Shaggy duped by two ‘sexy ladies’ following concert in Germany

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Shaggy_puru.jpgShaggy, who will be headlining the Ottawa Reggae Festival on August 23, was reportedly robbed last weekend in Dortmund, Germany, according to Germany’s BILD news.

Following what was described as a vibrant concert at the club Rush Hour, Mr Lover Lover, who was said to be a little tipsy that night, reportedly invited two young women to his hotel room following the concert.

The 18 and 19 year old girls reportedly took advantage of Shaggy, who was ‘put to bed’ by them –so to speak. Germany’s BILD said Shaggy slept so soundly after his evening with the groupie pair, that he was unaware of the two leaving his hotel room with jewelry that included diamonds and an I Phone all valued at about $150,000.

In the report Shaggy’s manager is said to have reported the robbery to the hotel’s reception at around 11:00 o’clock on Sunday morning.

A police investigation quickly identified the blonde and brunette trickster thieves who were caught on the hotel’s security cameras and Shaggy’s belongings were returned to him.

Both thieves reportedly said it was not planned and they will face legal actions as a result. These are two ‘sexy ladies’ whose style the Grammy winning artist possibly abhors after that experience of being ‘duped’.

Shaggy told Germany’s Lifestyle television he is in the middle of an extensive tour at the moment that has seen him do live gigs and some club appearances. He said, “[We] stop here knock this out have some party have some fun…”

The tour will continue until the end of August Shaggy said; and this is when he will be in Canada’s capital to close off the upcoming three day Ottawa Reggae Festival to be held August 21, 22 and 23 at Lebreton Flats Park.