It’s a real Bashment Granny

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There is something about roots play that people are now gravitating towards it…rather than some of these top stage shows which have been flopping left right and centre.

There are others enjoying good turnout, but we can’t help but highlight the one that’s a sure hit no only in Jamaica but also on the international circuit.

Both Bashment Granny I and II have hit the spot where theatre lovers are concerned. The play enjoyed a long run at the Green Gables Theatre.

With the original cast of Keith ‘Shebada’ Ramsay, Garfield ‘Bad Boy Trevor’ Reid and others joined by Volier Johnson, Glen Campbell and Dion Silvera it is was a sure recipe for success.

Following its run at the Green Gables the play enjoyed a good run over the island and played to a sold out audience in Toronto Canada.

It’s now being heavily advertised with great response for a show in Connecticut, USA.

What is it about this play that has seen many lapping it up?

According to one patron who has seen it about three times, “the play is truly funny. In these times when bills and everything is getting you down, we really need to laugh. Laughter is a stress reliever and this play carries a bag of it!”

Bashment Granny II is a story that explores friendship, loyalty and trust. It looks at the influence of money as a social divider and as a tool of corrupt practices. Reid's well-executed scheme to collect $12 million from his girlfriend under false pretences worked very well, except for the lack of an exit strategy. The cash not only came from questionable sources, it landed in questionable hands, under questionable circumstances and this results in an avalanche of charges, countercharges and the discharging of weapons

If you have not seen it yet…don’t take our word for it…make sure you do…when it comes your way.