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Public Defender looking into Kentucky Kid case

whatspoppin.pngDem sey to be poor is a crime but mi glad fi si sey sometimes the bigger heads dem look out for the underdog.
Cause look ho di policeman crash inno di upcoming DJ Kentucky Kid car and waan meck it look like sey it neva happen.
Dem seize di youth vehicle and if him neva tan up strong it woulda look like sey a him wrong.

Wi glad sey di Public Defender Earl Witter a look into it and wi hope him duh much more dan dat. Wi hope sey him represent him and si to it dat di DJ get justice.
And anedda ting, wi really hope sey di police car did insure tuh…cause a nuf nuff police wi know whey a drive pon road without insurance, just through dem can depend pon dem squaddie to overlook dat.