Look what police come to

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By Rootsgirl:Bwoy it reall bad and terrible when you spend so many years in the force and at the end of the day the record that speak for you is ugly testimonies in court describing you as some young girl’s ‘Sugar daddy’.
For a big married man and to have his family who are left to deal with the repercussions of his actions it’s a sad day in the life of a man who came through the ranks to hold that impressive position in the police force.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Gilbert Kameka young sweetheart in her testimony to the court referred to him as her Sugar Daddy.
The witness said she was aware that the 48-year-old Kameka was a married man and that he had children.
The young woman, who was 18 years old at the time of the murder in 2007, made the admission in the Home Circuit Court under cross-examination by attorney Michael Lorne.

She had previously described Kameka as just a friend.
The witness was also implicated in Kameka’s murder — along with accused Massinissa Adams, Kemar Dawkins and Rohan Townsend — but pleaded guilty to conspiracy to rob, for which she recieved a three-year suspended sentence.
Yesterday the witness, who is in the witness protection programme, was asked by Michael Lorne if Kameka was her ‘boops’, but she said she did not understand the term. She was then asked if the cop was her sugar daddy to which she said yes.

When further questioned, the witness said she was not made an offer for her testimony and expressed a desire to go home at the conclusion of the trial.
Whatever, the outcome of this trial, the damage is already done.