The ‘Awakening’ of Julian Marley


By Joan Wilson
DSC_0797.jpgJulian Marley’s new album Awake is a message he wants to send to the world. In a one and one with Yardflex the son of the late Bob Marley says he has chosen this name for his new album because “This the time when the world should awake through music.”

In speaking about the album he says that he was inspired to do the album by everyday things seen in the world.

“Listening to this album should give positive feelings,” he said about his latest project.

Julian says it was a good feeling working on the album as this time around he got more ‘hands on’ approach on the production side more thoroughly.

Born in London in 1975, Julian has been blessed both by his father's great talent and legacy and by the unique perspective that comes with an upbringing in a multicultural community. Since recording his first song at age five at the Marley family home in Kingston, Julian has become a skillful, self-taught musician, mastering the bass, drums, and keyboards.

In 1989 he released his first album, titled "Uprising" -- also the name of his new band. He moved to Jamaica in 1992 and began to work with such reggae veterans as Aston "Family Man" Barrett, Earl "Wire" Lindo, Tyrone Downie and Earl "Chinna" Smith.

A veteran performer despite his youth, Julian has performed at Jamaica's Sumfest and Sunsplash shows, and has toured in Japan, Brazil and Mexico. He and brother Damian were also featured as part of the "Marley Magic" North American tour in 1996.

Produced by himself, Stephen and Junior Gong, Awake was two years in the making and listening to it, it is more than worth the wait.

With his album ‘Awake’ completed and released the singer is now looking forward to doing more collabs with his siblings. He will be teaming up with Stephen, Junior Gong to do a single entitled Violence in the Streets, and also on the agenda is a combination with Mr Cheeks from the Lost Boys entitled Oh Girl.