Father shine lef son

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vado_sf.jpgBut a wha dat wi si Alliance a send out email a talk bout sey Bounty Killer and Mavado teck Sumfest? Yes, wi agree sey Bounty Killer teck it to dem and come out shining. Him did really represent fi di Alliance, but wi caan sey di same bout Mavado. Him flop seven ways from Sunday. Nutten neva gwaan fi him, di crowd stand up lacka soldier fi him and rail fi Bounty.
F idem care him coulda just stay pon di rock…and nuh come down.

What a big crowd dancehall night
Bwoy, what a record crowd fi dancehall night. A wonder if a thru dem did sey dem a guh crown Beenie Man king and him fans neva waan miss it. Fi real, mi sey afta di show finish, reporter and everybody stand up still a look tink sey Beenie Man a come back pon stage. A ongle afta di MC come out and sey si unno tomorrow dat dem finally meck a move fi leave.