Tempo's 1st only editor's piece. (Tempo rise & fall)

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My time at Tempo, lasted about 4 or 5 months. My talent was realized but not appreciated, I slaved week after week not seeing my home to keep the network afloat.
Ripper, you know how dread that grind was... Doing the work of five men is not easy & with equipment that is unrealistic for the output expected from a lunatic, while existing within a surreal bad acid trip environment alters your vision of reality & awakens demons that crush your creativity.
FM is sadly in too deep with the dark side. As is typical of workers of iniquity, you can become persuaded by their guile but being saturated in evil, involuntary muscles spasms do occur, giving way to untimely outbursts of unsightly horrendous, freaks of nature.

The good from my time a Tempo most definitely are the soldiers that I have gotten to know & built a better vibes with David Cropper, Shelton Alexis, Bami, Ripper, them boy is soldiers. God is great & he know how he does form units to do his bidding. I am glad the time has come for all now to speak up unified.

Sheldon Waldron/ WARTONE
Lead Video Editor
Tempo ‘08