You reap what you sow


By: Rootzgirl

Honestly, how can you expect to rape a woman who nurture you as if you are her own flash and blood and then want to walk the street free.

More time when I am reading the paper I can’t believe some of the things I am seeing. On Tuesday the report in the Star just turned my stomach where a man who was accused of raping an elderly woman who cared for him as her own grandchild lost his appeal against his convictions and 20-year-prison sentence.

Now anyone who could do something like that shouldn’t even bother to tender an appeal. First of all a big 39-year-old should be looking at a mature woman or even someone in her 20s…what the hell attraction could he expect to find in an elderly woman?

It’s even worse that it is the same woman who nurtured him, fed him, and maybe was there for him when he was down and needed someone to cheer him up.

What happened to make her image shift from a motherly one to that of someone who is so sexually appealing that you forgot all that she should have been to you and violated her like this?

The sickening part about the whole thing was how the grandmother described the whole ordeal.

The woman testified at the trial that she was at home at about 6 p.m. on December 8, 2003, when the accused whom she knew from he was a child visited her. She said she was lying on her bed when the accused jumped on her and began riding her like a horse at Caymanas Park.

She said she felt every bone in her body reacting to the jump and jolt and her bones began to hurt her. She told him to stop but he continued riding her. While he was riding her, she said she discovered that he wanted to rape her. She reminded him that AIDS was around but the accused shouted that she did not have AIDS and he did not have AIDS. Williams raped her for about an hour and left saying he was coming back. She said she left her house and went some distance away and slept for the night in a bamboo root. The next day she came into Kingston and reported her ordeal to her children who took her to the police. She said she had 20 children but 10 of them had died.

Under cross-examination at the trial in the St Mary Circuit Court, the complainant said she could never have consented to have sexual intercourse with Williams because he was the same age as her grandchild.

Sad…it’s a sad sad world.