Bar-Bee and The Game dating?

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barbee fix pic.jpgWhat’s the deal with Bar-Bee and gangsta rapper The Game. People are beginning to talk regarding her liaison with him.

The sexy dancehall diva has been spending a lot of time in Los Angeles, California these days, hanging out with Billboard riding rapper and actor, The Game. In fact, people are beginning to wonder what’s the deal with the two. Is the reggae princess hooking up with the gangsta rapper? The question was posed to her and she only laughed and said she has learnt her lesson the last time.

She wasn’t about to live her personal life in public again. “No comment,” was her response. What is confirmed, however, is that Barbee recently made a cameo appearance in The Game’s latest Hollywood movie, ‘House Arrest’. The movie – which also stars everyone’s favorite ‘Clueless’ girl Stacey Dash from the films ‘Chrome Angels’, ‘Phantom Punch’, Getting Played’ and the ‘CSI’ series – is described as a “dramedy” by director Billy Washington, and centers around a “high maintenance girl who meets a quick money scheming man.” Written by Andrea Weathersby, who also serves as an executive producer, ‘House Arrest’ is being executive produced by Cassius Vernon Weathersby. Weathersby has worked on such films as ‘You Got Served’ and ‘The Great White Hope’. The Game, who continues to develop his acting career, was last in the crime thriller ‘Street Kings’ alongside Keanu Reeves and Forest Whitaker. He has also starred in the movies ‘Waist Deep’, ‘Belly 2’, ‘Doctor’s Advocate’, among others, and featured in top ranking video games like ‘Grand Theft Auto’ and ‘Def Jam’. The Game’s top selling singles include ‘My Life’, ‘Games Pain’, ‘Hate It or Love It’, ‘How We Do’, ‘Dreams, ‘Lets Ride’, ‘Higher’, ‘One Blood’, among several others. According to sources, Barbee met The Game on her June 12 trip to California for the Junior Reid event.

“Barbee was in the restaurant of the hotel with Dance Xpressions having cocktails when this guy, Sean, walked over to have a conversation with the ladies,” the source said. “He was so taken with Barbee. He was like, wow ‘I should have met you months ago, I would have gotten you in this movie’. She later found out that he was a movie producer and he was adamant that she had to be in his new movie.” Sean was introduced to Barbee’s ‘mommiger’ (her manager/mother, Rose) and he spoke to her about it. “Yow, the next day everyone was surprised to see this stretch limo pull up at the hotel,” the source said. Sean had sent the limo to pick up Barbee and her crew to take them to Hollywood on the set of the movie, ‘House Arrest’. Barbee met The Game on the movie set and the source said it was like instant attraction. “He [The Game] said she reminded him of Rhianna when she first started her career. He liked her Jamaican accent mixed with American and said she would make a good flavour for the movie,” the source said. The production crew got the dancehall reggae star her own trailer and quickly prepared her for her role as a correctional officer. The producer also fell in love with her new single ‘Feels So Good’ and added it to the movie soundtrack. Rumour has it that after the filming Barbee and The Game spent some time together in LA, and since leaving LA they have been in contact with each other. So, really, what’s the deal with this relationship – the gangsta rapper and the curvaceous reggae diva? According to the source, Barbee is excited to get back to LA, where she is heading to perform on another event in a few weeks. Barbee returned to New York this Monday from a fantastic performance at the 19th annual Jamaica Day Celebration at the Downsview Park in Toronto, Canada on Saturday. Despite the heavy rains that threatened to cancel the event, the promoters stuck it out and the all-star cast of Percy Sledge, Beres Hammond, Barbee, Nadine Sutherland, Professor Nuts, Canadian acts Terri Salmon, Culture and rapper Keyz delivered a great show. Barbee thrilled the audience with her popular hits. When she touched on the Junior Kelly combination ‘Missing You’, the park was in an uproar. 12-year-old KC joined her on stage to sing the part of Junior Kelly and took everyone’s breath away with his amazing vocal. In her approximate 20-minute set, Barbee danced up a storm, delivering to the Canadian massive a great performance in her soul stirring vocals the chart riders ‘Love You Anyway’, ‘Light A Candle’, ‘Can I Stay With You’ and the new bombshell ‘Feels So Good’.