenie Really have 30 years inna di biz?

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beenie_man_2_puru.jpgBwoy wi love how Peter Metro talk up di tings dem a Giants a di 80s, him question di fact how him deh bout donkey years inna di business and him still nuh reach 30 years yet! And sey how Beenie Man reach 30 and him deh bout before him! As him sey “such is life”
But come to tink of it…dat nuh sound strange to unno, man whey a DJ before him nuh reach 30 yet and Beenie just come shoot up and past him out…well anyting possible it seems.

Squidly Ranks yuh joke nuh meck it
Den a di same show Squidly Ranks pull off a joke pon Ragashanti wi meck mi did feel fi gi a big boo. But just through wi neva waan almshouse out di people dem ting. Mi know sey Raga did vex, but him haffi kip him cool. Di one Squidly go talk bout how Raga put Spanish Fly inna him girl drink when she gone a bathroom and when him tun him back she do it to him tuh! Den when di Spanish Fly set in di girl sey a feel like a woulda teck a c…ky and Raga sey him tuh! Him need fi wheel and come again wid di one deh