Capleton, the fire never stops blazing!

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By Lydia Patel


The original fireman himself, Capleton tore up the Koolhaus Saturday night in Toronto. An estimated 2,000 people were out in attendance for the annual redemption show that promises nothing the best in reggae that the city can offer. It was a night of great vibes and definitely lots of fire. He delivered a high impact, energetic show for a full hour and fifteen minutes. The entire night was dedicated to reggae music…with Dj Starting from Skratch at the turntables. Capleton’s excellent stage presence and command of the crowd keeps him as one of premier reggae entertainers in the business. Torontonians were at their feet and of course, with their lighters in the air! He recently wrapped up another stellar performance at the 6th edition of Montreal International Reggae Festival where he headlined Saturday’s dancehall night. Capleton delivered a mix of accapella, while dressed in his all gold regalia for the night. Once he hit the stage we knew that the fireman would be here for a minute.