Antoninette Haughton arrested for fraud

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Prominent attorney at Law and former talk show host Antoinette Haughton was arrested by the police and is now facing fraud charges.

She was arrested on Thursday afternoon by fraud squad detectives.

It is reported that a former client of Ms Haughton accused her of defrauding him of $7 million.

The attorney who was arrested by fraud squad detectives is charged with defrauding 60-year-old farmer Samuel Rowe, one of her clients.

It is reported that on October 3, 2oo6, the Supreme Court awarded Mr. Rowe $7 million in damages after he successfully sued the May Pen Hospital for negligence.

The farmer who was involved in a motor vehicle accident in 1999 lost one of his legs because of the treatment he received at the hospital.

The attorney who collected the cheque reportedly pocketed the money.