How corruption fi stop

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By Rootsgirl

Honestly, I have to wonder how inhell corruption is going to stop when those who are charged with maintaining the laws are the very ones breaking it. Take the care of the police man in yesterday's Star report who is now behind bars because he allegedly sold a colleague's weapon to gunmen.

Not only is he putting his own co-workers lives in danger, but he himself could someday end up being a victim of the very same gun.

No amount of money can make up for a's a sad day when a policeman can't see past the dollar signs to remember the months of training he went through, the vow that he is under to serve and to protect.

Imagine our hard earned tax dollars is is going towards their pay and look at what they turn around and do.

Of course we are not saying that there aren't decent police officers in the force, but with cops like those making the news, it makes it hard for anyone to trust them.

The main reason crime continue to surge with no solution is that too many politicians and lawmen are in bed with at the end of the day...crime is paying for some people and they have no intention of putting a stop to it.