Frankie Paul has 4 wives on hold in The Gambia


frankiepaul.gifWow, there is no limitations when you are blind. Frankie Paul is proving that when it comes to the fairer sex...what's the big deal if you are blind...check out this story in Chat!

Singer Frankie Paul says he has not one, but four wives pending in the West African state of Gambia, where he has been living for he past 11 years. This, however, represent a few steps down from the seven he was quoted as having on hold five years ago.

A state which is 95 per cent Muslim, the singer says he was converted to that religion in 2001 and it is that which allows him to exercise the option of choosing multiple legal partners.

“I can marry several times and they will all be legal,” he told Chat! in an interview recently backstage Riche Stephens’ Take Me Away concert on which he did a cameo.
He added, however, that he was not yet ready to marry any (or all) of the wives as there were certain things he needed to put in place first.

In the meantime, the artiste, who describes himself as a “sort of government minister for one of the provinces”, has adopted nine children for whom he is totally responsible. “I have adopted seven boys and two girls ranging in ages from 13 to 18,” he said with pride.

The blind singer, who enjoys a good relationship with the Gambian president, Yahya Jammeh, is the musical director on call and is looking forward to again performing for the president on his May 25 birthday bash.

“Every year there is a huge celebration for the president’s birthday and I always perform for him. He’s a wonderful person and the country is so peaceful when compared to Jamaica…and the economy is fine,” Frankie Paul explained.
He recently released an album on the VP Records imprint, Think Say Dem Know Me. The songs, he says, were recorded in London.

  • Dembo

    None of you can write properly. Keep studying frankie Paul and his sexuality instead of trying to better yourselves, you failures. Jamaica has the most ignoramuses per capita of anywhere in the world!

  • stress

    Frankie Paul is a FAG straight up. Di FAG seh im NUH marry NONE of dem woman and im have 7 boys and just 2 gals. Do tne MATH. BATTYMAN

  • You his sex partner? How you so convinced the man gay hmm, 'insider' you might be huh?

  • Lamsar aka Stone


    yaw me born don a Gambia an mi lov every bady weh lov mi country.Sizzla,kepleton,morgan heritage,Buju,an nof a dem big artis dem visit mi country. Mi people dem lov jamaicans ca 1 blood a run ina wi al-AFRICANS!

    Da Rebelion Ridim pon which FANTA MOJAH,GYPTIAN is produce don a gambia.


  • I did comment on the Frankie Paul ting but mi ting did not put out (WHY) The question am asking is he blind and is he gay I know he did have a problem with his sight...Frankie P is artist i do like alot non of these new jamaican singer can sing better than him...only a few can sing like him...Frankie Paul big up uself...mi no business if yu a gay or yu hav 4 wife pending and yu adopt 15 kids............I wud hav luv to see the video of dat interview...

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