Artistes in rigorous preparation for upcoming Reggae Sumfest Festival

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Kingston, Jamaica:- Montego Bay, Jamaica will come alive from July 19 25 when Summerfest Productions invades the city with the most anticipated event of the summer, Reggae Sumfest.

The Festival, dubbed the greatest reggae show on earth', is known around the world for providing patrons with the ultimate entertainment package, as people not only flock to Jamaica's second city for the music, but also to see the fashions and sample other sumptuous delights available at the event.

The annual event not only brings some of the island's top reggae and dancehall artistes to one stage, but also incorporates some of the biggest acts on the international circuit. Year after year, thousands from far and wide invade the otherwise quiet city, to revel in the pulsating sounds of the bands, music echoing through strategically placed Reggae Sumfest speakers.

The Festival began in 1993 with Jamaica's Red Stripe Beer as the title sponsor and even though that partnership has since ended, the Festival continues to excel. This is evident from the recent International Reggae and World Music Award (IRAWMA) for Promoter of the Year being presented to the Reggae Sumfest organisers, Johnny Gourzong & Robert Russell of Summerfest Productions.

With only 30 days left before the 17th staging of the event, some of the show's headliners have been gearing up to deliver their best performances. Here's what's been happening with a few local artistes so far:

Spice Well I haven't started rehearsing yet but a plan is already in place for the performance set. The songs I will perform will be selected from the most popular ones in the catalogue starting with the old to the new depending on the vibes on the night of the event. As for wardrobe, of course its going to be from my own Spicey Couture line so it's gonna be eye popping. As usual first impressions last so I will come with something different and surprise the crowd.

Lady Saw I haven't bought anything yet but I usually fly out to shop so there's still time for that. For song selection I'm coming with something different. I recently recorded a one drop album so I'll be doing some songs from that and also from a dancehall rhythm that I'm producing. I'll also do song of the old stuff but nothing raw. There are no rehearsals yet so I'm looking for a band. There will be no surprises unless someone plans to surprise me. This year I want to perform late in the night but I really don't want them to rush me out of my set and hasten me off the stage. I want to finish my performance. Fans can expect a good performance with good energy.

Bugle I'm always rehearsing and doing in-studio work. Plus you know we have to keep the fitness up so I've been working out. For wardrobe, Rick B's is my designer so I'm looking forward to new designs. Everyone looks forward to how an artiste looks, Reggae Sumfest is not a casual show. I take all my shows seriously and Reggae Sumfest is another show but I'll do my best and put out extra effort. Bounty introduced me to Reggae Sumfest in 2007, last year I worked with Serani and this year I'm doing it by myself. Fans can just expect the unexpected.

D'Angel I've been rehearsing with my dancers and background singers. I'm raising the bar this year and planning ahead, I'm going to be putting on a show. My wardrobe will be blazing and will reflect class, fashion and dancehall. My performance will be in three segments, Blazing, Sexy and Inspirational. People will be amazed and surprised.

Etana My performance will be different from last year. I've already gone to two designers to come up with a wardrobe but I'm looking for something sexy and flowy. I plan on doing some songs from the old album with a little new. The band has been rehearsing on their own so by the time I get there they should be perfect. As for surprises, maybe, my first year was simple so this time I'm going to take it up a notch.

I-Octane So far I've been going to the gym to do some exercise so that's the physical aspect of it. I'm thinking of a set mentally but it's not concrete. To prepare, I've been practicing on shows before Reggae Sumfest because Reggae Sumfest is the ultimate goal. I try to stay current on what's been happening in the media. I have no ideas on wardrobe yet, but I'm gonna put myself together and its going to be something that is rootsy, earthy, cultural but marketable, and all people can relate to it. People can expect an energetic performance as I represent the name, Octane.

Tarrus Riley I'm trying to rehearse everyday I can. I can't disclose the content of the performance, but I'll be doing songs from the old album and some from the new album. I don't like to premeditate wardrobe, I just like to feel comfortable. My performance will be just as sincere as the record because I sing things I believe in. I plan to surprise everyone, even myself.

Konshens I haven't been rehearsing yet but I have some things in mind. As for song selection, I'm going to do things people know, as well as give them some new songs. I don't want to give out too much, but I'm just going to be me. The name Konshens carries a lot of weight so I'm going to do as the name states, be a conscience.
All the artistes interviewed acknowledge that the Reggae Sumfest show is no walk over'. A great amount of effort and energy is being put into making sure that performances are up to par, and outfits are beyond expectations, as they prepare for the scrutiny of members of the public and media from all corners of the world.