What’s with artistes and being in trouble with the law

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What’s with all these DJ and constantly being in trouble with the law. Maybe if they abandoned the bad man tunes and try to be better role models then things would be a whole lot better. At one point or another they have had to face the courts.

It’s a sad statement on our music and our culture when the persons who are supposed to be raising the flag and keeping the standards high are in and out of court for one misdemeanor or the other.

Ninja Man who showed some promise after spending time in prison and coming out pushing the One Umbrella movement is now battling to be a free man.

Other DJs has had scrapes with the law and even the Magnum King of dancehall has somehow now found himself in the same situation.

He has not even had time to make his name in the biz and now he has a legal situation facing him where he has been accused of stabbing a man in Clarendon.

Hot on the heels of all the dancehall passa is Bounty Kiler who had to spend last night (Thursday) in jail after he turned himself in where he was formally charged with unlawful wounding, assault at common law and illegal possession of a firearm. This stemmed from a 2007 incident on St Lucia Avenue, New Kingston, in which he and others reportedly assaulted a man.

Allegations are that on September 27, the entertainer and group of men were driving along St Lucia Avenue when they came upon the complainant whose vehicle was blocking their path.
Pryce and his entourage wanted to pass the complainant but a verbal altercation developed.
It is alleged that popular dancer, Ice — who was shot dead in January this year — was a part of the deejay’s entourage and emptied a bottle of water on the complainant, who then came out of his vehicle.
Police say the man was attacked by the group and Bounty Killer used a gun to hit him.

I need not mention Sizzla and his spats, plus others who have been fined by using indecent language on stage.
Come on, let it be about Music Alone as Ginjah says. Leave out the passa passa and start focusing on the sweet dancehall and reggae beat.